Friday, October 21, 2011

The Curious Nature of the Self Chosen Few.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

By this time it should be clearly apparent that the 96% Zionist controlled media lies full time and shapes the perception of events and conditions, according to its narrow agenda of ever greater co-opting and control of the world’s peoples and resources. If you don’t know this and believe them then you are co-opted and controlled, or consciously employed by them for whatever table scraps may fall from above, where they feast upon your fellows.

I must say some things today that will be unappealing to some and difficult for others. I will try to provide trends, circumstances, actions and sundry that will allow the reader to come to their own conclusions, rather than to simply declare how things look to me. I’m providing no links because I have provided the links already many times and if you can’t go and find these things on your own, through any search engine, then you are incompetent or don’t want to. In that case you are only the mulch for the fertile fields of the future. The leaves beneath us are nameless. There is no need for their recognition beyond their genus and type and that too is forgotten, in the time it takes for them to be reunited with their associates into common earth. We are seldom remembered for our capacity to acquire and consume and when we are it is due to the singular, outrageous evidence of the degree we took it to.

Hilarious Clinton laughs at the alleged death of Khadaffi. Howdy Doody, Hilarious and the rest, preened at the zombie death of Bin Laden and the sheer amount of lies in recent times are so great that it is impossible to list them. They continue apace. We have no real proof of the death of Khadaffi. Please be aware of that. It’s one thing for the Zionist media to trumpet it, for whatever gain they believe it will bring them, in their efforts to consolidate all of the world banks under their power; which is why they also want Iran but, for the alternative media to immediately begin acknowledging it as well is something else. I’m not saying he isn’t dead. I’m saying these people lie like they breathe. It’s what they do.

A black teacher in LA was fired for calling attention to Zionist control. They control the education system through their forced political correctness programs. Her firing is proof positive of this. The Zionist Israelis were behind 9/11 and that also accounts for the firing of college professors and anyone else who calls attention to this domestic terror attack on American soil by dual nationals and compromised intelligence agencies. Let’s explore some related features which I will simply state. I’m not in the mood to argue them. I don’t argue. I state. If you disagree then do the research. It is easy to come by. If you don’t do the research then reread the second paragraph.

Jewish merchants were the major players in the slave trade that brought black people in chains to The New World and other places. They later became the slum lords and business owners in the black community. They co-opted the civil rights movement and as can be seen by those running the Southern Poverty Law Center, they have created the perfect disinfo operations for the present day. The ADL was created on the back of a horrific rape/murder and the attendant vigilante justice that came after the perpetrator, Leo Frank. The facts here are easily found. Investigate or continue to pick your nose, while you watch the porn they created. They also run that industry. They almost exclusively control all alternative sex organizations. Check the board of directors for every major operation. None of this is accidental. It is intentional. Why am I bringing this up? Look at the sudden appearance of Jewish presence throughout the Occupy Wall Street movement. Look at the ludicrous creation of Jewish stupas at various locations. Even though it is their fellows who are primarily behind the corruptions of Wall Street and the big banks, they now seek to give the impression that they are the agents of change. This is known as controlled opposition. Go to any of the large alternative news gathering sites and read about the infiltration of these people into the organizational structure ad nauseum.

I realize this is probably anti-Semitic, mostly because it’s true and also because they don’t want to hear it and they don’t want you to hear it but you had better recognize it because they are doing what they always do; what they did in the civil rights organizations when they are not about civil rights. They are about personal privilege and power and exceptionalism, as the whole chosen people motif makes perfectly clear.

I have long terms friends of all colors and creeds. It is why I don’t wholesale entire peoples for the crimes of their fellows. I actually catch a lot of shit for this because there are any numbers of people who want to convince me that every single Jew is a dangerous parasite. I haven’t had that experience. Some of them at the protests are well meaning, I am sure, but others are not. They’re playing the same game they always play, seeking to control the result and direction of mass uprisings and global change for their own profit. If the facts of history, both real and distorted by them are not enough to convince you, then you are a fool.

The whole war against the Muslim people is being orchestrated by Israel and their ignorant slaves of the Christian fundamentalist movement, turned into Zio-clones, due to distortions in their holy book that twists scripture to the advantage of their deceivers. They literally control the American government and its economy through their central banks, which provided them the money to buy all of the media, publishing, entertainment and a host of other enterprises that grant them such an excessive control of the culture of the west. This is outrageously out of proportion to their numbers, which somehow increased from the beginning of WW 2 and into the aftermath. Explain that if you can. This is also easy to prove. Do so, if it interests you. They do not want their water cut off or their power compromised. Unfortunately for them this is coming. This is The Apocalypse and the grand summing up. Judgment is coming.

Nations and cultures that caught on to what they do over the centuries, often forbade them to engage in certain professions, or expelled them for good reason. They have not been picked on for no reason. They have been picked on for what they have been caught out at time after time. They cry out in pain when they strike you. They hate the Muslims because Muslim banks are not usurers. They also hate them because of their relative moral incorruptibility; this is not to say I approve of Sharia or any number of Muslim fundamentalist ignorance. I don’t. Their fundies are like any other fundies. They are fundamentally stupid; all of them. Think people!

Look at the names of nearly every neo-con. Look at how many are dual nationals. Look at the wars they have created and fought with the blood and bodies of the dupes they have used as canon fodder in the countries they have taken control of, with their manipulation of financial systems and corruptions of the political processes. It should be as plain as the nose on your face but you don’t want to say it because ‘they’ will come after you. Their power fails now. The end is nigh and we see the turmoil that attends it.

The truth protects its own so, for those few with the faith to believe this to be true, there is nothing they can do to you, especially now. Very shortly they are going to do a few things that are going to not only transform the world through temporary appearance but also seal their fate. There’s nothing accidental in the cosmos. There is only the appearance of it and... appearances lie. The fundamental delusion of existence is the belief in appearances and this goes deeper than I can effectively state. It’s possible I am saying a lot of things here that I am not saying.

Not all Masons are evil. Not all Jews belong to the Synagogue of Satan. Very few Jews are Semitic. This is the ugly irony of the blatant truth so many of us refuse to accept. The very people they are genociding, in the lands they stole, for the purpose of creating a world wide criminal empire, are the people they claim to be and are seeking to replace with themselves. This is why they make an art of distorting history, disfiguring the past, destroying artifacts and seeking to prove about themselves what is untrue entirely. These things are true of others... their victims. The truth is a lonely citadel surrounded by intricate, Byzantine lies. It is the temple of immortality. One only needs to brush away the cobwebs and climb the ancient steps. The light before you is surrounded by the darkness that you enter when you turn away from it, as most everyone has, for the purpose of death and rebirth, only to return again to the agonizing search because that is all there is of lasting value to the entirety and eternity of life.

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Anonymous said...

There’s nothing accidental in the cosmos. There is only the appearance of it and...

Is this to say that everything is predetermined? If so, then the Jews and everyone else cannot help but behave as determined by the cosmos.

Visible said...

Right, Hasbara buddy. I didn't say that. I didn't interpret it that way either, you did. Try to imagine that when I say cosmos I am talking about the interpenetrative consciousness of the one and not the separative activities of those who abuse free will. But you know this.

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon you Brother Les,

I have this sudden surge of pure bliss at the end of reaching this article. I would just like to add a surah of the Quran to explain what I feel you are doing for me and people like me.
Surah Al-Asr
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
By Al-'Asr (the time).
Verily, man is in loss,
Except those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth, and recommend one another to patience.

Every second that I am not able to free myself from the system feels like an eternity. I hope I may succeed with others in finding the truth and sticking to it till the end.
May the force be with you.

Richard said...

Beautifully Visible

No sooner do you publish an article with much veracity, and your words get twisted in the comments section, the meaning and significance falling by the wayside while the commenter does the 'twist' dance of straw man argument.

For anyone doubting that the attack is from within the Semites, connect the dots of the people unable to conquer the tribe known as Moabites, the book of Ruth and the progeny of this priestess, the war by deception committed by this tribe, Much like an intentionally produced and introduced virus does to an otherwise healthy organism. Perhaps a re-reading of the 'Little red riding hood', in its original form, with attendant effort to understand the message of the 'children's' story will act as an important ingredient.

Whatever the deeper mysteries of life, the ' why' part of the equation, celebrating truth is part of 'cooking with love', 'just the facts ma'am', as another of your fine articles invites.

So maybe the wolf is hearing too many questions, and crowds in their role of little red riding hood is crying out for 'help!'. Is there a hunter just coincidentally passing by? We shall see , if we are around to ... and eyes are open.

Thanks again, to you and others like you, who have the intestinal fortitude to expel indigestible product from same.

May the Rose Garden of Your Heart always be in Bloom, fed by the morning Dew. ( The petals opening and releasing the scent from True nutrition.)

Shiva / Shakti Tango is On.

Woof woof from the Dog Nation - Siempre Fiel.


kikz said...

good post.

i learned a lesson about friends some 20+yrs ago..thought i'd share it w/you.

girls grow w/best friends... having moved around a bit, i'd left most of my childhood gf's behind. i thought i was lucky when i ran across another, in my mid 20's. we were the best of friends for almost a decade. i was her maid of honor at her wedding...
this was someone who i thought i could count on, no matter what...her back against mine, we'd of fought off the world...

one day we were discussing an event that had happened to two college girls in a city nearby; they, both walking were pounced upon by a guy in a car.. one was literally grabbed right off a sidewalk in front of the other, dragged into his car, taken to a secondary crime scene, raped, tortured, cut up, killed and dumped.

in our discussion of these events, i told my gf, he'd of had to have killed me then and there on that sidewalk before i'd of let him drag her off... i couldn't live knowing i'd not done everything in my power to stop her murder...

she looked at me, and slowly said...

i'd of had to let him take you.

in that instant, my heart broke.

sometimes even just a theoretical stress test of something you supposed strong can reveal tensile fragility.

sometimes people you consider friends are no more than intimate acquaintances.

trust is a matter of degree. misplaced trust can be quite costly.

i don't yet understand my misplaced trust in the gf... possibly it was granted out of a wishful sisterly an only child looking for her metaphorical sister?

possibly just naivete of youth or the error of superimposing my values and ethics on another...then being floored those weren't reciprocated.

in any event, it was a heavy lesson. from then on, i no longer use the term 'friend' lightly.

Sim said...

Gaddafi is dead...

Long live Gaddafi!

Anonymous said...

The Moon God and the Sun God unite in love.

Zebedee said...

Not posting links is okay with me Les. It seems we are on the same page anyhow.

I wept at the bliss Hilarious found in the 'confirmation' today.
She is disgusting and pure Evil.

Today was a bad day for me.

alex said...

no one can abuse anyone's will but their own.

Anonymous said...

About makes me ill to see how gleeful the press and idiot readers are about his so called death.
I know nothing about this man except what the press has been saying about him on and off for years. He may be a devil or a saint for all I know..I don't know. I don't ANYTHING except murder is a horrible dememted act committed on anyone by who's ever hand.
What has happened to our Countrymen? When will they wake up?
You may be right about the Zionist
movement all thru the ages. I tend to agree with that because of proof or no proof to the contrary.
However, the masses themselves are just as much to blame for falling for the same schemes age after age.
The bad guys usually get their just rewards and I hope this time is no exception

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's because I'm getting older and less tolerant but my heart is hardening to the rot that goes on around me.
The lies that people take for god's own, the attitudes that those lies foment and the reluctance of people to check their interim beliefs.
I have zero tolerance for these things in fact to my chagrin I tend to annoyed when someone quotes rubbish at me; I think it was the Ghadaffi thing that did it.
Your article today Les is exceptional – thanks.


ps. It seems as per Anonymous, Friday, October 21, 2011 1:17:00 PM, they are watching. (Wave hello - we see you)

Visible said...

Well, I see they are already out in force. Here's the comment- "not the separative activities of those who abuse free will". anyone besides an agent or a moron knows I am talking about people abusing their own free will. That's implied in the possession of one in the first place. However, I will point out that you are also wrong about that as well because people can surely abuse other people's free will simply by deceiving them. Will does not imply intelligence, though it may accompany it in some cases, certainly not in this one. (grin)

JerseyCynic said...


Check out the land destroyers link in the comment section on this one.

I just want to know who's got the kill switch

The first nationwide EAS test on 11/9 should be exciting...

I'll fire up the popcorn machine!

tmcfall said...

Another great post Les...Thanks
Is it really any surprise that they suddenly get Kadaffi right before the election? Nope! The stench rising from this steaming pile of lies is overwhelming.

Tom in Tempe Arizona

Big Bolshevik Brother watcher said...

Have read much over the years about these international kosher criminals.

One recurring theme is that they never know when to stop. That has brought them undone time after time after time, and then they get their sorry asses booted out (again).

May be somewhat different this time.

Who was it said: "Mars, a planet without a people for a people without a planet"?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for shedding more light Visible. Everything you said in this artical is obvious to me. It's the way you say it that means so much to me. Love you man

from a remote area in Oregon

Anonymous said...

See the poll on CNN today. It asks, "Do you think the world is a safer place without Ghaddafi?" If we are to believe the results of this poll (66%) voted yes, then surely the public is dumber than dumb. However, I am going to give them the benefit of doubt and think that the PTW have skewed the results to get us to think that everyone else believes this bullshit. What a sad, sad state of affairs if the results are accurate. It makes me want to leave this world sooner rather than later....beam me up, Scotty.

Jean ValJean said...

Vis Master et al.,

I have noticed that you keep using the term ‘anti Semitic’ as applied to this infernal house of whores, aka the Synagogue of Satan, aka the Thirteenth Tribe. Any term invoking the name of Shem, the eldest son of Noah, as applied to this people is a misnomer. This people (the Ashkenazi “Jews”) are descendants from an alternate bloodline ; from the line of Japhet – not from the line of Shem. The king of the Khazars in the early second millennia A.D., converted to Judaism, and thus, he converted his people with him. His people became the Eastern European “Jews” or “Those who say they are Jews and are not, but do lie.”

This too can be verified by plucking the sticky nose-picking finger from its cozy socket and pecking the keys. Then even more of the scales fall from before our eyes. We see that this people have usurped both the term “Jew” and the land of Israel itself. They are The Lie personified.


katz said...

I think this time, another murder in public is just too obvious. They are going to have to bury this K. story quickly. People are not too concerned w K, or anyone, not even Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan or Israel. In fact, Israel is quietly continuing to steal more and more of the West Bank, East jerusalem, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights. The Palestinians are being murdered.

We are all Palestinians.
Of that, there is no doubt.
And, this is suicide.

I'm sickened by the public murder of national leaders of foreign nations. It was horrible enough to watch them get away with JFK, JFK Jr. Wellstone, and MLK Jr, MX, and any hopes we might have had...but at least, they tried to cover it up, and set up a stooge to cover their brazen path.

But now, they do it openly, and laugh about it, and make jokes about it, like they are playing video games. The trillions of dollars they spend on death bombs, WMD and targeting unarmed civilians is up in smoke machines of dead baby eaters.

It sickens me. I'm just so sad that it makes me sick to my stomach. And, meanwhile, you can call them out, but they keep on murdering and calling it "killing".

Visible said...

Jean Valjean; I clearly dealt with that in the last paragraph.

Jean Valjean said...

Vis --

Touche, mon ami.

I sometimes get so excited when discussing my favorite topic that I prematurely blurt out of my blow hole before I finish examining the evidence -- a potentially fatal flaw which I shall labour to eliminate.

Le Mayor

Visible said...

grin... no problem. I see you added your first name; some of us read that book.. heh heh.

Mike said...

Visible, you might be interested in this as it confirms the lies that are constantly fed to the gullible:

Professor Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, your host on “The Dynamic Duo” with Kevin Barrett, where you can catch Kevin here on Mondays and Fridays and I’m here Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. My special guest today has been Yvonne Wachter and we are talking about the harrowing experience of her son Chris, in particular about his taking out Saddam Hussein with a B-1 bomber, and being lionized and awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, all the events made for celebrating his “Mission Accomplished,” then the whole thing turns out to be reversed because of the realization that it’s in violation of Executive Orders from at least three presidents and, therefore, the action that was going to be celebrated was illegal under the law. And in order to avoid embarrassment, it was necessary to resurrect Saddam by using one of his doubles as a substitute, a point that has been observed in several contexts but never laced together so completely with the events of 7 April 2003.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious deserves to be had by a barbedwire dildo. Problem is, she might like it, particularly if it happens to be double duty. Please don't ask the grinner about that one.

Chinese Sneakers said...

That little skirmish pitting determinism against freewill was fascinating.

As a show of appreciation for that, here's an little offering:


There are those who think that life is nothing left to chance,
A host of holy horrors to direct our aimless dance.

A planet of playthings,
We dance on the strings
Of powers we cannot perceive.
"The stars aren't aligned
Or the gods are malign"-
Blame is better to give than receive.

You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice.
If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.
You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill;
I will choose a path that's clear-
I will choose Free Will.
There are those who think that they were dealt a losing hand,
The cards were stacked against them- they weren't born in lotus-land.

All preordained-
A prisoner in chains-
A victim of venomous fate.
Kicked in the face,
You can't pray for a place
In heaven's unearthly estate.

You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice.
If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.
You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill;
I will choose a path that's clear-
I will choose Free Will.

Each of us-
A cell of awareness-
Imperfect and incomplete.
Genetic blends
With uncertain ends
On a fortune hunt that's far too fleet.

Anonymous said...

Thre are games being played to keep kicking the can down the road. The question is why?

If the hosue is going to fall down, why extend it?

wv: plawns


Isabel said...

My heart is with you Kikz. I understand too, too well. I think it is from such a lesson that wisdom can develop and grow if nurtured.

I recall a teacher once saying to me and others: "Love everyone: trust no one."

I had to learn to love myself, as at 35, I had no response-able selfless, self-love. More than 35 yrs later, I'm still learning & laughing - at myself.

As for my trust - that must be earned - not freely given.

Anonymous said...

I don't say all jews are bad either. What I do say is that the torah and the Talmud are WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION and their adherents are ENEMIES OF HUMANITY.

A self-aggrandizing, supremacist, exclusionary belief system which demonizes all others not like them is not worthy of re-consideration.

gurnygob said...

Les can you please give some links to prove what you say. I think you are a self hating Jew. You should go for a re-education programme. I will send you the link to my online synagogue. We have help groups running every Monday night between 8.00-9.00pm. There is a small sign-up fee of $50 but it is well worth it. I use to be a self hating Jew but now I love the Jews and hate everyone else. It is a very invigorating feeling.


Anonymous said...

We're feeding on the kosher line
And everything is oh so fine.


gurnygob said...

Latest breaking news.

good one


Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Thank you again Truth warrior for restating what must be restated repeatedly until the battle is won. Truth is the sine qua non (without which nothing).

We are fortunate to have the Internet, where we can find out Truth; and, our inner Spirit of Truth knows the Truth when we see it.

Long live Moumar Kadaffi and his beautiful water system, his free health care for all, his free college for all, and his country with no robber central bank.

Machiventa Melchizedek

Anonymous said...

Ya put yer haaand in
Ya take the money out
and if they caaatch you
then "the holocaust" you shout
the jewish hokey pokey is the biggest scam around,
that's what it's ALL ABOUT

feel free to spread far and wide!

Oh, and Les, thanks for this noble and uplifting addition to your compositional body. Nothing you said was anti-semitic as you've made NO accusations against Palestinians, Iraqi's or Afghans. You merely pointed out the evils of a belief based on self-worship, hatred and corruption. Truth is not anti-semitic.

Robin Redbreast said...

Magic beans??
Spill some beans??
Weird innit!

Live love and peace ;)

Robin Redbreast said...

Speaking the truth in a non-violent way!

United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas from Roosevelt, NY went toe to toe with the New York Police Department. An activist in the Occupy Wall Street movement, Thomas voiced his opinions of the NYPD police brutality that had and has been plaguing the #OWS movement.

Thomas comes from a long line of people who sacrifice for their country: Mother, Army Veteran (Iraq), Step father, Army, active duty (Afghanistan), Grand father, Air Force veteran (Vietnam), Great Grand Father Navy veteran (World War II).

Live love and peace

Robin Redbreast said...

Me again sorry ;)

Changed my pic profile to...
imge that APPEARED ON MY PIN FRAME OVERNIGHT - ABOUT 3 YEARS AGO - NO ONE TOUCHED IT - IS IT HUMAN? IS IT MY GUIDE??? was a very troubling time at the time for me
any ideas??
Sorry didn't mean to shout! x

I'll leave you in peace
Live love and peace

Anonymous said...

I have to respectfully disagree with you about Jews, on several grounds.

Generally speaking, the Jewish race is engaged in a race war against the non-Jewish balance of humanity. History shows that wherever they go, Jews seek exceptional power and privelege at the expense of their hosts.

History shows that they've been wildly successful in manipulating and exploiting their Goy hosts all over the world, for a long time. Working at it tirelessly for decades, they've now climbed to the top of society and have completely subverted the political process all over the "democratic" "West".

With the creation of Israel, they seek to formalize their gains and consolidate power; they seek to establish a world government, run by Jews.

As per their publicly stated plan (PNAC), they intend to use U.S. military, economic and political power to smash any independent minded states and subjugate the whole world, starting with the those states that ostensibly pose an "existential threat" to Israel.

In pursuit of that goal, they attacked us on 9/11, masquerading as Arab terrorists. The purpose of the 9/11 attacks was not to take over our government (that happened decades ago), but to overthrow the rule of law. (You can't run the world from anything even remotely resembling a "constitutional republic").

With Jewish machinations having already pushed us into two world wars, with tens of millions dead, they now push for another. So here we are with WW3 and world economic collapse looming, having lost most of our constitutional rights, with "our" "government" completely corrupted and out of control, this is the contextual background for the good Jew/bad Jew dichotomy.

So first of all, what's a "good Jew"? Can we even define it meaningfully? Personally I don't see any Jews
publicly refuting the holocaust lies. I don't see and Jews publicly refuting the lie that the attack on the USS Liberty was an "accident". I don't see any Jews publicly putting the blame for 9/11 where it belongs (on Israel and its fanatical Jewish supremacist partisans).

So what is a "good Jew"?

Second, right or wrong, when the Japanese attacked us at Pearl Harbor, we started rounding up Japanese.

And if some country attacked us today, say by lobbing nuclear missiles at us, we would retaliate in kind. We would say that any "innocents" killed in the retaliation would be the moral responsibility of the aggressor.

So why the special treatment for the Jewish enemy? Just because they attack us from within?

Moreover, the "good Jew" concept is really a purely academic concept, an abstraction, since in practice you get the whole "Jewish community"; it's a package deal.

At what point does our right to defend ourselves prevail over the Jewish demand of exceptionalism?

The Jewish race war is about to end the world as we know it, and I'm supposed to be worried about offending the gentle sensibilities
of the hypothetical "good Jew"?

Gregory F. Fegel said...

A brilliant and well-written post, Visible.

I will add the caveat, with which I am pretty sure you would agree, that the exclusivism of the Self-Chosen Ones is not entirely unique; there other groups which try to maintain their own exclusivist "superiority." So putting an end to the current Zionist Reich of the Self-Chosen Ones will not put an end to the overall problem of exclusivist, elitist, power-mongering groups or individuals. When the Zionists fall off their pedestal there will be plenty of Christian, Hindu, Whatever, Mafioso, Dynastic, and free-lance elitists eager to take their place.

I see the perennial problem of exclusivism and elitism as being facilitated by the inequality of wealth. I believe that the only sure way to prevent the dominance and rulership by exclusivists and elitists is to prevent, by law, the accumulation of wealth by individuals, corporations, and organizations. This can be accomplished by taxing wealth out of existence and using the tax revenue for public education, services, and infrastructure.

I would make the top personal wage five times the minimum (and guaranteed) wage, and tax anything above that out of existence. If the minimum wage is 25K per year, anyone or any family should be able to live quite comfortably on 125K per year. The private ownership of real estate and other property would be limited to perhaps $1 million of current value. Capitalism would continue, but the capital would come from many small investors rather than a few big investors -- this would result in most companies becoming employee-owned.

The Right to Work would be stated in the Constitution, and the hours of the standard work week would be adjusted to create jobs and to maintain near-zero unemployment at all times. Health care would be affordable, due to full employment and subsidization by the wealth tax. Equal education standards would be maintained everywhere, and access to higher education would be entirely based on test scores and performance. Bribery would be minimized because no one would have wealth to share and no one would have wealth to gain.

Government officials might act more like public servants if there was no wealth to gain by taking bribes and peddling influence.

amarynth said...

gurnygob, brilliant! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Les, you have more testicles than the rest. Mad, mad, mad props for referring to that story about the Los Angeles teacherbeing fired, and reminding everyone who brought the slaves to America. Your synchronicity for l'espirit du temps (excuse mah French) is unrivaled.

Anyway, you know that things are getting bad for the chosen few when even Bryant Gumbel is referring to the basketball commissioner (David Stern) as a "plantation owner" regarding Stern's refusal to negotiate fairly with the mainly African American players.Seems as if the nigras ain't staying bought off lately. Normally I don't even pay one whit to the distractions of corporate sports bread n' circuses, but hey, Les, these ain't exackly normal times, knowwhaddamsayin'?

Om Namah Shivaya......Om namah Shivaya..(all together now)

wv: "sters", as in fraud"sters", shit stirrers, banksters, and gangsters.

Anonymous said...

masquerading as a victim
clutched by its own fall
the house of pure delusion
failure clothes the walls
starvation roams the corridors
genoside walks the stairs
the synagogue of satan
where desecration strips the air
with psychopathic thought streams
in a schizophrenic mind
blinded by supperiority
in itself totaly confined
its crimes await old justice
the moment that it fears
where the house of cards is fallen
where evil pays arrears


Anonymous said...

The CLINTONS were the "Butchers of WACO". They happily HOLOCAUSTED 84 American Women and Children. Alive.

Visible said...

Way I see it you only have two options. You believe in their power or you believe in the power of God. I don't see where that gives me any choice and don't quite understand how other people think they have one.

Anonymous said...

a victim of its insanity
where hilary clinton walks
and rothschild counts his money
where israel foolishly taunts
it fractured netanyahu
in a schizophrenic split
all bought together in pure fear
of the truth cuts deep and swift
the truth carves up the thought streams
justice serves the day
vibrance fills the outcome
of their is a better way
but with devils making decisions
hell becomes the earth
the people just walking slaves
living life just like a curse


Anonymous said...

It is amazing to watch giant squid use ink to obscure themselves from attackers. It is one of nature's most elegant teachers of how truth gets hidden.

The more the big light is shining, the more that Mr. Apocalypse shimmies with one leg peeking from behind the shimmering curtain slit of razzle dazzle vajazzling, the more you will notice the apologists and shills coming forth to point out how many nobel prizes they've managed to rack up (all based on merit and benevolence to humanity, of course).

robert said...

'The tragedy of man is his suggestability"
- Willard and Marguerite Beecher-
"Beyond Success and Failure"

Anonymous said...

burn a silver sixpence
clutch satans cold dead heart
crush its broken eyeballs
blow lightning through the dark
spark the flame of justice
smash all falsehoods claims
shake a mighty thunderbolt
through the beast take aim
with the forces of unstoppable
swift and sharp and strong
the mighty truths invincible
crumbles falsehoods long
devils left all withered
where the jew does play
divine is mother earth
fatal is the blade


Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Another good one, Neil. (Just a tiny thing -- the "s" should be a "c" in that "geno" word.) Anyway it is awesome how you keep a constant flow of poem pebbles rolling on down to our outstretched hearts. (I obviously can't do poetry, only shamelessly mix up metaphors.) Thank you and peace.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Anonymous 9:03:00: If you think that there are no "good Jews," you need to Google Gilad Aztmon, Norman Finklestein, Henry Makow, and Naomi Wolfe. That's for starters; there are many others. Where I live we have a few antiZionist Jews in our local 9/11 Truth group.

Israel and Mossad didn't do the 9/11 attacks by themselves; Goys were in the majority in planning and perpetrating the 9/11 attacks. People at the White House, the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI, NORAD, United and American Airlines, air traffic control, the NY Port Authority, at Shanksville, at the BBC and other media outlets, at Controlled Demolition of Maryland, and various actors and liars -- most of whom were Goys -- played essential roles in the 9/11 attacks. The Bush crime family, Cheney, and Rumsfeld were major planners of the 9/11 attacks, and none of them are Jewish.

Elitism is a game that you don't have to be Jewish to play. The Kosher Nostra are major elitists, but they have Goy allies who will still keep causing trouble when the Kosher Nostra is gone.

Visible said...

ah... ah... hmmm. From what I can tell the orders came from Israel and it is Israel that has profited more than anyone else and the percentage of dual nationals at the top is pretty large, especially so compared to the population comparatives in general. Then we have to consider the banks and whose hands the majority are in the control of. There's a good argument to be made that there is a genetic strain of monsters who share particular bloodlines but there are a number of tribes involved.

As for the names mentioned, I haven't seen one of them question the numbers from Holocaustia, or state that Israel was behind 9/11, in fact, for all of the criticisms and commentary directed at particular practitioners of global malice I see glaring crimes of omission. It does make me wonder and I do wonder. The only reason I state that I can't wholesale them is due to personal experience otherwise. I must admit, the more time goes by the more I begin to believe I know rare exceptions, though I would find that exceedingly supernatural in that case.

Anonymous said...

It certainly is a social injustice when politicians whom the people vote for and in good will trust in and pay a percentage of their hard earned money too in a mutual deed of transaction live a higher lifestyle, a pomp lifestyle, while the person/people who voted for that politician work hard, honestly and around the clock to keep that politician in luxury.

An independent ombudsman should be in place to audit politician’s/government’s income and this income statement should be made available to the public at any time.

Besides politicians, including presidents etc, who should be on a standard wage - for as long as we have a money system in our world personally I do not think there is anything wrong with capitalism (socialism is just another form of elite capitalism in disguise) as money in its true senses is a form of circulation that filters through society … like a metamorphose … first it is a coin and then it is a jersey that gets passed on and sold back into money and then it is bread (a little poem here) and if someone who works diligently and hard (because we mere workers know how hard one has to work to make a decent income) they have earned it and they do indeed support the society through trusting the politician to spend his percentage of tax paid honestly, diligently and put back into society thus the economic circulation is maintained within society and for society which is the politicians true role – not exceeding oneself over and above ones own people. And if their were no wars, shenanigans and diplomatic pussy-footing which they themselves have created their jobs would be far less stressful not to mention there would be more economic circulation within their own society and their true reward would be respect and love. There cannot be any monetary value place on those virtues.


Anonymous said...

thanks em,I know my spelling is terrible,cant help it,am also useless at explaining things where as you lot write real thought provoking comments
that send me off to poem land...

but peoples dont read that last poem as it is seriously horrible....

am sorry again....neil

Anonymous said...

the normal humanity loving jews need to
distance themselves from the false inhumane colonial tyrant oligarch jew and their minions from other cultures around the world,in actual fact normal jews should really get out of israel now because the inhumane tyrant false worshipping pig jew will sacrifice them.....

respects neil

Ben said...

Vis, All,

Many years ago, before Al Gore invented the internet, I purchased and read Israel Shahak's book "Jewish History, Jewish Religion, the Weight of 3,000 Years".

Shahak, a survivor (one of millions) of the "holocau$t), was declared a "self-hating jew" for pointing out the obvious.

What Shahak was ungraceful enough to point out in this book was that every single time the jews got pogrommed was because they had brought it upon themselves.

I no longer have the book. I loaned it to a friend, who was so captivated by it that he loaned it to another... and then another. I never got it back, but am happy that an unknown number were exposed to some of the truth through my original purchase.

One thing I remember is that Shahak noted that the jews never learn from past history. No matter how much dominance they seemingly have over a country or a culture, they always, always forget that they are in fact a minuscule minority. And the worm always, always turns.

I believe the worm is in the process of turning now. Only this time it is global; it is not restricted to a single country or region.

katz said...

My mom was bombed out of 5 houses by the Allies during ww2. She witnessed atrocities and war crimes on her home street. The Catholic sisters hid her several times. My Jewish grandfather was hung on a meat hook by the SS for financing the German resistance. Mom got it from both sides of that miserable war. Mom didn't do anything to anybody. My entire Jewish grandfather's family was never heard from again, after the war. We presume that they went to the camps and never made it out. All their property was lost.

Mom came here, after marrying my dad, a Lutheran chaplain in the US Air Force.

I've spend my life helping people, and do that for a living. My Jewish grandfather is my hero for standing up to the Fascists.

Now, you are gonna tell me I'm a bad Jew?

I don't think so. I dare you to label me. I've already lost half my family and my entire estate.

I am convinced that Mossad, Perez, Netzenyahoo, Olmert, Sharon, and the boyz from PNAC/JINSA took down the World Trade Towers and before that caper some of the old ones did murder JFK. I'm convinced that Frankist Jews are running things.

But, I know way too many people who are Jewish, who have nothing to do with this. I have too many friends who wouldn't hurt anyone for anything, who are not horrible people, and they are Jewish.

I am an Ashkenazi Jew, and I am not from the Middle East. On my dad's side, I am related to Attila the Hun. I am proud of that. I'm proud of being related to JFK. I'm proud to have the ancestors that I have, and that includes the Jewish side of my family that got messed around big time and screwed, once again.

Nope. don't give me that crap about no good Jews, unless you want to break it out and say that there are no good humans.

maybe I'd debate that.

And, you are pretty nasty to try to bunch innocent civilians in with a bunch of psychopaths.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time understanding how so many psychopaths, over aeons, conglomerated into the Zionist/Jew; I find that fact fascinating.
Maybe it is that like attracts, or they all got together under a 'know your enemy' arrangement or like minds – intriguing.


missingarib said...

Les les les yes yes yes - at the least let us all do something to fan the flames and burn down their corrupt house!
regards missingarib

Anonymous said...

That fat hilarious and her lying hubby laugh a lot, usually at the expense of others. Their kind always laugh a lot, especially at funerals. Remember that picture at Paul Wellstone's funeral? These animals all laughed together. Laughter is a sign of nervousness. They assassinate and laugh because they are scared shitless.

Jo said...

Hey Les and Gang~

Awesome, Brilliant Offering today Vis...: comments from the Breth and Sist-ren of superb caliber (mostly>>>grin) WOW---Just what I needed! Thank you all for being here and helping me keep the despair at bay. It's been one hell of a week-highly strange days--of Holy Woo Woos and Sacred Fuck Its .
Shout out AmerikaGulag- Kosher Hokey Pokey--LOL!

Trust~Friendship~Betrayal~Deceivers~History~Hearts and Spades~ETC~~~Life Lessons….strong memes in the chalice today.

I too share in knowing that any group/race/identitfier-other synonym-whatever, can be painted whole sale with a tainted brush...that’s extreme prejudice, wasn’t there a tune by a family of brothers and one sister who told us One Bad Apple don’t Spoil The Whole Bunch—girl. wink Nor am I denying there’s many more than one sour worm filled fruit in the Tribe under fire here. The facts are pretty clear as Les has tirelessly brought to the Well in his searingly noble Way. We all seek and succor the Truth distilled in this Place and each contribution expands the prayer for something better. Hearts are opening--why aren’t more heads rolling yet though? Wondering when the other shoe will drop; where this Awakening tips the balance or knocks the capstone off the pyramid or or or. Can the masses catalyze Evolution? Can we as individuals be That Which Is within ourselves--divine sparkly diamonds of soulful joy sharing this home turf Gaia respectfully together? Allowing for conflict handled like mature galactic citizens of the Multiverse????? When anyone harming another gets a serious Time Out!

Yesterday, I even tried to convey similar sentiment in the comments of the YT video of the teacher from Occupy LA and her strong indictment of the Zionista element holding-more like yanking-- the global strings—so to speak. I was floored by the instant LIVE conversation unfolding in front of my eyes. Then it got weird: Scientology was brought into it…accusations of deep trolling...the usual absurdities-- I moved on. I'm not eloquent enough to express the nuances here. But I swear I sometimes feel I’m in/on Water or like the scene in the Matrix when the black cat glitch happens~actually probably closer to the point when the mercury is rising up Neo’s arm~~a lil’ bit trippy. Like fun house mirrors but I’m still wondering when it’s gonna get fun???

Suffice it for me to just invite you to check out this amazing song/video that I stumbled upon a few evenings ago while surfing the web...

(Sorry Les, I haven't taken your obvious suggestion to google how to do a hyperlink in blogger yet-forgive me Puleese)

Anyway, it moves me and I hope it touches y'all and helps turn your shining Love Lights even brighter.

BTW The artist has been referred to as the Jewish Bob Marley

Peace Truth Justice and all the other good stuff ;) Blessings

One Day!

Aho~Mitakuye Oyasin~All My Relations~xojo

wv: wersess--"Oh my Miss Scarlett things round here gitten wersess and wersess!"

Anonymous said...

Katz you are not doing yourself any favors pushing that holocaust bullshit. There were no death camps, no crematoriums, no gas chambers and what came down on the Jews was deserved for what they were doing to the Germans. Study the real history of the cabaret society and how the Jews were behaving.

Claiming to have a lineage to Attila the Hun is also pretty fantastic. Even more fantastic is being proud of it. Your whole comment just smacks of the reasons why people don't like Jews. They lie and exaggerate and they steal and worse whenever there is opportunity.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

Historically, elitism has existed with or without a Jewish contribution. The Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Hindu, Aztec, Mayan, and Polynesian ruling classes were not Jewish.

Can the genocide perpetrated by the US government and its constituency of Euro-American Colonists against the Native Americans be blamed on the Jews? Was the US government's false-flag attack on the Battleship Maine planned by Jews? Well, perhaps the Jewish Anglo-American bankers of the late 19th Century did plan and orchestrate the Spanish-American War. I'm just "thinking out loud" here.

Today the Jews rule most of the world by their control of the banks, but their Goy minions, who vastly outnumber them, are themselves fierce fighters for the elitist cause. On a previous Visible blog, I wrote a comment about the ideologically-motivated "mercenaries" of the elitists posing a greater obstacle to reform or revolution than the elitists themselves. The fate of the 1% will be determined by the struggle between their mercenaries and their opponents.

The establishment of the state of Israel was a Faustian bargain between Western Imperialists and Zionists. Now Western Imperialism and Zionism are joined at the hip. Perhaps the center of power and control is now in Israel -- not in Washington, New York, or London, since the Zionists control all of those capitals and many more.

My essential point is that, although the head of the elitist Hydra may now be Jewish, when that head is decapitated it will likely be replaced by a head of another denomination, or of no particular denomination. The elitist Hydra will not die as long as it can simply replace its head. The dedicated minions or mercenaries of the elitists, the elitist wannabes, and the allure of the elitist philosophy must all be eradicated or all you will get is a new head on the old Hydra.

Jewish elitism and banksterism is not the problem -- anyone's elitism and banksterism is the problem.

The American Revolution eliminated the King but kept the Ruling Class. I think that we need to take the American Revolution a step further and eliminate the Ruling Class by taxing them completely out of their wealthy status.

Anonymous said...

piere said..

reading Kikz's tale of the nature of trust and friendship and betrayal(?), and postulating what you (Vis) say about all for the purposes of demonstration. (considering Doubt about one's (me) own loyalty to the most high, until tested.)
Is it for the purposes of testing our free wills? or just showing up the true natures of people given the choices they have made? and then Trust but verify, but how to know?
likely I missed something way back when in these blogs, perhaps this can go into the suggestions box.

thanks to you and commenters. (I prefer this blog now to the local rag).


wv moopip. The best flowers come from the best seeds in the best manure - just add warmth and water.

kikz said...

thx isabel :)

you're right of course, trust must be earned.
in my case, i thought my gf had.

Ben said...

katz @ 11:38:00 PM,

I keyed in on this in your comment:

"I am an Ashkenazi Jew, and I am not from the Middle East. On my dad's side, I am related to Attila the Hun."

I'm currently reading Isaac Newton's book wherein he links the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

He mentions in this book that many of the Huns (or Hunns, as he calls them) originated in what was known as Scythia.

The Jewish historian Josephus clearly states that Scythia was the land of Gog and Magog. The territory that later became known as kingdom of Khazaria.

While you identify yourself as Ashkenazi, you acknowledge that you are not of the middle east. Kind of reinforces Helen Thomas' remarks regarding the occupation of Palestine.

The very clear implications of Josephus regarding Scythia/Gog and Magog, in view of Ezekiel 38, 39, is that those that call themselves "jews" or "israelis" are in fact the people of Gog and Magog.

Ezekiel is very clear as to what will happen to those people and I believe we are approaching that time. I strongly suspect that the final straw will be Israel's attack against Iran. My belief is that this will end in Israel's destruction. I also fear that we will see a real holocaust committed against jews, one that will make the mythical one seem like a day at Disney.

I lived for three years in a community that was almost exclusively jewish (this was in a Latin American country). I hope to never live in such a community again. Almost all the jews in this community were at most one generation removed from eastern Europe and the one thing they had in common was a hatred for those that were not jews. They didn't even get along with each other very well.

So no, not all jews are bad. I just can't honestly say that I've ever encountered one that was willing to forgive and forget, one that was willing to do unto others as one would like to be done unto nor one that would look upon a non-jew as a person equal to himself or herself.

I'm willing to admit that my encounters with hundreds of jews though may not be completely representative... I can't claim to have met and worked with thousands of jews and had I done so perhaps I would have met with one in whose presence I didn't feel soiled or one that I might enjoy getting to know socially.

I would also pass on that jews were not unique in having lost their entire families or estates. You might look into how many non-jewish lives, families and estates were lost when the jewish bolsheviks took over Russia. That country is still recovering from that. Many of those that lost their lives, families and estates were not even resisting nor financing the opposition; their crime was that they were Christians, and, of course, goyim.

The Germans have apologized ad infinitum for a holocau$t that never happened and they have also paid billions in reparations to jews. To this date I don't know of a single jew that has made an effort to apologize or pay recompense to the millions of Russians that lost their lives, families and estates to the Bolsheviks.

katz said...

While you identify yourself as Ashkenazi, you acknowledge that you are not of the middle east. Kind of reinforces Helen Thomas' remarks regarding the occupation of Palestine.

Yes, Helen Thomas spoke the truth. That is why the PTB took all her honors away from her. They don't want to break the mind control that they have over Jews, when they are instructed in schul.

You should see the movie "Defamation". And, while I admit that it is most likely that it was not 6 million who were gassed, and the lies were abundant, it is also true that there were work camps, where people ended up, and many died of disease and starvation.

Nobody had food. And, the Germans were just as much victims, as were the Jewish Germans. Nobody had food, and everyone got bombed by the Allies. and the SS went around arresting those who represented a threat to the Rothechilde Nazi syndicate.

The Jews were used, are used and brainwashed to paranoia.

But, they are tools of the dark side. Free your mind. Why do you think I keep hollaring about naming names? The men/women who do these crimes must be punished. We have laws.

est said...

i looked into my heart
searching forgiveness

for what's been done
and what's about to be

what i found surprised me
i felt no malice or sympathy

that the poor pitiful fools
may never get free

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Visible wrote: "As for the names mentioned, I haven't seen one of them question the numbers from Holocaustia, or state that Israel was behind 9/11."

Perhaps so, but the four do a pretty good job of criticising Israeli and US fascism (see below). Israel may have been behind 9/11, but most of the work was done by their Goy henchmen, from the White House and Pentagon to the FBI men and their flunkies who faked the crash at Shanksville. If we want to take down the Rothschilds, when push comes to shove, it's their Goy minions and mercenaries -- John Rambo, John Wayne, and Joe Sixpack -- that we will be fighting in the streets of America. -GF

From Gilad Aztmon's website: Anthony Lawson: Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid? (Must Watch)
"To oppose the Jewish state and Jewish nationalism is the true meaning of the memory of the Holocaust. To say NO to Israel is to say NO to racism. This is what ethics and universalism are all about." -- Gilad Aztmon

"The Holocaust Industry" by Norman Finkelstein "in which I documented the Holocaust industry’s blackmail of European governments in the name of “needy Holocaust victims” and then the shakedown of Holocaust victims by the Jewish organizations that pocketed the “Holocaust compensation” monies."

From Henry Makow's website: - Again, Zionists Set Up Jews for Holocaust and - The Other Side of Holocaust Denial

See also: Naomi Wolf: America’s Fascist Coup Owes Legacy To Bush’s Nazi Grandfather

Anonymous said...

Gredory F. Fegel said:

"Israel and Mossad didn't do the 9/11 attacks by themselves; Goys were in the majority in planning and perpetrating the 9/11 attacks".

That's an incorrect and misleading statement. Here's a more truthful and informative way to say it:

9/11 was planned and carried out by Jews, with help from some bought-and-paid-for traitors in high places in the "U.S. government".

I put U.S. government in quotes because there really is no more U.S. government; i.e., Jews completely control it. That they use a handful of Goy traitors, under the circumstances doesn't change the fact that 9/11 was a Jew crime.

It was the same thing with the Jewish attack on the USS Liberty.

And BTW, neither Atzmon nor Finkelstein (no any other so-called Jewish "dissident") has ever publicly refuted the Jew Holocaust lie or the Jew lie about the USS Liberty or the Jew lies about 9/11.

Jo said...

Katz--I'm trying to feel you and I also think you might want to dig deeper dear. Methinks your 1st chakra is congested and the filters of your spyglass a wee bit warped but I've been/am often there too. Just keep a miner looking for a heart of gold; not the metal kind though ;) A different sort of Precious HA

Is everyone having a good time yet? xojo

wv: hmmm-sharick-(long a)~~the repulsion some people feel at the idea of an equitable distribution of resources

QuietBear said...

Les... Have you been to ""? If not, y'ought to...
He has shown empirically that most, if not all of the 'news' that is shown on the mswm (main street whore media), is scripted & staged...

Thanks again, for all of your efforts, my friend...

Anonymous said...

If you are vocal about the injustices of these people, they will hunt you down and make your life a living hell. Like they did me. Back in 2006, I was questioning everything about 911, about Iraq, on the internet. I was talking to my friends on my cellphone. Suddenly, my life became a nightmare.

I met someone of the "tribe" and let him into my life. He even had dinner at my families house. And then, I was robbed of everything of value while I was at work. Of course, this person took off afterwards.

Then, someone who can only be described as "the most evil person I've ever met" (I didn't know it at the time) came into my life. For three and a half-years, he had access to me and my body. I can only tell you that over the years, he used me as some kind of experiment. I now am followed and harrassed all over the world. My body has been "modified" in some way. I am tortured due to the technology that he put into me.

So, the moral of the story is this. If you question "them" or their agendas, be aware that the new people you meet, may have been sent to you by "them".

Now, I cannot even type their name for fear. I am trying to heal after the diabolical plan "they" HAD for me. Everyday I meditate for this to be over soon.

Bruce Hayden said...

kikz and Isabel: A passage from Ayn Rand's book, Anthem, on friendship:

"I am neither friend nor foe to my brothers, but such as each of them shall deserve of me. And to earn my love, my brothers must do more than to have been born. I do not grant my love without reason, nor to any chance passer-by who may wish to claim it. I honor men with my love. But honor is a thing to be earned.

I shall choose friends among men, but neither slaves nor masters. And I shall choose only such as please me, and them I shall love and respect but neither command nor obey. And we shall join our hands when we wish, or walk alone when we so desire. For in the temple of his spirit, each man is alone. Let each man keep his temple untouched and undefiled. Then let him join hands with others if he wishes, but only beyond his holy threshold."

DaveR said...

Maybe TPTW really ARE shape-shifting 4th dimensional reptilian Archons who feed on human misery. It would make more sense.

As for good Jews. I've known a few and I don't know that many Jews.

One even gave me (gasp) money. Unasked!

I think it has more to do with rotters gathering together and they gravitate towards places of power. There they can phone a friend and protect each other.

And Les, how fast do you type anyway?

w.v. liquerep - I wish I could right about now.

est said...

i guess this began for me
when i saw a beating
being delivered with a stick

i said ‘ why are they striking
this human being, for what ?’

‘didn’t you suffer enough,
in the same exact way ?’

and then the drones
and targeted killings

i said ‘ this is wrong,
where is justice ?’

‘where is law,
where is god ?’

i keep thinking
he’s gonna jump up
and say ‘ ok -
enough – my children ‘

‘i was only testing you
to see if you could know me
in my seven billion faces

each and every one of you
are my children ‘

this world is a lonely place
is this any way to act ?

if you truly are chosen
choose love – not fear

you will be astonished
at your success

the alternative
is unthinkable

Anonymous said...

Japs=Jews of the Asian world. They never have been pupular there. Particularly since WWII.

Now their numbers will severely be reduced in coming generations due to Fukushima radiation. They will be the outcasts of Asia, searching for a homeland. With predictable results.

B. Bombay said...

Something has been bothering me of late. With all the occupy America stuff going on, what would happen if this turns violent? Would we start seeing UN troops? Would certain sections of the country become no-fly zones? Would TPTB seize this country's assets?

It seems to me that TPTB target a country for invasion, send in people to instigate or create a problem then supply the solution,ie, invasion.

I remember the 60's and all the unrest then. By the standards of today, there should have been "peace keeping" troops on the ground. We also have bases all of the world, but as far as I know and I could be wrong, there's not a single foreign base in THIS country.

Nothing happening is right. This,... everything is all wrong and I don't belong here. I don't want to play anymore

Lee said...

Hello Les and fellow bloggers.

I don't know where to start, but I am saddened by the death of Moammar Qhadaffi.
He stood up to the international bankers by using his country's oil profits and supporting his people.
His caravan was attacked by missile equipped drones then bombed by jets.

Ghadaffi was not alone when he challenged the money changers.
When Christ challenged the money changers in the temple, the Jews retaliated by infiltrating his friends and bribing Judas Iscariot and the rest is history.

There is no mention of Ghadaffi's death where I am staying. But, I do recall my sister gloating over the book Hillary Clinton published some years ago.
Yes, the same HIllary Clinton that cheered the death of Ghadaffi.
These people here are so caught up in the media mind fuck and their association with the death cheerleaders, I mean, their church. It is sickening and frightfully sad at the same time. Oh, did I say these people are Christians? The mind fuck is so deep that my nephew told me toss my effing laptop. Trying to discuss a real political and moral issue is a NO NO.

I really don't have much in possessions or money, yet, I consider myself free, as opposed to these people who are in spiritual and psychological bondage.

I look forward to this blog and dare I say it, I consider this forum my online Family. Friends are hard to find and some of the people I have met are a little shady, but they have good hearts. I have to go outside of the familial circle to find friendship and love since family has pretty much rejected me.

So, I come here and blog hoping to say something worth hearing.

P.S. Thanks to bloggers who wished me well in the previous blog.."Disinfo Agents, Oprah Graduates and Whatever May Be True". I still got bruises and scratches from falling in the ditch and almost getting run over. *smiles*

You were all very kind with your words and yes, I could use a T-Shirt.


Naj-Tenoch-itlan (stone dweller)

ChewyBees said...

I know I've said these things here before. I apologize for repetition. There is a buildup at hand, and it requires complete encapsulation of us all.

By this, I mean that the puroportion of a global one world government, and a one world economy, must happen before the catastrophic collapse and complete elimination of both can occur.

By this, I mean that every nation must be plugged in, in fullness, to the grid of technology, wherein the systemic and catastrophic collapse will pull the plug, and the proverbial rug, out from under most all.

By this, I mean the means of measuring the value of labor, called money(or capital), will inflate and then collapse into oblivion, leaving only labor and its true value to remain.

By this, I mean the sciences of poison and profit will lose all power and energy and be crushed, and all peoples will be forced to recognize God and nature as the One and the only science.

By this, I mean that religious practice will be revealed as an endless loop of insecurity, false healing and deception, where men claim the status of God over other men that willingly hand over their own status as God.

By this, I mean that we are only on the precipice of what is happening, and what is to come. We only can create as spiritual beings, and we only can destroy as beings of 3D flesh. Which are you? Are you an angel in a shell or a shell without an angel?

If you can, make every thought creation. Creation of things is the polar opposite of destruction. If you look at the frauds that Les exposes, they are frauds bent on destruction. Create. Create your world based on love and light. Then encourage others to do the same. It's transcending to every soul you meet, but only if you want it to be...

Rob in WI said...

Gurneygobs help group is great, but you can enroll in "cognitive disonance made simple, easy, and fun" for only $49.99, for a limited time only. The MSM is always honest; anyone who questions it needs this instruction immediately. Well worth the very affordable fee. Happiness is less than a federal reserve note away. Call now; the# is 1-800-bulshit... once again, that's 1-800-285-7448 repeat 1-800-285-7448.

Terry D'Ostroph said...

As Jack Nicholson said "You can't handle the truth", nor do most sheeple give a crap as long as they have their new car. A jew is a jew is a jew. Good article. from I fear none but the Holy Father!

Platon said...

Moon god my ass, we are not in 30000 BC people don't worship moons and suns anymore, take a fucked up Zionist pig to even suggest it, really a sick bunch

Anonymous said...

Who could not love you and every word you wrote here? Here's my story about how I gave up religion and found The Most High:

I always wanted to be a normal woman, be a part of something larger than myself. I went from church to church and saw nothing but lies. I just grew tired of trying to fit in at the expense of losing my identity so I gave up and began to read the bible for myself.

About 15 years ago, I woke up to "The Problem With Jews". I began to see how they hide themselves behind the very people they despise, that is all of us compared to all of them. I researched their history and I was alarmed at the prospects of what this all meant. It all started at Rev 2:9 and 3:9. It was such a shock to my system but one that truly awakened my thirst to find out what was behind all of this knocking at my soul.

I began to quite innocently express things that the "civilized world" found putrid. I couldn't understand why the truth was putrid to anyone, why people began to say shhh, don't talk about it or even worse, you are evil to talk about God's chosen people. How could I be evil for finding truth???

The only thing I knew was that if they were indeed God's chosen, then, just like Christ, they would have to be sacrificed. That didn't seem likely, being the only thing I saw was that they were monetarily great, strong, even an article I read said they were the most happiest and satisfied people in all the world.

Then I remembered: This world was taken over by Satan. It is owned by Satan...for a time. Well, Satan must have followers to get the job done, right? Ahhh! Then things started to pull together. I began to realize that their god is not our God and how they twist scripture and twist all truths to fit who they are, quite narcissist.

But because of my findings, I lost many friends and all family. I found that the more I lost friends, the more I lost family, the more stable in myself I became. I have lost just about all the people that were in my life before this awakening. And believe it or not, all of it stems from the lies "The Problem" have told, all of it, from church to money to health to education and entertainment. We simply are entrenched in their stuff from stern to bow. If you are familiar with the workings of this world, you will know what I am saying is true.

So what am I relating? I still don't regret that I was awakened to their shit. It does make for a lonely life but I found the truth of this world thru all the lies. And now I have more reason than ever before to love who I am because I know I am not theirs.

Anonymous said...

Found this link @ rense

MachtNichts said...

Holy Mackerel! Things are getting a little intense again. It seems like the chaff is finally being separated from the wheat even on your blog, Vis. But that, of course, is only fitting. With all your efforts of trying to educate and enlighten people the truth shall come out. I am sure. In the end, everyone will have to declare themselves, as you have stated more eloquently so many times.

I am of German extraction (always have to laugh about that one) and was indoctrinated with our crimes against the chosen ones during highschool and beyond. It haunted me in all my expat years in Canada until I met the Internet. Meaning, I always felt guilty nazistyle. Now all this 'other' information has become available and all of those years of sorrow and regret and guilt were for naught? Well, I tell you, I try hard not to become cynical. After all, we are searching for the all that is in ourselves. There wouldn't be any sense otherwise. Luv ya, Silvia

Anonymous said...

Ben & PJ,

Way back I am too related to Atilla and the Huns, believe me they had nothing to do with Jews or Khazars, they were certainly NOT of Jewish origin.
They just happen to interact at one time in history, the Khazars asked them to fight on their side which they refused.

Getting back to "good Jews" yes seems to be many good ones, however when push comes to shove they will always be on Israel's side.

Some of you may know, to some it will be new, a very descriptive poem,
The Fable Of The Ducks And The Hens:

KrayZ8 said...

"By way of deception, thou shalt do war."-mossad motto

Once again Les, you bring the point home with zero BS. We are all faced with a steep learning curve and no option to re-test this time. Perception is critical; now more than ever. In its original sense, perception means not just to see, but to see clearly and accurately. When tptw seek to deceive us, they do not have our best interests as a motive. The first step to countering deception is to recogninze it as such. Usually the reasons become clear once the spin is detected, but even if they're not, few people react the same when they know some one is trying to manipulate them with deceit. As you have pointed out, LV, seeking communion with the Higher Power in the spiritual realm hones our discernment in the temporal world. It is a natural consequence of seeking the ultimate truth to seek truth at all levels in all things. Tao and Zen, among others, stress this point repeatedly. When we follow our path we become better equipped to avoid the pitfalls and navigate the minefields of the 3D Disneyland commonly mis-identified as 'reality'. They are not seperate but similar goals; they are, in fact, integral.

Behind the amatuerish, sloppy production values of the dark clowns' latest docudramas, I sense desperation. I can only guess that at some level above the public whores we see, something is shaking their shit heap. We may not know exactly what form it's taken, but I think we all have a good idea where it ultimately comes from! But be careful my friends; cornered predators are capable truly dangerous things. Let's just keep on communing with the Great One and each other on all planes. Be the change we want to see.

Dog Poet, you're not just howling in the wilderness, to some of us at least. Your thoughts are gifts, your prose is chewy and nourishing, and your music is genuine. Thanks again.

Friends, as always, you're stimulating in the most positive sense. I can't prove it, but I'm sure we're meeting elsewhere and doing good work together. Neil, please don't apologize, just keep writing; Robin H, I respectfully suggest you ask the Source who 'it' is, not us. Thanks to all of you.

Peace, Love, Wisdom,


suraci said...

Love the last paragraph.
As you say, they infiltrate genuine protest movements like Occupy and Tea Party.
Astonishing how they stick together on this. The game changer was fiat money, until then their influence was nowhere near as comprehensive.
The world is in deep shit unless more can break the spell.
Many famous authors over history have tried to sound the warning bell.

Robin Redbreast said...

Beautiful mornin here in Da Wales ;)

Friends I have to tell you
They sent me on a mission down to earth
To watch and to observe life
And gather information 'bout your birth

But what I mostly see is misery
And it makes me sad

So capable of love yet, too scared to open up and
Just wanna be accepted, but can't show that you care
Creating problems daily, no wonder some go crazy
So special and so gifted, but most don't know, it's there

Friends I have to ask you
Surrounded by the beauty of this place
Why do you make it so hard
For all the things you want to come your way

Well I don't think you see your destiny
And it makes me sad

So capable of love yet, too scared to open up and
Just wanna be accepted, but can't show that you care
Creating problems daily, no wonder some go crazy
So special and so gifted, but most don't know, it's there

Do it, just let it all out
Express emotion
Say how you're feeling
It's liberating
Nothing can hurt you
You can be happy
But you must believe it (believe it)

Well I don't think you see your destiny
And it makes me sad

So capable of love yet, too scared to open up and
Just wanna be accepted, but can't show that you care
Creating problems daily, no wonder some go crazy
So special and so gifted, but most don't know, it's there
So capable of love yet, too scared to open up and
Just wanna be accepted
Creating problems daily, no wonder some go crazy
So special and so gifted, but most don't know, it's there

Won't you let me take you down to earth…………

(Down To Earth but J. Griffiths)

Live love and peace

Robin Redbreast said...

Nothings going to bring me down (last post for a bit I promise!)

Keep On Walking.....

The world's got so dark I need some guidance to see
'cause this pain in my heart is taking everything from me

If it's true that love makes the world go round
Please give some love to me
'cause I'm feeling so alone right now, it's suffocating me

God give me strength, to keep on walking
God give me strength, to keep on, keep on
God give me strength, to keep on walking
God give me strength, to keep on, keep on

The air's got so thick I find it hard to breath
And never before have I felt so desperately in need

I know that I must start listening to the voice inside of me
The truth is that when I speak to you, I hope to speak to me

God give me strength, to keep on walking
God give me strength, to keep on, keep on
God give me strength, to keep on walking
God give me strength, to keep on, keep on

Oooh, oooh, my darling
God is you
God is you

God give me strength, to keep on walking
God give me strength, to keep on, keep on
God give me strength, to keep on walking
God give me strength, to keep on, keep on

God give me strength, to keep on walking
(God, keep on giving me strength)
God give me strength, to keep on, keep on
(God, keep on, keep on giving me strength)
God give me strength, to keep on walking
(God, keep on giving me strength)
God give me strength, to keep on, keep on
(God, keep on, keep on giving me strength) [repeat repeat repeat!!]

Live love and peace

Greg Bacon said...

If you do a little research, you'll find that the most vicious killer gangs during Prohibition were Jewish, not Italian. Check out the Bernstein brothers out of Detroit.

Since I'm part 'Dago,' I find this distortion a slur on my ethnic heritage, but I haven't created the 'Anti-Dago Defamation Leauge' since it would be laughable, besides, who would pay any attention?

Ditto for the Caribbean pirates, most of whom were Sephardic Jews. Did you know that or just believe the fairy tales about piracy coming out of Hollywood?

Either open your eyes and start fighting for your freedom and yes, your life, or one day some Blackwater/Xe type goons will kick down the front door of anyone who has gold crowns on their teeth, hold you down and use pliers to pull off that shiny rock they admire most, gold.

est said...

seriously dude
if you can't

get with
the program

why don't you
just fuck off ?

Anonymous said...

I dont know if they would ever read over here but lord visibles said about kung fu outfits and stuff on origami...
I have to give full respects too the wu tang clan who when they came out and did their stuff,were something else,these people love their fellows that is obvious,their poetry raw fire,,,
warrior poets of the highest accord....

wu tang clan,would be good to see you speak on behalf of your communitys and get the people up,

anyway many respects....neil

Anonymous said...

No, I wrote that: The Moon God and the Sun God unite in love.

I’m not a zionist I am a human being and it is my way of expressing my love to the people of Palestine who have suffered so much under a evil regime who have plagiarised their land and their dignity in diabolical egotism which is an abomination before the eyes of those who can see.


Emanuel Swedenborg, [1749-56) Arcana Coelestia

Verses 4, 5. And God saw the light, that it was good, and God distinguished between the light and the darkness. And God called the light day, and the dark He called night. Light is called "good" because it is from the Lord, who is good itself, The "darkness" means all those things which, before man is conceived and born anew, have appeared like light, because evil has appeared like good, and the false like the true; yet they are darkness, consisting merely of the things proper to man himself, which still remain. Whatsoever is of the Lord is compared to "day" because it is of the light; and whatsoever is man's own is compared to "night" because it is of darkness. These comparisons frequently occur in the Word.

Love and faith are first called "great luminaries" and afterwards love is called a "greater luminary" and faith a "lesser luminary;" and it is said of love that it shall "rule by day" and of faith that it shall "rule by night." As these are arcana which are hidden, especially in this end of days, it is permitted of the Lord's Divine mercy to explain them. The reason why these arcana are more especially concealed in this end of days is that now is the consummation of the age, when there is scarcely any love, and consequently scarcely any faith, as the Lord Himself foretold in the Evangelists in these words: The sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken (Matt. 24:29). By the "sun" is here meant love, which is darkened; by the "moon" faith, which does not give light; and by the "stars" the knowledges of faith, which fall from heaven, and which are the "virtues and powers of the heavens." The Most Ancient Church acknowledged no other faith than love itself. The celestial angels also do not know what faith is except that which is of love. The universal heaven is a heaven of love, for there is no other life in the heavens than the life of love. From this is derived all heavenly happiness, which is so great that nothing of it admits of description, nor can ever be conceived by any human idea. Those who are under the influence of love, love the Lord from the heart, but yet know, declare, and perceive, that all love, and consequently all life-which is of love alone-and thus all happiness, come solely from the Lord, and that they have not the least of love, of life, or of happiness, from themselves. That it is the Lord from whom all love comes, was also represented by the great luminary or "sun" at His transfiguration, for it is written: His face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light (Matt. 17:2). Inmost things are signified by the face, and the things that proceed from them, by the raiment. Thus the Lord's Divine was signified by the "sun" or love; and His Human by the "light" or wisdom proceeding from love.

kikz said...

e. all of your above :)

purple gang, aka sugar house gang.

rand's anthem is a good read as are other of her works... but, you must be mindful of the true home of her moral allegiance.

Anonymous said...

yes. these rather loathsome creatures - to which you make the odd and occasional reference - are not a true genetic match for the semitic tribes of biblical lore.

it is an icy contempt that flows through their veins, power that fuels their passion, deception the coin of their realm.

(precisely the reason media trumps all other ashke-nazi/zionista/
reptilian/luciferian enterprise.)

still, my own 'lower emotions' vacillate in chronic meter between the dupers and the duped.

a thoughtful, well organized, nicely layered, if sober rehashing of some of the more disturbing facts and figures of this temporal dimension.

doesn't it just make you want to skip to the last page?

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Anachronistic Strokebooks and the Pipes of Dread.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Les and other Other Selves,

Possibly the best quote I've ever come across, from Willow's Web:

"Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes." - William Gibson

The community at this space is the closest I have ever felt to really belonging and being loved.

Thanks to all who strive to be in integrity against what appears to be insurmountable.

For those who are trying to find hope - hope is for the despairing.

For those who think god wrote a book- what are you thinking?

I have lived my life so far being marginalised by even the marginalised, but have demonstrated at great personal cost to my own satisfaction that I am loved and cared for. The impossible beauty alongside the overwhelming pain evident everywhere remains both a reassurance and the pea under the great pile of mattresses.

Deepest appreciation to all.

Tim Schmidt,
Devil's Peak,
Cape of Storms South Africa

DomOracle said...


I must apologize, you are much more explicit now and much more readable.

"It’s possible I am saying a lot of things here that I am not saying."

The best I´ve seen so far to express what you mean and that´s confirmed by the posts of your disciples.

Say it in a "The coming World for Dummies" Way. That would be the Fifth.


Visible said...

Okaaaay... I take that to be in reference to an exchange a few months ago which I can no longer remember but it seems to have worked out.

Visible said...

Here we have shameless self promotion at its worst. Feel free to cringe at the statements having to do with no conspiracies and how psychopathic mass murderers aren't really bad people, they are just misguided and didn't really intend evil. Cringe at the transparent ploy to pump up ones own importance. I hardly know what to think except I want nothing to do with this person here or hereafter and neither will the regent within and beyond.

b said...


The William Gibson quote was classic!
I had to write it down. On a similar note..."When I think of the kind of people that succeed these days, failure ppears as a more interesting
alternative." (Aza Baliozan)

poorrichard said...

Woof Woof...

Anonymous said...

brilliant les.

Just wanted to add an "on-site" observation. Here in NY when the OWS movement started and WAS NOT covered by the MSM, I was turned off because the people looked to me like middle management and back-office types. They wanted their jobs back, and I thought, hey, this might be a time for honest capitalism, not the same 'ol wall st. scams that hurt the average citizen. Then it grew, with, as you said, the usual suspects and I became totally turned off.
With that siad, the truth is such a commodity now and I am so glad that you are speaking it. Not all jews are bad, of course, many are just as brainwashed as the next. But many, many jews benefit from the illicit worldwide dealings of a few. History has been corrupted and wars are nothing but sacrifices to their lesser gods. Why is it a good thing to have killed Khaddafi? What did he do to us? Why was it necessary to invade Libya? or for that matter Iraq? Why does a so-called Christian nation kill Muslims who see Christ as a prophet, but support Israel who sees Christ as a dog and his blessed mother worse?

Anonymous said...

Point to ponder:

"When the Roman historian Tacitus pointed out 19 centuries ago that the Jews are unique among the peoples of the world in their intense hatred and contempt for all peoples but their own, he was only repeating what many other scholars had discovered before him. For the next 1,900 years other investigators came to similar conclusions, either from a study of the Jews' religious writings or from a study of the Jews' behavior toward non-Jews."

It's obviously NOT "Zionists"; there were no Zionists at the time of Tacitus...

Anonymous said...

To Katz @ Oct 21 11:38
"We presume that they went to the camps and never made it out. All their property was lost."
1st sentence: If you'd know your history, you'd KNOW that Zionist in Europe in 1945 encouraged emigration to Palestine by telling survivors of the camps that their relatives have perished, no use to go back to the "old country". This was a DELIBERATE deception, and for that matter, your family have likely survived, based on the actual numbers of survivors still alive TODAY. (There are actuarial tables you know, which can give a pretty good idea of the number of survivors in 1945 based on the survivors still alive today. The numbers are shocking to the Holomythers). This how Palestine was populated by European Jews.

2nd sentence: The property of tens of millions of goyim was ALSO lost mister. And not all was lost to bombings and war. Millions lost ALL their property to the communists in the Comblock countries through expropriation.
For example my grandmother lost her house, restaurant and flour mill to the communists - who by the way were 70-80% Jewish, and 97% Jewish in the very top echelons. She was thrown out on the street with nothing. She was glad that she wasn't beaten up and/or killed.
So stop whining.

The Elder of Zycon-B said...

Another great writeup Les. You are a living quote board.

I do have one question here about your statement of "Byzantine lies."

The Byzantine Empire lasted for around 1,300 years probably in part because they kept Jews in Check. I don't think they were persecuted and imprisoned, but they were discriminated against.

They were not allowed to serve in government or educational establishments.

Visible said...

That's something I would put in place were I the ruler with the inclusion of a couple of more areas and I wouldn't care what I was called or how anyone felt about it. Probably you know the origin of my using the word Byzantine, if not you can look it up in a search engine, I too lazy tonight to get into that (grin).

john galt said...

There is no "god," there is no "supreme being." There is no coming "apocalypse" or "second coming." Events do not occur spontaneously - events are the product of human volition. Do something. Act now. What am I suggesting? No significant advance in human freedom has been gained in its absence.

Visible said...

In your case that may well be so.

sage691 said...

Thanks to all.... the comments section is almost as enlightening and enjoyable as the body of work by Les. I agree with the majority here.... one point, I've known many Jews in my life (Northern Virginia, Potomac, MD) and worked for one of these Jews that was truly a selfless person that has, and still does, strive for the betterment of mankind - he has broken from the mold. My heart goes out to him in the coming times because he is truly a 'good jew'. Other than that, it is true, IMO - the rest have a bottomless ability for hate and, truly, don't even like each other very much...

@Robin H. - It was with amazement that I read your account. My 'horrible incident' started the year before 9/11. I know the shame and humiliation of not even being able to go to the bathroom without having constant 'eyes on'... let alone all of the other personal and private moments that others take for granted. I looked for answers for many years.... and it eventually drove me to the internet - which, of course, offered very little verification. Just recently, as I was driving in to work, I received an answer of sorts.... "it doesn't matter what happened to you, what matters is that it did happen to you". Ahhhhhh..... yes, God works even through the evil and dark. Take solace in that for the moment. Someday all will be revealed. There is a purpose to it all. Whenever my faith/knowing is shaken, I look at the symbolism and rituals that the 'others' use in their adoration of their 'god' - Satan - and I know there can be no Satan without God. I hope this helps you. I spent many years looking for answers that will not arrive until their time - lost all family and most friends in the process. I'm okay with all of it now. I wish the same for you.

onething said...


Re your girlfriend, not to minimize it, but I think that what she was admitting was a lack of courage rather than a lack of love...but then maybe it is nearly the same thing?

onething said...

The Hebrews were not chosen, they were inherited.
According to Mesopotamian legend, the god El had seventy sons. And, somewhere in Genesis there is a nations list of 70. Biblical writings are very close to other Mesopotamian and Sumerian myths, because they are really all from the same root. Abraham, who would have carried the oral tradition, came from Ur, a city in Sumeria, probably in Iraq. That is why the Sumerian flood legends and the Biblical one are so close.

Now, Deuteronomy 32:8-9 :

"When the Most High gave to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of men, he fixed the bounds of the peoples according to the number of the sons of God.
For the LORD's portion is his people, Jacob his alloted inheritance."

It is important to know that throughout the Old Testament the word LORD in all caps is a signifier that the original said Jehovah. The LORD is Jehovah, and it is NOT Jesus! (In the New Testament, Jesus is often called Lord, but not all caps.)

So, the Most High divided the nations according to the number of his sons - and his son Jehovah inherited Jacob!

You see, the Hebrews were in no wise monotheists, they were henotheists, as were all their neighbors in those days.

It is amazing what you begin to see when you read the scriptures with a different eye. For example, there is almost no mention throughout the Old Testament of anything of a spiritual nature. Ever notice that? It's all just a tedious historic rendition and war chronicle, and filled with threats and rage of a political nature.

Look at the Bhagavad Gita, at the battle of Kuruksetra. When Prince Arjuna expresses great reluctance to start the war, Lord Krishna tells him that that which is not born can never die, and that the soul is not slain when the body is slain. Very clear! Anything like that in the OT?

It was a drag to have been inherited by Jehovah. He was inconsistent, left his people to suffer, and ruled like a despot. If one actually reads the Old Testament, and hardly anyone does, you may be impressed by the strangeness of how often the Hebrews were quite comfortable worshiping other gods.

For all his bluster, they didn't take him seriously or they simply wanted to escape. He sometimes had large numbers of them murdered for offending him. He sent out scouts and when the report came back that the enemy looked too strong to take, Jehovah became furious and had Moses' tribe members murder a bunch of the others.

The idea that Jehovah was the supreme infinite creator of the universe - I don't know if that idea really took hold until much, much later. I see no evidence for it. What Jehovah was to them was what other local gods were to many other people.

Unfortunately for the human race, Jehovah was a psychopath, and if he really exists, perhaps in disembodied form, then he is a demon responsible for a lot of ugly theological attitudes.

Along came Jesus, and he sought to right all that. He told people God was their loving father and talked up his character so well that you just had to fall in love with this God the Father - who was nothing like Jehovah and whose character, according to Jesus, was 180 degrees different. Also, I don't think Jesus ever called him Jehovah. I'm pretty sure Jesus was clear on that.

So what happened? They built up this silly fairy tale religion that required that the Jewish scriptures be true and be from the real God, and they included the demonic Jehovah and made people think he was the Father Jesus spoke of.

Thus ruining his mission. Because his mission was first to reconcile the hearts of man to God, and through that to help humanity understand the difference between good and evil. A real point of confusion for us. But by mixing up the attributes of a good God and a wicked one, we are left going in spiritual circles, unable to take a stand and unable to know what is wrong.

est said...


thank you
i enjoyed that

it's not that we
don't have the tools

it's that we don't know
how to use them

even with all the instructions
you could ever ask for

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami-

Tending the Mind Garden in the Kali Yuga.

kapoore said...

Dog Poet, I like your transmissions. I recently traveled through the Mosel valley to Bernkastel Kues and I thought about you, even though I have no idea where you live. One of the reasons I like you is that you go out on a limb, and that's risky. You could be wrong in some respects and probably are but not because of your own fault but because we cannot know absolutely what has been hidden from us. Horrible Hillary does laugh and lie, banksters do rob and infiltrate, the meaningless media is inescapable.... I think the discussion at the end of Architects & Engineers new video is very instructive. Why can't people see the truth? And the reasons for it.

Anonymous said...

@John Galt

I met an Aryan Man, around 60 yrs old, just the other day,
who stated he was adopted by a wealthy
jewish family, when just a few days old, and raised as a Jew.

He stated this: "The Apocalypse will happen to each of us, individually."

This is how Jews lie, to themselves and others. They are always alone,
and see their Godless landscape continuing on that way forever. What a hell, for them.


thank you Visible.

Anonymous said...

Les us right, there's no proof Gadaffi is dead. The head shot that supposedly killed him strangely omitted from vids and today I read his body was taken to a "secret location."

Anonymous said...

By Jean-Paul Pougala

April 21, 2011 "Information Clearing House" -- It was Gaddafi’s Libya
that offered all of Africa its first revolution in modern times –
connecting the entire continent by telephone, television, radio
broadcasting and several other technological applications such as
telemedicine and distance teaching. And thanks to the WMAX radio
bridge, a low cost connection was made available across the continent,
including in rural areas.

Follow the link for the rest of the article

kikz said...


agreed. but strangely, i did appreciate her theoretical honesty.

we stayed 'friends' thru the following decades.. even 'facebook friends' while i was still there... she, frm time to time posted little sayings inre friendship, and lovely sentiments about another 'friend' of hers whom she stated she also considers family.....

one of the blurbs i remb... 'to have a friend, you must first be a friend.'

"i'd of had to've let him take you." came whispering back into my mind...

my first impulse was to post her words to me, all those years ago...
i didn't. she probably has no recall of them or the incident, and i'd kept my feelings on it to myself.

but, i do remb thinking inre her new found 'family'.... and wondered if sometime the 'newbie' will be as surprised... if that relationship is ever tested in a like manner?

y, the lesson still carries some sadness for me.. but i am grateful for the knowledge of truth that she allowed me to see..about both of us.

the reality of the nature of our relationship.

maybe someday, i'll thank her for that. :)

wiggins said...

The 'Controvesy Of Zion' by Douglas Reed is a good place to start in understanding the history of 'the tribe' up and to the present day. You can read this online as all other publications seem to have been mysteriously pulped...

Anonymous said...

I love you posts I read it everyday.Could you help this man Michael Schmidt a Dairy Farmer in Ontario Canada here is his video he has been on Hunger strike for the last 28 days...He wants to sell his raw milk
Thank you could you write something about him, because your words are powerful



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