Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Transparent Lies from the Division of Dumb and Dumber

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, we knew the day was coming. We knew it was a matter of time and it would probably happen in October a few days, a week, ten days before Palestine went to the UN and laid claim to a small portion of what had always been theirs, until the false nation of Israel stole it in order to set up a criminal enterprise that now has a large part of the world on the brink of; who knows what? Doubt the reality of that? Then reality isn’t a familiar resident in whatever world you have convinced yourself is real.

So now, the incredibly corrupt, Eric Holder of Fast and Furious Fame; a division of Dumb and Dumber has come up with a bad network TV shitcom plot of a fabricated event, that actually took place in June, though it probably didn’t even happen then. Oh, let’s go out on a limb and say that none of what’s reported really happened but that whatever happened was constructed by Holder’s neo-con Israeli masters, who pretty much control what remains of the so-called American government, as well as the American economy and that can be seen in the stupendous and outrageous wealth consolidated in the holdings of this small minority of dual nationals in the occupied American territories. Of course, that statement is anti-Semitic due to its being true.

Of course, the Israelis had to throw in a fantasy assault on Saudi Arabia because Israel wants that airspace open when they go to attack the Iranians, as one more expression in the expansion of their psychopathic, hegemonic interests in the Middle East which, as far as they are concerned, belongs entirely to them. Iran has no nuclear weapons program and Iran is not at war with her neighbors, while both of these things apply entirely to Israel, to the exclusion of just about everyone else around.

It’s desperation time in the US because a small contingent of Satanic greedheads have destroyed the American infrastructure, from manufacturing to the small business industry, while also looting the wealth of the American public AND plunging the country into a series of gratuitous wars, for the economic gain of bankers and merchants of war material. They don’t give a shit and they think you are too stupid to get it and too weak and confused to do anything about it. Every one of the participants should be indicted, hauled into court and then sent packing to some iron bar resort for a long, long time, or in some cases, convicted of capital crimes. Unfortunately, the judiciary of the United States is also owned by the same people doing all this malicious mischief.

These soulless husks celebrate their depravity, as they preen and posture in their contempt of you. I don’t know what you’re going to do about it. I don’t know how bad it has to get before you do something about it. Eric Holder is not the only full time employee of Dumb and Dumber. He’s got all kinds of company. It’s hard to imagine what kind of stupidity one has to come into the possession of in order to believe the transparent lies and clumsy gymnastics, of the ones who manipulate and shear them like the complacent and unresisting sheep that they are. I can’t measure it. I don’t understand it. It is beyond me.

There’s no need for me to link any of the information I am talking about today because it’s all over the media, which is also owned by the same people that own everything else. The other side of the story is available in the alternative media that most of you visit every day. So bogus and transparent are the lies being told that they are already hedging their bets by actually using the word ‘alleged’. That won’t likely make any difference because so far, the massive lumbering body of the blind lemming Schmoos is mindlessly marching to the beat of a spastic, dissonant drummer.

Within the course of one generation, the people of The West have been reduced to occasionally ambulatory feeding machines, addicted to the darkness of infantile, perfunctory porn and fevered dreams of the nubile forms of their vacuous hypnotized offspring. They eat things that are composed of genetically altered ingredients that are bonded together and combined with chemicals that are often illegal for general use. They saw it on TV and it doesn’t take patience or a brain to prepare it. It’s quick and it hits the various trigger points of their dysfunctional taste buds.

It’s no wonder that the predators that put them in this situation can laugh at them and motivate their private police forces to abuse and intimidate them. It’s no wonder that one foolish law follows another and that one more excessive tax after another is applied to chain them ever more tightly in a web of perpetual confinement and increasing desperation. When they look for the reasons for their distress they see each other, or whatever temporary puppet from a party other than the one they support which ripped them off last time. One can only stand apart in awe, trying to imagine how much it will take to wake them up. It all comes down to degrees of trauma and my sensation is that the universe will provide that where it applies.

Today, tens of thousands of people, a small minority, are marching in cities around the world, demanding change. The same insidious forces that caused the dramas they are protesting against are seeking to compromise and redirect their attention. Important shills are stepping forth to declare their support for these people. These are some of the shills who have enabled the terrible spectacle of the collapse and disfigurement of cultures here, there and everywhere. Materialism is a cancer that eventually consumes the worshipper. It pulls them down into a hot compressed darkness of unrestrained desire that burns the host into a shell from the inside out.

Some numbers of us have been saying these things for a long time and seeking to live in some fashion outside of it for much longer, before the internet gave us a platform for speech. Most of us had no platform or only a small stage, because we were denied a medium for expression. That’s all changed somewhat now but limitations remain. The reason for that is that most people still do not want to hear what needs to be said and continue to believe that the world that whips their asses from dawn to dusk is giving them the real deal, while it buggers them senseless. What it’s going to take and how long it’s going to take is a continuing mystery and on it goes.

The bottom line is that a small group of scoundrels, for whom no crime is out of bounds, have taken control over every facet of public life, including the religions, where mind numbing nonsense, in support of the same interests of the same small group, comes to the same result. The tide slowly turns, to what end we have yet to see. Surely much greater transformations, upheavals and transitions wait ahead.

My heart goes out to everyone caught incarnate in these unpredictable times. We can only hope that the forces of evil, discussed in this post, will do what they always do and destroy themselves, whether they accomplish it by their own hands or whether it is carried out by the reactions of another force. Whatever I can do to assist in that is on call throughout the duration. I’m confident of a positive outcome, regardless of what dark roads must be traveled to that end. May providence reward our initiative and endurance.

End Transmission.......

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tmcfall said...

"Of course, that statement is anti-Semitic due to its being true."
classic, I'll be using that if you don't mind, of course i will reference the author.

Thanks for making my day yet again
Tom in Tempe Arizona

siamsiam said...

If I could be so bold as to simply say - Les Visible speaks for the majority of those attending these blogs.
His gift of words gives us a voice and hope. He is the great plagiarizer of our thoughts. We are thankful.

siamsiam said...

PS I spoke with a Jewish gentleman today. He was having a coffee with a lady i know that has recently lost her husband. . Anyhow, he quickly introduced himself as being jewish and gay, adding without any prompting, that "I don't agree with what we are doing in Palestine - but i have to support it, because i am jewish".

I told him i was English and i didn't use the chocolate escalator and that I don't agree with what we are doing in Afghanistan, Iraq. Libya, etc etc. and therefor I actively condemn our actions.

Was i being anti semetic?

amarynth said...

This made me really laugh this morning. AIG is now going to sell 'Reputation Insurance' to those that call themselves Powers, Principalities and Rulers of the world. You all probably saw in the media that they're also buying police forces .. all for themselves.
Methinks they're getting just a tad worried eh.

The Nameless War said...

"One can only stand apart in awe, trying to imagine how much it will take to wake them up."

But that's it - they won't wake up.

The Nameless War by Archibald Maule Ramsay makes that clear, particularly the first three chapters dealing with "their" British Revolution, French Revolution and Russian Revolution. All those people were faced with the same hidden enemy we are today, yet they did not wake up and were duly slaughtered in their tens of millions.

Nothing much has changed since those days, other than we now have nations full of hundreds of millions of telezombies, marking time till they become cannon fodder (again).

The Nameless War is available at a number of websites as .pdf file. It is an education into our near future.

Although, it may make depressing reading when you consider that the brain dead masses have no hope, and most likely those few who have awoken will be among the first against the wall, just like in Britain, France and Russia...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les for speaking freely. Such speech isn't free these days, as many know.

It drags on the mind and heart to watch this drama unfold. I can only fall back to confidence that the divine is in control and that it will all work out for the best. The best is freedom for those of us who are imprisoned in this mess.

Today, I renounce my allegiance to this nation my forefathers founded. I proclaim my freedom as they once did.

May the beasts remain in death and hell where the only harm they can do is to themselves. Let them reap the fruits of their creation. Let us not be bitter nor envious of what they have gained for it is death itself.

On the flip side, bless all those who stand tall in the face of an enemy that appears larger than life itself. I salute them for what they are becoming.


katz said...

I forgot about the UN and Palestine, in the heat of this OWS march. Thank you for reminding me.

I do get the feeling that this is exactly what was planned, except that all of a sudden, people are noticing their lack of jobs, homes, etc. But, then again, when all that was stolen, it would be obvious that people would riot or "demonstrate".

What good do demonstrations do? I've been to a lot of them. They corral you into a gate that you can't climb out of easily. It's just tall enough and built to contain humans.

Then, everyone goes out to eat, and then goes home, and business as usual.

I love the idea of visiting the CEO's and specific individuals who need to be arrested, tried and given the maximum penalty. The “Millionaire’s March” began this past Tuesday at 12:30 PM on the corner of 59th Street and Fifth Avenue. NYC.
Organizers plan a march starting on Tuesday that will visit the homes of JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, billionaire David Koch, hedge fund honcho John Paulson, Howard Milstein, and News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch.

In China, anyone who causes a food poisoning can get the death penalty. CEOs should be liable for the actions of the corporation they sit in leadership position with.

George Soros didn't figure that his group moveon would be called out so fast.

The zucherberg at FB is busy editing posts by taking down the titles of the videos and the youtube teasers that are supposed to be on the newsfeed.

So, maybe this Atlanta-style zombie conditioning won't work out for the boy(George Soros owns

The Emperor has no clothes!

Anonymous said...

Well, well, it seems like those Iranians are just asking to be attacked, if the headlines in my local newspaper this morning are to be believed. I wonder how long this angle will be flogged by the ziomedia.

I suppose the OWS is making the Saudis nervous as well. OWS just might inspire the Saudi Shiites, who have always been third class citizens in their own country and who consitute a majority of the population in the oil-producing regions of Saudi Arabia. Easy for the Sunni Saudi Royals to blame the influence of Iran, which is a Shia-majority country.

Once again-- war is a business enterprise. Wars are fought over wealth and the control of that wealth. Always were, always will be. All other rationales are window dressing for the gullible and the stupid.

Erik said...

Hmmm Vis,

Synchronicity? Not knowing what you wrote in your post today (Jeez, you're productive these days, it's hard to keep up (grin)

I wrote this on the Community:

Sh*t ... sometimes i wonder why i 'signed up' for this transition time ... please let the marvels begin soon (in earnest)

... truely fed up with witnessing this world going "to hell in a hand-basket"; no matter if it "fits the Play or not ..."

So thanks for your very kind offer, my dear (in)Visible friend ...


Tom Lowe said...

'The Nameless War' is a depressing herald of hopelessness that I can definitely do without.

I hear the same yammering on a weekly basis from people who allowed the bad guys to convince them that all is hopeless, and Nameless War is trying to reinforce that stupid idea right here.

Nameless War, after your first strike against the criminals, please report back to us on what you accomplished on your mission.

And since you have thrown down the gauntlet so well here, if you now do nothing, then you are naught but a sheeple, Nameless War.

Now prepare to realize that in your cowardice and full intent to do nothing but come in here and yammer away, you are naught but a garden variety sheeple, Nameless War.

Nameless War is a sheeple. Ba-a-a-a-!

Richard said...

Again much gratitude arises spontaneously from your oratory, befit of a time in the democratic greece, around the Xerxes wars. methinks.

While much of what you say resonates in many articles, today I do take umbrage at the concept of ' soul-less ' being applied to these creatures. The soul of these is a vehicle, robbed by the robber barons, so in a way they consider it theirs, as the original owners of these vehicles sold them off, under the influence of the various chemical and manipulated information influences that are so accurately described by the ever more Visible.

In my original tongue , there are those who would be described as the ' gadni duh ', or in Spanish ' alma de alimaña', both refer to souls of an insectoid nature, that is those devoid of compassion and having a basic parasitic nature.

May the Rose Garden of the Heart be always in Bloom, fed by the morning Dew.

Woof woof from the Dog Nation, Shiva / Shakti tango is on.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

amarynth said... "AIG is now going to sell 'Reputation Insurance' to those that call themselves Powers, Principalities and Rulers of the world."

AIG is famously a CIA company. Just Google "AIG CIA."

Anonymous said...

Of the banking, energy, military industrial, food n'drug, and media stranglehold, the propaganda mechanisms reign supreme.

Chayefsky's 'Network', Carpenter's 'They Live', and Zappa's 'The Slime'.

Nuff said.

David said...

I would like to say that up until the internet and now cell phones and social networks the TPTB might have had a chance to enslave all of us, it's now impossible. Have you see all the electronics at Zuccotti Park? they can even generate private cell phone to cell phone calls without using public services! They may look like hippies but these guys are educated and technologizied if there is such a word and they are causing discussions on all sorts of questions the lame stream media loath to cover. I happen to be in the area the first week of the protest and my intuition immediately told me this was the real deal. When you looked into the faces of the individuals you could see the light emanating from within. This is not your ordinary phenomenon, there is some deeply spiritual energy forming around this. Humanity on this planet maybe evolving just fast enough to ward off the great tragic future that's headed our way if we don't wake up.

Perry L said...

About the book "The Nameless War"...Archibald Maul Ramsay SHOULD have included "the American Revolution" in the book but didn't because OBVIOUSLY if he had in 1952 the book would have been "ridiculed" into oblivion by 99.999% of the "historians" and sheeple of the day.

In FACT Mr. Ramsay SHOULD have included the entire "America" project in the book considering that the "Mayflower" expedition was launched the same year as "the British Revolution" (1620) and FINANCED by the same "people" in Amsterdam.

LOOK at a WORLD MAP (Mercator projection) and tell ME if you were going to launch a concerted effort to literally "take over the world" where would you do it from? The Eurasian Continent? Africa which is also connected to Eurasia? Or how about an "Island" removed from the area where the bulk of the land mass is? You know a place like North "America"? THINK about it...

Anonymous said...

got to respect that guy!

Perry L said...

So "What are you going to do about it?"? NOTHING because NEWS FLASH kids..."they" are at the very end of a "project" they (and Ole' Scratch) have been working continuously for around 2500 YEARS and YES the "project" will end in utter and complete failure.

The INSTRUCTIONS for "doing something" about it were given by Jesus Christ in the Temple of Jerusalem when he made a "cat o' nine tails" and whipped the USURERS out of the Temple thus denying them "their" most powerful tool for Power Consolidation (it AIN'T about "money"). Had the human race followed and stuck with that instruction of Christ there would have NEVER been a "Bank of England" or a "Federal Reserve".

650 Years later Mohammad gave the EXACT SAME INSTRUCTIONS about USURY (it is even still in the Qur'an in plain bold text) at the time "they" were really getting things ramped up by "partnering" with a ruthless "Tribe" that had ruled Central Asia throughout the Greek and Roman "Empires"..."GOG and MAGOG" is the "tribes" REAL NAME and many today call them "Khazar"...

But hey let's throw the baby out with the bath water and the tub because "religion has been used to control the masses throughout history"...brilliant plan there. Fighting the Jew World Order with Atheism is fighting fire with gasoline...REALLY (take it from one who has been fighting this "fire" for decades and sprayed gasoline on it for a long time!!!)

So "WHAT TO DO?"...Get the hell out of the way of the storm they ARE going to bring to every corner of the planet (but NOT every square mile!!!) and wait for it to "blow over" and take "them" with it...

Robin Redbreast said...

Another great and truthfull post Les.
This poem keeps running through my head - so felt I should post it. Sorry it it appears off subject.
Death of what -am not sure:

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there;
I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft starlight at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there; I did not die.
Author: Mary Frye (1932).

Anonymous said...

I see a lot of homophobia on facebook!

sharon said...

The quote below tells you everything you need to know in terms of the problem and the solution. It was stated by a former president of the Bank of England in the 1920's, Sir Josiah Stamp (he was the 2nd richest man in England at the time):-

"Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin.
The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them,
but leave them the power to create deposits,
and with the flick of the pen they will
create enough deposits to buy it back again.

However, take it away from them, and
all the great fortunes like mine
will disappear and they ought to disappear, for
this would be a happier and better world to live in.
But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers
and pay the cost of your own slavery,
let them continue to create deposits."

Anonymous said...

dont know if anyone saw that vid with the child screaming in pain with his face mutilated on mr ickes site,shocking shocking horrible evil stuff,....
it would be good to get people in every hospital where illegal wars are being fought,to film every victim and somehow get it over the internet in as short a time as possible......
also if the military could do the same for all of their mutilated victims.....
one picture is like a thousand words,so someone said once,I forget who though......

respects neil

Anonymous said...

est,thanks for that beautiful book that came today,,,,have only flicked through it a bit,but thats some deep deep thinking upgraded beautiful stuff,could be a zen manual on the higher tempests or maybe a butterfly written into words or something....

one love....neil

Anonymous said...

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.

May the one true God bless and keep all those marching and participating in sit ins against TPTW.

Keep in mind we are in a 3 D classroom. Some of us will soon graduate to 5D, most are destined to repeat 3D.

Anonymous said...

This could be making TPTW nervous.
Let it be. Peace from, Minnesota

Anonymous said...

like swine into the slaughterhouse
to the place where empires fall
the synagogue of satan
lost its tongue its eyes its rule
the people tired of psychopaths
the chains around their feet
of worthlessness and disfunction
the devils tools to lead the sheep
all that genoside and mutilation
of all the cultures that it stole
all those dismembered children
pure innocense left dead and cold
the dreams of man maybe different
I know perfection guides us all
but the synagogue of satan
its perverted dreams now fall


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

We are so dumbed down here in North America that its taken us to fall, to have our spring.

Susan said...

simply "thank you" for your wisdom and words. My best birthday gift today.

European American said...

Hear, hear, V

Truth alone Triumphs... eventually

Anonymous said...

Les, as soon as I saw the 'news alert' and Eric Holders face, I could not wait for your words on the subject and here they are.
When oh when are folks going to wake up? How can so many be blinded for so long?
Praying that all things are in Divine Order is my only consolation. Then again sometimes me thinks we are F^%$#&

The Nameless War said...

Gee "Tom Lowe" that's a rather strong reaction against the book The Nameless War. And you even had some ad hominems for me! Don't want anyone reading it, "Tom"? Names too many inconvenient names, "Tom"? Too clearly reveals the template for what they are now doing to us, "Tom"?

Here's one link to the book in .pdf format for those not interested in "Tom's" book suppression ideas...

Cheerio, "Tom". (Good luck with the book burning.)

cosmic alignment said...

There are at least three owls in the forest by our little stream, we call it schitz creek and luckily we live downstream. At night the owls have a call and response across the stream. Here is what they have to say about current events-The female owl: Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. The male owl (in deep voice): hoo-hoo.

Anonymous said...

pierre said....

@ david 6:04:00 PM
"they can even generate private cell phone to cell phone calls without using public services!"

cool as! Iv been dreaming about that sort of thing for ages. that done with modern phones, you can network them for data and make a true internet. I also hope they can mod the chips to thwart tracking and hacking, by the governments of course. any links to that appreciated by me.
and then... pirate micro satellites launched with electronic gun catapaults, freedom drones, quantum cohesion communications, still, careful what you wish for, Terminator 2. an interesting idea, technological change becomes so rapid, as per Toffler's Future Shock, that power goes away from the enablers (industrial complexes, IBM) to the users (programmers, networkers).


wv: anscepte. a dyslexic's antiseptic yielded against Zio-Bugs. but, hey, if it wokrs.

Caltus86 said...

Thank you very much Les for another vital piece, also thanks to all the contributors and readers who make this a sacred place to visit. Les, you give hope to the depressed and provides a guiding light for the doers and the seekers of change for the good.
Peace, love and Blessings

JJane said...

You are a gifted orator, and man among men. muchas gracias, Amigo!

Anonymous said...

Vis, you got it right back in early August:

Anonymous said...

Brother Vis and Easy E,

They may never let one wo/man defeat them. But, one son SLAYED them and in so doing fulfilled the promises for today.

They circle the wagons with the precision of F Troop. It would be funny accept for all the shit they run over playing their parts. We may only be seeing a Custer moment in time but it's great to see the look on some of their faces now and it's about damn time. It reminded me of a story about a painting that an eccentric millionaire from around Amarillo, TX had commissioned concerning Custer's last stand and final words with Major Reno. His desire was to have something completely original that would be a conversation piece for after dinner when parties where thrown for the shakers in cow and crude town. I will try and paint it for you in words and then provide the artist's interpretation.

The canvas was painted to resemble the hard blue hue of that summer day with a glorious sun in the left corner. Perched high above the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho encampment was a circle of smoke that resembled a halo. Just beneath the ring of smoke, but above the community was a masculine eye with a hand sheathed in a 7th Calvary leather glove, providing shade from the intensity of the aubade. The tribes were nestled in a lush prairie valley with tepee's like the stars in the heavens. The tiny flecks of cooking fires connected to the ring of smoke with tendrils of angels. Inside the camp the men and women of the 3 tribes were passionately making love everywhere.

The story goes that when the artisan unveiled the masterpiece the buyer was struck dumb for approximately 30 seconds. Upon regaining his composure he scrutinized the painting once again and scowled at the brush-smith and bellowed, “What the hell kinda porno did you paint me?” Now, the artist had been beaming at the painting with a big shit-eating-grin and was unaware until the outburst. The painter with poise and purpose quipped, “What?” “You asked for an original conversation piece and there it is!” The buyer through gritted teeth asked the master to explain how this had anything to do with Custer's last stand and final words. The craftsmen said in an angry retort, “Are you blind?” “Has your wealth made you an imbecile?” “It's clear as the day it occurred.” That my dear benefactor is Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer stating plainly to Major Reno, “Holy smoke!” “Look at all those fucking Americans!”

Love'em all and let God sort it out {c;)



hipgnotist said...

This is a link to a rather graphic expression of the state of the U.S. economy Les laments in this post:

This is a link to my own bit of commentary on the "Occupiers" currently waking, bleary-eyed, and some detractors in Colorado Springs, CO. If you poke around the story bear in mind that most of the mainstream coverage of these events has been unfiltered bulls**t, of course. Oddly, Fox's crew of anarcho-looking broke-dicks rendered the the most fair and balanced coverage, while our local "progressive" free rag was snarky and hostile:

Anonymous said...

and in a moment of desperation
watching dreams fade away
the house of fallen swine
evil collapsed in disaray
its hellbent dreams extinguished
all its fortune had been lost
the lies just wouldnt work
left scratching in the dust
all the people came united
undivided stood as one
each an individual
dreaming sky and earth and sun
guided by the thoughts
of their is a better way
and if all walk together
things stir and turn and change


est said...

there are
two things

you got to be
able to do in life

one is to say
i'm sorry

the other to say
i'm wrong

i'll let you know
if i am and when

est said...

i think most of us know
that no amount of protestation

is going to change a thing
the only thing that will change

is the awareness of the people
our will is being usurped

and unless we claim it now
it may be gone forever

est said...

will - noun

the will to succeed - determination, willpower, strength of character, resolution, resolve, resoluteness, single-mindedness, purposefulness, drive, commitment, dedication, doggedness, tenacity, tenaciousness, staying power.

'case you were wondering

Zebedee said...

......"The reason for that is that most people still do not want to hear what needs to be said and continue to believe that the world that whips their asses from dawn to dusk is giving them the real deal, while it buggers them senseless".....

This is priceless Les. Awesome words.

It's always encouraging to watch the 'counter' to see who is where and what.

5 Australians when I blogged in. I'm not the only one here in Oz reading. Very comforting indeed!

Thanks Les.

Anonymous said...

freedom spoke on wind and flower
flying birds of blooming shower
sweeping feilds of rising flow
mighty river full and whole
on and up and far within
humming sky and earth and spring
multiplying colors flight
rush and streak in vibrant light
rising inwards upwards on
gazing sunshine piercing long
within above and on and out
east and west and north and south
earth and sky rising wonder
climbing notes reaching under
brushing sense of gliding feathers
depth of earth touching heavens


Anonymous said...

spoke in butterflys
on colorful planes
green tipped feilds
of ancient lanes
in open sunlight
birds and flowers
swarms of bees
rainbow showers
of essence oceans
touch and cry
deep deep hearted
earth and sky
humming mountains
tips of wind
and blew the truth
the glow within


Anonymous said...

autumn star tips
harmony waves
blew the winds
vibrant blaze
on willow sticks
and oak and honey
wrote in freedom
bright and sunny
dynamic hearted
tip of ground
charging tigers
clap of sound
pounding river
rolling forth
deep within
atuning course


Mr.A.Mouser said...

Thank you Visible for your fine words.

All the very best to you and all who read here.


P.S. Fence buildning still in Strängnäs.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

One often hears the statement that "protest rallies don't accomplish anything." This statement often comes from people who are simply too lazy, unmotivated, or cynical to attend a protest rally.

I assert that there's nothing quite like a physical "show of force" -- assembling in a public place and doing whatever it takes to get noticed. Rallies are great for networking -- getting to meet other people that feel the same way that you do about an issue. You show each other that you are not alone and that you are ready and willing to show up somewhere together and state your opinions publicly. Rallies are morale builders and information-sharing and networking opportunities for the protesters.

I went to my first anti-War protest in 1966, when I was 15 years old, and I have since then attended scores of protests. I was at the Occupy Portland rally on October 6th, and, contrary to what the nay-sayers say, I have seldom seen a group of protesters who were better informed or more focused on an agenda. Their explicit grievances and goals were stated repeatedly on protest signs, in their chants, and in their comments to each other and to the media interviewers.

I brought my big red-letter "Al Qaeda is CIA" sign to the Occupy Portland rally and march, and I have never before recieved so many thumbs-ups and compliments for that sign. Many people told me that it was the best sign at the rally -- which proves that the Occupy crowd understands the trickery of our Elitist Enemy. It's true that bubbles can form and bubbles can burst -- but that's always what happens when water starts to boil.

Robin Redbreast said...

I became disillusioned with organised religion at the age of about 10 years old (I saw the hyopcrisy and judgemental views of many around me in sunday school and the churches we belonged to.

How ever over the years - in my darkest hours and also my brightest days I have found great comfort in the Lord's prayer.

I hope this doesn't bug anyone but I feel I need to post the version I know:

Our Father who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us,
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,
The power,
The glory,
For ever and ever.

I try to be aware of my blessings amongst the madness around and everyday aim to be my best, to have good intentions, and to give what ever is needed at the present moment, to be my best.
Surely that is good enough?

A beautiful full moon tonight.
Blessings to all who arrive here

Anonymous said...

far far beyond
away and above
on circles of instance
a bee and a dove
on the words of a butterfly
sprinting the wind
spinning and weaving
summer to spring
with essence and lotions
of sky and the sun
sweeping through earth
on all love is one
a hum on a river
call of the stars
carved on the gates
with the truth in a heart


Anonymous said...

Neal, your writings are simply beautiful. Thank you.


ChewyBees said...

I too am somewhat sickened, and sick of the ideas of the Moscow murder squads that people like the Nameless War so gleely throws in our grill. Not only is the international situation completely different now, but this nation is so different than any other nation ever has been, geographically, economically, demographically, religiously and politically. Despite the all out effort to the contrary, the fools at the end of the strings are struggling hard with getting the state sponsored everything. It's kinda hard when the only enemies you can claim are on the other side of the globe. Try they will, though.
That said, probably to ease my own ego as much as anything, I must say that if anyone reading this wants change, then it cannot be change a few faces yet the system remains. The whole shallow immediate gratification based on materialism, fiat currency made on a computer scam has to go bye-bye. The fictional authorities of religion, science and government cannot be put on the pedestal they are. Creation of things at the chemical plant then dumping the waste straight onto the earth must come to an end. The disposable society must be disposed of.
If you are interested in reversion back to a constitutional government, or something similar, then every singe Federal statute, code and law must be abolished, as well as every domestic federal agency, as well as the permanent dismantling of the English and Israeli mercenary machine of war.
I think a lot of people want change from their current scareware lives, but how much thought has been put into what that change entails and how far it has to go without just creating another scareware life, only this time worse. Perhaps that is the scenario that The Nameless War is trying to get across, that without the dismantling of organizations at every level in their current form, the whole thing is going to just morph back into the top down pyramid scheme for the joy of soulless murderers.

Anonymous said...

ChewyBees said,
"The disposable society must be disposed of."

Thats what I'm thinking also.

Excellent post Vis.

I Love This Place.


Anonymous said...

sentiment motions
oakbraids and rye
blue flower streams
of lotions inside
bright trailing essences
trinkets of dreams
high moment medicine
sky earth and sea
a glow of the seasons
all love is one
riding on instances
wild river drum
a shake of the rythms
heart of earth deep
weaving the medicines
of where the truth reach


Anonymous said...

Hey Vis-I am with you. If I hear the term anti-semitic one more time I really think my brain is going to explode. But maybe that is what they want. (And jesus christ, it is in spell check to! grrr). Since '75 all I have heard about is the holocaust, the holocaust, the holocaust. And I still hear about it while zionists hypocritically kill innocent Palestinians and innocent civilians on medical ships. It ticks me off zionists expect us to feel sorry for them because of Hitler but they treat the Palestinians the exact same way and they had nothing to do with the holocaust. It seems to me if they really hated Hilter they wouldn't act like him. Now I hear on some radio talk show that all the protestors in NY really hate jews and the same thing happened in Germany and lead "to the concentration camps". Do they ever shut up? I will admit I am confused about Occupy-I hear so many different leans on it. It is leftists doing it, it is Tea Partiers..but all I know is that I agree with most being said from the demonstrators. Wall Street crooks should be in jail. And Wall St, along with the Fed, the big banks, Corporate America and the U.S. government have rendered millions into poverty, joblessness and homelessness. Not to mention all the people who lost millions due to zionist extraordinar Bernie Madoff. I think what is happening with the protests is that there are people there like you and like me, but the leftwing zionists and others are doing what they do online with the gays. Assume bogus roles to influence people's opinions. You know like when someone speaks out against gay adoption and then some homosexual replies to them saying, oh I was adopted by Harry and Dick and I am so happy blah, blah. Evil people played deceptive games long before the internet so it is no surprise all the lying that goes on every day. All I know is that I want change. Serious change and the dark ones in this world controlled once and for all. Many christians I think are just sitting around waiting for jesus to come fix this, hence the lack of active revolt, but I wonder sometimes if what was written about him is just another zionist tool. If he did exist and was who he said, maybe they wrote he said he was coming back just so christians wouldn't fight back. They manage to get their dirty hands on everything, the zionists and I wouldn't be surprised if that includes the new testament. Who knows. Nevertheless, we need to fight by bringing back capital punishment to those who worship horned deities. They are worthless and have no purpose here. There will be no peace with them here. I believe in legal public execution for them just like was done to horse thieves. Or least life in prison. No one has a right to hurt innocent people in any way. Or stand on a balcony and toast champagne to those they destroyed.

Jo said...

Secretary Salazar; throw out Shell’s outdated oil response plan and stop Shell before it’s too late for the Arctic Refuge and its vulnerable wildlife. In fact, why don't you shift your focus and attention into "Free Energy" because we all know it exists and has for a while--think Tesla. Check your conscience...into your very soul and ask yourself if worshiping Manna over the sanctity of human and animal life and to work to actively destroy that earthly beauty is ultimately worth it. Especially when you know there is a better, kinder more humble way to walk on this blue green ball spinning around a glorious star--our the Milky Way. So why try so hard to accumulate material things? That's just ego grasping...everything you compromise your principals on aren't more than fluff in the Grand Scheme of Things...are you grokking my message? No matter how much stuff you day your hearse will be rolling down the road but it won't be pulling a u-haul. Get your priorities can always switch sides to be one of the good guys. Grow some real balls and please change your position on this urgent issue. Don't drill. Instead imagine humanity coming together in communion, honoring and respecting the sovereignty of each individual soul yet embracing the greater body politic of this planet. Let's all grow up now and seek/establish a better response to conflict and our need for sustainable energy and STOP THE WARS and FEED THE PEOPLE!!! Brothers and sisters together....parents, elders, our children...time for the insanity, greed, debauchery and evil to get out of Dodge. Repent now for the Divine Hammer is Coming Down. Get your house in order and get off the razors edge fence---do the right thing!!!

Thank you for your consideration.

Regards~jo mama Aho Mitakuye Oyasin~All My Relations

That was the letter I just felt compelled to write to Mr. Ken Salazar...kinda went overboard a bit but I was feelin it. Can I get an Aho? I won't ask for an Amen because it just doesn't sit offense to anyone.

I am fed by this sacred well by all of you, and I have a hard time putting in my 2 cents most of the time because you all cover it so well and say what I want to say better than I ever could----wow, how cool is that?
But especially tonight I'd like to thank Neil for his beautiful poetry. To all I send blessings, regards, and kudos for adding your thoughts, humor, and insight to this amazing. inspiring, comforting stone soup that is the sphere of Visible Blogs---Les...I think I luv ya most of all ;)
Keep on Keepin on Y'all

Anonymous said...

thanks people....neil

Anonymous said...

There are no poems, no fancy word play, no rhymes that will accomplish what just laying it on the line will do. The time for pretty arrangement of colorful and seldom used words are over. Les Visible is a master at any aspect of word wizardry, and that includes just putting out the bold and ugly shortest distance between two words, Truth. Once again, Thank you Visible. You burn many hours of your life delivering the goods. You can make us angry, you can make us cry, you can make us aware, you can make us see. All in the confines of just one paragraph. You're a good man and we all appreciate your sacrifice and your love of doing what you do.

Anonymous said...

@cosmic alignment:

I totally get ya. Hoo Hoooo

Peter said...

Off the Wall reaction of clown Ben Stein to Occupy Wall Streeters. Arrogant and stupid and like Limbaugh tone deaf.

European American said...

I never would have thought Gaddafi would become my hero. Anyone who stands up against THEM, now has that status, IMHO. Sorry to see his departure and sorry to see the great nation of Libya methodically dismantled.

Get ready America.



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