Friday, July 27, 2012

Cannibal Feastings on the Imaginary Lake

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

You can can blame it on a general trend toward brutishness. You can blame it on some secret, official, policy of general intimidation as a precursor to a generalized practice and performance of outrage upon humanity. In order for the complete and total corporate control of the populations to take place it is necessary for the population to be put into a state of acquiescence for all sort of horrible actions as a matter of routine. You can blame it on any number of things but I blame it on a rising pandemic of insanity.

The business of Shallow Graves goes on because there are some number of characters out there like this. He's one of the waiters at the 'all you can eat' Kali Yuga Buffet Diner. Since everyone is helping themselves, Kali Yuga again, the waiters have more free time that they ought to, so they can scan the crowd for their own idea of 'all you can eat'. One of the things I remember Guru Bawa saying, was that the emergence of cannibalism was a sign of the end of the culture. I'm paraphrasing but, no harm done to his point. In yet other words... be aware of where you are and the critical implications of the moment; all of these moments strung like Rosary Beads around the neck of the planetary puppeteer. This is not Houston and I don't have a problem. There are no problems. There are only conditions and the way deeper into their complexity and the way out of the relationship and there are any number of ways and means, Some of those are brutal too and some of them are effortless, depending on where you think energy comes from in the first place. I know it gets translated into all kinds of channels and holding tanks but... where did it come from before it got there? How come we can't bottle the lightning for use?

The Lord of Insufflation has granted me a visitation, so we'll be going in and out of things, in ways similar to going out of tune musically. It's not a rare event. It's nicht selten Auftreten for me to hear from a reader that they don't understand, or get what I am saying, or that they don't always agree with me. As for the latter, well, the size of the output needs to be considered (size matters-grin) in that case and as for the former... there are relative levels of apprehension and understanding that are what they are, to the particular degree that the material world interferes with the comprehension of the transmission and it's contents ...and... it should be kept in mind that the same applies to me in reversorama ordnung. There are all kinds of language assistive locations and helpmates that you can employ as we go. By way of explanation, I'm not a quick study, given the complexities of MPD. It can be like not knowing the differences between an anagram and an acronym. Meanwhile, I'm watching Love Actually, while I am writing this. I am probably watching it because it has such an abundance of some of my favorite actors. I've never seen a bad film with Bill Nighy in it. He reminds me of myself when my pretensions are authentic. And the film reminds me of my life in certain places; the possibilities, the occurrences and the absences. Life... life. It's about finding out things about yourself.

The whole point of the operation of life is finding things out about ourselves. I had to dance with a certain amount of ladies to tumble to what my love was really in search of. I remember reading H. Rider Haggard's, “She” when I was a young boy. I remember the explosion of love in my heart in a 7th grade classroom in Paris, France. I remember all kinds of things and also exemplify all kinds of things so... take what you find to be useful and discard what is not. This is just as you are supposed to do anywhere and everywhere and what happens here is directly relative to the degree of resonance you experience. No resonance? No problem. No need to be here.

How people can negotiate around the truth; go through such convoluted and cantilevered contortions to manage doing that, is something that blows my mind each and every day. How do they sidestep what is irrefutable and just go their, less than merry way? How do they do it? How do they make all these deals and compromises with their conscience? How do they build these vast websites that purport to tell you the truth when they know they are lying? How do they tell part of the truth and then bring out the men in black t-shirts with the big mouth shovels to load up the horseshit. How do investigative journalists allow themselves to be called that when they walk right around enormous and monstrous lies that are venerated and worshiped as actualities that either never happened or didn't happen the way they all lockstep say it happened. They have built mausoleums and museums and churches to provably, flat out fucking lies.

You see these venerated newscasters, these august eminences go on TV and give you the news that the corporations manufactured for you to believe in. You go on the internet and you listen to people who present themselves as truthtellers who lie to your face. You know there's something off with all this shit from Anderson Cooper to Robert Fisk. You know Alex Jones works for the people he bullhorns you into believing he opposes. There is a slim and slender cadre of people who put it out on the table for you to see and they are marginalized; slandered, setup in phony crime scenes, imprisoned, murdered or otherwise by whatever the laws of Karma allow in each case.

Let us look at the world as a kind of imaginary lake. Let us keep in mind the swan that can suck only the milk from a mixture of milk and water. Let us imagine that this lake has variable degrees of toxicity and purity. Invisible barriers keep one degree of water from touching another. Think of it like a honeycomb, or some carrousel like device (weird, I thought I was riding a Harley just a moment ago and somehow the keyboard was the handlebars. It was a little freaky. I'm not a bike rider most of the time. I'm a walker). Yes, we do closed cap-shuns here. People imbibe what they develop a taste for. Therein lies the cornucopia of gold for the corporations. Corporations study people's tastes for... any and everything in conjunction with their primary concern. Oh, let's not be shy. They now manufacture products to alter and adjust the tastes (buds) of every dimension, for the consumer. The ideal corporate life form, is one that will work with relentless industry under the most cost effective circumstances and either die off when its usefulness is gone, or continue to contribute by carefully measured degrees of effectiveness until the time comes for it to be chop-shopped and then recycled into any number of useful industries. Certainly fertilizer is a consideration and ye hermeticists and alchemists, pay thee attention to the feature of fertilizer's use in the construction of explosives. I'm not going to make mention of constructing something and sticking it up your ass because Youtube has plenty videos of Darwin Award candidates in action. I'm simply talking about paying attention and hopefully alleviating you of some of your unnecessary baggage, acquired according to where you are in this imaginary lake of the moment.

What you perceive and what you are aware of; what you are willing to perceive and willing to be aware of, is determined by where you are on this imaginary lake. Are you on a big yacht? Your waters are more toxic and your filtration systems more complex. Now it is probably time to talk about the living waters of the truth. You see, the truth confers immortality upon it's rider. If you carry the truth, you are a horse. If you carry shit, if you carry lies, you carry your own darkness. If you skirt around the truth, the truth will put a skirt on you and make you it's bitch, by example of what it is not. If you walk around the smoldering lies, awaiting their date of combustion, you have a date with fire of some degree, determined by the quality of the water you are drinking from the imaginary lake.

My friends, it puzzles the living fuck out of me how people make arrangements within themselves to compromise their integrity by kowtowing and genuflecting to the ruling elite shitmeisters, who are, less than favorably over-represented by a certain Tribe but... among whose members are the literal scum of the Earth; metaphorically speaking AND keeping in mind that the killer kind are not exclusively any particular tribe because there are forms of conversion and circumcision available at all times; trading rings, connubial engagements, flashing wads of dollars on blankets, near the stage. Yeah, you're in the game. I actually saw this at the 20th Anniversary of Woodstock, where I performed, before Ritchie Havens went on and seeing that a massive fight had broken out in the middle of the crowd, I put down my guitar and did an accapela of my song, Alcohol. As soon as I wailed out 'alcohol', the fight stopped. When I was done, I just walked offstage and I saw a congregation of about a dozen guys, kneeling around a blanket and showing their cash. There didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. It was some kind of 'my dicks bigger than your dick thing, only it was about money and money doesn't get me hard, maybe because I am not concerned about how impressive my dick is, or maybe because I am an impressive dick and yeah, they were all genus simularius. Anyway, I just walked away. All through the night you could hear someone yelling, 'alcohol'.

I personally went into the woods and took down about twenty pine trees around 30 feet in length and worked with this guy Luke, who had a tarp, something like 80 feet by 40 feet, to put up a canopy above us. This was a few days before I performed. One night I had to drive however many winding miles back to my place in Woodstock, cause Woodstock isn't Woodstock. The town and the festival are different places. I came back and a storm had hit and brought down half of the canopy and part of that crushed part of the support structure of my tent beneath it and everybody was standing around in my ten by ten, half collapsed tent during a downpour swilling beer. I freaked a bit and sent everyone on their way. A few hours later everything was repaired again. The moral of the story is that some people just talk a whole lot of shit and some people get things done. Some portion of us, it seems, carries another portion of us on our backs. The super rich like to make that claim with their trickle down golden shower; way I see it, something else is carrying every one of us, somewhere, according to some intention and design.

Yes Love Actually is filled with impossible scenarios and it gets too cute on occasion but actual Love is also filled with impossible (seeming) scenarios, I don't know if real love is too cute all I know is that it exists and can be possessed by human beings, or rather, human beings can be possessed by it but there's a disclaimer, non performance caveat, in the contract of real love and that is that real love will not dwell where the truth does not abide; something to think about.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Prince Among the Living and a King Among the Dead

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

We're not going to spend any amount of time on the Colorado shooting. Obviously it was a government op, as were all of the others. Every one of them had a companion military or police drill similar to what happened taking place at the same time. As usual there are companion efforts going on that may or may not be relevant. Why someone would wire up their apartment and then inform the authorities it was wired is also weird but the whole thing is weirder than the guy's hair. Since Israel runs all of the American terror operations, the same way it runs American foreign and domestic policy; “I'm a patriotic American, proud to be Israel's bitch”. People should no longer stand when The Star Spangled Banner plays. They should bend over. It's more in tune with how it is.

We've mentioned here, in times past, how there were going to be a whole lot of tragic-comic events proliferating with increased frequency. Well, you'd be hard pressed to top Tony Robbin's latest. Dumb-asses! What's the point? It's only meaningful if you can stand there and not get burned. Hopping across the coals like The Easter Bunny on meth does not convey to me the trust and self confidence these new age airheads tout it for. It's like those people with Transcendental Meditation a few years ago and recently, as far as I know, who would bounce in the lotus position on their whoopee meditation cushions and convince themselves they were levitating. This is no knock on TM. It's a legitimate meditation medium.

I find this a little disheartening but, then again, Putin is a man of many parts and I have long believed that he is playing dodge and stall; a waiting game, because the chewing gum and Elmer's Glue being used to hold the American financial system together, has to give way anytime between now and when it happens. The idea is to stand back and wait for it to self destruct. As soon as the Israeli vultures have picked the bones clean, they'll call in their golems and ogres to suck the marrow from the bones. To get some perspective on what degree the children of Satan exercise their temporary control over world affairs, you have only to read this. Here's a little more speculation and info.

You can almost hear the clock ticking the way they sometimes do when you can't sleep and the house is still. We are talking about the certifiably and pathologically insane. They want Iran and one way or another, they'll 'probably' get their war. I tend to believe that Iran already has nuclear weapons. They don't want to use them but they will. Any student of the Iraq/Iran conflict of a few decades ago knows how committed and unified the Iranians are. If they suspect they are going down, they will do everything to take it down with them. Toward the end of that war there were rats who weighed as much as 26 pounds, due to the amount of corpses there were to feed on.

The most amazing thing about the whole process of these times is the utter and abject stupidity of the mass of the population. I have wondered at length about this. I have wondered about whether it was the result of some kind of programming? Is it the result of certain broadcasting devices? I've finally come to the most logical, for me, conclusion and that is they were 'born that way' (grin). It is my considered opinion this is a matter of reincarnation. If you have studied reincarnation, in 'the way' that I have, you might come to similar conclusions. One of the things I do is observe generational change. That isn't some mystery science. All sorts of sociologists and pop psych bubble heads have expounded on these things; Generation X, Generation Y, slackers and so forth. They're good with terms and empty pontifications about the superficial side of things. Depth of any sort escapes them because there are things in the depths that challenge your ideas about life and about yourself. The result of one actually studying what lies beneath, is that their values and beliefs are threatened with change and change, which is the cornerstone of immortality, is the one thing the majority of people object to the most. They don't like change and that's a problem because change is the eternal constant.

The majority of people are slaves to materialism and materialism breeds fear; insecurity, uncertainty, greed, indifference to others and a host of unfortunate qualities that no truly sane person would encourage in themselves. This is where fat and complacent comes from. This is all due to appetite becoming preeminent over reason. I mean fat metaphorically. There are various body styles and sometimes there's nothing you can do about it. I've met fat men who are like ballerinas on their feet and who are quick and alert and generally good company as well. People sometimes get ideas about me here, concerning weight and sexual preference, when I am at incredible pains to explicate with precision, exactly why I come to the positions that I do. I'm past worrying about it now. People get it or they don't.

It is no accident that almost seven billion people are here. For those of us who see the whole panorama and the underbelly too, we do not separate everything into parts but rather see the whole, as if it were intended to be so and then we seek to gain insight into that, through objective observation with intuitive feed, in respect of the whole because, no matter how objective or bright you might be; no matter how well informed, you don't get the totality from sensory input, nor can you fully understand what anything means, unless you have access to an intelligence you don't possess yourself. This is the secret of artistic genius or genius of any kind, where the practical result is useful and enduring. It's also called inspiration. This is also why accessing the well of memory is one of the most important things one can achieve; should they know how to do this because, EVERYTHING is there. There's nothing new. Quite a few things could be said here but we'll defer that to Origami where it belongs.

The point of my bringing up the preceding is that when people rely on their own limited resources and when they reference material culture for the answers to problems that are the result of material culture in the first place, they're just chasing their vestigial tail. It's a vicious cycle and it explains the incredible denial on the part of all the self important people, whose heads are stuffed with useless information, whose only value is in being able to endlessly spout it, in the company of people who are also only paying attention to the sound of their own voices; empty rooms and empty heads filled with conversational Mylar that bounces off the ceiling, noxious brain farts that improve no one.

People are stuffed with self importance, the same way they get stuffed with holiday food and both of these cause them to bloat and fall asleep. Why do people get so drowsy after some of these meals? It's because of the reaction of their system to the digestion of a large amount of meat and attendant fare. That's where the red rimmed eyes from the inside come from. Toss a lot of alcohol on top of that and what have you got? You got the same thing you get when you eat all that bad information and engage the brain in tedious amusements. You get tired and stupid. Eventually your motivations become pedestrian and you are no longer capable of reaching into the higher register, or even inspired to. Everything of value becomes a threat to your survival in make believe zombie land. You are incapable of becoming a prince among the living and a king among the dead. You become the wall against your own freedom and mortality your constant companion. You gain nothing of value here and that is the currency you take with you into the lands beyond.

Wisdom demands that you acquire and accrue the coin of invisible realms, that you familiarize yourself with the landscape ahead of time but... the pressing demands of the temporary dominate the heart and mind, until the heart goes fallow and the mind heads on rails into senility. Senility is called The Second Childhood. It's what you get when you don't get regenerated innocence, which is the other option. I believe I have mentioned William Blake a few times. He was considered a serious eccentric in his day and one of the things he used to do, during a certain period, was to answer his door naked. His explanation for that was that he had 'regained the pristine innocence of his youth'.

The density of these times in respect of relative darkness is extreme. Following that, has come the individual isolation tanks of ear-buds and the endless searching and tapping upon cellphones. They are the new rosary. They shut off the mind from self inquiry. All of these things have one purpose and that is to defeat the dynamic of 'know thyself'. All of this is a calculated effect. There are actual forces at work. There are actual intelligences employed in continuous deception and the most powerful result of this influence is Fear, attended by confusion and also rage. Rage is never far off when Fear is around.

There are so many people on the planet right now because of the incredible opportunities that manifest for those who have found a way around the quicksand and the man-eating plants. Most people have forgotten why they came. They will be reminded of that sooner or when it no longer applies.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lights, Smoking Mirrors and Misdirection

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May your noses always be upwind when you eat and downwind when you shit. Don't ask.

It's never the appearance of what is in front of you that is important, it's what's behind the scenes. It's never what the magician appears to be doing, it's what he's actually doing, while you are engaged in observing the former. That's how magic works anyway, doesn't it; depending on what you call magic? Not many people know that Muhammad Ali was a magician- outside the ring, I mean- or that the British Society of Magicians threw him out of their org because he was always revealing how different tricks worked as soon as he learned about them. He's one of my biggest heroes. I named my daughter after him ...but in a surreptitious fashion.

Magic, the magic of deception, misdirection and disinformation is the key influence of our times. That has a lot to do with living in the information age, the age of media and sensory dominance by special effects, performed with the intention of leaving impressions, whose intent is a reality other than the one we are in; as if any of us had any idea of what reality is... and that is the point. Any of these practitioners of false premise and perception will tell you that, “reality is anything I say it is”. They're echoing Alistair Crowley from decades past when he said, “Magick is anything I say it is”. It's like Karl Rove said, “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do”.

I'm no fan of Crowley, though I'll admit there were two of him. The pre-Choronzon and post-Choronzon Crowley, though one could argue the invocation of Pan might have been another transitioning point. It's hard to know whether something actually happened or got staged; referencing the Pan episode. Of course I'm no fan of Rove's. I'm not a fan of much and as time passes the list grows smaller. It seems like every day I find something out about one icon or another. Thankfully the only icons of any importance in my life are not mortal expressions. When it comes to magicians; philosophers, deep thinkers of whatever stripe and whatever doctrines or creeds different individuals may settle on, I note a recurring theme that continually reappears. People choose the people they admire and the ideologies they follow, based on either their complexity and attendant mystery, or their simplicity and transparency. I favor the latter. I find with the former that it tends to grant a certain kind of unfortunate self importance, giving far too many opportunities to the outspoken follower to show just how smart he is by explaining what so and so actually thought. It's that late night dorm session thing you get, in early times, when the student has first been exposed to some small amount of convoluted thinkers and maybe did a couple of black beauties earlier on.

It all tends to hearken back to The Emperor's New Clothes and so many of the timeless fables and fairy tales that were and are vehicles for concealed wisdom and esoteric teaching. You get to a certain point with all of that and then you either make direct contact with some living font, or an archetypal aperture. One way or another, you are in a position to get your water directly then. It only depends on whether you need to have a face and personality attached to it. Some of us don't.

We get deceived for one of two reasons (I'll add the 3rd possibility further on), fear or desire. Absent either of them, you've accomplished more than 99% of the people walking this Earth. An argument can be made for ignorance and/or confusion but, at that level, what's being discussed here wouldn't apply or seem relevant anyway. Strangely enough, following on, once (or twice, or many times) deceived, both ignorance and confusion bloom again and it doesn't matter how smart you were before that.

A reader who only connects here through Facebook (strangely, there are some number who only appear and comment there and never come around here) pointed out something interesting about a particular terrible enemy of humanity, recently mentioned at Petri Dish, Michael Chertoff; “Chertoff, chertov, is it fitting then that the root of the surname is Chert (черт)? Copy and paste the Russian word into Google image search, or the dictionary (the difference in spelling the "e" and the "o" are irrelevant in this case). Here is the Wikipedia link”. There are no accidents in nature or ourselves. If you believe, as I do, that everything is just what it is supposed to be and completely under control, you tend to see evidence of this in everything. If you don't believe this then you don't see evidence of it.

I occasionally get people warning me about all kinds of things as if, besides simply paying attention and following my intuition, I could possibly have any greater or more positive comprehensive effect on my life. It doesn't work that way. “The best laid plans...”. “If you want to make God laugh, make plans”... oh, there are hundreds of aphorisms to choose from. I get threatened with dire possibilities if I don't surrender myself to their greater acumen; meanwhile, no two situations are the same and what was once is not so now, not precisely. No two people are the same and 'you can't step into the same river twice'. I don't rely on my own wits and resources to troubleshoot my life. Everyone is welcome to do what seems right for them. I happen to believe that just about everyone has it backwards and upside down. Everybody thinks they are in charge of something, especially themselves. I don't believe that for a minute. I know better; one of the few things I do know. I used to know all kinds of shit. I was really informed (grin). I was an expert (so I thought) on all manner of subjects. You only had to ask me to get a detailed synopsis. I don't know any of that stuff now.

Not knowing all kinds of things can have a distinct advantage, when it comes to traversing the uncertain terrain of the moments in front of you. Most importantly, a great deal of what we think we know has been implanted or is the product of telepathic invasion while in the formative years. A lot of what moves us around and influences our footsteps is part of the regular broadcast. The regular broadcast is pernicious, self serving and full of shit. Too few of us realize how much the regular broadcast affects what we do and say and, equally importantly, how we feel.

It's possible, given what happened in Syria, very recently, that the bus bombing in Bulgaria was not done by Israeli agents. They have a routine habit of killing their own people in order to make it possible to kill a whole lot of other people. It's what they do. They kill, torment and abuse people. It's their job description. It is not only their vocation but also their avocation. They are monsters, camouflaged in human skin. The AskeNazi Reptile Nation is an alien life form and they hate humanity with a vengeance. Like I say, it's possible somebody finally got tired of their indiscriminate killing of everyone in reach (doubtful but possible). It could be they finally pushed the river too far. Sooner or later, assuredly they will. There are some interesting points made here that are made about the pending passing of evil and the Photon Belt. Some other points are also made about how planetary influence can no longer be predicted, with any accuracy, according to normal modalities. The future is not fixed by any means.

One should think of their position on Terra and their relative placement and perception of time and space as something like either a contemporary video game, with many levels and trap doors OR as a multi-dimensional construct, where buses are coming in and out of the station above and below you. Where you are is directly determined by your awareness. Awareness is fluid. It can alter and change. Human nature can be fluid and also calcified. This speaks to 'degree of difficulty'. We all got degree of difficulty. Invisible winds hammer the Hell out of me with some frequency. I was not all that appreciative of the attention until very recently. I wasn't getting it. My getting it has a lot to do with my interpretation of the reasons and meaning. It changes how I react, or don't react.

We live in a time of malevolent magicians with all kinds of FX; lights, smoking mirrors, misdirection. The effects can be toxically soothing, alarming, disheartening, alienating and so on. They are everywhere and operating with different levels of expertise and ineptitude. There is high end and low end, both operating out of the bottom end. They broadcast in the ethers, through the television and radio and into the subconscious from subterranean stations. They're coming from all directions. Unless you are tuned in to the central and enduring terminus, you are getting the daily printout from the dark side.

It's like the old railroad adage; “stop, look and listen”. I listen to everyone but I pay special attention to delivery and tone.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Road of Ignominy and the Lords of Parsimony

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May your noses always be old and wet.

On and on it goes. It flies up your nose. It rips off your clothes, not the usual kleidung but the garments underneath. It comes in the night like a thief and steals your grief while you're asleep; don't know what I'm talking about? Me either. Warming up... one, two, one, two. Put yer back into it ye scum! and then some. Slogging away in the trenches here, Boss. Wishing and hoping for some saucers from the sky; aliens with serious weapons to kick some banker ass. They just won't quit. These diabolical usury junkies. They need a fix every half an hour. They are zeppelin sized ticks; Rothschilds, Warburgs and Shiffs, oh my! They'd suck the moisture from a dead man's eye. The crows are screaming cause these other carrion feeders got there first. Humanity doesn't do a thing about it. They're chasing the invisible cheese through a bramble maze. They got to like the stick so much they forgot about the carrot. They got whipped and hosed all up and down the road of ignominy by the Lords of Parsimony.

If Jesus does come back, I sincerely hope he's pissed. I hope someone laces his communion wine with PCP. I'm looking for serious road rage on this highway to nowhere. Every time I look at a lamppost now, I immediately think about what is missing. Yo Shakespeare! A little editorial help here; 'first we kill all the bankers' Heh heh, I checked the quote at Google and one of the selections was, “first we kill all the bankers”. That's some kind of serendipity but it's got a low sperm count at the moment.

The lawyers aren't the problem. The military isn't the problem. None of these other problems are 'the' problem. The bankers are the problem. They say a stiff dick has no conscience, neither does money and no banker has one either. They kill more people in one day than any man with a gun could ever do. They cause depressions on purpose. They start wars just to make money and they admit it too; “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none”. Could you do something like this? Could you start a war and kill uncountable numbers of men, women and children just to make money? They do. They make charts and graphs and study the thing. They are monsters. Why do we tolerate monsters in our midst? Why do we permit this? Why is there no secret group of pissed off ex-military making the rounds?

The despotic kings of usury are preeminent. There used to be a death sentence for this kind of thing. Now the only death sentence is your own. However, your death is not enough unless you can be worked to death first. Then you can spend 90% plus of everything you saved all your life, in the last year of your life, on bogus medical treatments as many, many people do. Look it up. These heinous felons are committing capital murder every single day. Wait, that's not entirely correct. Could be that on the weekends they just think about it. Of course, that speaks to premeditation. I'm wondering, if I premeditate, do I still have to meditate afterwards? What's' post-meditate? Is that when bankers think back on all the people they didn't kill and get all poignant and nostalgic. Do they weep in their twilight years over all those missed opportunities? Well, bankers don't weep do they? Not unless it's in the way that crocodiles do; crocadoodle do!!!

Like Bush said, "if the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts." ...speaking of lamp posts. Yes people, if you knew. What that means is, if you wanted to know. Meanwhile the Crass Media trumpets the offenses daily. How is it that you miss this? It's a toss-up as to whether you are simply bone dead stupid or just a craven coward, ...possibly both? Your hearts and minds fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. You're getting what you deserve, too bad they're not. Eh?

Edge, cut, hurt bleed ...the last to know are the first to scream and they just don't understand what Emily was talking about in the cup of her small hand. Passing, I see the occasional brief flames of a chandelier, these lives detached from mine, with the smell of cabbage soup weaving through the cold Moscow night ...all these places, clustered villages in Finland, the marketplace in Tangiers, South Africa, South America ...millions upon millions of lives, s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d from envelope to envelope, each envelope, a world of encompassing presence an, of itself, thing apart but connected to everything else in some mysterious unchanging way, love and sorrow exist everywhere, themselves a world of encompassing presence, jackboots and horns, explosions and screams, the sounds of feet running, the sounds of mortar and rocks falling in the aftermath, bit by bit the carrousel turns, chips scatter on the green baize, an elegant woman slouches and give the ancient stare, ten thousand years of mystery and longing, accommodation and regret, I can see the whole of human history in her eyes.

Plunder and sacrifice, arm in arm, lockstepped in sequence of contiguous events, one person shattered into billions of fragments of mirror, thrown, dropped or smashed? we cannot know ...the light plays off everywhere at once, the shadow waits, always behind the surface and between the shards, all this in passing, just a few moments reach, a dancing of thought in particular, touching upon nothing and no one, like the tiny lights of an unknown town seen from an airplane window at night.

What the Hell? ...moving right along and so are the bankers. The bankers are moving; these porcine, sleek and deodorized landlords of Animal Farm. There's going to be a lot of bacon one of these days on the barbecue grills of Hell. “C'mon visible, I don't want to hear this shit. Where's my Haldol”? The neighborhood ice cream trucks are being converted into pharmacy trucks, no change in the graphics or the music announcing the arrival, just the name is changed to signify the supplier.

The Rothschilds and their inbred associates; cue the banjo boy in Deliverance, are serial killers. That's right. They are serial killers. Why are they out walking around? Why are they not locked up in cages for transport to every small town in the west for purposes of display? Why are they not in a zoo (not a petting zoo) with a wooden plate in front of the cage that describes what they are and where they come from? Why ask why? Mr. and Mrs. Stupid are on the couch eating Cheetos and watching TV; bullshit, keep spreading it, spread it neck high, over land and sea and sky, yeah keep on spreading it, never quit cover everything in shit. If the GOP were an asshole and it made a giant whoosh, everything that came out of it would look like genus Bush, oh you can't make out the details, when it covers everything, standing in the midst, I know why the caged cowpies sing (transpose the words of another bad poet who made a whole lot of money), I love the smell of bullshit in the morning, it climbs down my mouth as soon as I start yawning, it climbs back out and into the conversation, it may be inanimate but its a blood relation. Rumsfeld in the hopper and Cheney in the can, Bush can spread more toxic shit than any other man ...but you ain't seen the half of it, until it hits the fan, Rice is mixed in with the corn and the undigested poor, Wolfowitz and Pearle have left a real unpleasant spoor, oh cover me with bullshit and point me toward the polls, I feel a big one coming on, let's see those voter rolls. Did I leave out Obama? Oh that will never do. He's a banker catamite; Captain Pissgum's cabin boy. He's proud of it. All of them are proud of it. They preen in front of the adoring public who deserve what they get. People actually flock around to shake his hand. Welcome to Dumbass Junction.

The bankers are a pestilence. The bankers are low to the ground blood sucking weasels. The bankers are the problem. The bankers are laughing at you and, what do you know? You're laughing too. Isn't that special? You're special too aren't you? Come on, you know you're special. Do you ride to school in the little yellow bus? It's a really big bus now, isn't it. It's a fleet of buses. Why not take a train? Isn't your daughter pulling it?

I come to bury Bwak!
And not to praise him
the good that men do,
{"shit! what the fuck was that?"}
where was I?
is oft interred with their trombones
but the bad shit is either Trading Places
or that movie Faceoff
more than once or twice I offered him a glass
of Lupercal but I think the colon inflammation has gone down now

friends, victims and drag queens
lend me your tights
there is no wider patrimony
not here nor
even in the ruined Acropolis
but brutal is an honest love
and we all know brutal
we have bent over for him here
again and betwixt times

whether we be dressed as cleofuckingpatra
or merely imagined in a dress before our betters
this Caesar was a dressing and
this salad old before it's time

so let it be with Bwak!
the noble Brutal has told us that
the door of history should slam into
his behind
yet there be couch kittens and suckups who will
forever hope their failed careers will live indexed
and pressed
between the leaves of some alone time

No editor can press this inky semen like grapes
into a table for four
forget the candlelight
even the queen must be a whore

I would not be Bwak! though his star
will perforce rise in the temporary tinsel world of manufactured life
I would not be a mover
a shaker
or a hard heartbreaker
so let it be with Bwak! that
the slings and arrows of the wheel of fortune
grant him first name exchanges with the rat-faced man
whose name I cannot remember but he did that show with the Jessica Simpson grandmother girl holding up
the cue cards that made this world
the land of the stupids

it is Brutal to be ambitious
and, let's face it
you're not going to be an honorable man
and even the chicks here are
honorable men

the cat spray of these times
is like a bad taste in the alcoholic's mouth
as he wakes in the backseat of that old car
with the broken window
tastes like what it is
no mistake

I do not wish to unbrutal what Brutal says
rather to say Cry on Zion and
Babbleon too

for truly they have said he was born to run
and raise some hell
and has a thing for the crack in the Liberty Bell
He's bad news (and the black girls sing-fill in the blanks)

oh brutal beasts and surely men without reason
have dimmed the lights at the high school prom
so let it be with Bwak! and extra brutal
his passing upon your ungifted tongues

for him a job and it no pleasure
to slog his way through tedious display
of endless pointing out that you are present
and he can't wait for you to go away

so let it be (cue the Beatles)
with the noble Bwak!
his passage from this tattered caravansary
that dogs at his heels must be his betters
and he toasts you with a fine champagne

There is no Bwak!
but surely there is Brutal
daggers like little swords
as cocktail umbrellas in the salad tossed
with Parmesan to hell
we all do wish we had the Bwak! power
I doubt that we would ever do so well

there is a reason we are left in dreaming
upon some hopeful windowsill
the parade outside is passing
the car dealer waves from the float
and the bridge is detached from the moat

Shall I lie in the coffin here with Bwak!
Shall this become my final place of rest?
Your brain is in the coffin there with Bwak!
and you must pause till it comes back to you.

Not my best work but who has the time to be careful enough to get it done right? Not me. Ah well, every now and then something like this happens. I don't know why, I'm just glad it's over. Now I think I'll go get all spiritual and back to pretending that somehow the material isn't. If everything is made out of the same thing then everywhere is holy ground.

End Transmission.......

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'I'm in my Car' is track no. 2 of 12 on Visible's 2007 album 'Almost A Capella'

Almost A Capella by Les Visible

Friday, July 6, 2012

Wake up and Smell the Bodies Burning

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, you can't please all of the people all of the time and if you try to, some valuable things must, of necessity, go out the window. Telling the truth is a dicey proposition. I should probably say, 'trying to tell the truth is a dicey proposition'. A lot of people think that when you try to tell the truth, you expect people to agree with you. That would be foolish. It's foolish to try to tell the truth in any kind of a wider format. Truth does not have a wider format. Truth is a narrow and generally inexpressible thing. You can state and you can indicate and you can shoot around corners with hypothesis and if resonance exists, then it will do the job that words are just not suited for. Music, which is another kind of math and math, are generally more effective but it gets theoretical quick and then comes up against things like ego and whatever the affected mind is attached to and which will certainly influence the capacity, of whatever mind, to assimilate things that challenge those attachments.

If you're making a lot of money off of what you do and a good portion of it is not going toward helping out your fellows, then I consider you a failure. If you are not giving away what is priceless for free then you have undervalued the product and don't have an awareness of what it is worth, which means you don't possess it in the first place. You can apply what I just said to anything I may have said recently and, by all means, if you believe otherwise you should present your argument to the contrary and tell me how shameless self promotion and the hand cranking of a serious money machine pump is justifiable because, “Hey, Elmer Gantry saved a few souls even if he was a depraved sonofabitch”.

The world of present time is manipulated by some of the worst mouth-breathing hypocrites the world has ever seen. Most of everything you encounter is compromised. Yet people must, because they have given out money, time and good faith, insist that all of this takes places without the principle being aware of it. They just will not go there because it hurts too much. They don't get that these things are all set up to break their hearts and kill their faith in the first place. The corruption is operating from a ground up top down dynamic. The absurdity is off the charts. People are making their way the best that they know how to. It's a bewildering panorama and it is consciously and intentionally bewildering. It is designed to make you feel helpless and lost but all of that is meant to encourage you to seek what is meaningful and, until you do, it will get more bewildering and you will feel more lost. Count on it.

Corporations are soulless monsters who care about nothing but profit and that means to squeeze out every possible penny for maximum return. This means to get the cheapest labor and provide the fewest benefits to the workers and they have government in their pocket to make the laws that legitimize this. The outrages are impressive, mindblowing really. These are only the things you see and hear about. Imagine what is going on behind closed doors; cue Charlie Rich.

One has to keep the conditions of the times in perspective. One needs to see what is actually going on behind what appears to be going on, or one will descend into a slough of despond and become suicidal by direct or indirect means. A lot of the problem is the complexity of desires that are part of the operation of Occupy your Mind. Desire is fire. You need to wake up and smell the bodies burning. The key, as an ancient sage once said is to, “cut down on senseless craving”. This is how you get hooked into the big wind turbine, shit machine. You want too much and you want the wrong things and you want some kind of avuncular Dr. Phil to tell you that's all right. I don't do that. I'm not here to take your 'me generation' in my arms and tell you you're okay. You're not okay, not at the moment anyway.

Too many people want that soft soothing voice that's going to tell them what they want to hear. They want you to reflexively speak well of their heroes with feet of clay and never point out all the money these people are carting off in bushel baskets, for their own gain, because self interest is at the heart of what they do.

You see advertising on my sites? All of that advertising is free. I went to those people and asked them to give me a logo because I believe in what they do. It's a good product, or an effective remedy. I've got some books for sale but most of them went out free and the same with the music. I try to operate a small business out of my creative works but it is definitely not enough to put food on my family. I am not a bad businessman per se. I'm not stupid or lazy. I do it like this because I believe it is the right thing to do. I set it up this way to begin with. I've arranged for whatever money that comes in and, trust me, it eventually will come in, to be portioned off to the advantage of others, without me being able to later reverse that. I am very calculating in a 'couldn't care less' kind of a way. I don't care if people like me or don't like me. I have amply demonstrated that and I will destroy things, if I think they are suggestive of a direction I don't want to go in. I will step on people's frogs with a calloused indifference because I don't, quite frankly, care about their sensitive issues and tender feelings. That's a big part of the problem to begin with, all this need to nurture the touchy feely beast within. That's how we got all this hate crime horseshit and catalog of remembered injuries that turn out to be a terrible curse on the next person who comes into range. We live in an atmosphere of pandemic neurosis; hysteria, psychopathy, obsession and compulsion. What about me? Boo hoo. I had a childhood and a following life of mostly uninterrupted misery and loss and I'm not looking in the rear view mirror. I figure I got what I deserved, no more, no less and I'm taking my payoff near the end of the road or at the end of the road. So..., when I hear about people giving talks on non duality and walking away with several tens of thousands of dollars every place they hit and I had already heard about this before it showed up in the Origami comments, well, I tend to get a little offput by that and if that is non dual, when it fact it is as dual as it gets, then maybe I'm missing something. Yeah, I'm missing my own bags of cash. When I see people, who may be doing a good in some respects but who are making a boatload of cash and whose websites are 50% self promotion, to a degree that horrifies me AND they are asking for donations too, well, I guess I don't know what to think. I see people flying all over the world giving talks and seminars for a good amount of change and talking the most outrageous bullshit about things that do not occur; who whip up both hope and paranoia for no other reason than that sensationalism sells... it tends to offend me. I agree, it's probably none of my business but, then again, maybe it is.

Mitt Romney raises one hundred million dollars in a month from people who expect a return on their investment. All kinds of other people are turning a supposed to be spiritual, self help system, into a department store of affirmation cards, candles, incense and various perversions on ancient mysteries and wooing the tens of thousands into a hypnotic state of surrender, to something that cannot possibly possess any operative virtue, because virtue is not a camp follower of the traveling, carnival marketplace. Ten people can say the same thing and the words can be correct as far as the words go but THE POWER is not there and without that, they are just words. When words are attended by THE POWER they have enduring results. They change lives. They don't just rearrange the furniture.

The time is going to come when you will have to, life and death, depend on what you have taken to be true. When that happens, all those people with those bags of money will be out of town. There's nothing wrong with celebrity. It is a Karmic condition that attends particular births. Prostituting oneself and one's message for the perpetuation of ...and... an endless increase of celebrity something else. Sooner or later we will see what's what and who's who. There are a great many people; small by comparison to everyone else, who are tirelessly working in the vineyard, under the radar, in the quiet of their own being. There is a collection of unknown souls whose company I am not worthy to keep ...but I'm working on it and some of you are too.

I'm a flawed individual in some respects but that is for a reason that I am aware of. It serves a purpose. That condition will change in the foreseeable future, as all of our conditions are altered, according to how we applied or buried our talents. More than enough people have a good awareness of where I'm at behind the scenes, as applies to communications and personal appeals and I am sure that is the case with every one of us. Judgment comes upon us according to the condition and intentions of our hearts and minds, AS WELL AS whatever we may have accomplished or failed to accomplish in the hearts and minds of others in a 'by their works ye shall know them' sort of a way. We all make mistakes every single day and we are supposed to because of the opportunities given to us in the followup and aftermath, where our measure is taken for better or for worse.

We all work for somebody, even if it turns out that we only serve ourselves. We all work for something and we will all get what we deserve, in every sense of the word. On one level, most people hunger and thirst for the truth and on another level, most people want no part of it. There's a cognitive disconnect at work here and it is an essential conundrum that we would all be well advised to address at the earliest opportunity. Most of us communicate with our employers in a relatively frequent manner. I know I do. I try to do what I'm told. It isn't always easy and it isn't always pleasant and there are all kinds of ways around this, if getting lost is no big deal. I happen to believe that it is. Bon Chance.

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'911 was an Inside Job'

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

There won't be a Feet 2 the Fire radio show tonight because of some kind of scheduling glitch at the station. I will do a show though and James will put it up for download once he has the chance. Otherwise I think he is rerunning some previous broadcast.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Satanic Brotherhood of the Golden Calf

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(governmental or Zio-Ogre forces have set some kind of filters into my Gmail account so that I cannot contact the websites that promote my work. I can reach them so long as there is no link in the body of the email. I've got a workaround, several actually, but I just pass this on as information concerning the ongoing war being waged by organized Satanists against the public consciousness and well being).

When I mention the plague of trivia and the religious worship of the superficial, I'm dead serious. It's weapon number one, in the dumbing down war, that seeks to put the human race down on all fours and also set it up for destruction and elimination by organized Satanism. Organized Satanism is an umbrella operation, with various combines under it's sheltering batwing. This includes bankers, Zionists, representatives of government, highly placed individuals in the corporate world and agencies devoted to controlling the culture through sexual preference, education, entertainment and other mediums. Those objective enough not to be under shackles, due to no vested interest in creating 'more than equal' status for themselves, will know what I am talking about. There is a war on. It is a war of information and perception and it is directly connected to actual wars and the oppression, torment and murder of anyone who gets in the way of these Satanic Nazis. The governments of the West are under their heel and, no doubt, most of the governments of the East as well. The bulk of various, organized religions are under their control. Entertainment, music and publishing are under their control, as is the Crass Media.

Most people in positions of influence, are paid whores for this infernal cabal. They get privilege, a paycheck and the impression of safety from the conditions suffered by those not behind the velvet ropes. They sell out their fellows for a seat at the trough. They have no integrity, no honor, no fidelity and they will do what they are told, regardless of what may result from that. They rationalize what they do in all kinds of ways. They know what side their bread is buttered on. They are the sad and condemned failures of the human experiment.

It doesn't matter how intricately I may state my position about alternative sexual practices. It doesn't matter how clearly I delineate the details and personnel, which are engaged in a specific agenda that uses this cultural phenomena for it's own ends. It doesn't matter how many times I point out that member of The Brotherhood of the Golden Calf sit on the boards of directors (often exclusively) of these organizations. This irrefutable information is rejected out of hand because it 'seems' to call into question private sexual practices, on the part of consenting individuals that I have no interest in. The truth is that this subject which blares from the Crass Media headlines every day, serves their self interest in being, 'more than equal'. The majority of the public agrees with my position and always has. The same people promoting communism, promote this, as well as wars for profit, trivia as The New Gospel and a host of other deceptions and maladies that are the feed and fodder of those turned into Circe's pigs.

Organized Satanism is engaged in the ritual, sexual abuse and murder of children and this practice runs all the way to the top in government and law enforcement. Occasionally something like the Franklin scandal, or the Dutroux murders; scandals in Portugal, Spain, the UK, will surface and then disappear beneath the waves as the powerful, so engaged, set about damage control. This kind of thing has various uses. It rapes, abuses and murders innocence and it also traps the practitioners in an inescapable web of culpability and guilt. Of course, there is more to the Sandusky affair. Of course, Rothschild owned and operated Israel is deep into this sort of thing, just as they are with the organ harvesting industry, the drug business, human trafficking, the world wide economic downturn, most of the wars taking place, or in the planning and an endless laundry list of offenses against the comatose public. It's what they do and why creating a sovereign nation, devoted to international criminal activity, came about in the first place.

It is understandable that most people don't see that all of this is being orchestrated for the purpose of demonstration. Most people lack the insight, historical precedence and comprehensive grasp of universal principles to get it.

I had someone email me today a Twitter like summation about psychedelics that would make the Cilff Notes version of War and Peace seem unabridged. He's never read The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross. He's probably never heard of Terrence McKenna, or come across anything like this. I make a vague reference to a time period, concerning the cosmos providing a certain item, to counteract the oppressive darkness of the time and which took place in the 60's and 70's and wham! It's just like with the sexual agenda and all the rest. Some just can't see the forest for the trees. I don't promote or recommend any of these things. I have a personal dispensation to so engage, as do some others. There are no across the board rules that apply to everyone.

I've lost a number of readers and facsimile friends over this year. Those would be individuals who expected something shrink wrapped and in keeping with the ingredient list on the package. They want what they want and they want it definable and most of all controllable. My totalitarian father was not successful at that. The US military was not successful at that. The US prison system and the maximum security ward psychiatrists were not successful at that. The filters and barricades of the music and publishing industries have not been successful. Why particular individuals think that they would be successful is beyond me.

People come here of their own free will. They engage me of their own free will. They whisper all kinds of sweet 'nothings' in my ear and tell me about the deep love and respect they hold for me and how I've changed and influenced their life (not me, anyway, but that's irrelevant to the point) and as soon as I don't meet their criteria and standards for what they expect from this free service, their love, loyalty and respect goes right out the window. This is why I never take any of the praise or gratuitous criticisms seriously. I know human nature. I know how quickly people can turn on you. Fortunately, for my own reasons, I am not like that and that is what makes me, me and them, them. I don't miss any of this, I just let it go by because I know where it's all headed and where it ends up. I'm not public property and I don't walk around a corral with small children on my back. I don't balance beach balls on my nose or honk and clap my flippers and I damn well don't do things for money or position, could be I might look good in hotpants and thigh high boots, or might have once, but I prefer blue jeans and sneakers.

I've got this government agent who likes to come around and rattle my cage. There are others and I know who they are and what they are up to but it's of no importance to me. I understand what makes a junkyard dog mean and I sympathize. I know whoever is messing with my outgoing mail is on the inside at Gmail and Google and we know who owns that. It's a simple matter to bypass all of that. It's a simple matter to walk right out of this world, as we know it, when the time comes and I will.

Human Rights Watch is a Satanic psy-ops concern. You'll note the absence of an author's name since we know what the names would affiliate with. The UN is controlled by Israel and the Satanists, whose seat of power is in Tel Aviv, as well as London and other select urban graveyards. The bankers are behind all of it and that is because the control of the flow of money, grants the control of everything else temporal. The bankers serve a monstrous demonic entity, whom they placate with fealty and blood sacrifices. They've been involved in this love affair with infernal succubi and incubi for centuries. This is inarguable for those of us who have seen the interior. Those of us in this position also know the limits of their power and what's coming up for them.

Control of the flow of the money led to control of the media, the entertainment industry, the music industry and publishing, along with a host of other things. It has granted control of the governments and law enforcement. What a pack of cowards the human race is composed of. Well, you will get what you deserve soon enough and you've got time to change too, still.

Things are not what they seem but 'seeming is believing' for the hypnotized slaves of appetite. The right side bar of the Paterno link exemplifies the recycling icons of the First Church of Celebrity worship. None of this is by accident. Controlling public focus and perception sets the stage for their compliance in lockstep with the darkness they are marching into, as if that was what they had in mind all along.

Day by day, the plot unfolds. Day by day, the players suit up for their roles. Day by day they march into the teeth of the spinning harvester combine, no doubt they are singing along as they go.

End Transmission.......

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