Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Satanic Brotherhood of the Golden Calf

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

(governmental or Zio-Ogre forces have set some kind of filters into my Gmail account so that I cannot contact the websites that promote my work. I can reach them so long as there is no link in the body of the email. I've got a workaround, several actually, but I just pass this on as information concerning the ongoing war being waged by organized Satanists against the public consciousness and well being).

When I mention the plague of trivia and the religious worship of the superficial, I'm dead serious. It's weapon number one, in the dumbing down war, that seeks to put the human race down on all fours and also set it up for destruction and elimination by organized Satanism. Organized Satanism is an umbrella operation, with various combines under it's sheltering batwing. This includes bankers, Zionists, representatives of government, highly placed individuals in the corporate world and agencies devoted to controlling the culture through sexual preference, education, entertainment and other mediums. Those objective enough not to be under shackles, due to no vested interest in creating 'more than equal' status for themselves, will know what I am talking about. There is a war on. It is a war of information and perception and it is directly connected to actual wars and the oppression, torment and murder of anyone who gets in the way of these Satanic Nazis. The governments of the West are under their heel and, no doubt, most of the governments of the East as well. The bulk of various, organized religions are under their control. Entertainment, music and publishing are under their control, as is the Crass Media.

Most people in positions of influence, are paid whores for this infernal cabal. They get privilege, a paycheck and the impression of safety from the conditions suffered by those not behind the velvet ropes. They sell out their fellows for a seat at the trough. They have no integrity, no honor, no fidelity and they will do what they are told, regardless of what may result from that. They rationalize what they do in all kinds of ways. They know what side their bread is buttered on. They are the sad and condemned failures of the human experiment.

It doesn't matter how intricately I may state my position about alternative sexual practices. It doesn't matter how clearly I delineate the details and personnel, which are engaged in a specific agenda that uses this cultural phenomena for it's own ends. It doesn't matter how many times I point out that member of The Brotherhood of the Golden Calf sit on the boards of directors (often exclusively) of these organizations. This irrefutable information is rejected out of hand because it 'seems' to call into question private sexual practices, on the part of consenting individuals that I have no interest in. The truth is that this subject which blares from the Crass Media headlines every day, serves their self interest in being, 'more than equal'. The majority of the public agrees with my position and always has. The same people promoting communism, promote this, as well as wars for profit, trivia as The New Gospel and a host of other deceptions and maladies that are the feed and fodder of those turned into Circe's pigs.

Organized Satanism is engaged in the ritual, sexual abuse and murder of children and this practice runs all the way to the top in government and law enforcement. Occasionally something like the Franklin scandal, or the Dutroux murders; scandals in Portugal, Spain, the UK, will surface and then disappear beneath the waves as the powerful, so engaged, set about damage control. This kind of thing has various uses. It rapes, abuses and murders innocence and it also traps the practitioners in an inescapable web of culpability and guilt. Of course, there is more to the Sandusky affair. Of course, Rothschild owned and operated Israel is deep into this sort of thing, just as they are with the organ harvesting industry, the drug business, human trafficking, the world wide economic downturn, most of the wars taking place, or in the planning and an endless laundry list of offenses against the comatose public. It's what they do and why creating a sovereign nation, devoted to international criminal activity, came about in the first place.

It is understandable that most people don't see that all of this is being orchestrated for the purpose of demonstration. Most people lack the insight, historical precedence and comprehensive grasp of universal principles to get it.

I had someone email me today a Twitter like summation about psychedelics that would make the Cilff Notes version of War and Peace seem unabridged. He's never read The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross. He's probably never heard of Terrence McKenna, or come across anything like this. I make a vague reference to a time period, concerning the cosmos providing a certain item, to counteract the oppressive darkness of the time and which took place in the 60's and 70's and wham! It's just like with the sexual agenda and all the rest. Some just can't see the forest for the trees. I don't promote or recommend any of these things. I have a personal dispensation to so engage, as do some others. There are no across the board rules that apply to everyone.

I've lost a number of readers and facsimile friends over this year. Those would be individuals who expected something shrink wrapped and in keeping with the ingredient list on the package. They want what they want and they want it definable and most of all controllable. My totalitarian father was not successful at that. The US military was not successful at that. The US prison system and the maximum security ward psychiatrists were not successful at that. The filters and barricades of the music and publishing industries have not been successful. Why particular individuals think that they would be successful is beyond me.

People come here of their own free will. They engage me of their own free will. They whisper all kinds of sweet 'nothings' in my ear and tell me about the deep love and respect they hold for me and how I've changed and influenced their life (not me, anyway, but that's irrelevant to the point) and as soon as I don't meet their criteria and standards for what they expect from this free service, their love, loyalty and respect goes right out the window. This is why I never take any of the praise or gratuitous criticisms seriously. I know human nature. I know how quickly people can turn on you. Fortunately, for my own reasons, I am not like that and that is what makes me, me and them, them. I don't miss any of this, I just let it go by because I know where it's all headed and where it ends up. I'm not public property and I don't walk around a corral with small children on my back. I don't balance beach balls on my nose or honk and clap my flippers and I damn well don't do things for money or position, could be I might look good in hotpants and thigh high boots, or might have once, but I prefer blue jeans and sneakers.

I've got this government agent who likes to come around and rattle my cage. There are others and I know who they are and what they are up to but it's of no importance to me. I understand what makes a junkyard dog mean and I sympathize. I know whoever is messing with my outgoing mail is on the inside at Gmail and Google and we know who owns that. It's a simple matter to bypass all of that. It's a simple matter to walk right out of this world, as we know it, when the time comes and I will.

Human Rights Watch is a Satanic psy-ops concern. You'll note the absence of an author's name since we know what the names would affiliate with. The UN is controlled by Israel and the Satanists, whose seat of power is in Tel Aviv, as well as London and other select urban graveyards. The bankers are behind all of it and that is because the control of the flow of money, grants the control of everything else temporal. The bankers serve a monstrous demonic entity, whom they placate with fealty and blood sacrifices. They've been involved in this love affair with infernal succubi and incubi for centuries. This is inarguable for those of us who have seen the interior. Those of us in this position also know the limits of their power and what's coming up for them.

Control of the flow of the money led to control of the media, the entertainment industry, the music industry and publishing, along with a host of other things. It has granted control of the governments and law enforcement. What a pack of cowards the human race is composed of. Well, you will get what you deserve soon enough and you've got time to change too, still.

Things are not what they seem but 'seeming is believing' for the hypnotized slaves of appetite. The right side bar of the Paterno link exemplifies the recycling icons of the First Church of Celebrity worship. None of this is by accident. Controlling public focus and perception sets the stage for their compliance in lockstep with the darkness they are marching into, as if that was what they had in mind all along.

Day by day, the plot unfolds. Day by day, the players suit up for their roles. Day by day they march into the teeth of the spinning harvester combine, no doubt they are singing along as they go.

End Transmission.......

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siamsiam said...

I have never really praised you for what you do Mr Vis. Simply because i reserve the right to say - should i find it appropriate through information gleaned any time in the future - , this guy is a fraud, a shill, etc. etc

I wouldn't want to come across as a hypocrite - even though i can be and have been from time to time. So don't expect any praise here. The judging aint through. I know we shouldn't judge others but we do.

Anyhow, just in case you should fail to meet my requirements as being the genuine article at any time in the future i will continue to withhold praise, other than to say thanks for all you do. No scrub that :)

Visible said...

You're too kind. Feel free to shitcan me just because you had a bad day. I'm sure that's legitimate too (grin). I hope the idea that I don't care one way or another is comforting.

siamsiam said...

just my working class, brit, humor Mr Vis :) If your not the real thing then i don't know who or what is.

I have had quite a good day and i hope you have too.

Anonymous said...

My observation has been that placing someone on a pedestal does harm to both the placed and placer. It severely cripples both. That’s why you don’t want it. (I sense that you, Visible, become rather rebellious when it’s done to you. And I understand. You perceive it as a form of control and I agree with that as well.) It seems the only way (at present) for the placed to avoid the harm is to not stay placed. It’s one thing to encourage the positive and deeper thought and assist with perceptions; but to lead is another. I don’t want you to lead me and I don’t want to follow you. I do listen to you and enjoy very much your sharing your thoughts. That you are willing to do so, that you have shown the patience and consideration and provided assistance I very much appreciate and recognize it as an expression of love. Spiritual hierarchy or the recognition of it appears much different than some “pecking order.” Those higher in a spiritual hierarchy are quite willing to assist those at a lesser level attain the same level of the higher. It benefits all as opposed to someone “losing status/benefit” when one climbs the spiritual ladder. That said, I'm still gonna thank you, Visible, for your efforts. I do appreciate them. Thank you.
Love Serena

Pope Shannogh said...

I haven't stopped laughing since I read this Les, the thought of you balancing a beach ball with thigh highs on is just too much to bear :-) Thanks for that wonderful image, my day is brighter for it :-)

the gardener said...

Heartstrings -that's what you are to me. A heart string. Hope that doesn't make you feel diminished ya big old stringbean! hahahah

Glad to see the comments on the article about Paterno are totally on the side of the raped kids.

This is getting into TMI with me but after being in labor for a solid 40 hours and hearing from the doc that there was a time limit of THREE HOURS for the 'pushing' phase...I did a lol on that info... but came down to that three hour wire shockingly...

I didn't get the mechanics of the 'push'... the angle of the 'push' until right before my child was pushed right out into this world.

I had had a few bags of some kind of pain relief (didn't help) so I was into a very psychedelically gruesome state of being but remember thinking 'shit! right when I was really getting into it! Right when I realized the right angle for the 'push'"...

We're near that 'right angle for the push'... hopefully humanity won't take it down to the wire. Or go into overtime and require a Cesarean birth into our new age.

Back to the heartstring Visible... the past eight year cycle was one of betrayals and reinforcement of the totally psychopathic way of being. That cycle is over but the most dangerous times with changes of cycles is at the beginning of one (2004) and at the ends of them (2012).

I am working on the notion that all those who took advantage of that cyclic situation to show who and what they really are will reap the rewards of their actions.

It has been a long and exhausting psychedelically gruesome push out but we're out and now what?

Light is shining on everyone still and will til all are or have been under that spotlight.

Let's go les, no time to wallow in the mire.

the gardener

the gardener said...

Vis have you read the latest Robert Phoenix? About the mural at Penn State and Venus transit?


Everything's moving so fast now-expect ramifications and rewards to move double time.

Anonymous said...

The Tribe and sex: allow me to relate an experience of mine. Years ago I ran around with a jew. He had a girlfriend, he wasn't queer or bi. One day we were hanging out at his place and he started asking me intimate questions about my sexual practices and prefs. It was very odd; no straight men ever talked that way. I wasn't familiar with jews and he was my first jew friend. I didn't understand where he was coming from.

Now I do. He was acting out of instinct. The jew probes you for your weaknesses so he can control you. He stores them for use later. He didn't mean any harm. He was a good guy. But now I understand their instinct of interrogating and prodding people into feeling guilty and "confessing."

In my opinion, Christianity is Judaism II. Charles the Frank, after he finally conquered the heathen Saxons and Frisians, decreed the death penalty for any heathen who avoided baptism. "Religion of love", my ass!

The jew is a very different animal.

On another note, allow me to predict. Obama will be reelected, and he will "pardon" the jew spy Jonathan Pollard. Jew power has been pressing this for years.

The release of Pollard will mark the collapse of resistance to jew control. Believe it or not, there is a bit left. When you see him released, get ready for midnight visits from the NKVD/DHS. That's when it will get very, very nasty.

Good posting as usual, Les.


zepheri said...

Mayberry got eighty-sixed, rip

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, some of us are just unprogrammable, aren't we? In the public indoctrination centres known as public schools, I was also self-educated; having lived a good portion of my life in libraries at that age. I'm on my 19th year of not having a TV connected, I don't do media events, don't give a shite what my fellow mortal flotsam thinks of me, don't do vanity, drive an ancient beat up car, never had a credit card, and the last time I was in debt (student loan) was when I was 19, which is 30 years ago; and I paid that off early, paying only $18.00 interest on that $2,500 loan. I've also set up my life so that I'm about as free from obligation as you can get in this fooked up nation. In fact, considering my 'tude, I don't have any. I don't owe anything to anybody or anything, and when I don't want to be bothered, I won't be. That is shown by my blog being not user-friendly at all. I don't allow comments, since I don't feel like wasting my time defending my sarcastic promotions of cannibalism (Mostly of those under 16), or my lovely links to stuff like videos of Mexican drug lord chicks cutting off heads of opposition with knives (That is so uncool. Takes too long. I didn't watch the whole thing, since it was like watching the grass grow.), to be finished off by some dude with a machete BECAUSE it took too long.

Yes, I have a sick sense of humour in the eyes of many. But of course if I practised what I (facetiously)preached, I wouldn't be on the loose, not being a member of 'the tribe'.

And I occasionally post your links on my blog and yell at the few readers I have for not bookmarking you, so neener-neener to those who are trying (unsuccessfully) to keep you down. I mean you get promoted on WRH and Rense, and how many millions of readers do those sites get? In addition to the less read rumormillnews, here and there, and the occasional surfingtheapocalypse drag over, and whatever else that I don't know.

Now if y'all excuse me, I have to see who is on the menu tonight.

Anonymous said...


It is manifestly doubtful that Viz is some sort of a trojan horse, controlled opposition, blogging zio-contorted drone. If he is, his cover is is so deep it's comical.

Fair to say he passes the litmus test with flying colors.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Dayam! I fergot sumthin'!

Every member on the opposing side. . .those who live high off the suffering of the masses. . .they are all living under their own sword like Damocles. Not something I consider worth it.

After all, they do kill each other off when someone steps out of line in one form or another. Never mind when Bastille Day makes a resurgence on a global scale.

I'd hate to be a cop, then. It's gonna be open season on anything in uniform, after how they've treated the peons.

Visible said...

I'm next up on Red Ice Radio. Still no idea when that is.

lightandlongshadows said...

Coeur de Pirate

Anaughty Mouser said...


I've been reading you since 2007. Right now, RIGHT NOW, something seems very wrong. I'm talking about the concerted attack by the zionist jews' minions against truth seeking alternative internat sites.

The very truth about what is going on and coming is being sabotaged from coming out. Once this occurs on a pandemic scale the public will be like people with their eyes poked out and their ears cut off. Without the truth coming out in the alternative media and sites like yours the media control of the masses will be complete.

There is an active attack on everyone daring to say the truth. Without the truth we will never be free.

I am worried.

Keep up your good work.

Visible said...

I figured out how to get around all that and it's working. Likely they'll figure that out to and I'll get around that. It's no big deal. Their time is over. Let them piss in the carburetor of the vehicle they think will take them to safety. Their ticket only goes to one place.

Anonymous said...

Vis, this one was awesome.

"Day by day, the plot unfolds. Day by day, the players suit up for their roles. Day by day they march into the teeth of the spinning harvester combine, no doubt they are singing along as they go."

Whiste while you work?
-abe in ela

missingarib said...

Vis, we laughed,we loved,we toiled,we raised families,buried love ones and we endured the march into chaos our world has become.

Non of our entreats,our votes ,our pleas were answered.
Day by day, the plot unfolds.
" Day by day, the players suit up for their roles. Day by day they march into the teeth of the spinning harvester combine, no doubt they are singing along as they go."
"The satanic brotherhood" wants to play with everybody but they always impose their set of rules and our cheeks are red and sore.

Your writing is a balm to the slings and arrows we dodge daily.

live long

Anonymous said...

Visible, I'm sending this because it ties in with this post and India is mentioned.


It may old news, usually I don't do YT with my 28K.

I remember when people were drawn to flashing lights and dancing to songs about ducks and rubberbands. That's when Tommy Bolin and other unkowns came into my world.

Walk Thu the Fire or Burn is my favorite song of yours so far and I've had it for awhile now. This doesn't mean that it is good, but I like it the best.(smirk)

Pull the plug from the plug in drug people!

Best to all,

Ben said...

Dear Vis,

Just checking in here. I continue to read all that you write and it all continues to resonate.

I've had a real issue lately with sciatica... can't sit, stand, walk or lie down without pain. I'm seeing a Korean third-generation acupuncturist; he's very good at his profession and desires to see his patients healed. I'm also seeing a neuromuscular massage therapist that has worked some real miracles on people.

I've sensed through this period that Heavenly Father is teaching me some more lessons... just don't know what they are yet. Perhaps humility, perhaps complete surrender to the Divine.

I remain fascinated by those events capturing the world's interest and ponder their significance and spiritual meanings. Washington DC without power; more cannibals, heat waves, drought in some areas, floods in others. Bankers caught with their hands in the cookie jars, etc. Perhaps more reflections of warfare in the spiritual realm?

Can't type more as it's become too painful to sit any longer. I covet your prayers; if God brings me to your mind, please ask that His will be done for me.

Visible said...

I've no idea what YT or 28K refer to.


Ben, sciatica is a postural problem. Regular situps/crunches every other day will do marvels as will hanging upside down from your knees. The lion pose is good also. Most people suffer something somewhere do to the shift in range of motion which comes about through aging. I would also recommend Tai Chi which definitely addresses the postural concern. I'm speaking from an awareness of that condition in the past.

Steve said...

Hey Ben,

These simple exercises will get you back on your feet again. The Back block has the same effect as hanging from your knees, just a lot easier at the stage when it is burning.



Ben said...

Thankee, Vis,

I'll start with the sit-ups tomorrow morning; I'll see about rigging a bar to hang from. I've been doing stretches for some time. This was all brought on when I was lifting and toting heavy loads of soil for the garden; the therapist does not believe it is a ruptured disk. Thanks again for the counsel... I'm using my wife's IPad to type this while lying on the couch. I did spend the bulk of the day on my feet, working in the garden and in my shop.

Anonymous said...

Hey all…during the past several weeks of the blogs, the following are some of my thoughts. They’re not in any particular order; it’s random, and sort of rambly. Some of it I was just being humorous with my thoughts (just to elicit a smile), some of it is just an echo back of thoughts expressed here by y’all and Visible. Serena
NDEs: I figure I’ll probably never have one; not at this point. I think they know I’d not go back willingly. They’d have to knock me out and put me back here. I suppose that would be a violation of free will; that’s why it ain’t gonna happen to this kid. Further, from what I can sort out, I may have already had one, since I can’t remember it and was only told of my delirium and I was under five years of human age. Possibly, that didn’t go well either. I am also told that I amazed doctors at “what I seemed to know” in infancy and I was walking at the age of four months. I dunno what happened, but my rate of “growth” musta got crippled somehow shortly thereafter, meaning knowledge seems to have fled from me cuz I feel like some flickering bulb about to short out from just trying to keep the current going.

Anonymous said...

Serena continues:
Knowledge: I don’t know a lot and what I thought I knew turns out to be wrong, therefore I didn’t know. It appears I know less and less by the day. At best I have some hazy vision of how things could be, but am at a loss to find a viable path there. So, I just rely on the Divine and so far so good from what does become apparent or when I finally “get it.” But, I find I do a lot of asking myself what took me so long to “get it”; I’ve convinced myself that I must be assigned to the remedial learning group. I seem to hear (or imagine) a lot of celestial relieved sighs at that point when I understand. Like Duhhhh. I think maybe they’ve removed the training wheels at this point now, but I’m not certain – well, maybe it’s under discussion.
I don’t know, but it seems to me that the whole money concept is wrong headed. I’ve narrowed it down to this “tit for tat” thing/mindset that will never work with the concepts of love and compassion. The best analogy that should be apparent for most anyone is what is “expected” from children or animals we keep as pets. Some of us feed and care for them and expect little to nothing in return. And both children and pets do attempt to return the love and compassion in their capacity. And the aware acknowledge it; that keeps the circle going or the current flowing. Also, (paraphrasing) if we perform good works and expect something in return for such, then it is all for naught. Then also, we need to learn not just how to give, but how to receive as well.
I hear some “enlightened” people say we’re not going to get any “higher” assistance and we need to handle things on our own. I think this is true, but only to a small extent. Maybe it’s true for the selfish, but those striving to learn and grow I think may it may be less so. How many of us come to the assistance of the “lesser” (hungry animals, needy children, etc.)? Why wouldn’t “greater” beings assist those in need here and now? (As above, so below) Some in the forum express the desire to group together and live as we think it should be or how intended. That, I think, could be a positive learning experience for all involved encompassing a lot of ground in having it work. I also think, “if we build it, they will come.” I think of that in terms that the expended energy and love that could come of such a project would receive energy back which could have the potential to grow itself in the positive.

Anonymous said...

Serena continued...
From the current example we have in front of us today of what does not appear to work, I would guess that we’d need to do a whole lotta thinking outside the box; no attempting to revamp the broken down, dilapidated system we are currently in. I envision a society with no leaders, elected officials, etc., no hierarchy, no made up laws; there would be only Divine Law, no ownership, no money. Personally, I’ve never wanted to lead anyone anywhere, nor did I want to be led. Both were not comfortable positions to be in. I didn’t even appreciate being imitated in a flattering expression. It always evoked a desire to admonish the imitator to be their own self. (However the larger part of that stemmed from the big ego-self in the beginning, but I’ve gotten past that.) No wonder I bristled at it, as when contemplated there is evidence that it is a form of an attempt to control.
Some of my more memorable lessons came from being a parent. That situation made it apparent that assuming the responsibility for another human being is some serious and daunting stuff. My parenting style always revolved around encouraging thinking for oneself while attempting not to lead in varying degrees. Children often display some of the strongest and heart wrenching (in a positive sense) degrees of unconditional love. As difficult as raising children is (if you accept the responsibility), it is rewarding and many lessons are presented to the parent(s). Parents almost have the opportunity to as much as the children. But it is difficult and even after they’re grown, it never ends. Maybe it’s just prepping for future assignments? I’ve also noticed that many child-less people have pets. Hmmm.
Ownership: how can anyone possibly think that they could own any part of the earth? If ownership can be banished I think lots of problems that live within the concept of ownership will naturally disappear too. Besides, ownership is a part of the “materialistic”. Knowledge only becomes valuable when shared; locked away it is useless. And, it’s apparent the dark side has hoarded and abused knowledge. Whole lotta good it did them.
Thanks for allowing me to share. Love to all - Serena

zepheri said...

I have found that stand up paddle boarding helps also with the sciatica.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous poster, 5:25:00 PM July 3 -

I think Romney will be elected. Here's why. There's an alleged Satanist who hangs out at Henry Makow's blog. He makes intermittent posts, here and there. And he also makes predictions, and some of them have been uncannily accurate. One of his predictions was that a fellow Satanist would finally be elected again as President. Since Obama is already in the White House, that leaves one alternative if his prediction comes true: Romney. I know it doesn't matter who the President is, they're all controlled by the Elite. (I just like making predictions.) The Satanist's name (er, nom de voyage) is Aloysius Fozdyke.

Here's a link to some info about Fozdyke, and this particular article will also take you to Makow's blog and some of Fozdyke's writings (and predictions) -


Rob in WI said...

If you can get youtube with 28k, you must know some majik that I'm not aware of, or, you have extreme patience. I can't get most streaming audio at 56k. Downloading a Vis song takes an hour or more, that's why I stick to text. BTY, since you know of Boxer beer, you must not live too far away.
A good beginning (in seeking truth), is to begin by seeing all MSM as a well constructed lie. The masks used to distort what "truth" is there become recognizable because they are emotional, repetitive, and simple. IMHO.
You do get a bit rough with the readers in posts like this, and while that's no problem with regular readers, I hope it doesn't scare new ones away, as you have much to offer. "Vintage Visible" might be a good plan, to catch new readers up. I haven't contributed much here, except I may have had something to do with the spelling of Qaddafi. Be well all. L. Rob

Peaches said...

Vis surely there must be a reason I can't imagine why you use mainstream email....?? But you live in a different country so what do I know. I've always wondered about that. And gardener...I read RP today. I do check him out here and there. I was very interested in his opinion about atrotheology.

Love Peaches

brian boru said...

Hi Les, I just wondered about the existence of demons. You frequently mention that the vile creatures who rule our planet and civilisation worship Satan or are Satanists. Are demons, succubi etc real? Do they actually exist in some plane of reality and can they actually manifest here in the physical realm and influence events here? Some sources I have read claim that there is only Universal Consciousness and that a wilful resistance in acknowledging that we are individualised units of that Consciousness, which temporarily manifest in the material realm, cause the warping of our souls or cause us to imagine such entities as demons. The jews and their puppets certainly seem to believe in them and behave accordingly. Just curious as I have often pondered the reality of evil. Only humans seem to revel in evil for evil's sake.

Anonymous said...

My intuition is the about the only thing I trust implicitly these days. When something doesn't feel right, I avoid it but would never be able to explain why in logical, sensible terms. I read your blogs because they FEEL right, not because I am certain that they ARE right or that you can provide any missing pieces to the puzzle of our human natures. If you preached or came across as a guru, I would be gone. My 80 year old mother, who has advanced Alzheimer's rendering her amazingly gifted in some really strange ways, told me recently that she doesn't like to go places or talk to many people anymore, because "things have changed, people are different, but, oh, well, I can't explain it."

Pam in Colorado

Visible said...

The Red Ice Radio. is now available for download.

Visible said...

Yes Rob, I am aware of that and I'm not always comfortable with it but as I have often said, each blog has its tenor and I tend to do what I'm told. I'm given to believe that I have to include some element of that at times to maintain a flawed perspective of me. The good news, if it is good news, is that that is on a timer and should be pretty much entirely gone in a few months.

Andrew from Sydney said...

Re: Comment from Dave.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012 5:25:00 PM regarding his personal experiences with a Jewish friend, what utter nonsense, stereotypical racist and a very sad perception, I'm sure all of us have met this type of person, at some time, I was brought up in London and have met many inquiring minds who wanted to control others. And, so? It is not the Jewish sheeple who control the world, they are dumber than dumb like the rest of us but possibly brainwashed more effectively.

I thought only enlightened and intelligent people bothered to write on here, not paid individuals and fools...

David, time to leave home mate and learn how it really is..eh?

Love to all and Les. . . . am sure I've seen you in Lake Como performing in hot pants?

siamsiam said...

Nice Redice Mr Vis. Felt like supporting kin at a concert or sports day. You know, like being involved as opposed to just being one of the audience :)

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

The Declaration of Total Dependence upon The Spawn of Satan.

Guldur said...

Yes and yes, Amen to that Les!
Greetings and wellbeing to you my earthly spirit comrade (and unearthly brother as I am sure). Your lastly posts are a pearl upon pearl mostly, but this one probably rules - at least got me enough to comment and you may know I mostly silent (not much visible, grin) companion of yours.
Please Les, be yourself exactly as you write in this one blog, DO NOT others manipulate you a bit (how easy to tell these to someone other than myself, more grinning).
I always like your mentiong the "Satanic cabal" and "all it is interconnected, multifaceted throughout the world culture(s) hydra" and the "purpose of demonstration" and the "angel of light at last" and other things, repeating over and over - and it seems still not often enough as evident in the reader abandoning you... It IS all deadly serious, masses trivia (sports, celebrities, ..whatever) IS their death sentence, how it is that they can´t see that? For my part, may I be ashamed, I gave up to point out all the self-obvious things and their world´s death sentence signs (all the interconnected things) to the ignorant ones. I have no more power for that nor your gift of words probably. Everyone will get (harvest) what they deserve, "by their fruits you shall learn them" or "the wheat from the chaff" became my mantra for/against my guilt and partial participance in that circus. Sometimes it draws tears to my eyes, I know that you and many (probably most) of your blogs´readers know that feeling...
Farewell and thank you for all your generosity and words. Please, PERSEVERE!
P.S. The serious new visage of the Smoking mirrors in Gothic script is perfectly mirroring the serious (in the meaning of deep/not trivial) nature of life and the world/creation.

Anonymous said...

Great, great stuff- and true. Found this from TruthSeeker.uk. Seek the truth, but do not be yoked with the Satanists, witchcraft and sorcery in the original Greek is what we now call pharmacology. Be ye not yoked with them. I gave up pharms, even "herbals" as it is demonic, no doubt about it. Don't be fooled, especially by those who claim that Christ approves. They are sympathetic to the Devil. If you fiddle with the devil, you have to pay him, too. Stay as far away from anything Satanic or even something vaguely associated with it. And, smoking herbals is. We all know it, don't rationalize. if Job can live through his ills, so can we. The Satanic cabal is REAL- very real, and very scary. If everyone realized just how sinister and pervasive they are, they'd run to their Bibles and grab a pitchfork and take to the streets to expose the perpetrators of this sinister cult. Don't give your aggressors and annoyers power- don't give their "Master" your idolizations by using his sorcery "pharmacology". I know a bit about these annoyers, these Herod's henchmen. God help them, and forgive them, for they know not what they do.

your friend

Anonymous said...

Rob in WI, no majik do I know. 28K on a good day, sometimes 26. I am running win2000 pro and use opera browser. Many times YT errors out on me, a song takes about a half hour. I'm in the middle of MN. My wife lived in Emerald, eldest daughter in Ashland for a bit and kin that crossed the pond are resting in Big Patch.

May these sweatlodge conditions purify our spirit,

Visible said...

Well, outside of the possibility that St John of Patmos was on mushrooms and the fact that through history seers and mystics have imbibed and tasted realms beyond what is generally permitted to the senses and despite what my own experience has shown me, it's probably a good idea for most people to go on the conventional route; keeping in mind the strong pull of fundie dogmatics into a swamp of cant and empty ritual and keeping in mind the degree to which Satan's chosen have annotated and messed with available scripture... I guess there's some truth to that.

Anonymous said...

Pam in Colorado;

sounds ominously like 'mother abigail'.

are we that close?

(cancel my tix for vegas.)

Anonymous said...

for the purists and bean counters.

one K = 8 k
K denotes Bytes, which is 8 bits
so 28K = 28kBps = ~220kbps

everyone get the Higgs Boson announcement?

great news and in Newspeak,
doubleplusgood, and the chocolate ration has been doubled from 20 to 50 grams.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Getting my Mind Right and Shaking it here, Boss.

Anonymous said...

God/Goddess bless you my brother on your self-creating road of wonder. Life is a gift that the dark forces forget... Maybe,they'll remember next time round..

How many cycles is that?

Loved your interview on

Red Ice Creations...

Good to hear people speaking from their heart & not their wallets these day's...

Anonymous said...

To "Andrew from Sydney" @ July 04, 2012 1:08:00 PM

Regarding my comments on the kinky, insulting questions from the jew I was with:

1. Sorry, I forgot you were there too, mate.
2. I did leave home, mate. Why am I living in my mother's basement again, mate?
3. Have you learned Chinese yet, mate?


giov said...

My first message, sir. Just an Ode, hopefully not too odious:

Ode, or Owed to the Les is More, or to the high Visibility:

Like a breath, or hurricane of fresh air but with no airs put on, and carrying the baby back up the coast from the Gulf bathwater, along with all the debris of tornado-shattered life, reconstructing a facsimile of what it all could have meant for today, I salute the invisible yet eminently audibly and inwardly visible cyber inn where there is room for the Word despite the animal sounds and references to kingpins from the East and West. I laud the outlawed hardly flawed heartfelt lowdown dealer wit outwitting the DEA to bring us 'something fine', the real stuff, goodies from the righteous high crazy science dudes. As quite an old dude m'self I rejoice to reminisce about the atom bombs of the mind, full of flower power, seeing the grace of that in this your waterfall of rainbow words, seeing wisdom making the very most of those gifts which were the most. I anticipate slurping up your archives, getting my feet wet in your fire, lapping up the steak and tidbits that get my eyes opening, get my mind re-membering, my heart exulting to be a member of your friends. I rejoice in the powers that have preserved you, sir, through the such extremely thin and grossly thick to carry the flame safely to us, the inexpressible in such a lavish kaleidoscope of expressions. Kudos, Namaste and all that!

Joseph E Fasciani said...

Les, you're a good man, and help others by being yourself. I do the same. All-too-often we get used and abused, but that doesn't make us as crummy as those creeps already are! Stay the course! Here's a tip: use cluuz, the Vancouver, BC-based free browser. It's free, absolutely no adverts, and has excellent encryption. It was developed by people w/the Mozilla mindset, OK?

All best, Joseph

Anonymous said...

Quote from "Dave": "On another note, allow me to predict. Obama will be reelected, and he will "pardon" the jew spy Jonathan Pollard. Jew power has been pressing this for years.

The release of Pollard will mark the collapse of resistance to jew control. Believe it or not, there is a bit left. When you see him released, get ready for midnight visits from the NKVD/DHS. That's when it will get very, very nasty."

This needs to be repeated. It's very important- and is subject to being buried underneath the carpet of comments- some helpful, some not so much. But - I have copy pasted it and posted it on a G+ profile board for sharing.



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