Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lights, Smoking Mirrors and Misdirection

Dog Poet Transitioning.......

May your noses always be upwind when you eat and downwind when you shit. Don't ask.

It's never the appearance of what is in front of you that is important, it's what's behind the scenes. It's never what the magician appears to be doing, it's what he's actually doing, while you are engaged in observing the former. That's how magic works anyway, doesn't it; depending on what you call magic? Not many people know that Muhammad Ali was a magician- outside the ring, I mean- or that the British Society of Magicians threw him out of their org because he was always revealing how different tricks worked as soon as he learned about them. He's one of my biggest heroes. I named my daughter after him ...but in a surreptitious fashion.

Magic, the magic of deception, misdirection and disinformation is the key influence of our times. That has a lot to do with living in the information age, the age of media and sensory dominance by special effects, performed with the intention of leaving impressions, whose intent is a reality other than the one we are in; as if any of us had any idea of what reality is... and that is the point. Any of these practitioners of false premise and perception will tell you that, “reality is anything I say it is”. They're echoing Alistair Crowley from decades past when he said, “Magick is anything I say it is”. It's like Karl Rove said, “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do”.

I'm no fan of Crowley, though I'll admit there were two of him. The pre-Choronzon and post-Choronzon Crowley, though one could argue the invocation of Pan might have been another transitioning point. It's hard to know whether something actually happened or got staged; referencing the Pan episode. Of course I'm no fan of Rove's. I'm not a fan of much and as time passes the list grows smaller. It seems like every day I find something out about one icon or another. Thankfully the only icons of any importance in my life are not mortal expressions. When it comes to magicians; philosophers, deep thinkers of whatever stripe and whatever doctrines or creeds different individuals may settle on, I note a recurring theme that continually reappears. People choose the people they admire and the ideologies they follow, based on either their complexity and attendant mystery, or their simplicity and transparency. I favor the latter. I find with the former that it tends to grant a certain kind of unfortunate self importance, giving far too many opportunities to the outspoken follower to show just how smart he is by explaining what so and so actually thought. It's that late night dorm session thing you get, in early times, when the student has first been exposed to some small amount of convoluted thinkers and maybe did a couple of black beauties earlier on.

It all tends to hearken back to The Emperor's New Clothes and so many of the timeless fables and fairy tales that were and are vehicles for concealed wisdom and esoteric teaching. You get to a certain point with all of that and then you either make direct contact with some living font, or an archetypal aperture. One way or another, you are in a position to get your water directly then. It only depends on whether you need to have a face and personality attached to it. Some of us don't.

We get deceived for one of two reasons (I'll add the 3rd possibility further on), fear or desire. Absent either of them, you've accomplished more than 99% of the people walking this Earth. An argument can be made for ignorance and/or confusion but, at that level, what's being discussed here wouldn't apply or seem relevant anyway. Strangely enough, following on, once (or twice, or many times) deceived, both ignorance and confusion bloom again and it doesn't matter how smart you were before that.

A reader who only connects here through Facebook (strangely, there are some number who only appear and comment there and never come around here) pointed out something interesting about a particular terrible enemy of humanity, recently mentioned at Petri Dish, Michael Chertoff; “Chertoff, chertov, is it fitting then that the root of the surname is Chert (черт)? Copy and paste the Russian word into Google image search, or the dictionary (the difference in spelling the "e" and the "o" are irrelevant in this case). Here is the Wikipedia link”. There are no accidents in nature or ourselves. If you believe, as I do, that everything is just what it is supposed to be and completely under control, you tend to see evidence of this in everything. If you don't believe this then you don't see evidence of it.

I occasionally get people warning me about all kinds of things as if, besides simply paying attention and following my intuition, I could possibly have any greater or more positive comprehensive effect on my life. It doesn't work that way. “The best laid plans...”. “If you want to make God laugh, make plans”... oh, there are hundreds of aphorisms to choose from. I get threatened with dire possibilities if I don't surrender myself to their greater acumen; meanwhile, no two situations are the same and what was once is not so now, not precisely. No two people are the same and 'you can't step into the same river twice'. I don't rely on my own wits and resources to troubleshoot my life. Everyone is welcome to do what seems right for them. I happen to believe that just about everyone has it backwards and upside down. Everybody thinks they are in charge of something, especially themselves. I don't believe that for a minute. I know better; one of the few things I do know. I used to know all kinds of shit. I was really informed (grin). I was an expert (so I thought) on all manner of subjects. You only had to ask me to get a detailed synopsis. I don't know any of that stuff now.

Not knowing all kinds of things can have a distinct advantage, when it comes to traversing the uncertain terrain of the moments in front of you. Most importantly, a great deal of what we think we know has been implanted or is the product of telepathic invasion while in the formative years. A lot of what moves us around and influences our footsteps is part of the regular broadcast. The regular broadcast is pernicious, self serving and full of shit. Too few of us realize how much the regular broadcast affects what we do and say and, equally importantly, how we feel.

It's possible, given what happened in Syria, very recently, that the bus bombing in Bulgaria was not done by Israeli agents. They have a routine habit of killing their own people in order to make it possible to kill a whole lot of other people. It's what they do. They kill, torment and abuse people. It's their job description. It is not only their vocation but also their avocation. They are monsters, camouflaged in human skin. The AskeNazi Reptile Nation is an alien life form and they hate humanity with a vengeance. Like I say, it's possible somebody finally got tired of their indiscriminate killing of everyone in reach (doubtful but possible). It could be they finally pushed the river too far. Sooner or later, assuredly they will. There are some interesting points made here that are made about the pending passing of evil and the Photon Belt. Some other points are also made about how planetary influence can no longer be predicted, with any accuracy, according to normal modalities. The future is not fixed by any means.

One should think of their position on Terra and their relative placement and perception of time and space as something like either a contemporary video game, with many levels and trap doors OR as a multi-dimensional construct, where buses are coming in and out of the station above and below you. Where you are is directly determined by your awareness. Awareness is fluid. It can alter and change. Human nature can be fluid and also calcified. This speaks to 'degree of difficulty'. We all got degree of difficulty. Invisible winds hammer the Hell out of me with some frequency. I was not all that appreciative of the attention until very recently. I wasn't getting it. My getting it has a lot to do with my interpretation of the reasons and meaning. It changes how I react, or don't react.

We live in a time of malevolent magicians with all kinds of FX; lights, smoking mirrors, misdirection. The effects can be toxically soothing, alarming, disheartening, alienating and so on. They are everywhere and operating with different levels of expertise and ineptitude. There is high end and low end, both operating out of the bottom end. They broadcast in the ethers, through the television and radio and into the subconscious from subterranean stations. They're coming from all directions. Unless you are tuned in to the central and enduring terminus, you are getting the daily printout from the dark side.

It's like the old railroad adage; “stop, look and listen”. I listen to everyone but I pay special attention to delivery and tone.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

upside down, inside out ... it all is. not being from arkansas, myself, "i'll see it when I believe it."

misdirection is deception, the masters of which would have us build walls about ourselves, and convince us it was our own idea to throw away the 'key'.

magic feels more the arrangement of energy. 'don't you tell me 'bout your law and your order, just tryin' to change this water to wine!'

Anonymous said...

wait, that could be missouri. apologies all around to the 'daredevils'.

Anonymous said...

'blackbirds' singing in the dead of night ...'

auditing dorm sessions, sara lawrence '69.(grin)

Visible said...

This is a very interesting video.

Anonymous said...

and yet another unscathed i.d.?

best be checkin' out them (amboy) dukes!

Paulcito said...

Hi Vis, new to your work but enjoying your downloads! No doubt we can be disappointed by icons, but isn't there always something distasteful to find out? Personally, if an icon has something valuable, inspiring and even life-saving to teach someone, I will do my best to choose to be grateful and focus on the goodness in that person and the value of the gifts they have to share, as opposed to their dark side or behavior. Given that people have to do what they do in the context of the insane-asylum we call "the world", and Natural Law was never taught to any of us, we should cut anyone a little slack methinks when they seem a little off-track. "You get yours baby, I'll get mine" is one of my favorite phrases describing how things go, and seems to be the essence of what you are trying to teach as well on your blogs. I have to say that Jim with essential help from the other Doors did save my life in a way that some kind of simple presentation not associated with magestic art and a larger-than-life personality and spirit never could have. "Delivery and tone" indeed!

preacher said...

Thanx for the PDF from And your own writings ofcourse...
It's getting increasingly more difficult to see behind the smoking mirrors; so many players, so many plots. And then there's also my own life that's getting more complicated every day, it seems.

the gardener said...

Staying grounded to self-to source is the hardest effort I put out.

This article of yours, today, is, of course, totally pertinent to survival on Terra-right now-today.

Out to the apple trees for some divine connections for me.

This is New Moon-new beginnings in late Cancer. Conjuncting most of our generation's natal Uranus... the WILD card that made us the distinctive generation that we are.

Double Light shining-Sun and Moon. Venus is at when it closed the ugly one's portal... opened wide for all to show who and what they really are/were from 2004-2008... lots of blindsidings, double and triple crossings, lots of disassociations from self and outside influences.

So many are being stripped bare of everything they have and are right now. To the bones. To their souls. Setting their souls free and naked.

Let the lights shine down and around all the freaks and ghouls. Exposing them to their own selves with no where to run, no where to hide. Like the rest of us.

the gardener

now to all your link reads! then out to the literal gardens.

Lukiftian said...

Like.... :)

the gardener said...

ooh this is an incredibly well written piece (one of the links)(I like having NAMES to work with-too bad there aren't pics of these freaks)off of alternet's news feed
The Progressive / By Ian Murphy

The 9 Most Loathsome Lobbyists in Washington
The depraved lobbyists in our nation's capitol will push virtually any legislation if the money is right.

now to Ali's magic...:) wow the star quality he possesses-I liked how it was explained... that was a good one.

The '2012' book I've saved for later consumption. Thanks Vis-love you tons.

the gardener

Visible said...

That wasn't the intention of the mention.

gretchen said...

That bus bombing looks like either another false flag to once again say Iran is to blame, or as Rivero pointed out, maybe people are getting fed up with the Israeli bullshit and doing it and that person was sitting near where the bomb was placed in the luggage compartment. And how do they know that guy in the video is 36 if his ID was fake? He looks like a 20 something son of a tribe member I severed ties with a few years ago to be honest.

Visible said...

Well, well whaddya know. Maybe this sort of thing is about to go viral. What will Israel do when what they have been doing to everyone else starts happening to them?

Doug Pearson said...

When you're 16 you've finally got it all figured out. Then when you're 20 something you realize you didn't know shit at 16(but do now). Then when you're about 35..same thing. And on and on. So I reckon we never really know shit and probably the smartest we'll ever be is when we understand this. I know one thing though....Ali was the man.

Zoner said...

I appreciate the message, Visible, as always. The links to that "mainstream" news reporting, however, makes me shake my head in disbelief upon viewing the comments.

They really have done a fine job of making us into ghouls, whoever they are. Things have gotten so out of whack I cannot even BEGIN to identify with such a mindset. Us vs. them has never been more readily available, eh? Used to be maybe a tribal thing, or then which God one worshipped. Now it likely starts at Coke vs. Pepsi, sports teams, Gibson vs. Fender, whatever trivial point of separation one needs, and then spreads from there. What a sad bunch of clueless asses we have become. "You Libs......"
WTF is that about? As if there are 2 neat sides and nothing in-between......

Just shows what happens when one adopts a position of "knowing" - anything, really. You are IMMEDIATELY at odds with a large percentage of the world, and likely now feel the need to defend your opinion (because of a tenuous grip on this "knowledge" that makes the ego all twitchy). So much better to be open, curious, humble, and willing to be completely wrong about damn near anything. Some would call the person who "knows nothing" a fool. I would call that person well on the way to that elusive thing called "Truth".

Anonymous said...

Les, you quoted Karl Rove. His arrogance prompts me to offer you this excerpt from a recent Texe Marrs essay:

"I reported to you that it was John Roberts who, as a private attorney, had been the gay community’s most successful advocate in the courts. In fact, Roberts represented the Gay, Lesbian, and Trangender group’s challenge to the Texas State law criminalizing homosexual sodomy. This is public record and was known by President Bush and his White House chums...

"The shame of it all was that Christian evangelicals, ignorant and stupid as they really are, fell right in line and supported President Bush’s choice of homosexual activist John Roberts to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Jay Sekulow, Richard Land—the whole kit and kaboodle of evangelicals insisted that Congress put Bush’s gay buddy, John Roberts on the highest Court of the land.

"These wicked and apostate evangelicals backed bisexual George W. Bush and his homosexual crony, Karl Rove, to the hilt, both in the matters of Zionism and warmongering, and in support of Bush’s choice of homosexual attorney John Roberts as Chief Justice."

--Texe Marrs, "Blame George W. Bush for Obamacare"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Visible!

more fun with Bolshevik (Russian) derived names:

"Kagan" - Russian/Khazar word meaning (Kharzar) King

KaganOVICH = son of Kagan; as in Lazar Kaganovich; brother to Stalin's last mistress;
and more important for demonstration purposes - Stalin's left-hand man = Lazar was the real "hand" behind Stalin's mass murdering, genocide committing

KaganOVICH often is "Americanized" as Kaganovitz or shortened to Kagan (dropping the patronymic ending)

so question to any who may be interested

is Elena Kagan related to the Russian Kaganovich ...? (look at their fotos; add a moustache to Elena or a dress to Lazar - there's a resembalance (maybe due to purpose in life, etc., but a resemblance...)

btw: while in the wilderness this morning i was privileged to walk within 3 metres of a vulture (sitting on a tree stump -at my eye level); he/she didn't depart and i stayed at the meeting place about a minute; we made eye contact; the vulture's eyes spoke: "you're safe, for a little longer; my master, Apocalypse, is on the way; a little more time to prepare ..."

Visible said...

Great to hear from you Zoner. Yes it is almost pornographic in it's display of bone marrow deep stupidity. These cinderblock heads shout at each other back and forth the cords of their virtual no necks are as tense as steel cables. They want to kill. Librals, neocons, whatever. When someone comes into the room and asks a truthful question they scream, "Shut up! Get out!!! They hope the cops will hit you with their sticks. That would give them a stiffy. Them and the cops.

I thank god I'm in Europe, at least here, most people have a brain and most people have an education and manners. It's not that way everywhere but it is most places where I is (grin).

Now I more and more feel the need for Nature encompassing and less of neighbors and close houses. I want to spend some quality alone time with her. By this time next year I will be there somehow and have her wired too (heh heh). What I mean is, able to transmit this sort of thing if I'm still into it or it won't be more than a few miles walk through canyons or jungle to do it and the exercise would be good. I've gotten a little too sedentary and I am naturally a very physically active guy. I also begin to feel bleed white not being around The Lady more often. I get the feeling I could be sitting somewhere, against a tree or a rock and then just melt back into her while the centuries rolled by above me.

Visible said...

There's no proof Rove said that but it's generally assumed. Yeah, I've heard about his and Tip O'Neil's excursions through reversed Kundalini land in DC. It's common knowledge among the insiders there. A whole crew of them are like that and they're on Mossad video tape each one and much worse than that. If I can ever get this new novel transcribed I get into a lot of this.

There was a lady that wrote me recently who had read The Darkening Splendor and who professionally read books for context and consistency, I hope she sees this and writes me again. She could be a big help. The book is complex and needs an impartial trained observer. It'll happen. It's just that everything is on God's time and, I might add, God's dime.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Could a guided missile have been the weapon used in the bus blast?

Whose word are we taking that it was a suicide bomber?

Visible said...

I heard from a friend a few minutes ago and she was feeling down and I could tell it was a pretty deep down. I was thinking and feeling and so I sent her this. A lot of us are being put through the wringer right now and, if I were to think about it, I could say that God is doing our laundry. Old washers used to have wringers. When I saw the comments below the video I sent I nearly wept. You'll see what I mean.

All of us should keep in mind that any one of us and anyone we love can disappear at any time. How many of us regret so many of the things we could have said and done and didn't do? We didn't tell someone we loved them as they were on their out the door, just down to the store but they never came back. We didn't sit someone down and tell them all the things they meant to us. We didn't open our hearts and hang the self consciousness or insecurity and say, say what we deeply want to say.

All those things we could have stopped what we were doing to do for the sheer joy of the act. These are the things we need to remember and we also need to remember that it is very possible that any number of our screwups were not actually our fault. The divine made them happen for the purpose of demonstration or realization... sometimes in order to avoid something much worse. Regret is for people who've already run out of time in their minds. It doesn't matter what age you are or where you've been or what you've done. That new life you keep promising yourself begins the minute you start to live it.

Visible said...

I thought it was a plane (grin). Yeah, there is something really suspicious about that video clip. I don't know what it is but right away a buzzer started going off in my head. Still, if it is what they say(and it usually isn't), it could be the beginning of that trend I have been certain is going to come and which they will have zero defense against. There is a shift in the wind of consciousness.

I am already seeing that phenomena I mention a lot about what happened at the Battle of the Morannon, moments after The Ring went into the crater. Once that begins and it will be in timelapse, the predator will become the prey. This is going to happen.

preacher said...

The Great Taboo

Anonymous said...

Ah yes. Smoking mirrors.

It has always been ironic to me that Cassius Clay (aka Muhammad Ali), became universally known as a rebel who stood on his principals - and not Sonny Liston.

You may recall that Mr. Ali's rise to fame was predicated on two "victories" over the then-champion Mr. Liston, back in the early 1960's. As usual, perception and reality are two entirely different animals. And when the MSM gets involved, you can always be certain that what you see bears no resemblance at all to what you are actually getting.

It is common knowledge among those who have a clearer view of such things, that a great many of Mr. Ali's fights were flat-out fixed. This has nothing to do with Mr. Ali's moral fiber - or does it. That's up to the individual to decide. I'd lay 10-1 odds that Ali is a mind-controlled slave, which pretty much negates his ability to exercise "free will". Be that as it may, it's common knowledge among insiders that Liston threw the first two fights to Ali, under duress from his handlers (who were mobsters, for lack of a better word). Ali had been hand-picked to become the heavyweight champion of the world, to meet a much broader agenda. Nobody becomes heavyweight champion by accident. Everything is rigged - from the stock market to the football field. Nothing happens by chance, not when prearranged outcomes can be so easily arranged...

I can lay out evidence that will open your eyes to a lot of this. Just ask me for it. But basically, Ali was not what he appeared to be - not at all. Sonny Liston, on the other hand, was an earth-shaking bad-ass of a man whom Mike Tyson once stated was the only man in the history of heavyweight boxing whom he would be afraid to fight. Sonny Liston had the balls to stand up to those who tried to control him. And Sonny Liston eventually lost his life because of it - he refused to take a dive against the last man he ever fought, a man named Chuck Wepner (on whom Sylvester Stallone predicated his cartoonish boxing character, "Rocky Balboa").

The only thing on the face of the earth that Sonny Liston was afraid of, was hypodermic needles. (And Liston allegedly died of a heroin your homework before you jump to conclusions, okay?)

The more you know about the subject matter, the more you will find out that Liston was the actual rebel. And Ali was the actual puppet. Which is ironic as fuck, isn't it.

But then, here on earth, black is white and white is black, so long as TPTB regains control over whatever exists between one's ears...

Anonymous said...


You know, as a child, when I was taken to the magic shows by my parents, I watched how all the youngsters oooohed and aaaahhed at the magic tricks.

Bore me. Others watch the yammering mouth, the white teeth, the sequins flashing under the brilliant lights. Just sooooo into "gee, how did he do that?"

Watch the hands, you dopes, I always thought. Don't look at the face, watch the hands. You can see the trick very clearly if you do.

Those of us who watched the hands never fell asleep. Those who found themselves seduced and hypnotized by the glitter did. The former are awake, the latter are the sheep. The former also prove to be, in laboratory experiments, highly unsusceptible to hypnotic suggestion.

In the tao, it is always said, "You are either a warrior or a commoner. It is important to know, realistically and without ego, which one you are." Those who never fell for the surface level are the warriors, those that did, the commoners. And, yet, it is never too late to wake up.

You are dead on, sir. The rub is in truly understanding the metaphor beneath the overt and superficial words or performance.

In ancient times, this is why those of higher abilities were trained in psychology, art, acting and other such disciplines. That training allows for one to "see" beneath the surface of narcissus, whether in those around us, or within ourselves. And it is usually both.

Nice post.

Visible said...

Eery now and then someone shows up here, usually filled with contempt and always anonymous. Someone with a huge superiority complex who lives in a dismal Blade Runner world, where everything sucks and The Man is preeminent and you sort of get the feeling that this person works for The Man. If he doesn't work for him directly and consciously, he works for him as a willing subject because their objects and intentions are the same.

This person is always freer than the rest of us, always privy to information we don't possess. When pressed to conclusively prove what he says there won't be the sort of information needed. It will be inference and innuendo. It will be made to appear logical, as if that were proof and finally the assertion will be made that, "Well, if you're too stupid to see it..."

This person will presume that the rest of us don't know that boxing is corrupt and always has been but that some fighters really are that good and anyone who saw the Ali Frazer fights knows Ali was incredible and he had the fastest hands I ever saw, at that weight, except maybe for Tyson at the very beginning. My admiration for Ali is only tangentially connected to the ring, it's for him as a man. Of course, to you everything is staged and a sham and for you, it's always necessary at the end of a posting full of declaratives to stick the knife in because that was your point to begin with.

I've no outrage or real reaction. You're having to live with what you are cancels that out.

Lee said...

Speaking of Wringer washers, I was talking about that the other day.

While on that subject, why do people put you through the wringer and instigate, interrogate, and abuse you when you are going through a lot of pain? When I was going through a month long bout of homelessness, this is what I went through the whole time, or so it seemed.

To be honest, it was mostly the female gender that put me through the ringer and unjustly so. Is it my bad luck to be around abusive people like that or is it the state of present evil?

I thank you Les, for encouraging me with words like, "Endure". I also give thanks to a friend with words like" Grin and Bear It".

I have a last thought here. The greatest mystery of life is, the purpose for it.

I have no clue.


Visible said...

It's two fold, for the purpose of demonstration followed by (if one is in the state of continuous witness observation) realization, loving and serving as you go, of course. I'd be less concerned about God putting me through shit than his not giving a shit. "Those whom the lord loveth, he chastens".

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a suggestion from a remote viewer that the alleged suicide bomb which killed the Syrian ministers was really a drone strike.

(See the section RV as in Revelations under Thursday's date.)

Visible said...

It gets more and more mysterious.

Anonymous said...

yep. when resistance really is futile, in retrospect it was ... "sometimes in order to avoid something much worse."

you know it. altogether nice touch at the right time. as such, it's almost always the right time.

Doug Pearson said...

Maybe Ali was this or that, I couldn't really say...but to say he was anything less than an inspiration to many would be doing him one hell of an injustice. When he fought the whole world was watching. It was truly magical. For me, him going to the joint and giving up his title for what he believed is all that needs to be said. Off hand I can't think of many that have exhibited their convictions to that degree, except for Rachael Corrie. Ali was the man. What a guy he was back then! If I got duped I'm glad I did.

Rob in WI said...

Hi, Visible and all,
I believe Muhammed Ali was blessed with supernatural powers, compliments of the ineffable Divine, due to his courageous and self sacrificing STAND re. Viet Nam. He is a true hero, for having the balls to express the truth, and pay the consequences.
If you watch slo-mo video of his fights with Foreman and Norton, Ali took punches that should have put him to the mat, if not killed him.
Even if one hates or doesn't care about boxing as a sport, Ali is still a hero, IMHO.
Be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

The games are getting so lame. I've found in nature, no games just lessons.
The link to The Truthseeker on your side bar is screwed up everything else seems right on. Nothing more to say but thanks vis and all.


Anonymous said...

You're an interesting fellow and quite the philosopher. If you want some real truths, revealed way before "magic-electronic and spiritual" by the true divine, I advise you check out the Quran, Les. It is UNDENIABLE that it is the true word of ALLAH/GOD and that it is the prescription for the human races' disease. We all know that it is true. We know that Muslims are in fact righteous, good and blessed peoples who live rather simplistic lives and refrain from the sins of the world when strictly adhering to path set forth by ALLAH. We saw many a times the triumphs of Islam and its people, which illustrated without the need of magic that GOD, the one true and real GOD/ALLAH is on their side and is quite real despite non-believing kafirs. We see how the truth of Islam is being embraced by the good of the world at record speed with approximately 1.6 billion Muslims now populating the Earth. If you are a good person Les and free of sinister agendas, you will know that I am correct. As for contemporary problems and malfactors, they will have to deal with ALLAH, who is in fact coming to EARTH in his natural form so as not to be opposed at all. I will guarantee you this Les, upon ALLAH/GOD's return, all technology and literally be destroyed setting what remains of the human race back several hundreds of years, as ALLAH wills it, technology and machines will go out across the world and all arms-bearers, militaries those who use violence against the good, etc. will be the first to be removed from this Earth. All weapons will be neutralized and made futile just to show their is no resistance to ALLAH. You will see the mass killings of the wicked on Earth by ALLAH's pure energy. Those who will survive, are those deemed as worthy of continuing this Earth. Those who think they can fight GOD in the presence of him will be the first to perish. All that will remain will be FORCED to convert to Islam, by ALLAH and will do so willingly after observing his divinity in action leaving no doubts whatsoever on this Earth that he is in fact real and he is full of love and full of vengeance at the same time. I don't know how much you know about the truth and not misdirection or "magic" but ALI is already here and he is NOT GOD/ALLAH as there is only one. He is merely the herald of ALLAH announcing to the world what is coming and what will happen. ALI too came in disguise and exposed what was going on here on Earth in his own ways, often to the dismay or many non-believers. ALLAH always has his plan and it always works despite the intention of non-believers. There ways have already been taken into consideration ahead of time by ALLAH. The Islamic Universal Caliphate is coming back and the Islamic Union is going to formed. All nations will be given the opportunity to convert and join it or perish in their disbelief or kafir-ness. And then we will all observe the graceful and almighty GOD/ALLAH's return and there will be deniers and those who simply can't believe anything but their own "magic" or songs and movies and other types of subversion, lol and they will encounter and deal with GOD for however many miliseconds they will have to resist him. Trust me buddy, I don't use magic nor misdirection nor am I a silver-tongued politician. I am a pretty brutally honest and socially inept, and I clearly am not like 90% of this world. If you know who I really am, then you know what I say is true. If you are a good soul Les, I advise you come over to the righteous side and abandon your idolotrous and sinful ways, as Islam always welcomes the good no matter how evil they might have been as long as they are sincere. I hope you are one of the good ones, for your sake, later dude.

Visible said...

Dear Anonymous pretend Muslim; go pedal those fundie lies somewhere else, even though you're just playing the jerk as I can well tell. You won't get through again with this or any of the rest of it.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

A book for y'all.

Anonymous said...

old amish guy in 'witness' teaching harrison ford how to milk a cow says; "have you never held a teat before, man?" ford mutters under his breath; "not this big."

cue in silent pause, then the old man finally gets it and begins to roar with laughter. (common ground established.)

"... ideologies they follow based on either their complexity and attendant mystery, or their simplicity and transparency. i favor the latter."

cue in thought response; hmm... yeah, well seems about right.(filed.)

sometime later ... dawn breaks on stony point. (ongoing research breakthrough brings line 'back around.') of course! less complicated, more transparent. (what mystery?)

less IS more! (always the last place you look.)

in kind, for truth so simple and transparent, an experience so direct it feels like you're talking to yourself, pick up a copy of 'emmanuel's book' - choice for fear or love. highly recommend(but one can only suggest.)

Anonymous said...

organized religion. ya heard one, you've heard 'em all.

where would we be without 'em?

popcorn here! peanuts! get your ice cold hot dogs!

to coin an old adage; when it comes to salvation, i've learned to trust only me and thee. but some
times i worry about thee!

Anonymous said...

via kathy
Lee-you aren't a victim of the people/women chastising you, you're a student. Not their student but the one teaching through them.
I was much closer to my father than my mother when I was a kid. He died, I met a guy when I was 15 and we fell in love and married at 19. We didn't want any kids and he had a vasectomy at 23. He died three months later, I almost died of loneliness and grief. The message to me at that point was I was supposed to have kids. A couple of years later I met a marriable guy and we did and had three kids, are you seeing the trend here? He got sick and died 15 months later of a communicable disease whose cause or existence is in great debate...
Three kids under 6 and alone again. Met a guy a couple of months later, got pregnant and married him. I spent ten years and had another kid with a man whose borderline personality nearly killed me more than once. He left and I met another guy and we have been together although not in a living arrangement I would choose for almost a decade. I invested money with a guy who still owes it back to me for 6 years now. I know, more info than anyone needs about me but the point is...
My daughter, the wise one, said to me one day a few years ago, you keep expecting these guys to solve your problems. You are in charge of solving your own problems.
That was a two by four to the head spoken through her by The One.
I don't know why you were homeless and I have great empathy having lived with little kids a half a step away from decorating a 78 Volarie but there is a reason for it and you need to do a hard drive search of yourself for it. Maybe you have a person in your life who speaks the truth but you haven't been ready to hear it.
I hope you don't hear judgement in my words, you seem like a guy who questions and that is a compliment.
peace out

Anonymous said...

....speaking of dark nights...


Earlier this year, many areas of the heartland of America were absolutely ripped to shreds by very powerful tornadoes.

how do we lead the world in so many bad categories?

Why does nothing seem to be going right?

So where will 2012 rank when everything is all said and done ?

...cue poetry scene...slingblade.



Skepticfrog said...

I factually KNOW, that at least in one Central European country (Hungary) the Israel/Jew worshiping "Christian" fundies (Hit Gyülekezete) sect (And it IS a Sect) was founded and organized by both(!) Hungarian and Israeli Jews, using Israeli money.
I'm convinced it's no different elsewhere. You can google their name (Hit Gyülekezete), and see pics and vids of the whole disgusting and sickening spectacle of grown (goyim) people prostrating themselves and worshiping the Jews - as a race - and Israel.

John Rambo said...

"What I mean is, able to transmit this sort of thing if I'm still into it or it won't be more than a few miles walk through canyons or jungle to do it and the exercise would be good."

THat brought back some memories. Last year I was living in a very remote area in south India, that was 10km from the closest small town. It was the small valley on the side of a mountain, and there was a walking trail that led up the mountain another 5km or so, and at the very top was a monument and it was said that Bhima-Madhva meditated there.

Very amazing place, was the most scenic and naturally beautiful area I've ever seen in the world.

It was indeed a 5km walk through the jungle to get to the road where the local buses run. From there you could catch a bus to a small city, and from there you could catch a 2 hour bus ride to a medium sized city.

I heard that they just got wired this year, and finally got electricity and internet connection in that small valley.

There was also said to be a curse on that valley- that the animals are peaceful and will never attack humans, and the humans would be ungrateful people.

Seems to be true. There was no history of animals or snakes ever attacking humans, and the local villagers there were very harsh and ungrateful towards all of the good that the American man and his indian wife and family had done for them, such as building a school to educate their children.

Eventually I realized that I couldn't live that way, living literally in the middle of the jungle, cut off from all modern communications and electricity, and left. But it was indeed a very good experience.

John Rambo said...

LOL! Muslim man is demanding we convert to Islam and says Islam is righteous.

Yes, I agree Muslims have a good sense of morality, but what about the millions of peaceful Hindus that the Muslims killed in India a few centuries ago?

Brahmins, spiritual leaders, were intentionally targetted.

So the British aren't the only ones who tried to destroy India's spiritual culture. The fanantic insane Muslims also succeeded in destroying the spiritual culture by killing a shitload of spiritually pure and genuine brahmanas.

Muslims also say that Krishna is an idol. You can go fuck yourself for that.

Visible said...

My suspicion is that the so called Muslim who wrote that is very likely not even one ...and probably the author of the anti Ali comment. Various psy-ops comes and goes around here. Some of it is this and some of it is that and all of it is cat scat.

You may be sure that you are presently watching the opening credits to the shit hits the fan movie coming down the screen... sorry, I'm busy and no time for the usual attempt at finesse

John Rambo said...

"Various psy-ops comes and goes around here"

Yesterday on Rense there was an article talking about how the government is planning on using "trolls" to try to discourage extremists online, so who knows.

If you don't mind me asking, are you planning on coming to India this year? I remember you siad something about that in your post. If so, is this your first time to India? Where you planning on visiting and what you plan on doing?

The atmosphere here is like the exact opposite of the paranoid police state atmosphere of America. That's the main reason I like it here, cause I feel like I got a lot of freedom here.

The people are pretty nice here. Men are helpful and will always talk to you. It's not like in the West where people won't even talk to each other on the street. Women here are very feminine and beautiful. All in all, this is a very good culture and society.

Visible said...

I am coming to India in December. Maybe you didn't get the memo (grin).
And I am planning on being there for 6 months. I even have a cold rolled itinerary (for you iron workers) that hits in 3 spots. However, as you can see by the Bulgarian Swede caper and the Swedish hospital in Denver where the Batman thing got broke. Things are not funny and this is no joke.

All this depends on the will and whim of God absolute. At least I have now reached the point where I know I will not figure it out or comprehend it. I just bend with it. Heaven favors no man but the wise man favors Heaven LT

John Rambo said...

Yea I guess he didn't like the new Batman movie very much, LOL.

John Rambo said...

Yea who knows if modern society, and thus air travel, will have collapsed by December. Hopefully you can make it here before it collapses, because this would be a good place to live if modern society collapses.

Once the satanic possession of the Illuminati is destroyed over the whole world, India will become a very pleasant and spiritual place to live again.

So if you come here, and then modern society collapses while yuo are here, that probably means you will be staying here, as air travel will probably no longer be possible.

Not a bad place to retire.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les
thanks man, as always you hit the spot...speaking of reality and the creation thereof with Karl Rove and the cohorts of Chort :)
I think the reason we are still online and able to confer is porn.
And porn is de facto a social engineering modus operandi generating billions in the US alone.....and this ...please blow the drummer boy, thanks to Alfred C. Kinsey and the Rockefeller Foundation. Since 1948 we have been blinded by the "scientific conclusions" of this most deplorable alliance of a fraud.
Kinsey, a sexual psychopath was fond of the idea that everything in sexuality should be declared normal and hence uninhibited by traditional ideas of western society and its main but also tiniest foundation - the christian family. Child porn alone generates worldwide a reported three billion dollars every year for the dark side.My,my.
Well, cheers to Kinsey for spoiling the mores of the last four I go into the barn and do my pony and let my neighbor film it so that my kinky sister could update her pornshares.
Grüsse vom Gutmenschen
and remember, the truth is always antisemitic.

Denny said...

Re: Denver shooting...

What a dangerous country. My suggestion is that after this latest shooting everyone in the US should arm themselves to the teeth just to be on the safe side (if you get my drift..)

Anonymous said...

Below excerpt taken from -

Sonny Liston was the baddest fighter in the history of Planet Earth - inside or outside the ring.

Sonny Liston's fists were a massive 14 inches around (or 15 inches, depending on whom you ask), and Sonny's wing span was a ridiculous 84 inches - the greatest wingspan (reach) of any heavyweight champion in boxing history, with the exception of Primo Carnera.

Sonny Liston destroyed all of the top-ranked heavyweights of his day (except for the ones who refused to fight him), including Zora Folley, Eddie Machen and Cleveland Williams.

(Muhammad Ali's handlers, most notably Angeo Dundee, continually ducked Folley, Machen, and, most especially, the fearsome Cleveland Williams, while Ali was on the way up. During their repeated verbal sparring sessions, which occurred over a period of many months, prior to their first fight, Sonny Liston often told Ali to "go fight Cleveland Williams, and then get back to me." Ali's handlers were not stupid - they knew Williams would demolish Ali, whom Liston knocked out twice in two of the most vicious brawls in heavyweight boxing history.)

Henry Cooper, the former British Heavyweight Champion, flat-out refused to fight Sonny Liston - under any circumstances. Cooper knocked Ali down in their first fight with a thunderous left hook (Ali would have been knocked out if the bell hadn't saved him), and Cooper had been quoted as saying, on more than one occasion, "If Mr. Liston approached me on the street, I would walk the other way."

Ingemar Johanssen, who was the reigning heavyweight champion at the time, when Liston was busy cleaning out the division in the early 1960's, constantly ducked Sonny Liston...Liston called him out on several occasions in front of the national media, but the silence from Johanssen was deafening. Johanssen had won the title by knocking out the former champion, Floyd Patterson.

During a 1987 interview, Floyd Patterson said he was convinced Liston threw both fights to Ali. According to Patterson, Ali's cut man for the first fight had contacted all of his friends and relatives before the fight and told them that it was fixed, and that they should bet everything they had on Ali (this was also mentioned in a casino sports betting paper in 1991, as well).

Liston's handlers and cornermen got wind of the scheme and put their money down on the "sure thing", and everybody cleaned up - due to the 7-1 odds against Ali at the time of the first fight. In the second fight, Liston was STILL the favorite, the odds were 7-5 in Liston's favor - and all the wise guys cleaned up yet again.

Six months after supposedly knocking out Liston with a six-inch right hand, Ali could not finish off a badly injured Patterson (who foolishly went into the fight with a very bad back).

Sonny Liston absolutely mauled Floyd Patterson, knocking him out in the first round - TWICE.

Sonny Liston did time in prisons and prison camps. He beat the hell out of both inmates and guards, while incarcerated. Liston was constantly harassed by the Feds (J. Edgar Hoover had Liston on his "suspicious persons" list), the police and the Mob. He was followed by policemen almost everywhere he went. Liston once got into a brawl with six policeman who proceeded to beat Liston over the head with billy clubs - yet Liston survived the clubbing, and took all six of the policemen OUT. And yet...Ali's ridiculous "phantom punch" knocked out Liston? P.T. Barnum once said, "There's a sucker born every minute."

Clarity said...

Visible, I've listened to the song you linked in one of your comments many times now. I can understand why you sent it. I don't think it's possible to feel down when you are listening to that song. Maybe before, maybe after, but not while it's on. Your friend is lucky to have you, as are all of us here.

From my past life reading (three lives ago):

"You inform your mother about what is happening and are beaten for even talking about it. Your mother tells you to know your place and accept the life you have been dealt. You have been raised to put your faith in God and decide to pray for answers. You pray many times a day asking God to take you out of the life you are in.

You accept your life, waiting patiently for God to save you until you are about 13 years old when... you come to a point when you feel that God has abandoned you..."

In this life, I questioned religion, but I never questioned the existence of God. I never needed proof, although I got it in many ways, both big and small. That I was led to you and your blogs is right up at the top of my "big" list.

I almost always listen to your songs well before I post a comment, and so I usually forget to mention how much I enjoy them. I didn't forget this time! I loved the jazzy style of this one.


Clarity said...

preacher, gardener, Doug Pearson, Zoner, sistertongue, and a number of others - I related to things you wrote in your comments.

Lee, Kathy - good insight. Your daughter is wise, Kathy. You must be proud. Lee, when things repeat, or even when they don't, I often ask, "Is it me?" It's a good place to start. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't... Past life readings can be helpful for those recurring patterns.

Stella Blue, nicely done. :)

niijii, a belated Happy Birthday. I sent the wishes to you on your day, although I just now put them in writing.

est, what you wrote on the last SM... wow.

I just read a comment somewhere yesterday where someone had good things to say about Muhammad Ali. I forget where it was, but it was not in any way connected to here. Another one of many visible-related synchronicities...

preacher, I checked out that video. So much for getting to bed at a decent time for once... It really held my attention and I was actually surprised at how quickly it went. If there's something wrong with that video that I was too tired to catch, I hope somebody points it out. I thought it included so many things, and everything was factual. When you hear the words coming directly out of their mouths, it's hard to call it anything but what it is. Of course, people will still throw out that anti-s. accusation. That's an automatic response at this point. But the creators were careful to direct the focus not towards the people, but the fact that every other group can be criticized and questioned but one. I think that video could be very useful in waking up people to at least that aspect of what is going on these days, and it's a great start. The one woman speaking, who (I think) renounced her citizenship... to hear that they are kept in the dark and brainwashed was good for me to hear. I knew that it was true to some extent, but seeing the proof made it more believable. I wonder how widespread this is, and if it is big, then exposing the truth to that side of brainwashed citizens could be very helpful. Can TPTW handle getting it from both sides?

visible, you really deal with a bunch of crap. Every time I read another one of these asinine comments, I appreciate even more all that you do for us.

Love, peace...

zepheri said...

I got to meet Ali's first professional opponent in Fayetteville West Virginia a Tuny Hunsacker. They have remained friends through the years. The guy must of been 80 but he still looked tough. Cashus nearly caved his skull in so he retired and became sheriff. The small bridge under the large bridge over the New River is named after him.

Anonymous said...

Right people,you lot need to know,you are the most wonderful humane nicest bunch of people I have never met,,,I wish we could all be neighbours in some little paradise somewhere,,,,,

The utmost respect to All of you...Neil

Rob in WI said...

Hi anon@7:27/p,
Just curious, but what's the big thing re.Sonny Liston? Are you a relative? One cannot set a 50 yo. record straight, especially regarding HW boxing. Ingemar was only champion for a few months, before taking a dive vs. Floyd in the rematch. Ingemar never was a designated pawn in a Liston match. Reason? IMHO, Don King made boxing a black sport; that there was to be no successful "great white hope", another Rocky Marciano. O'well, Ali put his balls on the line like no other "celebrity" that I can recall, and that makes him the champ. Be well, Rob

MachtNichts said...

As someone on the path (hopefully not the left hand) I recently came across Incident N1I19 by W.C. Vetsch. It is an account of his ordeal with Louisiana State Hospitals which he survived to tell about. Insidious manipulation of people, who think differently, by the psychiatric profession through drugs and torture with the intent to break their spirit. I just want to quote one thing from the introduction: Walter: "In the concentration camps I learned that I was never alone and that not only was the "Force" there but there were others - real people - who had assignments to help other people - sometimes they were patients - sometimes lowly staff like janitors - none of them had titles or were rich and famous - but they were "agents of the Force". They formed the counter-secret network to control the government - through the "Force" - when it got out of line." Which brings me to James Holmes and Aurora, Colorado, who shot up the Batman viewers. He apparently was also a student in med school, who took a course in the Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders. Mellaril or radio controlled implants, anyone? Silvia

churninglarvae said...

"Regret is for people who've already run out of time in their minds. It doesn't matter what age you are or where you've been or what you've done. That new life you keep promising yourself begins the minute you start to live it."

Thanks for that, Vis. Seems so often that when my mind runs off to "woulda, coulda, shoulda, land, I spend time reflecting on past events that I will never change. And that of course removes me from the eternal present and living in this minute. Appreciate the bitch slap.

John Rambo said...

Wouldn't it have been cool if the Batman guy went on a shooting spree at a meeting of the local Illuminati, such as Bilderberg? Of course he never would have been able to get in the door, the security would be so tight. Even still, wouldn't it be nice if he had directed his violence against the real enemy?

Anonymous said...

Again I wonder, why Zio gatherings are never shot up?

GodSend said...

"They are monsters, camouflaged in human skin. The AskeNazi Reptile Nation is an alien life form and they hate humanity with a vengeance."


Why do THEY hate humanity so?

THEY are envious because THEY are just super-intelligent bugs, destined for disintegration, while humanity has a destiny of individuality and immortality, seated at the right hand of God, Himself (the place where Lucifer [Satan] used to dwell).

THEY hate us for our FREEDOM! (The Truth, Himself, has made us [some of us] free!) - while THEY are going down to the PIT!

GodSend said...

"The greatest mystery of life is, the purpose for it."

Hey, Lee - the mystery has been solved. Visit my "Sons of Light" website - and SEE! for yourself.

The rest is up to you! ;)

Skepticfrog said...

Godsend's line: ..."THEY are just super-intelligent bugs, destined for disintegration, while humanity has a destiny of individuality and immortality..." Of course, it sounds "antisemitic". (How dare you write like this about the Luciferian Chosen Overlords?)

Yet... THEY themselves in their religious doctrines squarely deny any individual (soul, spiritual) continuance after death. So the super intelligent bug, destined for disintegration after death description is apt and fits.

I have elaborated on this before, but repeat it again; those who deny post-death spiritual existence, automatically deny the existence of the soul, as the soul by definition is immortal and survives.
The bugs have no soul...

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

So... the little spider helping Lord Ramachandra build His bridge as described in the Ramayana, had no soul?

Sorry but I have to believe Lord Ramachandra chastising of Sri Hanumanji, one of His greatest devotees, for his mocking the spider's tiny but sincerely devoted efforts as an affirmation of an individual personality.

What to speak of bees!
You think a bee doesn't have a soul!?

How about a cow?
Or a dog?
Or an ape?
Or a whale?

How dare you?

Anonymous said...

via homer..

In further pursuance of truth, justice and THE WAY, here is a short but powerfully concise, wonderfully sweet call from a world we all surely must aspire to be a part of.

Clarity said...

homer, there is quite a lot to be found at the page you linked. Between that and your words, I am left with much to think about.

Thank you for sharing...


Skepticfrog said...

Sorry, but I solidly remain in the Western metaphysical belief system - which is essentially Christianity (but non-denominational).
Therefore, in my belief system, bugs have NO soul.
There is significant anecdotal evidence of reincarnation and of human souls even in the (Christian) West. But...
There is no anecdotal, nor empirical evidence of any sort whatsoever, that bugs have souls.
You are free to believe in Eastern mysticism and bugs with souls, but you have no moral right to chastise those, who don't subscribe to YOUR metaphysical belief system. Your response smacks of dogmatism.
In the end we don't know whose belief system (Eastern or Western) is closest to the truth. (Could be neither). I'm convinced, that in the end, not ANY of the world's belief systems (religions) are closer to the actual truth than, say, in maximum 60% of their teachings.

Skepticfrog said...

Came across this vid on the Colorado Batman killing.
Interesting - at the least. The stuff shown should be evaluated, I alone cannot verify the claims, but some of it is pretty compelling, others are shaky. You'll have to draw your own conclusions.
Remember the subsequent fingering of street-shills during 9/11, although those vids are regularly scrubbed from Youtube, but thankfully, they find their way back.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Chastising? Ha! Ha!

Very amusing.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Bugs have souls, bugs have no soul.
Deep stuff. Bugs pop in my fingertips, but I do it for love of my potato plants so I don't give a shit.

Best to all and their beliefs,

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

A Good Blind Date, especially if you're Blind.



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