Friday, July 6, 2012

Wake up and Smell the Bodies Burning

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, you can't please all of the people all of the time and if you try to, some valuable things must, of necessity, go out the window. Telling the truth is a dicey proposition. I should probably say, 'trying to tell the truth is a dicey proposition'. A lot of people think that when you try to tell the truth, you expect people to agree with you. That would be foolish. It's foolish to try to tell the truth in any kind of a wider format. Truth does not have a wider format. Truth is a narrow and generally inexpressible thing. You can state and you can indicate and you can shoot around corners with hypothesis and if resonance exists, then it will do the job that words are just not suited for. Music, which is another kind of math and math, are generally more effective but it gets theoretical quick and then comes up against things like ego and whatever the affected mind is attached to and which will certainly influence the capacity, of whatever mind, to assimilate things that challenge those attachments.

If you're making a lot of money off of what you do and a good portion of it is not going toward helping out your fellows, then I consider you a failure. If you are not giving away what is priceless for free then you have undervalued the product and don't have an awareness of what it is worth, which means you don't possess it in the first place. You can apply what I just said to anything I may have said recently and, by all means, if you believe otherwise you should present your argument to the contrary and tell me how shameless self promotion and the hand cranking of a serious money machine pump is justifiable because, “Hey, Elmer Gantry saved a few souls even if he was a depraved sonofabitch”.

The world of present time is manipulated by some of the worst mouth-breathing hypocrites the world has ever seen. Most of everything you encounter is compromised. Yet people must, because they have given out money, time and good faith, insist that all of this takes places without the principle being aware of it. They just will not go there because it hurts too much. They don't get that these things are all set up to break their hearts and kill their faith in the first place. The corruption is operating from a ground up top down dynamic. The absurdity is off the charts. People are making their way the best that they know how to. It's a bewildering panorama and it is consciously and intentionally bewildering. It is designed to make you feel helpless and lost but all of that is meant to encourage you to seek what is meaningful and, until you do, it will get more bewildering and you will feel more lost. Count on it.

Corporations are soulless monsters who care about nothing but profit and that means to squeeze out every possible penny for maximum return. This means to get the cheapest labor and provide the fewest benefits to the workers and they have government in their pocket to make the laws that legitimize this. The outrages are impressive, mindblowing really. These are only the things you see and hear about. Imagine what is going on behind closed doors; cue Charlie Rich.

One has to keep the conditions of the times in perspective. One needs to see what is actually going on behind what appears to be going on, or one will descend into a slough of despond and become suicidal by direct or indirect means. A lot of the problem is the complexity of desires that are part of the operation of Occupy your Mind. Desire is fire. You need to wake up and smell the bodies burning. The key, as an ancient sage once said is to, “cut down on senseless craving”. This is how you get hooked into the big wind turbine, shit machine. You want too much and you want the wrong things and you want some kind of avuncular Dr. Phil to tell you that's all right. I don't do that. I'm not here to take your 'me generation' in my arms and tell you you're okay. You're not okay, not at the moment anyway.

Too many people want that soft soothing voice that's going to tell them what they want to hear. They want you to reflexively speak well of their heroes with feet of clay and never point out all the money these people are carting off in bushel baskets, for their own gain, because self interest is at the heart of what they do.

You see advertising on my sites? All of that advertising is free. I went to those people and asked them to give me a logo because I believe in what they do. It's a good product, or an effective remedy. I've got some books for sale but most of them went out free and the same with the music. I try to operate a small business out of my creative works but it is definitely not enough to put food on my family. I am not a bad businessman per se. I'm not stupid or lazy. I do it like this because I believe it is the right thing to do. I set it up this way to begin with. I've arranged for whatever money that comes in and, trust me, it eventually will come in, to be portioned off to the advantage of others, without me being able to later reverse that. I am very calculating in a 'couldn't care less' kind of a way. I don't care if people like me or don't like me. I have amply demonstrated that and I will destroy things, if I think they are suggestive of a direction I don't want to go in. I will step on people's frogs with a calloused indifference because I don't, quite frankly, care about their sensitive issues and tender feelings. That's a big part of the problem to begin with, all this need to nurture the touchy feely beast within. That's how we got all this hate crime horseshit and catalog of remembered injuries that turn out to be a terrible curse on the next person who comes into range. We live in an atmosphere of pandemic neurosis; hysteria, psychopathy, obsession and compulsion. What about me? Boo hoo. I had a childhood and a following life of mostly uninterrupted misery and loss and I'm not looking in the rear view mirror. I figure I got what I deserved, no more, no less and I'm taking my payoff near the end of the road or at the end of the road. So..., when I hear about people giving talks on non duality and walking away with several tens of thousands of dollars every place they hit and I had already heard about this before it showed up in the Origami comments, well, I tend to get a little offput by that and if that is non dual, when it fact it is as dual as it gets, then maybe I'm missing something. Yeah, I'm missing my own bags of cash. When I see people, who may be doing a good in some respects but who are making a boatload of cash and whose websites are 50% self promotion, to a degree that horrifies me AND they are asking for donations too, well, I guess I don't know what to think. I see people flying all over the world giving talks and seminars for a good amount of change and talking the most outrageous bullshit about things that do not occur; who whip up both hope and paranoia for no other reason than that sensationalism sells... it tends to offend me. I agree, it's probably none of my business but, then again, maybe it is.

Mitt Romney raises one hundred million dollars in a month from people who expect a return on their investment. All kinds of other people are turning a supposed to be spiritual, self help system, into a department store of affirmation cards, candles, incense and various perversions on ancient mysteries and wooing the tens of thousands into a hypnotic state of surrender, to something that cannot possibly possess any operative virtue, because virtue is not a camp follower of the traveling, carnival marketplace. Ten people can say the same thing and the words can be correct as far as the words go but THE POWER is not there and without that, they are just words. When words are attended by THE POWER they have enduring results. They change lives. They don't just rearrange the furniture.

The time is going to come when you will have to, life and death, depend on what you have taken to be true. When that happens, all those people with those bags of money will be out of town. There's nothing wrong with celebrity. It is a Karmic condition that attends particular births. Prostituting oneself and one's message for the perpetuation of ...and... an endless increase of celebrity something else. Sooner or later we will see what's what and who's who. There are a great many people; small by comparison to everyone else, who are tirelessly working in the vineyard, under the radar, in the quiet of their own being. There is a collection of unknown souls whose company I am not worthy to keep ...but I'm working on it and some of you are too.

I'm a flawed individual in some respects but that is for a reason that I am aware of. It serves a purpose. That condition will change in the foreseeable future, as all of our conditions are altered, according to how we applied or buried our talents. More than enough people have a good awareness of where I'm at behind the scenes, as applies to communications and personal appeals and I am sure that is the case with every one of us. Judgment comes upon us according to the condition and intentions of our hearts and minds, AS WELL AS whatever we may have accomplished or failed to accomplish in the hearts and minds of others in a 'by their works ye shall know them' sort of a way. We all make mistakes every single day and we are supposed to because of the opportunities given to us in the followup and aftermath, where our measure is taken for better or for worse.

We all work for somebody, even if it turns out that we only serve ourselves. We all work for something and we will all get what we deserve, in every sense of the word. On one level, most people hunger and thirst for the truth and on another level, most people want no part of it. There's a cognitive disconnect at work here and it is an essential conundrum that we would all be well advised to address at the earliest opportunity. Most of us communicate with our employers in a relatively frequent manner. I know I do. I try to do what I'm told. It isn't always easy and it isn't always pleasant and there are all kinds of ways around this, if getting lost is no big deal. I happen to believe that it is. Bon Chance.

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Visible said...

I put this in the posting just now but if you already read that then maybe you will catch it here. It chimes in nicely with today's piece. I am a little askance at the spelling errors though.

Anonymous said...

Every one here is here for different reasons. For me, you have been acting as a catalyst. I come to absorb what you have written, and I derive my own meaning and inspiration, however obtuse and off the charts it may be. I don't concern myself with the absurdities of the Matrix, such as the the fact the Obama poses in front of a tour bus made in Canada as he criticizes Romney for outsourcing jobs. As it turns out, through your words I invariably return to childhood, my roots in a simpler time. At first, you were almost always inscrutable, like a poet who I couldn't decipher. Even so, I kept returning, from Rense, until I finally caught on and gained strength in discernment. Your work inspires me, not for its own sake, but for the memories it invokes and the actions it inspires. You don't have the answers - and from my vantage point you don't profess to - but you inspire me to seek them on my own. That really is the best that a writer or a poet could hope for. Keep it up.

Your loyal reader

Pam in CO

Visible said...

Gee, I wonder who wrote this?

Richie (Dana) said...

I am please that you brought up this subject and it seems to be right on time. I could write pages, but am very pressed for time with my stupid job so will try to at least get a few things out there.

When I first realized this Love or Fear thing about 8 months ago, I realized that all the “truth” sites only served to feed the negative because, once again, somehow it always seems to be something external that threatens. That seems to be the common denominator to me. It is for this reason that I responded to Godsend the other day because in that case it was ALIENS and SATAN.
I have heard this crap my entire life. In the church I was raised in it is SATAN and the CATHOLIC CHURCH. OMG.

You all can fill in your own list of terrible things happening in this world from every quarter. All of it is external. All of it is part of the MATRIX.

There is a battle in progress, but it is mostly internal. You said something like “We are all gods in the making, it is just a question of when”, the other day. This is truth to me in the highest sense. When do we recognize this simple fact? Jesus and the Aliens are not going to save us. It is time to stand on our feet and banish all FEAR.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

There are a few people out there who I believe are starting to get this and here are a few examples.

Have a great day all.


MiaBellezza said...

Vis, I think one of the biggest problems is the misconception that the internet provides "clarity to the issues at hand". In most instances it's confuddling and confounding. Albeit, regular media is worse and for the robots, regular media does not confuddle or confound their programming. Do you know people, who especially when they drink, start repeating a sentence over and over again? It's like their disk drive is skipping and I have this image in my mind of stuffing my fist in their mouth and pulling out the damn disk drive and shutting them down permanently.(grin) One can dream ... But, they can't help being robots. I have come to the conclusion: Do not waste your breath on a Robot! For those who have broken free of their programming and have become seekers, it's a real task jumping down the rabbit hole all the time, let alone wasting time on Robots.

And since we live in a time of novelty and sensationalism, the maxim "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit" more aptly applies. These charlatans with their "whatever mumbo jumbo" are either in it for the money or paid for "altering reality experts". While I do not know what is the truth, I have a good idea what is not the truth. I suppose it all comes down to a process of bullshit elimination.

What's up Doc? Well, not much. You know all those stories about somebody or some group saving our arses ... well the saving arses has been postponed due to unforeseen glitches. We'll keep you posted with the next arses date. IOW ... "We're not quite ready to really put the screws to you, so we're buying a little more time, while you waste time waiting for the next save your arse date." (wink)

Visible said...

The world according to Dr. Orgaz

And more Tribe celebrities breaking bad

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, I tried to post news about NuttinYahoo, an article offrense, previewed it but couldn't use the delete key or backspace, nuttin. So decided to not post it.

Erica said...

Hi Vis-Would like to add my views on David Icke.I first heard him speaking at the paranormal conference in Cardiff in the early nineties.He talked about the control system-and helped me join the dots and understand why the world is in the state it is in.
Shortly after that I attended one of his weekend workshops-more talks,meditation etc...a feel good event.
In October 2010 I went to another of his talks on the Isle of Wight-he was there supporting Tullio Simoncini, the alternative cancer doctor.Again,a pleasant,interesting day.
Yes,I had to pay to go to these events-venues have to be paid for-so couldn't comment on how much money went to David.
I have learned a lot from him over the years,but don't blindly accept his every utterance.I can't fault his basic message of oneness and peaceful none cooperation with the control system-but can also see that he could well be a gatekeeper,either knowingly or unknowingly.
I still visit his site,but will never pay him for anything again,since his recent gallivant,with a chosen,well-off few,to Peru-which seemed to be an ill-considered idea when so many people are struggling to survive.He was never a quiet retiring person,but his ego does seem to have become over-inflated lately-and people on his forums have commented on his childish attacks on other 'truthers'.
So yes,have to say the jury is out.

Anonymous said...

gots to have the knack from within.

invitations have a way of finding those with a 'driver on the top'.
(cue in joni mitchell)

vanity is typically the approach, although i never saw much subtlety to the ploy.

the more insidious avenue, i've always thought, is into one's naturally felt need to belong. where 'mad men', gurus, and all fashion of misery make bank.

intuition de-mystified speaks simply to a common pool of human experience from which re-cognition of any given circumstance may be drawn.

everyone knows the answers at some level, neither could they see them through anyone else's eyes if their life depended on it.(which is why the most anyone else can do ... is to suggest.)

self honesty is key, and a prime example of how charity begins at home.

to (attempt to) defer responsibility for one's own opinion and direction upon someone else, either knowingly or doublethink, is to live the life of a leaf in the wind. just another choice we may sooner than later, if not already, live to regret.

so for today, i will just acknowledge my gratitude - a word that 'may' far too infrequent my own ramblings - for those of you who put your own selves out there for almost always the right reasons.


Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhh very cool

thoughts that swam through as i inhaled the smoke...

recently...i was lightly meditating ... just barely into it...and the 'words' came to me on how to live in this world ...

'be kind and loving' and....'giving is the new currency'

so simple and yet....

i have meditated on what the 'new currency' will be as this paradigm collapses...and so the answer. at first deceptively simple to some...duh...but take it to a more intrinsic level. instead of focusing on where to get or make money which has been the model since forever...the new currency is constant thoughts on where to give time/$/aid EVERYTHING to others and in due course without any focus on the getting -- the necessary elements of life will simply appear. if you can believe/love this without doubt you grasp the principle...if you struggle or think it is just a 'nice' person mentality then you are still lost.

also -- another thought kept coming in an insistent manner -- that being 'we are the Gods of the new world' and i felt this to be unfiltered truth from the source in that we here now who grasp the principles of the change and the Truth...are 'Gods' in the sense that our vibratory patterns are at this very moment laying down the tracks for the generations that will follow...we are creating the new paradigm in our minds. and this is why the war is heating up. they cannot win because what they propose for the 'new' is merely a perpetuation of their greed and control -- and that cannot be. so dream on...give...lay the tracks for those who will follow...les visible is doing his bit and more ...wooohoooo. we are the creators of the new 'world' whatever and wherever that may
be ....
i hope this is resonant and not dissonant! hahahhaa
liz in l.a.

Richard(unuk) said...

Ma y mas Visible
One of your best, and that is not an easy or simple matter. Not a paragraph without pregnant meaning ! Gratitude arise spontaneously for the constant reminders.
Indeed many souls are working in the depths of their being for the general and planetary well-being,having entered the challenging world of the 'city life', hermits in the city, out of their caves, ashrams and mountaintops, and one can bet they are neither well known and even less so on 'the new age 'naco' talk circuit'.
The power in the words resides from having walked the path spoken about, the timbre of the voice is part of the 'oral transmission', yet all of the traditions are clear for the necessity of 'mental transmission' as the means whereby the application of the message in the spoken word leads through action to virtue. More indeed are walking that 'narrow stony and thorny path. Thanks for sharing the steps and scratches of the one you walk.
No diamond was made but for the influences of extreme pressure and extreme heat on the lumps of coal, and for those of carbon based nature, in search of the 'diamond body', the divine plasma, Love from the Source, acts in the same principle upon the Heart. Why your talks are so moving when you are thusly flowing. Looking forward to listening to another radio broadcast.

Shiva /Shakti tango?
Be well.
May the Rose Garden of your Heart always be in Bloom.

M.G. Meyers said...

I started a new theme - "the Scale of ...", it doesn't matter what. At I am always looking at systemic and mechanistic problems as well as the lack of JFKs. Profoundly, such as counting, ownership, currency and corporation. I find salience in the matter of scale at this time.

The Swiss Family Robinson didn't need the complications of our highly interdependent society. Money would have made their lives worse. On the contrary, I don't understand American health care. I think it need its own professor.

There is a stupidity that is certain to occur where a large general population is involved.

America needs to break down into smaller pieces that are each more self-managing. Responses and reactions to leadership need to occur in more self-managing spheres.

The Empire outlawed secession in 1990. That violated agreements made by states and territories to enter the American union in the first place. The Cooperative Assembly gives the idea of a peaceful alternative, for public information production for public information consumption.

The big theme now is "scale". With a better consciousness and understanding of this problem, the Coop Assembly becomes a better idea to follow.

Cheers, Mark

mike m said...

"to put food on my family"

Nice how you snuck that one in there.

Peace brother

Anonymous said...

'Waking Up' is the new black.

It's wonderful flicking through the various 'truther' sites online and seeing just how many different people from all walks of life and various locations around the globe are commenting about 'waking up' lately. It seems to be the thing to do.
What really surprises me though is how fucking long it's taken those same people to realise that the rulers of this planet are a bunch of cold hearted, ruthless,power hungry murdering bastards..
and that maybe we shouldn't just roll over like good little doggies and let them get away with it any longer.
One only has to do a little research online or even read a few..ermmm (cough cough!) history books to discover the murderous exploits of our masters over the centuries.
Their wholesale slaughter of the indigenous peoples of many countries purely because of greed
Their total disregard for human life in the pursuit of the almighty $dollar$...
surely people must have a hunch that this is not a new phenomenon..duh!
They've always been bastards and guess what?
They always will be.
Waking Up is all fine and dandy...
But what are we really going to do about it.

Useless-Eater UK

Visible said...

What do you make of this. It happened at another lake too. Odd?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Les Visible prabhu,

You remind me very much of one Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, one of my favorite people.

You keep on answering the bell!

Clarity said...

Maybe that kind of thing happens and I've just never heard of it, but two occurrences so close in time? That does seem odd.

Visible, your RIR show was a gift. I downloaded it and will be listening to it more than once. Your message was powerful, but what really came across was your sincerity. I continue to be inspired by you.

I wish I had the words to properly express my gratitude, but nobody does it better than you.

Love to you and all,

brokenbeat said...


Yes, bizzare about the lake electrocutions. I suppose that happens around docks from time to time, and maybe it's just the more real-time reporting and wider dissemination of news that make seeing a pattern like this that might not have been noticed in days gone by. That's good and bad, I suppose. It could help detect a trend in the making, or it could be cause for unwarranted conclusions.

The geographic proximity is the interesting part. I didn't consult a map and the distances could be great or not so much. This interests me not because of the more likely dock electrical causes, but something more exotic like electric eels. There have been more and more instances of exotic species thriving out of their usual habitats being introduced by one means or another.

Perhaps that's just the way my mind works, looking at all possibilities, but not favoring the unlikely without reason either. The dock electrics is probably the cause, but having seen an episode of "River Monsters" on eels in Brazil where cattle and people were killed by eels trapped in ponds of flood water that didn't receed made me think of that. Probably unlikely though...

BTW, about the time you made the change to the header graphics, I haven't been able to post from the mobile version as the pull-down menu for the "comment as" identity is not functioning.


Anonymous said...

re kids being electrocuted in lake. an article that went up on sott yesterday by joe quinn on meteors/bollids had a wealth of's a quote that may interest you.

"What's most likely, is that the bird deaths of January 2011 (and later) were caused by an overhead meteorite or comet fragment (MoCF) explosion, with either the actual shock wave killing the birds (through blunt force trauma) or associated electrical effects 'frying' their 'circuits'. This electrical effect can also explain the massive fish die-offs around the same time."


Anonymous said...

Visible, odd and very sad.
Noticed here on the 4th that it was 110 heat index, felt like a sauna. The radio's wouldn't come in and at dark a storm brewed up and the sky was lit up with the most awsome heat lightning that I've ever seen. Silent and lasted for hours. Charged particles?

Best to all,

Sim said...

Hi John @ 21:58

Can you please try again to leave a comment here using "comment as"; fingers crossed, you should now be able to do so (look out for a vertical scroll bar which should give access)

brokenbeat said...


I am testing as requested, but see no change to the "comment as" pull-down menu in appearance or behavior. The pull-down arrow is there, the light grey field to the left of the arrow is blank and is only a character or two wide. When I click on the arrow, the scroll window appears where the choices used to reside, but it is blank with nothing to select. I've tried randomly clicking hoping to select something that would give me a text entry, but to no avail. I didn't see any new vertical scroll bar, just the same "rotating cylinder" selection utility, but with no entries. The comment won't go through without a profile, so I copy the comment, open the web version and paste and publish there.



MiaBellezza said...

Re: People electrocuted at lake.

I've done my fair share of boating and witnessed a boater go and plug into the outlet with wet hands, get electrocuted, stagger at least 30 feet back to the docks, fall into the water under a houseboat. He was rescued and survived. But the medics wouldn't move him for 30 minutes. He nearly died. He was taken to the hospital and returned several hours later.

My call is fowl play, or stupidity. Submersion of an electrical cord plugged into an electrical outlet will do this. Boats will use an electric cable/cord to plug into the marina outlet. Now if they left the cable in the marina outlet but say unplugged it from the boat, but let it dangle in the water, that'll do it. Someone else could unplug the cord from the boat and drop it in the water while the boaters are not looking.

Steve said...

Smoking Origami and Visible Mirrors Batman, you leadership and wisdom is beyond my expression and I am forever grateful for that Visible.

Thank you again and again for putting yourself out there and backing it all up.

John V,
Thank you also for your leadership in taking it on the chin and getting back up again and continuing. May your healing be speedy as I sure it will.


Sim said...

Hello John:

Can you please go here and send me a short (or blank) mail at your convenience, and I'll come back to you.


Rob in WI said...

"The corporations are soulless monsters.....", is IMHO an overstatement. Sure, the bloated, multinational, criminal, etc., bad guys stand out, but corporate entities are not unlike bodily entities. The bad guys, and those they manipulate, stand out, while the "honest and ethical" (perception, smile), are ignored. What pisses me off is when the MSM, or any media, portrays a soulless/monster corporation as honest/ethical.
Re. site graphics; sorry to see the Origami bird go. Its a great looking image, and expressed the intent of VO well. Owell, be well, Rob

Visible said...

I never even knew there was a bird there.

r said...

Your assessment is the "cool head in the room" re. lake electrics. I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. Has no one else here done a little electric fishing?
I think the storm passed north of you, and far enough away that the sound dissipated. Got some cool lightning here, and .5" rain, but the thunder wasn't that loud, cause the noise dissipates quickly.

Steve B said...

Les, I just bought "The Darkening Splendour of an Unknown World" can't wait to read it, but, I will wait until I am really ready for it. I love your writing, it just comes from the heart, no frills, no pretentious shit, just you. I would hazard a guess that David Icke was in your mind while you were writing this essay. He frustrates the life out of me, he really does. I payed £ 35 for a ticket to go see him in London and he told me nothing that I had'nt read in his books. Add to this, the train fare and the hotel bill and it came to a lot of money....... I have learned my lesson. With Icke "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" comes to mind. A wealthy man who bats for us, does not bat for us...period. I have read only one of Ickes books.......well, six actually, but when you have read one, you have read them all. Makes you feel that you have been sold out dunnit. Your observations and rants are invaluable (and free) I treasure everything you write because you are a nutcase in the nicest possible way. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the things that you do and say on your blogs. Les Visible, you are unique.

Love you man......... Peace and love to you and everyone on this wonderful world........mother nature will have her the inemitable George Carlin said.........It is not the planet that needs saving, it is US.

Steve B

zepheri said...

electricity was very understood, but a certain metering had to be established, a la jew petered morgan. vive the guy who built the tower in the wrong state, whats his nuts, oh yea, tesla, nicolie.

zepheri said...

It is not the bird that matters but the house to which it returns

Anonymous said...

Hello Les. Your two previous postings were better than what you normally produce. Good job Lester. Be a good guy dude.

Richie (Dana) said...

I finally get a chance to listen to the Red Ice show and see that the real Visible is still there.

It's funny that I was explaining things to my girl and breaking down in tears so many times just tonight. I walk out of the room to smoke in the garage and hear this sigh behind me. I feel bad for disturbing her and just a little discouraged. That is followed by listening to you in tears during this entire show because what you say is everything.

Just to defer any "Godlike" adoration of your person, please let me thank the "Higher" being that controls your actions. In this way we can sidestep all the foolish guru crap that is so disturbing to some. A simple thank you should do the trick.

Your presence is appreciated and the message is quite clear for those with ears to hear.


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Fukushima eels?, or in Arnie Gunderson speak, Eels on Steroids. they've been eating that radioactive slime that's covering Japan.

this guy has my regular attention, chimes with
here like gongs in the ear (part. the latest, 5th July). warning ego alert.

the biggest waste of public online resources was when the ancient usenet newsgroups archives in their text only format was taken over by the corpo's (yahoo? then google groups). they were free, accessible, public domain. now lost in their loaded dice search engines.

the gardener said...

It really seems like the wax mannequins in public life and public service are getting sillier and sillier with their inabilities to do their jobs.

I am seeing it more commonly their inability to string even a paragraph together that makes sense let alone cohesive. Let alone with any educated information in it.

I don't know if the ones aged 44ish are just those reaping the affects of tv and then all the immediate media availed to them but the ability to stay on task and confer information is getting worse by the month. I'm talking lawyers and accountants here.

Like the gobblydygook spells are totally taking affect.

They're still physically co-ordinated to take great bundles of cash out of my hand though. Still able to post on FB about their fab parties and purchases so perhaps their hearts are just not in it for their WORK?

RE: the electrocuted ones on the lakes... there were also at least three really extreme explosions for the firework shows. One in San Diego (maybe waterside) and another on a boat and one in a house. Kids involved, injured and dead.

Water (Neptune) + Electricity (Uranus) = dangerous conditions.

With our water bodies run complete with self powered electrical systems I'm hearing about symptoms across this land of: vertigo-sharp stomach pains, heart pains and nausea. Several comments of 'must have redirected or amped up the HAARP. About five days duration.

the gardener

Went to water with our canal water today and they had the ditch off-never have they done this --- and have my mower charging its battery right now. Seems like a weirdly dangerous time right now.

Stella Blue said...
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the gardener said...

wow, Vis-went to the first link you posted here in comments "Working Definition of Antisemitism" and it must be the 'working' part of that sentence that is the clarifier of the article because NOT ONCE DID THEY DEFINE 'ANTISEMITISM' OR DEFINE 'SEMITE' which as we all know pertains much more realistically to the Palestinians and everywhere else there in desert nomadic land than the ones who've colonized Israel.

Can't even bring themselves to make it 'anti-judaism' and the entirety of that article was exactly what I was talking about in my experiences with the 'lawyers and CPAs' and such that I've been working with on a consistent level for the past SIX YEARS NOW.

Much diffusion -and hence-the confusion over what exactly is a 'crime' and what is done about 'crimes' like those laid out(badly) in that article.

I had to look a few times to see if it were really for real. So gobbledygook is progressive and contagious amongst the psychopaths now. I don't know if it is good or bad but I do know it is very costly.

It has all just escalated to the point of insanity rather quickly and the quickening or the fuckening as one site (lol) has termed this time frame we're in right now is escalating rapidly.

Keep your eyes on the road-hands upon the wheel and chins up.

So much dishonest communication coming and going that it might just be safer to avoid anything more than defending yourself right now.

the gardener

Visible said...

Those were my initials at one time; as for the broadcast, I haven't listened to it yet.

Don't be fooled (again) said...

Are we fools? (again)

"The 2003 charade was given focus on weapons of mass destruction posssessed by Iraq. A war was waged. A hefty supply of gold bullion bars was stolen from Baghdad at their central bank. The amount was not reported or learned. The charade went so far as to show video clips of snagged yellow bars, not gold, but wooden bars painted yellow. Quite the production to cover the theft of a national gold treasure. It belonged to the Iraqi people, not Saddam Hussein. A similar charade has been playing for the last several months over Iran. The public is told of a Iran nuclear weapons factory threat. The story is old and stale, having been recited to a foolish audience for a few years running. The weapons of mass destruction did not exist in Iraq. The WMD story was a cover for cause in war, to cover the fact that Saddam had been selling crude oil in Euros. The key fact was sale outside the USDollar. The USGovt reacted by protecting its sacred Petro-Dollar. The parallel to today is clear for the enlightened, who are few in number. The Iran threat is not nuclear, not of weapons of mass destruction. The common architect for the phony story is that small nation on the Southern Mediterranean (aka israel). Keep it vague in identification. The parallel violation by Iran is selling crude oil outside the USDollar. The American and European public are being for fools again."

The draft is on the table (again) like it was for Viet Nam. America, sweet America, do you see what is happening? Do you care what your children and grandchildren will live in?

It is time to peacefully remove the sitting government of the United States of America and replace it with a government representative of the citizens - in full accordance will the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

To do anything less is treason against ourselves and our progeny.

My heart is crying for you America. Very evil forces are in control of your short destiny.

If America enters a third world war, they will be defeated and America as we know it will cease to exist.

Think of your children and ACT.

A.Mouser said...

Wars, ALL wars, are fought by the bankers for the bankers - but they use you and your children as cannon fodder.

Thou shall not kill.

What part of that fact is unclear?

A moral argument can be made for killing in self defense of oneself, one's family and one's country - but wars of agression? Invading other countries to steal their land and resources?


Doesn't matter if you're Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Budist or another religion respecting God.

Smyrna said...

I just shipped $50 Australian to your whining ass, Vis. That was $50 earned on the back of sheep crutching out here. A pouch of roll-your-own and a good lump of tofu I hope.

I tell you what mate, I told my brother(he's 18 years older than me, more your age) about you and your site, and he is ecstatic. He worked in a factory in the 70s owned and run by Tribe, and has been telling everyone ever since of their evil. Biological genetic evil. Only now is he starting to find an ear.

Love, Smyrna.

Anonymous said...

Here's the plain honest truth.

Anonymous said...

we were talking about the space between us all about the love we all could share

Anonymous said...

quite afew blogs back visible asked for you people that comment here to do him a favour and review his book on amazon as he said he would do it for you i can't help but notice that for all your gumflapping here most of you couldn't be bothered and what does that really say

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

These Things too are for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Anonymous said...

"The host instinctively reacts against the presence of the parasite, because it knows it will suffer an injury from this strange creature, with its differing life cycle and goals. This is why the Jews always call those who oppose them 'reactionaries', that is, those who react against the presence of the parasite. Consequently, one of the major tasks of the parasite is to seek out all potential 'reactionaries' among the host people and eliminate them."

Eustace Mullins, "The Biological Jew"

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Visible Enemies and Invisible Friends.

the gardener said...

"Wake up and smell the burning wax mannequins"...

These ones in power are those who've lied, cheated, stolen their ways through school and work. They're the stupid crafty ones who'd rather spend hours writing the equations up and down their arms to cheat on finals in college like I witnessed several-all in the higher maths and physics majors for some reason-do.

'wouldn't it just be EASIER to know your major's work?" I'd ask them... dumb look followed with 'I've been too busy to study and I have to get an A to pass this class'... this was from an Architect major in the early 80s.

So know this about those who'd rather steal, cheat and lie in business... they can't do anything else and what they hate more than anything are those who don't have to lie, cheat and steal doing their life's work or just being.

So the light is shining down on all these wax mannequins posing as LEOs, Officers of the Courts from top to bottom, politicians, doctors etc.

If they act 'inappropriately' to your problem they have caused-know you are dealing with one of those insidious nasty "well dressed wax mannequins". (from Lynda Hill's Sabian symbols website)...

Melt wax mannequins Melt!

Anonymous said...

Wonder what these two did to fall so heavily from grace?



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