Wednesday, April 21, 2021

"A Lot of Words Chasing Their Tails Round and Round the Mulberry Bush."


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We hear talk about the Inner World and the Outer World. For most, this creates a vague atmosphere without much understanding. This is because the senses, and the timeless forms of ACTION-Gunas, work together to make the world we see external AND MEANINGFUL to us, and whatever conversation might go on about the Inner World is mostly just talk. Materialism is reaching a certain level of pervasiveness, in which headhunters might soon have lawnmowers, whether they know what to do with them or not. We have all sorts of things we don't know how to use either.

If you have made any study of films-books and their construction then you know about plot devices, story structure, and points of transition. You got your Prologue and hooks, you got your mid-point, climaxes, denouement, and Epilogues. Sometimes there is Resolution but... these days, that's hit or miss. Life is the same.

Life IS A MOVIE, or a DREAM if you prefer; merrily... merrily. They are so similar. In life, there are also stages of advancement and retreat as well. Life also has prologues and all the rest that I already listed. To get where we are, presently, we had to go through all kinds of changes. There were Revolutionary Wars and Civil Wars and World Wars, famines and plagues. Tales of greed and ambition abound. We have come to the moment of denouement, as the world teeters of the edge of catastrophe. Millions are caught up in the runaway brush-fires of appetite and desire and we got icons aplenty for all that but... few representatives of a higher desire and spiritual hunger. Most are feeding that area of their being with the same things they feed their material needs with. That doesn't work. It gives a terrible kind of indigestion. It has the same result as feeding chocolate to a dog, or cocaine to a monkey.

The attitude of scientists these days is something like, “Let's do it and see what happens. Maybe we'll get famous or make a whole lot of money! The government is paying for it and they want answers that they don't know the questions to!” I could say 'Fuck the government and the scientists' but... they are so hard at work doing it to themselves that they don't need my help.

Look at what Mr. Apocalypse is doing to Maxine Waters and others. They are being driven mad, and you know what got said about 'those whom the God's would destroy'? They are all going bughouse. That IS the destiny of those captured and in the thrall of the thrill of it all. The Kardashians and Jenner's are no accident, neither was Kanye, or all those basketball players and other rap thugs. It is no accident that Decathlon boy is now neutered and dressed up like Ed Gein, by way of Dr. Treviño, doing lunch in WeHo to talk about a film treatment for an Amazon series. The K's and J's are the handmaidens and retainers of the Whore of Babylon, who shows up every time the world gets a certain way. It is a predictable sequencing.

It's all a put-up job and THE FACT that every female in that family will shortly be a billionaire is no accident. This was ALL DESIGNED; rap gods and basketball players as well.

They are assisted in no small way by a website called TMZ (and others) that DAILY extols the exploits of no talent z-listers and every grubby detail of their lives. They are the K-Y for the K-Js. Meanwhile, they cheerlead for revolutions, race wars, and masks with a vaccine chaser. You have to be stupid to miss what they are up to. Across the pond, this is all handled by The Murdoch's and their celebrity-driven, yellow sheet journalism. Tens of millions of people follow this nonsense.

At the public head of the Doomsday, Culture Destruction Machine, is that Pink Mafia front creature, Andy Cohen, who works the other side of the street from Ellen Degenerate. Him and Ryan Seacrest are the king and queen of Reality TV. If you LOOK CLOSELY, it will all reveal itself to you. They... and a number of other industry heavyweights are all 'somehow' connected to Sorosian Imperative. He is a bagman for The Rothschilds. It may not APPEAR to be so, but... it is. Q-Anon was right about most things. They wouldn't care about him otherwise. Pizzagate is a reality, as was The Franklin Scandal that took place as soon as the Bush Family was able to accelerate the pace of Al's Hammer on Ronald Reagan's head.

I've never seen a time with such a large percentage of humanity taken in by glamour. Judgment is coming and THEY KNOW THIS. They KNOW this in the deeper reaches and they got rawhide whangs and bullwhips, real and virtual, and they go at it with a will. They put their backs into it to frighten, contain, and control the populace.

If you can identify as a woman when YOU ARE a man, or a man if YOU ARE a woman, or if you identify as a duck-billed platypus while man or woman; why can't you identify as a black person if you are white, or white if you are black? Rachel Dolenzal did that. I'm being rational and using reason here, fleshing it out on the skeleton of their arguments, and... probably wasting your time.

I will say that Hollywood and those who use it for their purposes of pacifying propaganda are saying, in nearly every film and advertisement, that an amalgam of all races into whatever hue eventually manifests is the most desirable result. The race-mixing thing is an invention of the ones who seem to be in control of the media and the main intent of their forced migrations into the west, created by wars they started in the Middle East. It creates an easily controlled homogenized mass of humanity. It is essentially DIVIDE AND CONQUER and creates a genetic mosh pit of a permanent underclass.

Men herded cattle and sheep, sometimes for thousands of miles. The end result was that the cows and sheep were butchered. There was no positive outcome for the cows and sheep, except that they were assimilated into the life forms of a higher species; if you can call it that. We think that we are the highest stage of evolution. We are NOT. We ourselves are driven, or led, often far more than thousands of miles and to the SAME END RESULT. We are also consumed, all through our lives and most certainly at the end. Ask yourself why human bodies stink so much when they decompose. There is an entire post connected to that aspect... one of these days.

Why is it that the governments (usually) and religions, the corporations, and entertainment industry are all in cahoots with the Infernal Agenda? It is because the force of materialism drives humanity mad and because the impetus of materialism is into the false light of woven darkness, animated by desire and appetite. There are eyes in the darkness. There is a hunger in the darkness. It is warm and inviting and you can't be seen, or so you think when you are there. When your eyes are opened you can CLEARLY see the hand of the Prince of Darkness in all the dealings and comings and goings. You can also feel the liberating love of God as it causes all fell intentions to go astray. What is contained in the 23rd Psalm is Literal Truth... and what is Truth? It is the issue of Love and Wisdom.

For a long, long time, a fellowship of kindred souls has guarded and protected the knowledge and magic of the powers of light. They care for and dispense the waters from the overflowing fountain of Ageless Wisdom. They tend The Garden as it makes its slow passage back to what it was, and still is in a certain location. They are prepared now to release a deeper insight and higher understanding into the minds and hearts of those so prepared for it.

What is the point of life? It seems to be Experience and since you come and go, taking nothing but what you were and are with you, then nothing that remains has any lasting meaning; but you know that, right? In the process of Experience, you become either a Habitation of Angels or a Habitation of Demons or a perpetual conflict zone. It would seem to me that it is IMPERATIVE that one finds a guide through the perils of Experience. It is easy on the one hand to find a guide. It is not so easy to find the right guide or to follow the advice, and that is why we learn from Experience, bitterly... or joyfully.

I don't care which color of person falls in love with whatever color is pleasing to them. I don't care if people of the same sex have sex. This is something that befalls nearly all of us in the long passage to Realization. I do care when humanity is deceived and routed into states of torment, pain, and self-revulsion. I do care when anyone's ideas are forced on to anyone, singly and in groups. We all have a divine right to care what happens to our children. EVERYONE has the right to keep themselves at a distance from circles of behavior that trouble them. Tolerance IS NOT acceptance. I don't care about what people want to get up to. It troubles me when they hurt themselves but... I did plenty of that myself. I am an object lesson of narrowly channeled, raging water, running into a wide, and MUCH LARGER, body of water.

I have cultivated Good Habits. Not peeing the bed after a certain amount of time is an example of this. Good Habits have as much to do with what you do, as with what you don't do. Discretion is the better part of valor? I say restraint is a POWERFUL force for Good... or it can be. Anyone who studies and sorts out the patterns of their behavior can acquire Good Habits and become so fixed in them that you are no longer able to avoid their influence.

This is not a good posting. It's like I loaded my scattergun and blasted in various directions without much in the way of explanation or assistance. I have wanted to say a lot of these things for a long time and did not realize that it requires the space of more than one posting to deal with them. I apologize for wasting your time with this. It got written over a couple of days in pieces and parts and it is VERY incomplete. I have hesitated from saying certain things, preferring to talk about God and the Invisible Hierarchy. I used to be something of a flame thrower but I don't feel that way anymore.

I will try, in the future, to keep myself focused on a single issue... more or less, relatively speaking. I want to say certain things that I am not yet capable of. This was not the best I could do, but it is what you got. Seek God and the corridors of light with all the passion you can muster. Be persistent and indefatigable. You will not fail.

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Monday, April 12, 2021

"The World's a Battlefield of Appetite. If You are not Hungry for Swill, You won't be Trampled at the Trough."

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Bad thoughts come to all of us and... only occasionally are they authored by us. Even then, infernal cosmic subterfuge could be the cause, ESPECIALLY in these times. It is a simple matter to cast off thoughts like this and have it become an inflexible routine, operating automatically, as the disciple is rooted in the real. It is also a simple matter to become dominated by them. In these days, conning towers out of the infernal darkness are vibrating at full power and if one is unaware of this one can be TAKEN unaware. It is like having bad companions; you share in the outcome. Better not to have bad companions, within you and without you.

All that we see originates in the mind. Feelings then FUEL the image into a blueprint of possibility. Then the Formative Process takes place and results in the material item or condition. It's called Precipitation and it's been around longer than we have. Anything is possible but you MUST be able to SEE IT as a reality. This is what God does. God has ONLY to think it and it comes into being. As you become more and more aligned with the Will of Heaven, the same becomes true of you. It doesn't happen overnight, however.

People are losing control of their minds and their emotions. Mass shootings and individual freakouts have become the order of the day. The people who are orchestrating all of this are making ready for all Hell to break loose. They've warmed it up with that shooting in Minneapolis yesterday and all eyes are on The George Floyd Comedy of Errors Trial. Evidence that the orchestrators did not want to be made public is being made public. The USUAL SUSPECTS are behind all of this and from what I can see, it is their intention to set the urban streets on fire. If you are in proximity, if propinquity is a factor in your case, I strenuously suggest that you keep your eyes open.

On a more amusing note, celebrities are really losing their grip on reality. It should be pointed out that actors and entertainers of the various kinds tend to have the most tenuous of grips upon reality to begin with. As the curtains of illusion go up in flames of Realization and Unveiling, what is behind them begins to appear and only those hearts and minds open to The Truth will feel comfort. In all other cases, the pressure ramps until the weakest link in the chain breaks.

Let me see if I can make this more clear. If you are awash in Evil Intent, Self-Interest, or generally ignorant, what will appear before you is a creature of your imagination. If your imagination is polluted then the Creature from the Black Lagoon or an unreasonable facsimile is going to surface from the waters. One might say, 'it is your fears materializing'. I did not set these conditions up, I am only observing and commenting on them. Some will dismiss what I am saying. Some will not.

There is a gridlock, due to a pileup at Airhead Central. All systems are slow. Bloatware has been added to material existence. There is spam-ware in the mind and trojans and viruses galore.

I did near four years in some dangerous locations, back in the day when they didn't care much what happened to you after you went in. I was in gladiator schools and places where people were doing life. At times it was OVER 90% black. I was young, tall, and slender. You get the picture? Not only did I get through it (even during the entire year of 68 when King was killed) but you might say I flourished. Was that because I was more physically powerful? Did I have access to serious funds? No, on both those accounts. I had God, or God had me. Miracles took place while I was there. My point for bringing this up is that there never was anything racist about me and it communicated even in the dark zone of concentrated evil. No matter where you go, there is ALWAYS some amount of light, and you must find it, even if it is only within you.

I watch movies and I watch series and sundry documentaries. In every case now, it is a black man who is the judge, if there are judges. Even more likely it is a black woman, and not infrequently a black, lesbian woman. In EVERY situation of authority, one sees this and it is not by accident. The Usual Suspects who are green lighting these projects are the same people who owned the slave ships and also the pawnshops and slum properties. They themselves are sexual perverts of the lowest order and they want humanity, especially young and impressionable humanity to be programmed to believe that perversity is no more than 'Living your own Truth'. Only a VERY SMALL percentage of humanity is sexually twisted and that is caused by the overindulgence factor of Bad Parenting and cultural degeneration. Whites and white culture are being summarily degraded and diminished.

Blacks and whites are CONSISTENTLY portrayed in sexual race-mixing scenarios, FAR PAST what actually happens in life. It has gotten to the point of ridiculous and NO MATTER what the time period being filmed, even if no people of color were present at the time and in that location, suddenly they are now everywhere at every time and often the heroes and figures of authority. I have NOTHING against freedom and equality. I was for these things BEFORE they were cool, and the weasels and vipers who search for examples of discrimination in my behavior are going to find themselves very frustrated

WHO is making these movies? Is their intention to create fairness and humanity across the board, or are they fomenting race wars? Look at who is doing it and the idea of fairness and humanity are NOT on the menu. Look back at what THEY accomplished with Communism and what unfortunate social changes are in operation, including the diminishment of heterosexuals and heterosexual behavior. I am not posing an argument, I am stating what is palpably so. This CAN'T end well in many cases. It is SELF-EVIDENT. It is like watching an enormous ship sink in an unruly sea.

What one MUST REALIZE is that God is in complete control of everything at all times. None of it would be here otherwise, and for whatever reason, God loves drama and display in which to outwork his will through us. Why this is so I could not tell you, BUT... the oldest of religions states that this material world and all of what takes place is God's Lila= God's play. BUT WHY??? Why does it have to be as we see it? It is because that is how people are. The World is a battlefield of appetite. If you are not hungry for swill, you won't be trampled at the trough. If you are not in competition for the various messes of pottage, you will not encounter conflict.

As Lao Tzu said;

“Man at his best, like water,

Serves as he goes along:

Like water he seeks his own level,

The common level of life,

Loves living close to the earth,

Living clear down in his heart,

Loves kinship with his neighbors,

The pick of words that tell the truth,

The even tenor of a well-run state,

The fair profit of able dealing,

The right timing of useful deeds,

And for blocking no one's way

No one blames him.”

Prepare for your exit. You do not know when it will occur. Friends on the other side are a wealth beyond all the world's riches. You have friends, whether you know them or not. They can and will help you in transition and placement. They can and will help you HERE as well. I speak from Direct Experience, and you have also the words of so many others who have passed this way before.

I wish I had paid more attention earlier. I wish I had behaved better at different times, BUT... that has all departed into the cosmic machinery of things to come. I am fortunate to experience the Grace of God and no longer care one way or the other about ANYTHING except The Presence of God. I am in awe of those who refuse to acknowledge any authority but their own. I am not a fool, though I have played one in real life. One of the things you learn about a deeper communion with God is that (S)HE CAN DO ANYTHING. Let God as you understand God handle it and adjust, as best as you can, to the rolling gait of the buckboard that carries you. Balance and Harmony prove to be the most important considerations that follow after the possession of Divine Love.

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Sunday, April 4, 2021

"Love is Looking Out into The Morning. It's Looking Back at You This Easter Day."

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What do you know? Today is Easter. It slipped right by this year so as you would hardly notice it.That is NOT accidental. It is not only Christmas that they are making war on. They are making war on Easter as well. They say, “there is no God” if there is no God then no God could be born or rise again. In a sense, they are right because God does not ever die, but he does simulate well, and there is nowhere we can go that God cannot go, and many many more places God is and can go than can we.

They want to replace God with the state. They'll have their own religious facsimile. The entertainers of our times are showing how religion interprets through them. You see, presently you have, at least, the illusion of what The Constitution guaranteed. If they have their way you will, certainly, no longer, have that illusion. Who are 'they'? They are the ones you cannot call on their behavior. They are the ones who attack the enduring institutions with the intention of creating chaos and disorder, and then seizing the reins of power... but... The Earth is a sacred vessel and at the mere approach of the profane, IT RECEDES. That is what Lao Tzu said. Lao Tzu was no Christian in the classical sense, but The Truth of which they both spoke is THE SAME.

Yes... our present crop of leaders are nearly all compromised, feckless, weak... other words apply, however, the whole subject is disagreeable to me. Men can destroy cultures and infrastructures. They can destroy nations and traditions, BUT they can NEVER destroy that which brought life about in the first place and which is a CONSCIOUS, LIVING ENTITY made of something much finer and denser than any light we know about and which RULES ALL... ALWAYS.

It is murky at the moment for most (something's off about that sentence), BUT... the power of God is not dimmed, except in the minds, hearts, and imaginations of humanity.

The Aquarian Age sets an irresistible imperative. Christianity, Islam, all of them will be radically changed or plowed under to feed the coming terms of the new awareness. Recognition of The Sun as the regent of manifest existence will become pervasive. The physical sun is a portal through which The Spiritual Sun shines. That knowledge will, as always, be protected by a fellowship of initiates who are empowered to shepherd humanity further along the measureless reach of evolution. That pace does not work for me.

For those of us who are in anguish from having to sup from common troughs, there are sweeter pastures and pristine waters that satiate not only one's physical thirst but the deeper thirst. You can travel to these pastures and waters because they are resident within you. Because of the extreme materialism of the times, humanity is drowning in the attractions of The Senses and the OTHER NEEDS of the inner being have been cut off and are starving. What I am telling you is LITERAL. If Christ has not risen in you today; WHO? WHO... is resident there in his place?

Christ is The Sun King. He came in his PERFECTED HUMANITY to SHOW THE WAY. Christ is The Wayshower. Other versions of The Sun King preceded him and now one is to follow. He will, with the energy of his being, and a Divine Mandate, SET THE WORLD IN ORDER!

I am guessing you noticed, you might not have registered... BUT Easter is now in shut down mode as far as they are concerned. They are dreaming of conquest and empire. They are dreaming of their coming mastery of The World. They are dreaming.

Humanity DID NOT come THIS FAR to end like a fart in the bathtub or remain soiled in its own wastes as it now is. Spiritual Renaissance is upon the Event Horizon. It surely does not seem so at the moment. The howling tempest of hunger and vain ambition is raging like a wildfire through the common mind. This skirmish of appetites will fade. Changes are coming.

God is coming with his angels. It may be that few will see this because their sight is dimmed by material fires. They are literally writhing in the fires where no desire can be satisfied. The hungers only increase. As the pressure of irresistible change comes upon them, people are driven in weakest link directions; alcohol... drugs... obsessions and fantasies, raging mind dances, neurotic tics, and psychotic episodes abound... only to wind up as monkeys on a stick and a teaching moment for the survivors. This very force that is being wrongly exercised at present is the same force that drives to spiritual liberation.

Remember that scene in “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”? They got on the freeway going in the wrong direction. People passing on the other side of the freeway were shouting at them that they were “GOING THE WRONG WAY!”

This is what is actually taking place. If you tell people, they laugh at you or give you the finger. I am watching from a distance as the tabloids of the world unroll before my eyes. I want nothing from it so it speaks to me without deception, even though the medium is deception itself. That is most difficult to explain but I suspect it has translated where it needs to be (grin).

Today is Easter. It has not always been celebrated in the same fashion but it was always Easter. We have always had the risen God in some fashion, AND WE ALWAYS WILL. There are some who celebrate this in a daily fashion. It is a timeless thing. Look at The World around you at this time. You might think of The World as a material expression of The Divine Mother. She can, through the convolutions of the human mind be transformed into a hydra-headed bitch. When she is twisted into unnatural expressions- as we see in the dense urban locations, PERVERSITY RUNS RIOT through the common mind. Certain courses life CANNOT take without arriving at certain destinations. ONLY God can, through his grace, heal your karma in an expeditious fashion.

Most people don't know about this aspect of The Divine as it has been defined by the architects of fundamentalism. They have left that out of the grand picture they painted but did not understand... because it was bent to the ends of evil intent- FOR THE PURPOSE OF MIND and CROWD CONTROL. It gets to where The World seems bigger than your ability to deal with it

God can do as he pleases, his power is LIMITLESS. Use your imagination. God is the be-all and end-all. Find this out now or find it out later at greater expense.

Easter is an INTERNAL thing and as you ASPIRE... as you TRULY ASPIRE, you will one day be drawn to Spiritual Jerusalem on THAT DAY when it is celebrated in The Heavens every year... every day. Don't let this Great Chance pass you by. Every moment is an opportunity to turn your inner eye to the Spiritual Sun. Swedenborg had much to say about The Spiritual Sun and the Heavenly Hosts, AS DID OTHERS. It's all been recorded and written down now and again, as far as words will go. You can find IT, THE THING ITSELF if you are intrepid and determined. You don't go anywhere without it in the first place. Ah... duh.

RECOGNITION is what is needed and at first, it might seem like a distant mirage, but... IT IS THERE! You have to do the spadework. You have to plow the field and realize it is not under your own power. NOTHING IS. Heaven will attend to the fruits of your works. You cannot fail if you do not give up and the rate of your progress is determined by the intensity of your passion. It's simple. It's precise. It's mathematical at a level no scientist has ever arrived at understanding.

You only need to believe in the power of LOVE and to practice and perform it in all that you do. LOVE is the brimming and overflowing fountain that inspires every great and noble act. The noblest of them all was Jesus Christ demonstrating it. You don't need any greater proof of everlasting life than that. God is... REMARKABLE... I cannot hope to tell the profundity of it. The common human mind at this period of time does not understand the greater and deeper implications of LOVE, BUT the Spirit of the Avatar is coming and it will flood the human heart when it does. How that will impact... heh heh... it's going to impact in different ways. I'm guessing it depends of how you take it. That WOULD have something to do with the result.

Happy Easter, my dear friends!

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