Monday, May 30, 2022

"They Have the Light Necessary to Cast Shadows, and Raise Creatures of Fear Born from Poisoned Imaginations."

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I was talking with the ineffable today. I don't know how we got on the subject, but... he was talking about all the people he has given so many blessings to; fortune... fame... good health... things working out better than they expected, good looks... various protections; you notice when they're gone. “Anyway, visible, look at all those blessings... and what do they do with them? Yeah... right. The least I ask is that they share them, that they are generous, but... do they do that? And those gratuitous, ostentatious displays of public giving... Oh... I really don't like that. So... I take them away, or... I give them the flip side.

“Are they grateful? Do they not get how important that is? Gratitude means you get to keep those blessings and get more of them. Not that I appreciate it... when people do it... with that in mind, and... I know. I always know. No one can hide anything from me. Making war on me? I am the weapon. What do I have in my arsenal? I have disease, old age, and death. I have misfortune. I have all the situations anyone can fear when things go bump in the night. I have confusion, and I am the source of all force... so... even to contend with me... you need my permission.

“Visible... This world is child's play for me. It is my child's play. There are Heavens beyond counting where all of the states of being are unified. Then... as it is in any case, The World that is projected out of you is representative of that (shared) unity.”

I have the most amazing exchanges with The Higher Mind, which is also The Superconscious. Imagine a place where you can experience anything you can imagine, and your imagination is a purified and disciplined movie projector, which you can focus on the living screen of existence and make it as real as anything else around here appears to be. Ah... the powers of self-discipline. They lead you into those places that are the inspiration of songs, such as “You'll never walk alone”, or... “The Impossible Dream.” I know... they are dated and perhaps hokey to many. I still sing Stephen Foster's songs, like “Beautiful Dreamer”, or “I Dream of Jeannie.”

You have to remember that The Childlike Mind in the adult-being can generate all kinds of conditions, and states of being. There are those other songs; “Row Row Your Boat”, and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” They speak to an emotional perspective on a positive image. What happens in a failed life, as so many lives are? Bitterness and Regret come to live in your head and on your dime. Resentment, and Anger... head off to whatever physical organ they reside in. Worst of them all is Fear... and it mounts, and mounts. Until it puts a saddle on your back and rides you where it pleases.

I remember being in the homes of older people, when I was younger, and noticing that they might have the radio and TV on at the same time; all the lights are on, no matter what the time of day. Something was always going to distract them from approaching death, and the diseases we think into being by hosting the wrong states of mind, like the examples we just listed. Lust is a personification of a specific hunger, driven to release, and it gives rise to personal prison guards. If you can't discipline yourself, you will be disciplined; one way or the other. That's what jails are all about. Oh! And there are many jails that spring from The Penitentiary of the Mind.

The big news of the moment... and it has been big news for days... on every news site is this Texas shooting. This is what I was referring to in talking about the priorities of an election year when the other side is sure to come into power, given the crimes committed by the ones who stole the election and usurped the common will. Do you see the subjects coming up for discussion? Do you see the grandstanding? Do you see the misdirection, the lies, the accusations for blame?

Certain forces have been at work for a long time to bring us to the conditions of the moment. They are not willing to go gently into what is certain to be a dark night, except for the light necessary to cast shadows and raise creatures of fear born from poisoned imaginations. The tug-of-war is brutal. The slathering beasts of perverse sex dreams have been loosed on the public. Men dressed as women flaunt a bizarre depravity upon the minds of small children... AND... the financial forces behind the politicians and their enforcement arms are very serious about pedophilia being set free of its stigma.

Women's clothes are designed by men who hate women. That's what this whole transgender, drag queen agenda is all about, replacing women with men pretending to be women. They should not be schooling children on sex when they don't procreate. All the progeny they come up with are shit golems. Born into the invisible by unsavory means. I'm sorry. Am I being indelicate? Not all of us are submissive to your pressures. Some of us know where the real power lies.

There is way... way... WAY too much noise on every mainstream website and channel about this Texas shooting. Nothing like this happened when that BLM guy drove through the dancing grannies, and assorted folk, in whichever northern mid-western town that took place at... on Christmas season last.

We are entering a period of full bore propaganda. Do not be surprised at anything you see or hear; especially anything you hear... or read... OR... get a feeling about.

They want a world where their control of the currency allows them to do as they please, no matter what that means. They already have that, you say? Yeah... but it's not enough. It is NEVER enough. "What does it profit a man..."

I am not so fortunate as many are, who seem to know and understand all the kinds and intentions of life's movements and events. On all occasions, I tell you what little I know. Most of the time I tell you what I am told internally, what I suspect, and what Reason and Logic say about what I am told internally.

What the mainstream information highways bring us, is what the rich and powerful want us to think, AND believe. They milk our outrage and fear, and turn them into uniformed robots who keep us in line unless we are Antifa or some variety of sex freak. They use it to assemble polyglot mobs, who perform an arcane glossolalia... around the wreckage of The Tower of Babel; formerly known as our public institutions. There is no question that most of the people who think they are in charge are crazy. Pretty obviously, the Gods want to destroy them.

Michael Moore... who looks like Crissy Metz... if she let herself go; Bento Box O'Rourke, Reverend Tawana Brawley Sharpton, Ellen Degenerate, The View, the hordes of talking heads, who scream in a vituperative agony of flaming dumpsters, made conscious for that purpose. The entire government of most countries is composed of violently jostling swine. They are like the crowd at a music venue, right after the guns went off. It's not like they can't be frightened. They are just too hungry to think about it.

Think of the chorus line of faces coming and going, howling like cat banshees having sex with their barbed quipment. They know they have to be heard above everyone else, AND... they have to have a gimmick. Authenticity is meaningless. There are companies who authenticate and legitimize you, for a fee. Universities are like that. Then you fellate your way through the probationary period... unless you are lucky enough to catch someone above you on tape or film. The prevailing philosophy is... (drum roll) WHATEVER IT TAKES!

I am astounded at what people will do to get fame... or attract fortune. You need the right reel and pole. You need the necessary line, hook, and sinker. Above all... you must have the bait. You can catch anything if you are properly equipped... outfitted; keeping in mind that often enough, your catching them includes them catching you. The World is a labyrinth that is tiled with glue-boards. The walls are flypaper.

Through it all, the people at the top get sent to the bottom once they are done pissing on the ones below. The ones below get routed upward, through a whole bunch of middle management positions until they are in a position to piss on the ones who used to be above them. They haven't forgotten what happened to them when they were on the bottom, where every day it was their turn in the barrel. This goes on and on... until the players become tired of it and look for something better. The one who controls the board... periodically comes down for a visit, and to make the playing field level again. It doesn't stay that way, but...

you can catch a breather. You can change course at that time... if you think that is something you might be interested in. No matter how you define that (on your own terms) you HAVE TO BE upwardly mobile. The problem is, in a circular game, you move from pisser to pissed-on with regularity. If you employ The Spiral effect, you will see brighter days until the end of time, and beyond that.

God is ALWAYS looking for playmates, AND... he will let you know when he has found you. It really helps if you are looking for him. It speeds up the process exponentially. Playmates grow into friends, or... they pass like ships in the night. There are none so devoted and loyal as The Divine. He is easier to find in these times, if... you eschew the entertainments. He has a whole other appearance in the hustle and bustle on Distraction Avenue= ♫ we're gonna rock down to...♫ yadda, yadda.

In simple terms; the whole thing is ALIVE and CONSCIOUS... by degrees from dreaming to awakening. You have to make contact with that which is in contact with everything. Most are too fixated or busy to do that. They have made a pact with themselves to get to it when they have more time. That never happens; word to the wise.

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Beautiful Dreamer-

I Dream of Jeannie-

Thursday, May 26, 2022

"The Whole of The City is Lit with Ubiquitous Light. Present Everywhere, The Source Remains a Mystery."

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As you can imagine, and... possibly as you know... this has been a strange year so far. One could say that the two that preceded this year were pretty strange as well. You can see that there are two powerful and opposing camps. One is ultra-liberal and pushing for EVERYTHING to be okay. The other is conservative and wants limitations on certain behavior. Ironically, the liberal who wants all behavior (especially if it is sexual) to be okay, does not want just anyone to be able to speak what is on their minds.

What you see here, is a political game, where... on the one hand, there is a cry for greater freedom, BUT... the specter of an enforced Communism is in the backdrop. It is a malicious subterfuge that seeks to call The Beast out of The Pit of the human subconscious, and to enslave humanity through its appetites, while the government is in charge of the disbursement of pleasure. Anyone who is not caught up in this can see that it is self-evident. Observe the cultural changes since 2015 when Obama summoned Babylon outside (or is it inside?) the magic circle.

This country has been in a protracted dance with The Devil, as... angels... watch... due to the blessings of God, the bounty of Nature, AND... because of the sagacity of The Founders. From our perch of the temporarily blessed, we plundered and punished from a distance... at the behest of Central Bankers. Wars for gain have been a hallmark of this passing age. It is an intrinsic feature of human nature, tangled in material culture. It's there for those who have an interest in it.

Everything in this world is there for those who have an interest in it. It dances and entrances. It slithers and shifts. It changes hue and... its appearance can go from near-transcendent beauty to an object of terror. Some have lost their minds on either side of this ever-changing phenomenon.

We expect existence to conform to the dimensions of Reason. Certainly... it has logical sequencing, and fixed polarities; the familiar repeats itself with comforting regularity until the unexpected looms up before you. Nothing should be unexpected, given the temporary nature of forms in space. Did you know that you actually see everything inside your head and that the external appearance is a projection of The Mind? Of course, you did. (grin)

I mentioned that last for a very important reason. It has to do with meditation and self-inquiry. It has to do with how we live our lives and to what we give fealty. What you fear has a great deal to do with how you see yourself in respect of The World, and all of its allurements and dangers. Some of the allurements are gateways to the greatest dangers. Look at the ever-changing dreamscape that we sleepwalk through. Some are more asleep than others. In times of apocalypse and awakening, the game changes. What has been concealed is now revealed.

This all happens in stages. At first, The Awakening might seem novel and welcome. As it continues, AND intensifies, it can begin to seem alarming and unwelcome. This is when people resort to drinking and drugs. They escape into sexual escapades. They play video games every waking moment, except for routine and regular moments of self-abuse... before the mind's-idol of an impossible... unreachable object; pictured in the girl draped over the hood of a car... that same slithering and shapeshifting phenomena mentioned earlier. It is so elusive. It dances just out of reach. It is a Fata Morgana... adjusting to the eye of the imagination.

In Hindu tradition, it is said that as you are following Krishna, Radha interposes herself between you and Krishna. This is how The World repopulates itself. There is nothing wrong with this. It is The Dance of Life on its way to transition, and then it is returned, again, and again, and again. It is a circle game. It is also a circle-jerk, for those who celebrate their miseries in a common company.

I do not wish to diminish Radha. I adore her as The Divine Mother, personified to specific ends; in order to be freed of the entanglements of Suffering, I must see her in a particular manner. She it is who cuts me loose from her spell. I rely on her for this. She doesn't like seeing any of us go, but she is rooting for us in a place that is concealed from our view.

Like an apostle said, “I wish all men were like me, but they are not. Still, it is better to marry than to burn.” I am not a fan of that apostle, but it is not my desire to trouble his memory. The Hindu tradition provides Brahmacharya to the specific end of the raising of The Kundalini. Still... Lahiri Mahasaya and Ramakrishna were married. They simply remained chaste. This is not for everyone. I have always been so inclined, due to the haunting image of the mystical nature of The Alchemical Marriage.

I have NOTHING against sex. Were it not for sex I would be unable to do what I seek to do. We each make a decision to direct that force of attraction upon the object of desire. My desire is for her that I see in the meadows and the mountains, who is the eternal spirit of The Divine Feminine. Should I be successful, she will dance in my mind like a ballerina on a music box, where the music has palpable substance, particularized out of The Om. She is like a shining city built from precious jewels and metals. The whole of the city is lit with a ubiquitous light that is present everywhere... but, whose source remains a mystery.

This world is pedestrian. It is a poor copy of another world that is accessed through a spiritual portal. For all, the passport is in the surrender of the individual identity... into a vehicle of impersonal love. You can't expect to see that down here, except in times of greater light, BUT... you can do it at any time if you are filled with that greater light.

People get all pumped up about themselves here in The World of the False Light, where egos clash and combine to the ends of pomp and spectacles, in the rise and fall of civilizations... all buried beneath the sands in the desert, and the sands beneath the seas, hidden in the mountains, like time... trapped in forms now long forgotten. There are deep mysteries in The Earth, and invisible wonders everywhere, but the human senses are bound in a death worship of passing phenomena. They forget themselves, and the whole of life becomes a game of hide and seek. God is searching for himself in us.

The World is a sham and artifice directed toward The Dance of Appetites, by misdirection. We lie to ourselves about what we are really after. We justify the means we employ. The latest subterfuge that hides ambition, is to pretend to be a voice for the down-trodden victims of an indifferent, mechanical society, and really? Really? They will be quickly abandoned once their usefulness as a plot device has ended. Hypocrisy is a bigger growth industry than the cancers it spawns.

In times of Material Darkness... most are seeking the qualities of The Infernal Kingdom, out of fear about their survival. Few seek The Qualities of God. This apocalypse and awakening are going to change that. A great spiritual renaissance is in The Event Horizon. It is precipitating down The Planes into manifestation. It could well be that many of us will not be present for this. I couldn't say. What I KNOW is that The Avatar is coming, and I have some small insights into what his presence will bring. He regularly performs the same tasks for the same reasons; the primary reason being... humanity has lost its way.

If you don't believe in The Avatar, despite regular appearances of the same, and the following transformations of The World, each time he came and went, that's perfectly fine with me. I'm from the Live and Learn School of Being Schooled by God. It is common for people to resist the lessons that life gives us. This sets us on a course of Suffering that continues until the source has been discovered and removed. Nothing neutralizes Karma like Spiritual Wisdom. It is a fire that consumes it utterly. Conventional Wisdom is one thing. Divine Luminous Wisdom is something else.

I am not concerned with what George Soros and Klaus Schwab get up to; not in a time of apocalypse and awakening. They are agents of The Darkness with no defense against the light. It's not a real contest. All the power is with Heaven, who also determines the outcome. If you don't have the certitude for this, then your faith is shaky. There is doubt in your mind about the outcome. There should be no doubt. The Sun in the sky is a smaller expression of the glory of God, yet it is the central source of all life and love here. What a tiny particle that makes you!

Those of you who think this is random, and without an author... will be guided to a place of perspective where the truth can see seen and experienced. This is inevitable. How long it will take is dependent on your resistance. If you drag your feet, it takes longer. If you keep running up the side streets and taking the Future Exit, it takes longer. The highway of life is lined with attractions; inns to stay at, resorts to play in, oceans to swim in, and schools of fish... in search of what? How their mouths open and close. Their silent voices speak and drown in the noisy waters that contain them. It's all hustle and bustle until you run out of muscle.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, May 23, 2022

"Believe Me. It is ALL Perfectly Choreographed. Like Synchronized Swimmers in a Whirlpool Spiral."

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Skull Chertoff is an archetype. In Lapland-speak, they call him, “He who hides under the bed at night.” In Estonia, they say; “He who is in the basement in the films where they say don't go down into the basement.” In Crete, they refer to him as, “He who is in the attic in those films where they say, “don't go up to the attic.” In Western Europe, they call him, “He whom you are not allowed to criticize."

He is the model for the forensic doll that they use when they say, “show us on the doll where he touched you” and... he is the one who touches you. The doll looks like him because most men who commit these acts look like him.

Early on he was a teacher's aide. He was asked to move on. They told him that maybe he wasn't right for the job, because he used to grab children by the fleshy part of the arm or leg and say to them; “Hmm... you're almost ready for the pot.” He would tell them they would look cute floating next to the carrots and celery. Chertoff was fond of celery, for the same reason gay daddies like to feed it to their twinks.

One might ask how I know these things. A seeker of God comes to know many unusual facts, concerning the peculiarities of human nature. A serious writer comes into the possession of countless curious bits of knowledge that he applies in his craft; the same way a savvy, veteran pitcher knows the way each batter hits; what they like and don't like... and has a windup and a pitch for every step in the count... “baoooouel”, (ball) and “steeeee-rye-eeke.” (strike)

Perhaps you remember Michael 'skull' Chertoff? He was one of the main players in the 9/11 attacks that were orchestrated by the Neo-cons in the State and Defense Departments, Israel, and assorted players, domestic and abroad. It was a very complex affair that we first saw being brainstormed at PNAC, but... you can be sure it started earlier at an undisclosed location. He went on to be the first head of The Department of Homeland Insecurity. Following that, he headed up a corporation that designed metal detectors for TSA at airports, and other places. Wow! He sure was in the right place at the right time!!!

Now he is the head of the disinformation bureau at Homeland Insecurity and boy! He looks the part. He looks like what I imagine Freddy Kruger looks like on his days off. He also looks like a family relation of Nosferatu. There are definite similarities in appearance to Baron Samedi; if he were black and had some airbrushing done... you couldn't tell them apart. The unintentional humor here is smokin. The unexpressed laughter is smoldering and curling like a sympathy card at a vampire memorial barbecue. It is just too obvious! Well... they've gotten away with it so far.

I mention this today because they are going to be ATTEMPTING a series of 9/11-like events in the coming months. EVERYTHING is on the table this time. Mr. Apocalypse has been moving like a plague of termites through a housing complex in Florida. The underpinnings and infrastructure are in a critical state. They HAVE TO do something or... it will all come down on their heads. It is... going to come down on their heads, BUT... they still have to do something.

Have you been watching the stages of The Elon Musk-Twitter takeover? Whatever his reasons for it were, he got the money together; very few individuals could have done that. He went through the building like a home inspector... wait! He wanted to go through the building with a home inspector, BUT... the software is VERY critical and no one can see it. This is because Twitter is the propaganda arm of The Intelligence Community. It is the place where they shape public opinion and tell people what to think. It is where they control the level of one's reach and influence... yadda-yadda.

Either he noticed something, or someone told him. Maybe he intuited it... I don't know, but he wanted to find out how many fake accounts were going on at Twitter. Perhaps this is why they wouldn't let him go in with the home inspector. They told him it was 5%, but most of us know this can't be true. It seems now that the fake accounts might be closer to a significant portion of the accounts in toto. It's a little similar to what Facebook, The Left, and the other criminal agencies did with the 2020 election; see “2,000 Mules.”

So... now he publicly comes out to say he is going to vote Republican in the next election. Why would he say something like that? Think people! There are not that many reasons. He actually said that The Democrats are “hateful and divisive.” Whew!!! Donald Trump did not react well to hearing it. That is another mystery. The people at their level are all members of a small club, and... as Master Carlin said, “you ain't in it.”

The baby formula caper? The runaway Great Replacement of the immigration scam? The Great Reset! COVID! And now? Heh heh... we got The Monkeypox Mambo. “Mambo!!!” (Blind Date? Bruce Willis? Maybe you didn't see it.)

ALL of these conditions and events are connected! Look at it. Look at it!!! Look at what has happened since 9/11, and then following The Gay Marriage Act. These people are SERIOUS! Why would that be? It is because there is more going on than you can see on The Surface. They are gearing up for some BIG happenings. That means more than one. They need a perfect storm of chaos and confusion. The Light is coming, and it will not be denied. They have to do something, BUT... nothing they do will be enough.

They plan on food shortages. They plan to knock out urban and rural power, this summer, in targeted locations. They are seriously hoping (and working) for World War 3. They are already drumming up the White Supremacy threat, through their conditioned subjects, at whatever passes for Fort Detrick these days. The Alien Invasion Hoax is being filmed by the Wag-the-Dog people. They've been talking about holographic-Jesus-in-the-sky. Those of you attending major sporting events, or... large entertainment venues... you NEED TO be aware of what might happen.

I should add that they are far more cynical and psychopathic than you might think. They have intentionally moved criminal elements into the country from everywhere they could find them. They are pulling in war zone combatants for the intended guerrilla action in the streets, AND... they have been releasing them right and left from their confinements, AND letting them know that mayhem is just fine and dandy; look at the Soros-fueled DA's.

It is not my desire or intent to alarm or trouble you. From my perspective, everything is exactly as it is for the purpose of getting it to where it is supposed to be; restoring The Balance. Yes... it will be PLENTY rough in places, BUT... those who cannot hear must feel. The Light is coming, AND... if you provide a welcoming environment for The Light... it will shine in you!

Here is the deal, my friends, the-real-deal. Everyone senses, at the level they are capable of... be it with confidence and anticipation... apprehension, or... outright fear; everyone Knows, at some level, that JUDGMENT IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Re-balancing is coming. This explains all the wokeness nonsense, and embarrassing efforts to be on the right side of the equation; “Look how virtuous and compassionate I am!!!” They are shoving each other out of the way because they know... at some level... that JUDGMENT IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!

Now... if you confront any of the obvious Nimrods and Recreationally Evil sorts... this is not how they would explain it. For many of them, it is... degrees of dis-ease. It's the tremble of invisible fingers over sensitive areas. In some cases, it is due to their having been on the other side of whatever, and they were sentenced here to tear down those portions they were responsible for. Believe me... it is ALL perfectly choreographed. Even if it looks like synchronized swimmers in a whirlpool spiral.

REALLY!!! Everyone senses that something is coming, and whatever it is... it's a big deal. Elon Musk knows about it. It's why he's jockeying from side to side. All of those people at the top of the food chain think they have got an idea of what is coming, OR... they are deeply involved in predatory behavior, in search of The Purpose of Demonstration... or both.

Well there is something coming, and it is matching up internally with the external, and it involves PROFOUND change. Some will be transformed and some will be plowed under, to fertilize the conditions of the coming Golden Age. Perhaps that seems harsh or callous of me. I am a mere observer. The Truth is... no one has to suffer. They insist on it.

How you look at external conditions has a great deal to do with their meaning in your mind. Then... your mind shapes your perspective so-that-that-is-what-you-see. Your world is REALLY something you thought into being. It is uniquely yours. Yes... there are commonalities between you and others, but the aggregate is like your DNA... it reflects your birth chart. If only you knew how to read and interpret it correctly! If you only knew someone who could read and interpret it correctly? If only.

One of the great mysteries that concern reincarnation is... why do we keep coming here and not remembering what we got up to last time? A well-known yogi said that we do not recall our past lives because the knowledge would be harmful until we come to a place where we can handle it. However... just look at where you are now and you can get a good idea of where you came from and where you are headed. Study yourself, dispassionately and objectively, and all will be revealed... in time.

If you want the answers to all your questions. If you want to know the meaning of life, you go where the answers are. God knows everything, AND... God is within you. Really! This is true. You're not going to get any answers on the outside. Few of them know, and those who do remain silent on that subject because the answer CANNOT be transmitted in words. Why then do I even bother to do this? I do it so that I can hint at it.

I am also in love with God, and... the consideration of the nature and presence of God dominates my existence. No other pursuit holds any attraction for me. This is an indicator of whence I have come and where I am headed. If you spend your time in the casinos. If you spend your time in a slaughterhouse. If you spend your time in prison; a real prison... or of mental or emotional construction. Wherever you are, is an indication of where you have come from and where you are headed... AND... from where you are standing this very moment, every road is open and your possibilities are limitless, but if you can't hack the territory you need to traverse... no doubt there's an easier way, right?

Our main problem is one of consistency. If you are not consistent, you will get inconsistent results. It is said that it takes everything you have. The reason for this is that if you don't give it everything you have, you will not get there. That very fact will hinder your success, AND account for your inconsistency, and your failure. You have to REALLY... REALLY want it, AND... most of us do not want it that badly.

The most important feature here is that you don't do anything yourself anyway, and every effort on your part only complicates the matter. Yes... you think you are doing this, and that, and that is your problem, because... you are not.

This is the mindset that you must possess to get to the real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This is the mindset that causes the cornucopia to reveal itself. The willful and separated mind remains as it is. Its search for independence as a fallen angel is doomed. Its search for independence in the ties that bind is what leads to an ever greater bondage. ONLY the angels of God can get you out of the mess you got yourself into... and angels are a direct expression of The Will of God.

The answer is hiding in plain sight. We conceal it by putting our own spin on it.

End Transmission.......

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If you want to see who rules over you, simply look at who you cannot criticize. The Holocaust is a fraud. See? I said that. I'll say it next week too. HAHAHAHAHA, at the bottom of the article it says that the comments section has been removed=

Via The Federalist
Given what that last link said... heh heh... check this out. Let me see; who runs the CDC?=

Via Buddha Weekly
This covers some of what I was talking about from a SPECIFIC and GENERAL perspective. The mind of the beholder, right?=

Hollywood is a VERY sick place. Much of this is the fruit of Andy Cohen who is both gay and... yeah, although Ryan Seacrest is deep in the murk as well. Of course, MTV basically started the whole thing. Satanism THRIVES in the proper conditions=

Arthur Firstenerg Via The Truthseeker
I haven't ever been into these things.
You can sense they aren't good for you. I can cook, and I am not lazy or impatient so I don't need one. I rank them right up there with cellphones=

pepper seedlings

The people at this site are really bent, which is why you seldom (if ever) see me link to them. What do you think they are trying to say here

Via loffredojeremy@Twitter
But... of course... that has been the intention all along=

Hello! My pronouns are Fuck and You.
Fuck is not a pronoun? Fuck you=

Via Gateway Pundit
Do not go to Colorado=

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

"Let's Go Time Traveling Through the Mesozoic in Search of The Elusive Trannysaurus Rex. All Aboard!!!"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The tranny thing is the next big thing to go from mainstream to headlining at porn. You know how they used to change the names of mainstream films to titles for porn films, like The Sperminator... in place of The Terminator? Schindler's Fist... Throbbin Hood... Shaving Ryan's Privates... Night of the Giving Head... For Your Thighs Only... Lord of The Cockrings... 28 Gays Later... The Wedding Bangers... Glad-He-Ate-Her. 101 Dominatrixes... American Booty. You get the picture.

They are going to start changing the names of films in honor of the tranny epidemic; The Tranny Always Rings Twice. The Maltese Tranny. Tranny Get Your Gun. Trantanic. The Tranny of Oz. BatTranny. Gone with the Tranny. The Tranny Cage. Trancula and Frankentranny. Of Trannies and Men. Rear Tranny. Trannies of the Caribbean. Strangers on a Tranny. Tranzila, Drugstore Tranny. The Devil Wears Trannies. The Third Tranny. Trannytown (“Forget it, Jake, it's Trannytown”). Transablanca ( (“I think this is the beginning of an ugly and sordid groping in the dark kind of friendship”) Little Big Tranny, The Transporter (that works reel gud).

Then they add on to titles, Like Thelma and Louise and The Tranny. The Magnificent Seven Trannies. Or they hijack the titles of popular movie series, like Lethal Tranny. Die Hard Tranny. Beverly Hills Tranny. Or... they hijack the work of a famous actor; A Fistful of Trannies. For a Few Trannies More, and The Good the Bad and The Tranny. Back to the Tranny. The Tranny of the Rings. How appropriate would this be?= The Pink Tranny. Followed by Revenge of the Pink Tranny. The Pink Tranny Strikes Back; you get the idea.

Yes... I could go on and on. I haven't even hit Broadway yet. How about Tranklahoma? TrANNIE? The Sound of Trannies? Death of a Tranny? The Trannyman Cometh? My Fair Tranny? The Tranny of the Opera. A Tranny Line? Beauty and the Tranny? Tranny on the Roof? Trannyspray? Or they cater to the people who make the movies, both porn and regular, in films such as Schindler's Tranny, Sophie's Choice Tranny, or Jurassic Tranny. The Tranny in the Striped Pajamas. TrANNie Frank.

There could be theme parks like Trannyland, and Tranny World, with Barney and the Teletubbies and every other asexual cartoon character. They could move on to fast foods; TFC (Tranny Fried Chicken... McTrannies... Tranny King... In and Out Trannies?

Oh... we're full of ideas this morning. How about Gender Fluids? That would be a form of Gatorade for the sexually retarded. Non-Binary Math for grade school, with no grades... cause grades discriminate against The Stupid?

There is no question that The Dark Side and its agents, visible and invisible, are not only promoting all of this, but also programming it, grooming it, and making money off of it, because they ALWAYS do that. If the medium is the message, then this would be a form of extreme Rolfing.

The awesome and unbelievable factor; the head-scratching implausibility, is that people believe this crap. It's a real shot in the gut for me. I would never have thought people could be this gullible and bone-deep ignorant, BUT... they are. How did they get from Gay Marriage to this in a few short years? It is truly mind-boggling. They didn't do it on their own, and they didn't get there by themselves. They had help from The Dark Side. It wasn't that difficult to accomplish, now that I see how they did it.

Materialism is a breeding ground where ancient appetites have become personalized, just like corporations. Certain groups and individuals now give lip service and fealty to insatiable hungers, which often involve the lips, and hips ("hips or lips?" Pacino in "Cruising.") They have become a cartoon. They are comic book characters who come and go to no observable purpose... to no positive end. Quo Vadis?

A man cannot become a woman. A woman cannot become a man, and all the feminine hygiene products that ever get made will not legitimize the travesties that some are determined to make of themselves. They are INSANE! It is not possible to reason with a crazy person because their reason has left them. There is nothing reasonable about what they intend, and... they are coming for the children. This psychotic madness CANNOT long endure.

Similar pathologies attend the fall of every culture, like clockwork. More accurately... like cuckoo clockwork. It's always non-binary on the Tranny Clock of Sexual Confusion. I think they use Roman Numerals... upside down and backwards.

It is social media, and most especially... the people who own and run it, that takes tiny slivers of what might once have been humans, protesting in the streets in ridiculous and insignificant numbers, and pass it off as a statement of the collective public will. If all of these people were gone, no one would notice any difference in the numbers that remain. It's much like The Holohoax. That is how few they are, and most of them are paid actors who show up on demand to cause disturbances, over issues that are important to The Vampire Overlords AND NO ONE ELSE, except for those so afflicted.

It's all about making you confused and uncertain... even afraid... even terrified.

Amber heard but she did not listen. It is an amazing thing when you, OBSERVABLY, lie in the public eye, and many... many eyes are on you. The pressure builds, and Mr. Apocalypse rises up behind you and draws his judgment down upon you, and writes it into the minds of those judging you. A telepathy occurs and you know what others are thinking about you. Then... a door opens in your mind and the awareness of what you are, and what you did, comes flooding into your consciousness... like Katrina surfing the levees. It's like looking in the mirror and seeing your face... for the first time, and... being horrified.

When my kundalini was unbridled from the Pool of The Kunda, it went through my being like soft lightning. It consumed everything in its path and lit it all up... and all that I had thought myself being as... was flushed out of me. I went upstairs to the bathroom. I looked into the mirror and saw all of the faces, in other lives, coming and going, and transforming in my features, one to the next. I saw that there was no Me... not really. The Me was just a role I was playing, in a drama that was fueled by my previous acts, that had led me to that moment... when I was no longer a role... but the witness of the actions taking place from a timeless perspective.

The real Me is, in everyone else, the same. This, I understood, was why I could feel the faces of others in my own. Ideally... this self that engages in the dramas, and has no real permanence, is used as a vehicle to express The Divine. It is like light shining through a stained glass window. I know... I have used that image a few times. It is the one that comes closest to the mind's out-picturing. It is The Personality, being cleansed of the Karmic (Samskaras) shadows that blocked the light and left us in darkness... unaware of our real (and eternal) nature.

Where does all this Tranny-mania come from? It is a plumbing error in the sex chakra, where the flow was directed according to the easiest route of passage. Depravity is more easily accessed than Virtue. Confusion is more easily achieved than Clarity.

Why did all those ecstatic-fanatic Skoptsy men in Russia castrate themselves in a mistaken religious fever? Why did hundreds of worshipers from the Indian subcontinent once walk into the ocean off of Goa (I think it was) so that the sharks could eat them in a religious ritual? This went on for some time. It was another example of sexually driven hysteria. There are many examples of groups of people, all losing their minds in a similar fashion at the same time. It's like thinking Heaven's Gate was really a gate to Heaven. Why do I bring this up?

It is happening right now, around The World in several ways, simultaneously. Some are drawn to their sex organs. Some are drawn to weapons. Some are drawn to causes that result in the first two (and all the other expressions being DRIVEN by the same force). Some are experiencing it in their minds and not in the outside world.

Well... all of them are experiencing it in their minds... or think they are. The more The World moves into transition, the more people find themselves out of their depth and becoming panicked swimmers. They will latch on to ANYTHING in the hope that it gives them something to identify themselves as, while everything once familiar now becomes strange. Otherwise, they drown in an Ocean of The Howling Unknown, instead of celebrating it as a measureless ocean of unfathomable Impersonal Love. Your greatest fears conceal your salvation from you.

There are a lot of good people in this country. We should never forget this. I do not think it is certain that we are doomed to go down the toilet. In any case, it happens in stages. There is still time and opportunity to pull it back from The Brink-Bending End-Point of No Return; whathaveyou. As Yogi said, “It ain't over till it's over.” He also once said, “it's like Deja vu all over again.”

You know what they really mean when they say they are living their own truth and being their authentic self? They are saying, “The truth is whatever I say it is.” Fall afoul of that and slander becomes your daily bread. How does Diabolus translate? It translates to Slanderer. This left hand of God is the other side of the equation. Shiva's trident... Lord Ganesha's net to trap, and his ax to liberate; “lead us not into temptation.” Either you are driving... or you are being driven, and the ONLY way to drive is to get out of the way.

End Transmission.......

It's starting to look like THEY are getting ready for an alien invasion, false flag. You've seen the latest... I assume?

Some links=

GAB... the link-hopper to where you already are is located here=

And... speaking of Rap
(which I like to do as little as possible), this illustrates 'some' of what I was talking about=

Via FreeWest Media
More news from The Front.
Apparently, it really is a front=

Via FreeWest Media
Oh!!! What a big surprise=

Via Fox News
Well... at least they have treats and possibly size-portioned snacks. No doubt in Scotland they already put you in jail for wrong-speak, wrong-look, and... most especially... wrong-think. This is the first I heard about black indigenous in this part of the globe=

Via Fox News
Oh look what I saw next!
Oh goody!!! By the way, fuck they and them. Fuck zir... ze, and all the other Tom Foolery. Tom is, obviously, not a happy camper=

Via The Real History Channel
More info on that brand name that has replaced the seasonal flu=

Via Caitlin Johnstone @ Substack
I post this ONLY because of names mentioned, including one of the biggest guru figures=

Via Breitbart
Oh! He's a crafty fellow.
Don't be deceived about him. He's pro-vaccine (and you can be sure he's not getting the dose everyone else is.) He is also a trans-humanist (Yikes!!! Trans???... but that's the point of the other. Isn't it?) so his goals are the same as The Great Reset Demons. He's the kinder, gentler, more avuncular, fun guy in The Bad Guy, Good Guy mind-cop game of Three Card Monte in your head=

Via Breitbart
And then... heh heh... there's this=

Via Breitbart
Well... when righteous living goes South, and Perversity is what's for dinner, Lady Nature must beg to differ-

Friday, May 13, 2022

"There are All These Hidden Laws in Life that See To The Outworking of Destiny According to Character, in You."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Let's talk a little more about Materialism this morning. To do that we will need to bring up the image of The Dial that has been referred to now and again. Imagine that The Dial has to do with the control of your being, so... if you dial it down, it only focuses on the physical self, and The Carnal Being. If you dial it up, it moves into the less materialized areas of the etheric, astral, mental, causal, Buddhic, and Atmic bodies. It makes sense that if you put your attention on the highest you will eventually reach The Highest. HOWEVER... we are admonished to seek balance and The Golden Mean.

What pervasive Materialism means is that we are drawn down, through the peer pressure force of the collective mind. Perhaps the best solution is to gain an awareness of all the states, levels, and bodies that all mean the same thing... and be perfectly integrated, while completely detached. This means you can step into any of the modes (states, levels, and bodies) and fully function there, and... as an act of Will, step right out again. If you could, you could also step completely out of a body, just as if you were taking off your clothes for any reason. This is the real meaning of Liberation.

If you are free, it means you are not bound. If you are free... it also means that you are not caught, attached, held back, held down, tangled, or hooked. Mostly, people want this tangling, and often that is a good thing or everything would fall apart. It is the Karma of Attachment that holds it together. It is a matter of how it is happening in your mind that determines how you handle it... I am speaking HERE... ONLY to those who have an interest in freedom from attachment and residence in The Impersonal. Attachments come about in all kinds of ways.

Blood moon eclipse in Scorpio, end of the weekend... big transformation time, and... it occurs to me... a time of great possibilities in personal transformation. “Okay... Boy, What's it gonna be? Scorpion, Eagle or Phoenix?” You can expect some noise this time because this aspect can have to do with messing with big money. Major financial changes are being announced in the arrangements and passage of the planetary bodies... yeah... yeah... we're talking about The Moon. Alright, I'll say Heavenly bodies; happy now? What this means, in another sense, is that the shit is about to hit the fan among The Movers and Shakers.

Now... I am not an astrologer any more than I am a physicist, but... I do study Metaphysics and practice intuitive astrology, which is the sensing of the planets moving through me, and esoteric astrology which is something more than wanting to know what your sun sign is... dude.

I do kinda know that blood moons are powerful harbingers of change... dramatic change... lasting change (insofar as change can last), so... if you are a nogoodnik, like Twitter, for instance, you can expect some topsy-turvy. If you are selling a phony war, under false pretenses, you can expect some setbacks. If you are acting on and concealing bad intentions for the rest of us, this would be where Mr. Apocalypse is going to step in.

I'm going to include something. I don't know who said it but it got my attention. It concerns other aspects that come into play with this blood moon. One of the reasons I am not an astrologer is that you can't accurately predict outcomes, except in a general sense and that can have widely divergent outcomes. Still... I found more than the usual non existent amount of truth here, so... I'm putting it in (♫ put me in coach ♫) here;

“To make matters worse, the Moon is forming an almost exact opposition to notorious fixed star Algol.

Algol (the Medusa’s head) is associated with violence, beheadings, losing one’s mind (literally and figuratively) and has been historically linked to disastrous, catastrophic events.

This long feared fixed star was activated by conjunction to the North Node of Destiny in Taurus at the very start of certain events in Eastern Europe at the end of February this year.

One thing is for sure – this Eclipse is a culmination point of all the tensions that have been building up on the world’s stage for the past few months.”

So... I'm whistling by the graveyard, but... I have been doing that my whole life. I used to sit in graveyards at night (and daytime too) on psychedelics. It can be a lively place. It's a very common thing for seekers of a certain disposition in The East. Later on, I got a lot of confirmation for acts I was engaged in that I did not understand, and real evidence of being in the wrong culture (grin).

I know that some of you don't believe in Astrology. That doesn't matter. Astrology believes in you. It didn't matter when people believed The Sun revolved around The Earth. The Earth continued to revolve around The Sun regardless. Stupid is never a good thing, and it's a terrible survival tactic.

I know what the problem is for so many people, about Astrology, and Religion, about King and Country, about Justice... and I could go on and on.

Just let me say, I have met very few inspired astrologers. Rarely do I encounter a religious figure who is spiritually aware. Many kings were despots... and the countries? They were another country at another time. None of this means that Astrology or God is bogus or non-existent. That's throwing the baby out with the bathwater again. There have also been righteous kings.

It matters not to me whether anyone believes in God or not. I might feel sad for you, and believe me... I do, but that doesn't interfere with my way of it, and I KNOW... I FUNDAMENTALLY KNOW that everyone will see the light someday. It might be a VERY long time from now, depending on your attractions and actions. You could, literally. go round and round till the end of time, and then you get the default Unity that everyone still circling the drain gets. Think about that on your own time (grin).

So... believe me. The movements of the Heavens are very real in their impact within and on us. God is real... no matter what your bloodsucking religions claim in the name of collecting money for him. What did Billy Sunday say at the end of his services? “Brothers and Sisters, reach into your pockets and take out all your money, and for the glory of The Lord throw it up in the air!!! All of it that stays up is God's, and all of it that comes back down is mine.” I'm paraphrasing, but it's close enough for Rock and Roll. “Render unto Caesar.” There is a particular event that comes to all spiritual seekers, at a certain point, where hidden treasure will actually call your name through the entities that guard it, and tell you where it is.

None of that matters anymore because whatever you need, be it visible or invisible, appears when it is needed and departs when it is no longer required. That is another of the meanings of, Liberation. Once it no longer means anything to you, The World will chase you down to give it to you. It is not only devils/rakshasas who live well here. I'm living on Cold Mountain. It's much like The Way of Life by Lao Tzu.

Hover over / tap the document to view controls / change page

What is coming is going to have a major effect on the people who have been dialing it down, by mass murder... via killer vaccines, proxy wars for gain, and empty celebrity that feeds on the lifeblood of others. Wheeler's and Dealers and Bears, oh my! The Movers and Shakers are going to be shaking in their boots with nowhere to run or hide. These upheaval reversals come around at certain times, for the sake of adjusting the balance of life. There is a mysterious law... that prohibits anyone from just proceeding unchecked, by conscience, or mercy... forever. Yes... it can go on for a long time, depending on what the players agreed on at another time.

I am often reminded of what I once heard a park ranger say, in the company of other park rangers; “90% of the people who get bit by rattlesnakes was messing with them.” There are all these hidden laws in life that see to the outworking of destiny according to character.

My friends... I realize we have been existing on the slippery slope of a long decline... for years and years. I thought it was going to go up a long time ago, and then the 80s told me the story of human nature and Material Culture. I misjudged the appearance of The Aquarian Age. I also did not catch the fact that it has different implications for the different strokes for different folks. I did not realize that the return of The Divine Feminine was going to result in an army of demasculinized men, seeking to emulate and then replace women. Heh heh... good luck with that. Of course... we also have sufficient (more than sufficient) female hysteria cases where NOTHING, NOTHING!!! is ever enough.

Some folks are determined to have a hard row to hoe. You CANNOT mock and abuse Lady Nature without there being an amount of reaction, even if it is only within your own body, where it will surely make its presence known. This happens, to some degree... TO ALL OF US. It should be more than evident by now that entire generations are losing their mind. They are marching into chaos and will surely reap The Whirlwind.

We each have aspects of male and female in us, and if they are not in the proper relationship... no good can come of it. It's not a good idea to chase after them because that direction of passage leads to destruction. They are all colorful forms of suicide. One would be much improved in their knowledge of the moment, by reading what Rome was like in the times running up to The End. Babylon Rising; how great will be your fall? They will be sailing on tributaries born of banker's tears into an ocean of sorrow.

ALWAYS... in Times of Great Trial, because of the Degree of Difficulty, one's possibilities for spiritual growth are immense. We've mentioned a Quantum leap at various times. Think of a seesaw dynamic. If whatever is on the other side is heavier than you. Let's say there are ten people on one side, and one person on the other. Imagine the lift given when the heavy side drops down. What if it were many tens of thousands of people dialing down, while you are dialing up?

Have a good weekend, my friends!

End Transmission.......

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It will not be long before Hollywood is going to replicate this many, many times in the behavior of other two-dimensional characters. Be prepared for unbelievable unveilings coming=

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Crazier, and crazier, and crazier,
Materialism feeds the sociopathic personality=

Via The New York Post
When you see this sort of inexplicable behavior you can know that depraved mindsets are breaking through the superficial conditioning. Possession occurs when the appetite proves stronger than the resistance of sane inhibition. But really, even if you know the way to San Jose, there are good reasons not to go there=