Monday, May 30, 2022

"They Have the Light Necessary to Cast Shadows, and Raise Creatures of Fear Born from Poisoned Imaginations."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I was talking with the ineffable today. I don't know how we got on the subject, but... he was talking about all the people he has given so many blessings to; fortune... fame... good health... things working out better than they expected, good looks... various protections; you notice when they're gone. “Anyway, visible, look at all those blessings... and what do they do with them? Yeah... right. The least I ask is that they share them, that they are generous, but... do they do that? And those gratuitous, ostentatious displays of public giving... Oh... I really don't like that. So... I take them away, or... I give them the flip side.

“Are they grateful? Do they not get how important that is? Gratitude means you get to keep those blessings and get more of them. Not that I appreciate it... when people do it... with that in mind, and... I know. I always know. No one can hide anything from me. Making war on me? I am the weapon. What do I have in my arsenal? I have disease, old age, and death. I have misfortune. I have all the situations anyone can fear when things go bump in the night. I have confusion, and I am the source of all force... so... even to contend with me... you need my permission.

“Visible... This world is child's play for me. It is my child's play. There are Heavens beyond counting where all of the states of being are unified. Then... as it is in any case, The World that is projected out of you is representative of that (shared) unity.”

I have the most amazing exchanges with The Higher Mind, which is also The Superconscious. Imagine a place where you can experience anything you can imagine, and your imagination is a purified and disciplined movie projector, which you can focus on the living screen of existence and make it as real as anything else around here appears to be. Ah... the powers of self-discipline. They lead you into those places that are the inspiration of songs, such as “You'll never walk alone”, or... “The Impossible Dream.” I know... they are dated and perhaps hokey to many. I still sing Stephen Foster's songs, like “Beautiful Dreamer”, or “I Dream of Jeannie.”

You have to remember that The Childlike Mind in the adult-being can generate all kinds of conditions, and states of being. There are those other songs; “Row Row Your Boat”, and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” They speak to an emotional perspective on a positive image. What happens in a failed life, as so many lives are? Bitterness and Regret come to live in your head and on your dime. Resentment, and Anger... head off to whatever physical organ they reside in. Worst of them all is Fear... and it mounts, and mounts. Until it puts a saddle on your back and rides you where it pleases.

I remember being in the homes of older people, when I was younger, and noticing that they might have the radio and TV on at the same time; all the lights are on, no matter what the time of day. Something was always going to distract them from approaching death, and the diseases we think into being by hosting the wrong states of mind, like the examples we just listed. Lust is a personification of a specific hunger, driven to release, and it gives rise to personal prison guards. If you can't discipline yourself, you will be disciplined; one way or the other. That's what jails are all about. Oh! And there are many jails that spring from The Penitentiary of the Mind.

The big news of the moment... and it has been big news for days... on every news site is this Texas shooting. This is what I was referring to in talking about the priorities of an election year when the other side is sure to come into power, given the crimes committed by the ones who stole the election and usurped the common will. Do you see the subjects coming up for discussion? Do you see the grandstanding? Do you see the misdirection, the lies, the accusations for blame?

Certain forces have been at work for a long time to bring us to the conditions of the moment. They are not willing to go gently into what is certain to be a dark night, except for the light necessary to cast shadows and raise creatures of fear born from poisoned imaginations. The tug-of-war is brutal. The slathering beasts of perverse sex dreams have been loosed on the public. Men dressed as women flaunt a bizarre depravity upon the minds of small children... AND... the financial forces behind the politicians and their enforcement arms are very serious about pedophilia being set free of its stigma.

Women's clothes are designed by men who hate women. That's what this whole transgender, drag queen agenda is all about, replacing women with men pretending to be women. They should not be schooling children on sex when they don't procreate. All the progeny they come up with are shit golems. Born into the invisible by unsavory means. I'm sorry. Am I being indelicate? Not all of us are submissive to your pressures. Some of us know where the real power lies.

There is way... way... WAY too much noise on every mainstream website and channel about this Texas shooting. Nothing like this happened when that BLM guy drove through the dancing grannies, and assorted folk, in whichever northern mid-western town that took place at... on Christmas season last.

We are entering a period of full bore propaganda. Do not be surprised at anything you see or hear; especially anything you hear... or read... OR... get a feeling about.

They want a world where their control of the currency allows them to do as they please, no matter what that means. They already have that, you say? Yeah... but it's not enough. It is NEVER enough. "What does it profit a man..."

I am not so fortunate as many are, who seem to know and understand all the kinds and intentions of life's movements and events. On all occasions, I tell you what little I know. Most of the time I tell you what I am told internally, what I suspect, and what Reason and Logic say about what I am told internally.

What the mainstream information highways bring us, is what the rich and powerful want us to think, AND believe. They milk our outrage and fear, and turn them into uniformed robots who keep us in line unless we are Antifa or some variety of sex freak. They use it to assemble polyglot mobs, who perform an arcane glossolalia... around the wreckage of The Tower of Babel; formerly known as our public institutions. There is no question that most of the people who think they are in charge are crazy. Pretty obviously, the Gods want to destroy them.

Michael Moore... who looks like Crissy Metz... if she let herself go; Bento Box O'Rourke, Reverend Tawana Brawley Sharpton, Ellen Degenerate, The View, the hordes of talking heads, who scream in a vituperative agony of flaming dumpsters, made conscious for that purpose. The entire government of most countries is composed of violently jostling swine. They are like the crowd at a music venue, right after the guns went off. It's not like they can't be frightened. They are just too hungry to think about it.

Think of the chorus line of faces coming and going, howling like cat banshees having sex with their barbed quipment. They know they have to be heard above everyone else, AND... they have to have a gimmick. Authenticity is meaningless. There are companies who authenticate and legitimize you, for a fee. Universities are like that. Then you fellate your way through the probationary period... unless you are lucky enough to catch someone above you on tape or film. The prevailing philosophy is... (drum roll) WHATEVER IT TAKES!

I am astounded at what people will do to get fame... or attract fortune. You need the right reel and pole. You need the necessary line, hook, and sinker. Above all... you must have the bait. You can catch anything if you are properly equipped... outfitted; keeping in mind that often enough, your catching them includes them catching you. The World is a labyrinth that is tiled with glue-boards. The walls are flypaper.

Through it all, the people at the top get sent to the bottom once they are done pissing on the ones below. The ones below get routed upward, through a whole bunch of middle management positions until they are in a position to piss on the ones who used to be above them. They haven't forgotten what happened to them when they were on the bottom, where every day it was their turn in the barrel. This goes on and on... until the players become tired of it and look for something better. The one who controls the board... periodically comes down for a visit, and to make the playing field level again. It doesn't stay that way, but...

you can catch a breather. You can change course at that time... if you think that is something you might be interested in. No matter how you define that (on your own terms) you HAVE TO BE upwardly mobile. The problem is, in a circular game, you move from pisser to pissed-on with regularity. If you employ The Spiral effect, you will see brighter days until the end of time, and beyond that.

God is ALWAYS looking for playmates, AND... he will let you know when he has found you. It really helps if you are looking for him. It speeds up the process exponentially. Playmates grow into friends, or... they pass like ships in the night. There are none so devoted and loyal as The Divine. He is easier to find in these times, if... you eschew the entertainments. He has a whole other appearance in the hustle and bustle on Distraction Avenue= ♫ we're gonna rock down to...♫ yadda, yadda.

In simple terms; the whole thing is ALIVE and CONSCIOUS... by degrees from dreaming to awakening. You have to make contact with that which is in contact with everything. Most are too fixated or busy to do that. They have made a pact with themselves to get to it when they have more time. That never happens; word to the wise.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

What blows me away is that so few people don't realise that fame and fortune are liabilities. At least I think so. I don't like being bothered, for the most part. I consider demands on my discretionary time inconvenient, unless I set specific times aside for that. I'm happiest sittin' in front of the 'pooter doin' research of various types. Political, spiritual, and other. The best way to be dead to the world that I can't stand is to live as virtually as possible. Works for me.

Nostrils up.

Visible said...

a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes is fame and fortune. I have not mentioned the plague of leeches that attack one's being in the forms of those who feed on them. Then there are all the internal parasites that devour the green shoots of better qualities never come to harvest.

Joe Bauers is Not Sure said...

Sunlight shines in the night LV! Locally I pick up trash and take it to a proper receptacle for the pros to deal with and today a motorist said thanks for doing that with a thumbs up in return, maybe they put the tens and fives found in the ditch there.
Jo Jo Brandon hands over our sovereignty in two weeks to the WHO and his clown wig Mau Mau handlers had him say that a 9mm can blow your lung out today when any caliber puncturing of the lungs could be lights out.
Evil will prey on the stupidity of the hiveborg herd and if we are lucky Lady Nature will allow us to reach the Sacred Places, I am profane and know it will be a gift to even be allowed there.
A magic animal was placed in my path two years ago and it is amazing as it found $100 for me well hidden in a wallet.
All blessings come from the Creator and they are never curses, being able to see with his vision how debauched and destroyed this world is by Marxist materialism is a gift.
The globalists versus humanity war is going into the hot phase now so have situational awareness cranked up to eleven like Nigel Tufnel.

Anonymous said...

"Women's clothes are designed by men who hate women." True!
I was working in London some years ago and use to chat to the hairdressers next door and one of
them asked me (rhetorically I think) "What's with all these bizarre clothes at fashion shows?" to which I answered :"They're all designed by gay men.They aren't meant for women."
"Of course", she said, in a sudden epiphany.
She knew a lot about the antics of gays so her surprise ,surprised me.


Anonymous said...

Lately many articles have directed me to twitter. . I can hardly believe the stupidity of the comments. Who thinks this is a site worthy of anyone or anything? It’s a joke on how stupid the populous has become. And its worth 43 Billion bucks in the bargain. So today the Nation awaits the verdict on Sussman. Another joke, even if he is found guilty, the left will refuse to believe it. Our Nation has become of a cult of political worshippers on both sides of the the isle. It’s sickening how stupid people are and That is why we are in the mess we are in.
Not because of corruption or bad politicians etc etc etc It is because people are watching a movie in real time and cheering for their team with absolutely no idea of what In Hell is really going on.
Disgusted disappointed and disillusioned am I

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"The Battles are Always Won on The Higher Planes, BUT It Does Take Time to Filter Down After the Fact."

Leesa said...

From your comparison of the circular life and spiral life,
The Ineffie sent me a vision that he was a cowboy wrangler
and the circular lasoo is what he uses on the people to round
them up (around their neck)... Whereas, the spiral people can
avoid the lasoo and latch on to the rope that leads up to Gods
hand... I'm very grateful for this analogy shown...

Guy Reid-Brown said...

'To be willing to March into Hell for a Heavenly Cause' - I can't think of a better line from a Musical -



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