Monday, May 2, 2022

"Step Away from The Camouflage that Conceals What Seeks to Eat You. Serve Your Self on God's Dinner Table."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I try to follow Jesus the Christ in matters having to do with The World, and that means Speaking Truth to Power, BECAUSE... there is only ONE POWER. One must, in The World, occasionally deal with Philistines and the Sanhedrin of the self-elected, who would set standards for us that they do not follow themselves. I make it a point to ALWAYS act in accordance with what I say. I live my life in public, though I am seldom in public. There are other ways to walk through The World.

You should, of course, not go through The World swaggering and drunk on personal importance... or you will run into someone just like that. The persona you express... if it is allowing God's Love to pass through you, creates an envelope aura of protection. When you shine God into people's eyes, it is not the same as a flashlight. The God within them sees that light. Now and again, you will be tested by threats and shadow shapes pretending they are real. Then... you have to stand and deliver. I walked through many a perilous land, and dark of night... miles up deep country roads where... sometimes, I had to carefully put one foot in front of the other to make sure I was not (walking in circles) heading toward the ditch.

This does not make me some kind of brave. It might only indicate determination. Perhaps I did not have to be walking up that road; to be without a car, to be staying deep in the forest, BUT... then again, maybe I did. I much prefer... let me emphasize that... I MUCH PREFER the realm of Lady Nature to the hot dusty Cities of Stupidity. I don't like being pushed around either. Nature is not dangerous unless you are Stupid. Then, Natural Selection steps in.

Sooner or later it dawns on you that there is NOTHING in The World that will assuage The Hunger. When this FULLY lands on you, you no longer have The Hunger. I suspect, and this is where Yoga and Prayer come in, you have to work at turning down the flame, purifying it by what it burns... and using it to light up your own personal darkness. Everything short of that still leaves you stumbling in The Dark now and again. It's best to step away from the camouflage that conceals what seeks to eat you. Seeing this... this is why I put myself on God's dinner table.

You might wonder how it is that people find themselves in the middle of something like World War 2; World War 1, on the Titanic, in a collapsing coal mine, on top of The World, in any of the places you can imagine and have heard about as well. Even now... generations of Humanity are coming and going. Some are collectively coming here for punishment of the self-inflicted sort. Some are coming here for the purposes of Awakening. Some are coming here to accomplish something, and... many, to indulge their appetites.

If you really want to see how people get into the situations they do, individually and collectively, all you have to do is look at what they are doing this very minute. Then... reflect on what they got up to over the last ten and twenty years. Then you will see how it happened; how they got where they were going. That is how they got to where they are, right now. It is not some random game of chance, based on the Luck of the Draw. There is no luck. You don't accidentally win the lottery or become the Queen of England.

Imagine that I am from The Future and I am telling you... you can go anywhere and do anything. You already are in that process. You can look deeply into The Future, and The Past by simply looking deeply into yourself. You also have The World around you; all those other people. You can see the many different versions of yourself, doing what they do, based on their level of awareness, and... whatever it is they are after. They came down here for only a few reasons; to get something. To pay for something already gotten. To pay for something yet to come. Yes, there is a buy now, and pay later that exists in Heaven as it does on Earth. You can LITERALLY go to The Invisible Hierarchy and ask for a loan from The Bank of Heaven.

I assure you it is true, and so-very-much-more. Why then, are people in such a state of torment in so many locations? Why are they suffering, WHEN THEY DON'T HAVE TO??? Good question! They did it to themselves. They ARE doing it to themselves. They are presently dreaming up scenarios for future do-it-agains, and do-overs... and over, and over, and over agains.

Everyone is looking for The Answer. They are simply looking in the wrong places. People damaged by a bad interaction with the wrong kind of Love, decide they are going to eat, as a relentless avocation, to insulate themselves, and shield their vulnerability to human contact, or... they decide they will slipstream behind some trend. They will go in search of it through books, seminars, and fads that replace fads. There is a new scheme every week to replace the previous one that didn't work, and this one won't either. You know why you can't tell people? Why they have to find out for themselves? Because when you tell them, it makes them angry... or they tell you it can't be that way, when they are going the wrong way, to begin with. Nearly everyone is. That is why we are admonished to “walk in all ways contrary to The World.”

I can't remember who said that... possibly Jacob Boehme; one of that rare and even more rarely understood breed of Individualists, as opposed to Personalists. Making that demarcation might seem confusing to some people. Not getting it is why it is confusing. Either you are running about under the spell of The Personality... in the pursuit of self-interest... or, The Individuality is moving through you in a state of perpetual, Impersonal Service. Now... that can seem to be an arduous, egregious profession... too much to ask, BUT... that is because you do not see what the benefits are. When you stop pursuing the benefits is when they start arriving.

Do you think The Sun does what it does because it is such a chore... such a labor? The Sun is brimming over with Love that extends all the way here. What it does is effortless because it is only passing through The Sun. That is my idea of an Avatar... and guess what? That is where The Avatar comes from... every time. The Avatar is of a luminosity far greater than The Sun. He is The Thing Itself cloaked in human form. He comes here to reward The Righteous and to punish The Wicked. This he can effortlessly accomplish because he is the source of all power, personified. He is The Self behind all the temporary selves we play-act-out, here on the field of dreams... in dreams of appetite.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to understand how one generation after another replaces the one before. They rise to their level of most pervasive power, and then they fade away. This is why the force of the brainwashing is so great now. If they can pervert the generations as they arrive... well, it's what they are after, BUT... they won't get it. The generations keep coming to pay for or enjoy what they brought into being from another time.

The supreme goal of life is to learn how... not to hinder, the passage of divine light THROUGH you. It's bullfighting with a spiritual scalpel; speaking of the red cape of desire waving; only I wasn't (but I could have been ((grin)) We MUST clear away the veils of samskara, the layers of delusion that we have placed over our spiritual eyes... so that we could live in the magnetics of our physical eyes... in The Amusement Park of Desire. Eventually, you get tired and fall down dead. The cycling of lives is similar to going to sleep at night and waking up the next day. The Personality you wear is the clothing that you wrap in yet more clothing.

You think nothing of taking your clothes off at night, BUT... you have been wearing this other suit for the whole lifetime... you wind up more attached to it. You come to believe that it is You; only momentarily is it a temporary expression... never fixed, always changing in appearance. How can that be you?

The reason you cannot tell others The Truth is because they are already ministered to by the Wormtongues of The World, and... just like with King Théoden, who also had a Wormtongue in his ear, you get weaker and weaker... until you no longer even know who you are. The World WILL compost you if you let it. People fill their heads with ideas that have been spoon-fed to them by forces seeking to hold them in bondage. Then there are the other forces seeking to free them. It's all going to work out exactly as it is supposed to.

Right now... people are outing themselves on all sides. They are making themselves ridiculous in the eyes of the rest of The World, like with this new Ministry of Truth. Man!!! They REALLY think they are going to get their way, and... they MOST CERTAINLY are not. All of this exposure is about bankrupting their credibility. The force of their pretending is being made to give way before actuality. They are being shown to be OTHER THAN they present themselves as. Hypocrisy is the IT-Sin of the present times.

All this dancing in masquerade, this masked ball... is winding up to midnight. These staged plays, replicate endlessly. None of them last. The people who represent the icons and archetypes of The Social Order, carry their degenerating and outworn ideas with them when they go, in the eternal recycling of forms. It is best to come to terms with this, in order to facilitate your liberation from it.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up as I bide the insanity of the day in the waiting room, holding out for the Akashic Library to open up so I can apply for my card again. And I ain't gonna lose it next time.

Anonymous said...

That American Academy of Pediatrics "teaching" young girls that they can get erections is beyond insanity or cowardice or "go along to get along" or earthly bound motives.It's satanic and quite obviously so.These "people" are possessed. I can't see any other explanation.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"It is an Endless Costume Ball, a Wonderland of Camouflage, Concealing Sharp Teeth and Fearsome Claws."

Anonymous said...

Anti-matter (aka) Prasadam; it's what's for lunch!

"If one can control the tongue, he can easily control the other senses."

robert said...

Dear ever dawning Visible One among Many for the One!

possibly Jacob Boehme; one of that rare and even more rarely understood breed of Individualists, as opposed to Personalists. Making that demarcation might seem confusing to some people. Not getting it is why it is confusing. Either you are running about under the spell of The Personality... in the pursuit of self-interest... or, The Individuality is moving through you in a state of perpetual, Impersonal Service.

Gracias for making this point, a critical discernment in this age of groupthink gabble!

Why must we have freedom?
Not it indulge the personality in a futile lifelong self-masturbation...

But to be able to follow the Spirit, the holistic One, which expresses the Will of the One:
To express the One Individual through one prismatic panoply, a polymorphic play of Reality animating matter until it shines with complete radiance.

Groupthink brain stains exploit the animal mind by confusing the higher mind, as all cons must exploit some fraction of the truth, since nothing is created by our iner lord of darkness, only the already created getting corrupted and utilized.

Camouflaging the desire to express the One behind the lower desire to indulge in wasting the kundalini life force on sensational diversions.

Turning selflessness upside down and inside out

"If you like your selfishness, you can keep your selfishness!"

All media programs minions to just relanguage the self-justification to get by the discerning mind mistly asleep, by saying that:

IF you unthinkingly go along with the group agendas, led by the usual leaden minded deceivers, you can keep you impure subjective mind persepective in from you approved private cell.

You will be allowed to stream your "choice" among diversion media
You will be allowed to uncommunicate/excommunicate your self in the virtual echo chamber you feel comrtable within
You will be allowed to let your demon dogs out at any time, as long as thery are directed to the designated targets of the day
You will be allowed to kill your children or give them to the state if they get in the way of any groupthink indulgences...

In balance, we right our perpective and refloat our lifeboat:

We are created to be more than our blindered beliefs permit
We are created to push back the boundaries of darkness until all creation becomes too bright for shadows

We learn to create in harmony with Creation and leave the pockets of darkness for eventual illumination
Or, we return until we do

This time is what we came for so let's get on with the Revelation and awaken from our self-imposed suffering.

Is it any fun anymore to suffer from our own resistance?
Has the inner mounting joy of being on a mission, of having a purpose which exceeds our personal prison been overlooked by all the stories of people transcending their personhood?

What if cosmic fun lasts longer than personal indulgence consuming comfortable experiences?
The hard work is to shirk the burden of personality dominance!
Then, our yoke becomes light as we become lighter than the air carrying fear waves.

As the grim dystopian agendas of the endarkened ones are rolled out in stark complicity, the choice becomes clear:

Continue sleepwalking into the disposal machine
Wake up, smell the tyranny and start sweeping the path clear of pretenders

Who says being awake is no fun?
Only those still dreaming of conquest and consuming the energy of others.



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