Monday, May 23, 2022

"Believe Me. It is ALL Perfectly Choreographed. Like Synchronized Swimmers in a Whirlpool Spiral."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Skull Chertoff is an archetype. In Lapland-speak, they call him, “He who hides under the bed at night.” In Estonia, they say; “He who is in the basement in the films where they say don't go down into the basement.” In Crete, they refer to him as, “He who is in the attic in those films where they say, “don't go up to the attic.” In Western Europe, they call him, “He whom you are not allowed to criticize."

He is the model for the forensic doll that they use when they say, “show us on the doll where he touched you” and... he is the one who touches you. The doll looks like him because most men who commit these acts look like him.

Early on he was a teacher's aide. He was asked to move on. They told him that maybe he wasn't right for the job, because he used to grab children by the fleshy part of the arm or leg and say to them; “Hmm... you're almost ready for the pot.” He would tell them they would look cute floating next to the carrots and celery. Chertoff was fond of celery, for the same reason gay daddies like to feed it to their twinks.

One might ask how I know these things. A seeker of God comes to know many unusual facts, concerning the peculiarities of human nature. A serious writer comes into the possession of countless curious bits of knowledge that he applies in his craft; the same way a savvy, veteran pitcher knows the way each batter hits; what they like and don't like... and has a windup and a pitch for every step in the count... “baoooouel”, (ball) and “steeeee-rye-eeke.” (strike)

Perhaps you remember Michael 'skull' Chertoff? He was one of the main players in the 9/11 attacks that were orchestrated by the Neo-cons in the State and Defense Departments, Israel, and assorted players, domestic and abroad. It was a very complex affair that we first saw being brainstormed at PNAC, but... you can be sure it started earlier at an undisclosed location. He went on to be the first head of The Department of Homeland Insecurity. Following that, he headed up a corporation that designed metal detectors for TSA at airports, and other places. Wow! He sure was in the right place at the right time!!!

Now he is the head of the disinformation bureau at Homeland Insecurity and boy! He looks the part. He looks like what I imagine Freddy Kruger looks like on his days off. He also looks like a family relation of Nosferatu. There are definite similarities in appearance to Baron Samedi; if he were black and had some airbrushing done... you couldn't tell them apart. The unintentional humor here is smokin. The unexpressed laughter is smoldering and curling like a sympathy card at a vampire memorial barbecue. It is just too obvious! Well... they've gotten away with it so far.

I mention this today because they are going to be ATTEMPTING a series of 9/11-like events in the coming months. EVERYTHING is on the table this time. Mr. Apocalypse has been moving like a plague of termites through a housing complex in Florida. The underpinnings and infrastructure are in a critical state. They HAVE TO do something or... it will all come down on their heads. It is... going to come down on their heads, BUT... they still have to do something.

Have you been watching the stages of The Elon Musk-Twitter takeover? Whatever his reasons for it were, he got the money together; very few individuals could have done that. He went through the building like a home inspector... wait! He wanted to go through the building with a home inspector, BUT... the software is VERY critical and no one can see it. This is because Twitter is the propaganda arm of The Intelligence Community. It is the place where they shape public opinion and tell people what to think. It is where they control the level of one's reach and influence... yadda-yadda.

Either he noticed something, or someone told him. Maybe he intuited it... I don't know, but he wanted to find out how many fake accounts were going on at Twitter. Perhaps this is why they wouldn't let him go in with the home inspector. They told him it was 5%, but most of us know this can't be true. It seems now that the fake accounts might be closer to a significant portion of the accounts in toto. It's a little similar to what Facebook, The Left, and the other criminal agencies did with the 2020 election; see “2,000 Mules.”

So... now he publicly comes out to say he is going to vote Republican in the next election. Why would he say something like that? Think people! There are not that many reasons. He actually said that The Democrats are “hateful and divisive.” Whew!!! Donald Trump did not react well to hearing it. That is another mystery. The people at their level are all members of a small club, and... as Master Carlin said, “you ain't in it.”

The baby formula caper? The runaway Great Replacement of the immigration scam? The Great Reset! COVID! And now? Heh heh... we got The Monkeypox Mambo. “Mambo!!!” (Blind Date? Bruce Willis? Maybe you didn't see it.)

ALL of these conditions and events are connected! Look at it. Look at it!!! Look at what has happened since 9/11, and then following The Gay Marriage Act. These people are SERIOUS! Why would that be? It is because there is more going on than you can see on The Surface. They are gearing up for some BIG happenings. That means more than one. They need a perfect storm of chaos and confusion. The Light is coming, and it will not be denied. They have to do something, BUT... nothing they do will be enough.

They plan on food shortages. They plan to knock out urban and rural power, this summer, in targeted locations. They are seriously hoping (and working) for World War 3. They are already drumming up the White Supremacy threat, through their conditioned subjects, at whatever passes for Fort Detrick these days. The Alien Invasion Hoax is being filmed by the Wag-the-Dog people. They've been talking about holographic-Jesus-in-the-sky. Those of you attending major sporting events, or... large entertainment venues... you NEED TO be aware of what might happen.

I should add that they are far more cynical and psychopathic than you might think. They have intentionally moved criminal elements into the country from everywhere they could find them. They are pulling in war zone combatants for the intended guerrilla action in the streets, AND... they have been releasing them right and left from their confinements, AND letting them know that mayhem is just fine and dandy; look at the Soros-fueled DA's.

It is not my desire or intent to alarm or trouble you. From my perspective, everything is exactly as it is for the purpose of getting it to where it is supposed to be; restoring The Balance. Yes... it will be PLENTY rough in places, BUT... those who cannot hear must feel. The Light is coming, AND... if you provide a welcoming environment for The Light... it will shine in you!

Here is the deal, my friends, the-real-deal. Everyone senses, at the level they are capable of... be it with confidence and anticipation... apprehension, or... outright fear; everyone Knows, at some level, that JUDGMENT IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Re-balancing is coming. This explains all the wokeness nonsense, and embarrassing efforts to be on the right side of the equation; “Look how virtuous and compassionate I am!!!” They are shoving each other out of the way because they know... at some level... that JUDGMENT IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!

Now... if you confront any of the obvious Nimrods and Recreationally Evil sorts... this is not how they would explain it. For many of them, it is... degrees of dis-ease. It's the tremble of invisible fingers over sensitive areas. In some cases, it is due to their having been on the other side of whatever, and they were sentenced here to tear down those portions they were responsible for. Believe me... it is ALL perfectly choreographed. Even if it looks like synchronized swimmers in a whirlpool spiral.

REALLY!!! Everyone senses that something is coming, and whatever it is... it's a big deal. Elon Musk knows about it. It's why he's jockeying from side to side. All of those people at the top of the food chain think they have got an idea of what is coming, OR... they are deeply involved in predatory behavior, in search of The Purpose of Demonstration... or both.

Well there is something coming, and it is matching up internally with the external, and it involves PROFOUND change. Some will be transformed and some will be plowed under, to fertilize the conditions of the coming Golden Age. Perhaps that seems harsh or callous of me. I am a mere observer. The Truth is... no one has to suffer. They insist on it.

How you look at external conditions has a great deal to do with their meaning in your mind. Then... your mind shapes your perspective so-that-that-is-what-you-see. Your world is REALLY something you thought into being. It is uniquely yours. Yes... there are commonalities between you and others, but the aggregate is like your DNA... it reflects your birth chart. If only you knew how to read and interpret it correctly! If you only knew someone who could read and interpret it correctly? If only.

One of the great mysteries that concern reincarnation is... why do we keep coming here and not remembering what we got up to last time? A well-known yogi said that we do not recall our past lives because the knowledge would be harmful until we come to a place where we can handle it. However... just look at where you are now and you can get a good idea of where you came from and where you are headed. Study yourself, dispassionately and objectively, and all will be revealed... in time.

If you want the answers to all your questions. If you want to know the meaning of life, you go where the answers are. God knows everything, AND... God is within you. Really! This is true. You're not going to get any answers on the outside. Few of them know, and those who do remain silent on that subject because the answer CANNOT be transmitted in words. Why then do I even bother to do this? I do it so that I can hint at it.

I am also in love with God, and... the consideration of the nature and presence of God dominates my existence. No other pursuit holds any attraction for me. This is an indicator of whence I have come and where I am headed. If you spend your time in the casinos. If you spend your time in a slaughterhouse. If you spend your time in prison; a real prison... or of mental or emotional construction. Wherever you are, is an indication of where you have come from and where you are headed... AND... from where you are standing this very moment, every road is open and your possibilities are limitless, but if you can't hack the territory you need to traverse... no doubt there's an easier way, right?

Our main problem is one of consistency. If you are not consistent, you will get inconsistent results. It is said that it takes everything you have. The reason for this is that if you don't give it everything you have, you will not get there. That very fact will hinder your success, AND account for your inconsistency, and your failure. You have to REALLY... REALLY want it, AND... most of us do not want it that badly.

The most important feature here is that you don't do anything yourself anyway, and every effort on your part only complicates the matter. Yes... you think you are doing this, and that, and that is your problem, because... you are not.

This is the mindset that you must possess to get to the real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This is the mindset that causes the cornucopia to reveal itself. The willful and separated mind remains as it is. Its search for independence as a fallen angel is doomed. Its search for independence in the ties that bind is what leads to an ever greater bondage. ONLY the angels of God can get you out of the mess you got yourself into... and angels are a direct expression of The Will of God.

The answer is hiding in plain sight. We conceal it by putting our own spin on it.

End Transmission.......

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Leesa said...

We just got a new leader down under... Mehh!.. He's now trompsing
off to Japan to meet Jiden, Modi...'heeyy good look
in' what ya got cookin'... Typical, you're right Les, desperate times!!
Big brand Coles gives troglodites employees 10 days paid leave if
the days off are related to their transitioning process.. Appointments,
doctors, surgeons, lawyers, recovery from the nip, cut & tuck!! YIKES!!!
They fired the last of the employees back in January who didn't wanna
go down the Triple J Route.
Touché! All synchronised for their virtue signalling butts to be whooped!
Yep, I can feel the tension build!!
Luv Leesa

M - said...

Like other Narcissistic Sociopaths hand-picked by the World Economic Forum, Musk is a graduate of their "Young Global Leaders" program. 2008. 'nuff said.

WEF has never tried to hide its YGL graduates (such as Jacinda Ardern, Angela Merkel, Sanjay Gupta, Justin Trudeau, Tulsi Gabbard, Bono, or Lukas Nelson) - nor those who sit on their Board (such as Al Gore, Gates, Dustin Moskovitz, Larry Fink, Zuckerberg, Queen Rania, and Yo-Yo Ma). They come from all walks of life (entertainment, politics, government, corporate) BUT they all subscribe to the WEF's Agendas.

Additionally (and this is very important), they are all serial Narcissists, and are picked because of those tendencies (my opinion) because it makes them easier to groom. Narcissists are SOOOO easy to manipulate. All you have to do is stroke their immense egos. They so badly want to be seen as "special". Poor babies. They have no clue that they will be thrown under the bus at a moment's notice when they become expendable. LOL.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oh, the irony. I was, am, always will be a total nonconformist, have been asked what planet I'm from, have been accused of having been hatched, and if all those who wondered about me knew anything, they'd probably kill for my present life.

It beats bein' a part of the programmed, socially conditioned idiots who I don't think are gonna make it to the other side of the Era. Right now it pays to be as asocial as you can be.

Monkey pox? I'm gonna ignore it like I ignored covid. I read colloidal silver kills it, and if you're not deficient in boron, don't worry about it.

I tried finding more on it, but I'm under the impression it's all shadow banned. I had to go to Yandex to get the RMN link which is what I was talking about, when I keyed in, 'Can boron cure monkey pox'.

Google is a piece of shoite.

Nostrils up!

Anonymous said...

"It is uniquely yours. Yes... there are commonalities between you and others, but the aggregate is like your DNA... it reflects your birth chart. If only you knew how to read and interpret it correctly! If you only knew someone who could read and interpret it correctly? If only."

Dang you say, and all inside the sphere of your own making, flying through the power of the one master...sans the furkery external spikes,'s supposed to be hard dummy...

Dirty deeds are NOT done dirty cheap...

Sorry it's the 110 talking :-)

Anonymous said...

I remember "Blind Date" when it first came out all those years ago. Quirky typical of the times wise guy boy-girl movie. I can see now Bruce watching it again, over and over..

And who would have ever thought Reality on the mean streets of (Fill in Blank City) would crash and burn so bad so quick even "Sin City" now seems a little lame by comparison.
My hero!

Visible said...

I consider myself fortunate beyond all possibilities of genetics. Given the level of my consumption of all manner of substances, and physical injuries, to have only moderate arthritis in my wrists is nothing short of... well... unbelievable, and that was caused by my practice of Northern Praying Mantis style Kung Fu. I cannot get over surviving in the shape I am in; God's Mercy and Grace.

Anonymous said...

Everything you say resonates with what I feel and especially our part in this "world" we are making it all up in our tiny sickly, actually insane minds while the Mind of God in which we reside is totally providing all good things all the time your blogs.

Gregory said...

Les Visible writes:

"smoldering and curling like a sympathy card at a vampire memorial barbecue."

I would scour the libraries of the world to find prose like that. Youza!

Nostrils up!

a clown a fool said...

That is awesome to make some serious as Skeletor Chertoff a morale booster.
Everything is coming apart due to the Usurper in the Dying Land as it really was a bridge too far.
You could cut the tension with a knife and the faces are not happy.
Many want the government to be their mommy and for the poleece to keep them safe.
How sad it is and how fast it all occurred, I remember from visions from 2000 era but this is even worse.
Now that Zelensky got his big payoff and a money laundering fest for the CPUSA/Grand Old Politburo uniparty, it looks like the monkey business is on for the burn it all down better summer.
Those backpacks are packed and I am stressed, been up since yesterday, praying for an answer of what direction to go.
The last time this was asked at the park a shooting star went north, just a standard grade dumbass and nothing special but sometimes for some reason there is some help from friends in high places.
Thank You LV for being there and setting me on the right path, my stupid emotions have set me back off the path and now it is time to get right.

Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now=

"From the Crucible of Transforming Time is Forged a New Righteousness of Faith, Certitude, and Determination."



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