Tuesday, May 10, 2022

"You Want to be Sitting ON The Lily Pad, Not Dog-Paddling in The Swallowing Murk Beneath It."

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First, they had the early churches, where it appears that living in The Spirit was a reality. It was also a very dangerous time to be a follower of Christ. Finally, it caught on and began to go mainstream. At that time, it was looking like big business for the priest class; finally, the despotic emperor, Constantine, saw a way to further increase his power, and so... an early times, hostile takeover bid was initiated. Whatever amount of real Christian spirit that remained was put into escrow, where it was held until modern times to be used at electric car charging stations on The Left Coast. America is not known for its graceful dance steps, and that is understandable with two left coasts.

For the next thousand or so years, The Catholic Church held sway over the Nodwells, moving from corruption to corruption, and from perversion to perversion, until the stink of the church became too much to bear (except for the wealthy). The Initiatic Brotherhood had to call in a fumigator named, Luther. It was a stage 4 cancer operation of the make or break kind. He had to cut away the dead tissue, which... for reasons that defy science, the dead part continued to live, and continued to be The Catholic Church. Nothing defies Science these days. Now they just fix the results.

Following Luther, we got the usual mix of sexually repressed psychopaths like serial murderer, John Calvin. Some tortured and murdered people. Others just tortured them; making them sing songs like “Faith of our Fathers.” (whatever happened to make a joyful sound?) This would make any, still-sane person, travel to the graveyards at night, and dig up their ancestors, to beat their bones into real dust, with their hammers and entrenching tools. I'm not one hundred percent sure that they had entrenching tools back then, but I'm not a historian either.

The fix went in early. You can't have a religion without the people who run it, and you can't expect the people who run it to live like the people they control. What would be the point of seizing power in the first place unless you could live better than the people you stole it from?

All these catholic saints. The various trinities... the hierarchy expressing through the archetypes are overlays... new faces on old forces. Yes, those saints used to have Roman and Greek names. So they went from a collection of Gods that were easy to understand because they represented powers of Nature, and the inexplicable... to a single incomprehensible God, who did everything or nothing, or...maybe both, simultaneously. Obviously, an intermediary was needed, so they trotted out their tricked-out personality of God called, Jesus Christ, who might have been Apollonius of Tyana, or Shakespeare (grin)... unless he was called something else in other lands. This was not enough, more was needed, and that's where the saints came in, or marching in, depending on which school of thought you subscribe to.

What churches do, (were originally meant to do) no matter what the denominations are, is to ATTEMPT to reflect the higher nature of the communities they serve. When you got poor folks, you get the hallelujah crowd of Pentecostals and Baptists... as you move more into Fat City you get the Episcopalians, Mormons, and Unitarians. This is where you get people who step out of the shower to take a piss. The poor folk are more of the 'jump up and down' sorts. This is mostly because they had reasons to celebrate, unlike their wealthier counterparts across the tracks. They were poor!!! God loves them and showed it in the joy he gave them in lieu of money.

The Episcopalians were able to put the feeling it demanded into the singing of “Faith of our Fathers” or “How Firm a Foundation”, while they dreamed of being out on the links, or... banging the servant girls, or pool boys (or both), as the case may be. The more money you have, (unless you can handle it) the further away you move yourself from The Divine.

They have opted for another kind of security, in the form of a short-term loan that, without exception, defaults when it comes to term, leaving you bankrupt... but unfortunately, not dead. If you really did live only once, and once you were dead, that was it, it might have made sense, but... you have simply headed for the Wardrobe Department on The Moon. There you will be suited up in the required persona, to answer for that previous short-term loan... with a (possibly) longer-term service agreement. The good news is that you might be born into a Pentecostal community. You'll have very little, but you will have reason to sing and dance, due to Cosmic Irony.

Well... it's like this. The time has come to put yet another set of new faces over the previous faces of the saints, who were decoupaged over the Greco-Roman faces, then... to even more pagan Gods... until you find yourself thunder-trembled, beneath the light-split, lightning sky, as you put that basket of fruit on the rock... or, more likely, some young (heh heh) volunteer from the ranks of the hoi-poloi.

Yes... in times of greater light, we ALREADY live in luminous communities. HOWEVER... in Times of Material Darkness (like now), if you happen to be... HERE, there are only so many reasons. Those who come to help... okay... that should be self-explanatory. OTHERWISE... you're in ping-pong ball mode... or the bumper-pool ritual of relentless suffering. If you have expiated properly and aspirated correctly, there are all manner of communities you could be in... besides... HERE. People find their way... not often, but they do find their way... into The Hidden Kingdom. This is an actual location in the secret chambers of The Heart. It is reflected... or, mirrored-out in the environment, which is really a projection of The Mind... not real, but suitable for your purposes, if you catch my drift.

I had so many spiritual experiences that I cannot remember most of them. They seem to run into each other. Some of them were ecstatic moments of unity with the whole, and some involved whatever pain was necessary to break The Spell. People who took psychedelics found what they were looking for, in a manner of speaking. I was looking for God. That is what I found. I saw green, holographic Buddhas everywhere there was foliage for them to be sitting in. I saw multiple expressions of The Divine Mother... often.

I felt Shiva Nataraja come and go in me. That is the shape it took out of my spiritual DNA at that earlier time. Sometimes I would see astral entities, djinns, and Nature spirits. I never saw Jesus Christ (unless he didn't mention it upon meeting). I never had a Jesus Christ experience while in altered states. I never had a Mohammad moment either. There is no judgment in this... NONE... it's just another of those mysteries I have yet to understand.

This... leads me to believe that a Jesus or Mohammad moment, is an interior thing that is impersonal, and which expresses through us... colorized by our level of spiritual awareness. It doesn't matter to me, as I have found what I was looking for, and no further looking is required. From this point, it assembles itself. This is kind of how The Buddha Mind thing works. Buddha-Mind is in all of us, but not activated in most cases. That is about to change in coming times. Christ is in The Heart, and Buddha is in The Mind. I am speaking to the actual force that is particularized in each of these great souls. I AM NOT talking about where the religion wound up. It's not pretty.

Now... you have to understand, that this is all very subjective. This is a fragment of things I have experienced in perception, because of my vibrationary level of awareness. Your experiences could well be different than mine. That is perfectly fine. Let's say you are walking to a location. You can see it far off ahead of you. You can't make out the details. You do see what is in the near field. Sometimes people think that is The Location. It is and it isn't because its center is nowhere and its circumference is everywhere, or... is it the reverse?

Many of us have been traveling for exhaustive lengths of time, and this is what happens when you are going in circles. It could go on forever. Many people (believe it or not) are content with this. I am not one of them, but... that might be a little deceptive... since there is no... where or there... there, because The Center is everywhere; if that is how you are looking at it.

If you are caught up in the bullshit of the moment, which is a continuation of endless bullshit on rails, seemingly run by those who pushed their way to the front, and who are constantly replaced by the next usurper, you must be there for a reason... yes? It seems to me that the idea should be to detach yourself from The Bullshit, and... what do you know? All of those names we have mentioned said as much in their own particular way. You want to be sitting ON The Lily Pad, not dog paddling in The Murk. What are you going to do?

The Truth is something you have to discover for yourself. Your own experiences will validate your discovery, OR... you will keep looking. If what you found is not IT, you will be compelled to continue on. If you are determined... you WILL find it. It might cost you everything, BUT... it is only IT; The Thing Itself that gives real value to anything. Otherwise, you are in The Land of Disappointment. This is the meaning, point, and purpose of hosting The Supreme Enjoyer.

You do not have to feel trapped. That is a mind cage. What you are looking for is actually there. You cannot help but find it if you persist.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

that Barbie and before 2018 pics... she looked much more natural in the 2018 pic, even had dreadlocks. Natural beauty is always more attractive than the modern plastic pornstar look. Natural cause it's real and genuine and that's what is attractive.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up, and nighty-night.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Some Thoughts on Q, Hitler, and Crowley... And Why I don't Buy the Narratives, Cause I Just Don't Know."

Asil said...

Dear Visible,
Here is an interesting moment in the life of the Director of the World Health Organization. This will surely instill confidence and faith in him. . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kyn0CjqRE7U
In the meantime, love to you and thanks for all the inspiration! By the way, whatever happened to the auto-biography that you were going to write?

Visible said...

Yeah... about that. As time passes, I care less and less about remembering the past. I know it would read like a movie and fulfill the one main requirement; that it is... to be entertaining. Still, the music melted away, although the songs still flow. The book ideas will probably remain book ideas... and all those other ideas... cause creativity has long been my life's blood. I am preparing for another step in the procedure and it is a big one, far more important than my personal commentaries; although today's posting at Petri Dish says otherwise (grin). If God wants me to write it, it will get written. I've already written it in my head. The working title was, "The Long and Winding Road to WTF." I could probably improve on that.

I said I would start doing videos again too. I've made some people unhappy about dragging my feet there... but I have to be directed to do something these days, and I ONLY take direction from one source.



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