Thursday, May 26, 2022

"The Whole of The City is Lit with Ubiquitous Light. Present Everywhere, The Source Remains a Mystery."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As you can imagine, and... possibly as you know... this has been a strange year so far. One could say that the two that preceded this year were pretty strange as well. You can see that there are two powerful and opposing camps. One is ultra-liberal and pushing for EVERYTHING to be okay. The other is conservative and wants limitations on certain behavior. Ironically, the liberal who wants all behavior (especially if it is sexual) to be okay, does not want just anyone to be able to speak what is on their minds.

What you see here, is a political game, where... on the one hand, there is a cry for greater freedom, BUT... the specter of an enforced Communism is in the backdrop. It is a malicious subterfuge that seeks to call The Beast out of The Pit of the human subconscious, and to enslave humanity through its appetites, while the government is in charge of the disbursement of pleasure. Anyone who is not caught up in this can see that it is self-evident. Observe the cultural changes since 2015 when Obama summoned Babylon outside (or is it inside?) the magic circle.

This country has been in a protracted dance with The Devil, as... angels... watch... due to the blessings of God, the bounty of Nature, AND... because of the sagacity of The Founders. From our perch of the temporarily blessed, we plundered and punished from a distance... at the behest of Central Bankers. Wars for gain have been a hallmark of this passing age. It is an intrinsic feature of human nature, tangled in material culture. It's there for those who have an interest in it.

Everything in this world is there for those who have an interest in it. It dances and entrances. It slithers and shifts. It changes hue and... its appearance can go from near-transcendent beauty to an object of terror. Some have lost their minds on either side of this ever-changing phenomenon.

We expect existence to conform to the dimensions of Reason. Certainly... it has logical sequencing, and fixed polarities; the familiar repeats itself with comforting regularity until the unexpected looms up before you. Nothing should be unexpected, given the temporary nature of forms in space. Did you know that you actually see everything inside your head and that the external appearance is a projection of The Mind? Of course, you did. (grin)

I mentioned that last for a very important reason. It has to do with meditation and self-inquiry. It has to do with how we live our lives and to what we give fealty. What you fear has a great deal to do with how you see yourself in respect of The World, and all of its allurements and dangers. Some of the allurements are gateways to the greatest dangers. Look at the ever-changing dreamscape that we sleepwalk through. Some are more asleep than others. In times of apocalypse and awakening, the game changes. What has been concealed is now revealed.

This all happens in stages. At first, The Awakening might seem novel and welcome. As it continues, AND intensifies, it can begin to seem alarming and unwelcome. This is when people resort to drinking and drugs. They escape into sexual escapades. They play video games every waking moment, except for routine and regular moments of self-abuse... before the mind's-idol of an impossible... unreachable object; pictured in the girl draped over the hood of a car... that same slithering and shapeshifting phenomena mentioned earlier. It is so elusive. It dances just out of reach. It is a Fata Morgana... adjusting to the eye of the imagination.

In Hindu tradition, it is said that as you are following Krishna, Radha interposes herself between you and Krishna. This is how The World repopulates itself. There is nothing wrong with this. It is The Dance of Life on its way to transition, and then it is returned, again, and again, and again. It is a circle game. It is also a circle-jerk, for those who celebrate their miseries in a common company.

I do not wish to diminish Radha. I adore her as The Divine Mother, personified to specific ends; in order to be freed of the entanglements of Suffering, I must see her in a particular manner. She it is who cuts me loose from her spell. I rely on her for this. She doesn't like seeing any of us go, but she is rooting for us in a place that is concealed from our view.

Like an apostle said, “I wish all men were like me, but they are not. Still, it is better to marry than to burn.” I am not a fan of that apostle, but it is not my desire to trouble his memory. The Hindu tradition provides Brahmacharya to the specific end of the raising of The Kundalini. Still... Lahiri Mahasaya and Ramakrishna were married. They simply remained chaste. This is not for everyone. I have always been so inclined, due to the haunting image of the mystical nature of The Alchemical Marriage.

I have NOTHING against sex. Were it not for sex I would be unable to do what I seek to do. We each make a decision to direct that force of attraction upon the object of desire. My desire is for her that I see in the meadows and the mountains, who is the eternal spirit of The Divine Feminine. Should I be successful, she will dance in my mind like a ballerina on a music box, where the music has palpable substance, particularized out of The Om. She is like a shining city built from precious jewels and metals. The whole of the city is lit with a ubiquitous light that is present everywhere... but, whose source remains a mystery.

This world is pedestrian. It is a poor copy of another world that is accessed through a spiritual portal. For all, the passport is in the surrender of the individual identity... into a vehicle of impersonal love. You can't expect to see that down here, except in times of greater light, BUT... you can do it at any time if you are filled with that greater light.

People get all pumped up about themselves here in The World of the False Light, where egos clash and combine to the ends of pomp and spectacles, in the rise and fall of civilizations... all buried beneath the sands in the desert, and the sands beneath the seas, hidden in the mountains, like time... trapped in forms now long forgotten. There are deep mysteries in The Earth, and invisible wonders everywhere, but the human senses are bound in a death worship of passing phenomena. They forget themselves, and the whole of life becomes a game of hide and seek. God is searching for himself in us.

The World is a sham and artifice directed toward The Dance of Appetites, by misdirection. We lie to ourselves about what we are really after. We justify the means we employ. The latest subterfuge that hides ambition, is to pretend to be a voice for the down-trodden victims of an indifferent, mechanical society, and really? Really? They will be quickly abandoned once their usefulness as a plot device has ended. Hypocrisy is a bigger growth industry than the cancers it spawns.

In times of Material Darkness... most are seeking the qualities of The Infernal Kingdom, out of fear about their survival. Few seek The Qualities of God. This apocalypse and awakening are going to change that. A great spiritual renaissance is in The Event Horizon. It is precipitating down The Planes into manifestation. It could well be that many of us will not be present for this. I couldn't say. What I KNOW is that The Avatar is coming, and I have some small insights into what his presence will bring. He regularly performs the same tasks for the same reasons; the primary reason being... humanity has lost its way.

If you don't believe in The Avatar, despite regular appearances of the same, and the following transformations of The World, each time he came and went, that's perfectly fine with me. I'm from the Live and Learn School of Being Schooled by God. It is common for people to resist the lessons that life gives us. This sets us on a course of Suffering that continues until the source has been discovered and removed. Nothing neutralizes Karma like Spiritual Wisdom. It is a fire that consumes it utterly. Conventional Wisdom is one thing. Divine Luminous Wisdom is something else.

I am not concerned with what George Soros and Klaus Schwab get up to; not in a time of apocalypse and awakening. They are agents of The Darkness with no defense against the light. It's not a real contest. All the power is with Heaven, who also determines the outcome. If you don't have the certitude for this, then your faith is shaky. There is doubt in your mind about the outcome. There should be no doubt. The Sun in the sky is a smaller expression of the glory of God, yet it is the central source of all life and love here. What a tiny particle that makes you!

Those of you who think this is random, and without an author... will be guided to a place of perspective where the truth can see seen and experienced. This is inevitable. How long it will take is dependent on your resistance. If you drag your feet, it takes longer. If you keep running up the side streets and taking the Future Exit, it takes longer. The highway of life is lined with attractions; inns to stay at, resorts to play in, oceans to swim in, and schools of fish... in search of what? How their mouths open and close. Their silent voices speak and drown in the noisy waters that contain them. It's all hustle and bustle until you run out of muscle.

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Guy Reid-Brown said...

Well, THAT was particularly effortless - just flowed ☺

Guy Reid-Brown said...

There is a particular character in our rather well-heeled locality (I am dirt poor, though) - always well dressed, highly polished boots, long and thin, bespectacled, gray-silver wavey hair, scholarly, smart yet quite Bohemian looking, with a touch of the Antiquarian about him - reminiscent of a Librarian of Unwritten Books in Neil Gaiman-World.

He is courteous and quietly well-spoken and seems on talking terms with everyone.

For the several years we have been residing here, there is a geographically spaced series of Public Houses we go to, sometimes walkable, often necessitating a drive in different directions.

Yet right from the beginning we have noticed this venerable character, who we have never seen drive a vehicle, always on foot, appear in the same disparate pubs that we do with an almost predictable regularity.

We dubbed him The Wandering Jew, yet only a couple of nights ago - at either The Rose and Crown or the Bricklayers Arms, I forget which - I suggested what seemed a more appropriate name for the Gentleman: The Count St. Germain -

And now here he is, featuring on your latest Post, Mr. Visible.

I do love this vein of synchronicity which is occurring here and that is suggestive of a pleasing pattern in the Universe ☺

Goodness knows, these are troubled enough times, a hint of innocent magic is always most welcome -

(I daren't ask the Gentleman though 😕 - but perhaps if he is reading this? . . )

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"This world is pedestrian. It is a poor copy of another world that is accessed through a spiritual portal."

I wouldn't call it a copy of any sort. I see it as a the sewage pits the Dalits clean as opposed to something a gazillion times better than a Swiss chateau, though opinions do vary. I wonder. If people remembered what the Otherside was like (The good parts, anyway.), would they still breed? Would everyone turn Cathar?

Nostrils up.

Leesa said...

I mentioned to my significant other today, that the Avatar's arrival
is so palpable right now...then you wrote this masterful description
of the event.
After reading this post 3am, can't sleep, I played in my mind the
live concert music clip by Carly Simon 'Coming Around Again' (incy
wincy spider).. Every time I watch this (first time was 2013) I marvel
at how it makes me feel and also the level of wholesomeness that
the children have on stage, as well as the audience in the crowd
watching (I think it was the 80's?). So just look at the devolution
process so far in just 40 odd years.. We must be very close, I yearn
for that Divine descent of The Avatar upon humanity.. I'll be getting
the best silverware out of the buffet drawer... It's time to set the table!!
One of my dear friends whose 83, informed me that it was
'Ascension Day' today, 26th May... It all marrys up perfectly..
Once again Les, immense salutations!!
Luv Leesa

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Ooh - Amber Heard, a very performing narcissist who speaks Woke Jargon in Public, marries Up and in private treats perceived inferiors, as, er - well, nothing like Meghan Markle, then -

I am disappointed in Elon, though - disappointed? Of course, he is growing more impressive by the daily minute - received this today - ☺-

Leesa said...

Oh P.S., thanks Guy for the black adder McMadness
descriptor, what a right corker!! I used to live in 'merry' England..

Strider said...

Greetings Sunson LV! The rump Schwab of Dr. Evil, a comrade Hariri says we have dope and video games for the useless eaters.
Sadly some family are all onboard with videodrome world and dope as they can't cope.
The fishy Mexican tranny Kabuki grows more interesting with reports of pension monger donut molesters standing around for an hour while tasing and handcuffing parents trying to get in.
One mother jumped a fence and saved her two children by any means necessary.
Your average drooling dullard can't handle the truth or reality and runs away as fast as they can every day all day.
The Grand Old Politburo is going to betray their clueless base with the gun grab and over a dozen are in with their CPUSA fellow traveler Long March to burn down Western Civ comrades.
A beautiful walk to the Sack-N-Save earlier and the dumpster was full of strawberries, shredded cheese, tuna sandwiches, take and bake chicken penne, all sealed in containers.
Ripped up some heads of lettuce and fed a flock of geese which was wildly entertaining.
Some alpha geese chased after interlopers while tending the flock and I cleared out before a store comrade came out.
Going to listen to George Carlin-Brain Droppings Volume II for morale maintenance, listened to part I last night and it was outstanding.

Visible said...

hah! I just listened to Part 1 last week in the car.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

A pleasure, Leesa!

Baldrick: I have a plan, sir.
Blackadder: Really, Baldrick. A cunning and subtle one?
Baldrick: Yes, sir.
Blackadder: As cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University?
Baldrick: Yes, sir.

Anonymous said...

via Homer . . . Visible prabhu you old dog! Respectfully I for one absolutely do not believe the source of the light is a mystery at all. Not even a little bit, lol. I just ask the Axis.. (He knows everything)

Visible said...

Homer!!! I'll be darned. What a surprise!!! Well... if things remain as they were, we're much closer in space now. Great to hear from you!!!

a nobody said...

A car! It must be nice (har) soon it will be back and it is sorely missed.
We will be in poverty mode but you must have a source of transport in the egalitarian workers utopia.
Just found this gem at the aggregator, share if you feel so inclined:

Visible said...

It's not my car.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now. It was supposed to be a Petri Dish but I screwed up. turns out it was an Origami anyway. I'll begin at the beginning again on Monday with Mirrors. Sorry... all the bright lights got in my eyes and... yeah=

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