Friday, May 13, 2022

"There are All These Hidden Laws in Life that See To The Outworking of Destiny According to Character, in You."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Let's talk a little more about Materialism this morning. To do that we will need to bring up the image of The Dial that has been referred to now and again. Imagine that The Dial has to do with the control of your being, so... if you dial it down, it only focuses on the physical self, and The Carnal Being. If you dial it up, it moves into the less materialized areas of the etheric, astral, mental, causal, Buddhic, and Atmic bodies. It makes sense that if you put your attention on the highest you will eventually reach The Highest. HOWEVER... we are admonished to seek balance and The Golden Mean.

What pervasive Materialism means is that we are drawn down, through the peer pressure force of the collective mind. Perhaps the best solution is to gain an awareness of all the states, levels, and bodies that all mean the same thing... and be perfectly integrated, while completely detached. This means you can step into any of the modes (states, levels, and bodies) and fully function there, and... as an act of Will, step right out again. If you could, you could also step completely out of a body, just as if you were taking off your clothes for any reason. This is the real meaning of Liberation.

If you are free, it means you are not bound. If you are free... it also means that you are not caught, attached, held back, held down, tangled, or hooked. Mostly, people want this tangling, and often that is a good thing or everything would fall apart. It is the Karma of Attachment that holds it together. It is a matter of how it is happening in your mind that determines how you handle it... I am speaking HERE... ONLY to those who have an interest in freedom from attachment and residence in The Impersonal. Attachments come about in all kinds of ways.

Blood moon eclipse in Scorpio, end of the weekend... big transformation time, and... it occurs to me... a time of great possibilities in personal transformation. “Okay... Boy, What's it gonna be? Scorpion, Eagle or Phoenix?” You can expect some noise this time because this aspect can have to do with messing with big money. Major financial changes are being announced in the arrangements and passage of the planetary bodies... yeah... yeah... we're talking about The Moon. Alright, I'll say Heavenly bodies; happy now? What this means, in another sense, is that the shit is about to hit the fan among The Movers and Shakers.

Now... I am not an astrologer any more than I am a physicist, but... I do study Metaphysics and practice intuitive astrology, which is the sensing of the planets moving through me, and esoteric astrology which is something more than wanting to know what your sun sign is... dude.

I do kinda know that blood moons are powerful harbingers of change... dramatic change... lasting change (insofar as change can last), so... if you are a nogoodnik, like Twitter, for instance, you can expect some topsy-turvy. If you are selling a phony war, under false pretenses, you can expect some setbacks. If you are acting on and concealing bad intentions for the rest of us, this would be where Mr. Apocalypse is going to step in.

I'm going to include something. I don't know who said it but it got my attention. It concerns other aspects that come into play with this blood moon. One of the reasons I am not an astrologer is that you can't accurately predict outcomes, except in a general sense and that can have widely divergent outcomes. Still... I found more than the usual non existent amount of truth here, so... I'm putting it in (♫ put me in coach ♫) here;

“To make matters worse, the Moon is forming an almost exact opposition to notorious fixed star Algol.

Algol (the Medusa’s head) is associated with violence, beheadings, losing one’s mind (literally and figuratively) and has been historically linked to disastrous, catastrophic events.

This long feared fixed star was activated by conjunction to the North Node of Destiny in Taurus at the very start of certain events in Eastern Europe at the end of February this year.

One thing is for sure – this Eclipse is a culmination point of all the tensions that have been building up on the world’s stage for the past few months.”

So... I'm whistling by the graveyard, but... I have been doing that my whole life. I used to sit in graveyards at night (and daytime too) on psychedelics. It can be a lively place. It's a very common thing for seekers of a certain disposition in The East. Later on, I got a lot of confirmation for acts I was engaged in that I did not understand, and real evidence of being in the wrong culture (grin).

I know that some of you don't believe in Astrology. That doesn't matter. Astrology believes in you. It didn't matter when people believed The Sun revolved around The Earth. The Earth continued to revolve around The Sun regardless. Stupid is never a good thing, and it's a terrible survival tactic.

I know what the problem is for so many people, about Astrology, and Religion, about King and Country, about Justice... and I could go on and on.

Just let me say, I have met very few inspired astrologers. Rarely do I encounter a religious figure who is spiritually aware. Many kings were despots... and the countries? They were another country at another time. None of this means that Astrology or God is bogus or non-existent. That's throwing the baby out with the bathwater again. There have also been righteous kings.

It matters not to me whether anyone believes in God or not. I might feel sad for you, and believe me... I do, but that doesn't interfere with my way of it, and I KNOW... I FUNDAMENTALLY KNOW that everyone will see the light someday. It might be a VERY long time from now, depending on your attractions and actions. You could, literally. go round and round till the end of time, and then you get the default Unity that everyone still circling the drain gets. Think about that on your own time (grin).

So... believe me. The movements of the Heavens are very real in their impact within and on us. God is real... no matter what your bloodsucking religions claim in the name of collecting money for him. What did Billy Sunday say at the end of his services? “Brothers and Sisters, reach into your pockets and take out all your money, and for the glory of The Lord throw it up in the air!!! All of it that stays up is God's, and all of it that comes back down is mine.” I'm paraphrasing, but it's close enough for Rock and Roll. “Render unto Caesar.” There is a particular event that comes to all spiritual seekers, at a certain point, where hidden treasure will actually call your name through the entities that guard it, and tell you where it is.

None of that matters anymore because whatever you need, be it visible or invisible, appears when it is needed and departs when it is no longer required. That is another of the meanings of, Liberation. Once it no longer means anything to you, The World will chase you down to give it to you. It is not only devils/rakshasas who live well here. I'm living on Cold Mountain. It's much like The Way of Life by Lao Tzu.

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What is coming is going to have a major effect on the people who have been dialing it down, by mass murder... via killer vaccines, proxy wars for gain, and empty celebrity that feeds on the lifeblood of others. Wheeler's and Dealers and Bears, oh my! The Movers and Shakers are going to be shaking in their boots with nowhere to run or hide. These upheaval reversals come around at certain times, for the sake of adjusting the balance of life. There is a mysterious law... that prohibits anyone from just proceeding unchecked, by conscience, or mercy... forever. Yes... it can go on for a long time, depending on what the players agreed on at another time.

I am often reminded of what I once heard a park ranger say, in the company of other park rangers; “90% of the people who get bit by rattlesnakes was messing with them.” There are all these hidden laws in life that see to the outworking of destiny according to character.

My friends... I realize we have been existing on the slippery slope of a long decline... for years and years. I thought it was going to go up a long time ago, and then the 80s told me the story of human nature and Material Culture. I misjudged the appearance of The Aquarian Age. I also did not catch the fact that it has different implications for the different strokes for different folks. I did not realize that the return of The Divine Feminine was going to result in an army of demasculinized men, seeking to emulate and then replace women. Heh heh... good luck with that. Of course... we also have sufficient (more than sufficient) female hysteria cases where NOTHING, NOTHING!!! is ever enough.

Some folks are determined to have a hard row to hoe. You CANNOT mock and abuse Lady Nature without there being an amount of reaction, even if it is only within your own body, where it will surely make its presence known. This happens, to some degree... TO ALL OF US. It should be more than evident by now that entire generations are losing their mind. They are marching into chaos and will surely reap The Whirlwind.

We each have aspects of male and female in us, and if they are not in the proper relationship... no good can come of it. It's not a good idea to chase after them because that direction of passage leads to destruction. They are all colorful forms of suicide. One would be much improved in their knowledge of the moment, by reading what Rome was like in the times running up to The End. Babylon Rising; how great will be your fall? They will be sailing on tributaries born of banker's tears into an ocean of sorrow.

ALWAYS... in Times of Great Trial, because of the Degree of Difficulty, one's possibilities for spiritual growth are immense. We've mentioned a Quantum leap at various times. Think of a seesaw dynamic. If whatever is on the other side is heavier than you. Let's say there are ten people on one side, and one person on the other. Imagine the lift given when the heavy side drops down. What if it were many tens of thousands of people dialing down, while you are dialing up?

Have a good weekend, my friends!

End Transmission.......

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Missing Munich said...

Hi Les,
just wanted to say thank you for this uplifting writing.
Really needed that.

A good weekend all around!!

Missing Munich

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oops. Previous post, I thought you were talkin' 'bout de movie, "Cold Mountain". Thanks for the PDF. I'm gonna throw it on my blog and read it later.

I gotta say. I don't play a ton of mortal flotsam games, and due to this fact I have been minimally effected by this scamdemic crap. Right now I'm the only one at my restaurant not wearin' a masque. I got permission, but no one else is askin'. If you don't work with the food or food service, you don't have to wear the infernal thang. I'll let the others figure it out for themselves, though.

Now, off to pick up another set of glasses. One eyeball improved incredibly, the other static. I suppose I could fix 'em with eye exercises, but I can't afford a new pair of glasses every few months on a part time dishwasher salary.

Nostrils up!

Visible said...

I'm sure we can take up a collection for your new glasses. A simple Paypal address would probably garner you some funds.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

It's OK. I've been livin' the myopic lifestyle since age 7, (Too much reading and closeup work at a young age, I guess.) and I'll just continue to get new glasses every couple of years. That I can afford. I'd rather not bother anyone for donations.

M - said...

A partial Lunar Eclipse occurred back in November which was also heavily influenced by Fixed Star Algol.

Lilith's Mourning Moon:

Gregory said...

I was meditating the other day and the thought arrived: God will give us all the time we need, but not a day more.

I am sure my reading these posts have contributed to this mindset, so thank you.

Anonymous said...

'Constantine introduced sanctions against paganism, passing a series of measures making life more difficult for those who adhered to its practices, in the end sending out delegates to deprive the temples of their treasures. He could not use military force to repress the temples, as the army refused to assist, but the Christians serving in the palace carried out his instructions'

That is PRECISELY why you know that this article is utterly bollocks, Les - as an Army Brat yourself, you know darn well that there is NOTHING the Army won't 'refuse to assist' if that is their Given Orders -

The Army is always as practically gifted as it is amorally stupid - that is the very nature of the Military -

Anonymous said...

Ketu's coming

Helluva Show!

("Then we have a lunar eclipse taking place in Scorpio on 16 May at approx 5 am UTC in the nakshatra of Vishaka, at 1 degree. This eclipse is caused by Ketu, which is around 3 degrees away in Libra.")

Chinese Sneakers said...

The following deserves a bump: "You could, literally. go round and round till the end of time, and then you get the default Unity that everyone still circling the drain gets."

Now that's some humorous, albeit deadly serious, word-smithing, Vis.

Grinning appreciatively over here, as always.

Stay classy.


andy said...

les, per the art of disclosure,
low key = Further more.

just andy

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Saturn is Romance's Backhand. It Doesn't Matter What the Romance is, Unless it is With The Divine."



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