Wednesday, May 18, 2022

"Let's Go Time Traveling Through the Mesozoic in Search of The Elusive Trannysaurus Rex. All Aboard!!!"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The tranny thing is the next big thing to go from mainstream to headlining at porn. You know how they used to change the names of mainstream films to titles for porn films, like The Sperminator... in place of The Terminator? Schindler's Fist... Throbbin Hood... Shaving Ryan's Privates... Night of the Giving Head... For Your Thighs Only... Lord of The Cockrings... 28 Gays Later... The Wedding Bangers... Glad-He-Ate-Her. 101 Dominatrixes... American Booty. You get the picture.

They are going to start changing the names of films in honor of the tranny epidemic; The Tranny Always Rings Twice. The Maltese Tranny. Tranny Get Your Gun. Trantanic. The Tranny of Oz. BatTranny. Gone with the Tranny. The Tranny Cage. Trancula and Frankentranny. Of Trannies and Men. Rear Tranny. Trannies of the Caribbean. Strangers on a Tranny. Tranzila, Drugstore Tranny. The Devil Wears Trannies. The Third Tranny. Trannytown (“Forget it, Jake, it's Trannytown”). Transablanca ( (“I think this is the beginning of an ugly and sordid groping in the dark kind of friendship”) Little Big Tranny, The Transporter (that works reel gud).

Then they add on to titles, Like Thelma and Louise and The Tranny. The Magnificent Seven Trannies. Or they hijack the titles of popular movie series, like Lethal Tranny. Die Hard Tranny. Beverly Hills Tranny. Or... they hijack the work of a famous actor; A Fistful of Trannies. For a Few Trannies More, and The Good the Bad and The Tranny. Back to the Tranny. The Tranny of the Rings. How appropriate would this be?= The Pink Tranny. Followed by Revenge of the Pink Tranny. The Pink Tranny Strikes Back; you get the idea.

Yes... I could go on and on. I haven't even hit Broadway yet. How about Tranklahoma? TrANNIE? The Sound of Trannies? Death of a Tranny? The Trannyman Cometh? My Fair Tranny? The Tranny of the Opera. A Tranny Line? Beauty and the Tranny? Tranny on the Roof? Trannyspray? Or they cater to the people who make the movies, both porn and regular, in films such as Schindler's Tranny, Sophie's Choice Tranny, or Jurassic Tranny. The Tranny in the Striped Pajamas. TrANNie Frank.

There could be theme parks like Trannyland, and Tranny World, with Barney and the Teletubbies and every other asexual cartoon character. They could move on to fast foods; TFC (Tranny Fried Chicken... McTrannies... Tranny King... In and Out Trannies?

Oh... we're full of ideas this morning. How about Gender Fluids? That would be a form of Gatorade for the sexually retarded. Non-Binary Math for grade school, with no grades... cause grades discriminate against The Stupid?

There is no question that The Dark Side and its agents, visible and invisible, are not only promoting all of this, but also programming it, grooming it, and making money off of it, because they ALWAYS do that. If the medium is the message, then this would be a form of extreme Rolfing.

The awesome and unbelievable factor; the head-scratching implausibility, is that people believe this crap. It's a real shot in the gut for me. I would never have thought people could be this gullible and bone-deep ignorant, BUT... they are. How did they get from Gay Marriage to this in a few short years? It is truly mind-boggling. They didn't do it on their own, and they didn't get there by themselves. They had help from The Dark Side. It wasn't that difficult to accomplish, now that I see how they did it.

Materialism is a breeding ground where ancient appetites have become personalized, just like corporations. Certain groups and individuals now give lip service and fealty to insatiable hungers, which often involve the lips, and hips ("hips or lips?" Pacino in "Cruising.") They have become a cartoon. They are comic book characters who come and go to no observable purpose... to no positive end. Quo Vadis?

A man cannot become a woman. A woman cannot become a man, and all the feminine hygiene products that ever get made will not legitimize the travesties that some are determined to make of themselves. They are INSANE! It is not possible to reason with a crazy person because their reason has left them. There is nothing reasonable about what they intend, and... they are coming for the children. This psychotic madness CANNOT long endure.

Similar pathologies attend the fall of every culture, like clockwork. More accurately... like cuckoo clockwork. It's always non-binary on the Tranny Clock of Sexual Confusion. I think they use Roman Numerals... upside down and backwards.

It is social media, and most especially... the people who own and run it, that takes tiny slivers of what might once have been humans, protesting in the streets in ridiculous and insignificant numbers, and pass it off as a statement of the collective public will. If all of these people were gone, no one would notice any difference in the numbers that remain. It's much like The Holohoax. That is how few they are, and most of them are paid actors who show up on demand to cause disturbances, over issues that are important to The Vampire Overlords AND NO ONE ELSE, except for those so afflicted.

It's all about making you confused and uncertain... even afraid... even terrified.

Amber heard but she did not listen. It is an amazing thing when you, OBSERVABLY, lie in the public eye, and many... many eyes are on you. The pressure builds, and Mr. Apocalypse rises up behind you and draws his judgment down upon you, and writes it into the minds of those judging you. A telepathy occurs and you know what others are thinking about you. Then... a door opens in your mind and the awareness of what you are, and what you did, comes flooding into your consciousness... like Katrina surfing the levees. It's like looking in the mirror and seeing your face... for the first time, and... being horrified.

When my kundalini was unbridled from the Pool of The Kunda, it went through my being like soft lightning. It consumed everything in its path and lit it all up... and all that I had thought myself being as... was flushed out of me. I went upstairs to the bathroom. I looked into the mirror and saw all of the faces, in other lives, coming and going, and transforming in my features, one to the next. I saw that there was no Me... not really. The Me was just a role I was playing, in a drama that was fueled by my previous acts, that had led me to that moment... when I was no longer a role... but the witness of the actions taking place from a timeless perspective.

The real Me is, in everyone else, the same. This, I understood, was why I could feel the faces of others in my own. Ideally... this self that engages in the dramas, and has no real permanence, is used as a vehicle to express The Divine. It is like light shining through a stained glass window. I know... I have used that image a few times. It is the one that comes closest to the mind's out-picturing. It is The Personality, being cleansed of the Karmic (Samskaras) shadows that blocked the light and left us in darkness... unaware of our real (and eternal) nature.

Where does all this Tranny-mania come from? It is a plumbing error in the sex chakra, where the flow was directed according to the easiest route of passage. Depravity is more easily accessed than Virtue. Confusion is more easily achieved than Clarity.

Why did all those ecstatic-fanatic Skoptsy men in Russia castrate themselves in a mistaken religious fever? Why did hundreds of worshipers from the Indian subcontinent once walk into the ocean off of Goa (I think it was) so that the sharks could eat them in a religious ritual? This went on for some time. It was another example of sexually driven hysteria. There are many examples of groups of people, all losing their minds in a similar fashion at the same time. It's like thinking Heaven's Gate was really a gate to Heaven. Why do I bring this up?

It is happening right now, around The World in several ways, simultaneously. Some are drawn to their sex organs. Some are drawn to weapons. Some are drawn to causes that result in the first two (and all the other expressions being DRIVEN by the same force). Some are experiencing it in their minds and not in the outside world.

Well... all of them are experiencing it in their minds... or think they are. The more The World moves into transition, the more people find themselves out of their depth and becoming panicked swimmers. They will latch on to ANYTHING in the hope that it gives them something to identify themselves as, while everything once familiar now becomes strange. Otherwise, they drown in an Ocean of The Howling Unknown, instead of celebrating it as a measureless ocean of unfathomable Impersonal Love. Your greatest fears conceal your salvation from you.

There are a lot of good people in this country. We should never forget this. I do not think it is certain that we are doomed to go down the toilet. In any case, it happens in stages. There is still time and opportunity to pull it back from The Brink-Bending End-Point of No Return; whathaveyou. As Yogi said, “It ain't over till it's over.” He also once said, “it's like Deja vu all over again.”

You know what they really mean when they say they are living their own truth and being their authentic self? They are saying, “The truth is whatever I say it is.” Fall afoul of that and slander becomes your daily bread. How does Diabolus translate? It translates to Slanderer. This left hand of God is the other side of the equation. Shiva's trident... Lord Ganesha's net to trap, and his ax to liberate; “lead us not into temptation.” Either you are driving... or you are being driven, and the ONLY way to drive is to get out of the way.

End Transmission.......

It's starting to look like THEY are getting ready for an alien invasion, false flag. You've seen the latest... I assume?

Some links=

GAB... the link-hopper to where you already are is located here=

And... speaking of Rap
(which I like to do as little as possible), this illustrates 'some' of what I was talking about=

Via FreeWest Media
More news from The Front.
Apparently, it really is a front=

Via FreeWest Media
Oh!!! What a big surprise=

Via Fox News
Well... at least they have treats and possibly size-portioned snacks. No doubt in Scotland they already put you in jail for wrong-speak, wrong-look, and... most especially... wrong-think. This is the first I heard about black indigenous in this part of the globe=

Via Fox News
Oh look what I saw next!
Oh goody!!! By the way, fuck they and them. Fuck zir... ze, and all the other Tom Foolery. Tom is, obviously, not a happy camper=

Via The Real History Channel
More info on that brand name that has replaced the seasonal flu=

Via Caitlin Johnstone @ Substack
I post this ONLY because of names mentioned, including one of the biggest guru figures=

Via Breitbart
Oh! He's a crafty fellow.
Don't be deceived about him. He's pro-vaccine (and you can be sure he's not getting the dose everyone else is.) He is also a trans-humanist (Yikes!!! Trans???... but that's the point of the other. Isn't it?) so his goals are the same as The Great Reset Demons. He's the kinder, gentler, more avuncular, fun guy in The Bad Guy, Good Guy mind-cop game of Three Card Monte in your head=

Via Breitbart
And then... heh heh... there's this=

Via Breitbart
Well... when righteous living goes South, and Perversity is what's for dinner, Lady Nature must beg to differ-


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

It must have been absolute HELL to write this post. It was almost painful to read, but a must-read indeed. At the same time those first few paragraphs were hilarious, kinda sorta. This must be the weirdest post you ever wrote. All I can say is that I'm glad I no longer have anything vested in this place. In fact, only coming out of my nose cave when I have to, I barely live here. Man, bein' a virtual nose is the way to be in times like this.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Les - scrolling down from the Yo Gotti story I hit FTPOD Paydirt - and from my own UK, no less - it makes the Yo Gotti story seem like an illustration of how there is still hope for Western Civilisation -

Anonymous said...

I'm Turok and I approve this message!

Guy Reid-Brown said...

A tts friend emailed a typical long jokey thing about growing older that was very well put together by one of those many clever anonymous older voices that ironically would have remained totally obscure pre-internet, which they would have been amongst the very last to master the basics of anyway, even as that has also provided a platform for a proportionately vaster multitude of THICKOwesterners out there.

It was mostly very entertaining and apposite, but not particularly deep stuff, but these two clauses, at least for me, put together resonate with the power of a dozen super-resonator thingys-

'As I watch this generation try and rewrite our history, I'm sure of one thing:  It will be misspelled and have no punctuation.

Sometimes the Universe puts you in the same situation again to see if you’re still a dumb-ass.'

Although the latter is a bit casually worded, it strikes me that in terms of Eastern propositions of karma, that may well be true.

But this is Mr. Visible's province, and I wonder if he can confirm whether this might be true in some cases?

It makes sense to me, anyway.

(I speculate I might just even have been put in that position myself, so do maybe have a pony -with-a-hat-on in the race here ☺)

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Re-reading this - the first six paragraphs are straight out brilliant sharp and funny - just great humour,like all the really smart paid writers of American Comedy - from Big Bang to vintage Simpsons to Frasier could do - not something Les indulges much, actually - it's definitely a talent, though -

Then the latter part is much more typical Viz, but the profundity has been somehow deepened by the sheer humour of what went before -

MY Take, anyway-

Anonymous said...

Over the course of the last few years I have 3 friends and an acquaintance who now have trans its for children. What I realize is that the parents would rather accept this bizarre behavior then loose their kids. It was the same with the gay kids. Even staunch folks who were previously against this turned completely opposite once their own kid came out of the closet. I never had kids and I am not passing judgement one way or another because I can’t. Must be easier for a parent to cave to a child because the kid is going to walk if she/he is not appeased.
I would say that parents of very young children should organize now before its too late. Fight it before it gains a foothold with youngest kids.
What a sham and shame this is. Anyway......I got laugh out of your dark humor but it was surface laughing and I think you knew that would happen when you wrote it. A laughter of irony. That’s not a sentence but you get it. Thanks for all your efforts , for never whitewashing what so many others will accept or embrace because of the fear that it would entail to do so.
Hanging On.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Leaving all this aside, there is a great opportunity for all of us on here to make some serious money - c'mon, there are enough Creative Minds here to put together the ultimate mega-platinum Rap Ditty - Les is constantly reiterating the futility of vast riches and the trivial pursuit of fame - which is very reassuring if you are a near-minimum wage 'Domestic Assistant' like me - but maybe it would actually enhance our Soul's Growth if we could experience a little of the temptations that untold wealth, fame and trivial celebrity can provide .

I personally , for one, feel that my humble struggle toward a Higher Level of Perception might be significantly enhanced by undergoing the frictions of struggling with the temptations of drugs, alcohol, fame, shameless shallow women , fame, drugs, money and -er - fairly shameless women, perhaps - um, where was I?

Oh yes - to this end, I have synthesised with what amounts to an almost scientifically musicolological degree (is that the right word? :/ ) what I believe is the perfect first line to The Ultimate Mega-Platinum Rap Ditty -

'tictok-star-surgery-vibrator-sex-toy-butt/ 'v

It just takes the rest of youse to pick up the creative Big Bulls by the Horns and turn this first liner into the mega-rapperest hit ever - whilst (here is my clever Elon Musk bit) subliminally promoting America's great Social Media innovation TickTock and so demoralising the CCP Chinese Communists!

Duntoirab said...

OK Guy, to the jokes

It's a shit idea

Fart powered missile incoming

shakin all over

what's the buzz


Choo Choo Peppy said...

Saw a great meme of Burgess Meredith with the caption...there was no baby formula shortage until men started getting pregnant.
Jo Jo Brandon appointed comrade commissar Xavier Becerra (CPUSA) as the historic baby formula czar and the best gov that the banksters could buy will take over production so look for even more shortages, higher costs and nothing for Traditional Americans under the mask of equity.
The Marxist inversion of everything is for those who cannot create so they get busy destroying.
We are laughing now but everything will be made tranny and Disney will lead the way.
The Mystery Babylon Be world of Chiquitastan or the former USA is meant to demoralize so laugh your ass off at it instead.

hat tip to Monty Python said...

[Verse 1]
Just remember that you’re standing on a planet that’s evolving
And revolving at nine hundred miles an hour
That’s orbiting at nineteen miles a second, so it’s reckoned,
A sun that is the source of all our power
The sun and you and me and all the stars that we can see
Are moving at a million miles a day
In an outer spiral arm, at forty thousand miles an hour
Of the galaxy we call the ‘Milky Way’

[Verse 2]
Our galaxy itself contains a hundred billion stars.
It’s a hundred thousand light years side to side
It bulges in the middle, sixteen thousand light years thick
But out by us, it’s just three thousand light years wide
We’re thirty thousand light years from galactic central point
We go ’round every two hundred million years
And our galaxy is only one of millions of billions
In this amazing and expanding universe

[Verse 3]
The universe itself keeps on expanding and expanding
In all of the directions it can whizz
As fast as it can go, at the speed of light, you know
Twelve million miles a minute, and that’s the fastest speed there is
So remember, when you’re feeling very small and insecure
How amazingly unlikely is your birth
And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space
‘Cause there’s bugger-all down here on Earth!

dave1010 said...

The dog poet has been outstanding. Thanks Mr. Visible. I miss robert and who pissed off Ray B. again?

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"He's Tearing Away the Concealments and Curtains of Obfuscation, Woven From the Smoke of Impure Desires."

Anonymous said...

Pierre said..
don't forget the books
Cathy O'Brien's Trannysformation of America (Tranceformation of America)
Bryce/Sharon Taylor's Skanks for the Mammories (Thanks for the Memories)
Kubrik's Eyes Wide Shit (Eyes Wide Shut)
and Australia's Cathy O'Brien Fiona Barnett's Eyes Wide Groping (Eyes Wide Open)
Shakespeare's McDeath To Pee or not to Pee, that is the next operation (MacBethTo Be or Not To Be)
or that American classic
Seven Tranny Brides for Seven Others (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers)
My Three Scones (My Three Sons)
Mr Bed (Mr Ed meets Caligula)
one could go on .

Anonymous said...

Gender is a grammatical not a biological distinction. English has two genders : masculine and feminine. Most other languages have three: masculine ,feminine and neuter.The biological distinctions are : male,female.

I know, everyone who comes here knows this but sadly this needs hammering into all these odd 'people' who insist on all this pronoun shit (pronoun being another grammatical term , of course) because they seem to be completely unaware these a just silly word games. A lot of these terms aren't even pronouns ,eg. what,pray tell, does "ze" mean?. Being word games it doesn't take much to work out who the instigators are but why are there so many who latch on to this stuff?

Perhaps it would be best to just ignore them but they're getting so insistent and I think they'll soon be in my face.

May calmness prevail.


bigloner said...

Did is miss it? But if I didn't, all who did should be exiled to Transylvania.



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