Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Road to Damascus Factor and the Great Swamp of Fundie.

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A judge once said, paraphrasing here, "I can't define what pornography is but I know it when I see it." I would have to echo that. I know pornography when I see it and this is pornography. Note the fellow's work space. They won't quit. They know credibility is bleeding out of their constructs like a stuck hog. So... they up the disinfo and they up it and up it and up it and... eventually it explodes like that guy in Monty Python's, "The Meaning of Life" and rains their own toxic offal down upon their heads. We most certainly hope that is the outcome and given certain laws of physics, whether they apply to cultures, economic systems or simply bullshit stacked so high that it combusts from the sheer pressure of its own weight upon itself, a certain outcome is certain. Some things are inevitable. Some things are inevitable and the historical records proves that out when it comes to certain recurrent shenanigans.

There are places in the world where reality is never more than tenuous at best. Kalifornia would be such a place and Mother Nature, Lady Nature, is none too fond of places where reality is tenuous at best because that means whatever it is, it's at a far remove from her and that would be the case in Kalifornia, which is also essentially, or was essentially, blessed with the greater abundance of Nature. Now, the Legion of Doom, not to be confused with the Legion of Boom, is fully represented in those environs as the dark side of the basic elements so expressed in that manner due to the collective resistance of those satanic forces, so emplaced, whose intent is the transformation of Nature into an abomination. Then one should not be surprised if that is what one gets. It's a sad state of affairs because there are many good things that go on there and many good people there.

There are many good people around the world, who are struggling to find a way to survive within the tortured dynamics of a world geared solely to the profits and pleasures of wealthy and powerful psychopaths. As smart as these vermin are, they are blind to what is hidden from them and that is their own vulnerability to the blowback of their actions. I'm not just talking about public outrage, which will be ignited in many locations, as the results of their policies and actions become more and more thoughtless and injurious. I'm talking about cosmic blowback. There are many ways to look at the world and all of them have some merit within the limitations of their operation... but the world and all that's in it is also a mathematical construct. Nothing happens that doesn't cause a reaction and nothing manifests that isn't subject to its relationship to the cosmic mean. Too much of anything breeds the predictable response. If you over eat or you eat to fast, especially depending on what it is, you're going to get a reaction.

If you push yourself too much, especially when you are tired, injury is very possible. If you act in haste you are free to repent at your leisure. If you insist upon a certain outcome when that outcome violates certain cosmic laws, you're going to come to the attention of a particular and invisible police force. Very often we don't see the kind of immediate response we might wish for because time is very different in the invisible than it is in the physical and there are always degrees of latitude present because the cosmos leaves space and loopholes for the possibility of change in direction and attitude; what I call The Road to Damascus Factor.

One of the most telling things that I notice, as I move through this vale of animated corpses, is the general, with very few exceptions, pattern of collective awareness that does not deviate outside the margins, with few exceptions. The degree to which most people are trapped in mundane material pursuits is terrifying when seen from a certain perspective. It is guaranteed suffering, if not today then tomorrow and it is certain death, if not today then tomorrow. These rules are inviolate. It's all that road to destruction, "wide is the highway" thing. Human existence goes down within controlled parameters. It moves from one extreme to the other and- most of the time- stays somewhere near the middle. It never jumps into hyperspace or opens into alternative dimensions in an en masse kind of a way. Plenty of individuals here and there, over time have had such experiences but they would have been, nearly without exception, events that occurred somewhere other than in the jammed congestion of the flaming world of fiery attractions and appetites. In that place, the largest sector, you get what you get and you don't get anything else. It's Shake 'n Bake City. You can find any temporary thing there. You can gratify any temporal desire or physical appetite but... no more.

What happens to people is that as soon as they get here, their parents start to telepathically invade them. It could be called a form of psychological rape and it goes on everywhere unless you got real good Karma. Much of it is well meaning. Most parents know the world can be a dangerous place and they want you to be prepared. Unfortunately, most of them don't know what the real dangers are and which are only incidentally terrestrial. Then you get shuttled into an educational system, which these days has little to do with education and mostly to do with brainwashing and where the curriculum is put together and approved by the very people doing the most harm. After that, it's the military and professions and unless you are self employed, you got to mind all kinds of rules of behavior. So humanity moves from one conditioned and conditioning environment to another. Usually, by the time you realize you're trapped, there's not much you can do, or you don't think there is. You don't know who to ask for help. That's the main problem. People get carrot and sticked all down the road to decrepitude and death. That's how it is.

They are bombarded by stories of people succeeding; somebody wins the lottery, somebody becomes the American Idol. For the vast majority, none of these things will ever happen. Half the world is living in a state of desperation! Half the world!

Only one kind of success counts and that is success as a human being. Success in the world without succeeding as a human being is a horror show. The cost is awful but it's seldom publicized. Success as a human being guarantees, guarantees success in life, no matter what you may be doing and your impact on life is significant in all the right ways; not so otherwise. For most people, they spend their lives under the spell of a fundamental illusion that justifies everything they thought they had to do to get to where they got. It's only late in the game when it dawns on them what actually happened and BELIEVE ME... it does dawn on them. It dawns on them late at night, in the quiet hours, when they wake before dawn and it all comes rushing forth into their minds. The dread comes. The dread of what is to come. They say that psychopaths have no conscience and so they cannot feel regret. There's a program for them too. The universe is remarkably precise.

Why are there so many psychopaths loose at the moment? Why are there so many sexual psychopaths running around? It is because of the intense pressure of materialism. Materialism is a cosmic magnet that attracts these entities into manifestation, in the same way that certain environments are perfect breeding grounds for pathogens and bacteria. Why things are the way they are is perfectly obvious but... not if perception of the truth is an obstacle to your personal objectives.

Life on Planet Earth is a cycle of sequences, geared to particular ends. All these dramatic settings are orchestrated to put humanity through whatever it takes to wake their asses up and if they don't wake up, they get put through it again. Humanity will probably never know how much suffering they have been spared as a result of the invisible workers, whose efforts go on without respite across a truly vast expanse of time. The Amitabha Buddha spent 5 kalpas going through changes just to get into a certain position to help ...and more time for other reasons. The Silent Workers are responsible for efforts greater than any demonstrated by the physical players and the physical players wouldn't get very far without their assistance.

This is what just stuns me about the intransigent ignorance which abounds. It is possible to make lasting connections with forces greater than any present on this Earth and which have the power to rectify ANY problem or condition you might find yourself in but... people don't tumble to this and most of the time, when they get a certain motivation, they wind up in The Great Swamp of Fundie. That help and assistance is here now. Avail yourself or don't avail yourself. My responsibility ends with saying this. Humanities responsibility begins with acting on it, or not.

Crunch time is coming.

Here's an interesting event that has little to do with all of this but points out one should really think things out before they do them. That governor had been to hundreds of Springsteen concerts.

By the way, if you want to go to the Liberty and Lace Super Bowl Party with Victoria Secrets Slutz, it's only going to cost 1700 dollars. Gee, imagine being able to spend an evening in scintillating conversation with these sparkling intellects. Yeah... Crunch time is coming.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Twerking with Anne Frank in a Dancing Zombie Musical.

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What have we been saying? The cosmos has a wicked sense of humor and... more and more you are going to be seeing things and hearing about things that are just not part of the usual script that we've been suffering through for... for... a long time. As the ineffable has personally told me, "I have an ingenious sense of humor and you are going to see it on full display. They are not going to know what hit them or what to do about it. They are going to be drug store cowboys with a bad jones at the corner of Shit and Go Blind." Here's an example of interesting WTF? Expect more. Expect much more.

Another thing I was told was, "I'm going to show up right in the middle of them and catch them in the act. I'm going to catch them with their pants down and record it for posterity. Trust me. They're not going to know what hit them." This means next to nothing to the truly insane. There are few poetic expressions that can match the raw beauty of evil destroying itself, either through extreme over reaching, or pathologically dysfunctional activity that makes no kind of sense. At times like this, I am always compelled to repost Nietzsche's maxim; "those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad."

Nothing says crazy more fluently than when someone over educated in morally bankrupt professions, decides to exercise his inner pseudo-intellectual, in the service of increasing both their celebrity and potential, wide spread embarrassment, while fattening their bank account. I consulted my inner phrenologist in relation to this individual and managed to materialize some LED running lights across his forehead that keeps repeating, "Yeah baby! The New Age, I'm loving it!" Then you see the McDonald's golden arches rise behind his head. Kool!

When you combine the state of materialism in this world with borderline intellects, whose level of celebrity is diametrically offset by their lack of talent, you are going to get people like this who see the world as their own Romper Room, surrounded by a posse of demented Sesame Street characters with a bad crystal meth habit. They got this list in Hollywood where they bet on who the next celebrity to die is going to be. This cat has to be up there. He did do one really cool thing, when he went to that Disneyland attraction for the world's perpetual victim industry, the grave of Anne- 'ball point pen' Frank and said she would have been a Bieliber. Well, the Anne Frank Franchise is steampunking right along, making cash registers ring, lighting it up dude, for the bank accounts of the greatest professional victim industry the world has ever seen. It is intoxicating to watch them milk this, while using Palestinian children for target practice. What a trip! What an ugly trip, as a matter of fact. What I think would be perfect at this time, is a an Anne Frank musical that mimics Michael Jackson's Thriller, starring Milley Cyrus, as a dancing zombie, in designer grave wrappings. Of course, a little romance would be necessary, so they could get Justin Timberlake to play the love interest in various tete a tetes, consummated in the hidden attic or wherever it was that she, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, wrote her opus. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without a rap soundtrack by Dr. Dre or Jay-Zeeee. Man! I would so like to write the lyrics. I'm thinking of something like, "Monster Mash" at the finale.

Amidst all the derranged and cartoonish superficiality, exemplified by a fashion industry composed of men who hate women and women who hate men- and all the political saber rattling and invidious humanity hating lobbies we seem to forget about Lady Nature and the news is grim indeed, it's not snowing in the Sierras so there's going to be no water and although it's winter now, when the heat of summer arrives, the state will be a tinderbox and when the Santa Anna winds begin to blow in late Autumn, whoa! It doesn't look good for The Golden State. I don't want to be an alarmist; 'just the facts Mam.'

There are some sinister corporations on the planet at this time; The Carlyle Group, Monsanto, others, but... who doesn't get the notice they should is G.E. who is behind the horrors of Fukushima. Their indifference and avarice are not measurable by any known standards. You know that we are downtown in Sick City, when they can get away with this kind of thing. I'm becoming more and more certain that a significant number of high ranking industrialists, ceo's cfo's and others, are card carrying Satanists. How can it be otherwise? If they are not formal dues paying members, they have that force coiled like a snake in the back quadrant of their minds, controlling everything they say and do.

In these times, those so possessed, recognize no limits when it comes to the pursuit of self interest. If they can do it and get away with it, for even a little while, they find a large niche demographic of cinderblock headed, testosterone junkies, who will pay to see it, whatever 'it' is. We're looking at full bore madness on the cusp of insanity and it's operational at all observable levels, all going down, while the mass of the population is walking around with, "What, me worry?" plastered on their faces. The corpse light of cell phones flickering in the material darkness, is a pretty sight. You can see all the residents in those white t-shirts under the black light, with a phosphorescent message across the shirt that reads, "I'm with stupid." The thing is, the arrow isn't pointing sideways, it's pointing up.

Okay, let's troubleshoot your placement in the mix. You're surrounded by crazy people. You can talk at them but not to them. They're edgy and frenetic, like a large herd of cows out on the Kansas plains, just before a storm as the ozone crackles in the atmosphere. You know a stampede is on the menu so... let's talk about mental envelopes. If you've done any desktop recording, you know what I mean by an 'envelope'. It's not the same one that you need a stamp for. It's a metaphysical fact that there are a number of etheric sheaths which extend from the body. You'll want to scroll down to the graphics, unless you enjoy reading things people plucked from other sources. Alright, stay with me. I do have a point.

It's common knowledge for those who aren't common, that our more rarefied sheaths can be energetically charged by certain disciplines of the breath. In this same way, the mental sheath can be charged by Visible's snorting system, where you cast every thought that comes into your head, back out the way it came, by a quick expulsion of the breath. It takes a little practice to get it right, so that you are not expelling the contents from your sinuses. As thoughts are more and more routinely expelled from the mind, the mind becomes more and more energetically charged and capable of magnetically propelling negative mindsets, personalities and circumstances away from you. It's like having an invisible force field that maintains a secure and inviolable state of being.

Have you ever noticed how a person brimming with positive enthusiasm can change the mental state of those around them? It is as if they all become magnetized to the stronger current being generated by this positive generator. Not only is this possible but as just stated, it will drive negative people away from you. In occult history, there are many tales of people being under serious protection, while surrounded by excited mobs. During the French Revolution, there are stories of people being lifted right out of where they were standing and being deposited blocks away, or hiding in plain sight, while agents of the forces of darkness search all around them without seeing them. These tales are to be found in stories of the Comte de St. Germaine and Cagliostro, both of whom were around during this period of time. The Comte personally told Marie Antoinette that she was in grave danger, though she ignored him and it is said that she saw him in the crowd from the death wagon as it passed him by on the way to Madame Le Guillotine. Cagliostro had a number of soirees in which he predicted all manner of things occurring to the people in attendance. He was locked up in the Bastille but... when the mob broke into the prison, he was no longer there; shades of Appolonius of Tyana.

Bulwer Lytton wrote a fantastic novel about that period called "Zanoni". It's a little flowery for the first 60 pages or so and then it gets exciting. He is ridiculed these days as the epitome of bad writing and there is even an award in his name that is conferred on bad writers. This novel is more than a novel, much is revealed between its pages and such people actually walk among us, mostly unseen. In the works of Dion Fortune and other authors from times past there are many curious things presented to the reader. If you knew where to look, you can access all kinds of information of course, the usual Nimrods who have no compunction about throwing the baby out with the bathwater and have all the necessary lack of information to back up their perspective, will leap forward to condemn Annie Besant. Not me, I take what I find of value and thank my lucky stars for coming across it in the first place. Did I offer greetings from the Sirius Cluster yet? Here you go.

We have become complacent and all too ready to accept fabricated news and fabricated perspectives, which then form our world view. NOTHING is what it seems. There is, as The Bard once said, "More things in heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio." We need to see with new eyes and the first step is to reject the nonsense being generated by appearances. Then, with a little judicious and focused snorting, once the mind is emptied of all the garbage thinking, being manifested by the invisible information grids of The Enemy, you can hear the voice of The Guide, once the surround chatter has been diminished enough or expelled. It could happen quick, or take longer, depending on the quality of individual commitment. You'll have to be the judge of that.

Alright, so much for Mirrors on this sunny Monday in late January. Be alert.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

All these Things; in the Context of Apocalypse.

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It's an enigma to me (actually it's crystal clear) why certain politicized gays would object to Putin's very clear and narrow legislation, of an evil that is happening everywhere else and which he doesn't want running loose in Mother Russia. There are these spokesgays, prominent individuals, who deliberately evade what is crystal clear and claim "Vicious homophobia has been legitimized by this legislation and given extremists the cover to abuse people's basic human rights," Well, that's a lie. Putin goes out of his way, more than I would, to appease this strident minority, whose political intentions and culture morphing are on display for anyone to see and these things are going on, seemingly off to the side, except when they broadside you in your local kindergarten, or in some university course, where certain opinions are given optimum headroom and anything contrary is rubber stamped, with one politically correct term of censure or another. The orders for all of this come from up top, where ancient bottom feeders (hmmm... "bottom feeders?") have bot-flied their way into positions of power, up down and sideways. What their intentions are, are quite transparent.

Is this supposed to be okay? Is this supposed to serve some kind of an educational purpose? Is this altogether as necessary as reading, riting and rithmatic? This is part of a national science curriculum. There's little doubt who is behind this. Isn't it amazing that they can visibly and factually engage in such things in broad daylight? It's not for much longer because what they are pushing for is going to lead to the destruction of a particular environment out of which many of them have been operating. Evil destroys itself.

These and related things are all expressions of things gone haywire, haywire and enforced by cultural pressures with political and legal posturing and strictures. However, these are just obvious incidentals. It's really about it being an apocalypse and the loss of balance and sanity in both the rulership and the ruled. Insanity is rearing its twisted frame up into expression all over the place, such as in rural India.

A clear example of deliberate intent on the part of the establishment is the protection of truly vile individuals like this across a serious length of time, filled with complaints and nothing done. We're talking years here. Observe the magnitude of abuse at the hands of this seriously bent clown. Even now, as they allege investigating, nothing gets said. It seems pretty clear that they want the news to melt away before they go ahead and retire this sociopath with full pension. Don't think so? Watch for it.

Crazy is the order of the day and no one does crazy like those mendacious Tribe members. When they're not bringing odious relationship to their victimhood, they are constantly attempting to establish a historical basis for their presence, which is impossible without fabrication since they only came into existence around the eighth century and they have no DNA from that region, although the Palestinians do. In order to replace the Palestinians with themselves they keep stealing their land, revising history and changing the names of everything, as well as performing a daily genocide on them and when provocation to kill is not there, they head over into the desert and launch missiles at themselves, into empty areas of Israel to give them provocation to murder small children, women, men, livestock and olive groves. As time passes they become ever more despicable. No one on this planet can match them at it. It is amazing when one sits back and reflects on the harm done, as well as the wholesale looting (they definitely can get it for you wholesale). Just a few incidentals are being behind the Russian holocaust. It would have never happened without them. Being behind the Ukrainian holocaust. It couldn't have happened without them. Being behind the Armenian holocaust. It couldn't have happened without them. Being behind the slave trade to the new world, it might have happened without them but... it didn't. It serves to also mention the Federal Reserve and the manipulation of economies that torment most of the people on Earth, one way or another. And right up to present time they cavort in demonic glee, seeking terrible events and widespread carnage.

They are not the only dastardly scum on Earth, just the most well represented.

The pace is picking up in those places where demonstrations for the purpose of, are going to go down. We live in times of remarkable and ubiquitous corruption. It is literally everywhere. It's in high places, it's in low places. It's in mid range places. It's rampant in the White House, it's in local governments. It's all through the Secret Service and the FBI. It's in local law enforcement, with the single peculiar anomaly of certain sheriff's departments. Let me not be too inclusive, there are good men and women out there in all kinds of locations and collective action is simmering below the surface everywhere. Always remember your present and coming moments in the context of Apocalypse. Remember that unveiling and revealing are two of the main duties of the force representing this time zone. It's been at a certain level of operation for awhile. Now, as I write these words, it is going to be picking up the pace.

In Geneva, or somewhere, I don't clearly recall at the moment, western powers, under the control of dual national, Zionist Tribe members are seeking to put the screws to Iran in whatever way they can, under the ludicrous disguise of diplomacy. On the other side, the voices of relative sanity, Russia and sundry, are trying to employ every tactical counter-move possible for them. Unfortunately, those representing The West are all under threat of blackmail and threat of grievous harm of some kind so, they have to keep on keeping on. Unless some kind of providence descends upon the matter, there will be war. Even now, the Zionist press is fabricating and trumpeting false evidence against Assad and the Syrian government. They are so secure in the uniform stupidity of the public that they take photos of other locations in the Arab world and pass them off as places in Syria. On the one hand, these dark entities are framing Assad and on the other hand they are committing or ordering all of the atrocities that Syria is being blamed for.

Because we are dealing with psychopaths, there is little likelihood that they will stop in their multi-pronged putsch to orchestrate world war, impoverish and divide the public against each other and profit from every evil and debased activity they can get up to. 'Monsters', hardly seems a fitting term. There is no word I know of that covers what they are.

I have to daily remind myself that all of what is taking place is taking place for a very good reason. Those who are savvy concerning 'esoteric' astrology can observe the moving into various positions of the planets, to create alignments and and varying expressions of force that manifest and outwork through human agency, as well as in environmental events and conditions. These arrangements of different force fields, are predictable ahead of time. Interpreting what they mean requires a degree of intuitive skill but there are those who see the writing on the sky. I forget who said it, probably Shakespeare, "A wise man rules the stars". I would think that most people imagine that means, he understands the interplay to the degree that he can adjust himself to any situation. Of course that would be true but it's more than that. The term speaks to one who is no longer affected by these forces because there is nothing in him that relates to what the planets are up to. Only those engaged are engaged because what happens is relevant to them in some way.

Whatever is going on in this theater of expression, is the outworking of an aggregation of collaborative conditions and states. The lower emotions and mindsets are all contributors to the ugly spectacles going on at far and near reaches; avarice, murky lusts, obsessions and compulsions, indifference, denial and ignorance are all major players. They reside where they are welcome and appreciated, like anything else. The end game is like an extra dimensional gameboard, or the levels of a video game. We are at whatever level our desires and allegiances have placed us. For us, that is the world we know. In an apocalypse, all of the worlds we know, the worlds all of us know, are brought to a resolution point and are summed up according to particular cosmic laws. This goes here and that goes there. It proves out that birds of a feather do flock together and the same applies to all forms of relocation. Nothing gets past this summing up and some things are profiting from this and are illuminated by it and for others it is quite the reverse.

These are what have been called, "interesting times". Though, as recently inferred, it depends on where you're standing. It depends on what you've been up to and it depends on what you believe to be real. That should do it.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Many Splendored Opportunities of an Abundant Life.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I'm going to have to call exception to this article before it gets brought to my attention anyway. There are tall white guys on both sides of the struggle. This is how the bad aliens operate. Present something as universally evil and thereby diminish the helpful and useful side because their protections are elaborate and they're not as street side as the good guys.

Moving right along (grin). Let's revisit the American Brownshirt police operatives and their vile, vile ways. By now, one can assume that these ignorant beasts are being operated like remote contolled cars. Most of this is to soften up and program the American public for the rulership of the lovely individuals behind this carnage and, of course, whatever tall white cabal is running them.

There are all sorts of interesting things coming up in the windshield. The Boy Butt-Lover Bandits at the upper levels of government in the UK are being featured here and there. Scandal IS an expression of Mr. Apocalypse and you're going to see more and more of this sort of thing in a more and more shocking manner and that... very soon. For the moment they're keeping the lid on it with intimidation and threats and when that doesn't work, outright murder but the force that brought the exposure around in the first place isn't having any of the various subterfuges put up to camouflage depraved behavior. This particular phenomenon is taking place in the ranks of power the world over. It's a precursor to even worse offenses and ever more sickening behavior.

The Gay Tribe Mafia carries on with its war on traditional mores, seeking to bend the will of the whole world to its complex agenda. What puzzles me is that the only law Putin put forward was that gays could not behave in a predatory fashion toward the young and that it was not permitted to promote or propagandize that lifestyle among the young and impressionable. Now... WHY is there anything wrong with that? The Tribe owned or 'influenced' press (pretty much all of the press) even clearly states what the details of the legislation are and are still opposed to even these basic laws of decency. Childhood is no longer a sacrosanct state. It's what's for dinner. There are no two ways to read the meaning of the opposition to Putin's position.

One of the things Political Correctness is all about is, 'confusion' and into the confusion comes a relentless brainwashing, where terms and their meaning are hijacked for the purpose of redefining things, long taken to mean something other than. Humanity is being twisted on an alien lathe and crushed beneath an alien press; probably so that they can make wine from the blood. There's no greater irony of the moment than the Tribe's forceful efforts to impose a Soviet style government upon the United States. If this isn't sparkling clear, you're not paying attention. That's what those Dr. Dre Beats headphones are for, of course.

Wherever I go. If I'm at the doctor's clinic, or the supermarket or simply driving down the street, should I see a young person in any of these or any other location, it's better than 50% that they will be thumbfucking a cellphone. I get having a cellphone. They are a marvelous convenience and one of the conveniences is that present day wimps don't have to carry around a more burdensome weight. I've got a cellphone, a Samsung Galaxy and it sits on my window sill, pretty much where it's been since I got it two years ago and haven't used yet. I've loaned it out a couple of times so... but I expect it will come into play for awhile once I migrate from here to wherever it is I'm supposed to be going; no real fix on that yet beside the default failsafe.

People insulate themselves from the existence moving around them because it frightens them. They don't know how to deal with it. Most of their romantic forays are via text messaging. Sexting is epidemic and those so engaged are none too bright because people of a certain age have no discrimination or discretion and should such photos come into other hands, they get bulk emailed out to all the wrong people.

There's a thing you learn and- the earlier the better- that is that anyone who may be your friend at the moment, or in love with you, or in the position of a confidant; that relationship can change radically over the course of time and event and one should always keep in mind what information they share with anyone because once someone else knows about it, it is no longer a secret. There is this compulsion in the 'general' human psyche to want to unburden one's heart to someone. I feel fortunate in having none of this compulsion. This world is filled with anguished and regretful souls who shared intimate knowledge with those presumed to be friends, who, in fact, turned out to be bad strangers.

With the increase in the percentage of resident stupid, juxtaposed with social networking, present and coming horror stories are everywhere to be found. People lose their jobs, not to mention their reputations via careless activity in this theater of personal exposure. There are so many people about these days that feeling and acting in an individualized manner and standing out as a result of it, is much harder than it ever was before. All kinds of things are much harder than before because life is a great deal less fair than it was before and it wasn't all that fair then (whenever 'then' was) to begin with.

Now, the government, at the behest of monsters, is probing into every opening in every life on the planet. We live in the age of the virtual cavity search. Their biggest limitation is that they will never be able to scrutinize even a small fraction of all that information. But... let's say at one point they want to single you out. Then, I suppose, it's kind of like going to Google and doing a web search, only they search through their records. Then it is that you come to see the wisdom of having been watchful about what you say and do, which is why I tell people to make sure you are 100% behind everything you say or do. Personally, there are all kinds of things in my behavioral schematic that most people wouldn't want to get anywhere near. However, I am 100% percent behind them. For some reason, that makes a big difference. You certainly can't embarrass or threaten me with any of it, I'm fully aligned with it. I can just see them calling up a collection of my web searches, which might seem fairly strange, except that I'm a writer. Any serious writer makes sure to get all over the map.

I noted recently where some detractor made it a point to mention that I had been locked up in a mental institution (actually it was more than one- grin) as if that means anything at all. In fact, I was locked up in the same building and location as Ezra Pound, whom I also have a lot in common with perspective wise. I was fairly proud of that. He wasn't crazy and neither was I. We both fell afoul of 'da system'. I do not intend to be a serf of the system and I do not intend to be a tool of the system and... I'm not. Sure, it's got its disadvantages but none so great as the disadvantages of being a part of the system. Oh the perpetual angst that must bring. Oh the tedious daily fretting and fuming of those so contained.

One has to develop (well, you don't have to) a particular mindset and it's better to develop it as early as possible, due to the nature of the times in which we live. That is a mindset of absolute independence, meaning you could live and function on a desert island devoid of company. For most people, their mind is largely under utilized and unexplored. This means that they live at the mercy of a great many unknowns. The greatest of which is their own self. It also means they're not in charge; an unfortunate truth that many people discover at some point, especially as they get older. For one who has gained a degree of understanding of their own mind, solitude is a blessed state and there is never a sense of being alone or abandoned. A properly understood and more fully operational mind is a magic carpet to anywhere. Yet, the primary objective of most people in this age is to clutter it up with trivia and non stop distractions for the purpose of avoiding self confrontation. The mind is a well stocked larder and a fantastic cupboard filled with many a curious delight of wonders upon wonders. Of course, the craven creeps in charge don't want you exercising this and it is the single prevailing motive for why they are so opposed to one's use of psychedelic substances. They are quite aware of what that can result in.

You are judged by your own consciousness and less so for all the various ignorant actions we all commit in the process of learning. We are more severely judged (by ourselves) for those things we did not accomplish and pushed aside as not being materially important.

You have two possibilities that exist for you in this life. Sure, you can tell yourself that there are all kinds of avenues and opportunities; not so. There are only two and if you are unaware of this at the moment, you will become aware of it later in life, should you get that far. You can either be free or confined. Life is about attaining liberation. That is the singular high objective. Every other course, regardless of its appearance results in bondage. This is the solitary reason for the existence of death. Death exists to free you from whatever glueboard or spider web you got trapped in. Not having this happen to you, death becomes unnecessary and it certainly doesn't result in the usual hassles that attend arriving at the further destination for an unexamined life.

In closing (referencing the beginning paragraph), it continues to surprise me that as soon as I find myself discussing a certain thing, regardless of how I might (or might not have) embellished it for the purpose of entertainment, something directly relevant to it shows up. There sure is a lot of synchronicity.

Keep in mind, we all have a tabula rasa waiting, should we be industrious and inspired enough to seek it out. Regenerated innocence is altogether possible, unless, of course, you prefer senility.

Be alert. Be aware. Be watchful for concealed opportunities. Try to use new eyes and you won't be seeing the same old same old.

End Transmission.......

Sunday's radio broadcast is available now.

You will note the new link on the right hand side to Jerry Lawson of The Persuasions. Here you can order reasonably priced CDs (for a good deal less than in stores) of their music. I had no idea they had so many releases out. For those who appreciate this sort of thing, much enjoyment awaits.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Of Devil Signs and the Singularity of Force.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(I got up this morning and said to myself, I don't think I'll write a posting today. I'm kind of tired and just want to lay on my couch, or work on my new tunes, or finish up the editing on the new book for that Monday deadline but... here I am. I guess I have no choice- grin)

Invariably, now and again, there appears someone who didn't get the memo, even though the memo has gone out a couple of dozen times by now and so I come into the possession of yet one more (often snide and mostly always looking for trouble, or some kind of gotcha moment) query along the lines of, "Why are you making devil signs with your hands on the websites?" Occasionally, like the one today, I get not only a comment at The Petri Dish but an email as well, presented to me in a serious matter of fact way. I can almost hear the little ballet slipper slapping on the gym floor, see the arms folded across the chest and note the no nonsense look in the eye, followed by... "Well? Well?"

As I have done every time in the past, I referred the emissary from the district attorney's office to Google (or any search engine) for the purpose of searching for 'Ramakrishna'  ah... look at that, visible went and did the search for you. Now, visible isn't worthy to be in the same room with Ramakrishna, who was one of the greatest, if not the greatest, saint from India in the last several hundred years. I use him as an example because there's no question of him being evil. In fact, one of the stories told about him is that one of his disciples slipped a coin under his mattress once and when Ramakrishna went to lay down, he leapt back up immediately as if he'd been burned. This is why he is known as a saint and not by some other title.

No, I am not worthy to be in the same room with him but I have also had a Kundalini experience that causes my hands to go into those positions all by themselves. I've had any number of Kundalini experiences and some of them have been severe (after a certain fashion). Out of these have come certain powers and abilities and it doesn't matter if you believe me or not. Too many people have already encountered these features of Visibilia. Now, if you ask me what that means, I couldn't tell you. I am kept in the dark about a lot of things, "for a very good reason".

At this juncture, one might well ask, "Well Vis, why put those photos up? they just encourage Nimrods and Nodwells to distrust you and talk stink about you." That's a good question. I'll take that for $800.00 and a spin of the wheel. First off, I don't give an FF (the first word would be 'flying') what Nodwells and Nimrods think about me and no matter what I do, certain disgruntled people who don't trust anybody, because they don't trust themselves and who see boogeymen everywhere, will talk stink about me no matter what. People still talk stink about Jesus Christ and did back then too AND I am no Jesus Christ. That's another cat that I am not worthy to be in the same room with AND... you can be sure that he held his hands that way on occasion too. It's all the same force, whether East or West. Scroll through pictures of Buddhas, statues of them, demigods and sundry entities and you will see that many of them hold their hands the same way. When I was in prison I saw various black gangsters who walked around with one hand on a cheek of their ass, palm outward and with the fingers in that same holding pattern but pointing downward (reversed kundalini).

People, THERE IS ONLY ONE FORCE in the universe and all expressions of force come from the same source. I'm sure any competent physicist could show you that in mathematical terms. We exist in a world of apparent (appearing) duality and an endless multiplicity of expressions. This leads to confusion and bewilderment. Force is cyclopean. Intention defines it in terms of value, moral or otherwise. The same force operates in both saints and sinners but it operates differently. As Lao Tzu, or one of his offshoots said, "Before I attempt to fix what is wrong with a bad man, I first fix it inside myself." meaning they probably wouldn't even see it otherwise.

I know there are people who want to think of me as an employee of evil forces, or some kind of cointelpro, or amateur (grin). I have been painfully transparent about my shortcomings, which I have "for a very good reason". I haven't lied about my life or my adventures. Others have though. They have lied because the truth was not enough and the reason the truth was not enough is because they freaked out in relation to what they were afraid might happen and then... it didn't happen. This left them in an uncomfortable state and so, in order to justify their position, they had to embellish and exaggerate and in certain cases, just make shit up. Once again, there are people prone to believing these things and others who do not. That all depends on whether you believe my version of events. I don't argue with these people. I don't care what they believe. I do know that there is a reckoning up the road for everyone who slanders and defames another. This does not apply when it isn't slander; just in case some wag wants to bring to my attention my criticisms of certain public figures.

Let me migrate into occult and metaphysical explanations concerning devils and angels with an observation, The Devil is how God appears to the wicked. Ponder that at your leisure. It will also serve to free you of fears and apprehensions concerning all these mysterious matters. That same 'radiant energy' that expresses itself in snake behavior and is so called because it manifests in an undulating rhythmic manner, is the same serpent force that is generated out of sexual continence, is then transformed into Ojas and then ascends up the spinal column to the luminous heights that reside out of mortal sight.

You don't need a college diploma to engage in this process. You don't have to have a badge, an impressive ID or a uniform. You don't have to be born to aristocrats. There is no external authority that confers upon you the rights to engage in this process. This is the inevitable outcome of self inquiry and evolving awareness. Some people are making millions of dollars and some people are acting in blockbuster films, or have prestigious titles and positions and... some of us have Kundalini experiences. I am one of those people. Why was I chosen for this? I couldn't tell you. Why is my personal history occasionally unlike anything one would associate with such a process? I couldn't tell you. The one who makes the selections in this regard has their own inscrutable reasons for it and, like anything else, it's for the purpose of demonstration.

It is to be expected that people under the spell, or influence, of infernal forces would see me as an infernal agent. Others would see a very different entity. So... why post those pictures? It is precisely because most people misinterpret these things and assign incorrect values to them. In Bush's case, sure... he is probably making what he thinks is a devil sign and the same with the rest of that ilk. In Bush's case, I think he's a little too stupid for The Devil to take seriously but maybe he has to use what's available.

I would think that after ten years of doing this and many more years living on the thinnest of material margins, that it might occur to certain people that I should have exposed my hole cards by now. There should have been some reasonable material payoff and not a bunch of websites with free advertising on them. A great many people in my line of work make enormous sums of money; hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars. I'm sure if I dressed up a certain way and acted a certain way, with the gifts I possess, that I could be raking it in too but... I am not. I must have a very good reason.

If a person's intent in their activities is to enjoy general public favor, then they will cater to those positions and points of view that are held by the masses and which were given to the masses by their handlers. Here's a useful little guide in relation to the sort of things that are going down these days

If you are naturally or intentionally at odds with TPTBGD; the powers that be going down, it is to be expected that you will encounter specific actions, directed at your credibility as well as your continuance. You can expect to fall in and out of favor with various people along the way. The important thing is to not waver in your focus or industries, so that consistency is an operational accessory with you. Sooner or later you will succeed at what you do. There are eternal laws that cover this sort of thing. Of course, you will catch shit here and there for one reason or another and I have found that the best way to handle that is to view praise and blame with a similar dispassion and to always remember that today's vocal supporter can well turn into tomorrow's venomous detractor,

You need to be in possession of that spiritual thousand yard stare. You've got to take the long view and also be willing to take the long way. You have to have your eye on an ultimate goal, then all the pedestrain bullshit will be of little account. You need to be sincere in your motivations and your actions. Then, a certain kind of legitimacy is vested in them and the right people will notice this and who cares about anyone else? Of critical importance is your value system. You need to know the actual worth of things and act accordingly and not be unduly influenced by a lot of glittery shit. You have to know that just cause your name gets mentioned on television, or you happen to appear on television, it doesn't mean a damn thing. Being rich and powerful means nothing too and in MOST CASES is a serious liability. You should always wait for such things to be granted by the appropriate authorities. This would mean, at a time when you are unlikely to screw it up. The road to remorse is paved with people who figured that if they didn't grab it they wouldn't get it. Remember, though it might be true that "fortune favors the bold", it's an important aspect of it that you are in a position to properly define what fortune is and to always remember, "there but for fortune goes you and I".

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Israel Executes 3 Little Girls and it Doesn't Matter.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I've been concerned about the New England defensive line, since Vince Wolfork’s injury. Thankfully, today, I spotted some definite replacements. I now feel a lot more confident about the Denver game. The PC storm-troopers are marching to Pretoria, Pretoria, Pretoria. When the public snaps back at their Nazi tactics, they manifest in their own words, “We have every right and everyone else has none." It is fascinating to watch how they use the language with such specificity, materializing one tortured word origami after another. All over the fascist nation of America and many western lands, humanoid rodents have burrowed into Academia, using political correctness, as a cover for malicious dysfunction and lack of capacity, in order to rise to supervisory and tenured positions, from which to lobby for and legislate superior positions of invulnerability for minority agendas, especially for very, very tiny minority agendas, to the detriment of the majority. This has brought about countless cases of things like this. Of course, the real intent of these things is not the publicized intent. The real intent is chaos and confusion everywhere, coupled with a rapacious plundering of each countries resources at every level. It is a systematic effort by an organized collective of Zionists, Satanists, Materialists and assorted crazy people. It’s right out in the open but the public is either too dumb or too fearful, too sexually obsessed or too occupied with fascinating glittery shit to organize and shut it down.

The absurd and the ridiculous are commonplace. Aluminum is toxic. If you cook with it you will incur a host of maladies over time and they will be chronic and incurable. There’s a new documentary out called The Age of Aluminum. It tells the tale. This is not the point. The point is that manufacturers of toxic poisons make their profits by having their poisons put into as many products as possible. This is why aluminum is in so many cosmetics. It’s the same scam as Kosher salt. People who manufacture chemicals need their vile creations to be inserted into anything they can get them inserted into so they set up phony research operations and hire corrupt scientists who come up with all sorts of data that verifies the need to insert this shit into everything. This is one of the bestial by products of capitalism and materialism.

Evil is highly competitive. This is how you get situations like this. Obama is evil, not misguided or deluded (he’s that too) but consciously and intentionally evil. Scalia is evil also. They are in competition over whose evil reigns supreme and- predictably their mindset and policy trickles down into public policy and works it’s dark magic into impressionable troglodyte minds and you get things like this and then things like this and these are just two examples of a variety of similar contemptible events that take place every day. The routine murder of prepubescent children in Israel, stirs not a murmer in the world wide Israeli controlled press. Were this horror accomplished by anyone else there would be global outrage. This behavior has now been transplanted from the seat of Satan (Israel) to Satan’s footstool, America.

They’re doing everything they can do because the heat is on. ♫ the heat is on♫ cue Kenny Loggins.

It’s crazy time in the crazy, ‘obsessed’ lands. Unless one can rein in their fires and forces, they are going to be burned up by them. Yes, weird is the order of the day and you can look for a rash of similar scenarios such as this occurring. As I have mentioned a time or two, a great spiritual master told me that 'you would know that the end times have arrived when cannibalism becomes pervasive'. We’re seeing more and more of it. The world is in an uproar and you are going to soon see this kind of thing spreading like wildfire around the planet; uproar on the social and cultural front and uproar on the environmental front. Change and transformation are breaking out all over and if you can see it now, you won’t be one of those people who find themselves suddenly astounded by critical circumstances on all sides of them.

We... you and I, cannot save the world. We can personally change and adapt to conditions. We can become more and more aware. We can set an example and we can push and appeal for inspiration. We can meditate in search of clarity. There are many thing we can do and many, many more that we can not do. Discrimination is high art. The logical and sensible thing to do is to seek shelter when a storm threatens. People who are not paying attention might not note the approach of a storm until it is upon them. People who know a storm is coming are (or should be) already prepared. At least they are mentally prepared (or should be).

Storms localize. Storms form out of opportune conditions. One who possesses an internal barometer can be made aware of changes in the atmosphere. If you are on the ocean side of a mountain range near the ocean you are going to get a certain kind of weather and you will get another kind of weather on the other. This might be the difference between being okay and not being okay. Of course, Mr. Visible is being all kinds of allegorical here.

Speaking of Mr. Visible (which we were), he’s been undergoing some very strange sensory experiences. Since he hasn't had any consciousness altering comestibles in months, it can’t be that. He’s seeing things, peripherally and hearing strange, musical sounds inside of other sounds. It’s as if a crack has appeared in in an alternate dimension and stuff is starting to leak through. On any number of occasions, Mr. Visible has become distracted by something going on in his thoughts. Something that is completely unidentifiable (so far). This is not a good thing to encounter when operating a motor vehicle (grin). Whatever it is, it’s powerful. Either Mr. Visible is transitioning in some manner; with the result of new sensory abilities going into operation or something is going on in that place where the visible meets the invisible and anyone with any sensitivity is picking up on it. I've not encountered anything like this before. It is something pressing and insistent but cloaked. From my perspective on it, it’s not revealed a single identifiable detail. It’s just there. Well, as with most anything else... We’ll see.

The daily fare of ironic occurrences is off the charts. It is to be hoped this individual gets both trampled and gored in the process.You can exhaust yourself each day and never encounter half of the absurd, ridiculous and ironic events being reported on and which are, for the most part, not identified as any one of these things. Then there is this unrelated but no less outrageous piece of news. One of the largest political money sucking systems on the planet is gearing up again. Yes, Mr. Twenty Million Dollars in a Day, Mr. Money Bomb, is back in action. He’s saddling up his stalking horse in the stable and leading him out into the paddock to get him some exercise, prior to hitting the faux Libertarian, rubber chicken circuit, to pump the flesh and lighten the wallet; not to mention kill the spirit, grinding it into the pavement under that heavy, heavy shoe.

It’s okay to believe in someone once, when times are dire and you don’t know enough to be objectively critical of the situation. It’s quite another to be twice deceived by the exact same process that came to the exact same result but... to be willingly deceived by the exact same thing yet again for the third time makes you an incurable fool and a patsy extraordinaire. According to the principle of the apple not falling far from the tree, one can glean a lot from Rand Paul’s pussy footing, bowing and scraping before his Israeli masters. Let me be clear here. Israel is America’s deadliest enemy. Except for it’s appalling and widespread ignorance it has no greater enemy. The dual nationals who reside in that country are all operational traitors. There’s no wiggle room here otherwise and those who consort with traitors are also traitors. AIPAC is a terrorist organization and so is the ADL, the B’nai Brith and dozens of other umbrella groups whose intent is the destruction of the United States and every other western country. These are vile and violent aggregates of the greatest enemies The Republic has ever encountered and those who give them fealty and who seek to carry out the marching orders given to them by these enemy combatants are traitors. They are traitors. They have no honor. They have no integrity and they have no souls.

These are sorrowful times. It’s one thing to be a slave to appetite during times of plenty. It’s quite another thing to be a slave to appetite in times of pending catastrophe but... so it is. I am more and more amazed with every passing day that so many people can carry on as they do and be so completely indifferent to what is going on around them and what is headed in their direction. I am astounded by it. I lack words adequate to the task of accurately describing what I see. I comfort myself with the thought that this is all meant to be for the purpose of demonstration and that regardless of appearances to the contrary, everything really is under control.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Small Print on Mr. Apocalypse's Business Card.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Like I been saying (seems I say this a lot, seems I have reason to say it a lot because these things are happening) change is gonna come (cue Sam Cooke- listen to the song by one of the last centuries great songwriters. I miss Sam Cooke) and precisely where those who have resisted and manipulated change don’t want it to come. See, behind the scenes, those serving the machine of monsters, know there’s a power shift taking place. It’s not being talked about but there is a coverslip of chilling fear, trembling and fluttering like a white sheet on the laundry line on a Palestinian rooftop. It’s no space blanket, baby. It’s not going to keep you warm. The mid-little people know there’s something up. There’s a change in the wind. Even if they have no clue as to its intention and intensity, there is a hidden sense in all of us. It is the origin of hunches and intuitive feeds and, as is often the case, it is precise and on the money; although the details and dimensions may be an unknown, the essential vibe is what it is and the subconscious has pulled its trumpet out of the case and is blowing Stardust for all the Morlocks who have been running the place into the ground. You can look for a large uptick in unintentional humor across the board, concerning all kinds of things.

You can also look for an increase in the despicable inexplicable. Yeah, the demons are afoot, seeking whom they may take unawares. You’re going to see evidence of this sort of thing low and high. What has long been concealed and suppressed, is roaring to the surface like some Hell rider on a subterranean subway train, with flaming red eyes, rising up out of previously unexplored regions of the mind. It’s Steven King Island, floating on a sea of non Newtonian fluids and keep it in mind, you got to keep moving or you’ll sink. That’s the case on the metaphysical plane as much as on the temporal. Hey! As above so below! They got banks in both places too. Most people don’t know that. I know that and some of you do too. I've got an account in one of those invisible banks and I am the currency.

Let’s talk about being the currency for a moment and let’s pull some examples out of the air, where the truth of them vibrates as evidence for anyone who is paying attention and most people are not but... attention is creeping up on them... creep... creep... Mr. Apocalypse’s Mission Creep is coming to town, just like Santa Claus and he is Santa Claus, sometimes. Other times, he’s The Bad Stranger but... you invited him. Indifference is an invite. Denial is an invite. Tunnel Vision is an invite. Being a bad guy is an R.S.V.P. Invite. Being a moral relativist is also a V.I.P. Invite. You’re going to get special attention. Being a politically correct, Cromwellian, enforcement bureaucrat brings in the hypocrite harpies and fire breathing furies. These are all things you can count on and like I've been saying, “we’ll see.”

As for being the currency, (got a little sidetracked there in the color commentary), we are all currency of varying value. You’re familiar with the tungsten gold bars? We got a lot of them in ambulatory Johnny (stroll walker) Red and Black, serious as a heart attack, negotiable with the unwary. Then you got your various purities of gold and silver and that’s where integrity comes in. You can’t have enough of that. Some may dispute my possession of this item and I’m okay with that. I can understand it. In some cases the biased observer doesn't know what integrity is in the first place. There’s a cardinal rule about integrity, you have to have it to see it and you certainly have to have it to appreciate it. Others think that integrity is joined at the hip to conventional morality. This is not so.

Me personally, I’m not much concerned with what people think of me. I wouldn't have gone out of my way to act contrary to my own best interests, on several occasions, if that was a big deal to me. Life is not only a movie, it’s a play in multiple parts and they all connect in series and make sense only when seen in their totality and that is why I say, “we’ll see.” Everyone can rely on that, supporters, naysayers and those that don’t give a damn one way or the other. Everyone is going to see. I suggest you read the fine print on Mr. Apocalypse’s business card. Note where it says, “No eyes left unopened, even if it means stapling your eyelids to your forehead.” There’s more there, much more. In the Library of Congress, where I was once employed, ironically, in the Division for the Blind, they have a Rubaiyat which was (maybe still is) the smallest book in the world. I saw it once. Mr. Apocalypse’s business card is like that. Like they say, “You got to read the small print”, especially when it comes to Mr. Apocalypse. I was memorizing the entire Rubaiyat at the time by going to the public library on New York Avenue in Washington D.C. and listening to the 33 RPM record of Lord Alfred Drake, reading it to me through headphones.

Integrity is self knowing. Integrity is conscious, just like compassion and other wonderful assets that individually are more valuable than the entirety of all the physical wealth in the world. One of the primary realities of Integrity is that it does not sell out. What is the point of not selling out? This is one of those A to B to C to D and so on items. Most people have a hard time getting past C. It’s why most people don’t play Chess very well or understand the value of occult information over Conventional Wisdom. It’s why people are so attached to fundie cant. It makes them feel safe. They don’t want to come face to face with what is really present and operational behind the curtain of mortal darkness. This limitation is why ‘most people’ can’t trouble shoot the complexity from A to D and beyond and this is where Integrity steps in again so... what’s the point of not selling out? It can only be that there is a far bigger payoff down (up) the line. I know this. I have, through concrete evidence, convinced myself of it, from every angle it can be approached from. It’s a reality and a fact but short terms thinkers and observers only see things within the context of what they desire and value. This is where Integrity comes in again because the level of your Integrity determines your value system. Most people have little idea of how important this can be.

As complex as life can appear to be, it is blindingly simple but it is only simple when you are simple. See, Truth is simple, lies are complex and this is because lies require more lies in order to establish a support structure for the initial lie. Truth, like the cheese, stands alone.

There has never been a time, since back when the ancient nameless cities, that are now hundreds of feet below the ocean floor, were on the surface, that Integrity and the rest of its family of deathless treasures were of such critical importance and only the people who know this, know this. For the ones who know this, it is obvious. For the ones who do not know this, it’s all obscure and distant. There’s no attraction there because it doesn’t ping off of temporal value systems. You can argue out of the slag pit of duality in defense of every argument you’ve constructed to justify embracing a mortal course. That is unimportant to me. What is important to me is not going to change, that is one of the perks of Integrity. After a time, try as you will (not that you would), you can’t break the grip of established disciplines.

For some, results come quickly and for some of us there can be forty years of bad highway. It all depends on what is to be expected of us once the highway finally runs smooth. For some of us, the organization we work for looks into vast distances. There’s nothing short term about it. It is impossible to see and calculate what it may mean but... you soldier on. You soldier on. Hoorah!

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Living in a Time of Darkness on a Sea of Madness.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Before I place the link to one of the best essays I have read in years, I want to thank Mick Meaney for abandoning those seriously annoying popup ads. His site does provide a lot of interesting thought so... Thank you. Here is what I read this morning. There’s a lot of truth there.

The level of corruption in America is astounding. Volumes and volumes can be gleaned from this and it also speaks to the level of profit enjoyed by the banks which are vampires in a very literal sense. Informed minds know that from the beginning, J.P. Morgan has been a front for Rothschild Bank. It’s not surprising that they let Madoff run without a leash. We know they knew what was going on and so does the Department of Injustice.

As The Apocalypse intensifies, all kinds of bizarre evidence floats to the surface of a dead lake. The lake is dead because nothing could survive in such a toxic environment. Noxious gases inflate the stomachs of the rotting corpses of unknown crimes. Everything is coming to the surface.

It has been stated here multiple times that as materialism intensifies, so does all manner of insanity manifest in the ranks of the public. Here’s something that has gone several steps beyond tromping on parakeets though the commentary of the offenders is strikingly similar. We are looking at an exponential increase in this sort of thing and the reason for that is also connected to materialism. The gap between rich and poor widens with every passing day. Those at the top are a tiny minority by comparison with those at the bottom and those in the middle are experiencing a rapid descent toward the bottom as those at the top intensify their hoovering up of all wealth and assets that are presently the property of those they intend to steal it from. So what happens is that as the thrall of materialism continues, the majority of the public are less and less in a position to enjoy it and acquire from it. This will result in bouts of berserker insanity and also other assorted distempers. Materialism already creates insanity by the very nature of its being, add in the extenuating conditions just mentioned and you've got a perfect storm on a sea of madness. ♫It’s dark as a dungeon way down in♫ that well we were talking about recently.

Materialism is a form of darkness and that is why we often use the phrase, ‘in times of darkness’ around here. The sort of darkness that materialism is, concentrates itself toward a mysterious center somewhat like a black hole (I think... but we can always fall back on poetic license). What happens is that as the darkness incrementally concentrates, the sense of bondage among those living in the darkness increases. Consonant with this, the pressure on individual residents get more and more palpable. This inevitably leads to ‘weakest link in the chain country’ and that accounts for all explicable and inexplicable outbreaks in sexual and criminal behavior. Of course, when the atmosphere of collective sexual awareness becomes perverted, as it certainly is, as a result of powerful special interest cabals in the government, the culture and the education system, more and more people act out and the manner of their acting out becomes more and more strange. All of these things are predictable. When darkness concentrates enough it turns into diamonds, which after a fashion can be rendered into prisms that have nothing at all to do with darkness and the banker’s sing, ♫darkness, darkness, be my blow-up doll ♫

A great many of those going the wrong way are simply deceived by self interest and appetite. Being materialists, they don’t see the payoff in going in the opposite direction. The way their minds are arranged, they are all about immediate and tangible results. Materialism has a serious impact on appetite and what most people don’t realize is that there is an intelligence (if you can call it that) that dwells within the darkness of materialism. It’s even got a name, Mammon. Then there are those who consciously perform evil for the joy of it. They know what they are doing and they do it purposely.

Pointless Political Correctness goes on and on as one of the many engines of distraction and the way they go about it is not unlike a desert sidewinder. Of course, the point man for this is a lawyer and one of the smuggest and most self righteous of his kind. Neither he, nor any of the rest of them, engaged in any one of the variety of these endeavors, gives a shit about the principle in play, mostly because they possess no principles of their own. They weed that sort of liability out of you in law school and if you don’t lose them there you will certainly be shorn of them in the scrimmaging on the playing fields of corporate America. I’m sure you wonder why no one at the top of the game ever comes out and speaks about how disgusted they are with the culture of rot and then proceeds to name names and events. This is because such personalities are weeded out prior to getting to that level, or compromised to such a degree they can’t say a thing, or... paralyzed by fear.

Even when people do talk out of school, it’s always within acceptable margins, where the only revelations are things like so and so didn't care for so and so. Well, neither do we and neither of those things are news and if they are it’s not useful news. All of this is now in a state of transition because of Mr. Apocalypse and it is going to intensify to a remarkable degree in coming times. Watch and see. All the things we haven’t been seeing we soon will be seeing, as revelation pops its head up from the sub-terra like the gopher in Caddyshack. It’s a cosmic imperative and resistance is futile. When the time comes (and the time comes for everything under the sun, including you and I) that’s it. It’s time. You can argue in vain. You can refuse to accept it. You can carry on as if it doesn't apply but all these perspectives are useless. Change will come and it is change very unlike that trumpeted by the hypocrite in chief. Hope is coming too. Hope also very unlike that espoused by the charlatans. The point of all this blanketing darkness is to see what you’re made of. This is a theater and it’s all about performance, both seen and unseen, though everything is seen at some level. If people could learn to live and behave as if an audience were watching, it would be a far better world and... ironically an audience is watching, whether you see them or not.

To resurrect a phrase from the past and not repeated in a few years, just because you can’t see it doesn't mean it isn't there and just because you can doesn't mean it is. It’s been so long since I've said that that I can’t even remember how it goes but that’s close enough. Even those of us who are aware that there is more to life than what the senses report are still mostly caught up in a reliance on sensory report. It’s as if we know something but it doesn't compute in terms of a basic mindset. This is a form of cognitive dissonance. A person has to hammer certain truths home into their hearts and minds. Powerful disciplines don’t come easy. With the onset of puberty the world divides into a dual interactive. The unifying consciousness gets lost. This has to be recovered and one has to want to recover it. If you’re not in pursuit of it, it’s not going to come to your door and invite itself to dinner. Karma provides all kinds of things but only things you were after at some other point. You have to be in pursuit of what you want to acquire or accomplish. Otherwise it doesn't get done.

Of course, it’s a real plus if you've been at it for a long time but everyone is welcome to come to the party late. The cosmos don’t discriminate and this has been illustrated in timeless tales, which I am sure some of you recall. It comes out of that same understanding that the sun shines on everyone, both the good and the wicked. As has been also often stated here, it’s never too late until it’s too late so... if you’re going to come to the party late, now is the appointed time, especially given the catching up in consciousness that might be necessary. However, we’ll close with that timeless statement from the Bhagavad-Gita, “success is speedy for the energetic."

End Transmission.......

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cosmic Laundry Day... slip Sliding Away.

Dog Poet Transliterating.......

May your noses always be downwind and your rear ends upwind (I have no idea what that means).

We've tried to be consistent with certain features of this coming age that have been presenting themselves as the advance evidences of what to expect in coming times. The more we see of certain things, the more certain we can be that they will be prominent features. Here’s an example of a recurrent condition that keeps manifesting. Tie this in with many a similar report and with the presently obvious breakdowns occurring at every level in the system.

The spying debacle is yet one more example of the kind of forces the bad guys are up against (Yes, they are bad guys, misguided and deluded perhaps but they bode no well for any of the rest of us.). They’re all about secrecy, or are supposed to be. Now they’re one of the most visible operations going. As has been said here many times; conditions are reversing themselves and the power base is shifting. You can read this as being along the lines of, “there’s a new sheriff in town.” There’s going to be a new everything in town. There's going to be a new town. The old order is collapsing. It can’t hold its own weight up because? It’s because the power is shifting. As is typical in these situations, appearances are at their most deceiving. The bad guys seem to be significantly powerful, as is always the case at that cosmic juncture of ‘reach exceeding grasp’. They are in Paper Tiger Country (Paper Tigger country?)

The less effective and intrinsically strong that apparent evil may actually be, the larger the shadow cast by it and the more it appears to be effective and strong, when it isn't. Look back over recent times at the acts and behavior of your politicians. Have they done anything right? You have to look very, very hard to find anything that would answer that description. The amount of times they have done stupid things and even more importantly, the amount of times they've been caught with their pants down; their hands in the cookie jar, lying, you name it, are impressively large. Nothing seems to be going right for them and nothing should. They’re a bunch of Wrong Way Riegels.

In every location where lies are currency and where the currency is also a lie, one more huge expression of irony manifests and double manifests. This kind of thing is priceless and every time, one faction of evil suffers, another faction profits. The playoff results in a payoff, where both are incrementally diminished in the back and forth. It’s Laundry Day! It’s dual purpose Laundry Day, where the clothes get washed while you are still in them.

For those of you who may have missed yesterday’s Visible Origami, there are points I try to make (sometimes I’m successful, sometimes I am not).

I’m trying to convey how positive it all is while looking quite the contrary. This is not to say it can’t be seriously negative, should you choose that course. That course would be the same course being traveled by the most recently aforementioned. The Israelis have a saying, “Use force and if that doesn't work, use more force.” Another way to say this is, “If you’re wrong, keep pressing in the same direction and it will turn out right.” This isn't true. It has never been true and... on those occasions where it appears to be true, it is only for the purpose of demonstration.

How many times do I have to echo The Bard? “All the world’s a stage and we are merely players.” It’s typical of the cognitively dissonant to nod their heads and go, “Uh huh.” and then go right on play acting on the stage, without it ringing the big bell of realization. Let me attempt to illustrate what this means in practical terms; if “all the world’s a stage” and we are players upon it, then it is logical, it makes sense, to say that how we perform is the most important part of the equation. If we are here to perform and the quote directly states that ...then the outcome of our acts is one result or another. Of course, I suppose The Bard could be wrong. It’s your call.

The motivation of the deceivers among us, is to muddy the moral climate so as to make our values equivocal and ambiguous. This way, many of us have no firm conviction of what is right. They blur the lines, pushing for moral relativism. This way, people can personalize morality so that it meets the demands of self interest. This is the key motivation behind sexual ambiguity, making the family unit irrelevant, pushing patterns of behavior, which exemplify things like, “greed is good”, “nice guys finish last”, “do unto others before they do unto you”, and “if you don’t do it someone else will”. I could go on all day about this kind of thing but it should be self evident, especially if your self is evident. It’s not self evident if you've compromised your integrity because it is only integrity that ensures clarity of vision. Most people don’t realize just how important integrity is. I will tell you this much. There are a great many things you can let go of before you let go of integrity ...because once you let go of integrity, all kinds of other things go out the door with it, including a lot of valuable things you could let go of if it came down to them or integrity. See, that’s the thing, integrity has a lot of associates and they are inseparable. If integrity goes, they follow.

I don’t have much in the manner that people measure temporal accomplishment by but I do have some of the things that makes it possible to possess temporal accomplishment without having it possess you. Some amount of you also possess these things and that is why you come here, or, let us say, that is why you return here. It is also what sets certain people’s hair on fire. They run around like crazy looking for inconsistencies in my player acting on life’s stage. We've all got them. In some cases it is merely the appearance of them, for the purpose of demonstration (grin) but... that’s never a good excuse to use. It’s just a useful argument to have in the larder, if you catch my drift... Whoa! ♫slip sliding away, slip sliding away. You know the nearer your destination, the more you’re slip sliding away♫ Some number of you have been helpful in signing this petition. Please, I’m sincerely asking for as many of you as can to sign this thing. I probably won’t ask again or... I’ll get more creative about it. Thanks.

A lot of truths are getting set to music in these times.

As the shift in public awareness slips more and more; is more and more pushed, into moral relativism, very disturbing patterns are spreading across the country. The seeming indifference of law enforcement in disrespect of this is calculated. More and more, this indifference is making its way into a public indifference, based on the depersonalization aspect, manifesting out of overcrowding, juxtaposed with rampant materialism.

All kinds of bizarre news reports are making their way into the public consciousness and these events are just further evidence of humanities descent into the unspeakable, as the Beast of the Apocalypse rears its shaggy, horned head. We talk a lot about Mr. Apocalypse. We don’t talk about The Beast all that much but let’s point out our perspective on this. Just as we have mentioned numerous times... that a certain return and awakening is going to take place within the collective human heart, the same is true of this beast. It too is going to appear in segments of humanity, so disposed to its presence. If you don’t let it inside you, its influence becomes marginal. The same can be said of that other appearance and that would not be good news for those so not inclined.

Many factors are at work to amplify the purpose of demonstration. There is a season to every purpose etc. We are in such a season. Strangely enough, as it chills in certain locales, it is practically balmy in others, such as where I am. The weather here is decidedly unlike the weather there are other things as well. Hold on tight to that inner light.

End Transmission.......

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