Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Road to Damascus Factor and the Great Swamp of Fundie.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

A judge once said, paraphrasing here, "I can't define what pornography is but I know it when I see it." I would have to echo that. I know pornography when I see it and this is pornography. Note the fellow's work space. They won't quit. They know credibility is bleeding out of their constructs like a stuck hog. So... they up the disinfo and they up it and up it and up it and... eventually it explodes like that guy in Monty Python's, "The Meaning of Life" and rains their own toxic offal down upon their heads. We most certainly hope that is the outcome and given certain laws of physics, whether they apply to cultures, economic systems or simply bullshit stacked so high that it combusts from the sheer pressure of its own weight upon itself, a certain outcome is certain. Some things are inevitable. Some things are inevitable and the historical records proves that out when it comes to certain recurrent shenanigans.

There are places in the world where reality is never more than tenuous at best. Kalifornia would be such a place and Mother Nature, Lady Nature, is none too fond of places where reality is tenuous at best because that means whatever it is, it's at a far remove from her and that would be the case in Kalifornia, which is also essentially, or was essentially, blessed with the greater abundance of Nature. Now, the Legion of Doom, not to be confused with the Legion of Boom, is fully represented in those environs as the dark side of the basic elements so expressed in that manner due to the collective resistance of those satanic forces, so emplaced, whose intent is the transformation of Nature into an abomination. Then one should not be surprised if that is what one gets. It's a sad state of affairs because there are many good things that go on there and many good people there.

There are many good people around the world, who are struggling to find a way to survive within the tortured dynamics of a world geared solely to the profits and pleasures of wealthy and powerful psychopaths. As smart as these vermin are, they are blind to what is hidden from them and that is their own vulnerability to the blowback of their actions. I'm not just talking about public outrage, which will be ignited in many locations, as the results of their policies and actions become more and more thoughtless and injurious. I'm talking about cosmic blowback. There are many ways to look at the world and all of them have some merit within the limitations of their operation... but the world and all that's in it is also a mathematical construct. Nothing happens that doesn't cause a reaction and nothing manifests that isn't subject to its relationship to the cosmic mean. Too much of anything breeds the predictable response. If you over eat or you eat to fast, especially depending on what it is, you're going to get a reaction.

If you push yourself too much, especially when you are tired, injury is very possible. If you act in haste you are free to repent at your leisure. If you insist upon a certain outcome when that outcome violates certain cosmic laws, you're going to come to the attention of a particular and invisible police force. Very often we don't see the kind of immediate response we might wish for because time is very different in the invisible than it is in the physical and there are always degrees of latitude present because the cosmos leaves space and loopholes for the possibility of change in direction and attitude; what I call The Road to Damascus Factor.

One of the most telling things that I notice, as I move through this vale of animated corpses, is the general, with very few exceptions, pattern of collective awareness that does not deviate outside the margins, with few exceptions. The degree to which most people are trapped in mundane material pursuits is terrifying when seen from a certain perspective. It is guaranteed suffering, if not today then tomorrow and it is certain death, if not today then tomorrow. These rules are inviolate. It's all that road to destruction, "wide is the highway" thing. Human existence goes down within controlled parameters. It moves from one extreme to the other and- most of the time- stays somewhere near the middle. It never jumps into hyperspace or opens into alternative dimensions in an en masse kind of a way. Plenty of individuals here and there, over time have had such experiences but they would have been, nearly without exception, events that occurred somewhere other than in the jammed congestion of the flaming world of fiery attractions and appetites. In that place, the largest sector, you get what you get and you don't get anything else. It's Shake 'n Bake City. You can find any temporary thing there. You can gratify any temporal desire or physical appetite but... no more.

What happens to people is that as soon as they get here, their parents start to telepathically invade them. It could be called a form of psychological rape and it goes on everywhere unless you got real good Karma. Much of it is well meaning. Most parents know the world can be a dangerous place and they want you to be prepared. Unfortunately, most of them don't know what the real dangers are and which are only incidentally terrestrial. Then you get shuttled into an educational system, which these days has little to do with education and mostly to do with brainwashing and where the curriculum is put together and approved by the very people doing the most harm. After that, it's the military and professions and unless you are self employed, you got to mind all kinds of rules of behavior. So humanity moves from one conditioned and conditioning environment to another. Usually, by the time you realize you're trapped, there's not much you can do, or you don't think there is. You don't know who to ask for help. That's the main problem. People get carrot and sticked all down the road to decrepitude and death. That's how it is.

They are bombarded by stories of people succeeding; somebody wins the lottery, somebody becomes the American Idol. For the vast majority, none of these things will ever happen. Half the world is living in a state of desperation! Half the world!

Only one kind of success counts and that is success as a human being. Success in the world without succeeding as a human being is a horror show. The cost is awful but it's seldom publicized. Success as a human being guarantees, guarantees success in life, no matter what you may be doing and your impact on life is significant in all the right ways; not so otherwise. For most people, they spend their lives under the spell of a fundamental illusion that justifies everything they thought they had to do to get to where they got. It's only late in the game when it dawns on them what actually happened and BELIEVE ME... it does dawn on them. It dawns on them late at night, in the quiet hours, when they wake before dawn and it all comes rushing forth into their minds. The dread comes. The dread of what is to come. They say that psychopaths have no conscience and so they cannot feel regret. There's a program for them too. The universe is remarkably precise.

Why are there so many psychopaths loose at the moment? Why are there so many sexual psychopaths running around? It is because of the intense pressure of materialism. Materialism is a cosmic magnet that attracts these entities into manifestation, in the same way that certain environments are perfect breeding grounds for pathogens and bacteria. Why things are the way they are is perfectly obvious but... not if perception of the truth is an obstacle to your personal objectives.

Life on Planet Earth is a cycle of sequences, geared to particular ends. All these dramatic settings are orchestrated to put humanity through whatever it takes to wake their asses up and if they don't wake up, they get put through it again. Humanity will probably never know how much suffering they have been spared as a result of the invisible workers, whose efforts go on without respite across a truly vast expanse of time. The Amitabha Buddha spent 5 kalpas going through changes just to get into a certain position to help ...and more time for other reasons. The Silent Workers are responsible for efforts greater than any demonstrated by the physical players and the physical players wouldn't get very far without their assistance.

This is what just stuns me about the intransigent ignorance which abounds. It is possible to make lasting connections with forces greater than any present on this Earth and which have the power to rectify ANY problem or condition you might find yourself in but... people don't tumble to this and most of the time, when they get a certain motivation, they wind up in The Great Swamp of Fundie. That help and assistance is here now. Avail yourself or don't avail yourself. My responsibility ends with saying this. Humanities responsibility begins with acting on it, or not.

Crunch time is coming.

Here's an interesting event that has little to do with all of this but points out one should really think things out before they do them. That governor had been to hundreds of Springsteen concerts.

By the way, if you want to go to the Liberty and Lace Super Bowl Party with Victoria Secrets Slutz, it's only going to cost 1700 dollars. Gee, imagine being able to spend an evening in scintillating conversation with these sparkling intellects. Yeah... Crunch time is coming.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This Kalipornicator is rather enjoying the entropy. (Should I make 'Burnin' For You' my present theme song?) I realise my days are numbered, things are gonna explode way before the year is out, but I'm cool with that. It's what I asked for, and it's what I'm gonna get. As for succeeding as a human being, from what I see of the human race; it would be less of an insult to succeed as a filarial worm. I cannot remotely identify with people these days. I think I AM from another planet. I somehow got misdirected on my journey.

As for that fat guy:

Mr. Creosote

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Another home run from the finger-tip and keyboard tango by Visible.... Gratitude arises spontaneously....

The year of the wood Horse kicks in this coming Monday, time to get the reins and the horse blanket ready for the pinto, the scales of the snake off the blanket, the reins shortened, the worm has such a loooong neck, but then again the spice was worth it.

Be well, be Alert

robert said...

Dear Visible,

RE: Kalifornia

Though scorn for the disconnected in Kalifornia is well deserved and the general point about karma and Lady Nature throwing a fit to express displeasure is well made, the tone of blanket condemnation feels a little "fundie-like", ironically!

Mainly because the fact is that drought is undoubtedly the deliberate result of geo-engineering by the usual miscreants, even if acting "under control" for the purposes of demonstration, to advance their general population culling agenda and to raise the general stress level which also serves the dark design.

Mr Apocalypse is about popping pimples and all pomposity with pressure but killing the breadbasket of the u.s. seems more in line with darkness and less aimed at the elite orcs who need to be pushed off the stage!

All the good people everywhere living on organic food, supporting at least a step in the right direction with regard to right relationship toward Gaia/Mother Earth, will be suffering along with the would-be pin-heads embracing totalitarianism in Kalifornia.

From a higher level, you could say that being the target of earthly evildoers is still part of the demonstration but the tone of judgement is no more spiritual when it comes from the awakened than when it comes from those asleep at the wheel of life.

Buzzing the emotional body is part of your mandate, to be sure, so salt this post before digesting!

Great post nonetheless!

wiggins said...

Laugh my head off at your opening sentence. It reminds me of the Beak in the early sixties Chatterley's Trial - who in his summing up - asked the Jury if this was the sort of thing they would allow their servants to read? Only in England...........
It was like the other idiot Judge who said: "Justice is open to all - just like the Ritz"....spare me. Where are the tumbrils?

missingarib said...

Vis,in a world sickened by a host of tribal physicians ,one wonders how it is anything should live or thrive when the diagnoses changes,but not the practitioner, the location but not the practitioner. The tribe features prominently as the nexus of the ages from Egypt to Babylon to Rome, to america .
Thus we have generations participating, consulting the tribal physician who as Shakespeare notes “And thou, too careless patient as thou art,
Commit’st thy anointed body to the cure
Of those physicians that first wounded thee”

(King Richard II, act 2, sc. 1)

but as you say "Some things are inevitable" and wishing it wasn't so won't cut it- your efforts are most appreciated -
live long

Visible said...

don't know what you mean by undoubtable but very little is undoubtable. Meanwhile there are a lot of definitely evil people living on organic foods of that there is no doubt (grin). It is a matter of affordability as much as anything.

People get the government they deserve. They definitely wind up with what they don't do anything about.

Judgement is one thing. Observation is another. I do not have the time nor inclination to go into a treatise on the many variants of materialism but I will leave that comment of Frank Lloyd Wright when speaking of architecture but is equally applicable to many other things. "At one point, God picked up the Eastern seaboard and shook it and everything that was loose rolled to California." There are things flourishing in L.A. and S.F. that are the reason for these things.

Anyway, my point was the focus of Nature. She picks her spots.

I take no glee in this and I certainly don't hate California. It is to be expected any time negative focus is brought to bear on a large subject that it will not meet with complete approval.

This is what I said; "Now, the Legion of Doom, not to be confused with the Legion of Boom, is fully represented in those environs as the dark side of the basic elements so expressed in that manner due to the collective resistance of those satanic forces, so emplaced, whose intent is the transformation of Nature into an abomination. Then one should not be surprised if that is what one gets. It's a sad state of affairs because there are many good things that go on there and many good people there."

I think this is the key to my statement- "It's a sad state of affairs because there are many good things that go on there and many good people there." So... it doesn't look like I overlooked what it is inferred I over looked.

My motivation is to get people, especially the people living in California to wake up to where they are. It may not happen in the next few months but it is inevitable, for many, many reasons.

Anonymous said...

I'm very seriously looking to make connections with forces greater than this earth.

I tried it this week.... and failed. Of course, that one goes into the "My Fault" category. :( Any true suggestions are most welcome.


Visible said...

Advice? Do not cease in your endeavor. Do it every time it comes to mind and it will come to mind if you are serious and... that in and of itself should provide enough faith for continuance. The divine is not interested in dilettantes and self interest specialists.

Empty the mind- seek after. Empty the mind- seek after. Empty the mind- seek after. Empty the mind- seek after. Empty the mind- seek after. Empty the mind- seek after. Empty the mind- seek after. Empty the mind- seek after. Empty the mind- seek after. Empty the mind- seek after.

In other words, rinse and repeat.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vis. Will do!


David V said...

Ever see the SNL sketch called "The Californians"? It seemes to suggest that Californians are a bunch of vain airheads who get hung up on traffic directions and looking at themselves in the mirror. I've been to California and love the scenery, but the city people are left-wing nut cases. I was surprised to find that there is also a strong right-wing element, away from the cities. In Fresno I met a factory owner who proudly displays John Birch society literature in the front lobby of his plant.

I too would mourn the loss of all the beautiful fruit and produce that is grown there. Hence "the land of fruits and nuts". I've had oranges from both California and Florida, and there is no comparison.

They are not the only ones facing dry times. Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and others are about to run out. I saw the figure of 40 million people at risk, in some article or other. Maybe more than that. The Ogalalla aquifer is drying up as well, which truly could mean the end of America's bread basket. The dust bowl conditions of the 1930s have returned.

Meanwhile America parties on. I don't know when it will all go boom, but it can't be long now. We desperately need another dark-skinned nation to be angry with, to get our minds off these ugly truths.


Visible said...


My response might have appeared less than personable.Such was not my intent. I have this way of being matter of fact, probably because my mind is already on something else. Just thought I would 'try' to clear that up.

Anonymous said...

California, especially up north, is Satanist Central. I passed through Fresno several years ago and went to this watering hole near the hotel at which I was staying. Several beers later I found myself involved in a conversation with a young man and his gorgeous Asian-American wife. The young man asked me if I liked to get high. Next thing I know we're out in his car smoking a joint - and it's an undercover police car. He was a cop. For the next half an hour I listened to this cop tell me about how disgusted he was with himself, for having chosen the "law enforcement" profession. He told me about how he was basically a point man for the evil people who ran the area (Satanists). Whatever they told him to do, he had to do it. Framing people, harassing people, killing people - that was his job. And he wanted out but he couldn't get out. I tried to convince him that this was all up to him, it was all his choice, and if he wanted out, he could get out. But he was convinced that was impossible. He started telling me about some of the hideous things he had done, and after a while, I told him I got the picture (a nice way of saying, "Don't tell me anything more"). Then he asked me if I wanted to go home with him, and get cozy with his wife, because she had told him that she was hot for me (she was still inside), and they did that sort of thing, frequently, as a married couple. I had a mental flash of men getting murdered in their house under just such circumstances. So I played along because he was definitely not right in the head, and if I had told him what I was thinking - "No fuckin' way" - I knew something bad was going to happen. So I ended up going back into the bar with him, under the auspices of collecting his wife and going to another bar, prior to "partying" at his house. Once inside, I excused myself to go to the restroom, and boogied right-the-fuck out the backdoor. The cop, at one point, while we had still been in his car, went bipolar and switched into his "cop" personality, after nearly crying while telling me about the evils he had perpetrated, and asked me if I had any warrants out for me, because, if we all went out partying, and we got pulled over, it would be embarrassing for him to have me in the car with him. He also started spinning his handcuffs around on his index finger, and acting aggressively. All in all, a truly freaky evening. Visible mentioned the conditions in California, which was why this incident came back to me. Up north, it's crawling with Satanists. Bohemian Grove is up north, and women and children go missing in huge numbers up there - and not because they're trying to run away from California, if you catch my drift. Cheers.

Brian Crossland said...

So good, I would let my servant read it.


Visible said...

Yeah, that's a big part of the point I was trying to make. It was like that when I first got there in '67. It has to be ever more worse now.

storm said...

check out the fake snow , I'm glad or lucky to be in little old N.Z I actually can't believe it any more , how do the American people tolerate that?

Are they that powerful to dump copious amounts of whatever the fuck that is. Surely people would see the planes , here them see them? or how is this done?

Anonymous said...

As far as the drought issue goes, in California and parts of the Western USA, it's been brought up and discussed many times here at these blogs, that part of the Satanists' plan (a very large part of it) revolves around water - primarily its control and use as a weapon. What is happening now is no accident. You will notice the recent episode in W. Virginia. where "toxic chemicals somehow got into the water". The big boys have been making moves on the water supply for a long time, and they are now finalizing their end run. The W. Virginia incident sets up a pretext for the federal government, in conjunction with rich, private interests, to control all the water in the USA. Mission accomplished - almost. As for the drought, that shit isn't natural - I suspect HAARP or some other evil mechanism is responsible for that. There is a massive ridge of high pressure that has set itself up off the West Coast of California, and it has been in a holding pattern for months, which, well, which never happens. Some of the Koo-Aid peddlers on the Net who work for the intel agencies will doubtless start crediting the phenomenon with Fukushima. Hey, everybody has a job to do. But whatever the actual cause is, it certainly makes the sheeple more easy to manage, does it not. If they don't have water, the government does, and all the sheeple have to do is go behind some razor wire to get it. Whether or not they will ever walk out, once they go inside the fences, is another matter. Interesting times, and they are bound to get even more interesting.

Anonymous said...

As you said, the forces of materialism are really driving people to madness now. Just look at this, school shootings pretty much every day now in America. Just read an article on RT that says "on average, 1 child is shot per hour in America". And another that said the crime rate is getting so high that they are forced to release non violent drug offenders from prison in order to make room for violent criminals.

People are really going insane at this point, and I guess that means that the destruction of this satanic civilization is coming soon.

Those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad.

3rd Lady in Waiting to The 12th Elf said...

Visible's newest newest song:

The Bankers are the Problem

Visible said...

So this one is pretty rough but I'll polish it up in coming times.

Not to just be a pain in the butt, but... said...

So, I think the little rub with Robert boils down to the following question, and curious minds are wondering what to make of it.

Seems Kali-fornia is getting either getting whacked by Mr. Apocalypse; or, weather warfare is being unleashed upon her by the MIC.

Which is it, I wonder?

Care to weigh in on this one, Vis.?

Anonymous said...

i have to say the gleeful pile on of so many 'awakened' yet vindictive souls regarding 'drought in satanic california' is pretty gross and lessens the allure of this blog. have you heard of mass generalization...dare i say stereotype? cliche? i guess you all have some ax to grind and are getting off on the imagined hell people will your selves i say....bounce back from those energies can be harsh.

liz in los angeles

Visible said...

Once again, this is what I said;
"It's a sad state of affairs because there are many good things that go on there and many good people there."

When it comes to who or what is behind what's happening, I am loathe to speculate, much less declare it. People like Jim Stone and Benjamin Fulford, others, trouble me. Something just doesn't seem right about what they say. I've no proof either way, it's an intuitive thing.

Sure... HAARP could be a factor or HAARP could well be a fabrication. There's good argument for the latter too.

It comes down to how you see it sourced. I see everything as spiritual and only reflexively material. I also see anything going on, either directed by or permitted by Mr Apocalypse. In my view, everything being done by the forces of evil are instigated by the cosmos in order to bring evil to a state of active self destruction. To my mind the whole affair is under control. That doesn't necessarily make the news any better for certain locales. California has SERIOUS problems but... so do many another part of the U.S.

Like I said, without warning, something massive and supernatural or extra dimensional could occur and render all prognostications mute. I just don't know and I refuse to get embroiled in the toxic mind set of all these conspiracies. I'm certain of the Satanic conspiracy and I am certain of the Zionist conspiracy and certain that the two interact. Beyond that, I'm not sure of anything.

Smyrna said...

I remember watching a movie called Lords of Dogtown which was an account of the genesis of modern skateboarding. I was a young skateboarder back in that era so it was a nostalgia trip.

Anyrate, Stacy Peralta and that crowd learned their craft from skateboarding in empty swimming pools that were abundant during a severe drought from '75-78'.

SoCal is meant to be an arid place. It's only human engineering that made a city like LA possible.

insaim said...

@Vis .....

Fulford comes over as a bit of an eccentric over grown boyscout - a bufoon. However, how on earth did he actually get to interview D Rockefeller. Now there is a stange thing worthy of consideration - or not. Hmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

What if the apocalypse - and the almost universal mentioning of it in pretty much every big-time religious work - was part of an insidiously choreographed master plan? What if there are extremely powerful, high-level technologies that have been hidden from most of the population (which, of course, it's quite possible there are). What if HAARP, is really just a limited hangout, a deliberately discussed part of a super weather-modification technology that is much larger and exponentially more dynamic. And what if there was a plan in place, to ultimately play all of the people of the world, off of the epicenter of their darkest fears, many of which are religion-based, i.e, about the wrath of god, or the end times, or the apocalypse. And what if these super technologies were utilized at various points along the timeline, such as visions of Buddha appearing in the sky (holographic), and Jesus, and Krisha, and all of the major religious deities. And what if fracking equipment could be used to create earthquakes. And what if atmospheric equipment could be used to induce drought. Or severe rainfall and floods. And what if a fake alien invasion could be staged. In short, what would happen if all of those things were unleashed at the same time. Well, you'd have about seven billion people, running around, screaming that it was the end of the world, just as had been depicted in the religious books, scriptures and New Age tomes, of their particular liking. And if such a plan existed, those who created the havoc, and controlled it, could quite easily pose as wolves in sheep's clothing (the police, the military, etc.), and round everybody up and guide them to safety. Of course, they wouldn't be guiding them to safety, they'd be guiding them to the slaughterhouse. The phrase,"Ordo ab chao" comes to mind here (order out of chaos). Of course, I'm just saying "what if"...with a wink-wink, and a nudge-nudge. Well, that would be a kick in the ass, wouldn't it?

David V said...

Not a bad "what if", anonymous 12:55. I've wondered the same thing myself. All the way up to and including a holographic Jesus or Mary in the skies above our heads.

Weather modification technology is real. That much has been attested to, by enough people who should know, that I have no trouble believing it. Whether or not it's being used to create specific droughts in specific areas (or arctic cold, where I live) is anybody's guess, and almost impossible to prove. My theory is that we are, and have been, in the middle of ongoing weather wars and earthquake wars, carried out by various nations or corporations against each other, for several years now. I believe that el Diablo has imparted this technology to the human race, for purposes of his own -- namely, destruction.


The 10th Dentist said...

Seems as though the non tribal banking execs are having a tough week. As if a Wharton degree could have actually spared them their inevitable takedown. They all hitched their wagons to a pale equine who has eternally only run in the shadows. Work in the shadows and die in them. The karmatic boomerang. Will you catch it? or will it split your head wide open?

neal said...

liz, changing the weather used to be easy. Hardness, judgement, cruelty, just want to fight. Pretty much gets to that weird place of being in charge and staying out of it.

It is always hard to watch more stuff getting broken than fixed. Happens, from time to time. I bless the rains, just live, ran out of bad stuff. That will get some killed, but hopefully not you.

Not to just be a pain in the butt, but... said...

Vis, my idealist friend, with all due respect, I submit that you dodged the question.

Anyway, let me just say that HAARP is not the most pressing issue per se (although it does factor into it).

What we're up against is best described as Geo-Engineering (by the MIC).

This is an agenda presenting itself all across the globe and particularly in Kalifornia in these days.

And before you submerge in Maui, I respectfully suggest that you spend a little time getting up to speed on what's going down over here:


Planet Earth is under an all out weather warfare assault.
In this video, Dane Wigington gives another presentation in Northern California on the harmful effects of Geoengineering, declaring that there is virtually NO NATURAL WEATHER due to the massive global climate engineering. The very essentials needed to sustain life on earth are being recklessly destroyed by these programs. This is not a topic that will begin to affect us in several years, but is now already causing massive animal and plant die off around the world, as well as human illness

Visible said...

Try not to be so arrogant and pompous, it doesn't sell and it'as transparent. I didn't dodge anything, what I did was tell the truth which, didn't include your fantasy. You've heard of the truth? That's when you say only what you know and avoid fantastic all encompassing generalizations. Work on your presentation and material. I'm afraid I'm going to have to say, "No. You're not ready for American Idol" Come back next year.

Not to just be a pain in the butt, but... said...

So now we're worried about my manners; and you're taking cheap shots. "Not ready for american idol,"--really? That's what it's come down to.

Hmmm, okay, bro., got ya'.

But you still didn't answer the question; and i've asked several times more or less civilly.

This is a deadly serious matter; and so I'm politely awaiting your reply.

Or maybe i should just snort it out, and then breath in the heavy metals that you're willfully ignoring.

Have a good one.

Just to be clear said...

Just to be clear, I'm going to repost the question:

"Seems Kali-fornia is getting either getting whacked by Mr. Apocalypse; or, weather warfare is being unleashed upon her by the MIC.

Which is it to you mind, Vis?"

Visible said...

In other words, proof, not conjecture, not speculation, not opinion. I have yet to see conclusive proof of any of this. It might well be true but where's the smoking gun? There are plenty of reasons why this or that might happen.

I'm just being prudent. I don't say what I don't know. I suspect all kinds of things but I only know a few of them.

Anonymous said...

Go to hell, Haarpie. You're ignorance of science is pissing me off. I'll give you a chance to shut your piehole, and I'm not talking about apple pie.

Anonymous said...


I like the post, but I have one disagreement with one of your proposals. It may sound like a good idea for the rich who got their gains unfairly to have it taken away, and if so, it should be the government that does it. Two problems: One, it's difficult to determine exactly who and how much is justifiable. Two, I am very leery of giving confiscatory power to the politicians. Look what kind of justice for profit the Drug War has wrought.

Two cents. No more.


Anonymous said...

Visible said...

I answered the fucking question; I don't know.

And I posted the comment I did to see if your reaction to it would be what I just got. That's what I thought, now I know where you're coming from.

Finally, I owe you, nor anyone else, any answers to anything period. If I wish to give an answer that is my province to decide. If I don't that is also my province. I don't work for you. You have no hold on me or power over me.

My suggestion to you is to go to Jim Stone's website, Benjamin Fulfords or somewhere similar and there you can dispute, revile and act out to your hearts content. Unlike you, we are not full time argumentative shit stirrers. I'm guessing this is all part of another pincher grope aimed at unbalancing me. Not going to work.

Visible said...

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