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The Many Splendored Opportunities of an Abundant Life.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I'm going to have to call exception to this article before it gets brought to my attention anyway. There are tall white guys on both sides of the struggle. This is how the bad aliens operate. Present something as universally evil and thereby diminish the helpful and useful side because their protections are elaborate and they're not as street side as the good guys.

Moving right along (grin). Let's revisit the American Brownshirt police operatives and their vile, vile ways. By now, one can assume that these ignorant beasts are being operated like remote contolled cars. Most of this is to soften up and program the American public for the rulership of the lovely individuals behind this carnage and, of course, whatever tall white cabal is running them.

There are all sorts of interesting things coming up in the windshield. The Boy Butt-Lover Bandits at the upper levels of government in the UK are being featured here and there. Scandal IS an expression of Mr. Apocalypse and you're going to see more and more of this sort of thing in a more and more shocking manner and that... very soon. For the moment they're keeping the lid on it with intimidation and threats and when that doesn't work, outright murder but the force that brought the exposure around in the first place isn't having any of the various subterfuges put up to camouflage depraved behavior. This particular phenomenon is taking place in the ranks of power the world over. It's a precursor to even worse offenses and ever more sickening behavior.

The Gay Tribe Mafia carries on with its war on traditional mores, seeking to bend the will of the whole world to its complex agenda. What puzzles me is that the only law Putin put forward was that gays could not behave in a predatory fashion toward the young and that it was not permitted to promote or propagandize that lifestyle among the young and impressionable. Now... WHY is there anything wrong with that? The Tribe owned or 'influenced' press (pretty much all of the press) even clearly states what the details of the legislation are and are still opposed to even these basic laws of decency. Childhood is no longer a sacrosanct state. It's what's for dinner. There are no two ways to read the meaning of the opposition to Putin's position.

One of the things Political Correctness is all about is, 'confusion' and into the confusion comes a relentless brainwashing, where terms and their meaning are hijacked for the purpose of redefining things, long taken to mean something other than. Humanity is being twisted on an alien lathe and crushed beneath an alien press; probably so that they can make wine from the blood. There's no greater irony of the moment than the Tribe's forceful efforts to impose a Soviet style government upon the United States. If this isn't sparkling clear, you're not paying attention. That's what those Dr. Dre Beats headphones are for, of course.

Wherever I go. If I'm at the doctor's clinic, or the supermarket or simply driving down the street, should I see a young person in any of these or any other location, it's better than 50% that they will be thumbfucking a cellphone. I get having a cellphone. They are a marvelous convenience and one of the conveniences is that present day wimps don't have to carry around a more burdensome weight. I've got a cellphone, a Samsung Galaxy and it sits on my window sill, pretty much where it's been since I got it two years ago and haven't used yet. I've loaned it out a couple of times so... but I expect it will come into play for awhile once I migrate from here to wherever it is I'm supposed to be going; no real fix on that yet beside the default failsafe.

People insulate themselves from the existence moving around them because it frightens them. They don't know how to deal with it. Most of their romantic forays are via text messaging. Sexting is epidemic and those so engaged are none too bright because people of a certain age have no discrimination or discretion and should such photos come into other hands, they get bulk emailed out to all the wrong people.

There's a thing you learn and- the earlier the better- that is that anyone who may be your friend at the moment, or in love with you, or in the position of a confidant; that relationship can change radically over the course of time and event and one should always keep in mind what information they share with anyone because once someone else knows about it, it is no longer a secret. There is this compulsion in the 'general' human psyche to want to unburden one's heart to someone. I feel fortunate in having none of this compulsion. This world is filled with anguished and regretful souls who shared intimate knowledge with those presumed to be friends, who, in fact, turned out to be bad strangers.

With the increase in the percentage of resident stupid, juxtaposed with social networking, present and coming horror stories are everywhere to be found. People lose their jobs, not to mention their reputations via careless activity in this theater of personal exposure. There are so many people about these days that feeling and acting in an individualized manner and standing out as a result of it, is much harder than it ever was before. All kinds of things are much harder than before because life is a great deal less fair than it was before and it wasn't all that fair then (whenever 'then' was) to begin with.

Now, the government, at the behest of monsters, is probing into every opening in every life on the planet. We live in the age of the virtual cavity search. Their biggest limitation is that they will never be able to scrutinize even a small fraction of all that information. But... let's say at one point they want to single you out. Then, I suppose, it's kind of like going to Google and doing a web search, only they search through their records. Then it is that you come to see the wisdom of having been watchful about what you say and do, which is why I tell people to make sure you are 100% behind everything you say or do. Personally, there are all kinds of things in my behavioral schematic that most people wouldn't want to get anywhere near. However, I am 100% percent behind them. For some reason, that makes a big difference. You certainly can't embarrass or threaten me with any of it, I'm fully aligned with it. I can just see them calling up a collection of my web searches, which might seem fairly strange, except that I'm a writer. Any serious writer makes sure to get all over the map.

I noted recently where some detractor made it a point to mention that I had been locked up in a mental institution (actually it was more than one- grin) as if that means anything at all. In fact, I was locked up in the same building and location as Ezra Pound, whom I also have a lot in common with perspective wise. I was fairly proud of that. He wasn't crazy and neither was I. We both fell afoul of 'da system'. I do not intend to be a serf of the system and I do not intend to be a tool of the system and... I'm not. Sure, it's got its disadvantages but none so great as the disadvantages of being a part of the system. Oh the perpetual angst that must bring. Oh the tedious daily fretting and fuming of those so contained.

One has to develop (well, you don't have to) a particular mindset and it's better to develop it as early as possible, due to the nature of the times in which we live. That is a mindset of absolute independence, meaning you could live and function on a desert island devoid of company. For most people, their mind is largely under utilized and unexplored. This means that they live at the mercy of a great many unknowns. The greatest of which is their own self. It also means they're not in charge; an unfortunate truth that many people discover at some point, especially as they get older. For one who has gained a degree of understanding of their own mind, solitude is a blessed state and there is never a sense of being alone or abandoned. A properly understood and more fully operational mind is a magic carpet to anywhere. Yet, the primary objective of most people in this age is to clutter it up with trivia and non stop distractions for the purpose of avoiding self confrontation. The mind is a well stocked larder and a fantastic cupboard filled with many a curious delight of wonders upon wonders. Of course, the craven creeps in charge don't want you exercising this and it is the single prevailing motive for why they are so opposed to one's use of psychedelic substances. They are quite aware of what that can result in.

You are judged by your own consciousness and less so for all the various ignorant actions we all commit in the process of learning. We are more severely judged (by ourselves) for those things we did not accomplish and pushed aside as not being materially important.

You have two possibilities that exist for you in this life. Sure, you can tell yourself that there are all kinds of avenues and opportunities; not so. There are only two and if you are unaware of this at the moment, you will become aware of it later in life, should you get that far. You can either be free or confined. Life is about attaining liberation. That is the singular high objective. Every other course, regardless of its appearance results in bondage. This is the solitary reason for the existence of death. Death exists to free you from whatever glueboard or spider web you got trapped in. Not having this happen to you, death becomes unnecessary and it certainly doesn't result in the usual hassles that attend arriving at the further destination for an unexamined life.

In closing (referencing the beginning paragraph), it continues to surprise me that as soon as I find myself discussing a certain thing, regardless of how I might (or might not have) embellished it for the purpose of entertainment, something directly relevant to it shows up. There sure is a lot of synchronicity.

Keep in mind, we all have a tabula rasa waiting, should we be industrious and inspired enough to seek it out. Regenerated innocence is altogether possible, unless, of course, you prefer senility.

Be alert. Be aware. Be watchful for concealed opportunities. Try to use new eyes and you won't be seeing the same old same old.

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Anonymous said...

devoted running circle motions
opened springs of butterflys
multicolored lantern bristles
truths brush far and wide
a running tip of filling full
liberations fullness weaves
lifting up on ocean winds
dynamic plumes of nature beams
the calming still of wonders touch
heart of all things grow
a flash of living paradise
fill the peace inside of know
a blow of rising inward free
the dancing green of spring
playing streams of harmonizing
stirring source within


Thursday, April 12, 2012 10:15:00 PM

Thanks Neil.
Thanks again Vis.

w h

tobeover said...

Tabula Rasa, nice, although I hadn't a clue to the meaning until looking it up. You do educate me and my less than tabuls rasa self. Working on that.

I gave my sister a copy of your "Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World". Trying to ween her off the talk circuit-mass merchandizing- Oprah Winfrey types. I do believe that she sincerely treasures it.


Anonymous said...


Your little blogs are one of the few bright spots in my otherwise dreary existence.Please don`t ever stop.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of technology. I was visiting a friend going through a break up yesterday. He was on a pay site devoted to adults looking for sex partners. Women were showing their tits and pussies. Men showing off their stuff. There were shaved beavers and inner thigh tattoos. It is possible to skype and have a mutual masturbation session over on this site.

I love sex! But, something about this set up struck me as not being right. A lot of lonely people out there and that is really sad!


Bob Morrison said...

Tall Whites heh?
And all along I thought it was those pesky gray aliens and the hybrids they created.

Speaking of cops; I have a neighbor that lives across the street...25 year veteran of the local police force...undercover guy.

I often see him walking his dog when I am walking my dog. He talks a lot about himself....and I never say a word. Been this way for going on two years now.

The other day he tells me he was in training all day. I asked nothing as usual.
He says he was brushing up on forced entry and taking out bad guys. He then told me it was really cool and fun breaking down doors and entering property.
As always I said nothing and smiled as we went our ways.

Anonymous said...

check this out dude


She had a group of "channelers" and the aliens or whatever was telling her to buy Iraqi Dinars. Turns out it was a waste of time and money and she was "tricked" by whatever or whoever she had been channeling.

screw channeling, man.

Terrance said...

"And did you exchange a walk-on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?" — "Wish You Were Here", Pink Floyd

Anonymous said...

Vis and friends,

I have an update for my sciatica/back pain situation that may help some people. I live in Los Angeles and everyone here has a nasty flu like illness. I decided to start taking some different supplements to combat this situation. I have been taking 5000 units of Vitamin D3 and a calcium/magnesium pill for the past 3 days. I have been sleeping without incident. Last night I sat around and watched movies with my family and did not have to lapse into fetal position once. I have felt really good inside my body in every way, maybe even less depressed. It just dawned on me that this coincides with my starting this vitamin D3 supplements and so I did a quick google search for sciatica/back pain and vitamin D3 and there are a boat load of testimonies. I am so damned happy and excited I cannot express the difference. I still hurt like a mofo when I cough or move wrong but, my god, I will not be blowing my head off or crying like a little girl in the middle of the night anymore. So, I wanted to pass this along!!! Thank God!!!


Visible said...

First off, what kind of an idiot would buy Iraqi dinars in the first place? This is the sort of credulous individual that seeks out these imposters

Most channelers are bogus fraudulent performers or possessed. It is rare to find one that is genuine and they aren't necessary in the first place because all you have to do is be persistent in reaching inward and an appropriate channel will open.

Visible said...

Vitamin D-3 is known for that. A good percentage of people with lower back problems and back problems in general have been found to be deficient in that item.

Ray B. said...

More 'background' on the Tall White story here. This author thinks/shows that the sources and intermediates that pushed this 'news' indicates that it's purpose is raising the 'ridicule factor' for conspiracy theorists. Levels upon levels...
Vis: "There are no two ways to read the meaning of the opposition to Putin's position."

Well, I see another agenda at play. Putin, to his credit, has pushed back against the oligarchs. He is hated for that. Now that Russia is starting to recover from the rape that occurred via Western banking/business interests in the 90s, Putin is starting to have enough 'base' to perhaps slow or derail bankster efforts. So, a slow but steady painting of him as a despicable dictator is underway. Expect to see more efforts along this line of defamation, directed more to the subconscious of Joe/Jane six-pack than anything...
Vis: "Yet, the primary objective of most people in this age is to clutter it up with trivia and non stop distractions for the purpose of avoiding self confrontation."

If one is non-differentiated from the herd (the fish-in-a-school phenomena), one follows that which is shouted the loudest or has the most fear-of-noncompliance embedded within it. Normal, within lower Nature. Once one differentiates, a possibility opens: One can look around and see what is being pushed, and how, even if the 'authors' remain cloaked. With a little effort, one can also see the opposite; what is being 'fenced' or warded.

(Within behavior modification [ugh], there are three, not two, ways of influencing behavior. The first two, reward for compliance and punishment for disobedience, are well known. The third, perhaps the most powerful, is not so much known: Silence. If I do something, and the 'universe' just does not notice or respond in any way, that is a powerful modification tool. Again and again, with no response. The pain of this usually shuts down the behavior. It is more subtle than the first two, in that the recipient may just shut down without knowing he/she is being manipulated. Once one knows about this 'tool', though, enough anger may be born to defeat the mechanism...)

If the authors wanted the herd to wake up, we would see 'learning' schools being pushed, under whatever name/guise. (I liked the 'grasshopper' schools, personally.) The undifferentiated ones would flock (word used deliberately) within the same stimulus types as above; no different in principle. Once there, though, the possibility of awakening exists.

Since the world is being 'directed' away from such pursuits, I can only surmise that that is the intent of the 'authors'. This really reflects on who they are...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

DaveR said...

Hmmm, channeling. Terence once said (paraphrasing) 'Just because somebody is dead it doesn't make them right.'

Regarding the sad sack that is the NFL:

Them games be fixed.

Nobody ever promised you a fair game. (I hope the hotlink works.) (http://spaces.covers.com/blog/MaximumWins/NFL/03042012-Reasons-Why-The-NFL-Is-Fixed-For-Profit.html)

Visible said...

You can't hotlink inside closed captions (grin)

Ray B. said...

Vis (and Anon):

On channeling: I understand where you are coming from; that the best route is direct to Source. Otherwise, it's like the 'Priest between me and God' problem.

I do see it additionally in another way, though. Thirty-some years of inner questing has taught me how-much of what I thought were God's 'words' (or impulses) were actually from sub-personalities, various other familial/societal constructs, or just plain damage. And that's only within me. I have had a few 'God' voices clearly spoken to me (telepathically, as it were) that, due to my experience level, I was able to recognize as mere outsiders. A few were quite charming or impressive.

I see no real difference in 'trusting' a supposed God-voice with 'trusting' a channeled-voice, until one has built-up enough personal experience to 'feel' what seems right or off. General inner work (including psychological/emotional) is urgently needed.

I treat channeling as simply another information source; same as reading a book. Good stuff and bad stuff. One must evaluate this much as one would sift through a book, weighing as one goes.

I will say that I regard channeling much as I regard remote viewing: Both ways are subject to much 'static'. However, both ways also can reach past compartmentalized information, and scare the bejesus out of the baddies (grin). Why do you think 'witches' were burned in the old days?

My take on the situation is partly intuitive, partly practical. When I read channeled material, my intuitive sense is on high alert. I have put stuff down based only on this 'feeling'. Also in reverse, even if I didn't want to read it.

I also use my knowledge of the world. If a channel says that Earth is at the center of the galaxy, the buzzer goes off. If a channel (or website) says a comet is going to sideswipe us and the orbit has been calculated to miss us by millions of miles, the buzzer goes off.

In summary, I treat channeling as simply another information source, for better and worse. Discrimination is advised...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Peter said...

Mr Visible, I share THIS with you because it is so exquisitely written. You may choose to sign it or not. I just thought you would appreciate the beauty of the prose. Who ever crafted it is an artist IMHO.
Your last radio show was most good.

Anonymous said...

The NFL isn't rigged. Neither are any other sporting events. Sure, a couple of guys might get together and shave points, but it's an isolated thing. You know, kind of like how all Satanic rituals involve a couple of teenagers, a sacrificed cat, and some heavy metal music.

Ginnie said...

Aangirfan is under attack. Several days ago I went to read the daily posts and started to read but couldn't finish. It was #38 for January. I noted that so I could come back. Later when I was bacl it only showed 37. Don't recall the eact headline but it was GONE. There was mention of "Hey where did my post go?" in the next headline.
Today I went and ALL the advertisers are GONE. They mentioned that "Hey where are all our advertisers?"

I have seen around three of my other reads disappear. Just stopped posting...I was wondering why? The attacks are now serious so I want you to be aware and back up everything have as many friends copy and archive for you.

This place is my home and I am homeless already...houseless! Don't need to lose my spiritual family circle!

insiam said...


Hmmm, so a friend of yours was looking at some site with with tits and pussies and all.

so, i was just wondering if your freind had the name of this site. not for me you understand - its for a friend :)

Anonymous said...

insiam---I will get back to you on that. My friend said it costs about 50 dollars a month.

I live in a small town in Michigan and there had to be at least 50 local girls on the site.

Yep, it's a chat room and if the flirting gets heavy enough you get to see pictures. Lots of women shaving their pussies these days. Lots of tattoos.

Be well!


Visible said...

I believe he was making a joke but... what do I know?

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Sirens of Appetite and the Doors of Perception.

galen said...

Is crass the new enlightenment?

Gregory F. Fegel said...

I've said all this before in a previous comment on another Les Vis blog a couple of years ago. I'll say it again, but I'll keep it short this time.

Many on the 'alternative' side of things have glamorized Putin on the principle of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'. I've done a lot of research on Putin, and I've found that Putin is a puppet of the Russian Oligarchs in the same way that Obama is a puppet of the US/Western Oligarchs. Putin has been involved in multi-million dollar corruption scams, suspicious political murders, and cronyism with Russian Oligarchs. As Head of the FSB, Putin had to be 'in on' the false-flag Moscow Apartment Bombings of Aug-Sept 1999 that were perpetrated by the FSB. The USA/Europe/Israel is ruled by a Mafia, Russia has another Mafia, and China and India have their own Mafias. I'm all for Putin and the Russians opposing the USA/Europe/Israel Mafia, but I don't think that Putin and the Russian Mafia represent a system any less brutal, unjust, exploitative, and oppressive.

Visible said...

So... his kicking the Oligarchs out in the first place, that meant what? As for blaming a bombing on him with no proof whatsoever, that's pushing it.

You know, it's possible to search on the net and find info that supports any position no matter how spurious the evidence might be. I saw zero factual evidence , just statements.

the BCth said...

Re: Channeling

I've now read most of the piece of channeled material linked by walking hawk some days ago. (Thank you for that, wh!) To my senses, it appears to follow a familiar pattern: the best or cleanest material, the most resonant points, come near the beginning, followed by a trend toward less and less over time. I am not in a position to disprove or verify for myself much of what's there, so I have to pretty much go by gut feel.

They (whoever "they" being channeled are) tell us that this universe has been corrupted on every level, from the micro to the macro. They also stress the importance of personal integrity as a way to resonate with truth and positive, protective forces. (I would also add self-reliance and healthy skepticism as protection from being deceived. The "Dark" aspects of these higher-dimensional beings certainly know what buttons to push to get us to swallow dirt along with the good stuff.) What I can surmise from this is that whatever weaknesses of character these light workers and channelers may have is definitely exploited to the fullest by the Dark side to slip as much false hope and whatnot through as possible. You really see this when it comes to the "predictions" they put out....

insaim said...

Alas, my working class humour is not appreciated by all. (or could that be English humor)

Pfffft - hehe

Anonymous said...

Thanks BCth,

All the "stuff" that happens to, for and around me started in about 2005.
I found out why in January 2013.
I've been workin' it ever since.
Thank you fellow warrior.

walking hawk

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Six Flag Waving Nations over Fundieland and Elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I dreamed I was channeling ?

“You are taking this daydream as reality because the duration is long. At night when you dream, the duration is just half an hour. But this daydream lasts for twelve hours or more. That is the difference. This is a twelve-hour dream, and that is a half-hour dream—but actually both of them are dreams. Because one is a twelve-hour dream, you are accepting it as real. That is called illusion.”

The Night-and-day Dream

galen said...

On my previous comment: "Is crass the new enlightenment?" Just wanted to explain that I see the crassness (shaved pussies, etc) as grand evidence of the dehumanizing program the tribe has put upon us, and those who spout the freedoms of porn and such are just buyin' what they're sellin'. I'm sure you already know this, but I am so put off by that energy everywhere (hard to escape) that I just had to comment. Also, I've been studying its effect on men and its relation to erectile dysfunction. Yes, the pharmaceuticals have contributed greatly to this, but now I'm finding out a lot about how porn messes with men's virility and closes them off to the higher energies of sex and its physical benefits, and then that flows over to the women. I rarely bring this up because its so easy to get sent over to the bench to sit with the prudes. Yet I take it one further and assert that sex without love is an alluring ocean with no shore. I mean we can float in something intensely pleasurable for awhile but there's no place to land, or anchor, take root, become more. I find it predatory and empty.

Visible said...

coincidentally I will be dealing with related issues about this in tomorrows S.M.

Anonymous said...

For insiam's 'friend'...


32 dollars a month. A special on the 3 day trial. Your friend will need to chat up the girls to get them to loosen up a bit. Good luck...Just in case it isn't a joke.


The 10th Dentist said...

Glad to see the connection you have, albeit not enviable ,with my hero Ezra. This explains why I look forward to your work so eagerly. The economy of the written word.
btw-new product for a new age, thumb condoms.
I recently saw the most enlightening bumper sticker last week on the back of an old Jeep Wagoneer, "MY ISM WILL KICK YOUR ISM'S ASS". Like Pound, it said nothing and everything simultaneously.



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