Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Israel Executes 3 Little Girls and it Doesn't Matter.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I've been concerned about the New England defensive line, since Vince Wolfork’s injury. Thankfully, today, I spotted some definite replacements. I now feel a lot more confident about the Denver game. The PC storm-troopers are marching to Pretoria, Pretoria, Pretoria. When the public snaps back at their Nazi tactics, they manifest in their own words, “We have every right and everyone else has none." It is fascinating to watch how they use the language with such specificity, materializing one tortured word origami after another. All over the fascist nation of America and many western lands, humanoid rodents have burrowed into Academia, using political correctness, as a cover for malicious dysfunction and lack of capacity, in order to rise to supervisory and tenured positions, from which to lobby for and legislate superior positions of invulnerability for minority agendas, especially for very, very tiny minority agendas, to the detriment of the majority. This has brought about countless cases of things like this. Of course, the real intent of these things is not the publicized intent. The real intent is chaos and confusion everywhere, coupled with a rapacious plundering of each countries resources at every level. It is a systematic effort by an organized collective of Zionists, Satanists, Materialists and assorted crazy people. It’s right out in the open but the public is either too dumb or too fearful, too sexually obsessed or too occupied with fascinating glittery shit to organize and shut it down.

The absurd and the ridiculous are commonplace. Aluminum is toxic. If you cook with it you will incur a host of maladies over time and they will be chronic and incurable. There’s a new documentary out called The Age of Aluminum. It tells the tale. This is not the point. The point is that manufacturers of toxic poisons make their profits by having their poisons put into as many products as possible. This is why aluminum is in so many cosmetics. It’s the same scam as Kosher salt. People who manufacture chemicals need their vile creations to be inserted into anything they can get them inserted into so they set up phony research operations and hire corrupt scientists who come up with all sorts of data that verifies the need to insert this shit into everything. This is one of the bestial by products of capitalism and materialism.

Evil is highly competitive. This is how you get situations like this. Obama is evil, not misguided or deluded (he’s that too) but consciously and intentionally evil. Scalia is evil also. They are in competition over whose evil reigns supreme and- predictably their mindset and policy trickles down into public policy and works it’s dark magic into impressionable troglodyte minds and you get things like this and then things like this and these are just two examples of a variety of similar contemptible events that take place every day. The routine murder of prepubescent children in Israel, stirs not a murmer in the world wide Israeli controlled press. Were this horror accomplished by anyone else there would be global outrage. This behavior has now been transplanted from the seat of Satan (Israel) to Satan’s footstool, America.

They’re doing everything they can do because the heat is on. ♫ the heat is on♫ cue Kenny Loggins.

It’s crazy time in the crazy, ‘obsessed’ lands. Unless one can rein in their fires and forces, they are going to be burned up by them. Yes, weird is the order of the day and you can look for a rash of similar scenarios such as this occurring. As I have mentioned a time or two, a great spiritual master told me that 'you would know that the end times have arrived when cannibalism becomes pervasive'. We’re seeing more and more of it. The world is in an uproar and you are going to soon see this kind of thing spreading like wildfire around the planet; uproar on the social and cultural front and uproar on the environmental front. Change and transformation are breaking out all over and if you can see it now, you won’t be one of those people who find themselves suddenly astounded by critical circumstances on all sides of them.

We... you and I, cannot save the world. We can personally change and adapt to conditions. We can become more and more aware. We can set an example and we can push and appeal for inspiration. We can meditate in search of clarity. There are many thing we can do and many, many more that we can not do. Discrimination is high art. The logical and sensible thing to do is to seek shelter when a storm threatens. People who are not paying attention might not note the approach of a storm until it is upon them. People who know a storm is coming are (or should be) already prepared. At least they are mentally prepared (or should be).

Storms localize. Storms form out of opportune conditions. One who possesses an internal barometer can be made aware of changes in the atmosphere. If you are on the ocean side of a mountain range near the ocean you are going to get a certain kind of weather and you will get another kind of weather on the other. This might be the difference between being okay and not being okay. Of course, Mr. Visible is being all kinds of allegorical here.

Speaking of Mr. Visible (which we were), he’s been undergoing some very strange sensory experiences. Since he hasn't had any consciousness altering comestibles in months, it can’t be that. He’s seeing things, peripherally and hearing strange, musical sounds inside of other sounds. It’s as if a crack has appeared in in an alternate dimension and stuff is starting to leak through. On any number of occasions, Mr. Visible has become distracted by something going on in his thoughts. Something that is completely unidentifiable (so far). This is not a good thing to encounter when operating a motor vehicle (grin). Whatever it is, it’s powerful. Either Mr. Visible is transitioning in some manner; with the result of new sensory abilities going into operation or something is going on in that place where the visible meets the invisible and anyone with any sensitivity is picking up on it. I've not encountered anything like this before. It is something pressing and insistent but cloaked. From my perspective on it, it’s not revealed a single identifiable detail. It’s just there. Well, as with most anything else... We’ll see.

The daily fare of ironic occurrences is off the charts. It is to be hoped this individual gets both trampled and gored in the process.You can exhaust yourself each day and never encounter half of the absurd, ridiculous and ironic events being reported on and which are, for the most part, not identified as any one of these things. Then there is this unrelated but no less outrageous piece of news. One of the largest political money sucking systems on the planet is gearing up again. Yes, Mr. Twenty Million Dollars in a Day, Mr. Money Bomb, is back in action. He’s saddling up his stalking horse in the stable and leading him out into the paddock to get him some exercise, prior to hitting the faux Libertarian, rubber chicken circuit, to pump the flesh and lighten the wallet; not to mention kill the spirit, grinding it into the pavement under that heavy, heavy shoe.

It’s okay to believe in someone once, when times are dire and you don’t know enough to be objectively critical of the situation. It’s quite another to be twice deceived by the exact same process that came to the exact same result but... to be willingly deceived by the exact same thing yet again for the third time makes you an incurable fool and a patsy extraordinaire. According to the principle of the apple not falling far from the tree, one can glean a lot from Rand Paul’s pussy footing, bowing and scraping before his Israeli masters. Let me be clear here. Israel is America’s deadliest enemy. Except for it’s appalling and widespread ignorance it has no greater enemy. The dual nationals who reside in that country are all operational traitors. There’s no wiggle room here otherwise and those who consort with traitors are also traitors. AIPAC is a terrorist organization and so is the ADL, the B’nai Brith and dozens of other umbrella groups whose intent is the destruction of the United States and every other western country. These are vile and violent aggregates of the greatest enemies The Republic has ever encountered and those who give them fealty and who seek to carry out the marching orders given to them by these enemy combatants are traitors. They are traitors. They have no honor. They have no integrity and they have no souls.

These are sorrowful times. It’s one thing to be a slave to appetite during times of plenty. It’s quite another thing to be a slave to appetite in times of pending catastrophe but... so it is. I am more and more amazed with every passing day that so many people can carry on as they do and be so completely indifferent to what is going on around them and what is headed in their direction. I am astounded by it. I lack words adequate to the task of accurately describing what I see. I comfort myself with the thought that this is all meant to be for the purpose of demonstration and that regardless of appearances to the contrary, everything really is under control.

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Greg Bacon said...

If it always gets darkest right before the dawn, the Sun should be rising any minute now?

Anonymous said...

psychopathic israel
put it down leave it alone
get out of there
stop ethnic cleansing
apologise come home
you thought by being a bully
you'd get everything you need
in the time of appocolypse
those things are not
in reach
to you nothing is holy
sacred or divine
you took lie's and worshipped them
practicing your crimes
rothschild and the ethnic cleansers
it will just get worse each day
you may think your coming back
but believe me their is know way
can you feel it in your belly
you are soon to be crushed
should of listened to the wise men
dont listen to the corrupt


Friday, June 04, 2010 7:44:00 PM

Thanks Neil.

Neil sent another poem and it's a healing one but I'll post it later.

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible:

Life is horrific and painful for everyone. Even people who have nice lives eventually have to say goodbye to loved ones. Eventually these same people will have their bodies grow old and they will have to face diminishing health and death.

Today I have food to eat and tonight I have a warm place to sleep so I can't help but feel good about where I am at.

The world is a big beautiful place in spite of the downside and I am happy to be alive and I am grateful to the Divine Order for allowing me the priviledge to exist.

The NWO or whatever the fuck one might want to call them are nothing but a bunch of puny losers. They can destroy things and cause pain but they can't destroy Gaia!

All is well!


Anonymous said...

That BBC story about the little girl shot by the IDF is absolutely horrific!! I know its better to take the wider view of it all and understand the karma behind it, but seeing that child and then her father in that video... its like anger, rage and sorrow all get rolled into one. And followed by compassion for the victims.

Maybe if I was more evolved I could have compassion for the monster who did this, but... guess I'm not so evolved these days.

Speaking of giant crowds assembling to protest governments, a retired Army Colonel is organizing a 10 million man march in DC on May 16, 2014 and asking those who will attend not to leave until Soetoro, Biden, Boehner, Reid, and Pelosi all resign.

Then yesterday, a retired Navy Chief has stated that he has been in contact with most of the legal militias in the US and announced that they all will be attending the above mentioned protest, as well. No word on if they're coming armed to the party or not, but one might wonder why a militia would show up with just a few signs. Hmm...

(Apologies for the horrendous lack of details there.... a search will likely lead you to it).

I've seen responses to this that are against it saying that if most of the militias are going, one nuke in DC at that time wipes out most of the trained resistance and gets the evil one's their martial law.

Who knows. But as you say, "we'll see."


Visible said...

Wow! That is interesting news.

As for those loathsome scum who shot those girls. Were it in my power they would reap the whirlwind, along with all their associates and upper level order givers. Compassion doesn't enter into this. But... since I know they are going to Hell I can continue forward without thoughts of vengeance. See... all this is happening to show the world clearly and unequivocally what these people are... monsters.

missingarib said...

vis, a few quotes too further you observations --
I feel such a rage that so few see the evil visited on the helpless - Then shall he answer them, saying, Truly I say to you, Inasmuch as you did it not to one of the least of these, you did it not to me.

This is the first age that's ever paid much attention to the future, which is a little ironic since we may not have one.
Arthur C. Clarke
Any path to knowledge is a path to God — or Reality — whichever word one prefers to use.
Arthur C. Clarke

and lastly from the wolfman ahoooooo------------------
“Our leaders strain every nerve and with success, to get the next war going, while the rest of us, meanwhile, dance the fox trot, earn money and eat chocolates...And has always been the same and always will be, and what is called history at school, and all we learn by heart there about heroes and geniuses and great deeds and fine emotions, is all nothing but a swindle invented by the schoolmasters for educational reasons to keep children occupied for a given number of years. It has always been so and always will be. Time and the world, money and power belong to the small people and shallow people. To the rest, to the real men belongs isn't fame. Fame exists in that sense only for the schoolmasters. No, it isn't fame. It is what I call eternity...The music of Mozart belongs there and the poetry of your great poets. The saints, too, belong there, who have worked wonders and suffered martyrdom and given a great example to men. But the image of every true act, the strength of every true feeling, belongs to eternity just as much, even though no one knows of it or sees it or records it or hands it down to posterity. In eternity there is no posterity...It is the kingdom on the other side of time and appearances. It is there we belong. There is our home. It is that which our heart strives for...And we have no one to guide us. Our only guide is our homesickness.”
― Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf

live long

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Your cannibalism link duped the 'doctor ignites patient thing.' I don't think they ate her after she was cooked. If they did, I didn't read about it.

Ginnie said...

Greg Hallett: Yes! So Lionel Nathan Rothschild was known as ‘the king of kings’. He financed virtually all of the Monarchies in Europe, and even some in Asia. So he had ‘Breeding Rights’. He had breeding rights with Queen Victoria and conceived all of Queen Victoria’s children, which made them all Bigamously-Born Illegitimate Bâtards. That’s what bastards are called amongst Royalty, they are called Bâtards. So that’s carried on ’til today – the Royal Family of today is all Bâtards, and the term for that is ‘Flat Lie Royal’.

I tried to get people to read the site I posted yesterday regarding this. ROTHSCHILDS have been the acting monarchy and run the US.

This man is acting on behalf of the true King of England.

Victoria had a marriage before Albert and had a son. She was never divorced.

Ginnie said...

He is Lord Chancellor.
Video posted on that site of him being elevated to the post by the true King of England.

Extremely interesting!

Ray B. said...

Vis: "I've not encountered anything like this before. It is something pressing and insistent but cloaked. From my perspective on it, it’s not revealed a single identifiable detail. It’s just there. Well, as with most anything else... We’ll see."

You know, your whole paragraph on the experiences you are having caused my "Look here, look here," function to activate. It mirrors my experiences with what I call the Turning - including absolute refusal to be identified. The only thing I get now - every time I ask - is that it is 'moving'. I conduct my life as usual, meanwhile waiting for the other shoe to drop. A very strange way of living...
Vis: "People who are not paying attention might not note the approach of a storm until it is upon them. People who know a storm is coming are (or should be) already prepared. At least they are mentally prepared (or should be)."

While waiting for enlightenment or armageddon, I want to say something. I have a quality engineering education, and part of me still looks at the world that way. While not a nuclear engineer, it has been a minor passion of mine to understand nuclear reactions and nuclear reactors. So, while not a professional, I am well above average in my understanding. I say this because of what I have read at the J1m St0ne website.

Folks, we are seeing nukes used in the world. (I.e., atomic bombs.) I cannot stress how important this is. Until now, a 'compact' has existed between nations not to use nukes for low-level warfare. That understanding has now been breached. I need you to contemplate how fundamentally the world is now changed. Almost anything else is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

I come to the nuke-use conclusion very reluctantly. I have mulled over the evidence that J1m St0ne has amassed, and sloshed it back and forth for months in my mind. Recently, it has jelled. I see no other way that the massive damage to Fukushima reactors 3&4 could have occurred other than use of nukes. Literally nothing else fits. Reactor 4 was decommissioned and opened up for overhaul, for God's sake...

There is a second, strongly-probable nuke use in Syria, also documented by J1m St0ne. I say this in lesser tones than Fukushima only because I am far less capable of interpreting moment-of-criticality flash as caught in cameras. However, everything he lays out is documented and logical. Damn.

This needs not to be swept under the rug. Vis' readers should inform themselves, because this is game-changing. Take it seriously. For those of you in various alphabet agencies or militaries, you need to go to that site, bone up, and then contemplate what this means - and what to do about it...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Because of the way J1m St0ne is forced to operate, his site is basically one very-long main page. Hence, nuke-stuff is spread semi-randomly throughout that page, reaching back in time as you go down. You have to trawl through it. (There are one-or-two-word links to his articles.)

Eileen K. said...

All I can say about it all is that I am not surprised. However, I'm quite outraged by this heinous crime.

Those children were never any threat whatsoever; the shootings are crimes of capital murder, deserving of death; but, as you say, those murderers will be headed straight to Hell; so, we have no need to seek vengeance. The Lord will surely enact it.

Anonymous said...

You fucking lying, lap-dog, Internet-post-excluding, book-burning, two-faced piece of shit. You might think that you are doing the world a favor, but you know what you are? You're a man who never did anything with his life, you are a man who fell short no matter what he tried, and now, you are licking the crumbs from the plates of disgusting agency-sanctioned douchebags like Jeff Rense. Are you proud, Prabhu? Do you REALLY think that you are going to be given some sort of reward for your sack-of-shit behavior? Hahahahahaha. Go fuck yourself, you freaking retard. When you die, the world will be a better place. And BEFORE you die, all those chits that are supposed to come due? They will be taken away. You, and your lying invisible friends, will be left out in the cold. I am telling you this because that's how it's going to be. You have no wiggle room. You are what I fucking say you are. So wrap your bipolar mind around this shit, fuckhead, because unlike you, I don't put pen to paper just to watch myself fucking talk; I talk because I FUCKING KNOW.

insiam said...

@anon - comment no. 4

Having compassion for such evil would make you less evolved, not more.

Re. current events here in Thailand. The world/western media is very biased in favor of the current government. They gained power by vote buying and populous policys which are slowly bankrupting the country. The undedcuated masses that support the government are obviously unaware of the futer consequences of such policys. A big issue for the educated opposition is that the current government is keen to take on a 2 tillion baht loan being pushed by the IMF (5 million pay back with interest). It is known that this is not really neccessary and that the lions share will be siphoned off through corruption, subsequently leaving the country even more beholding to the international vultures. (you won't read that in the Daily Mail :)

The real diffuclty for the international vultures is that in Thalind the government fears the people. This is a very nationalist nation and Thais are like one (or two) big family/s when it comes to standing up against tyranny. Obviously thats why nationailsm is being wiped out via mulicultalism in the west.

Im sure there is a few points in the above somewhere. Got a bit lost ... alnong the way :)

Oh yes, what is being witnessed is a sort of well organized backlash to the 'international money hit men'. But Thailand isn't such an easy target. Ironic really in that Thailand is one of the most corrupt nations on the planet. I suppose that that has acted/is acting as a sort of unintended defence mechanism - in that the corrupt regognize the corrupt, and that the looming level of corruption being attempted by the international vulture is just a step to far. Now there is a thing!

The above is purely my own opinion - but i think it may be near to the mark.

Visible said...

So, I don't think it takes a lot of imagination to see why I didn't post this 'gifted', (or would that be special?) individuals comment. Here is a classic example of that cowardice of anonymous of which I have spoken. Nothing said is relevant because the person is incapable of standing behind what he says but...HE KNOWS! (grin). Well, on with my day.

insaim said...

oops, trillion and 5 trillion - not tillion and million

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 8:42

Truth Hurts when Your on the Wrong Side.
I'll bet if you send in your name, address and a picture of yourself,
a bunch of us here in visibleland would get together and have a group healing session for you.(seriously)

Shock title Vis.
Are readers to shocked to respond? I don't know how many hits you had on this post, but I bet it's a lot.

Thanks. walking hawk

Visible said...

Yes, that title was chosen for the purpose it serves. It is literally true and spares me the task of explaining anything because the link is there. Sometimes something happens and for which there are no sufficient words... or the time involved in those words coming together is at a further remove.

Just for the Record said...

Thought you might like to know that Patrick reads one of your pieces--about terrorism--at about the ten minute mark in this video:

"Never Aired PENTAGON 911 Video HD Where is the Boeing?"


Which reminds me that rivero insists that a plane did indeed hit the pentagon. (Check here: The "Pod People" And The Plane That Crashed Into the Pentagon.

Just for the record, he also maintains that nasa landed men on the moon. Plus, he flatly refuses to believe that chem-trails are anything other than con-trails.

Perhaps this isn't the place to air this out and i'm out line in bringing this up around here. Then again, your writing is associated with him. And he's got my spidey sense twitching. So I wonder how many flags have to go up before he has to be subjected to a credibility question or two?

wiggins said...

You are fortunate Les.....I've got no one to share their hostility with me; I feel deprived...

Visible said...

First, I'd have to ask, "How is it that my writing is associated with him?" I don't agree with him on various issues and he knows that.

I think you're experiencing a particular confusion here. If I produce a product and it appears on the shelves of Safeway, or any store, does this mean that I automatically reflect store policy and that philosophically Safeway and I are one and the same? No, it does not.

What it means is that my particular brand of goods is of the sort that Safeway carries but Safeway carries thousands of items. Some are good for you and a lot of them are not. I get a lot of readers from Michael's site, should I, as an inflexible purist, refuse to have my work linked there because Michael holds positions that I do not? Michael is an atheist, I am anything but.

Furthermore, should I challenge Michael on these issues, which would not in any case change his mind and then would result in my being estranged from him?

I have no serious interest in the details of 9/11 or similar events. I am concerned with who did it only. The rest of it well, there's dissension up and down the sidewalk on that.

I've caught shit from Michael on occasion for one thing or another and the same with Jeff Rense. It happens. I just continue and learn from the experience.

Michael and I are not joined at the hip. We are similarly engaged in a somewhat similar effort. Should I not allow myself to be posted anymore at these sites due to unflinching purism and lose the majority percent of my readers? All kinds of people appear at all kinds of sites and whatever they are producing is not always inline with the views held by the place they appear in.

Visible said...

Well,Wiggins, you might appeal to that fellow to direct some of it at you. He's got more than enough to share around.

I must say, I do take a certain amount of pride in making certain pompous stuffed shirts spin off into an ego rage. In his case it's the result of overpowering envy. It varies from detractor to detractor. Sometimes it's this and sometimes it's that. There aren't enough of them where it matters what they think. The only curiosity I have about them is what their motivation is and after all this time it's not difficult for me to spot that in the manner of their presentation.

Seriously though, ask him if he has any amount of profane and inarticulate rage and ire that he might be willing to share with you. You never know. Just imagine how his girlfriend or boy friend must feel, or his dog? We're lucky enough not to have to be around him.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

From Poleaxed Steers to Sold Out Whores.

Anonymous said...

Anon #12 @8:42

Hmmm... You sound upset.
Having a bad day, huh, you poor little thing. I hope, mommy is there to console you, and give you hot cocoa. (Or in your case perhaps warm blood)
Does your mommy know of you using these bad-bad words? I bet she doesn't. Of course, depending on your mommy, you just might get a scolding instead of soothing...

I'm gonna upset you a little. I'm gonna say the unspeakable. Based on modern, genetic research Israel has no right to exist. Yup, I said it.
It's a land-robbery combined with genocide of the native, indigenous Palestinians. Its creation was based on a FALSEHOOD, that the European Khazars are in fact Jews, from "historical" Israel. (Even the "historical" is fraught with problems). European (Askhenazi) jewishness was ALWAYS based on RACIAL(!) lines, even though the notion, that a people can reclaim some historical land from thousands of years ago is absurd on its own. (Think about the Amerindians for a good, concrete example and what they could or should(?) claim back from a mere 3-400 years ago)
The emphasis is important on "racial lines" of the Ashkhenazi because conversion to judaism by a goy was NEVER ever accepted as a "ticket" into the Tribe, nor it is today. The genetic/bloodline was ALWAYS the determinative factor of jewishness. The Talmud is very-very clear on this - btw.

So we got into this situation, that the currently resident Khazars(!) in Palestine have no historical, legal claim to be there under any pretext, except the power of raw, brutal, naked force, since no Khazars ever lived in today's Israel, or even near to it.
So here we are, the Emperor has no clothes; genetics/DNA is a bitch, isn't it? (So is the internet).

As science advances, there will be more falsehoods and lies exposed; just watch...
The shoah business has already degenerated to the point, that the validity of the story has to be enforced at gunpoint. No "truth" will endure in the long run that needs loaded weapons to remain believable.

Ginnie said...

Ray B. Nice to hear someone else who knows we have had "many nuclear attacks/war" against the people of the USA by their own government in the form of "nuclear testing". Yeah right! Slow genocide.

walking hawk, Many readers regarding this post. Around 9pm where I am, he had near 100 reads from some very interesting places around the world.

I love it! That is how they are caught. Looking to cover up evidence and revisiting the scene of the crime. Fear of witnesses!

Guilt. Fear of discovery. Singing fat ladies! It is over!

Everybody knows! Leonard Cohen anyone?

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha ,
I call on All Native Americans to put a fence around america and take it back with Force. ha ha
I think this will go over well, don't you ?

walking hawk

(showing my humor again)

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Culture of Greed and the Suicide of Evil.

Tyler Vincent said...

Israel's last true friend on Planet earth Stephen Harper is on his way to Israel, obviously to partake in the investigation of Israeli involvement on 9-11, and the Israeli Jew who recently stabbed a black infant in the head, whom after asking to what he was hoping to achieve, he responded: “To kill her. I didn’t try, I’m sure I killed her … The bitch died? The baby died? I’m sure she’ll die, that the blow … She’ll die.” How could it be otherwise? Tell me of a better way to improve upon Israel's image as the asshole of planet earth. See for yourself in Israeli paper,


Tyler Vincent said...

According to invisible sources, Harper killed an infant with his bare hands on his visit to the Jewish State of Israel. The infant was a victim of the human trafficking hub in Tel-Aviv. Invisible sources suggest Harper was incited to killed the infant using blunt trauma and by throwing it against a wall. Invisible sources suggest that this was a human sacrifice to prove his allegiance to the crumbling empire of the Jewish state and to demonstrate his willingness to do the Jews bidding, no matter how gruesome

George LoBuono said...

In many photos we see large galaxy superclusters containing thousands of galaxies. Imagine what goes on - the minds in those galaxies. If you pull a little to one side, you see an awesome expanse. Galaxy superclusters are bunched together along giant branches composed of tens of thousands of galaxies, branches that split then bend out and into deep space where they converge and continue to branch off in every direction across the universe. In between giant branches are vast oceans of space, around which the glowing lights of distant branches can faintly be seen. It’s spectacularly beautiful.

But how, in real physics can minds do telepathy and communicate over distances? It's called "scalars," and any good mind can do it. In order to begin your remote sensing of a distant location or person/alien, you first do a nearly instant, inward half-flip, half-rotation of the energy field surrounding the central parts of your brain so that energy waves converge and cancel out. To make this first step easier and more graphic for you, here’s a vivid picture of how it both flows and feels. In your mind is a faint field effect over which you have total control. You can rotate it just a little (counterclockwise---i.e. if you were looking down on your head from above--in my case, being right-handed), while, at the same time, it partly spirals downward as it curves down toward the rear of your head.

Let’s review that once again because it’s important if we’re going to remotely sense our surroundings (it will change your life). When you do this nearly instant half-flip, half rotation of your mind's awareness it feels like it converges and concentrates slightly more along an inner axis (in your central brain areas). If you could see inside of your brain, the nearly instant flow of this energy would roughly follow the line of a big question mark (?) moving up from the bottom dot (the lower part of your brain) then bending part-way toward your forehead as it goes around the upper curve of the question mark (still in the central parts of your brain) then bending back around toward the back of your brain as it curves down then slightly inward--past the left hook of the question mark. However, this nearly instant, looped movement isn’t along a thin, sharp line because it occurs along a smeared-out space. It’s simply converges and cancels out energy from above, below, and around. Then, merely contour or nearly instantly vary that energy and your mind can contour it to resonate via scalars.



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