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Living in a Time of Darkness on a Sea of Madness.

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Before I place the link to one of the best essays I have read in years, I want to thank Mick Meaney for abandoning those seriously annoying popup ads. His site does provide a lot of interesting thought so... Thank you. Here is what I read this morning. There’s a lot of truth there.

The level of corruption in America is astounding. Volumes and volumes can be gleaned from this and it also speaks to the level of profit enjoyed by the banks which are vampires in a very literal sense. Informed minds know that from the beginning, J.P. Morgan has been a front for Rothschild Bank. It’s not surprising that they let Madoff run without a leash. We know they knew what was going on and so does the Department of Injustice.

As The Apocalypse intensifies, all kinds of bizarre evidence floats to the surface of a dead lake. The lake is dead because nothing could survive in such a toxic environment. Noxious gases inflate the stomachs of the rotting corpses of unknown crimes. Everything is coming to the surface.

It has been stated here multiple times that as materialism intensifies, so does all manner of insanity manifest in the ranks of the public. Here’s something that has gone several steps beyond tromping on parakeets though the commentary of the offenders is strikingly similar. We are looking at an exponential increase in this sort of thing and the reason for that is also connected to materialism. The gap between rich and poor widens with every passing day. Those at the top are a tiny minority by comparison with those at the bottom and those in the middle are experiencing a rapid descent toward the bottom as those at the top intensify their hoovering up of all wealth and assets that are presently the property of those they intend to steal it from. So what happens is that as the thrall of materialism continues, the majority of the public are less and less in a position to enjoy it and acquire from it. This will result in bouts of berserker insanity and also other assorted distempers. Materialism already creates insanity by the very nature of its being, add in the extenuating conditions just mentioned and you've got a perfect storm on a sea of madness. ♫It’s dark as a dungeon way down in♫ that well we were talking about recently.

Materialism is a form of darkness and that is why we often use the phrase, ‘in times of darkness’ around here. The sort of darkness that materialism is, concentrates itself toward a mysterious center somewhat like a black hole (I think... but we can always fall back on poetic license). What happens is that as the darkness incrementally concentrates, the sense of bondage among those living in the darkness increases. Consonant with this, the pressure on individual residents get more and more palpable. This inevitably leads to ‘weakest link in the chain country’ and that accounts for all explicable and inexplicable outbreaks in sexual and criminal behavior. Of course, when the atmosphere of collective sexual awareness becomes perverted, as it certainly is, as a result of powerful special interest cabals in the government, the culture and the education system, more and more people act out and the manner of their acting out becomes more and more strange. All of these things are predictable. When darkness concentrates enough it turns into diamonds, which after a fashion can be rendered into prisms that have nothing at all to do with darkness and the banker’s sing, ♫darkness, darkness, be my blow-up doll ♫

A great many of those going the wrong way are simply deceived by self interest and appetite. Being materialists, they don’t see the payoff in going in the opposite direction. The way their minds are arranged, they are all about immediate and tangible results. Materialism has a serious impact on appetite and what most people don’t realize is that there is an intelligence (if you can call it that) that dwells within the darkness of materialism. It’s even got a name, Mammon. Then there are those who consciously perform evil for the joy of it. They know what they are doing and they do it purposely.

Pointless Political Correctness goes on and on as one of the many engines of distraction and the way they go about it is not unlike a desert sidewinder. Of course, the point man for this is a lawyer and one of the smuggest and most self righteous of his kind. Neither he, nor any of the rest of them, engaged in any one of the variety of these endeavors, gives a shit about the principle in play, mostly because they possess no principles of their own. They weed that sort of liability out of you in law school and if you don’t lose them there you will certainly be shorn of them in the scrimmaging on the playing fields of corporate America. I’m sure you wonder why no one at the top of the game ever comes out and speaks about how disgusted they are with the culture of rot and then proceeds to name names and events. This is because such personalities are weeded out prior to getting to that level, or compromised to such a degree they can’t say a thing, or... paralyzed by fear.

Even when people do talk out of school, it’s always within acceptable margins, where the only revelations are things like so and so didn't care for so and so. Well, neither do we and neither of those things are news and if they are it’s not useful news. All of this is now in a state of transition because of Mr. Apocalypse and it is going to intensify to a remarkable degree in coming times. Watch and see. All the things we haven’t been seeing we soon will be seeing, as revelation pops its head up from the sub-terra like the gopher in Caddyshack. It’s a cosmic imperative and resistance is futile. When the time comes (and the time comes for everything under the sun, including you and I) that’s it. It’s time. You can argue in vain. You can refuse to accept it. You can carry on as if it doesn't apply but all these perspectives are useless. Change will come and it is change very unlike that trumpeted by the hypocrite in chief. Hope is coming too. Hope also very unlike that espoused by the charlatans. The point of all this blanketing darkness is to see what you’re made of. This is a theater and it’s all about performance, both seen and unseen, though everything is seen at some level. If people could learn to live and behave as if an audience were watching, it would be a far better world and... ironically an audience is watching, whether you see them or not.

To resurrect a phrase from the past and not repeated in a few years, just because you can’t see it doesn't mean it isn't there and just because you can doesn't mean it is. It’s been so long since I've said that that I can’t even remember how it goes but that’s close enough. Even those of us who are aware that there is more to life than what the senses report are still mostly caught up in a reliance on sensory report. It’s as if we know something but it doesn't compute in terms of a basic mindset. This is a form of cognitive dissonance. A person has to hammer certain truths home into their hearts and minds. Powerful disciplines don’t come easy. With the onset of puberty the world divides into a dual interactive. The unifying consciousness gets lost. This has to be recovered and one has to want to recover it. If you’re not in pursuit of it, it’s not going to come to your door and invite itself to dinner. Karma provides all kinds of things but only things you were after at some other point. You have to be in pursuit of what you want to acquire or accomplish. Otherwise it doesn't get done.

Of course, it’s a real plus if you've been at it for a long time but everyone is welcome to come to the party late. The cosmos don’t discriminate and this has been illustrated in timeless tales, which I am sure some of you recall. It comes out of that same understanding that the sun shines on everyone, both the good and the wicked. As has been also often stated here, it’s never too late until it’s too late so... if you’re going to come to the party late, now is the appointed time, especially given the catching up in consciousness that might be necessary. However, we’ll close with that timeless statement from the Bhagavad-Gita, “success is speedy for the energetic."

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Anonymous said...

Lots of questions swirling in my head today after this one...

Do I get to experience that which I'm after (relentlessly after, of course)??? What if I'm after security? How can I be secure with a huge group of people who are very organized, seriously well armed with guns, armored personnel carriers, helicopters and drones, communications, badges and full support of the ruling class who would love to shoot me for any reason and get away with it no problem as their friends and colleagues will be the ones to investigate the incident.

Doesn't look like actual security could be achieved considering all of that. In the comments section of the cop killing the mentally ill boy article, someone posted that the guilty cops doing this will pay as veterans may declare it open season on them ( and the other cops who simply remain silent) for violating their oaths to the Constitution. Is this something that should happen now??? Are we now in that much danger from this group of people?

I don't know.

Maybe I'm focusing too much on that sensory input that you mentioned about today, Vis. Does surrendering to Gods Will for me bring true security??? I can say,"Yes, I surrender!" But can I just let go that completely in an instant? I'd like to... But then saying that isn't even a choice, it's only a preference. Maybe a decision would be more practical. :)

Why focus on security? Why not focus on Love? Will that attract more of the same? I hear it does.

Looks like I'm still in the well....


Visible said...

Security is a state of mind. When embracing timeless security within, the world outside adjusts to accommodate that since everything is nothing more than a projection of the mind. We are all truly living in different worlds of our own creation. Transforming that world requires inspiration granted from the mind that rules all things. that is how I see it and how it works for me. It works differently for everyone, depending on how they see it.

Visible said...

and what or who they rely on for security or anything really.

JerseyCynic said...

"Just because you can’t see it doesn't mean it isn't there and just because you can doesn't mean it is"

Written in Stone! ....on my "Stepping Stones" that is (this gem takes up too much space on a fridge magnet) Actually,,,, I have a few slate "tablets" out back that I use on top of my spring bulbs to keep the varmints out.... better yet!

You, Your words, and Your thoughts are all sacred time to me.

Thank you, Les Visible

Anonymous said...

Words of wisdom. Thank you my friend! Time to seriously ponder!


Anonymous said...

cap of living thunder burst
rolling arctic wind
pounding heart intensifying
travel eagle wing
inner blaze invigorated
rising spring invoke
revolving equilibrium
liberation float
raise a living equal
inner chasing light
burning through the mist
justice honor might
through the gate of ever way
raise a living truth
drawn upon the santifying
calm in conscious root.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010 12:19:00 PM

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"With the onset of puberty the world divides into a dual interactive. " Idiotic parental programming makes this much worse. It's not a mandatory thing, but you have to be able to think for yourself. I fell into it myself in the weirdest way, but I don't have the time to write the 20 pages or so of that.

Off topic public service announcement, since you have so many readers and I don't. For those of us in the divided states of america, the incandescent lightbulb is now now longer being manufactured, but the good news is someone invented an alternative legal and cheap lightbulb, though you may have to buy it mail order for a while. Google 'NEWCANDESCENT'. So now you don't have to put up with those toxic weapons of mass destruction CFL things they want to genocide us with. I read it took someone two weeks to die after inhaling the contents of one of those infernal things. Link would be nice, but I don't feel like looking for it. Google it.

Then there's the concept of people with nothing to lose, instead of being suicide bombers in the Middle East, becoming suicide CFL lightbulb droppers here. For some strange reason I find that line amusing, though I'm not sure I'd appreciate being in the same room of it happening. This also proves once and again how STUPID our government is. DIDN'T ANYONE THINK OF THIS? Or was that the idea?

Are we now gonna have to undergo body cavity searches for errant CFL bulbs when we go on aeroplanes or into courthouses, or sports or music venues?

(Yeah! Thank you for sharing, huh?)

Pete said...

Good one LV ! Weeded out , yes.
But the weeding is not even consciously operative. It is an unconscious resonance thing at the lower levels. At the higher levels it certainly becomes more of a conscious process. If you don't weed out the trouble makers early enough, you may find yourself having to drag multiple nations into war just to stop them..oh well, tis the manifest plane we discuss here. I always thought Lot's wife was a powerful symbol of the problems encountering the seeker in his upward ascent. Even Lot's wife was too attached to the decadent material plane to follow her husband and was turned into salt. She just had top take one more look. As corrupt as the bible is, I still find excellent allegories in there, if I can put aside my Sunday School instruction.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Les...
That John Kozy article starts out with this rather blanket statement, barely qualified by saying 'In many homes...', then builds on that poor foundation.

"In many homes in America‘s Bible Belt, children are nurtured in constrained intellectual environments. The only recognized book is the Bible, and children are told from early ages on that it contains the revealed word of God himself which not only is never questioned but is never even questionable."

The whole idea is to question and wrestle with God. Jacob fought God and was blessed.
I would say most religionists everywhere would agree our brains are to be used for inquiry of all kinds.
Is the Divine so insecure that questioning is verboten? What kind of God would that be?

But all is good. After I got past the first paragraph your post resonated in me like a tuning fork. Materialism and its madnesses, payoffs in opposite directions, stranger and stranger acting outs, intelligent entity of mammon...and 'hope'.

No wonder your influence grows (though its really not 'yours', but works through you...
this kind of writing you do is inspired, not infallible (and you would agree), but goodly inspired.
Danke Les Vis,
-the beggar

Anonymous said...

Hey, Viz, I wanted to share a poem I just wrote. It's about Christians in particular but it could be about any proselytes.

I call it 'Mere Mortal Men':

Mere mortal man, standing on the ground

He wore a robe of silk and a golden crown

Said he preached the truth
Spread it all around

Claimed to speak for God
Said he was heaven bound

Mere mortal man
buried in the ground

I listened to your thoughts
I heard the noise abound

Jesus never said a thing
Holy Spirit didn't make a sound

Only mere mortal men
Like the dust that blows around


galen said...

Here's a twist I'm just tossing into the mix:

"The task we must set for ourselves is not to feel secure, but to be able to tolerate insecurity."
-- Erich Fromm

the gardener said...

Everything weird and vile going on right now (most deadly diversions) reminds me of Philip K. Dick's writings made into that hideous movie "Minority Report"... where everyone in the city are hunkered down in their dwells... but always on edge knowing they could be infringed upon at any time.

Plenty of young people go into the military to learn strategic skills to protect them and theirs when they re-enter society if they make it back intact.

These too busy to care "I don't have time for this shit! BOOM!" are actors working the stage of utter insecurity. Knowing you don't even have to make a call out to them to have uninvited guests break down your door and enter using deadly force. Terrorizing...

Here's an example of "so amazingly atrocious-got to be a spoof" article on what kind of cognitive dissonance/disassociation required to make the really big bucks in this world:

Condi and the orwellian state

Really quite surreal what passes for representative government. But these are surreal, unreal times.

Hence, the need for 'protection' which definitely can be worked on a 'love' mode.

One of the reasons for the entire financial looting, terrorization and breakdowns in our society is to make a lot of devious people who'd normally be kept amused working their crafts at the workplace into snitches for the 'forces'.

If history serves as a guide-it is push and shove time for those you can really trust. Realizing how small a pool that really is makes one get down to the business of tapping into and living through the "flow" of Creator force.

And it is scary and it is an off balanced place to be-like walking over a big log crossing a busy creek or river. Got to get balanced and got to get in the habit of walking towards your goal point. Versus where you are standing right now-as like when crossing a log over active water you will freeze if not keeping your eye on endpoint and making it to the other side.

RE: armed maniacs breaking down door or coming on call to shoot to kill... I saw in a rough neighborhood a fenced in property with a sign on the gate and on the door to the effect of "This is a gun free zone-do not bring any weapons past this point." with some kind of law numbers posted upon the signs... it was for the POPO... there is always some easy outies availed to us somewhere that is respected by the cavalier killers.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

"Hypocrisy is the wellspring of righteous indignation." - Seymour Vistas

Antony said...

Hi Mr Visible
Hopefully its like jam making when the scum floats to the top, just before it is spooned out, leaving the pure sweet fruit behind. Just waiting for captain cosmic with a dirty great big spoon, I wish he would hurry up, its getting hot down here.

the gardener said...

Vis... lol... you are so prescient with your tap ins.

With this post of yours on my brain's backburner I came upon this site where writer is talking about the same "duality" and tapping into source as you/we here.

Makes me feel kinda scattered but maybe it is me and the vibes today but once I settle down I'm going to read this 'focus on recovery's 2012 Consciousness' site.

He's using Baum's Wizard of Oz as examples to explain what's gone down and going on with world micro(individuals) and world macro (groups) and doing so as to trigger a lot of my own creativity.

the gardener

bproman said...

Happy New Year no matter what calendar you use to measure time on this rock while we spin in space.

katz said...

LV, it is wrong of you to allow neil's poems to be posted w/o crediting neil, and without permission of his estate.

you are using the work of a good man, to benefit your blog. that makes it wrong. I don't care if you say someone calling himself "blackstone" or "hollaring-wolf" is posting these poems, you are editing these comments and making the decision to post them w/o notation to author, thus plagiarizing them, and doing this w/o permission of neil's family.

and, while I am on the topic of neil, that book anthology never came to anything, none of that tribute to neil, ever happened.

some friend, you are.
friends like you, who needs enemies? right? use a dead man's work to enrich your own?

Visible said...

Katz, you are one of the most loathsome and disgusting creatures I've ever met. It's no wonder you pretend to be a lawyer. I have full permission from his family and was preparing to publish a collection of his work but that job has been transferred to the people posting the poems. Neil's poetry brings me no income and never will.

I imagine that suicide is something you must think of often. It's the sort of thing that would come into the mind of a person like yourself for having left such ugly evidence of yourself all along the way you came.

Were I you I would watch out for the evil that you have given yourself over to because it has plans for you and they are not pretty.

I've got my own poetry to be concerned with.

You're not welcome here but I thought I should let the readers know a little more about you. Many of them know about your actions behind the scenes seeking to poison people against me. It does no good. Now please, go away and gnaw on your foot in your personal darkness. I pity you. You're in real trouble and Karma will find you shortly. That's how the universe works these days.

No one comes here because Neil's poems are being occasionally posted. they may encounter them in the process of coming here but that is not why they come.

Visible said...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the tribute always was to come on the anniversary of his passing. That's not occurred yet. You don't know much do you?

Ginnie Christmas said...'s a tribe name!

Anonymous said...

Katz - it's Hinnom for you - you feckless thug!


Ray B. said...

Vis: "...and resistance is futile."

So, you're saying that Mr. Apocalypse is the Borg? (grin)
Vis: "All of this is now in a state of transition because of Mr. Apocalypse and it is going to intensify to a remarkable degree in coming times. Watch and see."

This brings up an interesting observation. For weeks and weeks, I have been inquiring-within about whether what I call the Turning is 'manifesting'. I always got, "No." Well, a few days ago, I got the response that it is 'moving'. And it has been moving every check since then. (Further questioning about details proved useless. Although, when I ask about 'large' vs 'small' effects, the reply is large.) We will see...

Regardless of the above, there has been a second happening, possibly related. Long-term readers know that there has been a from-the-top-down clearing/cleaning of bad guys. 'We' have slowly worked all the way down to the edge of injured/programmed human levels. Most baddies above this level have come over to our side. Great work by all.

The second 'part' of this has to do with ordinary people. A large percentage of folks are so loaded up with pain that they cannot change. To change would be to confront and feel through the pain, and there is too much (present and past lives). Well, an effort has been quietly underway to 'strip' the populace of this type of pain. As of this date, over a quarter of ordinary people are of this de-pained state. No 'briefcases' or revelatory experiences. Just freedom to change, if they desire.

Even if the Turning is somehow stopped, this potential should introduce quite a 'wild card' into the future...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Katz ,

I don't know if Neil wrote this poem (I think he did) being it didn't have ..peace.. at the end but he sent this one for You. So maybe you should take it to heart.

Anonymous said...
Depraved sources identitys lost in reason
Habitual inducement to corrupted intent
Divided society driven by demons
Corporate entity's under false pretense
Zionists slavemongers restricted in outcome
Evil plans never seem to ever succeed
Its deeds waylaid castrated left starving
Thank goodness for the truth almighty and free
And the sense that this world could be better
Like a pathway onwards guiding us through
Where the people opened and awoke to all living
The life inside that is fearless and true
The guidance pouring in pure understanding
Clarifying rejuvenating in limitless sequence
Patterns behold and rise forthwith
And stand for the earth in total defence

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 6:17:00 PM

Is this public domain here?

Jeff walking hawk
Wadsworth, Ohio

Anonymous said...

My karma ran over my dogma
My karma ran over the sea
My karma ran over my dogma
Oh bring back my dogma to me...

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The ever Tightening and Widening Gyre of Disappearing Whiffenpoofs.

Visible said...

Katz, I don't read that garbage so you're wasting your time and your spelling is atrocious. I explained to the readers about your amorous designs on me over at the new Petri dish. Get a life.

insiam said...

Vis: 'since everything is nothing more than a projection of the mind' .....

Did not the big man upstairs say: 'I am that, I am ...'

(inserting the comma makes all the difference)

Visible said...

Oh well done!!!

Insiam, you are commanded to go and post that at the Visible Origami going up in about ten minutes. That nails the point I keep trying to make about how there is no need to worry about the bad guys if you know even just that one thing. Splendid! Strike a golden spike where that cat wailed!!! That has to be in the top five best comments of all time here.

Let me add that though the awareness of this is profound and powerful all of itself... the APPLICATION of it is cornucopia immense.

Thank you!!!

Visible said...

Double, triple thank you!!! Fucking impressive is what that is.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Mr. Apocalypse is Going to get You, One way or the Other.

The 10th Dentist said...

Les...brilliant as always!
off topic..I have an Aussie friend who I call a couple times a year to get caught up. We worked together in Thailand 30 years ago. We got into a discussion about the Sandy Hook shooting and the transparency of something not quite right. He recounted the Port Arthur massacre in Hobart , Tasmania from 1996 where a lone gunman killed 35 and wounded 23. The lone gunman was deemed to have mental problems {not surprising}.He recalled the immediate response from elected officials was gun control and over a period of a few years 630,000 guns were removed from the public through a state sponsored buy back program. Funds were generated through an increase in Aussie Medicare costs and vouchers were given out to various eateries and bars to buy back guns. The most striking piece of irony is that the gunman a one Martin Bryant was from a small Hobart suburb called NEWTOWN....YOU JUST CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP.

Anonymous said...

Now THIS is getting interesting, but not much coverage in the press, either alternative or otherwise. Knock out games not withstanding....

Visible said...

Tenth Dentist... Wow!!! That is interesting.

Hey, any chance we could work something out with my teeth? It never hurts to ask. Hmmm, that might just depend on what you're asking. I just thought of several exceptions.

est said...

i can't let that pass
been away from the net
but when i see someone
denigrating [including] neil,
even after his passing,
it pisses me off

we are working on the book, for neil,
and it will be available as a
download and a few hard copies for family
and friends [real ones]
you fool [katz]

also , w h, erin wants your email



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