Friday, November 26, 2021

"Like a Back-Filming of The Bataan Death March. They are The Zombie Hordes of Material Gods."

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They line the highways, prone and ambulatory. Like a back-filming of The Bataan Death March. They are The Zombie Hordes of Material Gods. They were not rendered zombies by The Vaccines. It is a wider chemistry at work. The rulership of Appetite over Reason has made them ignorant. Materialism caters to The Lower Nature. There are indeed poisons in the air and the water, and chemicals added for crowd control. Some of this works to calcify the Pineal Gland. The processed and fast food industries made to feed the lazy, and those who say they don't have the time to cook; they do their share. So does the Pharmaceutical Combine, and the other illegal arm of the same business. So does the Alcohol Empire. So do the various porn industries. So does The Bitch Media. So does the government. So do the feckless religions. So do... to a larger extent, The Usual Suspects who are deep into all of the aforementioned.

The Walking Wounded and the wounded who can no longer walk, are on the sidewalks, in the alleys, in front of your door, roaming the beaches at night, haunting the parks; looking for money, penises, or punishment. A wounded animal is not a friendly animal, most especially depending on who it was that wounded them. Some of them don't seem wounded at all. The damage is interior in those cases. They are replicating, as the various madnesses, birthed by materialism, take their toll.

Many of the disaffected, anti-social misfits are the ones more affected by The Madness, which is the real pandemic. The Awakening has something to do with this. When you can't handle what you are being shown, about The World or yourself, you head in the direction of Neurotic or Psychotic.

Carnal Living and Vice throw shadows, e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y they will take you to The Land of the Beasts. It is hard to run out of your shadow when your shadow keeps getting longer.

You saw that lengthy (by Twitter standards; the few standards that exist) video of the Kensington section of Filthydelphia. It was posted here a few weeks ago. People were bent over and motionless. Others were trying to dance to a different drummer; some percussionist that no sane person could hear. Their legs went at weird angles. They reminded me of children with motor-system-disability. There has always been some amount of collateral damage along the breakdown lanes of the superhighway of Materialism, especially once it moves into the realm of computers, and computers that build computers.

The problem ALWAYS comes, with Materialism, when it gets to a certain point, where it outstrips one's moral sense and... there went Atlantis and many another. Some things and some moving parts always remain in the aftermath... sort of serendipitous it is... in various locations that some seemed to know about ahead of time. You must remember that there are two sets of people involved in TRYING (or being able) to see ahead of The Event Horizon. One set has large amounts of money and influence. The other has Invisible Friends. You might say that both of them have Invisible Friends, BUT in the one case, they are not friends. You need to keep those blood sacrifices regular. It's like insurance premiums.

The ones with the money and influence, are the ones who caused the problems they are seeking to escape from. They might have done it just to increase their fortunes or... they might have done it simply for the amusement... or both. They bear a great deal of responsibility for those Walking Wounded, and the no longer walking. They bear responsibility for most of what is mentioned in the beginning of this post. They seem to think that having some fortress bunker in the jungles or high in The Andes or The Alps, and having armed guards and endless storage lockers of food and drink... chicks and drugs, that they will be fine. They will not be fine.

I could go into exquisite detail about why they are not fine, but I would think the reader has the facility to intuit what I am implying.

The self-imagined High and Mighty believe they will escape Justice, BECAUSE... they own the people who make the laws. That is only one court of The Land and not even the highest court. The highest court is not on The Land. It is above The Land, and The Land comes out of it to begin with, just like thoughts come out of your mind, and just like you came out of another, greater mind. You are a thought in a mind. Perhaps it is better to say you are a collection of thoughts, BUT... initially... you come out of a template that contains the schematic of the soul which you are, on the ray you inhabit. on your way to wherever it is you think you are headed. I tend to believe that Intention IS Direction, just as character is fate.

All the personalities that you have passed through, until now, were designed for you as an accommodation to the flowering of your Karma; be they Fleur de Mal or the flowering of beauty... or something somewhere between, as is USUALLY the case. Our personalities are transitory. There is meant, over lifetimes, to be less and less of it, so that... although you see the image, it is the light streaming through it that gets your attention, like a stained glass window. We are all... at different speeds, headed in this direction or another. The opposite direction takes you to The Land of Beasts or the playing field of demons.

I have nothing against beasts. I mean them no harm and they know this. Within their limited range of mentation, they can be quite smart according to animal cunning. Raccoon's know how to drown a dog. In the times of The Great White Hunter in Africa, Hyenas would track them across the wastes, somehow knowing that they would sit under a shade tree during the greater heat of certain hours. Then they might fall asleep or drowse for a time. Heat will do that to you. When the hyena senses that you are not alert, he rushes in and bites off a portion of your face. This does not kill you, BUT... the flies and other insect vermin will infect you very quickly. Then... as you try to make your way back to civilization, he tracks you again; perhaps with his pack.

I imagine some have survived this, and that is how the story comes to be known. It can end badly for you. How did the hyena know to do this? Oh... my friends, there are many such tales that do not come to you through the Daily News.

Somerset Maugham, one of the greatest writers of short stories EVER, wrote a number of tales about a consul posted to various shit-hole locations. In one of them, which took place somewhere in Africa, a consul (or someone known to the consul) was having it off ( as they like to say) with a local woman who saw to his laundry. In that part of Africa, there are terrible parasite worms that can get into your skin. They can even be seen moving around once they get established in their new home. They usually do not arrive singly. In order to defend against this, one had to iron the clothes in order to kill them. This consul or whoever the man was, had misused this woman in some fashion, and she did not take the proper precautions for him. He was infected. I suppose you might call this Jungle Justice. This is what those High and Mighty need to consider about those they hire to protect and serve them.

For those who employ Higher Love, these problems do not arise, nor do they need bodyguards and such. They have invisible bodyguards. They also have the very best early warning system. They know where the Sweet Honey in the Rock can be found. I don't know what it is about people who do not believe in a spiritual hierarchy... as above, so below. It is said that Heaven hardens the hearts of certain people so that they persist in their error. It appears that this must be true. Otherwise, people who think themselves so smart would not say and do such stupid things.

For some reason, certain people do not get that The Invisible runs the Visible Show, for good and for ill. The drama of Good and Evil goes on as Night follows Day. It transpires before an enormous audience; not all of whom are present on this planet. It is said that Lord Krishna has... on occasions, transformed a close friend or sincere devotee into an enemy for The Purpose of Demonstration. That is a troubling thought. Then again... look what happened to Job. The problem comes when The Mortal Mind seeks to define or interpret The Eternal Being. It's not going to happen. Look at all the myths from Greek and Roman times, and times before that. It seems like the lives of The Gods are a complex affair. Of course, this is all anthropomorphism and transference, where the human mind arranges the cosmos according to familiar circumstances in the mortal life.

A disturbing revelation was made in Slovenia recently. I suspect most of us already knew this was happening but now there is verification. You will find it in the Truthseeker article in the links below. The World Media has shut down the story of the mass murder in Wisconsin. Remember the Gabby Petito reportage? They are all about controlling perception. Look at what is happening in Australia with The Vaccine Nazis. Why is it happening there and in New Zealand? Now it is coming to Austria (of all places).

Given what little I know about who's who and what's what... I say... be watchful. All manner of surprising events will likely occur soon, for VARIOUS reasons, according to various authors of the conditions themselves. Be careful what you do, it will all come back on you.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

"What is Deepest and Most True Does Not Express Itself on the Material Plane, EXCEPT... as Impersonal Love."

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Christ WAS NOT a Jew. He was/is The Sun King from a perpetual lineage of the same. He is above race and religion. My sources tell me he was of Syrian extraction, but... what does that matter? It is not the conditions or ancestors of a realized person that speaks for them, but what he does with his circumstances; what he has done with his commission, because... make no mistake, we all come here with a commission, even if it is only the default folder of our Karma.

What did Jesus Christ look like? He looked like everyone else might look while looking into a mirror. You can think of God as being like a temporary pool in the Kalahari, where there is an unspoken, instinctive truce between the animals, both prey and predator. When the deer looks into the pool, he sees a deer and says, “Oh... that is what God looks like.” When the lion looks into the pool, he sees a lion and tells himself the same. When a snake looks into the water, he sees a snake. God looks like everyone to everyone, the perfect reflection in the smoking mirrors. The smoke is generated by Desire, BUT... God, in essence, does not look like anyone or anything. He is pure conscious light, BUT... he is ever so much more than that.

God is what is PRIOR TO... when he trends toward the manifest... he becomes an appearance. God is like The Wind. You can see the effect of The Wind on everything that can be moved by The Wind, BUT... you NEVER see The Wind. You see the clouds moving, dissolving, and appearing, but... you do not see the cause of the dynamic.

There is a tale told about a medieval monk who was cleaning out the stables. A vision of light appeared to him and stated that he was Jesus Christ. The monk looked at him and said, “Get thee hence or I will fill your mouth with this horse dung!” Hmm... what do you suppose that means? It means that Jesus Christ DOES NOT appear in front of you. He appears WITHIN YOU!

You have heard the saying... “if you see The Buddha on the road, kill him?” The Buddha is WITHIN. He is actually a state of mind... a level of awareness called, The Buddhi... Buddha-Mind... The Buddhic Plane. EVERYTHING is WITHIN YOU, including The Kingdom of Heaven. The Buddhi is The Intellect, BUT... that is only a stage in the affair, keeping in mind that it is a purified mindset.

I agree with the poison-heads in this one regard, the Christian religion has been hijacked as a weapon against The Useful Idiots by The Usual Suspects. HERE... right here is where the problem arises, for every religion that has been around for any length of time. What is deepest and most true of any of them, does not express itself on the material plane, EXCEPT... as Impersonal Love.

The laws we are compelled to live by are composed by lawyers, whose job is usually to get around the law to begin with. They compose the laws AND the loopholes. The doctrine and laws of the faith are composed by priests, who interpose themselves between God and Humanity for the benefit of neither. Who then... are the benefits generated for? Themselves.

This is the same principle by which programmers build Backdoors into software. Deception is the most persistent and profound expression occurring in the realm of The Senses. Anyone who has studied the text of Patanjali's Aphorisms understands... to some extent... what the meaning of 'restraining the Chitta' means. When you can restrain this, one needs no longer be concerned about what happens to them, because... only The Best that can happen will occur. Do I mean 'restrain'? Do I mean 'channel'? Words fall short. We use terms to describe things. None of them (as Lao Tzu says) are Absolute.

You are at one point or another within Carnal Mind or... The Liberated Mind. Carnal Mind is DRIVEN by appetite and desire. Liberated Mind is driven toward Liberation. More of human consciousness is in Carnal Mind in Times of Material Darkness. That is the direction it trends in. Consciousness is always moving in one direction or the other... Evolution... or Devolution. We are propelled into matter for the investigation of matter. Once having found whatever portion of that is appointed to us, we HEAD HOME. We go back the way we came. It is the story of The Prodigal Son.

This is all talk from my perspective, which is itself, always changing as a greater Clarity comes to me. Greater Clarity will come to anyone who seeks it. The same is true of Purity, BUT... of what value is Purity if you never lose it? How do you measure its value? This event, called The Fall, was no accident. It was intended to happen. We fall, and then we rise. It's cosmic biorhythm. Why do you think the kundalini force is depicted as a serpent? It is because of the way it moves. If it is said that the Fall of Man was instigated by Woman, who represents the fall into the sensitive life, it is ONLY through Woman that he will rise again; no getting around that.

We have invested all of this time into technology, directed toward comfort and the eradication of pain. Civilization is Humanity's reaction to pain. There is a much finer technology from which our ham-handed efforts are bastardizations of a much more profound science. We... Humanity... are now coming to a time where this science is going to appear again. A golden age is in the offing for those who are directed to that end. Purgatories of Regret and Hell's of Unrequited Desire also await for those so disposed.

We all have goals in this life. The majority of them are pedestrian and prosaic, as is fitting for the times in which we live at the moment, BUT... those times are passing. In the beginning, you see wild-eyed and murderous revolutionaries, who want to bend the whole of existence to their puny will, which is only borrowed for The Purpose of Demonstration. They will... soon enough- in Cosmic Time, be pushed to the margins, and saner and more informed voices will be heard.

We must remember who authored Communism and what it resulted in. Something like 60 million Russian Christians were murdered by The Usual Suspects, by... The Cheka. Over two-thirds of the members of this Russian Secret Police organization were (drum roll) Tribe Members. This is who it is that has taken over the American Education System. This is who owns Congress, The White House, and the legal apparatus. This is who owns the Central Banks and who devised The Federal Reserve so that they could control the money supply. This IS NOT speculation. This is all proven and can be easily discovered by any who seek to inquire therein.

THEY authored The Holodomor. They authored The Armenian Genocide. Again... this IS NOT speculation! They are presently genociding The Palestinians, AND they make war on their neighbors on their own High Holy Days in order to appease the Demonic Kingdom (which they believe serves them) with Blood Sacrifice. This is ALSO NOT speculation. They are the agents of Satan on Earth. Now... one can debate whether this role was apportioned to them by The Cosmos. God gave them the keys to The Candy Store for some reason. Somebody has to play the villain.

Always keep in mind that the whole show is for God's entertainment. You may not like this, but it is so. The Hindu Tradition calls it, God's Lila (look it up).

You see... when you consider the ABSOLUTE power of The Divine, you have to figure he influences everything. He certainly powers everything, and he is THE END portal to Purity Restored. Where this becomes a sticky wicket is that a greater portion of those who represent this tradition, racial character, religious disposition; whatever it actually is... are as good and decent people as anyone else in this benighted age. I have PERSONALLY met a number of them, and I have certainly been advantaged by studying and appreciating the creative talents of many of that demographic. THEY (the psychopathic bad guys) hide amidst their fellows, and use their fabricated persona as victims, while they victimize everyone else. The Poles have a saying... no doubt based on experience; “THEY... cry out in pain when they strike you.” Kind of says it all, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, THEY control the purse strings and their dupes and catamites, parrot whatever they wish to be said. It IS what it IS.

I cannot tell anyone The Way for them. The Way varies depending on temperament, character, and Karmic directives. When my friend, Michael Green told Guru Bawa about my situation on Maui, facing a 60-year mandatory sentence, he looked into his hand, like he usually did when considering the fate or track record of another, and said... “He'll be fine. He has simply taken another path.” This is a man (now invisible, but still very present) who possessed Divine Luminous Wisdom. Nothing was hidden from him.

We are presently resident on one of 7 rays. This has much to do with what befalls us and what is possible for us. Eventually... one returns to the Cosmic Prism and the color-nature of their ray is no longer relevant. They are Gate-Gate-Paragate= Gone- Gone- Gone Beyond. May you find that portal that opens for you into a world beyond description.

End Transformation.......

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Thursday, November 18, 2021

"When You No Longer want The World, The World No Longer has The Power to Influence You to Your Detriment."

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I've not seen so many frustrated and angry people as I see now. That's at a distance, of course, but noticeable nonetheless. If you think it's all random and accidental, you will spend your life trying to be ready for the unpredictable, and never be ready. Most certainly, you will miss things. One would need to be superhuman to maintain an unbroken attentiveness to the reports of the senses. Even if you could, you would only be getting half the story, because the other portion is outside the reach of the ordinary senses. It is true that some of us have awakened spiritual senses which sit atop the ordinary senses, but the numbers are quite small and some portion of them are not sane.

This is soon to change. One of the more powerful transformations being brought by The Great Awakening is 'a quickening' of the spiritual senses. Also... a great deal of madness will follow in the wake, as people find themselves unable or UNWILLING to process all the new stimuli.

It is not possible to entirely avoid the Insanity that is sweeping like wild winds around The World. There are two main themes at work. There is the Crass Media (including Social Media) that is owned by The Usual Suspects. They invent and promote racial strife, sexual perversity, and the despair of living that presently haunts humanity. The other theme is your real life, outdoor world, which brings you into contact with The Walking Wounded, and the momentarily stabilized at every turn. Thousands of cars... millions of cars pass one another on the highways. Each one encapsulates the lives they ferry from place to place. Think of the sheer magnitude of separate existences caught up in their personal drama among the millions of soap operas transpiring within the greater drama of the times.

Everywhere you turn there is plastic... the endless derivatives of petroleum that even goes into your food. The culture has turned to crap. The government institutions are loony bins. The religions are false front edifices of worn out and corrupted doctrines, in which the teachings of the founders have been subsumed into flaming dumpsters of incoherent double talk. None of any of it makes any sense at all. It is as if the greater portion of humanity is adrift upon a troubled ocean, hanging on to Styrofoam coolers in the aftermath of a great maritime tragedy. They don't know what happened or how they got there. They can't remember. They are just... there.

Everywhere you look, the flashing adverts and appeals to appetite and desire continue at an ever-intensifying rate. The cities looks like Bladerunner rip-off scenes from The Fifth Element. Escape from New York is a real thing.

Meanwhile... as the system collapses, the celebrities and other high-livers go on as if there were nary a problem in sight. They flaunt their ridiculous outfits and designer bags. They attend charity balls where the attendees gang-bang Charity into a state of induced coma. There is almost nothing to watch anymore. There is no music that is not dissonant noise. Mindless politicians with their feedbags in place, warn and terrify the sleepers with Climate Change lies. There is NOTHING you can do about Climate Change... NOTHING!!!

You cannot manufacture millions of cars that run on electricity if you abandon fossil fuels. They had a great solution with Hydrogen Power. What happened to that? Alternative energy sources are NOT capable of meeting our needs as we shall soon see. What the Hell is going on?

You see the world leaders mouthing idiocies that no sane person would consider. You see phony plandemic scams where the vaccines were ALREADY in place, and which are a thousand times more dangerous than the virus they trumpet, which is no more than an amalgam of the usual winter ills that befall a certain amount of the population every year. Meanwhile... the vaccines destroy the immune system. That is their general result, no matter which of the weakest links in the chain are determined to be responsible. The vaccines seem to initiate a form of Cancer where the body attacks itself.

I am not a chemist or any form of material scientist. The details and convoluted minutiae are beyond me, BUT... I do possess Common Sense. What is the outcome of it all? It is another construct of Them and Us. It is a new battleground between the doomed vaxxed and the intransigent unvaxxed. It's the old divide and conquer routine; “The people who live upstream are pissing in our drinking water. They have diseases! We must protect ourselves! We must destroy their village to protect our own.”

I had no idea there were so many stupid people! I thought the numbers were much smaller, BUT... I see the millions buying lies... wholesale fed to them by the talking heads. What is it that has brought together the political, religious, and entertainment worlds into subjection to a mysterious power, which they all seem to serve without question? The force of relentless media has broken the public will. WHO... who is it that is in control of the message being produced by The Media? What are their intentions? If you don't know by now you can head back to the first sentence of this paragraph and stay there. Maybe... just maybe The Four Horsemen will pass you by.

The problem is Material Culture and those who seek to control our understanding of it. As long as you are operative on their level, you are vulnerable to their wiles. You have to rise above them and this you do by sublimating your carnal nature, and using it to fuel a higher aspiration. You MUST have an Ideal that inspires you. No matter how out-of-reach it may seem to be, you will be drawn inexorably toward it by The Attractive Force which is Love, expressed in clear imitation of The Beloved. Only love gives you the power to surmount every obstacle. Once you no longer want anything from The World, The World no longer has the power to influence you to your detriment.

I've mentioned The Dial before. This is the mechanism by which Carnal Love is dialed up into Higher Love. Swami Vivekananda once said, “Om is God.”

Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda

It might be more illustrative to say that the primal and fundamental vibration from which all Adaptations emerge is God; the creator of all things. It gets tricky for the understanding when you consider God as the creator of all things and have to factor Evil into the mix.

The Nature of God is an eternal and perpetual mystery that only becomes tangible to us once it divides into opposites in The World of Duality. Of that which is prior to it, not much can be said that is intelligible. I'm not here to produce a primer along the lines of Metaphysics for Dummies. Let us just say that all that can be known has been known for a very long time by The Keepers of Ageless Wisdom. It's there to be found if one demonstrates the needed quantities of Faith, Certitude, and Determination. One attracts the one who opens the door between the worlds, the way the flower attracts the bee. Love is the supreme attractor and it illuminates whatever it is directed at; think of a flashlight beam that reveals the form of whatever it is focused on.

There are sensors in existence that are tripped when one begins to radiate a specific degree of Light in the form of Awareness. It is as if your car alarm has gone off. It attracts attention. The moment your course is on the upswing, all the invisible forces for Good rush to your side. The Wind of Heaven is at your back!

If you go into the combat zone of any city and you get mugged, whose fault is it... really? You went there. If you let your mind and emotions travel into the lower regions, you WILL meet those who live there!!! Love is sanctuary. Realized yogis live in the jungles of India for long periods of time. Hungry tigers pass them by. The wildlife does not trouble them because THEY ARE IN HARMONY WITH ALL LIFE. This is long-established truth that has been described in the writings of witnesses from many periods of time.

Perhaps you have seen the films where some shaky priest holds up a cross and the vampire shrinks away? Perhaps you have seen the films where the vampire laughs at the priest because there is no force behind the crucifix he holds before him? It is not The Cross that protects the priest or anyone. It is the force of faith behind the symbol that protects them. The Infernal World and the Supernal World are separated by a wide and impassable gulf, but there is a common playing field where their paths cross each other, and that is the middle ground between them on this plane where we presently find ourselves. You are either aligned with one kingdom or the other, and that is what sees to your fortunes here. You've got nothing to worry about if you've got nothing to worry about.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, November 15, 2021

"God ALWAYS has to Come Back IN PERSON because The Way Gets Lost in a Wider Sense as Time Goes By."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I had a dream last night; it will be a couple of days before you see this, so it won't, really, be last night. I have been working with those things we do at night... sleeping... dreaming. I've wanted greater control over that area of my life. Other areas, I want no control over at all, because it's not my department. Self-mastery means being in charge in all the right places. That is how you master the rest, in every case, by self-mastery, and... it is The Self that masters you anyway. That is a VERY IMPORTANT thing to know. Either you are fighting it or you are serving it. I prefer the latter, Actually, I insist on it.

Others have other arrangements. About the dreaming, so... I had a dream and there were these people, who might not have been people, (that only came to me later as a maybe). They would come to you and tell you one thing, which would cause you to go somewhere with them. Then you would be compromised and you would have to do their bidding. This is the short version. That is the only version I have.

I had been trying to figure out (in the waking state) why people did... what they had to know was wrong... again, and again, and again. This then is what came to me in the dream. Then I realized that is what goes on in life. Certain countries have taken this into a specialized expertise. As you might imagine, a lot of thoughts came to me then, about the costs of corruption and lies. Certainly, I have gone astray in life, but I came to my errors earlier and have been correcting myself since. A great many people are imprisoned... within. Some are afraid to come out unless it involves Kink. Then there are these forces who push serial immorality on the people.

I dislike vanity because it makes you believe a lie about yourself. This will lead you to lie to others, if only for the sake of convenience when The Truth just won't do. You have a responsibility to yourself so parts of you are not for sale. Hmm. It could be that none of you is for sale, but the parts can be sold in the marketplaces of The World. Vanity creates all kinds of problems for the people who have it. It is the same with all of those other undesirable traits that perform here in the theater of life. Why would people want to have characteristics that annoy other people and also lead to harm for themselves? The smoke of their desire obscures the immediate foreground.

Perhaps a little explanation about how we see Appetite, in relation to Desire. In appetite, you are consuming. In desire, it is consuming you. Passion is a form of desire. If one has a higher passion, one can reach it quicker than you might think because of the fuel of emotion that they throw on the furnace and the fuel is progressively refined... until you are only burning sunlight. God loves it when you are attracted to him. It can change your life.

I would not recommend the path of knowledge... not in these times. The path of love is much more certain. God loves it when you are attracted to him. The Divine Mother is the reflection in the whirling force of Nature. She is the purity and other qualities lacking in the hearts of men. Those who seek her on this level will get her on this level. Those who seek her on the other level will find her on that level. Once again, but differently put, we find what we are looking for, even if we shouldn't be looking for it.

The Dancing World is a dance of mortality. The Doomed parade about as if they will be here forever. They behave as if what they do has no consequences. Thank God, I work for a different enterprise. This initiatic brotherhood has been around forever, mostly out of sight, except when The Purpose of Demonstration is called for. Some performances last for thousands of years. Still, God ALWAYS has to come back IN PERSON because The Way gets lost in a wider sense, as time goes by.

I cannot tell what shape it is going to take. The closest I can come is to watch what happens around me, which is mostly idyllic and unconcerned with The World at Large. God is my friend. God is my ONLY friend, and he appears in my other friends as well, in times of contact. That is The World I seek to live in and to share. I know there are some number who have more extreme expectations from life. Fortunately, they do not include me. If you are ONLY interacting with God, God is who will show up, in all manner of ways.

Sometimes I think of what Marlon Brando said to Karl Malden in “One-Eyed Jacks”; “You may think you're a one-eyed Jack but I have seen the other side of your face.” They had been desperadoes once and Malden had betrayed Brando. It's one of those classic moral tales of vengeance best served cold. It's flawed in many ways and has not stood the test of time, but it's far better than a lot of the crap I see these days.

I don't know how much of it others are seeing. I am noticing sweeping changes in the public mood, as well as the general direction of life responding to life. I have been suspecting that The Good Guys set this whole thing up so that The Bad Guys could fail in a spectacular way. Certainly, things are not going according to plan. You can see this as they apply the Israeli maxim, “First use force. If that doesn't work, use more force.”

I have to watch that I do not get on rants about specific aspects of those representing The Darkness, as well as profiting from it. Some feed on the darkness in The Darkness. Some are fed by the light in The Light. We all have our roles to play here. Some of us were meant to play villains. This cosmic soap opera goes on across the centuries, in which Vanity and other ills also come to their epiphany or denouement... or at whatever point that direction runs out of road. When you are walking toward The Everlasting, this is not a concern.

Trying to plumb the depths of love is not unlike a frog in a pond being told about the ocean. It is hard to communicate that it is not just a bigger pond. Not having ever seen anything else is also a hindrance to understanding. As you walk The Spiritual Path, these hindrances are removed like the Samskaras they are. We are limited by our imperfections; our shortcomings. These are removed as one proceeds. Some are impatient, and some feel it is all moving too fast. Perhaps they should stop trying to set the pace? One's understanding of Doing and Not Doing, like Being and Non-Being is subjective to where you are on the stairs.

“What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his only soul?” That and other examples of Ageless Wisdom go beyond mere dogma, to an extended meaning for the mindful. I seem to have pissed some people off due to The Cassandra Syndrome that I have had all my life. In the beginning, it was inadvertent. Then it moved to the intentional. It progressed from there to involuntary because I didn't have any say in the first place. I only thought I did. Telling the truth is not just a revolutionary act, it is also suicidal if you are not paying attention.

You know that phrase, “damned if you do, damned if you don't?” Well... you're not actually damned in the classic sense, but the easy way out of the briars takes a great deal more time. I imagine it depends on how much pain you can take. Pain is also on a dial. It is like the spirit informing matter that change is taking place... or might take place with even more force if change is not permitted without resistance; fat lot of good that does anyway.

People everywhere on the internet all have complex answers to complex questions, especially in forums and comments sections. Everyone is an expert and they ALL disagree with each other. They are awash in minutiae. None of them listen to each other because they are all trying to be heard above the others, and none of them are right, and none of it matters. It's like the meteorologists, the economists... and others. If they turn out to be right it goes against the usual patterns for them, because they are USUALLY wrong. People write exhaustive commentaries on what other people said that they bought into and which they appropriate and use for their arguments.

I have no idea about whatever it is they are saying and my eyes glaze over in short order, and I tell myself, “I don't want to read any more of this.” People are welcome to fill their heads with nonsense and they do so. It is no wonder that at the end they sit perplexed on their front porch, wondering what was all of that garbage that had no positive impact on their life. If it doesn't make my life better and bring me closer to God, I could care less. I save myself a lot of time avoiding 99% of what is out there. It takes about 5 seconds to catch the drift of what any of them are saying, which is NOTHING in all caps.

God KNOWS EVERYTHING!!! He owns EVERYTHING. He controls EVERYTHING! This I KNOW. What possible reason is there for me to listen to anyone else? Their arguments, whatever they may be, have no impact on my existence. They are shouting into the wind of God breathing all around them AND through them. They are blind and cannot see. You get nowhere contending with them. They'll find out. EVERYONE does!

Let me close with something from HPB (that no doubt those who never met her and weren't there will tell you was part of some cult of The Elite) which I have posted here several times. It fits in well with the last few paragraphs.

“There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind,
but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe:
I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only,
and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore.
There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer;
there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through;
there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount.

For those who win onwards there is a reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity;
for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.”

End Transmission.......

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‘Queer’ Academic Denounces Stigma Against Pedophiles

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If you are a phrenologist you can see what the problem here might be=
Biden’s FCC pick is a fan of censorship
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Gigi Sohn

Via PJ Media
Because I know that the COVID scam is a worldwise conspiracy I have delayed a procedure I have been meaning to have for several years. It's not critical, just occasionally uncomfortable. I suspect people might be getting inoculated via PCR tests, or ANY available medium=
112 Loudoun County Children Given Adult Doses of COVID Vaccine;
Pharmacy Is Sorry for the 'Inconvenience'

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The whole house of cards is tumbling, and look!
There go the dominoes. ♫ Oh oh Domino ♫=

White House tries to distance itself from DOJ, NSBA memos, but says meeting was 'standard practice'

Tiernan Darnton

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Why... it couldn't be the vaccines, could it?

New Jersey plane crash kills Blue Origin astronaut who flew with William Shatner

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His religion is concealed-

David H Berger Wife, Family And Religion:
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David Berger

The above document is just the executive summary:
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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

"Peace with Oneself, and Peace with The World are Both Achieved Simultaneously by Letting Go of Either One."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I've noticed several strange... events? Non Events? Governor Newsom, who disappeared from public view a couple of weeks ago... suddenly... allegedly... appeared at a couple of functions... and... and... skipped a major climate conference he was supposed to be present at in order to... to trick or treat with his children. Halloween must be very big in that family. Then... for a while, there was a casting call out for the Gv'ner lookalikes from some talent agency.

He had just gotten the vaccine booster.

He basically disappeared for two weeks, give or take.

Word started to go around that he had Bell's Palsy as a reaction to the vaccine and could not appear in public, lest people associate bad things with this toxic vaccine. I don't know what's what but I read the articles about his reappearance at a couple of functions, one of which was a wedding for a John Paul Getty heir. There was an isolated headshot of him in a mask (he could have been anywhere); well... he just got the booster shot, of course, he's wearing a mask... The article, which headlined Newsom being there, had no details whatsoever, and it was glossed over in the rest of the article. Now here's an eerie coincidence... the SAME THING happened at the next (or was it previous?) event. Woo Woo. He's the invisible man, but... but... he walks among us like The Phantom.

Obviously, even a borderline intellect like myself can say, “Wow! That sure is a lot of smoke.” Something is burning somewhere; besides hypocrisy that is. Well, hypocrisy is not the theme here. Concealment is a part of the theme. To me... all of this leads to Mr. Apocalypse. He is trembling the floorboards of the high and mighty in their minds, by playing with their minds. Nothing is going right. That last step they took. It was a burned bridge too far.

There is a mysterious force that permeates this planet. Nothing is hidden from it. It is present everywhere. The Conscious, Eternally Living Entity, knows what's going on. Usually, he lets human nature take its course, out of which have come good things and bad things because there are two natures. One group of humanity seeks to control all of the vice and attractions of the lower nature. Another group, much less visible, works to awaken and activate the higher nature. Many times in the past, men of either intention have made themselves to appear as the other, for the purposes of Heaven. The higher nature wins, of course, but... not without a great deal of attrition over the course of the struggle.

It's okay to stop suffering. It's okay to get off the wheel of cause and effect or... to do only good. Yes... (grin) that is permitted. There are so many sicknesses of the mind in these times. Materialism spawns Insanity. What was that thought Kipling had in his poem, “If”? something about keeping your head while all around are losing theirs... If you can do that, that's when the real clarity and stability begin. There is no stability without foundation. Even if it is made out of sand, which is the composition of material dreams and moonbeams mixed into a clay-like substance. Then The Wind and The Rain comes in... as well as The Sun... and it begins to wear away.

When you are utterly reliant on God, then God can perform His wonders in your life. Even if that is nothing more than being at peace with The World, it is still an accomplishment of something that will serve you well on this plane and every plane of being... and for an infinitude of time beyond... and continuing. Now and again, Chapter 43 of Autobiography of a Yogi comes to mind. It's that part about Yogananda's master, Sri Yukteswar, returning from the dead in an actual body and then telling Yogananda about what he sees where he is. I KNOW that such things happen and it makes all of the pedestrian treasures less than nothing at all.

It's like having the wonder of a child looking at the stars and saying, “Wouldn't you like to go there?” That is how I see the arcane realm, the hidden kingdoms of the mind and the heart. I have some idea of what travels with me when I go elsewhere. I'm pretty much letting that take care of itself, keeping in mind who it is you are reliant on.

What's that line? “Uneasy rests the head that wears the crown”? I think that's it. I could go and check everything but I am only trying to be close enough for rock and roll. You know... like the ship of your being on the waters of The World... a sea of change. It is a constant adjustment until you can still the sea. There are remarkable possibilities for all of you now if you should wish to take advantage of them. God has opened the candy store for spiritual seekers. In a world like the world of the moment, one has to take into consideration the Degree of Difficulty. You are never left unprepared if you are prepared. So... we have access to deeper degrees of our being now, and that means undiscovered talents and abilities brought up to The Surface World.

Because this is an apocalypse, The World is putting on a display of all that is wrong with itself, cause that is what uncovering and revealing brings about. The more THEY try to hide what they are up to, the more it does a Wack a Mole somewhere else.

So... The Gv'ner got a hot-shot. That can't be accidental. Don't they have all kinds of placebo vaccines for the occasion, depending on who is to be messed with, and who is to be left alone? If they would Hit The Gv'ner... why... they would hit anyone. Yeah... we know that, but... it mostly always means they are sending a message.

Surely you have wondered how they managed to conceal the truth about 9/11 for so long. The truth is that most people don't care. If it does not directly involve them, they will just keep their head down and hope not to be singled out. They might care, at a distance, but there is always something else going on, something else to be attracted to or intrigued by. The Mind is relentless. There is no hope for accommodation. It does not restrain itself. It must be restrained... and that... that is a process. Scientology has its version of this. All the big players have their version, and it works where it is intended to work, which is NOT inside my head.

Given that The Mind is such a wily character, and given the disadvantage you are put at, due to The Senses constantly bombarding The Mind... and you... since it is your mind. Let's see, we can call it John, or Jane Doe Mind. It makes the idea of a toe-tag seems so much more romantic when the perfume of anonymity enters your nose and then migrates across the blood-brain barrier into the brain, but... I'm getting ahead of myself. The Mind has COMPONENTS. It is like a multistory house, and even on each floor, there are rooms that serve a purpose. Somewhere in that house is The Reactive Mind. You must take your sword and go and slay it. Wait a minute!!! Okay... we can probably consider other mediums of communication.

Somehow... you must 'still' The Reactive Mind. It is only then that you can hear The Voice. The Reactive Mind serves the purpose of concealing The Inner Voice. Some might call it The Intuition, but it is more than that. The Intuition is one of its servants, though he may consider them friends.

Peace with oneself and peace with The World are both achieved simultaneously by letting go of either one. Mayhap neither will go anywhere, but you are no longer attached to them. Therefore you do not have to concern yourself with freeing yourself from the entangling brambles that are everywhere around these days. It's a nice environment when your mind is an open space through which ideas freely flow. If I hear that ring, that Special Ring... It gains my attention and I dial it in.

The Mind has its own games and so does The Heart. The Heart is fickle or it is true, between them lies its torment. Having set my heart on ONE thing and one thing alone, everything else falls into place accordingly. That is ALWAYS the case, unless... one resists. “No man can serve two masters.” This I have heard. I think sometimes it is more than two, like in a subdivision of the same into different specialties. In medicine, you have to pick a specialty, even then it can subdivide. The Mind is like a city or a town. It can be crowded or near empty. I like the High, Wide, and Wholesome.

I have seen the hungers that feed on people who believe they are feeding themselves. I have seen the cities of night lit up with desire. It's a humbling moment to see all the unreal dreams and expectations, all of which come to naught unless it is a gift from The Almighty ...and you are the appointed steward. People mistake blessings for curses all the time, and it works the other way around too. That is where values... spiritual qualities come in. If there were one thing I would ask God for, before all else, save his presence, is his qualities. I think there can be no finer acquisition anywhere... at any time.

End Transmission.......

I saw a film called “Inheritance” earlier in the year. It had Simon Pegg in it. I've only seen him in comedies previous to this. This is a suspense thriller, and IF you like that sort of thing, it hits all the buttons.

The character that Pegg plays rivals what I have seen from Anthony Hopkins. What is very cool is that you don't know what's going on for a long time. I include it because so many of the reviews are bad. It made me wonder, given the giganormous amount of crap out there. I found it highly entertaining for the acting alone.

And some assorted links=

Ingo Rademacher

Via Breitbart
The headline said he was there.
The article didn't mention him there.
It just talked about the Phony Climate symposium that he didn't attend=
He's definitely DOWN in some secret location=

Gavin Newsom Skipped Climate Summit for Billionaire Oil Heiress’s Wedding

Nicholas Kristof

Via Breitbart
When I think of Biden, I always think about how classy he is.
This time is no exception=

Emissions Reported at Climate Summit:
Camilla Blown Away After Hearing Joe Biden ‘Loudly’ Fart

Via Breitbart
The light is breaking on the shores of Satanic Darkness=
Polls Show Growing Rejection of Transgenderism

Friday, November 5, 2021

"When a Nation Departs from Fear of Offending God, It has a Signed Contract for The Purpose of Demonstration."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There is this school of thought out there that thinks everyone who is famous (or was famous) is somehow connected to the oxymoronic Intelligence Services. Also, they think everyone is lying. There is some truth to that, simply because often people do not know what they are talking about. I don't know if they say these things so that you will trust them because they are not famous, but if everyone is a liar, are they not liars too?

I cannot believe that such a percentage of humanity would ALL be covert operatives for The Dark Side. I do not believe this of people I know. I do not believe this of myself. I do not believe that all the musical acts and individuals from the '60s and '70s were Mk Ultra and Tavistock Stooges. I knew a number of famous rock personalities. I especially heard the songs, and THERE IS NO DOUBT in my mind that some of the work was inspired by heavenly agency. It lifted up the whole world for a while.

The second time I saw the intelligence services get involved with the music scene was when it switched to Disco, which came out of Gay Culture, and then the Cocaine and Heroin followed after. I was streetside for much of this. I was living in its atmosphere. I saw what happened in the 80s. I have watched The World being shaped to certain ends. For a time there was a lot of beauty in The World for those who found it. The 60s and part of the 70s had angels composing in human minds. Yes... they got eaten up by the material world. Many lost their muses; most lost their muses, but... to believe Evil of everyone, is just another we are all fallen” story. We are not all fallen. Some of us have risen.

The first time I saw it was when they twisted the formula of LSD. I was at Altamont. I played at one of the Woodstock Anniversaries before Richie Havens came on. I was around these people. Yes... a lot of them were hedonists and out for themselves; NOT all of them. Richie was one of the finest lights I met. He was always warm and giving.

Everyone famous, or rich, or fortunate is not a tool of the intelligence services. To say this is to be mad, but not in a good way. Yes... there is a lot of darkness in this world, but there is more light than there was before and it is getting brighter by the day. The Winds of Change have arrived and... well... expect ANYTHING.

I haven't said enough about this trend of painting all famous people, living and dead, with few exceptions (which would certainly not include the authors of this trend) as pawns or intentionally evil. You did not see this until recent years. Now I see more and more of The Frenzied Anonymous, parroting this BS. Of course, there are cabals of powerful people seeking more power, and who have as little humanity as a crocodile. Of course, they do not mean us well, BUT... they are NOT the power. God is the power. He has just kept out of a visible presence for a while. Now the ground is shifting. Where we might differ on that is what we attribute the cause to.

Whenever you run across someone downgrading the human experience, you can be certain they are not seeing from a higher perspective. If you preach confusion, you will reap confusion. If you preach Doom and Gloom, you will reap Doom and Gloom. If you engage in deception for personal profit, you have been deceived in ways you will come to regret.

The Evil Side of Things, the wrong side of things, the place where things go wrong, is the place that does not see clearly. Sin means to miss the mark. Many people who are caught up in the negative side of things, do not want to be there. They are victims of a mindset. Your mindset determines your living situation. Your state of mind IS your reality. You don't have to be angry. You don't have to be sad. You don't have to be disappointed or jealous, but you are. Why is that? Why do you let resentment and wounded vanity run your life?

One NEVER shines so brightly as when seeking not to shine. One SHOULD know that if they get into the money game, it NEVER ends. I don't care what good intentions you went into it with. It is going to kick your ass. Some say that Heroin is the worst thing to kick, excruciating I hear. Some say, oh no! Alcohol is worse than that. I'd say money beats them both, hands down. I've been around people with money and fame. I've known people with many millions of dollars, and I see how their lives went. I never had anything like their money, but I have had a much better life. Now I want for nothing, and also want nothing. It is a fine combination.

Everyone famous is not an Intelligence asset. Some of them don't even have any intelligence. Then, I guess you could say, they are a dupe, BUT... not everyone. Not everyone is a dupe, or a playa, or a low life. Why would you want to think everyone is like that? I posted a series of names last week or so about certain figures who seem to shade the truth... but EVERYBODY? That just doesn't make sense. MOST people are okay if you are okay. I've met people you would not want to meet under inauspicious circumstances and I got along with them fine.

I was in a particular lockup in this country when I was young. It was one of only two establishments at the time that housed the criminally insane, accused of federal crimes. I was there for around a year and a half. Several of the inmates were serial killers. There were rage junkies, and people trying to beat a serious rap. There were con artists. I got along with just about everyone because I did not get on their bad side. This also means showing no fear. All bets are off if you start radiating fear, and let me tell you... in a place like that with those kinds of people, they smell fear like a jungle predator would. Some of them are almost that feral. Some of them are REALLY crazy in a bad way.

I was in there for two ounces of pot that I didn't even sell. I was entrapped. I got sent to this max because I would not cooperate in their schemes to destroy me. The place is now Homeland Insecurity Headquarters.

Mostly though, I had God. Not the Jumping Revival God, nothing secular. Explaining God is not possible, but he can be experienced. Yes... there are a lot of frauds out there. This DOES NOT mean everyone is a fraud. We are all a piece of work. Life is the studio in which we are sculpted by unseen hands. You can choose who sculpts you by seeking to emulate them, and THAT... THAT WILL fashion you. Imitate your hero. By all means, you should have a hero, someone you wish to be like. You cannot be The God, but... you can be a conscious part of that God. You can be a living conscious cell in that body of light.

When you weave negative perspectives about life, and sow suspicion, and doubt, and fear, you will reap this. You will. Seeing monsters under the bed, and playing the Boy who Cried Wolf, may pay off in the short term, but it is an ill-advised career move, long term...

I am appearing at other sites besides here at the blogs. At one of them, there is a series of characters who show up and play their one-note song over, and over, and over. It doesn't matter what the article is about. They are human billboards for a certain form of thinking that will never see the light of day in the wider world. It is a form of graffiti-tagging. Maybe it's like virtual street gangs, marking their turf in The Virtual World. I do not know why they call it The Virtual World.

Anyway... what a crowd of naysayers we have in these times, to spend all day seeking to sully everyone that comes to your attention. I made it a point to only post under my own name because I stand behind what I say. I guess it is easy to say just about anything when no one knows who you are, including yourself. A fairly large sector of Humanity is going to be in extremis (or what passes for extremis for them) in the not too distant future. We got fat, and we got lazy. We fell in love with comfort and convenience. Our whole civilization is our reaction to pain. We are going to be having our values clarified for us in times to come.

When a nation departs from a fear of offending God, it has signed a contract for The Purpose of Demonstration. What I call God; the ineffable... The Divine... The Almighty... The Supreme Enjoyer, is beyond any possibility of description or definition, but real? Oh! You better believe it! People get all twisted up about it because they have a definition or a description, or because others have a description or definition they object to it. NO ONE KNOWS!

A long time ago, I realized that no one knows and that whatever they were telling me was their version of it. I learned to cherry-pick my versions, and it turned out that the only people I enjoy listening to are realized yogis, spiritual teachers, sages, and mystics. Everyone else leaves me cold. Unless God is the centerpiece, I don't want to sit at the table. Not everyone is going to agree with this version, which is my version. That is perfectly okay, just move along and you will find what you are looking for... maybe, maybe not. I don't know.

I do have one recommendation to make, however... Try not to be so heavy on everyone else. If you are a drag on life, only the similar unfortunates will share your blanket... you will be in a camaraderie of crows, a culture of vultures, or a Wicca of weasels. If you catch the Curmudgeon Flu or the Misanthrope Virus, you will be no fun to be around and will only attract others like yourself. Give Humanity a break. They're working on it, but MORE IMPORTANTLY... It is working on them. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

Down at the bottom, beyond the links, I am going to talk about films. When I see a film that is different, for whatever the reason, I will post it here at the very bottom of the page.

A litany of links=

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Why... it couldn't be the vaccines!
Something Really Strange Is Happening At Hospitals All Over America

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Here on the beach in Arizona, we wave goodbye to the great state of Kalifornia!=
5-year-olds soon have to show vaccine cards in San Francisco

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This was developed and sold by The Usual Suspects
Their behavior is no surprise whatsoever-

Disturbing Pfizer Ad Tells Kids They’ll Get Superpowers from COVID Jab

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And so it begins. The mass reactions are setting in=
Their behavior is no surprise whatsoever-

The hospitals in Australia are being overrun.
Not from Covid. And no one can explain why.

Via Bloomberg Law
Don't tread on me=
Their behavior is no surprise whatsoever-

High Court Signals It Will Void New York Gun-Carrying Limits

Via What Finger
Uh... yeah... Sir Issac Newton's little known brother;
Fig Newton=
Their behavior is no surprise whatsoever-

This crow has a masters degree in physics...
Incredible little brains, no?

Via Fox News
And you thought your only worries here would be STDs=
Their behavior is no surprise whatsoever-

Americans at Cancun LGBT+ event in hiding after men with long guns reportedly storm beach

NY Times

I saw a film the other day called "Samsara." There is no dialogue, just a soundtrack. It has some images I have seen nowhere else. Some of you might like it. Then I saw a mainstream film that just came out, called "The Eyes of Tammy Faye." It will get nominated by The Acadamy (of Nimrods), but I mention it because it is historical and eerily well represented by the actors. Then I saw an Indie called, "Falling for Figaro." It's different in some ways which... by being somewhat PC... still hits its intentions. I AM NOT recommending these as must-sees, only that they stood out against the usual crap from The Usual Suspects.