Friday, November 26, 2021

"Like a Back-Filming of The Bataan Death March. They are The Zombie Hordes of Material Gods."

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They line the highways, prone and ambulatory. Like a back-filming of The Bataan Death March. They are The Zombie Hordes of Material Gods. They were not rendered zombies by The Vaccines. It is a wider chemistry at work. The rulership of Appetite over Reason has made them ignorant. Materialism caters to The Lower Nature. There are indeed poisons in the air and the water, and chemicals added for crowd control. Some of this works to calcify the Pineal Gland. The processed and fast food industries made to feed the lazy, and those who say they don't have the time to cook; they do their share. So does the Pharmaceutical Combine, and the other illegal arm of the same business. So does the Alcohol Empire. So do the various porn industries. So does The Bitch Media. So does the government. So do the feckless religions. So do... to a larger extent, The Usual Suspects who are deep into all of the aforementioned.

The Walking Wounded and the wounded who can no longer walk, are on the sidewalks, in the alleys, in front of your door, roaming the beaches at night, haunting the parks; looking for money, penises, or punishment. A wounded animal is not a friendly animal, most especially depending on who it was that wounded them. Some of them don't seem wounded at all. The damage is interior in those cases. They are replicating, as the various madnesses, birthed by materialism, take their toll.

Many of the disaffected, anti-social misfits are the ones more affected by The Madness, which is the real pandemic. The Awakening has something to do with this. When you can't handle what you are being shown, about The World or yourself, you head in the direction of Neurotic or Psychotic.

Carnal Living and Vice throw shadows, e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y they will take you to The Land of the Beasts. It is hard to run out of your shadow when your shadow keeps getting longer.

You saw that lengthy (by Twitter standards; the few standards that exist) video of the Kensington section of Filthydelphia. It was posted here a few weeks ago. People were bent over and motionless. Others were trying to dance to a different drummer; some percussionist that no sane person could hear. Their legs went at weird angles. They reminded me of children with motor-system-disability. There has always been some amount of collateral damage along the breakdown lanes of the superhighway of Materialism, especially once it moves into the realm of computers, and computers that build computers.

The problem ALWAYS comes, with Materialism, when it gets to a certain point, where it outstrips one's moral sense and... there went Atlantis and many another. Some things and some moving parts always remain in the aftermath... sort of serendipitous it is... in various locations that some seemed to know about ahead of time. You must remember that there are two sets of people involved in TRYING (or being able) to see ahead of The Event Horizon. One set has large amounts of money and influence. The other has Invisible Friends. You might say that both of them have Invisible Friends, BUT in the one case, they are not friends. You need to keep those blood sacrifices regular. It's like insurance premiums.

The ones with the money and influence, are the ones who caused the problems they are seeking to escape from. They might have done it just to increase their fortunes or... they might have done it simply for the amusement... or both. They bear a great deal of responsibility for those Walking Wounded, and the no longer walking. They bear responsibility for most of what is mentioned in the beginning of this post. They seem to think that having some fortress bunker in the jungles or high in The Andes or The Alps, and having armed guards and endless storage lockers of food and drink... chicks and drugs, that they will be fine. They will not be fine.

I could go into exquisite detail about why they are not fine, but I would think the reader has the facility to intuit what I am implying.

The self-imagined High and Mighty believe they will escape Justice, BECAUSE... they own the people who make the laws. That is only one court of The Land and not even the highest court. The highest court is not on The Land. It is above The Land, and The Land comes out of it to begin with, just like thoughts come out of your mind, and just like you came out of another, greater mind. You are a thought in a mind. Perhaps it is better to say you are a collection of thoughts, BUT... initially... you come out of a template that contains the schematic of the soul which you are, on the ray you inhabit. on your way to wherever it is you think you are headed. I tend to believe that Intention IS Direction, just as character is fate.

All the personalities that you have passed through, until now, were designed for you as an accommodation to the flowering of your Karma; be they Fleur de Mal or the flowering of beauty... or something somewhere between, as is USUALLY the case. Our personalities are transitory. There is meant, over lifetimes, to be less and less of it, so that... although you see the image, it is the light streaming through it that gets your attention, like a stained glass window. We are all... at different speeds, headed in this direction or another. The opposite direction takes you to The Land of Beasts or the playing field of demons.

I have nothing against beasts. I mean them no harm and they know this. Within their limited range of mentation, they can be quite smart according to animal cunning. Raccoon's know how to drown a dog. In the times of The Great White Hunter in Africa, Hyenas would track them across the wastes, somehow knowing that they would sit under a shade tree during the greater heat of certain hours. Then they might fall asleep or drowse for a time. Heat will do that to you. When the hyena senses that you are not alert, he rushes in and bites off a portion of your face. This does not kill you, BUT... the flies and other insect vermin will infect you very quickly. Then... as you try to make your way back to civilization, he tracks you again; perhaps with his pack.

I imagine some have survived this, and that is how the story comes to be known. It can end badly for you. How did the hyena know to do this? Oh... my friends, there are many such tales that do not come to you through the Daily News.

Somerset Maugham, one of the greatest writers of short stories EVER, wrote a number of tales about a consul posted to various shit-hole locations. In one of them, which took place somewhere in Africa, a consul (or someone known to the consul) was having it off ( as they like to say) with a local woman who saw to his laundry. In that part of Africa, there are terrible parasite worms that can get into your skin. They can even be seen moving around once they get established in their new home. They usually do not arrive singly. In order to defend against this, one had to iron the clothes in order to kill them. This consul or whoever the man was, had misused this woman in some fashion, and she did not take the proper precautions for him. He was infected. I suppose you might call this Jungle Justice. This is what those High and Mighty need to consider about those they hire to protect and serve them.

For those who employ Higher Love, these problems do not arise, nor do they need bodyguards and such. They have invisible bodyguards. They also have the very best early warning system. They know where the Sweet Honey in the Rock can be found. I don't know what it is about people who do not believe in a spiritual hierarchy... as above, so below. It is said that Heaven hardens the hearts of certain people so that they persist in their error. It appears that this must be true. Otherwise, people who think themselves so smart would not say and do such stupid things.

For some reason, certain people do not get that The Invisible runs the Visible Show, for good and for ill. The drama of Good and Evil goes on as Night follows Day. It transpires before an enormous audience; not all of whom are present on this planet. It is said that Lord Krishna has... on occasions, transformed a close friend or sincere devotee into an enemy for The Purpose of Demonstration. That is a troubling thought. Then again... look what happened to Job. The problem comes when The Mortal Mind seeks to define or interpret The Eternal Being. It's not going to happen. Look at all the myths from Greek and Roman times, and times before that. It seems like the lives of The Gods are a complex affair. Of course, this is all anthropomorphism and transference, where the human mind arranges the cosmos according to familiar circumstances in the mortal life.

A disturbing revelation was made in Slovenia recently. I suspect most of us already knew this was happening but now there is verification. You will find it in the Truthseeker article in the links below. The World Media has shut down the story of the mass murder in Wisconsin. Remember the Gabby Petito reportage? They are all about controlling perception. Look at what is happening in Australia with The Vaccine Nazis. Why is it happening there and in New Zealand? Now it is coming to Austria (of all places).

Given what little I know about who's who and what's what... I say... be watchful. All manner of surprising events will likely occur soon, for VARIOUS reasons, according to various authors of the conditions themselves. Be careful what you do, it will all come back on you.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

In reference to Krishna's Lilas and how He (at times) fights and kills His great devotees this story of Jay and Vijay (gatekeepers of Vaikuntha) is short and sweet and lovely.

Visible said...

Really thank you for that link about Krishna's friends as enemies. That caused me to remember how I learned it.

Sukh said...

Dr. Andread Noack was an expert in graphene chemistry and seemed to have figured out the actual mechanism of action for the kill shot since he was killed shortly after he posted the video below. This happened just a couple of days ago.

He says graphene hydroxide structures act as tiny razors. They are unmoving in a petri dish but cut and slice blood vessels and organs as they flow in the blood. This level of evil is beyond comprehension.

Dr. Noack starts at about the one minute mark:

Murder! Just hours after publishing the secret of the vax, the doctor is dead.

The original Twitter post:

Twitter: Dr. Andread Noack, a chemist and graphene expert unlike any other in the E.U. exposes disturbing findings

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"The God Within, Expressed THROUGH The Personality- Brought to Heel by Love, and Yoked to The Everlasting."



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