Tuesday, November 2, 2021

"In Times of Material Darkness, a Greater Number of us Fail, Again and Again. We are Like Sisyphus."

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Having gotten away with election theft in critical parts of the United States, they have resorted to the same strategy as last time. Will this work? Will ballots from people who don't exist take the day? Or... will strange peculiarities upset the rotten apple cart? In fair play... the Communist Agenda would be certain to take a big hit today. If it does not? Time will tell and we shall see.

It is hard to see the up-side in all these dark doings for the rest of us. How are even the ones who prey upon us served by the manufactured crazy they have set loose? I marvel at how it still maintains the semblance of holding it together. You see the very same methods shown in “1984”, “Brave New World” and “Regiment of Women” being employed in these times.

The lack of originality in their plotting and objectives is puzzling. It's like Dancing with The Tards. You wonder if they really could be that stupid. Apparently, they can. When Human Nature goes wrong, it is its own worst enemy. This is how Evil destroys itself. Not only is it at war with the rest of us. It is at war with itself, through the whole of the body of its being.

It is a mortally wounded beast. Going wrong is not the same thing as simply choosing another path in life. Wrong means going against your own nature. Initially, you wrong yourself. Then, you set out to wrong others. I'm using Wrong and Right as replacements for Good and Evil in this Talking Points scenario. Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, are NOT what conventional wisdom tells us they are. It is Evil to kill and steal. It is Good to not kill and steal. It's a bit more than that.

Existence is woven out of an actual fabric that was originally... Light. It has precipitated down into material form through the 4 stages (or planes) of action. All that we see is the result of Thought. We see manifest evidence of Thought in EVERYTHING we encounter. This mysterious fabric of life is alive. It is conscious, and everything in our world is Thought-Born. We think our world into being. We can blame no one else for what we have constructed by thinking it into form. This was fueled by the desire body.

Life is surprisingly Simple. Magic is Simple. Both are hopelessly complex for the confused. It is ALL in The Will... but whose will? The Separated Mind, in order to be separated and act as The Personality, has to cut itself off from The Divine Will. Of course, those cut off are still using will that has been borrowed or loaned out by The Divine Will, for the Purpose of Demonstration. Everything we think and say and do is motivated either by The Personality or The Individuality.

The Personality is a temporary personification of a specific combination of planetary forces brought together and magnetized for The Purpose of Demonstration. EVERYTHING MUST DEMONSTRATE!!! We are never still. The Mind is in endless motion and behaves like a monkey. If it is not leashed and brought to heel, it will tear your house down. Your house is the movable feast of the senses. The action of external stimuli on the senses... activates the desire body, and the appetites peculiar to that specific combination of planetary forces that hold in place the temporary and ever-changing appearance of what you mistakenly believe to be you. You ARE NOT The Personality. You only THINK you are.

What personalities do is they contend against each other. Rivalry and competition are natural enterprises for The Personality. Some strive for dominance over the rest. Some use submission to accomplish their ends. All through The Dance, Vanity spins and leaps until the youth has fled. Then comes the cosmetic technicians. Vanity is the favorite sin of those appointed to lead us astray.

I don't know how to make it more clear. EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. The elements of our being are all under control... either by The Lower Nature or by The Higher Nature. When they work in harmony to the greater good, success in every area of life is assured. When they are not directed toward that end, a bad end is assured.

It is the nature of The Separated Mind to seek to do whatever it pleases, and that is at the whim of the specific combination of planetary forces brought together and magnetized for The Purpose of Demonstration. A Separated Mind is... by definition, NOT in Harmony with The Grand Scheme. You may not want to hear this. You may rail at the very thought of it, but the results and consequences are assured by the very state of separation from the whole. It is God that is that which is greater than the sum of the parts. God is that gestalt.

You are EITHER consciously engaged in coming into accord with all life or you are working your own theme of Self-Interest. This assures you of whatever result your theme is drumming up for you. You may not like this. You may rail against it. You can react however you wish, it will do you no good. What you tell yourself is not what is. You tell yourself what you want it to be, with the guarantee of failure built right into the certainty that what you tell yourself is NOT what is.

You can't put more water into a bucket that is already filled. You can't put ten pounds of shit into a five-pound bag but... people will try. People will scheme, and threaten, cajole and plead, promise and swear, in order to accomplish their ends. They NEVER DO. In those cases where it seems that some are getting away with all manner of despicable behavior, they are being PLAYED OUT on a line for the amusement of those sitting and watching. Though you may assume that no one is watching you. I ASSURE you that you are wrong. There are bleacher seats filled with spectators that you can't see, however... they can see you.

We are Reality TV for a vast audience and that audience is very diverse. There are those seated in the upper sections and those seated in the lower sections. They are rooting for different outcomes. In Times of Material Darkness, a greater number of us fail, again and again. We are like Sisyphus. All of the old myths are teaching devices that get demonstrated in human life over, and over, and over, and over again. There is much to be learned from the tales of Prometheus, Atlas, and a host of others.

When I was a child I had Richard Halliburton's Book of Marvels and a book by Edith Hamilton about the Greek and Roman gods. I was fascinated by these stories. Later, when I encountered the Tarot, all of the interplays between archetypes, symbols, sigils, prayers, and incantations came together in my mind. I understood what Joseph Campbell was talking about. I got the implications of Jung concerning the unconscious. I could see where all of the people talking about what can never be effectively talked about, were saying the same thing, BUT... conversation never completes anything. There is an area of understanding that is beyond words. This is why the wise can sit in peace with one another and never say a word.

God... the incomprehensible... exists within us all. When he is given free rein to act through us without hindrance, he accomplishes every great and noble deed. God is The Hero with a Thousand Faces. It is a simple thing to find The Truth within. You must still The Reactive Mind. You must cut down on senseless cravings. You must acknowledge The Indwelling and come into accord with The Primary Will. IF... that will is given the freedom to act there is nothing it cannot accomplish.

Perhaps you have heard the phrase, “All Magic is in The Will.” or “Concentration is the secret of The Magical Art.” Those statements are correct. This is why The Initiates tell us that a Purified Will should be your primary objective. This also implies Regenerated Innocence in residence... and pings off of the words... “You must become as a little child.”

I have no interest in whether certain bad guys created the Christian religion in order to control us. I am not a Christian. I HAVE learned from the story of the life of Jesus Christ. I took what was useful and I have applied it to my life. It is the same with every belief structure I have encountered. I took what was useful and I left the rest.

If you wish to have your life set in order, you MUST appeal to the one who can accomplish this and who resides within you. Firstly, you must eliminate from your life all that stands between you and that which resides within you. You have to empty the bucket of old water and have new water poured in. You can't get very far insisting that you know what is going on, BECAUSE YOU DON'T!!! Unless you can... with total humility let go of the error of your ways, it will not turn out well for you. There is The Supreme Enjoyer, and then there is everyone else who is not enjoying themselves. I have found this to be true. It has been proven to me.

Your form of epiphany may be different, but you must come to an epiphany.

The dark ones toward the top of the pyramid with the lidless eye, are not just bent psycho-sociopathic humans. They are possessed by the major demonic consciousnesses. They are not half so scary when they run into the angels. You are not dealing with human agency here. This is something you NEED to get clear in your mind. That whole idea about Powers and Principalities is a real thing.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nourishing food for thought, Visible. It's obvious to me that you are inspired by Love. You must be doing something right or you would not still be standing in this fight against evil. Prayers for your constant protection...

Love, Priscilla

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"People Don't Get that The Aquarian Age is A Real Thing. It Has an Atmosphere; The Age of Universal Brotherhood."

Graham Hook said...

“Vanity is the favorite sin of those appointed to lead us astray.”

Al Pacino said something similar at the end of ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ :)

Anonymous said...

Can’t find your email address so I’m sending it here. Have you seen this?


~ Elaine

Visible said...

Graham... are you the one that asked me about movies? I've seen 3 in the last week that you might like. They are offbeat and kinky in different ways;

"Samsara" has no dialogue at all.Then there is "Falling for Figaro" and then "The Eyes of Tammy Faye"

Visible said...

No, Elaine, I have not seen that. Thank you!

Graham Hook said...

Hi Vis,

No, it must have been someone else asking about films. I like the sound of ‘Falling For Figaro’ . While reading the synopsis of ‘The Eyes of Tammy Faye’ I was reminded of Danny McBride’s ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ that I saw a while back.

There are a couple of Alan Bates films I’ve seen recently that I’d recommend:
‘The Shout’ & ‘Mr. Frost’
Jeff Goldblum is perfectly cast in ‘Mr. Frost’ & both films qualify for inclusion in the “Off-The-Beaten-Track” category :)

Anonymous said...

Practically every Kurosawa movie is a directing coup de maître.

Dodes'ka-den(Clickety-Clack) is his first color movie (1970).
A relatively unknown humanistic gem from one of the greatest of them all.

Visible said...

I liked Rashomon.

Gregory said...

"Anything done for the first time unleashes a demon." -- Cerebus the Aardvark



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