Thursday, October 28, 2021

"It's a Whole World in a Fish Bowl, Like Bubbles Interwoven with Other Bubbles."

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I was watching the latest Bruce Willis movie, hoping it wouldn't be as bad as what he usually does these days. I should have known better. I only made it halfway and that was ONLY because I wasn't paying a lot of attention. He doesn't look like himself. Earlier I saw Bruce Springsteen. He looked like they composed him in a vat at the Rand underground laboratories. They look like they got replaced by bad copies. What I am seeing doesn't make sense. It's like that film “Multiplicity” with the degenerating clones. Yes... actors lose their chops and musicians become hacks but... what I am seeing is beyond that. It is as if what they say about replacing people with doubles might be true.

Bruce Willis, in the last ten years, has been in more low-budget turkeys than Steven Segal. When I say bad, I mean really bad. I wouldn't be bringing it up if there were no good reason; how many film reviews do you see from me here? Then... I guess it was yesterday, Bruce Springsteen was in a video with (present behind-the-scenes president) Obama. Obama was talking about Clarence Clemons in the band; him being black and all. Well... the link is below and you can read the article. Basically... he called his fans racists and agreed that they would probably use that one word that only blacks can use with each other now. That was an act of self-destruction I haven't seen in a long time. I know he drinks... but... whoa!

I talk about Mr. Apocalypse a lot because he is around a lot. He does many things besides revealing the truth and exposing the lies. He also compels people to out themselves. It can seem like an okay idea, while it's happening, and then they look back in horror at what they have said or done. That... if you are paying any attention at all these days, is happening all the time now. Look at what that US Attorney General; the highest law enforcement position in the land. In the pecking order, he tells the FBI what to do. He... heh heh... heh heh heh... he reacted to a school board complaint about a collective of parents... one of which had his 14-year-old daughter raped by a boy in a dress in the girl's bathroom.

The school board had covered it up and transferred the student to another school where... HE DID IT AGAIN!!! So the attorney general, in the spirit of George Soros who runs him (and Obama, of course), starts to go after the parents with the weight of his office. He is now in front of a senate investigation committee where he is being humiliated in a serious fashion. He's not good at that kind of thing either.

All sorts of tumultuous events are about to happen. When you see what you see happening at present, you can usually intuit the sort of events to follow. There is a major power grab-power struggle taking place. The result of it... the outcome... will radically alter the world we live in. This could result in variations across the gamut from Heaven to Hell. How it USUALLY works, it happens simultaneously; closer to Hell in some locations, closer to Heaven in others. Let us agree that Hell, like Heaven, is a state of mind. You have only to travel The World, as you can now do virtually, and you will see what is likely. This is especially so in places where the population is heavily concentrated.

If you follow Trends and Patterns, a kind of perspective comes into your possession. Temporal Professionals, like economists, political operatives, law enforcement, and many more that I can think of study Trends and Patterns.

In the links below, is a video of a moment in a bike race in the Canary Islands. The crowd is waiting for a group of bicyclists to arrive. As they arrive, this woman walks directly in front of the lead rider who was moving at a good clip. Kaboom! She was on a cellphone. Cellphones take your attention when you should be paying attention in order to see the Trends and Patterns, and whatever is going on around you. Events USUALLY follow a certain order. When they don't, you get anomalies. What can be learned simply by observing, and focusing your attention, is much more deep-reaching and significant than most people think.

I'm saying, things happen for a reason. You say, “I know that.” At what level is your Certitude at? For instance, God is in control of everything. He's in Biden's head. He's in the head of Little Georgie Sorrows. He is intimate with The Rothschilds, though they know him under a different name. People have a hard time understanding how God can be both God and The Devil in different getups. On the frequency you tune into him at, he becomes that for you. It's all on a dial. Dial it up!

When I say that everything is under the control of The Divine and that everything happens for a reason, I am saying they are both the same. You have to have that level of Certitude. Karma is what we encounter when we play God. If you think you are running the show. ..You are not. Your appetites and desires are running the show, and you are steered wherever that takes you, and none of it is enough, so you FINALLY let go of it and take direction. This is what one should do. Don't make a move without acknowledging who is The Mover.

EVERYTHING becomes clear and falls into place when you realize that the whole of it is under control. Not a leaf blows by. Not a sparrow falls that is not noted. It is not so, that “many a rose is born to blush unseen” God sees EVERYTHING, and he uses your eyes to do it. Some know this. Many do not. When they think they are very smart, they hammer on about what an evil religion is. They throw the baby out with the bathwater. What has religion got to do with God? True religion is a lifestyle. It's NOT a day job.

I feel sorry for both Bruces. These are hard times for being Bruce. At least in some instances. Think of the level of fame both of them HAD. Now they are relics of a period that has passed them by. They are like animated curios in a diorama of another time.

You have your famous, and you have those who make money from the famous. You have those who pay to see and hear the famous. It's a whole world in a fishbowl, like bubbles interwoven with other bubbles. People move through these bubbles like schools of fish in the sea. Heaven and Hell are bubbles with self-contained atmospheres. I can tell you, except in certain cases, you know what direction you are headed in LONG BEFORE you get there. People scoff at the idea of things like destiny, fate, karma... God. That's like howling in a windstorm. It's like facing life with your eyes closed. God is real, my friends. Adjust to it how you please, but YOU WILL adjust to it. The Trends and Patterns of life see to it and they are woven out of Karma, from which Destiny (some call it Fate) emerges.

I watch movies because they tell me a great deal about the mindset of those who think they are running things. I look for the programming and its manner of presentation. This reveals surprising insights when you watch movies while you are aware of what the filmmaker is doing. Films are an expression of The Lower Mind and carnal appetites at play. They celebrate that while plotting out the ego dances that interweave through Smorgasbordia, which is also a place in a bubble. You can use your dial to call up any bubble. They all cost something or have an overall fee. This is one of the perks of selfless service, you get in and out with the least amount of attrition when you don't want it in the first place.

I looked with all my might and I found what I was looking for. It renders The World inconsequential, while, at the same time, allowing me to appreciate and enjoy it, because The Supreme Enjoyer goes everywhere I go, cause I only go where he likes to go in the first place.

I know you've gotten some unusual fare from me of late, but this... The Theater of Divine Expression Within is where I hang my life... like one hangs their hat. These are very important and significant times. Anyone not fully aware of that is badly prepared. It is ALWAYS best to be ready and waiting, rather than to have the necessity thrust upon you.

I cannot predict. It is not my venue, but I can see the general playing board in at least 4 dimensions, as could you. Sometimes we even get the input that truly clarifies it, and gives it meaning. Many writers have tackled this land of life as a metaphor; Lewis Carroll, Johnathan Swift, Mark Twain, and others. Life really is how you see it. So... when you see it through the eyes of a child, it is a never-ending wonder. For those of us who misplaced it at some point, and that is nearly all of us, it CAN reappear as something called Regenerated Innocence. This, and many another wonderful quality and curiosity is in the province of God, and he does confer them upon those who sincerely seek them; after a time on The Proving Ground. That can vary widely, but if you want it... you get as far as you can go, and then... you wait.

You can live in Serenity. I am absolutely serious about this, and it doesn't matter what the state of The World is, as it goes through its Controlled Stages. It is such a SIMPLE thing, and it is near impossible to talk about so as to transmit it. Hinting at it, or dressing it up in familiar clothes, can sometimes be useful. I want to REALLY stress the importance of seeking within. NOTHING. And I mean NOTHING has any value by comparison, because what you find is Priceless. It is The Thing Itself, which so many of us are seeking in something else, or someone else. Finding it is the fulfillment of The Great Work, and results in The Knowledge and Conversation of The Holy Guardian Angel. What... in all The World could have as much value as that?

End Transmission.......

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Put this in the Crazy folder;
she was on a cellphone and he was the leading racer at the finish line.
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I was locked up in this same place, on the same ward about nine years after they released him for 21 months. It was The John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane. Two ounces of pot was my ticket there, aside from some behavioral anomalies on my part. It is now the site (ironic?) of Homeland Security.
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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up!

Duntoirab said...

God within, didn't make sense at first.
So, after a long while just saying, slowly, as often as remembered
Be still and know I Am God
Resulted in understanding the I IS God.
Now to make understanding knowing.
Onward at a snail's pace, alas.

Graham Hook said...

“He looked like they composed him in a vat at the Rand underground laboratories”

Brilliant! Wish I’d said that...made me choke on my vape :)

Anonymous said...

If there are more evil people in the world than good people then they win because the Divine always wins ??Put another way, if God is seen as Satan by the evil people and they outnumber good people then how does Good win? Are you saying Divine outcomes can be evil if enough people see God as Satan? So now what ?? How does one explain that. I am truly confused. The way it looks right now I am beginning to think you’re right Evil is definitely in control at the moment.

Thomas said...


Visible said...

I don't get that you are confused or serious. There is NEVER a time when The Darkness prevails. There are other planets and planes for that. Why would something like this trouble you anyway? Look at what Light does to Darkness, and what Darkness does not do to Light. That should clear up any confusion you have. We don't do pessimism around here. We don't have to.

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
Thank you for your tireless service to all of us your loyal readers looking for that gold within. With nothing more than bad news from the majority of sites these days, your dear reminder that God is in control is always a fresh message for me, and you always manage to uplift my mood. I also enjoyed the film you recommended a while back, Interstate 60. After watching it myself, I viewed it again with my family and we were all very happy for doing so. We would very much appreciate any such other recommendations if you have any in mind. As for the anonymous commenter, who is most definitely a troll in my opinion, you NEVER said that evil is in control as this dimwit put these words in your mouth. You always assure us that God is in control, even if the majority of His work goes through the devil these days...I believe you can always apply for an exception and be granted one if what you say is true, and what I am experiencing these days concurs with what you say about the matter. Let us all pray that your message is picked up by the true worshippers of light out there so that the devils work of taking care of all the lost souls out there finishes quickly and we are left with a new world in harmony with the rest of creation!
With Love, A Friend from Greece.

Anonymous said...

“I'm saying, things happen for a reason. You say, “I know that.” At what level is your Certitude at? For instance, God is in control of everything. He's in Biden's head. He's in the head of Little Georgie Sorrows. He is intimate with The Rothschilds, though they know him under a different name. People have a hard time understanding how God can be both God and The Devil in different getups. On the frequency you tune into him at, he becomes that for you. It's all on a dial. Dial it up!”.
This is what I find confusing. Not being pessimistic. Just dont understand which is why if asked. And yes I was serious.

Visible said...

See... I explained that in great detail already. Think of it this way; You have a dial in front of you. Make it a big dial. We are not safecrackers. It grows in gradients from zero to 100. On the left, the dial is red but getting less so as it gets to 50. Here it turns green. In the red is like being in the red. It is also the carnal side and the acquisitive side of the people who are out for themselves and get up to all kinds of mischief. Some want to deal with the King of Hell. They think they can bargain with him. In more material times, there are more of those. On the red side is suffering and on the right side is healing, and not suffering. This is all metaphor, including all you refer to as confusing. Travel toward Heaven with heavenly conduct and all will be well. Travel toward Hell with carnal and mean-spirited behavior and there you will be.

God becomes The Devil in the mind of the evil. That is how they picture God, and their God is a God of excess and debauchery. That's what they get. Then the meter runs out. People pay extreme prices in order to be really bad.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Glory and Splendor of The Day, and The Mystery and Romance of Night."

Visible said...

Friend from Greece; I'm going to make a Les Visible blog posting for you of a collection of movies worth seeing in the next week or so. I'll mention it coming in a blog post before it comes so you won't miss it.

Anonymous said...

Best stuff I've read in aeons/seasons.Thank you
Jam I am



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