Thursday, October 7, 2021

"Those for Whom Science is their God, Will Come to the Absurd Resolutions that Material Science Arrives At."

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On The Tree of Life, the highest triad contains the most essential and enduring qualities of The Divine. We can't say much about the top sephiroth; no one can. However, the next two are known as Wisdom and Understanding. One is a male aspect and the other is female. You could say that they are the realm of The Father God and The Mother God; two eternal expressions of a basic life dynamic. Heaven is an extended family. They have been together for a very long time. The human mind cannot comprehend it whatsoever. You can most certainly be absorbed into it, and become a reflection of it... if you make it there.

Once again, there is that ageless conundrum; HOW do you get to where you already are? This, once again, indicates that EVERYTHING is understood, and controlled by your awareness of it. It is controlled regardless of your awareness, but you are unaware of it. Look at The World around you. Awareness sets the margins for everything. Just as your personal world is a projection of your mind, based on your level of awareness, the greater world is also a projection of The One Mind.

Everything is always in Harmony or engaged in achieving it. Here again, what does your awareness tell you about that? God is aware of everything at all times. This seems impossible to understand at your present state of awareness, but then... you're not God, but... but... you are also, after a fashion. All of us possess the potential of Godhead within. Very few of us possess it actualized, but... ANY and all of us could. It is a matter of basic plumbing. For most, The God Force is randomly expended each day in pedestrian congress and pursuit of the same.

If you do not expend and waste it, the pressure will build and the force will rise through the allocated channels until Godhead occurs. You can see what a fantastic force is The Power of The World. Millions... Billions... striving and contending with one another for nothing worth having. Possession... Programming... Brainwashing with dirty water; call it what you will. It is a spell-making and spell-binding force, and it works through the desire body and the appetites. This should ALL be obvious, but it is generally not, due to insufficient awareness. Those who know this, seldom have anything to say, as they are in a state of perpetual awe. Those who do not know this, and whose minds are on other things, cannot shut up; chipmunks on a log. All that nervous energy of idle chatter is also the result of The God Force turned to pedestrian interests and enterprises.

Though we may not be aware of it... or identify it as something less, there are laws that run through the whole of existence and we are ALL subject to them. We've all heard of Gravity and the various thermodynamic strictures. Many of us are familiar with The Law of Attraction and The Law of Polarities. There are many permutations of Heavenly Law, all of which come from a single source. When they are perverted by the compromised, they operate as a perversion of Nature, through which The Will of God expresses itself. The further The Water runs from the snow-capped peaks of PURE mathematics/spirit, down into the valley below, the less clear and pure is The Water, until it catches fire from the impurities and pollution, like the Cuyahoga River once did.

The human mind is a microcosm, a reflection of The Divine Mind. The same is true of the human heart and all of its attendant systems and components. I think we can collectively agree that at this time, Humanity is NOT a clear reflection of The Divine. It was so at one time, ever so long ago, but... it is not so now. This is the expected result of Humanity precipitating down into the realm of matter, by the force of Desire, for the purpose of experience and demonstration. People will tell you it all went sideways here or there or somewhere. They might even show you books written about it that confirm their perspective, which is determined by their level of awareness.

Ectshully, it was all planned from beginning to end, from descent to ascent, from dark and dirty to brand spanking new. God ALREADY knew all the ins and outs, all the comings and goings of Humanity in descent and ascent, from devolution to evolution, like the snake and Typhon in The Wheel of Fortune. HE KNOWS from whence we have come and to what we are directed. So... there are no concerns in The Cosmic Order. In this coming age, Humanity will exhibit some of the promises buried deep for so long, and which so many have given up on. We've hit bottom! Well... not just yet we haven't, but... some of us will. Then it is a gradually ascending and gathering together of disparate, (seemingly) independent moving parts toward a reunion in The Father's and Mother's House. He sees us, as The Prodigal Son, coming from a long way off.

People who read the story of The Prodigal Son imagine that his return was a simple matter of heading home and getting there in a few days or weeks or months. Quite often, it is the work of successive lifetimes to fully return. Some return surprisingly quickly. Some dawdle and get distracted and the pitchfork has to be employed. Some buds open before the others, and some do not open at all. This is a vast landscape of subject matter and we are all on our own with it... seemingly.

Your level of awareness accounts for the degree of Wisdom and Understanding that you possess. RAISE YOUR AWARENESS! Though I am going to mention drugs in a moment, I AM NOT promoting or recommending them. Some of us (like myself) have had a karmic dispensation in the matter. MANY of us do not and wind up casualties by the roadside. I am mentioning them ONLY to show how hidden laws work, and you will not be getting anything earthshaking from me on the matter. I am rather The Earth that gets shaken, not the one doing the shaking.

There is another law called The Law of Parallels, having to do with how different things connect to the whole and also operate through other MEDIUMS. I have mentioned The Gunas before. They are representative of the Eastern system. In the Western Tradition, we have Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury. This article is a good primer on The Gunas with plenty of brevity (grin), succinct, and to the point. The 3 gunas are Sattva (luminosity and clarity), Rajas (passionate industry good and bad), and Tamas (torpor, delusion, and sleep). These are VERY basic descriptors.

If you shoot Heroin or Fentanyl, you can expect a lot of Tamas. If you take Cocaine or Meth, you can expect a lot of Rajas. If you take/took Mushrooms, LSD, or Ayahuasca, you MIGHT be looking at mostly Sattva, depending on your level of awareness. Think of all the ways that these three forms of actions could be expressed in human behavior. Diet would be much affected by one's tendencies toward one of the 3. One's sexual nature would surely be affected in similar fashion; some more bestial, and some more refined. Think of ANYTHING and it applies. Your level of awareness and degree of Wisdom and Understanding are demonstrated through the interplay of your gunas. Here is another example of The Wise Man rules the Stars. It is why detachment and being unattached come up so often in Eastern Teachings.

Obviously, I could have used better examples, and gone into greater detail, but... something like that might never end. The point is to create thinking points and the reader can extrapolate on their own. Now reflect on all the types of people you see each day. Consider those you are familiar with and those you simply observe as they go by. Each of them is in a particular relationship with The Gunas, depending on their level of awareness. You CANNOT remain Still. ONLY God is still, everything else is in ceaseless motion. If you dedicate all of your motion to The Stillness; if you direct it, consecrate it to Godhead, your arrival will be very speedy, depending on how energetic you are. We are all composites of unique, individual arrangements between The Gunas.

I received a very interesting transmission yesterday. Here is what I was told; because of the great size of present human population, when The Avatar comes, he will need satellites, like human cellphone towers, and those chosen for the job will be like radiating centers, whose auras encompass entire communities during the coming storm. They will provide a protective sanctuary, where no darkness can enter. They will be KNOWN sometimes and UNKNOWN in others. This has been happening for as long as there are sheep and shepherds, BUT... it will be more apparent.

The violent storms may rage on the periphery but The Weather-Master will have an invisible shield. I know this sounds like science fiction or a Dennis Wheatley novel, maybe, but... it is what I am being told. I am told all kinds of things but I do not write about all of them. I can only write about what my heart becomes convinced is true. As verification continues, Trust increases, and more comes into the discussion.

Some of these human radiation devices (not to be confused with trans-humanism), will first disappear and then come back transformed. Some will have never been seen before so... whatever that means. There is going to come a time when supernatural is the order of the day. It might not even be that supernatural, only that it hasn't been seen in a very long time.

Those for whom Science is their God will come to the absurd resolutions that material science arrives at. We shall, each of us, arrive at what we fashioned it into, through the heart's desire, within The Separated Mind in search of Unity. We will have the Wisdom and Understanding that our chosen path provides. If it is moving in the direction of Stupid, the Wisdom and Understanding will reflect this by their absence. If destruction is the port of call, the ship will be guided there. If it is redemption, then circumstances will be adjusted to that end. “As a man thinketh, so is he.”

As we have said any number of times, The Avatar comes bearing gifts. He also comes bearing lessons, and punishments as well. Some of you believe in no Avatar. What did the mob say, “We have no king but Caesar?” Some of you wish and hope. With a few of us, there is a degree of Certainty. How can you not believe in something that operates as a regular seasonal appearance on The Cosmic Clock? The Avatar comes and goes and comes again like Summer follows Spring. We may not know the hour, but we do know the ballpark.

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Graham Hook said...

“Those for whom Science is their God will come to the absurd resolutions that material science arrives at.”

With reference to your last Origami post, it always dismays me how the Fearful Stupid allow materialistic, reductionist scientists to define their understanding of anything and everything.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hence I have chosen a life that is virtual, and in perpetual search of information which may or may not be correct, as opposed to dealing with the world; which I now see as a waste of my time. . .in every discretionary moment.

Nostrils up!

Ray B. said...

Vis, a very good post. Appreciated!

Vis: "Brainwashing with dirty water..." Excellent wordsmithing!

Thank you for the inspection of various drugs through "The Gunas" lens. Makes sense.
Vis: "Consider those you are familiar with and those you simply observe as they go by. Each of them is in a particular relationship with The Gunas, depending on their level of awareness."

Another way of 'sorting' people. I will try to keep this in mind...
Vis: "In this coming age, Humanity will exhibit some of the promises buried deep for so long ... There is going to come a time when supernatural is the order of the day. It might not even be that supernatural, only that it hasn't been seen in a very long time."

I look forward/inward to that. It has been a long time coming...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"A Tawdry, Mind-Numbing Festival of False Lights, with Tables of White Wine and Cheese."



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