Monday, October 4, 2021

"What I do Know is that NO ONE can Fail to Have Success in This Area IF THEY PERSIST."

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Day follows day and I see the infrastructure of the passing age being reduced to compost. Day by day, I see a multitude of examples of Mr. Apocalypse, turning over the covering appearances and revealing what lies beneath. Day by day, I watch the opportunists, who ALWAYS appear in times of disturbance to see what it might profit them. Screaming lunatics abound, as both Fear and Madness intensify, and Pan's pipes can be widely heard, even if it bears no resemblance to the sound one might expect. Few of us knowing who they are anymore, accounts for a rising hysteria in the masses pressed together in urban confinements. The links below reflect this, and for every example given, there are many, many, many, many, many more.

I am often reminded of the lines from “A Tale of Two Cities”;

“It was the best of times;
it was the worst of times.”

This is because it is how it seems to me. For the few in their cloistered towers, where everything can be sent out for, and where private flights are contracted for their pocket change, it couldn't be more splendid. For the huddled masses, it is a protracted agony of uncertainty. What new horror may still emerge from the industries and intentions of The Few?

I noted, a few years ago, that the astrological chart of The United States (at that time) had a striking similarity to that of Revolutionary France. Now... we see Jacobins and thug armies everywhere, but especially in those living zones controlled by The Left. The horrors of political correctness and Cancel Culture are upon us. What about those places where it was given free rein, such as Cambodia with the Khmer Rouge, and Red China on various occasions? I can hear the dread cry, “Citoyen, J'accuse!” It often reminds me of Donald Sutherland and his voiceless cry toward the end of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

It is a dreadful tableau set before us. It is filled with specters and looming apparitions of out-pictured fear. An ominous resonance is drumming on the human subconscious. Uneasiness is the order of the day. Yet... these are just appearances. In Times of Material Darkness, people are obsessed with their personal appetites, desires, and agendas. When selfishness rears its ugly head inside your own, you have every reason to be fearful in times of great transformation. Those who are not thinking about themselves have little to fear. Who would they be fearful for anyway? The personal self has been shelved and forgotten. This is a state not easily reached, but we must reach it.

Almost NO ONE survives this visitation here in the Land of Temporary Pleasures and Pains. Of course, this warring duality of self-offense ONLY exists in the lives of The Separated Mind, and its various identities that come and go; there is that person who ran wild as a child, and then turned into callow youth in a hormonal war. Then there is the young adult, then the adult in prime or as Tom Wolfe put it, a man in full.” Then comes so-called, mid-life, when The Separated Mind brings forth the accusations of a life not well lived. Then you are old and dotage comes... in most cases. It is like Shakespeare's, “7 Ages of Man.” For the insightful mind, Shakespeare summed up all of the interplay's of humanity in their tawdry dramas and venal plots.

One can be forgiven for their apprehensions when faced with The World in transition. It looks, now and again like all Hell is going to break loose, and... it might. It CERTAINLY will in certain places. It will go unnoticed in others. The key is to be in the latter, but... how do you accomplish that? You are a reflection of the environment that contains (seems to contain) you. If you are in resonance with Heaven, Heaven WILL come. I could go on and on about this, though I doubt it would be any more clear.

Much of what you hear from me in these times, presupposes the reality of The Coming of the Avatar. It is what I believe to be true. What if it is not true? In that case, time will tell and we shall see. My perspective is MUCH influenced, and much shaped by Vedic texts, traditions, and teachers. HOWEVER... ALL of the traditions have an Avatar construct. In the Hindu tradition he is called, Kalki. In the Buddhist tradition he is called, Maitreya. In the Muslim tradition, he is called The Mahdi. In the Christian tradition, it is taught as The Second Coming of Christ. What are we to make of that?

Let us go a little further into why I am convinced of The Coming of the Avatar. The Intuition plays a large part in anything that comes to mind or reports itself to me through the senses. It is seldom, if ever, wrong, and then it only seems to be wrong because I misinterpreted what I was told, as I find out later. This can be a little freakish for those who have no Interior Teacher. That is what The Intuition is, after all. How do you explain something to someone who has never seen nor experienced it? How do you describe to another what they have never even heard about? I am not talking about The Intuition now. I am talking about the countless wonders of the invisible which has simply not come up for them.

When you are awash in Materialism, that is the voice you hear. Strange events take place in everyone's life. They interpret these events in the manner that their programming tells them. You might have noticed a peculiarity in the lives of Old People. They OFTEN have the radio AND the TV playing through the whole day. Often they have lights on in their house throughout the day and night. Why do they do this? The chatter protects them from the inner voice that becomes more noticeable as their time here draws to a close. They do not want to be subjected to the conversation in their own minds, which is filled with recrimination and regret for the failures of a life, and which is ALWAYS a staging area for their fears.

I am well aware that as Materialism becomes more present and pervasive in human life, fewer people believe in God, or they believe in some anthropomorphic projection of a deity that is a larger being very much like themselves, filled with the same vindictive nature and judgments upon all else for the preservation of a personal sanctity of enforced personal stupidity. I am sure that they see me in similar fashion, although that is not how I see them. I see them as poor unfortunates in a perpetual denial of The Real. Which of us is right? Time will tell and we shall see. Indeed.

The suffering of humanity in a collective sense has never been greater because there was never so many of us, nor has there been such a quantity of products for their appetites or possibilities of experience on the sensory plane to disappoint themselves over. People do not look happy to me. Is that because I am unhappy? I am neither happy nor sad. I have found what I was looking for or... should I say it has found me? It was there all the time and would announce itself at certain moments, here and there in my consciousness... until it was ALWAYS there ♫ here... there... and everywhere ♫

I cannot account for why what has happened to me has happened to me. I do know of many others that it happened to, from the long ago to the present day. What I do know is that NO ONE can fail to have success in this area IF THEY PERSIST. It can take a long period of banging on the door to get results. The time frame will differ, depending on how much effort you may have put into it during your other visits here.

Somehow... I KNOW that a cosmic, spiritual, world-transforming event is in The Event Horizon. It readily explains all that is happening, but... what if you don't believe any of that, and instead, believe that what you see is all there is? Physics PROVES otherwise. Physics has proven that The World is thought-born. Maybe you didn't get the memo? Whose thought would that be? Well... since you are a macrocosm of The Creator, you give life to thoughts all day. AND... since we, as thinkers, strongly imply an original thinker... I can actually see the “Yeah but” reactions that are always present when others deny the reality of something because they cannot describe or explain what it is. Their argument ALWAYS turns to religion to justify their arguments.

Religion is only a preliminary stepping stone on the way to something well beyond the capacity of religion to contain it. Meanwhile, most of the religions are in sharp disagreement with one another. Religions that believe in killing the infidel are Satanic, and I would say that all religions, in these times, are Satanic constructs to confuse the meanings of what remains inexplicable regardless. They are all about the money, with SOME FEW EXCEPTIONS. They are 'mostly' fading as I write these words. A new age is upon us and that means new religions are in the making. They will, of course, be only variations on a theme. It will be the same old- same old, reconstituted, and New and Improved; just like it was the last time when the new religions were grafted over the ones they replaced, and the time before that, and the time before that.

You may argue about the causes for present troubles and changes. You may be for or against them, but you will have no impact on their coming or their going. The best you can do is to be in harmony with it. That is ALWAYS the best answer for everything. Once again, I point out that Jesus was known to have consorted with publicans and sinners. That's where the work is after all, but it must first begin with work upon yourself. ANY EFFORT which does not contain this as the first concern is certain to fail.

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Fakebook and ALL of its subsidiaries are OFF-LINE

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, what can we expect if we are programmed to be materialistic idiots by everything and everyone including our brain dead parents?

If we remember we are spiritual beings having a nose, or heavens forbid human experience and are just passing through this stupid game we'd wanted to play so badly before we got here, we shouldn't have any problems with what goes; provided we are capable of dropping our self-imposed obligations at the flare of a nostril.

Finally, that last link on calipornia. . .hopefully that means the state will be getting emptier a lot faster than it already is. I am so looking forward to less traffic and lower rent. Getting the open spaces back again would be nice, too. They already tore down some ancient dilapidated houses on our way to one of the parks, but unfortunately 100 times as many new buildings have gone up. Can't wait to see tons of 'for rent' or 'for lease' signs sprouting up. So let BlackRock throw all their assets away buying up shoite they can't rent out. Have fun with the property taxes, too; ya worthless parasitic twats!

Visible said...

Concerning Facebook shutting itself down because of the investigation coming AND already proceeding, I've been told that Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook are merging into a company to be called YouTwitFace. I'll have more details as they come in.

dave1010 said...


Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the 'intuitionary' (is that a word?) blog...

Shakespeare's, “7 Ages of Man” reminds me of the riddle attributed to the Sphinx of Egypt, “What creature goes on four feet in the morning, two at noonday, and three in the evening?”
It will be interesting to see how Reality has changed, say ten years from now. What the Materialists tend to overlook is that Higher types in the Unseen have charge over Reality itself. Anything Goes, from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Until now, humanity has been trapped (self-trapped?) by negative Unseen Beings being in the ascendant - they could more-or-less call the shots (call the Reality). Over the last decade or so, this has changed. Through a lot of work in the Unseen, positive Unseen Beings now outnumber the negs by a significant margin (locally). Reality will change to suit. Cool...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

HangedMan said...

Your posts have become the equivalent of the "hermit's lantern" atop the hill for me, and reading them is an assurance I and millions of others are not alone. Thank you for your words.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Perhaps That is One of the Motivations, Aside from Culling, and Banned Research into Dreadful Things."

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
First I write what I see and later back to reading your post. Tell me real all what God make people turn out 360 degree upside. And everything is normal here? I say it before that you are experimenting things? What you don’t understand? Sorry for my smiling but it is stupid in real time there make experiment about man in pregnancy. And you all watch it. It is very sick when you look from my perspective. Bravo hahaha more stupid science don’t can be. I don’t believe Can you stop this all is just stupid. Tell me how science is the most stupid things on earth and you all believe it? Now you proof me that I can have child? No after all mutations of body where funci have all data from past and all mathematical data in future it is possible. Maybe we make test on funci in cages and waiting when this happens when in cage with him we close 10 gay boys. I think it is good penalty. New game. Funci can born boy or girl? Hahaha

You know that it is how in 21 century wired? Czy wy słyszycie co mówicie i widzicie na co patrzycie i was to troszeczkę nie niepokoi? Odpierdolił się proszę państwa taki kabaret globalnie, a wy jeszcze klaszczecie. No kurwa mać po prostu brawo. Osobiście to ze śmiechu sikam
Interesting things in time panpanic to trust science. Les my smile ( now your as well ) is :))))) we will be soon many boom ;)



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