Wednesday, September 29, 2021

"ANYTHING is Possible when God Materializes, Which He Does in EVERY AGE."

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You look at what comes into play every day, and it is abundantly clear that a small handful of spiritually twisted psychopaths, and a much larger handful of their enforcers and front people, have certain agendas of which they are inordinately fond. Let's see if I can list a few of them; forced migrations from the 3rd World to the end of displacing the white race, making sexual transitioning available to the mentally ill, enforcing toxic vaccinations upon the public for the purpose of docility and death, shutting down existence as we have known it for the purpose of world-wide crowd control, promoting a pandemic of licentiousness perversity as healthy and normal, the destruction of The Family Unit, and so on.

I could add other features. Suffice it to say that they have overall malicious intentions for the human race, and seek the assimilation and disappearance of the white race into a polyglot, mongrel hybrid of drone and worker cultures under totalitarian rule. I suspect that torture and mayhem are also on the menu because they like that sort of thing for recreational purposes.

I can see where a certain class of iconoclasts and original thinkers, without spiritual awareness, might be in a bit of a lather about The Darkness ahead. It is something they can't think their way out of, and with The World now a sort of Global Village, running away and hiding is much more difficult than once it was.

In all cases, it is Ego, when it isn't only weltschmerz. It is Ego that is afraid of death. It is Ego to be announcing yourself as non-binary; “Oh... I am so indefinable! I am such a mystery... I... I... I- me-me-mine. (as George Harrison might put it). I am living MY OWN Truth.” All of this is programmed by one of the satellite locations of Tavistock or Mk-Ultra. They probably have as many outlets now as The Chabad House chain or McDonald's. It is Ego that lives in The Separated Mind. It is Ego that gets angry or experiences ANY negative emotions. It is the Personality that is the vehicle of the Ego. The Individuality doesn't require negative emotions because NOTHING goes contrary to expectations for The Individuality, because... there are no expectations. All expectations have been fulfilled.

The World as MOST PEOPLE know it is the Theater of the Personality, which automatically makes it gravitate to the Theater of the Absurd. Grand Guignol always comes to mind. The Personality is not mortal. You might say it is kind of mortal because it changes. It can change beyond recognition from what it was. Wouldn't that be a kind of death? The ONLY time The Personality has any real value in a larger sense, beyond snatch and grab appetite rituals, is when it is harnessed to The Individuality or what is also called The Real Self.

Wherever you see people making big noises, and in crowds where big noises are required, because everyone is making big noises, like at the New York Stock Exchange, you can be sure The Personality is present and contending with other personalities, because that is what The Personality does. Whenever you see argumentative sorts, angry and driven individuals, twisted and tormented individuals, you are seeing The Personality in one of its forms of modus operandi. You are seeing it go through its phases, which are as regular as The Moon. The tales of The Personality are ALL... cautionary tales.

At the moment, there is mere scrimmaging taking place. Those who do not want you to be able to force them to do what may well cause them grievous bodily harm, are having dust-ups here and there with those who are wanting to do to them what may well cause grievous bodily harm. That is going to become more than scrimmages. There is ALWAYS a point beyond which you cannot push people. It varies from culture to culture and country to country. That point is fast approaching in America.

The Satanic psychopaths have already gone beyond that in The Crown Colonies. They have been around longer and know better than to let the public get weapons. Unfortunately for them, we have the 2nd Amendment. It will be a lot harder here for The Usual Suspects, and their armies of The Possessed to take over. They are pretty confident though. That is the persona they affect. Maybe they are actually terrified. They should be, given the force of The Awakening.

Let me say a little more about The Awakening today. Awakening shows you what it is that you did not see prior to. It reveals connections in outer life to the mind being awakened, and GRADUALLY... gradually, people begin to see more and more. However... much more important than that, it brings ideas and visceral evidence into being in the mind being awakened. It's almost like things they once knew that became hidden to them as the result of bad lifestyles or just getting lost. The Awakening is a kind of Smart Pill or maybe more like a depth charge that was dropped long ago, and which is now awakening the sleeper into knowledge from another time.

Absolutely fantastic changes are coming, and there is no telling where or what you may be in times to come. ANYTHING is possible when God materializes, which he does in EVERY AGE. Those of us who are informed about such things have known the truth of them for a good while. The spiritually evolved among us have always known about The Cycles and their reoccurrence. Illuminated ages come and go. They are replaced by dark ages now and again because human karma has collectively brought them on. When people become the prisoners of their carnal appetites, shit goes sideways. It's much more than that though. You merely have to look at the courses of the turning Earth each day, as day and night follow one another.

It is the same with the seasons. You get two temperate seasons, with one hot and one cold. There is a natural fluidity to human events, and WE ARE ALL SERVED what we have cooked up at previous engagements. The whole of existence is reduced to an utter simplicity when one has found God. The one finding God doesn't have to know anything because God knows everything, and WILL inform you on a need-to-know basis.

Nothing that you hear from me is original with me except for the presentation. Everything contained herein has been said by others of a similar persuasion. So lest you imagine that what you hear here are the ravings of a single Pollyanna, let me tell you these things have been said by others who have revolutionized human thought because they were a channel for The Divine. They have been said by others far more advanced than I on the spiral staircase to The Heavens. I am of no consequence by comparison. It simply so happens that these are the people I have learned it from, and they get mentioned here often enough to be remembered by the reader.

Some people seek to follow in the footsteps of political powerhouses, household name celebrities, and various versions of temporary luminaries on the public stages. Sometimes they wind up a reasonable facsimile of a badly drawn boy, and sometimes they don't. It's a slaughterhouse out there, and if you were high enough, in a spiritually inspired way, you would see this! Vested interests blind themselves to the dangers they risk when they are after risky business. If you are sufficiently detached from the body farms where humanity suicides itself, you MOST CERTAINLY can see this.

It's like being able to see 7 or 8 moves ahead in a chess game. You can do this because The One who has been sleeping in you is now awakened. God IS sleeping and this IS his dream. What happens when he wakes up? Well... he DOES WAKEUP here and there in different personas, and then he does a little dance. It might be a creation dance, a maintenance dance or a dance of destruction. He is a full-service deity and can do it all.

If you are sleeping-dreaming, you are unaware of it, or much of anything, or you are in the thrall of it. When you awaken, then you see that manifest life is a projection of The Mind. You ALSO see that there is ONLY one mind and all that troubles everyone else, no longer troubles you. It is ONLY The Separated Mind that suffers, and it WILL suffer for so long as it is separated. Oh... it will have those temporary Good Times too, but then they will be gone and the bill will be due, for the other side of the equation.

You have to be sleeping or dreaming not to be aware of the PROFOUND importance of God's presence within. Otherwise, you would be hammering on the door for him to wake up, and come out and play. You keep banging on the door and he will be forced to “come down there”. I know he is saying, “Don't make me come down there” but you most certainly do want him to come down. It gives your life meaning. NOTHING ELSE does.

Oh... I know we have lied to ourselves for a long time, telling ourselves that this is meaningful or that is meaningful, as we move from one attraction to another. No! Once you find The Supreme Enjoyer it will all be an ongoing series of endless revelations, not to mention a brimming cup of overflowing Joy. I've seen it in action already on several occasions. I am not likely to EVER think otherwise again.

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Unknown said...

How's this for symbolic of what's going on in UK/Aussie/US and Europe?!?

Unknown said...

Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'wake up' blog. Thanks!

I have what I believe is an 'organic' view of The Awakening:

Once upon a time, Beings who emigrated Down Here had a clear view of What Is. Basically, they had a clear-shot to Truth. Then, Veils were slowly woven between What Is and those Beings. (I suspect it was because of those Beings slowly 'degrading' in Consciousness, as I wrote-about in a comment to the last VO.)

By now, the Veils are self-reinforcing. To Awaken would cause such a 'jump' in state-of-being that it is being actively avoided. This, of course, gives the advantage to the Opposition...

The good news is that What Is has not changed. It can be visualized as a 'clear layer' above the smog. Remember, telepathy is a Thing. The higher you go, the more telepathy kicks-in. Above the smog, telepathy wins.

So, in a way, whatever happens with The Apocalypse, The Avatar, and The Awakening is just a Reconnection with What Is. No more, no less. Cool.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Interesting 'take' on the Jabs by Brandon Smith via :

"I continue to suspect that the reason for this sudden dive into totalitarianism is because there is something wrong with the vaccines themselves and if there are tens of millions or hundreds of millions of unvaccinated people left, then these people will act as a control group. That is to say, they will act as proof that the vaccines are not safe if things go awry. The establishment can’t allow that.
It has already been about a year since the covid vaccines were introduced by emergency authorization, so time is running short for the globalists."

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Three Things are Needed to Bring ANYONE up to Speed; Faith... Certitude, and Determination."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

We're just playin' another game on the board of Terra. Then one day we move on to no longer want to play this masochistic POS which entails naught but slavery to this reality.

Nostrils up.



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