Thursday, September 2, 2021

"What You have to Worry About are the Dangers Within You, Due to The Law of Attraction."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We have made mention, several times here of late, about one of the constant trends of Mr. Apocalypse to cause people to act out against their best interests, and to expose themselves. I mean to say that this is soon going to percolate to the top of the negative influencer food chain. Recently, a teacher was videotaped laughing about The Pledge of Allegiance, She had taken down the flag but there was a fruit salad flag on the wall of the classroom and she said they could pledge to that.

Then, Project Veritas, (God Bless Them!) videotaped an Antifa radical that was also teaching and openly talking about converting his students into Red Army Radicals. Both of them are now getting their little RED wagons fixed. In the latter case, attention is now turned toward others of his kind, and the school board that has been permitting it.

Governor Newsom, of the largest state in The Union, is going to be recalled and replaced by a Black Conservative, not even the EXPECTED voter fraud will save him. The Governor of New York was forced to retire. He's being replaced by someone of equal malice by default, but... heads are rolling. Little Georgie Sorrows is heavily invested in keeping things as they are.

As aggressive as The Fake Virus, Lethal Vaccines campaign has been, now there is an ever-growing dissension in the ranks. Suddenly, Ivermectin and similar are being brought into use. Even TMZ, which has been lower than a catfish in a septic tank is moving into a kinder and gentler profile of late. The colors of the foliage of the Spring, in this Age of Aquarius, are blooming. People are being revealed to themselves by degrees. Some are liking this. Some are not. Some are feeling ever greater freedoms of expression, and some are getting hot, angry, and frightened, because... to them, it feels like they are losing control. Well, they are.

Afghanistan went further south than it had been, and the country is generally outraged by the selfish, confused, and un-leader-like behavior of The Impostor in Chief. If you focus on the negative aspects of life in these times, then... perhaps you are missing all of the INEXPLICABLE changes taking place. Keep in mind that this is all happening DESPITE the clumsy-frogs-copulating-in-jello activities of The Deep State. Nothing is going as they have planned.

It's definitely False Flag Season. They have to do something, ANYTHING, to stop the stinging ants that are biting them in their minds, and the invisible centipedes crawling down their spines. The Creeping Uneasiness is loosening their bowels and they don't know which way to turn, even though they are putting on a brave and confident mien. They're going batshit over at The CDC. What a pack of scoundrels!!! They are releasing thousands of migrants into the U.S. and have also lost track of them. How come everything is going to Freak Show, Circus Town?

They are racing against time with the clock ticking in their heads. They have to get somewhere first, but they don't know where that is or why that is. What they are seeking to outrun is what is waiting for them at The Finish Line. That is the place where all negative ambitions get finished... or resolved... if you prefer.

Cultures rise and cultures fall. Western Culture is in deep decline, and moving in the direction of Free Fall. Anyone who cares to do even cursory research KNOWS that in times of cultural decline, sexual deviance proliferates, and you get the Babylon Effect we are presently seeing. The Light is breaking through the malicious charades of the tools of the invisible despots. The Avatar is sweeping the planes or... indeed, has pretty much swept the planes, and now... it's all here in the manifest.

There are now too many of those things called coincidences. Coincidence is no longer the right word. I would suggest Destiny and Fate as better replacements. EVERYTHING has a destiny determined by its nature. Everything that can be called anything, has its native environment, despite so many fish out of water. If you have a negative mindset, and many people do in these times, that is the filter you will see the world through, sort of the opposite of rose-colored glasses.

The plots of The Dark Side are being hit by Integrity Beams. Since they possess no integrity, they are defenseless. What does the darkness do in a room when you hit the light switch? It's gone in an instant. It is not the dangers of The World that you need to be concerned about... unless you created them. What you have to worry about are the dangers within you, due to The Law of Attraction. It's simple metaphysics. It's math. The whole world is formed from numbers precipitated into physical form, and ALSO... Frozen Sunlight; Light in extension.

Modern science has formed its own Dark Age. On the pedestrian level, look at what dietitians and psychologists have to say about the protocols and tenets of their systems at present. Why is there so much poor physical and mental health if they know what they are talking about?

In short order, this acting-out (by those tapped with Mr. Apocalypse's wand) that is moving through the lower ranks, is going to spread into the protected cloisters of The Elite, and the Deep State operatives. It will be no respecter of person. ONCE AGAIN... Materialism= Insanity. They have opened the door within them to The Infernal Kingdom, and there WILL be Hell to pay. As the story goes, a third of the angels were cast out of Heaven. THEY were cast out, not God, not the righteous angels, and KEEP IN MIND that angels are Direct Expressions of The Will of God. That means the ones who were cast out were, and are ALSO doing The Will of God.

You can't have an effective life drama on the material plane without Good AND Evil. You have to have both. Once again, it is simple metaphysics. What you do is... you makes your bets and you takes your chances. You can also make your bed and lie in it. Those who argue about these things are those who have never bothered to look deeply into them. Students of occult and arcane teachings have a singular advantage over most people... unless they drift to The Dark Side, which... in times of Material Darkness is most often the case.

It's ALL Magic. Life is a magic show, and your life goes according to the magic you allow to rule it. This is why... in this time of Material Darkness, we recommend Higher Love. Higher Love is a lubrication that eases your passage and heals as it passes. Love is beyond Reason, and Higher Love cannot be tricked or compromised by lower attractions.

Some say it is going to get REALLY dark. They could well be right, so far as it goes for them. Most are not even paying attention. They are more completely after what they are after, and not concerned with what it may cost them.

My dear friends, despite outward appearances, and the strong possibilities of catastrophic events in Nature, a new day is dawning for the faith-based heart. The changing conditions of recent decades have made many of us apprehensive and gun-shy. This serves to keep us DOWN in our thoughts and feelings, lest we step in front of a truck. Cellphone junkies can count on this. I have seen certain trends with cellphone junkies of late that are more than a little disturbing. Cellphones are one of the primary control surfaces for The Deep State Satanists. They have big plans for this tech and 5G, everything from Mind Control to pinpointing your location... and more yet.

I have a cellphone that sits on my desk and is there for emergencies. One friend here and one friend at a distance has the number. On a regular basis, it goes dead every few days because it is not one of my main interests.

If someone dials your number, it is likely your phone will ring. You have OTHER receiving mechanisms within you, and broadcasts are being transmitted on the correct frequencies to influence you. You MUST set your dial to the higher frequencies. Once again, Higher Love is a great help in this. Our critical concern should be what we think, and say, and do, and what our intentions are. Our critical concern should not be other people and what they think, and say, and do. We are of no use to other people in any case, if we are not controlling our own behavior. It's simple metaphysics.

The Avatar has landed. In some way or another, even if it is an advance foray, he is HERE. I'm seeing many of the signs that indicate this for me. Others, of course, are free to believe as they wish. God is REAL! Take that however best it suits you.

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We've got some interesting links that reflect events and conditions included in this posting. Hopefully, they serve as some small evidence of what we have been talking about here.

Here are the links=

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An excerpt from "Andrew the Great"
By Mike King

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I mentioned this last week. Mr. Apocalypse again-
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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Fruit salad flag? I don't care what a person is into, as long as they don't coerce or hurt anyone, but that is one I've GOT to remember. One of these days I gotta design a Nose flag. Which reminds me. Anyone on the forum know if I can grow some nose hairs by snortin' castor oil?

Wonder if everyone is trying to do all the damage they can before October 28 of this year? Nothing might happen. Turn the page, ayuh. Then again, dates are important to these people. And who knows? Maybe for the first time in recent history something of importance will happen on that date. Less than two months to find out.

Another post will be added to this collection on RMN on either the 5th or 6th of September by In_Phi_Nitti:

I've posted part of this previously.

Sexual deviance. Reading 120 Days of Sodom. I think that book takes not only the cake, but the whole damn bakery. I have a feeling a lot of European royalty and many a politician use that as an instruction manual for life. Then what went on in Rome? What did do Gaius Germanicus? Babylon. I can't remember that far back. Don't know if I was ever there in a previous incarnation. From reading The Epic of Gilgamesh, I rather hope not. I would like to meet Ereshkigel, though.

We have no wireless anything in this flat. We have enough issues without EMFs. Nearest cell phone tower is a little more than a mile away, but still. . .

Great post as 99.999999999999999999999999. . .etc.% of your others. Me thinks you had two that were 'meh'. Not bad. Glad I read them. They just didn't mow my lawn.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a good Smoking Mirrors. Appreciated!

Vis: "They are racing against time with the clock ticking in their heads. They have to get somewhere first, but they don't know where that is or why that is. What they are seeking to outrun is what is waiting for them at The Finish Line."

We need to step up a level or six, out of the day-to-day details. Charles Fort stated, based on his research, "The Earth is a farm. We are someone else's property.” So, we need to go Global, and Beyond...

Going down the alien meme (for a moment) produces two possibilities:

First, all of today's action is just a 'churn' to keep the naked-apes occupied and not looking behind the curtain. It is administered from the hidden 'top'. Viewed from this angle, everything is under control - just not naked-ape control.

Assuming the astounding technology-buildup of the past few centuries to have been 'directed' from behind the curtain, there are two further sub-divisions of the plot:
(1a) No major war will occur, because it would upset the technology-buildup to date.
(1b) The 'owners' have achieved their technology-goals - regaining interstellar spaceflight capability - and plan to leave the naked-apes within a carefully-calculated, self-initiated thermonuclear war.

Second, accounting for the panicky-behavior, the 'Other Side' from an Ancient War has shown up. Perhaps scouts. Perhaps with an ultimatum. The 'owners' are in a panic. The technology-buildup has been pushed hard because the weaponry-larder is near bare. Brexit and the British Commonwealth are being pushed because they are the most dependable of the 'owners' hidden-Empire. (Note that the 'Five Eyes' provide all-hemisphere coverage of the globe.)

Again, this breaks-down into two further sub-divisions of the plot:
(2a) The 'Other Side' from the Ancient War has not landed (in any force) on this planet. So, all the nations on the globe - despite appearances - are to be used in defense of the 'owners'.
(2b) Or, the 'Other Side' from the Ancient War has either landed or made protectionist treaties with some nations on Earth. Remember the internet scuttlebutt a while back, around Putin being told by Pleiadians that they have his back?

Interesting semi-SF possibilities occur when one looks beyond the day-to-day manufactured 'churn'...


Ray B. said...


On the above line, I had an interesting discussion with a ladyfriend, yesterday. Synopsis:

There is a heavy-duty 'cosmic war' going-on around us. From what I have read and synthesized from a bevy of authors, the situation seems to be an analogy to the island-hopping campaigns of WWII.

Many millenniums ago, I suspect the Earth was occupied/colonized by technologically-advanced (perhaps Out AND Up) humans/humanoids. Later, a wave of invaders basically destroyed most of their civilization (the 'A' word) and swept over the nearby star systems. This probably corresponds with the Dragon 'myths' prevalent over our world.

Some millenniums later, a returning humanoid wave took out the Draco space and surface infrastructure. Surviving Dracs went underground. It was not worth the effort to root them out within a fluid 'star-hopping' campaign, so they remained quasi-overlords of the planet. Although now deprived of most of their weaponry, they were still in local control. (Think of the powerful Japanese bases of Rabaul and Truk during WWII. They were 'neutralized' from the air, and left-behind. They were held by Japanese troops until Japan surrendered.)

I am of the opinion that the humanoid 'star-hopping' wave has swept onwards, and this is now a rear area. So, specialized humanoid forces are now doing the equivalent of 'securing an island' in their rear. They cannot carpet-bomb the planet due to humans being present, so the clearing is more low-key...

(The Tunguska event, seen in this light, might be indicative of further-reducing the 'owners': Observe. Plink. Sucks not to have air cover - or 'space cover'.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...


That is not how it is. I have no desire to keep anyone from here. I do have a thing about contention. AND I DO NOT have to have people agree with me. I am not shy about my shortcomings. Maybe somewhere, wires got crossed. I will do my part in uncrossing them.

Andy said...

One saves themselves by Understanding, not by moving to the next set of beliefs that most fits their next Hope.

@Ballerian. Some of us don't have 'beliefs'. We KNOW.

Anonymous said...

'What they are seeking to outrun is what is waiting for them at The Finish Line.'
You nailed it right there. Well said, V.
I dare to think the 'winds' have changed, seems to me anyway, cause the 'stench of rot' is dissipating. In babylon the stink must be quite intense and thick, like a deep fog.
And, did I not mention to you (and everyone else that would listen) more than a year or so ago that Ivermectin was a very effective cure for parasitic helminths (parasitic worms) of all sorts? Large or small to microscopic in size. Why they could even get to be the size of a human given enough blood to feed upon. Disgusting I know, never the less don't let false emotions or appearances get the better of you. 'Be not deceived.' Stay the course. We already know what the correct thing to do is. Cuz, we were born with that knowledge 'written in our hearts'. IC XC

Ray B. said...

Wonder if the following is the desired 'end result' of The Jab? From the JS site:

"There's no way out. There's no detox. There is NOTHING you could possibly do to undo what the shot does once you get it; you're PATENTED. A PRODUCT. An entity different from what you were before."

What could a Darkside controller or lawyer do with this? Not to mention, if aliens are somewhere in the plot, what does interstellar law say about who 'owns' a newly genetically-modified species? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible...and assorted company. Thank you for a wonderfuly uplifting post again, just what is needed in this information war to help us focus on the light that is dawning. You wrote "Modern science has formed its own Dark Age". That is a most profound statement, and if examined closely, might well be the unwinding of this bitter age. The reason I mention this is because I became a scientist myself, just to find out that just about everyone else claiming to be one was NOT! And not only that, but since I steped away from the scientific community I found to my amazement that there were real life scientists to be found, still rare, but mostly without the title. This happens in my view because the only people that can become scientists in reallity, are the ones equiped with an insatiable thirst for truth, which ones will, if well equiped, find this truth! And the truth of the matter is that real scientists, if completely succesfull, will discover that behind everything is like you say, god!
Now if we understood that this rare breed of humans that sacrifice everything for the truth, the "cats" killed by curiosity as the english like to say, are the only ones equiped to be scientists, gave them the resources necessary for finding this truth, and the positions given today to the fake TV "scientists", it would be a matter of short time before the masses were led to not only believe in god, but also find god, taste him for themselves! What an age thet would be, huh!
What I have said is nothing different then poor Plato's proposition in the "republic" to make the philosophers kings and rulers, for the benefit of all! Thank you mister Visible for reminding me by your every post what a real scientist looks like.
A friend from greece.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"We Will Leave the Irony of Being in a Hurry for Eternity for Another Time."



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