Monday, August 30, 2021

"It's Jack-in-the-Box Terror Time for Stupid People and those with Freezer Burn Brains."

(This is Monday's posting come early, as it did last week. Whoop de doo!)

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Total propaganda about terrorism out of Afghanistan via ISIS. Only a moron does not know by now that Isis is a Mossad CIA op, just like Al Qaeda. Oh, Wait!!! Now there is ISIS-K. It is the terrorism equivalent of The Delta Variant. Both of these absurdities have been cooked up by The Usual Suspects because due to a change in the cosmic weather, they are being exposed in all their iniquities to the eyes of The World... Somehow they think that the endless distraction will serve their purposes. Ah... no.

Now the Media is in Fearmonger Heaven, weaving new lies, patching old lies, and selling the same snake oil to The Walking Dead. How can people be this Stupid? It seems like you would have to work REALLY hard to get to be this Stupid. That level of Stupidity is not just generally ignorant. It's Ring around the Rosy Stupid, where the riders on the carousel think they are seeing new sights every time the wheel goes round, only because they completely forgot what they saw the last time. It's kind of like the mind of our feckless leader.

When this kind of Stupid hits, it doesn't matter how intelligent you are or what you think you know. There are people with all kinds of effete initials after their names who are here to explain it to you. They hail from a different kind of Stupid. It's a sort of regional Stupid, along demographic lines.

COVID didn't work except to camouflage a bunch of deaths from other causes and to kill or maim the people who got the vaccine that is not a vaccine. So, now it's on to Terrorism. It's Jack-in-the-Box Terror Time for Stupid People and those with Freezer-Burned Brains. Hold that thought!

They are afraid to die and afraid to live. They take the vaccines, they still catch Common Cold COVID and then scream about the unvaccinated infecting them. Doesn't the vaccine that is not a vaccine protect them from this? Stupid.

I was talking with my friend yesterday and my friend said, “Did you see where they are saying you can't have certain surgeries if you are over a certain age; Medicaid won't pay for it.”

I didn't even think before I responded to say;

God is Real and the centerpiece of my life. Who exactly is going to tell me what I can and cannot do when God is resident within? Does not The Divine CONTROL EVERYTHING at all times, even when it seems utterly tornado level out of control? Let me say again, Every event in my life, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is a special dealing of God with my soul.

I don't know where I got that from, but I do know it has proven out to be true.

They ask halfheartedly, and get no response, then they move right on to something else. NONE OF THAT applies to me, or anyone in resonance with God. What! It doesn't work for you? What happens to you does not apply to me. Let me put it this way, you have such and such an insurance company, like Fly by Night Mutual, and I have Jumping Jack Flash, full coverage, no matter what, and they have NEVER failed to pay off, in full... and more. Perhaps you need a different carrier? Perhaps you are being served by the self-served? I work for Eternal Living Light Service. We carry our office with us, like a Hermit Crab. We have no logo or board meetings. Our bank account is off-planet. We barely seem to exist, but we are around.

The latest trend by the disinfo agents is that we live on a Hell Planet that was created by aliens and we are all damned to suffer forever, just like that other scriptural Hell. Two things (and more) can be true at the same time. You might well be on Hell Planet. I am not. You may be in chronic apprehension about this, that, and the other thing. I am not.

Why are there people spreading this Doom and Gloom far and wide? They are, EITHER= paid operatives, really... really Stupid, or had their minds stolen while they were watching porn. They have turned their lives to shit so they blame aliens because... well... they couldn't be responsible for what is happening to them. Could they? Did it ever occur to them that the reason angels and illumined entities do not call on certain people is that they smell bad due to their lifestyle, and what they feel, and what they think? Shining entities do not come around where Gloom and Doom are being preached. Of all these people complaining about spiritual forces, HOW MANY OF THEM have put in the time and devotion NECESSARY to get Heaven's attention???

Halfhearted and inconsistent efforts don't even impress terrestrial consciousnesses, much less The Heart and Mind of Heaven. If you give it your all then Heaven WILL respond. Otherwise, buy a lottery ticket.

Socialism simply does not work in The United States. Some ground is fertile, some is not. This will prove out shortly.

I just went by the Rense site today. I haven't been there since he canceled me for trafficking with Rixon Stewart. My God! It's the biggest New Age Virtual Supermarket I have ever seen. You have to scroll down for some time before you get to articles, most of which are either Fear Porn or selling something. Then I went down through the columnists and came upon Dr. Chiappalone. Someone had mentioned him earlier and indicated that I might be a fan. I'm not, or it was a really long time ago, and brief. I've linked a couple of his Transmissions from The Mental Institution in the links below for you to see what he's been up to lately. I can't disagree with some of it. These types ALWAYS like to include some truth among the weeds. The rest of it is full-blown Mind Parasite garbage. He's a Doomsday Crazy. Nothing (useful) to see here.

He said that The Great Brotherhood of Light-Workers is EVIL. I KNOW this is not true. Of course, there is a dark order that is always at work pretending to be what it is not, BUT... the Heavenly Realm, and EVERYWHERE else is ALWAYS under Divine control. How do people get so screwed up in their thinking? Often it is because they have serious personal profit in mind and know that the key to that is sensationalism. David Icke has been raking it in for a long time behind profit motive. I found him to be a fine writer and a source for certain kinds of useful information, BUT... there is so much sensationalism! It is the same with MOST of the alt-news celebrities, literally too many of them to mention.

I don't want to get into criticizing these people. We all have our flaws but it is a serious karmic crime to mislead people. Maybe they really have this knowledge, but my intuition and other feeds tell me they do not. We only know what we are permitted to know, and we only say what we are permitted to say, concerning Divine Truth. For some reason, it all looks like Showbiz to me. It's the Personality jumping up and down and crying for attention.

I thank God for keeping me low profile and in generally humble circumstances. I consider it a high honor to be kept out of the marketplace of The World. It seems sometimes that the whole world is on fire with the desire to have and possess Temporary Shit, and... be a really important shit. It is a terrible fate to be rich and famous. I cannot see how one would handle it, unless they had the character of King Janaka or a prince who walked away from it all, like Lord Gautama. Keep your heads down, folks.

If one has all their attention on selfless service then personal profit does not come to mind to haunt you. Two things I see very little of in these times; Real Gratitude, and a Sincere Humility. I guess people figure that you can't get on stage with them.

Events are moving faster and faster. Existence has become a blur for many millions of souls scrambling for survival and more, always more. Hunger, it seems, does not go away. Temporary satiation is the best they can hope for before it comes back again or finds some new object of desire. Anyone on The Royal Road will tell you, you have to turn down the flame and cut back on Senseless Craving. It is not that difficult to find Peace Within, simply stop wanting. It is the wanting that destroys your peace.

Let me see if I have it right or not. There are a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. For some reason, the chickens are still squawking about Annunaki, Reptile Underlords, Armageddon, endless slavery and pain, and how we're all screwed, and they got details... details... details. MEANWHILE, all life comes from The Sun, and The Sun is not even one of the bigger stars; not hardly. All of these stars are the lights of God, and they represent only a small part of his power, most of which is perpetually held in reserve. Consonant with that he is woven through all of existence and is the life in all that lives, which he can grant or withdraw at his pleasure. I am probably underestimating him so far. Legions of Chicken Littles are in a virtual internet panic about who the Hell knows what, or they are festering with resentment and fear, while strutting around in a false bravado.

Some of them create multiple identities and go around to the alt-truth sites, where they keep hyping the particular nickname they are trying to promote so that they can Big Frog=Small Pond it. They are hoping a surge will somehow sweep through the crowd and they will be lifted up into a pretend divinity and everyone can ask them about diet, exercise, and fashion. MEANWHILE... they and everyone else are blind, ignorant, and naked, vulnerable as all get out. How did they manage to talk themselves into being the Cat's Meow in their heads? Regardless of my faults, at least I know I am nothing and exist only by the grace of God.

We are NOTHING but a dream in the sleeping mind of God. THAT... that is who you need to impress or it is adios and ignominy. Well, it is hard to be ignominious when you are forgotten for lack of any reason to be remembered. God must chuckle often in his sleep. Wakey, wakey time is coming, and THEN... then we will see what's what when The Avatar announces himself, broadcasting live into EVERY human mind, thence sending terror and serenity, according to what you've been up to.

You people had better wake up and stop spreading lies and fear that harm the human spirit, railing at Heaven because you didn't get the keys to The Candy Store like The Usual Suspects. There is a reason for that, and it's not candy either.

You had better get right with God while there is still time. You had better recognize how ill-equipped you are to handle circumstances beyond your control. You had better leash that personality and pray for help because you surely will need it when The Tribulations comes, and the panic-stricken lunatics run loose in the streets. You HAD BETTER find a light to guide you, because, my friends, I assure you, you are out of your depth and have only been tolerated in the hope that you will see what you have, for so long, rendered yourself blind to.

Witness the situation in Louisiana today. They say it might even become a Category 5 storm. Katrina was only a 3. This Ida is now a 4. The times we are afraid will arrive are already here. I believe The Big Question is, who has your back? Much more dramatic events are coming.

End Transmission.......

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Via Fox News
ah. What do you know? He's Jewish so he would still be an atheist
Harvard appoints 'athiest' as president of university chaplains - not everyone is happy

Dr. Chiappalone Via
Someone mentioned recently that I appeared to be a fan of Dr. Chiappalone. I have no memory of that, though I might have linked him. I link VERY widely. Anyway... now I know where the Doom and Gloom Patrol are coming from; the not-so-good Doctor is a source. He actually posted this= "If they knew what “We”, my Team of Light and “I”, have prepared for them as punishment, they would die physically of terror. What they receive is what they earned with their iniquities." What I see in this journey into his work is that he weaves all manner of phantasms into his Fear Porn. He even says that the Great Brotherhood of Initiates is evil. I KNOW this is a lie-
END of SPIRITUAL WAR is in Sight!
The Current Status Quo!

Dr. Chiappalone Via
This guy is really an escaped mental patient. He is so out to lunch that there was no lunch. At one point, he says that this has to be end of the world times because he is here. He self references himself as a major player in the cosmos. I suspect he is not=
Karmic Debts Due

Pentagon Introduces New “Diversity Rules

Via Post Millennial
Some people really do have shit for brains. Hmm... now which group of people has a fascination with fecal matter?
CDC goes woke, demands Americans use 'inclusive language' for their 'health'


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm assuming from the general perspective, it will get worse before it gets better. From MY perspective, anything that destroys what's left of this era is great news. It doesn't work, and from what I've read of history, it never has. Some cultures worked just fine, but they had this nasty habit of getting destroyed. Makes me think this era was meant to fail. I'm taking great delight in it's plastering. I suppose some would say I have a 'tude problem for my views. Well, I have other views that are quite a bit more controversial, but hey! With out them, 'Nine And Twenty Ways To Serve A Rug Rat' would not have been written.

Third song down:

Posting individually is weird on this site.

Great read before bed. Nighty-night.

Anonymous said...

Mr V,
'at least I know I am nothing and exist only by the grace of God.' Yes, me too.
Dr Chipalone is complete BS. I'm sorry I ever wasted a second of my life reading any of that crap of his/hers.
Why does anyone even write that shit? Once again I must say 'the devil is gonna hang'.
I heard somewhere, ridicule works to defeat the devil. Well I am all for it. 'The devil is gonna hang'. Stay the course.
Yeah all these Drs, and celebrities say they know something, well what is it? I don't know Jack, but these so called 'personalities' know even less than Jack.
I used to read rense too, lately just mainstream shit. Forget it. Make a new way.
Thanks and bye for now. IC XC

Anonymous said...

"It is not that difficult to find Peace Within, simply stop wanting. It is the wanting that destroys your peace."

I spent much of my life in a state of wantoness. Joy was at the center of that wantoness and I most often sought it in all of the wrong places. The only pure joy that I have found that brings with it a peaceful contentment is through constant conscious contact with God, PERIOD. Harmony with Him is what my soul has always been desiring though it wasn't until recently that I came to understand this. I love you Les and always look forward to your musings. Much appreciated as always my friend.

Justin Virden

Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'warning' column. Thanks!

Vis: "COVID didn't work except to camouflage a bunch of deaths from other causes..."

Some internet sources are beginning to connect the multiple Vaping-related deaths of several months pre-Covid with a US release of some variant. The symptoms are very similar - including targeting the lungs. At the time, "authorities" attributed the rash of horrific deaths (of semi-healthy people) to 'impurities' in the eCig manufacturing process. Quite an impurity to get that kind of reaction. Plus, one would expect 'rashes' of co-located deaths if it was due to manufacturing. Those were not seen, to my knowledge. The public just accepted the MSM verdict, and - with the memory of a brine shrimp - did not make the logical connection with a US release. (I suspect these were 'test cases', and that virus-variant was deemed much too lethal. Back to the labs...)
Vis: "The latest trend by the disinfo agents is that we live on a Hell Planet that was created by aliens and we are all damned to suffer forever, just like that other scriptural Hell."

Many people conflate TWO categories. I call them Out and Up. Out concerns off-planet entities, commonly called aliens. Up concerns Beings (usually Unseen) whose natural 'domain' is Higher than earth-plane. Sometimes, Beings are both Out and Up - but not always.

The reason I bring this up is because of a long 'experience' which I had back in 2015. I posted it at a Petri Dish, here and here (a two-parter). As I said at the time: If real, it could have some widespread implications. If it turned out to be only a Walter Mitty-esque experience, then 'oh, well' and nevermind. Take the following in that light...

The core of that 'experience' was that Earth had now come under different Management. Before, humanity had been at some lower status, according to collective alien treaties. Kind of like an intelligent dog. We were halfway to property, and subject to the whims of the Management. Now, we were elevated to some higher status which forbade that kind of treatment. And just as important, teachers/helpers/aid were to be dispatched to undo previous damage (our last 'owners' were not-too-good for/to us) and to guide us into becoming a civilization capable of meeting minimum-membership status.

I re-surface this 'experience' because it could explain some of today's happenings. If real, Management of Earth has changed hands. Earth's 'power structures' would have been informed of this. They would have been informed of future plans/directions. They would also have been warned to cease-and-desist certain behaviors. Backed by force, if necessary. The 'power structures' would have been shaken to their cores. And we, the common people, might be catching a break...

Since Vis is profoundly anti- New Age, I should mention that I am not a New Age-er. However, I will make use of whatever-works. If we get benevolent-alien help/guidance out of this, it sure beats being under The Usual Suspects. They are part of all-God, after all...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

For those who wish to peruse the extraterrestrial perspective, this is a website from an American expat living in China who claims to have been part of the Majestic program.

The main index link is somewhat obscure:

This reference is not an endorsement, per se, just a recognition that there seems to be some alien interest here and MetallicMan's (named for his implants) readership, as reflected in his fairly new forum and comments, seem to be thoughtful and onto many of the same ideas as presented here. Under a different paradigm, of course.

Yours truly does not post or comment there. There is a lot of material there to read.

Mr. Nah

Yukon Cornelius said...

We are nothing but a dream in the sleeping mind of GOD. That’s beautiful and quite soothing. I gotta put that up there with “the pump don’t work cause the vandals took the handles”.

Anonymous said...

It’s not the Usual Suspects that are the problem . The problem is the many fools who go along with the plans.
Someone once said ‘’what would happen if they gave a war and no one showed up?”Most of my neighbors are holding their breath hoping a booster shot will soon be available. They know the shot does not stop them from spreading , does not stop them from getting and now they are ready to line up for round 3 after what? 6 months. Check Vaers? Of course not. The masses are asses and until they wake up the Usual Suspects will always be in power. I am sorry that I take such a cynical view of humanity, not in a apologetic way but sorry for the rest of us who suffer from their ignorance and gullibility. Vis, you talk about the coming tribulations, and yes, you’re right. The real trouble has not even started yet. Wait til these people start dying and its finally known why. Wait til the majority wake up to the nefarious doings of the Usual Suspects and the misery they have caused all in inhabitants of this planet.
I do have faith and I do believe Good always wins. God himself has set it up that way . What happens in the interim is anybody’s guess

A Fool said...

They know something HUGE is coming? The Big Steal was a bridge too far.
They must move quickly and the Long March plan is now condensed.
The Ordo Ab Chao Novus Ordo Seclorum and elimination of YT is what gets them up in the morning.
Ever heard of the NWO card game from the mid-1990's? It is now up to $1200 for NIB first print and everyone is in there just like a Shakespeare all the world is a stage production.
Alex Jones, The Last Trump, Assange, Barry Soetoro or Obama, all in there.
Never looked at Rense in a browser with all that pop up ads send me money crap turned on, you can always tell the fakes by the hands out for the devil's excrement or lucre.
I already knew that the only way to survive what is coming is God and Lady Nature showing the way and that is coming from a fool.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"We are Come Upon the Threshold of The Dawning Age. Turn the Page."

lilbear said...

Well, I didnt know you felt so strongly about Dr. c and his writings(he did mention that some people can have extreme reactions to his writings, sometimes good, mostly bad).

It's ok, if you dont like him or his work or message. He bases his belief on ancient gnostic teachings(of which Jesus the Christ was a member). I like your writings and his both, I hope that's ok. I'm neither an agent nor am I stupid.

I also don't engage in online arguments or flame wars, theres more interesting ways to waste time.

Peace and stay safe out there.

lilbear said...

I'm tickled that you think I may be on some subversive mission to undermine you or anyone in any way. I'm just some random person trying to hold it together out here. Reality now resembles a bad acid trip, whatever that is, never had a bad acid trip....

My place of employment, a non-profit organization is mandating inoculation, or, if exempt for health or religious reasons must submit to weekly unreliable pcr testings. I dont intend to do either, come hell or high water. This all occurring in blue state kalifornia, where I have already been denied service due to lack of vaccination proof.(where are the fakes, cud be a booming market).

Looks like their gonna kill us fast or kill us slow, but I wont be complicit in my own mortal demise.

On top of all this bullshit I'm menopausal, which is like going through puberty in reverse.Yep, He's got a sense of humor all right. In addition to that I have complicated feeling about getting older, and being now middle aged and a woman in this era.

I'm struggling, but its mainly internal which is the way it should be. I'm dealing with it as best I can but...its difficult.... Theres a real chance I may become a homeless statistic soon, seems the system is hell bent on getting most of us there. I live in a city I cant afford to live in, but I cant afford to move. Other than some rural location I dont see any benefits of relocating to another city of any size. Its quite the conumdrum as you can probably imagine. Please say a prayer for myself and others who are in similar situations. Its alot more than most people think.

So, I know God exists as well. He has to, due to him being the only real friend I have.
ever had
Peace and Love,

lil bear

(I dont blame you for being paranoid though, theres too many weirdos running around with hidden agendas not to be paranoid)

Visible said...

I have no idea what you are talking about. I KNOW I never referred to you as subversive or anyone else for that matter in recent memory. There is more going on here than meets the eye. You made a comment before this that was also odd. Whatever it is that you think is going on is probably not going on. It is concerning when people come out of the woodwork with all sorts of explanations to questions I am not asking nor would ask. Hopefully whatever you were looking for has either now been found, or discovered not to be present.



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