Sunday, August 15, 2021

"Strange and Inexplicable Lightning Fills the Sky on Friday Night."

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Strange, dare I say Weird events are becoming commonplace. I won't be going into some of the bizarre individuals contacting me in cavalier and all too friendly ways as if I have known them all along, and I have not. This led to a kerfuffle with someone I did know, but that got worked out. These are unusual happenings but not worth a public autopsy when I don't really know what's what.

Around two weeks ago, I started doing a Rain-dance Prayer because we haven't gotten much precipitation in the last few years, due to drought conditions. It could be a mere coincidence, but a week after I started, in came the rains and we have had a good amount since. I live in The Southwest, and rain is not a regular event in any case.

While reading the Roerich accounts on the search for Shambhala...

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...which I had already included in a previous posting last week (or thereabouts), I came across this item;

“in this place, is the great ancient Suburgan, the hope of all Buddhists; because on this spot the Age of Maitreya (The Avatar) shall be acclaimed by a mysterious light over the ancient Stupa.”

You, PERHAPS, read the link from last week about hieroglyphs and artifacts found in Oklahoma that go back many thousands of years, indicating residence by Aryan culture. I'm playing connect-the-dots here.

Following this, on Friday night, I went out to take my evening walk. I had already noted for several hours the lightning which was encompassing the entire sky WITHOUT LET UP. I saw, maybe, as many lightning flashes as I have previously seen in my ENTIRE LIFE in a single night. There was only a sprinkling of clouds in the sky. The lighting was flashing directly overhead, even though there were no cloud banks, except at the far margins of the sky. I walked through hundreds and hundreds of lightning flashes. There was also no thunder. Hours after the initial appearance of the lightning... finally, some rain came in. It wasn't a downpour but it was constant.

I have NEVER in my life seen so much lightning. It was also unattended by the usual companions, like thunder and rain. Yes... the rain came many hours after the lightning did its dance. As I walked through the evening there was this thrilling atmosphere of PENDING... something... something. I felt exhilarated and alive, and the thought kept running through my mind that this was The Advent of the Avatar. I had such an intense sense of confirmation. ONCE AGAIN, let me say, I have NEVER seen anything like this before. It was as if The Sky was speaking.

I should now add that there are many occurrences and conditions I DO NOT talk about here. My sites are visited, or accessed at other locations by mean-spirited Nimrods and badly drawn people. Their numbers are, thankfully small. Their numbers are very small by comparison with other similar sites, and I attribute this to invisible agency. HOWEVER... if I were to talk about arcane incidents and manifestations, I would get a Loony Bird descriptor to go along with the mindless barking that follows every caravan passing through population zones.

I am not concerned with being thought or called Mad. I freely admit it myself. I believe, and have DIRECTLY experienced the timeless truth that one cannot find the truth without first going mad, and there is plenty of precedence for this in ancient texts and anecdotal tales. It's not something I would argue about, given that I avoid argument to begin with. HOWEVER... there is no reason to throw more wood on the fire.

It is NOT possible to compare the aftermath of a full-blown Kundalini experience to ordinary human life. You find yourself dealing with invisible forces and presences, astral serpents, and other entities. One also sees things that are not in the common parlance. I make no claims of exceptionalism as the result of something I didn't even know about before it happened. I had to put it all together afterward as my attention was forcefully turned to Eastern Thought. ALL religions come out of Eastern Thought, and that is so self-evident that anyone contending it is wearing a virtual t-shirt that says, “I'm With Stupid,” except that they are standing all alone.

I don't want these blogs to become like the 5-D site, or any of the other loony bins that traffic in sensationalism, and provide Tarot readings for entire crowds of diverse people who simply happen to have been born in the same sign. It reminds me of the horoscopes that were a regular feature in newspapers for decades. Every day there would be a section such as, Your Daily Horoscope. It involved a pithy paragraph on what you could expect to encounter on that day. The mentally challenged and superstitious never tumble to the fact that each of these readings covered at least five hundred million people. The number is much higher now.

This event with the lightning, added in with other recent episodes of Woo-Woo, leaves me with the impression that we have come to a Watershed Moment, after which, nothing will ever be the same again. I am not telling you anything you are not already aware of. Each passing day examples new outrages against both decency and humanity. The thunderclouds in The Event Horizon are ominous; if we take APPEARANCES at face value.

Something Wonderful and soul-stirring is coming. The Bad Guys KNOW this, and that is why they are frothing with impatience over The Vaccine Culling. They also know that it will not be long before a whole lot of people begin to drop dead. They will, of course, blame this on something else. The Three Card Monte game continues apace. The Hucksters, Charlatans, Mountebanks, and other carny and criminal mindsets, are all joined together in games of distraction being played out upon the human mind. Material Comfort and Convenience have made people weak and ignorant, and most especially... afraid. They believe whatever they are being shown on the TV, and... certainly, they are unaware of the energy beams being directed at them, and the dark conning towers that broadcast into the unconscious.

Most people do not understand what is being put into their food. They have little knowledge of the relentless programming that is being visited upon them. Even though they KNOW that most politicians, celebrities, religious leaders, and generally important folk are LIARS and OPPORTUNISTS, they still can't believe it. It's some sort of disconnect.

I once mentioned the following trend that has been happening in Western Buddhism for decades. Here is a great article on it. Here is yet another correlative event. There are other sources as well, but you will seek further if it appeals to you. Some of us have known what The Chabad Houses have ALSO been up to since their inception. There is a worldwide conspiracy of depraved creatures engaged in perverting and then destroying humanity. Why would they do this if it eventually leads to their own demise? A parasite cannot live without a host. You have only to read the fable about The Frog and the Scorpion.

I have suspected the arrival of certain conditions for a long time. Even before I saw the film, “Rollerball.” I've watched the decay and Fearpocalypse intensify. Now, we are at a major turning of the road. In fact, the road is going to split into tributaries and people will be swept along on the route that harmonizes with their intentions and ambitions. It's not going to be pretty overall. It is also going to be splendorous beyond description, depending on your perspective, and your character.

I've no idea what shape it is going to take. That is in the hands of the devas (Deva is East-Speak for Angel) who implement the Will of God. We are going to see some very uncanny events because IT IS NOT going to work out the way the criminal elite think it will; not hardly.

You can caution people all you want. There is no guarantee that they will even hear you, much less listen. So many people are COMMITTED to collective delusions and ONLY trauma, it seems, will change that now. There is ALWAYS the possibility of Divine Grace... still.

May God profoundly bless and protect you all.

End Transmission.......

I am posting Monday's article on Sunday now so that other sites can have it in their scheduling when they need it.

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Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'lightning' column. Appreciated!

On your exceptional lightning storm, I had a similar-feeling event occur in the Seattle area around forty years ago. It was massive amounts of cloud-to-cloud or 'sheet' lightning. No thunder. What made it special was a thick fog over us. Rather than individual bolts, there were rippling swarms of diffuse light. It was like the gods were fighting in the clouds. Awesome, and yet scary to my atavistic side...

On being thought or called Mad, I came to terms with that decades-ago. It started with whether I was Sane or Insane. It bothered me. Then, the word Unsane popped into my consciousness. That felt right. Unsane, as in not buying-into the Mass-consciousness Bubble of 'Sane'. Weird was also 'transmuted' into Unique or One-of-a-Kind. Cool...

On many occurrences and conditions not talked-about, there is also the "Loose lips sink ships" aspect. There are whole areas which Higher Self has said not to talk-about, as doing-so would 'give aid and comfort to the enemy'. Which is also interesting, since all-God has no 'enemies'. And, telepathy exists. Whatever; I do what I am told...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

: )

Visible said...

I also do as I am told. No questions asked. What's it called... "faithful unto death?"

As for telepathy that is happening at all times now and trending toward precognition.

Visible said...

LTPTB; I guess you are pretty excited now, knowing that it's at any day now status. Personally, I would get on the other side of the Sierra's.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oh yeah! I'm thrilled to no end! So many days and dates. I hate this realm, however. I don't like illusions, compromises of my innate abilities, limitations, only limited Akashic Knowledge, no tail, and no red nose hair coat. The sooner I'm off planet, the better.

Ray B. said...

LtPtB, when we are out-of-here, I will be very curious to see what your off-planet 'species' actually looks-like. Tail, fur, and nose... :-)

And thanks for the 'reply', Vis...

Anonymous said...

I'm trying manfully not to descend into schadenfreude on hearing of how Noel Ignatiev departed.

Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now=

"Civilization is Humanities Reaction to Pain, and the All Consuming Drive for Comfort."

Anonymous said...

I won't be attending Noel's funeral but I will send a note saying I approve of it.
Mark Twain's ghost



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