Friday, August 6, 2021

"If People Only Knew how Impressed Heaven is by Gratitude They Would Show More of It."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There are rumblings everywhere. The rumbles are below and above ground. Sometimes the rumbles are within us, and then the rumble is in the street. We've almost gotten used to these rumbles. There are a lot of other forces and conditions to distract us from The Rumbling. Of course, these other forces and conditions are also part of the rumble. The rumbling is the sound and atmosphere of CHANGE. This is change COMING in a VERY big way. This is the rumbling of things to come. All those separated human minds have gotten lulled by the passage of time. It's like Waiting on the Big One in Kalifornia. You know that it is inevitable, but time keeps passing and it doesn't happen.

Massive earthquakes, and powerful geological change, usually parallel similar events within us. It is a shame that events must take the course that separated minds seem committed to bring about and to share in, BUT... apparently, nothing else will get their attention. This mindset, of those bound and devoted to the conditions of their own wake-up call, always reminds me of what Mikhail Aivanhov said. I will paraphrase;

'When God wants to get your attention, he gently shakes your shoulder. When you do not respond, he shakes your shoulder significantly harder. If you still do not awaken, God picks up a two-by-four.'

When I first read that, I heard the interior ringing that comes to me when I encounter The Truth. This has saved me oceans of time so that I am able to discard the work of most argument creators, and focus only on those who ring that bell. All of us have a capacity for this but few exercise it. If you play a sport consistently, and in a determined fashion, you will improve to the limits of your capacity. We all have some amount of limits and prove to be better at some things than others. It is a good thing to find this out earlier on. I learned it in baseball and whatever else was available sportswise when I was a teenager. What was available was mostly everything, since I grew up on military bases.

Hearing the ring, and smelling out the truth. Seeing THROUGH appearances, and all of the other adjustments to the higher arc of the senses offers an otherworldly experience in this pedestrian, hamster-driven world. I am reminded of The Bard, and there being more things in Heaven and Earth than we have dreamed of. We have all kinds of supersensory faculties but, WE DON'T EXERCISE THEM.

Many people, especially the people who come here regularly, have some measure of ability in seeing through what is going on around us. We look at the low-jinks of public figures and shake our heads, certain we would never act so stupidly, We weren't stupid enough to get into these enterprises to begin with. This is something we SHOULD BE profoundly grateful for. If people only knew how impressed Heaven is by Gratitude they would show more of it.

It is the same with Humility and Compassion. Heaven takes direct notice of these forms of behavior because they do not occur with anywhere near the regularity of the less attractive forms of behavior. The World, as it is, makes it very difficult to exercise these virtues. Everyone sees it when people boldly stride to their own advancement. Everyone sees it when some rich person tosses their pocket change at some charity flavor of the month. Everyone sees the self-serving but few realize just how calculated that self-serving is. The humble and compassionate are seldom seen in the thoroughfares, BUT Heaven sees and marks their passage.

I care not a wit what The World thinks, but Heaven is another matter. I care greatly what Heaven thinks. This brings me to some interesting features in the differentiation between Heaven and Earth. There are no secrets in Heaven. Earth is awash in conspiracies, lies, and secrets. They are a major growth industry and they fuel the fabricated propaganda that leads to wars and all manner of inhumanities as well.

Heaven does not have secrets but it does have mysteries that have to do with a closer proximity to The Light. The source of The Light is The Throne of God. Those who are welcome are free to travel across other levels and planes of being with ease. It is no mystery to them, though it might be a mystery at the initial levels. One grows into the greater freedoms by letting go of all antithetical desires. One rises due to a lightness born of a greater concentration of light. At certain levels, light is food. It is even food at this level for those who know how to access it through The Sun. We do not just get heat and warmth and life itself from The Sun. There are other potencies in The Sun as well. Hermes Trismegistus gave us The Emerald Tablet, and this concerns The Operation of the Sun. You might call it The Great Work, which leads to The Knowledge and Conversation of The Holy Guardian Angel.

Spiritual teachings are constantly radiating from The Sun at their specific frequency. This brings me to that one statement which everyone is familiar with and comes from The Emerald Tablet. It is “as above, so below.”

This is a very misleading statement in the way it is generally understood. Life in Heaven IS NOT the same as life is here; not hardly... EXCEPT for those who are already in Heaven while here. This idea of Heaven varies considerably, depending on what is imagined to be present there. Would it startle you to know that there are Tantric Heavens? There are Heavens where divine forms of intercourse are routine and are actually The Nature of that location.

As Above, so below, means that you will find the proper expression of whatever you see here in Heaven. It means understanding, right-useness. It does not mean it will be the same thing. There is a right way to do and to be. There are MANY wrong ways to do and to be. The meaning of 'sin' is Missing the Mark. What is that mysterious force which makes heavenly residence possible? It is Love, and the higher and finer the vibration and the love, the finer and more rarefied is the Heaven. Hell also has many planes and levels of existence. Some are awful beyond your imagining, and all of them are made possible by the absence of Love.

God is Love. Heaven is where the light of God is present. Hell is where God is not present. I should qualify that. God is present EVERYWHERE, but in what forms? You can also think of yourself as a resident on the unique bandwidth of your being and that you contain a higher and a lower nature. You contain Heaven and Hell. As Omar Khayyam said;

“I sent my soul into the invisible
some letter of that afterlife to spell
and by and by my soul returned to me
and said, I myself am Heaven and Hell.”

So... As above, so below, exists in you and has to do with the relationship between your lower nature and your higher nature. If the former predominates, you will find your way to Hell. If it is the other way, you will find yourself in Heaven. The whole of your fate and destiny are contained in this. It is the shape of your character and what formed it as well.

We have these rumblings because people are resisting Awakening. These rumbles will intensify until they do awaken. Awakening can take all kinds of shapes. There is the awakening of a child in good circumstances on a clear summer morning. Then there is the awakening from last night's drunk, as you begin to realize what you did and said the night before, and regret settles in. People are going to be waking up to what they have been doing, and their not having woken up by now is directly related to what they have been doing. Mr. Apocalypse is going to wake them up, like it or not, and they WILL see the error of their ways, and judgment will come in that court where lies and subterfuge cannot enter. It will happen in The Court of Self where nothing can be hidden, as their real being speaks into the monster of their creation.

The order of the universe is more precise than the finest Swiss watch ever made. The mind behind it, the architect, is unfathomable. People whining and complaining about it because their self-interest blinds them to the beauty of it are to be pitied. If you are or think you are, resident in Hell, an inmate on a prison world, or in whatever form of distress, YOU PUT YOURSELF THERE. However, you are so sure that someone or something else is responsible for this and you create a sad and sometimes terrifying fabrication to be present in. You don't have to be there, but you will remain until you wake from your delusions.

As there are galaxies in space with stars streaming, there are Heavens and Hells aplenty. Our galaxy looks like a cloud of light because there are so many stars. Whatever you can imagine, the reality is far, far beyond that, and beyond that, and beyond that. Better to come to terms with what is than to suffer from what is not.

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For some reason, I only have this one link. I guess I didn't travel very far through the sewage today=


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Levels of 'Hell'. Wonder what's worse than the realm of the psychopaths?

'Tanks' (The Irish drop the 'h'. Some of them, anyway.) for a killer pre-beddy-bye read. Nighty-night.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for this VO in SM clothing...

For some reason, I have been watching fact-based YouTube lectures on geology for the past year. (We live on a very interesting planet.) I suspect that I have been drawn to these because of the need to sort-out 'what is' from the fear-based imaginings of some. Of course, if you are a Being of sufficiently-high Consciousness Level, anything is possible...
Vis' paraphrase of Mikhail Aivanhov: "When God wants to get your attention, he gently shakes your shoulder. When you do not respond, he shakes your shoulder significantly harder. If you still do not awaken, God picks up a two-by-four."

I have long had my version of that: When God wants to get your attention, he speaks gently in a dream. If you 'get it', it stops there. If you don't, there is a more powerful dream. If you 'get it', it stops there. If you don't, there is then a powerful, nightmare-intensity dream that sits you up in bed. You finally 'get it'. It is much easier to 'get it' earlier than later...
Vis: "When I first read that [Mikhail Aivanhov's observation], I heard the interior ringing that comes to me when I encounter The Truth."

I have my own version of that. For me, it seems like a diffuse light, kind of like a flashlight-effect through dense fog, 'behind' the text. Plus, there is kind of a 'good feeling' pervading it. Like you, paying attention to this (or, of its lack) has saved me much grief. (Each reader will have their own 'prompts'. Learning what this is for you will save much unhappiness.)
Vis: "There are no secrets in Heaven. ... Heaven does not have secrets but it does have mysteries that have to do with a closer proximity to The Light."

Yep, telepathy is a fact (empathy, too) as you go further-up in Consciousness Levels. It is only Down Here that telepathy is imagined to be unreal; although that may be changing soon. (If you read ET 'encounter' tales, the large-majority are using telepathy to communicate. That should tell you something.)

The 'twist' that I would put upon this is that Consciousness Levels themselves put a 'limit' on what one can receive or interpret. Go a few Levels above where one is, and it quickly becomes 'gobbledygook'. You may be able to make the telepathic contact, but you will not understand what is happening. (It can help if you ask the other entity to send a 'downgraded' version of what is happening; it's 'essence'. That helps in our understanding, but do not mistake the map for the territory.)

One of life's little pleasures is, "Ahh, that is what is really going-on..."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...


On the matter of communicating with the higher-ups, I was told (and have been told again and again). "Visible, the only way that we can communicate with you is to use your own mind. Impressions are sent to you, translated into your own words because that is what you understand. If you were to hear the angelic language, you would be able to make no sense of it, except for feeling. So, of course, it can at times sound like you are talking to yourself, but that is what is happening anyway. It is ALL some level of your own being. Could you EVER have gotten as far as you have in spiritual awareness if this was a product of your own delusions? You know it would be impossible to have done so on your own, so... trust, trust, trust and rely on me in all things."

All of this came about because of my 'trust but verify perspective' I DO NOT want to just believe something because it sounds good and because I want to believe it. It has to have the ring, and it does. Still... this is that difficult area where you are REQUIRED to have faith and trust. It is a part of being shaped and there are some clever deceivers about.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the extended reply.

My perspective came-about due to (real) Elves reading my Soul. To my 'ears', it sounded like the transmission-sounds from an older modem. Ultra-fast. Unintelligible. If I asked them to 'downshift' a sense of what they were doing, I got clear (if strange) images and phrases. An actual conversation could happen. I applied that 'model' to other Beings I met along the road...

On the 'trust but verify' side, one of my most scary moments was when I started to connect to my Higher Self and got a smooth, encouraging "Yes?" in response. It was NOT how my HS communicated with me. Yep, some entity was doing a 'man-in-the-middle' scam on me, for its own purposes. I backed-away quickly, did a different 'procedure' to reach HS, got a familiar response, and we went-on to Clean that entity. (Quite a wake-up call to be careful...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...

Visible One,

When I first read that, I heard the interior ringing that comes to me when I encounter The Truth. This has saved me oceans of time so that I am able to discard the work of most argument creators, and focus only on those who ring that bell

Simply succinct, rigorously real, truly triumphant!

"argument creators" !! Withering wit against the folly of fakers!
In strict contrast to true creators!

Making a mess of meanings and believing their own bullshit
Taking grace for a ride in Her shiny new exuberant vehicle and making the journey fun!

If people only knew how impressed Heaven is by Gratitude they would show more of it. It is the same with Humility and Compassion. Heaven takes direct notice of these forms of behavior because they do not occur with anywhere near the regularity of the less attractive forms of behavior

It is not mere behaviour which attracts through resonance, higher consciousness.
It is simply the exercise of conscious behaviour, going against the automatic ruts of unthinking sleepwalking which sympathetically attracts MORE consciousness.

Especially now, when the easy life of previously pampered slaves has made sleepwalking with snark on the side a global pastime.

To go against the flow of unconscious mass minds being herded to the precipice of the dark hole suction machine takes conscious effort.

Our flicker of will in the direction of up and out attracts all the loving energy watching for a wisp to encourage.
If we but persist in what appears to be folly to the world, we are guided along the unseen bridges over the troubled in hot water.

The slightest intention from the Spirit to expand and shine, if attended to and heeded, will divert our rut into a high road.

The question is whether lifelong crawlers can handle the vertigo of being out of the quicksand muck dragging our asses into the grave.

Can we persist in flying, not solo but also not in formation with the gaggle of goose eggs, headed for the frying pan?

A seeming paradox:
Ultimately grounded in the Immovable Mind of the One
Free in spirit to shine attention and a detached consciousness wherever we are led from inner guidance!

Based but not forgotten
Free but bound to serve
Bridging heaven down to hell for a way out

Imagine that the opacity of our limited bandwidth sensory apparatus hides the true transparency of our lives.

Every single move or thought is writing in the cosmic hard drive, into the permanent memory of the Universe, the Akashic record.

Our human minds get resonant reminders of all that we have done, in our life yes, but more so from every routine moment we waste.

Hard to ignore the pressure to learn the lesson of how to make beauty instead of pain, for ourselves and all those near in light years.

How to sidestep the bull of our own ignorant momentum trying to gore and bore us to death and let the power of Spirit shine through us without destroying our delicate wick, our lantern mantle made of lifetime's lessons.

When we would divert a tiny portion of the brightness to reflect on our selves, to huddle in our subjective cavern long enough to think our way out, we burn.

Getting in the way of sunlight overheats us quickly
Clearing out ALL our shadows is how the laser can fire without evaporating us in one blast!


robert said...


right-useness. Yes! a creative exposition of meaning, freed from religious ballast.

Another dance in the ecstasy of Spirit!

When we all get a clue, the majority will rise and the minority of mayhem will withdraw, screaming for more attention all the way!

The deceivers have been reading the mood of the masses for millennia, and the fever pitch of their madness is consuming all caution as everyman begins to see through the veil reinforced by the media Matrix and right-use fury rises!

Be the calm we are at heart and let the water roil!
Swim the flood tide toward the island in the center of the torrent
Sing before all hearers that may chance their desire to join the chorus

Be fearless in exposing who we are in the light of day.
Only the marked minions disintegrate before the throne of the sun.

The rocks ring with the resonance of creation coming.
How will we not join in a union impervious to division by deceipt?
What else can there be but One living being devoted to perfect harmony?
Endlessly folding and unfolding in waves of ecstatic transmission?

There'll be peace when we are done!
Carry on!

Visible said...

I'm wondering if anyone else caught the meaning in that headline about Obama's 'scaled back' birthday bash in Martha's Vineyard? Don't all reptiles have Scaled Backs?

Now it appears it was hardly a 'scaled back' at all. I don't get this, the same reptiles are still attending. Anyway... I just thought it was important to mention this.

Starman Jones said...

Greetings Starman LV!

Grumbly hateful or humbly grateful is a sign at a dear bud's home out in the countryside.
I am tickled pink when someone runs with an idea or funny nickname and don't want any credit.
As long as the idea is out there.
Any great hunches were put there by God and I didn't come up with anything.
Working on the stop wanting part and there are steps forward and back.
Given up on trying to help the zombie herd who will eagerly line up for any lie and smile while their chains rest gently.
There is nothing worthwhile in this world other than the Truth and Love and may they both be with you all.

Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:

Isiah 28:15

Anonymous said...

Les, Does your statement 'At certain levels, light is food. It is even food at this level for those who know how to access it through The Sun.
Referring to this article:

I've read it awhile ago, tried it ands still gaze with some results.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

robert, beautiful words. One request though, let's please have peace until then as well. Done is when no one worried about their survival, only how they can improve their lot and Peace fills all the lands and waters. This is when the most Grace will be found.

A hungry man is not searching for Grace and doesn't find it.

An angry man is not searching for Grace and doesn't find it.

A rich man can search for Grace, but for him it is difficult to attain since all he sees are others pawing for his riches.

A contented man, surveying his domain, modest or great, few worries and many hopes, does not have to search hard to find Grace. Whether he "earned" it or not is immaterial. It is how you live and are, as LV says succinctly: "There is a right way to do and to be. There are MANY wrong ways to do and to be." The right way is the graceful way.

Hey "Elites", you score 1 point for every "Useless Eater" that passes the gate, and -10 points for every one that fails. Good Luck!

How could God possibly favor them over you? Yeah, there was this other character that didn't get that either, follow him much?

Mr. Nah

P.S. Ladies, feel free to read it with "woman/she/her instead".

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Even if They Rise to Parity with Solomon. They MUST Return Again to Walk The Path of Love.

MogwaiHunter said...

Wow Les,
I got God smacked today and thank god I did. I was going off the rails as I usually do when god starts communicating with me. I start using some of the suggestions he gives me and try them out and it goes wonderfully. Then I get more excited and start imagining what else is there and get some other tip. This goes on for some time and I start losing it and start slowly neglecting everything good in my life. I need to perfect the simple things first and work my way up slowly. I know everything is taken care of in the end so why am I trying so hard to get to the end? I want to enjoy the ride in the time I have with the ones I love. I am in the perfect position to do this because I have been spoiled and still live at home. Now I can help take care of my parents while working with god for the first time. I hope I can stay in this sweet spot for a while. I love it. And when the time is right I can branch out but right now I am starting over at the micro level. Thank you for everything. Thanks for helping me turn the right way. Instead of watching netflix when i want to chill I will go through your reading suggestions. Looking forward to learning more and passing it forward at the right time and place.

God smacked me down to the ground today. I slipped on a wet decking board. I went down so fast I was flat on my back looking at the sky before I even knew I fell. I could have died if I would have landed a little different. I hate to see what his next warning would have been if I hadn't stopped what I was doing, begged for mercy and apologized. My parents didn't smack me around as a kid. I see it can serve a purpose if the child fears it and understands it. The wonderful thing is it scared the shit out of me but it barely hurts at all now. I am so grateful. Peace and Love. Thank you again!

MogwaiHunter said...

I got a job at the local golf course in the Metroparks. The guy inside really knows what he is doing I just need to turn over the controls to him. Its tough to accept death I think, pretty sure I won't really notice it happened. If I go with it perhaps he will let me keep watching forever. ha!

MogwaiHunter said...

I'm screwed. This is so difficult. Its like I got the yin and yang fighting over my mind. How does this get worked out? I got a job offer today and I should take it. As soon as I get over the joy of getting a little piece of stability, I just want to be a hobo preacher and save the world. Should I just do that? If ever there was a time for it isn't it now? I feel equal part retard equal part genius. You can feel free to not post these...

Visible said...

M-H; There is an unspoken peer pressure to lose one's mind because everyone else is doing so. Of course, what they are losing doesn't exist in the first place. We are the ones who caused the separation. Calm and collected beats disturbed and fragmented every time. Regardless of the temporary thrill, we don't gain anything when we punish ourselves for crimes we 'think' we have committed. Still the reactive mind, and nothing else will be required of you. We've all fallen into error. We can as easily be right instead of wrong and it hurts less.



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