Wednesday, August 11, 2021

"Trust The Source of The Greatest Love of All. It Triumphs Even Over Death."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Every now and then there is some confusion here and yesterday was such a time. In the post, I added a comment from someone who might have once been employed to write the copy on the labels of Dr. Bronner's soap products. Two readers commented that it was 'over their heads'. I SUSPECT (but do not know) that they did not realize that the incomprehensible gobbledygook was not my work. It was a mere example of the forms of CRAZY, now appearing in these times. It wasn't Over Your Heads, my friends. It was a hodgepodge of mindless cut and paste. I probably should not have included it.

Though I did not elaborate on it, my reasons for it being in the post have to do with a rash of inexplicable acts of violence that have accelerated in recent times. Here is an example of what I am talking about. Here is yet another strange affair. I suspect, (but do not know) that some kind of Tavistock-MK-Ultra interference is possible. It could also be the result of immense pressure on the human psyche, due to the FABRICATED virus scare that has been plaguing us for some time now. It could also have to do with The Apocalypse already in progress. People are either going to see and accept what is being revealed to them about The World and themselves OR... the chain will snap at the weakest link.

I have only included two examples of it here. I come across many more than that EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is also ramping up and intensifying. There are may people who have convinced themselves as to the causes of what they see and hear about. I am fortunate not to be among them. I haven't convinced myself of anything except God's Presence. It COULD BE any of those reasons, and it could be something else. It could also be all of them at work simultaneously.

The truth is that it is mostly all breaking down. The Old Age is being recycled and The New Age is being instituted. As is ALWAYS the case, in the beginning, the REAL crazies have a field day, determined to have their radical themes carved into the infrastructure of coming times. They are also, eventually, recycled or pushed aside, as the far more numerous agents of The Middle Ground come forward. Radicals and Nutjobs are only around in the preliminary stages. What happens is that all manner of new trends, technology and devices, religions, and political systems begin to take center stage. Some amount of The Old Age that is agenda-driven may also come along as well, but over the course of time, these will be marginalized and be practiced only in the subcultures they are representative of.

Sometimes Virtue is prevalent more than Vice, and sometimes it is the other way around. At present, it is at the extreme end of Vice. Much of what The Crazies want is also suicidal and that takes care of many of those particular crazies.

The self-fellating high and mighty are trembling in their webs. This is well concealed and not evident. I assure you they are in panic mode. They KNOW that sooner or later the gun-sights will be focused on them, and they HOPE, and SCHEME to get ahead of the curve before it happens. That NEVER happens, because the cosmic rightness that is present in all major changes does not permit even one bi-pedal cockroach to escape. One way or another, Justice will come for them. The only thing they are going to Head Off at the Pass is... themselves.

I know there are a lot of people out there who are Doom and Gloom Junkies. There are a good number of people who believe The Bad Guys are going to win. Some have joined them in anticipation of that. Most everyone in politics, religion, and entertainment are already on board and have become mouthpieces for The Vaccine Genocide. They were already on board for every sexual perversity going, and no doubt, many of them are regular practitioners of the same. They mostly want to survive and prosper and that means they will do and support anything that will promise them this. They are in for quite a surprise.

We are awash in Doubting Thomases and assorted Pharisees. Judas is a rockstar, and Cain has many, many siblings. I can understand how dark and desperate it may look, but that is ONLY APPEARANCES that feed upon their insecurities, appeal to their vanities, and have convinced them to put the lotion in the basket because they don't want to get the hose. I don't think I have to parse the implications of that for you.

We are also awash in cowards and those with hostages to fortune. In Times of Material Darkness, you get a lot of these. Meanwhile, there is PRESSURE, and more and more PRESSURE. It takes a stalwart mind to resist the fear of what cannot be seen but is most certainly palpable. SURPRISINGLY... there are more heroes among us than we may have initially believed were present. Trying circumstances have brought them out of the closet.

Surely you know that when you get a vaccine (which is not a vaccine) for a common SEASONAL flu that has been around for a VERY long time, and which has been turned into “Pumpkinhead” by a sociopathic media, and the ruling elite, there is more going on than we are being told.

This is an orchestrated nightmare, whose intent is to subjugate and control us. I've no idea what The Real Cosmic Heavyweights are doing about the matter, BUT... I trust Heaven in all things.

Anyone who has been at pains to seek and speak the truth already KNOWS what happens when you do so. No one who is possessed of a committed Self-Interest has any sincere interest in The Truth at all. Their interest in The Truth is how it might be shaped to assist in the realization of their ambitions. You CANNOT shape the truth. You can shape lies into the appearance of truth, but that IS NOT truth.

These days, the desire for honor, integrity, and fair play indicates weakness to the predators. It is not easy to understand WHY groups of people band together in an effort to destroy everyone else. They are NOT like you. They may possess human features but they abdicated from their humanity a long time ago, and have been on a relentless quest ever since to GET THEIR WAY. As Lao Tzu said about 2,500 years ago; “Those who miss after ALMOST winning should have known the end from the beginning.”

We serve no particular religion or political ideology here. We seek common-sense awareness and universal brotherhood. We seek to serve Ageless Wisdom and The Initiatic Brotherhood. At the same time, there are those fomenting race wars, the destruction of ORDER, unrestrained sexual license, and pretty much anything that imprisons and demeans Humanity. It can be a tense progression IF YOU LET IT BE SO FOR YOU.

We are in a period of crushing doubt and shadow shapes with knives, guns, and whatever is handy. Each day, more unpleasantness appears. What can you do when all around you are the enemy camps? First off you REALIZE that the power within you is GREATER than any seeming power outside of you. This does not mean you individually set out to make war on them. They are ALREADY at war with themselves and WILL destroy themselves without your help. In times like this, Lao Tzu advises that you be a smart fish and keep your mouth shut unless you are otherwise compelled to speak.

When you look deeper INTO your Self, you become able to look deeper into others. Then you find that those engaged in crimes against others are far more frightened than you are. They are TERRIFIED. There is an atavistic center within that KNOWS judgment is coming. It is a persistent and eternal verity that rules invisibly and continuously. If you are aligned with this, no harm can come to you. If you are not aligned, it is like waving a cross before a vampire who can only be kept at bay if you ARE aligned with the forces of light. All of this is a metaphor for something else. Your faith in that cross must be associated with an understanding of what it means, otherwise, the vampire is not impressed.

Symbols are concentrations of specialized POWER. Those PRESENTLY wielding temporal power are versed in the meanings of symbols, icons, and amulets, as well as other paraphernalia of related kind. They serve a conscious perversity of these symbols and other forms. The perversity is NEVER as powerful as the original intent. Love... which has become so trivialized in these times, is MORE POWERFUL than ANYTHING ELSE, but... you MUST possess it at a level above the perversity you contend with. There is no contention then, and you are beyond their reach. The only time you might find yourself in strained circumstances is when Heaven want a DEMONSTRATION of the power within you. We have MANY historical examples of this. Trust the source of The Greatest Love of All. It triumphs even over death.

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Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for this 'virtuous' blog. Appreciated!

Vis: "There are a good number of people who believe The Bad Guys are going to win. Some have joined them in anticipation of that."

I had a vision of Saruman when I read that. Tolkien was careful to note that the Palantir system (communication orbs) had been co-opted by Sauron and were now being used to promote that the Middle Earth bad-guys were invincible. Hmmm. Why does that sound familiar?
Vis: "Surely you know that when you get a vaccine (which is not a vaccine) for a common SEASONAL flu that has been around for a VERY long time, and which has been turned into “Pumpkinhead” by a sociopathic media, and the ruling elite, there is more going on than we are being told."

On the one hand, I have the same 'intuition' that the virus, the clamp-downs, and the "vaccine (which is not a vaccine)" are being used for clandestine purposes which have nothing to do with what is pronounced in the owned-media. That much is obvious to anyone who is not shut-down. On the other hand, my ex's daughter-in-law's mother is about to die from that virus. She was not well beforehand, but got around fine. She will probably fall into the "co-morbidity" deaths from the virus. Having researched that this virus shows signs both of being CRISPR'ed and of having gain-of-function manipulations, this makes me quite angry...
Vis: "Symbols are concentrations of specialized POWER."

It has been interesting to watch ancient (honorable) symbols being twisted, made abhorrent, or co-opted to various (dark) causes. It has been obvious that this was intentional, to cut-off the masses from the use of each symbol for its original 'power'. This has been intensifying over the last century. It makes me wonder what Mr. Apocalypse will do to set this situation Right...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Slum clearance of the willfully ignorant and the wrong side of history in progress. See ya when we get to where we're a'goin'.

Anonymous said...

V, its all '... a hodgepodge of mindless cut and paste.' The whole .gov .com narrative. Doctor so and so says... Scientist X says...Doctors in white coats espousing...Health officials claim... Experts suggest...
No other voice matters one hoot.
And if not a Dr. then the next best thing is a wealthy business leader seeking ever more profits and pleasures. They no nothing of spiritual matters, are out of touch with nature, everything is about money, and use their crafted 'science' as religion in the pursuit of 'efficiency'. We are deluged by this utter shit day in day out, epoch after epoch. 'They' need every trick in the book now because 'they' are afraid of their fates as the age changes. All their symbols mean didly squat, are we to bow/kneel before symbols and idols too? Spend our lives chasing 'symbols'.
I came to the conclusion many many years ago that removing these 'parasites' would likely kill me, but living with them was far worse. I accepted that possibility, along with my quest to dispatch them, with courage and faith. The battle has been amazing so far. Their trickery and deceit has surprised me and strangely even entertained me (how low can they possibly go?). Your writing is much appreciated.

brian boru said...

I had to read the previous post a couple of times to realise that it wasn't something that you were saying as I found that I had no idea what was being said. There seems to be a lot of that these days, no doubt so as to keep us completely confused. We now live in a time where the evil is palpable; it cannot be ignored or wished away. Staying anchored in the truth is a real test for us.

Graham Hook said...

“Two readers commented that it was 'over their heads'. I SUSPECT (but do not know) that they did not realize that the incomprehensible gobbledygook was not my work.”

Probably nobody ever told them what Quotation Marks mean :)

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Well, Anonymous @ 6:58,

I think you are on the wrong track. Can you destroy a song by dispatching the band that played it? Can't another band play it too? Will they need to 'dispatched' also?

What is at the core of problem, and it can't be dispatched, only repudiated, are the ideals of 'Big Brain Supremacy' and 'Special Souls'. Once those afflicted with belief in these ideals realize that their 'special gifts' are not meant for themselves and their ilk to help themselves, rather they are meant for serving God's purposes of stewardship instead of plunder, there will be peace and prosperity.

The threat you represent to them, and many like you, just harden their hearts. And you wonder where the idea of instigating a 'great culling' as a simple solution to current problems (due to population infringing on providence) might come from. There are morally superior solutions, it is just they are more difficult.

My optimism stems from seeing small signs that this realization is spreading among the Elite, and those misguided fools who are trying haven't managed to spark WWIII yet.

Mr. Nah

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"We are Miniature Replications of The Ineffable (in potential), Though We are Not Nearly so Good at It."

Anonymous said...

V, I'd like to post a reply to Mr.Nah.
A song is not a living creature, a parasite is. The song would be more accurately termed a meme.
Big brain supremacy? like a whale’s brain? Or an elephant’s brain? Or are you talking about cone heads at the world bank?
Special souls as in the ‘fallen’. Do they still have souls?
Harden their hearts…. Can you change a tic or mosquito’s mind, or a psychopaths mind with
morally superior solutions? Do you have an example of this ever working?
'Special gifts' :
Often times animals and other creatures come to me for help. Why? Because they know I can help.
A absentee neigbour of mine had a dog, the neighbour would leave the dog all day by itself. I would work outside and the dog would come over for company. The neigbour was very neglectful of his dog and let the tics build up on it until...well I just felt so bad for the dog I started to pull the tics off by the hundreds. Disgusting work btw. The dog was grateful for that and its health steadily improved. I suppose that’s why it would come over. What do you suppose I should have done with the tics that were removed? Let them go? Naw, Mr. Nah. Can’t allow that and you know exactly why.
As a child we used to catch and release turtles for fun. We always checked them for leeches in their underarms and pulled those suckers off. Then release the turtle back into the lake.
And its not just dogs and turtles, its birds, insects, frogs etc.
Providence indeed.
Our society is currently suffering an infestation of parasites sucking the vitality out of all of us and poisoning us in the process. Its not Joe or Jane average doing it either, they just can’t see it and can’t do much about it either. Its the ‘special souls’ that bear full responsibility for it.
As Christ said, the poor will always be with us. So will the parasites. That’s just fact. But I will do my part as best I can and according to divine will.
I am at peace with nature and myself, always have been, other people not so much, but I do try.
Hardest commandment for anyone to live up to is ‘love your neigbour like yourself’, damn near impossible if you ask me, all anyone can do is keep trying. When the time comes however, do what is right in your heart and don’t be a fool.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Well Anonymous @ 6:58 & 10:25, I appreciate the reply.

I found your post very interesting and a bit disturbing. Is it fair to say that you are a self-admitted misanthrope with a penchant for dehumanizing opponents?

Clearly "Song" was meant to be a metaphor for ideology (more comprehensive than just a meme). Indeed, neither are "living". The same can not be said for either "mob psychology" or "shared culture". Both of those have "a life of their own".

A "psychopath" can be one of the most productive members of society, or easily one of the worst criminals. It just depends on their motivation, which is largely derived from their ideology. Change the favored ideology, then the motives change, then the behavior changes, and then things are different.

"Better" depends on your metrics. An ideal ideology will have metrics which measure all participants benefiting from the differences. This is mathematically possible precisely because these things are not zero-sum (conservative). The metrics can also be qualitative, not merely quantitative. This is a morally superior solution.

There certainly are a plenitude of "ticks" that should be removed. The lowest hanging fruit would be the architects of the Iraq War. Make an example out of them. Then 9/11 and JFK should be exposed and tried.

You make a huge mistake assuming that all captains of industry are psychopaths. It is a tremendous responsibility to make payroll week after week, or month after month. It is horrible to have to lay people off when business is down. People, good people, who have built up a business over years, care about their enterprise, their employees, their customers, and their community.

This is different than the corporate raider types, that purposefully seek out companies that are "inefficient" (i.e. employee generous), and either buy and dismantle them, or set up competition nearby. This is the kind of behavior that needs to be scorned, and no longer admired because it "scores points".

In my neighborhood, I am the local dog guy as well. When I walk in the woods with my dog, the same deer see us and no longer run.

I'm not sure you got that I was speaking against "Big Brain Supremacy" and "Special Souls" ideology. This is what allows some to think that they are superior and can decide the fate of their inferiors. The Elite frame the Useless Eaters as Parasites. And you frame the Elites as Parasites. I don't really see a distinction in those methodologies, which make you like them, yes?

What is lacking in your attitude, from my understanding, and the general theme of LV's blogs, is Love. The Elite are scared, they are also trapped. The wheels are starting to come off the whole shebang and they are responsible. This is not the forum to discuss specifics of economic policy and more than it is to introduce paradigms of Physics, but there are solutions.

Do the fallen have souls? Yes.

Mr. Nah



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