Wednesday, January 31, 2024

"A Clueless, Factory-Assembled Zeitgeist of a Bankrupt Culture... A Perverse Merger of Bologna and White Bread Under-Glass."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It's time to take a closer look at this contrived relationship between Taylor Swift and Mr. Pfizer. It's time to look closer at the sudden, and recent upsurge of her celebrity, which is also contrived. She's a bubblegum-level... agony aunt songwriter; a bit less shrill... and also less talented... than Alanis Morisette, and... who gets around more than Winona Ryder... who never even stayed around for the post-coital cigarette, AND... how would I know that? I wasn't there.

She's a Cliff Notes... cartoon parody... of Joni Mitchell. She may have once read some poetry by Rod McKuen or that caged bird lady, but she doesn't actually possess any, and... neither did they.

If it's not inspired... it's tired, like the flour they make Wonder Bread out of. Not even the cockroaches and rats will eat it. Then they pump the vitamins back in. Swift is the musical version of processed foods.

Her songwriting is more competent, and engineered hook-wise since The Serious Pros got involved, but it's still watered-down treacle... for a public that can't chew gum and pat its stomach at the same time. It's simply repackaged Brittany Spears. I finally listened to a few selections... as much as I could bear, and... it's shit. There's no two or three ways around it. It's shit.

Bonnie Rait she is not. Heart, she is not. Joni, she absolutely is not. Chrissie Hynde had the real pizzazz. She was liquid smoke. Swift is a tire fire, and not quality tires either. Retreads burn differently. Don't ask me why this is. They just do. Anyone who has spent any time smelling tire fires can tell you this. She is not any of these, or even remotely similar to other classy ladies that have been on the set over the years.

She is the clueless, factory-assembled Zeitgeist of a bankrupt culture. Something made from old pizza and Big Gulp containers... that leaked through the floorboards of an abandoned house filled with squatters... to a basement no one with any sense of self-preservation would venture into, and I'm being kind. Even Beavis and Butthead would not think she was cool, but they would score with her, given the opportunity and the line was not so long.

She's a shill for The Globalists and a distraction from Gazacide.

She's a tool, as in the phrase; what a tool! She's a Stepford Wife with no morals and a Swinger's mentality. She'll one day be the chairperson of The National Association of Cougars.

I'm not with The Morality Police. It doesn't matter to me what her body count is. What matters to me is the intentions of the people who are using her as a shoehorn into The Land of 15-minute cities.

Her Neanderthal boyfriend, who is the poster boy for meat-rack single's bars... is a mass murderer who is either too stupid to know better or... doesn't really give a shit. He's probably a combination of the two. I don't know how ubiquitous those Pfizer commercials are, but there are multiples at every broadcasted football game. The people behind Pfizer have heavy juice. It is past... glaringly... obvious... that millions are irreparably harmed or dead because of these Killer Vaccines.

We now know that far more of The Killshots were sent to red states also, and we know they are going out of their way not to inoculate the migrant hordes, given that there is and was no need to inoculate anyone to begin with. The same people are behind the Open Borders venture as are behind The Killer Vaccines. These same Satanic operators are behind just about everything that is harmful to the rest of us.

All of this is visibly transparent. It's not new what they are doing with Twit-Girl. They've done the same thing plenty of times in the past. This time the intention was to build her celebrity and then turn her into a fag-hag ventriloquist's dummy for the present administration. They know they can't pull the same crap they did last time or... maybe it's still early days. So... they are going to come at it from several directions. Twit-Girl is one of them.

The Truth is that an overwhelming majority of the American Public wants Trump back in office. I don't know where that's going to do a whole lot of good. More and more I am tending to believe that the whole shebang was orchestrated BEFORE the last election was stolen. It's like all of them knew what was going to happen. Honestly... I don't know what's what here. I do know that he didn't do all kinds of things he said he would do, AND... he's deep under the covers with this country's worst enemy.

The entire nation of America can now be seen as a metaphor for The U.S.S Liberty; presently in the gunsights of the same people who attacked that ship, by way of The Titanic, which was ALSO sunk by the same people... in order to get The Federal Reserve authorized as a national... on demand... blood bank for rampaging vampires.

It's not like this Aspartame pop singer is any worse than the usual Pop-Tarts that have come and gone. It's a genre. It's what you get with that genre. She's a looping... quasi-human... commercial jingle... from The Wax Museum. It's the difference between soap opera actors and real actors.

Travis Kelce on the other hand is the kind of guy you see smashing Bud Light cans on his head or playing beer pong with M-80s. He's got talent as a football player, and we all know what sort of world changers that area of enterprise has spawned.

Football player meets empty-headed cheerleader who can't keep her knees together. ♫ Don't you know we're riding on The Trivia Express, they're taking me in Flashback gown... to Nostalgia Town... all aboard the train ♫

Probably... by this time... I'm just being mean, BUT... I'm tired of all the bullshit that The Bread and Circus Junkies keep buying into. Just when you think the public can't get any stupider with The World about to burn down around their ears... they prove there is no bottom there. I can't see any way around all kinds of bad things happening here and in all the places where Materialism has got the whole bandwidth locked down.

The first intimation I had... of this unholy union... was Travis Kelce saying something about wanting a friendship bracelet, and... somehow he couldn't get one? This is one of the items sold at Swift merchandise booths for a few dollars. Then... step by step... this grand passion... this perverse merger of bologna and white bread... was mayonnaised together, for our vicarious voyeurism, and pedestrian pleasure... through the cotton candy media.

It was a few weeks later that I saw one dragging the other behind them backstage. (can't remember which one went first, the chick or the carnal savage... bleeding testosterone like a broken crankcase leaks oil.) It was at a concert stop in Argentina during a ferocious storm. They did not exude one particle of simpatico toward each other.

They looked as out-of-place together as sodomy in the missionary position, and as frightened as Schwarzenegger that time I saw him surrounded by a phalanx of bodyguards... at the now vaporized Planet Hollywood in Lahaina. He looked scared shitless;

God knows why. I don't. Certain images remain in our minds. The Divine has gone out of his way to show me snapshots from the dream... in my passage through it. That was one of them. There have been many others. Now... sometimes it seems... as if all of it is a snapshot... chasing another snapshot... through a diorama that is curling at the edges from heat, and... I am not talking about Global Warming.

♫ God's not dead. He's merely hiding. You can see him in the morning when The Sun is rising ♫

Now... it seems like everyone is getting on the bandwagon.

Keep watch for the saccharine smarmy commercial break in the middle of the rant. It goes on for so long you might forget what you are watching... kinda like listening to a song by Swift... none too swift, and... going by none-too-swiftly. When will it end!!!

We are truly in the rutting phase of the terminally absurd. Trashy is the new chic. Ridiculous is the new hip credential; how far will you go to get attention? Tik-Tok tells the tale. Celebrity is now determined by who is willing to blow The Devil at an awards show.

No doubt this is crass, and I've been obscene. I've written nothing like this in 15 years, BUT... every now and then a blister breaks the surface of the skin. And I HAVE TO announce that, Yes... Taylor Swift is killing children in Palestine, and all the rest of them are waiting in line, and ready for their close-up.

It REALLY... REALLY can't be much longer. For those of you losing hope... please hold on. For those of you who feel God has abandoned you OR... you have lost God... please hold on. You are here for a reason, though you know not what that is. Struggle as you must to reach that inner place where you can see... clearly... that everything you see... is simply weather going by the window. Life... by mysterious agency.. ALWAYS maintains balance... sooner or later it comes back into plumb... it comes back into true.

The further out it all gets... the harder and quicker it snaps back into place.

“If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or, being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with triumph and disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on”;

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings—nor lose the common touch;
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run—
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!”

Rudyard Kipling

Hang in there!

End Transmission.......

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Friday, January 26, 2024

"The Shadow of Fear... that Is Worse than the Fear Itself... Looms Over The Whole Shake 'N Bake of Wasted Lives."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I'd like to point out something I am aware of; in fact... it is something I am absolutely certain of. During all this time when Gates... Soros... Pfizer... Schwab... Fink... Kerry, and all those psychopaths at the UN... The WHO... and related Globalist agencies have been devoted to killing off millions of people, they have neglected to watch their own backs.

I have neglected to include the names of many other worthy groups and individuals, most especially The Rothschild Coven which is both... kind of, and one of the primary nests of evil at the very core of The Darkness of this world. They know who they are, and the relevant authorities know who they are too. When I say, 'relevant authorities,' I am talking about those who are actually in charge of everything on The Visible Plane, and not the ones who merely dress up as authorities in their particular cosplay fashion.

They have a distorted idea of how The Universe works. They are blind to its interactive, and especially its reactive nature... according to immutable laws. As they are attacking collective... world health... with the assistance of Big Pharma, and all sorts of governmental and NGO operations... their own health and well-being are under attack, and... it would not surprise me at all... if at this very moment, they are being made aware of The Enemy Within.

There is only so much that moronic medical science can do for them, and I know also... for a fact... that this very moment they are being hunted by creatures out of nightmare regions... sent to this plane... especially for them. It takes no special or insider knowledge on my part to be aware of this.

A simple... though deeper understanding... of cause and effect... as well as a familiarity with the law enforcement divisions on invisible planes... is all I need, and I have both of these, as well as regular access to some of the doings that are going on out-of-sight... and mostly out-of-mind too.

They don't know nearly as much as they think they do, and the forces they have been relying on... for much of the havoc they have been creating, do... not... answer... to... them. They are... all of them... caught in a cosmic vice... that is pressing in on them and there is no escape whatsoever... other than the mercy of God, and nothing and no one otherwise that can help them. They are doomed... screwed and tattooed with a form of invisible ink that is quite legible to those parties that are concerned with sorting them out.

Even now... they could reverse a great deal of the retribution that is headed their way, BUT it is unlikely they will turn in that direction. Their insolent and arrogant natures have been forming... for lifetimes... on their way to the apocalyptic dénouement.

Already... many things are going wrong for them Out Here, However... In There... where they cannot see... other karmic pathologies are developing. They have a sense of increasing dis-ease, but they do not know the source of it. It is spurring them on to ever more reckless behaviors. Desperation is setting in. So they turn their attention away from where their real concerns lie. Images of the evil they have done are playing... increasingly... in their minds. It is taking real effort to keep it at bay.

I am very certain of what I am saying or I wouldn't be saying it. Generally... when I am not certain of something... or unaware of the specific forms that anything might take, I make a point of saying so... or I fall back on... Time will tell and we shall see. In this case, I know these things to be true because that is ALWAYS the case in situations like this... and as they relate to people like them.

They KNOW they are in trouble, BUT... they've always been able to get around it in the past... through temporal force and connections; NOT THIS TIME.

Their fire-breathing reflection is coming round the mountain. The other side of Dorian Gray is replicating... like the images in barbershop mirrors... that face one another across the cutting and shaping floor and give us a simple image of what a space-time continuum looks like, and what it contains. Hal is not going to open the bomb bay doors.

I am telling you this because conditions... increasingly... look like the visage of an angry Dire wolf, as the subconscious has an increasingly harder time blocking out the fruits of an undisciplined imagination. Unfortunately... in Times of Material Darkness... people are chronically looking out instead of looking in, and know very little about how things work there... as opposed to the entertainments looping through their cluttered heads.

I suppose empty heads would also suffice here. They won't be offended by my saying so because they will never read these words. If they did they would not understand them, and they would also never associate them with themselves. Why... they know who they are. They can see that clearly in the eyes of everyone they think they know, and... run alongside of. They have things they own, and... things they do. They have name recognition... among important people... who will be joining them on the train.

What train is that? It is the train they are already on, and it is taking them to exactly where their acts and intentions arrive, in... the... same... as... everyone... else.

It's not just the big creatures that are going down. So are all the little creatures that follow them around and live off of what falls from their pockets, and the corners of their mouths. It's a crowded train. They have had to put on additional cars, many... many... many additional cars. This train won't fit through The Narrow Gate. This is the broad gate and the wide road... or tracks if you prefer... that leads to destruction.

It needs to be wide because of the many that are passing through the gate and over the road... or tracks if you prefer. This is not the small gate and narrow road that leads to life, and which only a few find... because very few are looking for it... in the first place.

They will be looking hard and breathing hard in not a great space of time to come... as conditions worsen and the shadow of fear... that is worse than the fear itself... looms over the whole Shake 'N Bake enterprise of wasted lives. These are the fat and happy campers that wave banners and hold posters in the crowds... that have come to hear The Judas Goats... tell them about what they're gonna do if you elect them to the job of routing you... through the paddocks to The Killing Floor.

These are the people who are still getting The Killer Vaccines, the people who prescribed the vaccines, the people who made and sold the vaccines, and the people who talked them up but got another version of the vaccines.

These are the people who line up at the fast food counters. Who buy their food in packages with laundry lists of ingredients. These are the people who think Israel has a right to kill and torture with impunity. These are the people who get all bright-eyed about vacuous celebrities; who thought Barbie was a great film; I wouldn't know. I didn't see it.

These are the people who don't see the chemtrails... or figure they must be for the good of everyone. These are the people who are so busy planning for a future... that is not going to come... that they can't see the future the monsters have in store for them, the trailer is playing in the coming attractions... right now... in The Event Horizon.

They and that vast horde of the clueless... who affirm each other no matter what... along with the predators that are leading them... and whatever living and breathing flotsam and jetsam gets caught up in the wind behind them, are all on the train... or the boat... or the plane; on the sidewalks and in the suites... wherever people congregate to wait for their ship to come in.

Here they gather to hedge their bets... short selling and going long... betting on the come... waiting on the corner for someone who's going to make them all feel better on the day they all get well.

I feel like the man with the shaggy hair and the sandwich board that says, “The end is nigh.” Then again... not really... because I'm not anxious or disturbed. I'm not frightened or dismayed. I know it's just weather moving on the screen, and I know the guy who controls the weather and also composes the screen.

I wish I didn't feel so bad about the people who are committed to hurting everyone else, but... I do. I know what's coming for them. I know the nature of the road that awaits them on their way through time and space to come. The Divine is right there, my friends... motionless and ceaselessly in motion... like magnets attracting and repelling by turns... that generates the whole electro-magnetic dance of life... coming and going... and disguised as weather... easily as changeable... and impossible to predict.

End Transmission.......

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And our daily dose of Jacob Boehme.


Tuesday, January 23, 2024

"These are Healing Waters. These are Informing Waters. These are Protecting Waters. These are The Living Waters."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Sun is The Heart of God... as it shines through the filters of The Material World from its source in The Divine.

The Light... entering through the prism of The Material Realm... creates the seven planets and each of them is a particular variation of The Impersonal Love... personalized... which shines from The Sun... that rules all of the planets... due to its being the source of the modified power... that radiates from each of the planets, and... through the complexity of their interaction creates every situation... of interactive karma... that exists on the bandwidth of the senses.

In other words... EVERYTHING comes from The Sun. Then it precipitates into form; frozen sunlight in material extension... according to its self-identification... that is shaped by the karma that attends it, and which facilitated its arrival here... into the war-torn vale of The Elements who dance in their constant... mutual... antagonisms.

Those who master the interplay... rise above it, and reside in The Quintessence... from which The Elements are formed. The particular... unique arrangement of Elements (in your case) compose (y)our cross. The sifting and sorting on the way... that which makes us free of the stormlands of elemental fury... is accomplished by the conscious love of God... when it is permitted to operate unhindered in and through us.

The Great Work... The Operation of The Sun... involves the transubstantiation of our being back into the conscious sunlight from which it first came down into manifestation, and then... into the deeper... denser light that birthed The Sun. We move from the antagonism of The Elements... back into the quintessence... from which we precipitated.

Some of these things I learned from the teachers of Paul Foster Case. It's been many crossings over the waters of change... on bridges both treacherous and strong since then, and the way back is closed. Never until now have I found the equal of it until recently in my reintroduction to the works of Patanjali and Boehme. Truly inspired writings are rare indeed. You will know when your life is on the verge of a great upswing... when new interpretations of enduring truths... come into your life.

The Truth is The Truth and it stands alone and cannot be defined in words. It speaks for itself through other mediums and its systems of delivery... change... according to one's proximity.

When we have found The Way, and... when we have discovered within ourselves... the necessary levels of Faith... Certitude... and Determination, our lives move through ever finer states of understanding. The voices of those... who reside beyond the howling discord of this world... become more and more clear to The Inner Ear. The voices of The World we are leaving... become more and more distant.

As long as the smoke and confusion of appetite and desire envelop us... we can see no way out of here... besides the hay-wagon of The Grim Reaper. He's not grim at all. Grim is our memory of what we passed through, and... how we passed through it. Some measure of fear always attends uncertainty, and uncertainty always attends those minds that are magnetized by form. Appetite and Desire light up The Arcade. It's always Las Vegas for the hungry and the hopeful.

The rays of The Sun... that proceed from The Sun... are heavenly waters which bathe you in The Light... should you be in any kind of resonance with it. These are healing waters. These are informing waters. These are protecting waters. These are the living waters of life. It's what you get when you get life abundant. You get living waters of life. This is an intentional... doubly informing... redundancy. (grin)

The Sun is The Portal of The Divine that shines upon this world. Anything and everything one might wish to seek or find... an answer for... can be located there, if one knows how to properly listen. Either the chaotic and insistent pull of The World has your attention OR... The Sun does. You can't listen to both of them at the same time.

The demonic and possessed servants of The Dark Side seek to curtail the influence of The Sun with chemtrails. This is because The Awakening is coming directly from The Sun. Every message of change comes to us through The Sun. They imagine they can somehow block it. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!

The Light... when it leaves The Sun... is completely pure. Nothing impure can exist in The Sun because The Sun is a consuming fire, just... like... The... One... who... authored... The Sun. However... as it travels through space... across the many miles of its passage... it encounters impurities. It is like a mountain stream when it first emerges from an underground spring high up. As it passes down into the valley... it becomes increasingly less pure.

It is similar to the teachings that exist after their long and tortured passage through time. Look what has happened to the religions that were meant to be the keepers of the wisdom! That wisdom has passed through the hands of those who shape the historical record to their own advantage. Consider those greatest of mass murderers... who created The Bolshevik Revolution, and then had to fabricate a holocaust to cover for their crimes. Now they exercise the same horrors through Gazacide.

The Avatar... every time he comes... comes to us from The Sun. The Avatar is the true Sun King in human form. He is the vehicle of transmission... for the newer testaments... that he brings every time he visits here at the beginning of every age. That same Ageless Wisdom is transmitted every day by The Sun... for those who have ears to hear, and minds free of interior conflict with exterior conditions... those who are free of interior conflict with interior conditions.

The same clouds that come and go in the sky also come and go in your mind, and that same Sun that shines in the sky shines within you at this very moment. Everything external to you is within you. Not just The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, but The Kingdom of Hell as well, and you must surely pass through the one before you can enter the other. I didn't make the rules. I am just one of the guys who runs across them.

I know it sounds weird to hear that such a vast space that exists outside of you could also be contained within you. It is. It absolutely is. Work out how to travel the distances within you and you will have no problem with The World outside of you.

If you can bring yourself to hear the music... that is composed by the planets... as they move through the spaces between them... you can come to hear that everlasting choir of The Angels of The Sun... who are always singing the timeless assurances and affirmations of The One... who loves us more than we can know. That something made us out of itself... so that we might come to know it, and share in a love divine.

Nothing that the fiends of Hell seek to visit upon us can hinder anyone who sincerely seeks The Heart of God. That is also within you. They have tried this same tired bullshit... time and time again... many times before now. They ALWAYS fail. This is the last gasp of their impotent efforts to get ahead of the rest of us... to a space already occupied by one who awaits them. It will not be old home week, I can assure you, BUT... it will be familiar ground.

Just so you get some sense of Smoking Mirrors here let me ask a question. Maybe someone out there can answer it.

I've got a question that I am not informed enough to answer, but... I am informed enough to ask the question. The reason they inject vaccines is so that they are transported into the bloodstream. Yes? Now they say they are putting it into the food. Would not the digestive acids neutralize the chemistry of these vaccines? Are these not refrigerated in the first place because of rapid degeneration?

Are they blowing smoke up our asses just to ratchet up The Fear? Something doesn't make sense.

I'm not a chemist. The only science I have any background in is Hermetic Science. I treat with The Invisible... from which... of course... comes The Visible. Perhaps someone out there has the savvy in this department to grant insights. I only put up the most obvious considerations. There are others too.

Perhaps they think the threats they proffer are enough to keep us in line. I know for a fact that they lack the ability otherwise. Soon they will hear... the sound of the heavy tread... inside their head. It's coming closer and closer, BUT... where is it coming from? It seems to be coming from all sides. IT'S GETTING LOUDER!!! They can't see it though. It is going to feel like it is right on top of them... like a Xenomorph in the air ducts of the ship.

It will close in on them. The space within them will compress until there is only them, and... it. How can you defend yourself against a terror... a Balrog that you have called up from the depths within you? Doom! Doom! Doom! ♫ Well, here it comes! ♫ Yeah... it's ALWAYS some version of this. That shining light that comes to liberate those of us who await it with expectant hearts... ALSO comes in other forms as well. Other forms that are... suitable... for... the... occasion...

End Transmission.......

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I wanted to post a little testimonial to Mike Judge whom I consider to be one of the great geniuses of these times. He produced Idiocracy and Office Space, Tales From The Tour Bus, and other things. He produced Beavis and Butthead. I am not a big fan of that but he has the keenest of eyes to see into the complexities of human character.

He reminds me in some ways of Evelyn Waugh and Somerset Maugham. He is much less literary, but easily as insightful. He did an animated series called King of The Hill.

It's 14 seasons long (I think) and boy! Does he nail a certain segment of American life? He is definitely ahead of his time. If you like his body of work (at least some of it ((grin)) you will love this. I am watching it for the second time. You need to pay attention to what he is doing there to get it all.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

"They Did it to Themselves. They are PRESENTLY Doing it... on The World Stage... before The Eyes of The World."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Smoke=Fire=Tunnels underground. All I can think of that sounds productive about the underground is that seeds sprout there in the darkness; driven to search for the life-giving light above ground. However... that would be in-the-ground, not underground. Mostly, underground speaks to strange creatures hiding from The Light. Gollum is an iconic example, and... I think a certain group of people have something called a Golem. Here's something to make the mind wonder.

I don't usually spend much time thinking about tunnels underground, having raised myself on the Greek and Roman myths when I was young. When I treat with the submerged aspects of The Self, I use pictorial symbols to call SPECIFIC archetypes up out of the well of The Subconscious; I don't do it the same way anymore. Everything is on automatic now. It's what happens when the groove becomes deep enough.

Since this was revealed as an aspect of official policy, one would think the power of it has been flat-lined, but... no. They are still beating that leprotic drum.

Said The Cosmos; “Niagara Falls! Slowly I turned, and step by step... inch by inch...,” and now we see the slow and agonizing fall of The Citadel of Evil. They did it to themselves. They are PRESENTLY doing it to themselves on The World Stage, before The Eyes of The World.

You would have thought that more of them would have come out against the core evil of the archetypal corrupters of all things good and decent. The ones who take every natural thing and render it unnatural. That is one of the primary features of evil; to distort something... to degrade it... to change it into something ugly and unappealing in the name of The Greater Good.

So it is that they have given us; sexual perversity... pornography... genocide... organized atheism... cabals and cults... directed toward the destruction of balance in The Natural World... child murder... blood rituals... political correctness... Diversity (the antithesis of unity)... Equity (where you chop off the feet of everyone too tall)... and Inclusion. (enforced residence in danger zones) Oh! The List goes on. and on, and on.

This evil, which is a genetic disorder... some alien confusion of The DNA... has been present for many centuries. The Historical Record gives ample proof of entire nations rising up against their presence, and Founding Fathers collectively warning about what can happen, and... like clockwork... demonstrated in the demented hands of visible progressions... we see what they meant. WE SEE WHAT THEY MEANT!!! We see what they feared, for these fears have come upon us.

In former times... measures were taken. All they resulted in was a migration to the next feeding ground. Always they used the leafy branches of distortion... to wipe the ground of their footprints... through historical revision. Now we have Wikipedia as clear evidence. We have the indoctrination of the education system, overseen by their diesel dyke representative, lashing the public good with the Draconian intentions of The Teacher's Union.

They are the face of sexual perversity. They are the land the offenders run to when they are caught out. They have burrowed into every area of government... with the intention of destroying the country and instituting their grandest achievement... Communism... in place of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. This is now beyond doubt. It is self-evident. It is visibly so.

They have created the migrant crisis. They are in charge of Homeland Security AND The Justice Department that permits the hordes of future controlled voters... to ensure future compliance. They are lobbying in all the countries where the migrants originate. They are financing them and guiding them here. They have already wreaked havoc upon The Crown Colonies with their surrogates in power. It is what they intend for us... here.

They brought the murderous Killer Vaccines to disable and destroy millions around The World. They control The WHO. They controlled and still control The CDC... that worked the blood magic that was behind the greatest transfer of wealth in our history... into the hands of those who mean us ill. Now they are saying that growing food and fishing are crimes against Nature, which does the very same without our even entering into the equation.

They own and run The WEF... Bilderberger... and that list of Satanic organizations and agencies whose intent is to exterminate the larger number of us... just as they did in their Bolshevik Revolution, and The Holomodor. It should be as plain as the nose on their faces.

In these times... truly... "telling the truth is a revolutionary act." They realize the absolute importance of information control, so... they own The Media through which information is SHAPED... and DISSEMINATED. Through these mediums they excoriate... slander... and marginalize everyone who tells the truth. Ironically... it is these very mediums that are proving so effective in orchestrating their downfall.

Knowing they are cornered, they intend to bring down The Internet; yet... they rely on it to... such... an... extent! They intend to attack The Power Grid. They intend all kinds of things, but there are a million eyes watching everything they do, AND... by... the... day... more and more is revealed because this is a time of revelation. This is a Grand Apocalypse. It is a time of awakening. They are the fewest among us. It will not go well for them.

Now... I must speak of The Invisible. Those forces that brought about the experiment... that we know as The United States of America... are still present. They set up the three branches of government for a reason. You will see some of this savvy division of powers at work in The Supreme Court now. You will see also that it is the hidden side of existence that is coming to our aid... that has already come to our aid in so many ways.

The 2nd Coming was a predictive event having to do with those who sent The 1st Coming... seeing from that time... what was to come in this time, and come... he... will!

The Divine is very tidy. The Divine sees from all directions and perspectives at once. The Divine is ALWAYS before... during... and after the fact. The Divine knows all the ways out, and all the ways of return. The Divine sent humanity here... in the first place... to explore The Realm of Matter. God used us as the fingers of The Divine... sorting...measuring... calibrating..., and letting matter run through us... to be experienced and identified.

The Universe is The Body of God. We are the externalization... in the exploration of existence... in the world of form... The Manifested World of Numbers; the place of the manifestation... of their combinations... unto The Place of Zeros and Ones. It has all come round to this, and we shall see in coming times what The Director has in mind for each and every one of us.

You do have a say in what comes to pass. Surely the road you are on must lead somewhere? Surely... there is a reason it is called The Sands of Time? Surely... everything is music that plays through us as permutations of The Word... that references Vibration as the medium... of the adaptation of Sunlight... into temporary expressions of itself?

Surely... the music that we generate is either harmonious or dissonant? Surely... we channel or resist the harmonies originally inspired in us? Surely... we shall ourselves be resolved in either Love or Wrath. These are two aspects that are activated in myriad ways... according to whatever we send out. It is then returned UPON us, at... our... request.

It's all math. Either it adds up or it does not. If it adds up, it expresses in Glory and Splendor. If it does not add up it is brought... by whatever means are necessary... into compliance with The Sum of all The Parts. This is a certainty. There are rules and laws that control everything in The World of Form. We have no choice but to abide by them... willingly... or unwillingly.

Suffering and Pain are the great educators from the zone of Saturn... for our own eventual good... whether we like it or not. We WILL BE lovingly shaped or... hammered into shape through... and for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

We will be sifted and sorted according to kind. We will be shown the presence and absence of love and the meaning thereof. We shall know the nature and intent of the fires within... because it is our intentions that determine the manner of their expression, and final resolution. Free Will defines our part in this... whether we comply or not.

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis has a new rendition.

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Monday, January 15, 2024

"Look to See if Their Knuckles are White... and Their Lips are Tight. Ask Them if They are Hearing Things, in... Their... Heads."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I don't care about The Masons... or what The Usual Talking Heads have to say on both sides of the media. They all lie for money. One side is a total lie and the other side is half-truths. I don't care about Illuminati... Nephilim... Lizard People... or any of the rest of that unhappy horseshit. It's all a distraction.

I don't care about holograms in malls or any of The Fear Porn playing... at the drive-in theaters of The Hive Mind. I don't care about billionaires in a killing frenzy or... puppet-politicians... blowing The Devil at a Rothschild dinner party. I don't care about celebrities who think they are some kind of deity in the minds of people too stupid to think... who like their adulation at a distance... unless it's still young enough to drink the youth from it.

I don't care about any of the threats Klaus Schwab can raise through zombie killers like Tedros and all the rest of the simpering hyenas... who seek to bite the faces off of the people... like they do unwary trekkers... sleeping beneath a tree... under the noon-day sun... in Africa. Then they follow them until the flies and the fever do their work... the same as it is for anyone without situational awareness.

The only thing that MIGHT interest me is who or what intelligences are operating in the back of the minds of the people running these organizations... or peddling the tales they tell over and over, and which are no more real... than the scripted material the programmed talking heads get into... on the bullshit news airwaves each day.

I only care about the inexhaustible beauty of the ineffable and the overflowing well of never-ending inspiration that flows out of the bottomless well of The Inner Teachings; AKA The Intuition.

Everything else is external to that, and by definition... it is the usual shit sandwich... because it demonstrates in appearances and appearances are... a... lie... manipulated by the people using them to influence the minds of the people they intend to kill and enslave, and who stand around... waiting for it to happen.

This is more what the inside of my mind looks like at any given moment.

There's always weather going on in the background but it doesn't change the music. The Music simply reflects it from an impassable distance... because The Music is real, and The Weather is not.

The World is reacting. The forces that The Divine has loosed upon The World are bringing positive surges in Humanity. Poland is in an uproar over The Globalist theft of their government. German and French farmers are rocking the highways...

...and at The White House.

(here's an idea of the crowds)

These forces are both internal and external, and they will only intensify with the passage of time. We are about to see what we have not seen before... hoped for and not seen; cried out for, and... did not come. Well... it's coming now.-

People are beginning to understand that we are all Palestinians in these times. The Moneymongers are running The Show on The Material End OR... so appearances tell us, AND... class! What do we know about appearances? Appearances are a lie. Even though the ones manipulating them think THEY are in charge, they... are... not... in... charge!

The whole rigmarole around the cactus has been to show us what... we... are... made... off. We have been pressed between necessity and the strength of whatever code we live by... to see which of these is the stronger. Do we possess integrity OR... are we for sale to the highest bidder? Too many of us made ourselves weak by dependence on comfort and convenience. Real effort has no longer been required in a world of push-button pop-ups, and... drive it away today, and pay for it tomorrow... conveyances to nowhere.

This is where all the same-sex depravity has come from. It's laziness. Who wants to take care of a family when you can just hook up with someone who shares your vices, and chase them until they get worse and worse, and... start chasing you, and... your genitals fall off.

Sammy (the bull) Gravano... hitman (and turncoat) extraordinaire... says that Trump is legitimate. Trump (of course) jumps right on this and says that he wishes the judges would get a clue about this. Immediately... his critics interpret that to mean he is threatening the judges. No one plays fair because no one has to. Those with the cachet to do it... break the law in every direction, and no one does anything about it... because they own the law...the same way they own the press... and the same way they own the governments.

Well... me hearties... that is all in a state of deep and profound change now, and NO ONE can do anything about this! Several forces have been loosed in The World, and... they are like Pacman gobbling evil and neutralizing it or... making it serve the good. Pacman is a metaphor for what is coming, and it is happening right... this... minute. Now... everything the evildoers do... turns back on them, and causes the opposite effect from what they intended. Look how their false flag scam is going!

Everyone... everywhere... who is working for The Monsters who identify as The Man... needs to go to the next one up in the pecking order... or even further up the line and ask them if they have noticed anything strange lately. Look to see if their knuckles are white and their lips are tight. Ask them if they are hearing things in their heads. Ask them if they are seeing things peripherally that disappear when they turn to the side.

Hear me! You Masters of The Universe... who build the big bunkers... who are surrounded by phalanxes of armed men... who have your own planes and magic cards... that open doors that no one even knows are there. Hear me! You who tremble now... who tremble at what you can't see, and start at voices... that have no certain provenance you can identity. You tell me how you're going to protect yourself from what comes for you from the inside??? Do you have armed men there?

Tell me... You arrogant fools! What are you going to do when the monsters you created come for you in your sleep... in broad daylight... behind locked doors? What are you going to do when this mysterious force appears in the minds of those appointed to protect you? Can you run from what is in your mind? Can you seal it off? What are you going to do??? ARE YOU GOING TO SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE HEAD TO GET RID OF IT??? Uh-huh... Yeah... just what... are... you... going... to... do... about... that?

How are you going to stop the hundreds of thousands... soon to be millions... who rise up in open rebellion against you? Will your Killer Vaccines get them in time? Can you poison their food and air before they tear your palaces down, and find the source of the oxygen in your bunkers and cut it off or replace it with something else?

It's like getting away with crime. No matter how careful you are. You leave a trail. Of course, you can own the people who might come looking for you, BUT... what about the invisible law enforcement that gets activated the moment you act? Can you pay them off? Can you cut a deal with them? THEY ARE INSIDE YOUR HEAD TOO!!!

Of course, you believe in invisible forces. You employ magicians of every kind, and... not just this sort of magician.

You got the best reverse Kabbalists that money can buy. You know you serve the interests of The Dark Lord. At a certain level... (as you move up the ranks) at a certain degree of power... and influence... this is made known to you. Whoops!!!

So... if you believe in a conscious force of darkness... how is it that you miss the obvious and necessary conscious force of light... that even your material science should tell you is needed... for you to have a dark lord, to begin with? Did he say he would protect you from The Light? I know the various arguments that get used to convince you as if your own greed and ambition were not already sufficient to the task.

Since Light is superior to Darkness. Since Light chases Darkness the moment they meet, is it not obvious that Light runs The Show? Why... you know what? It is!!! However, you reason it out... and soon... your reason will be headed South too... it is clear and certain that The Darkness is submissive to The Light because The Light permits The Darkness to act until... it... doesn't.

There are two kingdoms of being. There is the carnal realm and the spiritual realm. Beings of light rule above, and beings of fire rule below. In one place... desire is focused and fused. In the other, it's... all... over... the... place, and varies according to the hunger that rises in search of its objective.

Each realm of existence is ruled by the angel or... the wrathful deity associated with it. Turn The Dial upward and that wrathful deity turns into a beneficent deity. Every demon is shadowed by the corona of the hidden angel... that it conceals... with the permission of the... mind... so... deceived. Your attractions and intentions account for which realm you reside in. ALL REALMS are under the control of The Almighty. You are where you put yourself!

It may seem fine and dandy for a time, BUT everything is on The Meter. Change is inevitable and change is coming... NOW!

Hear me, you fools with your exclusivity and the delusion of high and mighty. You wanna-be royalty of This World. Welcome to as above... so below... with some very interesting variations. Things not only are not what they seem. They are also not as you imagine them. Six degrees of separation works in both directions. You are easily reached at any time, AND when the time comes you will discover just how easy that is.

End Transmissions.......

I read this after I wrote the post. It is more of Jacob Boehme. I say this only because I made references and used terms that were similar. I don't appropriate directly from anyone in what I do, but... I will tell you what I do... do. I read these articles during my lunch.


I eat the information at the same time that I eat the food... consciously digesting it as I Fletcherize what I am eating and hoping the same occurs with these teachings. Then they are a part of me... refashioned according to my nature for the purpose of my understanding. It's a kind of yoga. When you can associate the union that is yoga with everything you do, there will come a time that the consciousness you have unified with lives its life in you.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

"Behave Contrary to The Common Good, and You Cause Chain Reactions in Nature that Are Going to Come for Your Ass."

God Poet Transmitting.......

So... soon after The Florida Mall Hologram Show comes this Crown Heights Hasidim Underground Low Rent Dave and Busters.

Jewish tunnels

There's news everywhere about it, but no real news. Authorities discovered the below-ground complex... that looks like an abandoned city lot... if it were located in a basement. There are kid's high chairs and child-sized mattresses with bloodstains on them. When the authorities went to pour concrete into the tunnels, the Chabad House Cowboys started tearing away the plywood forms because they did not want the area turned to concrete.

It turns out that the ones trying to stop the pour were all young men from Israel. Soon... the rumors will fly. The rumors are already flying. Whether this was a concourse to some target zone that Mossad intended to blow up... a place for human sacrifice... a storehouse for weapons and explosives... a survival bunker for when New York City is hit with a poison gas cloud... or a missing children's storage dump, I don't know. We might never know, given who controls the press.

You might want to read this because it tries to tie all sorts of things together.

This woman is pretty good at putting things together, given that no one gets it all right.

An alternate theory is that the Mall Holograms... the Kosher sex dungeon... and a series of similar reveals... are all part of a distraction from other events meant to come to our attention shortly. Let's be honest here. Both of these things are REALLY weird, and... more to come.

Here's the latest on the Florida Holograms and you can tell... if you are paying attention that something is wrong with this guy's story.

His explanation for why there was no video does not hold together, and the way he is using the language... phrases and terms he is using; something is off. Notice he mentions The Matrix, and how the forms kept glitching in and out of focus... just as holograms do? WHY WOULD THEY APPEAR IN A MALL? Polish windsurfers from another dimension? Bullshit! It's a government op.

I mean, they are really getting crazy out there. Now Eddie Murphy is Chinese and Black.

That photo is a visual representation of the official soundtrack for that sort of thinking. When you have to explain how you reverted to beast mode... you need Multicultural Cowboy to explain the finer aspects of the inner workings to you.

I love the mention of Love and Honor for Women. That's their trademark, isn't it? You really notice how they honor their women. Calling them bitches is a sign of respect; who gnu? Okay... that's enough for now. I get a strong feeling that there's going to be a whole lot more tomorrow.

If you want my opinion, I think they were planning a new 9/11-style offensive to take our attention away from Gazacide and various other events. These are early days and I am going to leave off on this until tomorrow when there should... at least... be a whole new set of lies.

The best way to see all of this... is to view The Hive Mind as a single human mind... in a state of violent upheaval. There had been a lid on The Subconscious for some time. And... it confined people's activities to the usual time-wasting ring-arounds that are popular on the sensory bandwidth. As Materialism became more and more intense, appetites became more and more varied, and all the time this was pinging off of The Soup burbling below the perception level of The Surface Mind.

The Soup became even more and more agitated... as vast quantities of drugs and alcohol seeped through the sealant around The Lid. New pressures were added by the planets in space... which had been arranged to propel humanity out of its fat suit fantasies... caused by the buffet table being everywhere in reach, and people having poor impulse control... as a result of being dumbed-down and not very bright to begin with.

It was easy to lead them around by the nose... the taste buds... the eye candy... adult nursery rhymes, and... of course... the genitals... in any direction that pleased The Overlords; not to mention the huge profits garnered by selling them the nose treats... the tasty comestibles... the out-of-reach eye candy... the streaming nursery rhymes, and of course... the sexual aids... as well as every aberrant attraction the hellish psychopaths could think of.

They knew that all it took to destroy The Culture was to fuck up the general sexual perspective. This they have done and now they will reap The Whirlwind.

Where was I? Right... the tunnels... the poisoned subconscious... the lowering of standards... yadda yadda.

So... while a collective of determined Satanists... plotted the downfall of civilization, in order to create a mutant population... more in keeping with their twisted fantasies of world domination, everything... they... did... caused a wave of reactions to be generated... somewhere in The Collective Unconscious. This caused the sort of forms... that are created by these kinds of twisted fantasies... to materialize through the process of precipitation. In this case... creating monsters that are coming to eat The Monsters.

Obviously, something bad was being built in the not-really-Kosher tunnels, just as terrible things are being done every day by government research labs around The World. They are... all-of-them... playing Dr. Frankenstein, and not paying attention to the possible consequences. You see... The Universe... The World... is a living thing, and... when you behave in ways contrary to the common good, you cause chain reactions in Nature that are going to come for your ass.

So... who blew the whistle on The Tunnels? Is all of this simply a distraction... because the heat was increasing in other areas of enterprise? Try to remember that Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening are also living entities... archetypes... presenting in something resembling human form.. who are doing specific work that was appointed to them by The REAL Ruling Hierarchy of The Real Overlords, who all answer to a single... ineffable... overlord.

I know I am beating the same unkillable and deathless horse here... once again... but EVERYTHING... and EVERYBODY answers to the same higher authority, like... it... or... not! I don't care how you explain the thing to yourself, given that it is incomprehensible and indefinable. I don't care if you think it is a beetle-browed and looming God of vengeance... a Vegan Earth Mother... a dancing Joker... or Heaven (please do not) forbid... an indwelling intelligence... that can be contacted by diligent and persistent efforts to do so.

I don't care if it takes you ten million words to describe what you don't understand or you are rendered mute and awe-struck by the profundity of what The Mind cannot grasp, while... all that you can ever hold is slipping from your hands, and... Desire has made a prison for you in these savage lands. I don't care in what manner you have chosen to explain the inexplicable to yourself... it can't be explained, BUT... you can get on the right side of it.

Those grasping rodent-nosed characters in the tunnels have... been... driven... mad... with the insatiable hunger for shiny shit to bait their traps with. They are not content with the wonderful bounty that Nature has provided for all... of... us. No. They want all... of... it... and if they have to dig to the center of The Earth for a darkness strong enough to conceal their actions, this... they... will... do.

Everywhere... people are tunneling somewhere... somewhere they imagine there is something worth finding; something they can keep, and have, and hold, and impress their friends with. Everyone is shaping some kind of form out of life's Play-Doh... hoping to get it right... hoping to attract the attention of someone or... The World itself.... for some brief, and temporary moment.

Lifetime follows lifetime... of monuments rising... to stand for a time, and then be torn down by angry mobs... not bright enough to erect their own monuments. Sometimes all you got left is a wasteland of crazies playing Road Warrior.

Sometimes... portals open, and if you can see them, you can walk right thru. Sometimes... ships come out of the sky. Sometimes... armies appear through a rent in the astral barriers. Sometimes... The Conscious Living Light takes on human form and stands in at the crossroads of existence... like a traffic cop who says, “You go this way. You go that way. You go back. You wait over there.”

I don't know what was going on at the Miami mall except that it was bullshit that is of no importance to me, but desperate times call for desperate measures, AND... these people are getting increasingly more desperate by the hour.

I don't know what's going on in those tunnels except... given who's involved, and the fact that it needs to take place... in a place like that... I think I can safely say it is some kind of evil looking for a place to happen.

The bottom line is that everyone who means ill to the rest of us is going mad. Day by day... they are descending further and further into a whirlpool of personal disintegration. They... are... losing... it! The high rollers at the top of the pyramid, and the jack-rollers on the city streets. They are ALL losing it. They were never in control of the whole works or even the the small stretch of sidewalks they operate on. Now THE CONTROLLER is stepping in, and his advance team is stirring The Soup.

Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmissions.......

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Friday, January 5, 2024

"The Invisible is Not Populated Only with Righteous Entities... No More than The Physical Plane Is. As Above... So Below."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Sometimes a visual aid is the best remedy for an explanation that the rational mind has a problem with.

Say... for instance... God being in all of us as the life force expressing; all life resting on a common foundation... but appearing to be independent of each other.

The Subconscious sees objects like a child watching cartoons... or seeing images. If you want to communicate with The Subconscious, the best way is to do it in the form of pictures. This is the thinking behind the origin of The Tarot. Unfortunately... arcane science is often the province of fools who think you can use the item to tell the future. The Tarot is actually designed to shape your consciousness and put you in touch with the cosmic archetypes that operate the big gears of existence.

These big gears change in appearance with every age. If you can use The Tarot wisely, as a guide in Meditation; for the activation of Concentration... and the exercise of Contemplation, then... why would you want to view the future when you can change the future?

It's similar to the problems one encounters with Astrology. In order to see The Big Board of the influence of planets and constellations... you have to be capable of a perspective that GENERALLY puts the mind out of wack. It is why so many astrologers and Tarot readers are so screwy. All astrological readings depend on the ability of The Astrologer to see clearly.

Yes... all astrologers agree on certain basic tenets, but then comes nuance and subtlety. That's where errors come into play. The same applies to ALL occult sciences. Tarot and Astrology are similar systems using similar constructs. However... only a very few of us have any useful understanding of any of them.

You need The Gene to be a functional and useful practitioner. This applies to Palmistry... Physiognomy... any related or similar system that requires some degree of intuitive inflow. IN-Tuitive?

I should also add that without access to The Spiritual Senses, you are as much adrift as economists are, and... don't they simply deal with data? Every system... be it temporal or metaphysical... MUST have input from The Invisible, and The Invisible is not populated only with righteous entities... no more than the physical plane is. As above... so below.

I'm getting to something, and it is usually fraught with some amount of difficulty. Fortunately, I do have some amount of intuitive input.

Off and on for decades, I have studied all of the systems mentioned here, along with other methodologies it is not necessary to itemize. I ran into a brick wall with all of them (where The Gene is concerned) except for Tarot, and I ran into difficulties in continuance there also... eventually. Sometimes, you are only meant to study something up to a point, at which an even higher science comes in to play. Heh heh... comes in to play. Would you like to come in and play?

The thing is, I don't have The Gene for most things. This is true of most people. Renaissance personalities are rare. Even they only cross-platform with a few related systems... arts... or sciences. Am I leaving anything out? Probably a whole lot.

It is almost unheard of for anyone to get The Gene and exercise it in the same incarnation. The reason for this is because all sorts of disciplines and features must be built into the character of the individual. If you do not have the foundation to wield certain powers and forces you would be like a tyro with a firehose.

Everywhere... in The World... you see people chasing different things. In some cases, these are noble ambitions. In most cases, they are selfish desires. Each of these people is blinded in one way or another, and it is pointless for anyone to try to explain anything to them that can't be seen in the first place... and... where the apprehension of understanding... must rely on your ability to transmit it in... words. They are at the mercy of their imaginations... directed by your inability to communicate something through a severely limited medium.

You can have ANYTHING you want here. There are no limits on that, and a time and place will be written in... for a point down the road... for you to get to do it. If you want to be like Mao... or Stalin... or Ted Bundy... or any monster you can imagine, you can get to do it here... or somewhere. Conversely... if you want to be like Jesus Christ... or Michelangelo.. or Tesla... the same applies.

You must have an ideal... an objective... a template based on some persona or... you will be a pinball. Sometimes the table will light up. Sometimes it won't, but you'll never know why. HOWEVER... never mind that. We are... all of us... wanting to be a policeman... or an astronaut... or a guy who drives a front-loader... by the time we can identify things, and have the ability to compare them. From the moment we start walking... we are walking toward something, and this evolves, as do we... or not... or worse.

I seek The Divine exclusively for... practical reasons, besides loving The Divine with all my heart... soul... strength, and mind. It is the ONLY THING that makes any sense to me because that is where you get anything you can imagine, AND learn how to use it. You can get things indirectly, and people can teach you how they use it... (how they use it) usually... and that is not the same thing.

I had a driving passion. I was consistent in pursuing it no matter what obstacles appeared before me. At the same time, I was a marvel of inconsistency in many ways. Often... I went in the wrong direction. Often... I had to turn around and go back to the place where I went off course, and yet? I found it. It is now with me every day... every minute of every day, and there is nothing else I want, other than to love and serve it forever and ever.

I found The Only Thing worth having, and after which... there is nothing else to find... because it contains everything one can possibly imagine and a great deal more that one cannot. Not only do I know it to be true... I was told it was true by an unimpeachable source, and I get evidence of it every... single... day... all through the day and night.

Not everyone is pursuing what I was chasing, and have been chasing for a very long time... even when success is speedy for the energetic... that is not the whole story. You will all get what you are after. Then we will see if that is what you wanted.

Look around you in The World. This is happening all the time. You see big movie stars and other entertainers. You see world leaders, and people who are thousands of times richer than other rich people.

You see evil people like The Rothschild Vampire Coven... Bill Gates... Klaus Schwab... George Soros, The Pope... The Clintons... and many others... who drink the pain of millions, as if it were the most intoxicating nectar. It literally makes them high to do this. They do evil for the sheer pleasure that it gives them. They didn't get this way overnight.

They exercise pedestrian magic to accomplish what they do. There are others who have far more remarkable powers and they are as humble as the dirt. They KNOW where it comes from, and their greatest accomplishments... done in anonymity... are like holding a candle to The Sun... by comparison with The Divine. (who is the one accomplishing it in any case) The Sun itself is a minor light among many... many lights, and all of them are like candles held to The Sun.

One of the greatest features of True Wisdom is to know what is worth having and to want nothing else. There is a level of contentment known to few. It is an unspeakable thing. It is worth whatever the cost may be to acquire it.

One can be like any of the people mentioned so long as one is willing to pay the freight. One can be truly great... if one has no desire for it to be known to The World.

Something wonderful... awesome... terrifying and glorious... by turns... is coming to The World in these times. It is a rare thing for it to happen, but... it is going to happen, and no one can stop it... try as they might. There are no armies or magical forces that can be arrayed against it. It would be like trying to threaten a hurricane with a fart.

What is coming is inside you at this very moment, watching everything you think and say and do, and it is connected to you like the image at the beginning of the post, via The Subconscious, which is what looks directly at The Superconscious, and then transmits it to The Surface Mind... via The Intuition... though... this is not the only medium of exchange. There are many other worlds besides the one the senses report on.

This rare event makes it possible for even the ordinary person to achieve real contact with The Divine if they are willing to make the effort. A great leap in awareness is possible for anyone who wants it more than everything else, and... everything else is only everything else. This you discover soon after you acquire any part of it.

End Transmission.......

Several people commented to me about the link on Jacob Boehme yesterday. So I include it again for anyone who might not have seen it.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2024

"The Time Comes when The Movers and Shakers... Cross The Rubicon... between What is Crazy, and... What is insane."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Few people are powerful enough to direct such a force of evil upon Humanity as Larry Fink, and very little is as despicable... as ruthless capitalists... pressing Communism on everyone else, which is what he is doing with his DEI fascism... the arm-twisting of corporations to bend to his will; a Satanist of the first order. His face has been shaped into a reptile physiognomy by the force of his mindset upon his features.

No one is more evil and depraved than The Usual Suspects.

They are really... really evil.

There are degrees of Evil, just as there are degrees of Good. You are going one way or the other. If you are going in circles... treading water... swallowing your tail in a relentless redundancy of repeated actions... bereft of all spontaneity and higher inspiration... this is eventually Evil. This is the area of Gray Magic that makes Black Magic possible by providing the cannon fodder for the wars against one's own higher nature.

The worst of them are they who say, “If my sons did not want war there would be no war.”

They control The White House. They control The Justice Department. They control Homeland Security. They control The State Department. They control the CDC before COVID and The Killer Vaccines... and during... and presently. They control The Federal Reserve (which isn't Federal.) They are behind the promotion of sexual perversity. They control The Teacher's Union. They are behind the migrant invasion. They are demonically possessed.

They control the appearances of everything... at the moment... because it has all been trending to this moment... when their whole house of cards collapses on their heads. They are The Usual Suspects. They are mere pawns who serve by resisting The Divine... while The Divine directs them to their appointed end. Theirs is a sad and bitter end of great duration.

God says, “By all means... take your time. I have all the time in The World and eternity too. You have nothing but time... to be served in the penitentiaries of your own creation, and I... am The Warden, and Bad Leroy works for me.”

Nothing can affect the good in us, and Evil will destroy itself, so... remain calm and serene. That is an act of faith that inspires Heaven on your behalf. Never let your faith be compromised by faith in the power of those who abuse Humanity. It divides you against yourself. The Divine is ALWAYS infinitely more powerful than anything else that is living on a borrowed power from The Divine... for The Purpose of Demonstration.

These things said,... I give you some predictions for changes and events coming out of The Invisible into The Visible this year. In recent times... at the street level... people have been getting crazier and crazier.

People more deeply invested in Material Culture, and especially those at various levels of control over it... have been able to resist the force of madness until now. Partly, it is due to their controlling it on the lower levels of the culture, and part of it... is that their form of crazy has been (until now) actively supported and protected by The Infernal Realm.

This year that is going to be radically adjusted. Protections and supports are scheduled to be removed, and... the high and mighty... doing their versions of Hammer Time's, ♫ you can't touch this ♫ is due to be unpleasantly surprised. Well-known and highly connected individuals are going to be PUBLICY losing it. They will be subjected to violent episodes... visited upon them... and by them... upon themselves, and... upon each other. Afterward... in various states of confusion... they will say... I don't know what happened.

Long-established companies and corporations are going to fail, and no one will know exactly why. Many highly placed captains of industry will retreat to their bunkers... thinking the reinforced walls of their own seclusion will protect them from what is happening in their heads. It... will... not. Many of them will kill themselves.

Vigilante justice is going to become routine as people, just... can't... take... it... anymore. Steve Inman's Travelogues of The Wireless Hole Punchers and Desperado Dirt-naps will be getting more and more popular.

You are already seeing the inception of all these conditions in the political theater... in the entertainment theater... in the religious theater... and on the international stage. There comes a time when the absurd commentary coming from The Movers and Shakers... finally crosses The Rubicon between what is ridiculous and what is insane.

Some will blame The Killer Vaccines. Some will blame the intensification of EMF, and related technologies. Some will say that Climate Change is behind it. There will be more reasons given for what they don't really understand than you will be able to remember.

When I was in Italy during that period of my extended Kundalini reawakening, I was told that centuries ago, Lady Nature had been chained up by reversed-Kabbalah operatives, and that accounted for the surge of Materialism and Godlessness that became more and more prevalent around The World. She was to be liberated during the stages of apocalypse and awakening, and world conditions... as they had been for hundreds of years... were going to be reversed in a very big way.

What many people do not understand is that Nature is as much an internal affair as it is all of the external phenomena that we perceive through our senses. It is in the nature of certain twisted life forms to seek to dominate Nature in ruthless fashion... and this has happened. The evidence of this is visible everywhere.

What these twisted creatures did not realize... is that in the process of dominating external Nature, they paid no attention to their internal Nature, AND when Lady Nature is unchained... (and we are in that phase of cosmic adjustment right now, and we are moving inexorably... toward ever greater demonstrations of it... from moment to moment.) she is going to be moving everywhere at once. In whirling motion without, and... in dancing confusions... to be rewoven into new harmonies within.

So... all these earthquakes, strange volcanic events, and... other natural occurrences... are examples of Nature finally being given the opportunity to respond to the awful mishandling she has experienced for far too long. Yes... some of these have been acts committed by these twisted creatures with the intention of intimidating Humanity through DARPA and Alien Tech, BUT... all that will result in is to stir her up even more. AND... now we come to The Kicker...

At the same time that Lady Nature begins to express through external nature, she is also going to become increasingly more and more active with Internal Nature, and this is where the insanity... in the minds of the formerly high and mighty... will be coming from, and I don't care how many bunkers they build... how fortified they may be... how well armed and protected they may imagine themselves to be, THERE IS NO WAY that they can protect themselves from what will be happening inside their heads.

Lady Nature is going to track down, every... one... of... them... from The Inside... on the Inside!!!!!!! She will have them coming and going and spinning in place... until they are swallowed up and consumed by the monsters their Chaos Magic has unleashed. Don't play with forces you cannot control!!! No more need be said on the matter, though plenty more is going to get said.

So... when you begin to see all of this happening, you can simply think back to reading this. The understatement... the greatest understatement I have made in a long time is this; THEY ARE OUT OF THEIR DEPTH! They do not know what they are dealing with, BUT... they are going to find out.

These are the broad-strokes-predictions from this particular Voice in The Wilderness. This is The Year of Notorious Fools Acting Out Dangerously. This is the year that the Velociraptors come home to roost; well... roost may be a bit misleading. This is the year when The 2030 Psychopaths learn that The Cosmos has headed them off at The Pass.

This is the year when The WEF... The UN... The Israeli Crime Syndicate Nation... The CDC... The WHO... The Council on this that and the other thing... The Vatican... The Billionaires and all the rest of the nasty cabals of cannibal locusts get... the... memo. This is the year when The Invisible gets visible. You will see the literal demonstration of... as ye sow so shall ye reap.

It might take more than a year for it to go down. Rome did not fall in a year, but... this is the year of the turning of the tide.

End Transmission.......

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X locked my account yesterday. They said they spotted some unusual activity from me. I do not do anything on X so there wasn't anything to spot. I had to go through an authentication process, then I had to go through it again, and... all is well... for the moment. Sooner or later all kinds of things might happen. Perhaps I can continue here for some time yet, and... perhaps I am done. I suspect THEY have little or nothing to say about it.

All power comes from one source. If it is distorted by any one of us that does not then make it the power of the one distorting it.