Friday, January 5, 2024

"The Invisible is Not Populated Only with Righteous Entities... No More than The Physical Plane Is. As Above... So Below."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Sometimes a visual aid is the best remedy for an explanation that the rational mind has a problem with.

Say... for instance... God being in all of us as the life force expressing; all life resting on a common foundation... but appearing to be independent of each other.

The Subconscious sees objects like a child watching cartoons... or seeing images. If you want to communicate with The Subconscious, the best way is to do it in the form of pictures. This is the thinking behind the origin of The Tarot. Unfortunately... arcane science is often the province of fools who think you can use the item to tell the future. The Tarot is actually designed to shape your consciousness and put you in touch with the cosmic archetypes that operate the big gears of existence.

These big gears change in appearance with every age. If you can use The Tarot wisely, as a guide in Meditation; for the activation of Concentration... and the exercise of Contemplation, then... why would you want to view the future when you can change the future?

It's similar to the problems one encounters with Astrology. In order to see The Big Board of the influence of planets and constellations... you have to be capable of a perspective that GENERALLY puts the mind out of wack. It is why so many astrologers and Tarot readers are so screwy. All astrological readings depend on the ability of The Astrologer to see clearly.

Yes... all astrologers agree on certain basic tenets, but then comes nuance and subtlety. That's where errors come into play. The same applies to ALL occult sciences. Tarot and Astrology are similar systems using similar constructs. However... only a very few of us have any useful understanding of any of them.

You need The Gene to be a functional and useful practitioner. This applies to Palmistry... Physiognomy... any related or similar system that requires some degree of intuitive inflow. IN-Tuitive?

I should also add that without access to The Spiritual Senses, you are as much adrift as economists are, and... don't they simply deal with data? Every system... be it temporal or metaphysical... MUST have input from The Invisible, and The Invisible is not populated only with righteous entities... no more than the physical plane is. As above... so below.

I'm getting to something, and it is usually fraught with some amount of difficulty. Fortunately, I do have some amount of intuitive input.

Off and on for decades, I have studied all of the systems mentioned here, along with other methodologies it is not necessary to itemize. I ran into a brick wall with all of them (where The Gene is concerned) except for Tarot, and I ran into difficulties in continuance there also... eventually. Sometimes, you are only meant to study something up to a point, at which an even higher science comes in to play. Heh heh... comes in to play. Would you like to come in and play?

The thing is, I don't have The Gene for most things. This is true of most people. Renaissance personalities are rare. Even they only cross-platform with a few related systems... arts... or sciences. Am I leaving anything out? Probably a whole lot.

It is almost unheard of for anyone to get The Gene and exercise it in the same incarnation. The reason for this is because all sorts of disciplines and features must be built into the character of the individual. If you do not have the foundation to wield certain powers and forces you would be like a tyro with a firehose.

Everywhere... in The World... you see people chasing different things. In some cases, these are noble ambitions. In most cases, they are selfish desires. Each of these people is blinded in one way or another, and it is pointless for anyone to try to explain anything to them that can't be seen in the first place... and... where the apprehension of understanding... must rely on your ability to transmit it in... words. They are at the mercy of their imaginations... directed by your inability to communicate something through a severely limited medium.

You can have ANYTHING you want here. There are no limits on that, and a time and place will be written in... for a point down the road... for you to get to do it. If you want to be like Mao... or Stalin... or Ted Bundy... or any monster you can imagine, you can get to do it here... or somewhere. Conversely... if you want to be like Jesus Christ... or Michelangelo.. or Tesla... the same applies.

You must have an ideal... an objective... a template based on some persona or... you will be a pinball. Sometimes the table will light up. Sometimes it won't, but you'll never know why. HOWEVER... never mind that. We are... all of us... wanting to be a policeman... or an astronaut... or a guy who drives a front-loader... by the time we can identify things, and have the ability to compare them. From the moment we start walking... we are walking toward something, and this evolves, as do we... or not... or worse.

I seek The Divine exclusively for... practical reasons, besides loving The Divine with all my heart... soul... strength, and mind. It is the ONLY THING that makes any sense to me because that is where you get anything you can imagine, AND learn how to use it. You can get things indirectly, and people can teach you how they use it... (how they use it) usually... and that is not the same thing.

I had a driving passion. I was consistent in pursuing it no matter what obstacles appeared before me. At the same time, I was a marvel of inconsistency in many ways. Often... I went in the wrong direction. Often... I had to turn around and go back to the place where I went off course, and yet? I found it. It is now with me every day... every minute of every day, and there is nothing else I want, other than to love and serve it forever and ever.

I found The Only Thing worth having, and after which... there is nothing else to find... because it contains everything one can possibly imagine and a great deal more that one cannot. Not only do I know it to be true... I was told it was true by an unimpeachable source, and I get evidence of it every... single... day... all through the day and night.

Not everyone is pursuing what I was chasing, and have been chasing for a very long time... even when success is speedy for the energetic... that is not the whole story. You will all get what you are after. Then we will see if that is what you wanted.

Look around you in The World. This is happening all the time. You see big movie stars and other entertainers. You see world leaders, and people who are thousands of times richer than other rich people.

You see evil people like The Rothschild Vampire Coven... Bill Gates... Klaus Schwab... George Soros, The Pope... The Clintons... and many others... who drink the pain of millions, as if it were the most intoxicating nectar. It literally makes them high to do this. They do evil for the sheer pleasure that it gives them. They didn't get this way overnight.

They exercise pedestrian magic to accomplish what they do. There are others who have far more remarkable powers and they are as humble as the dirt. They KNOW where it comes from, and their greatest accomplishments... done in anonymity... are like holding a candle to The Sun... by comparison with The Divine. (who is the one accomplishing it in any case) The Sun itself is a minor light among many... many lights, and all of them are like candles held to The Sun.

One of the greatest features of True Wisdom is to know what is worth having and to want nothing else. There is a level of contentment known to few. It is an unspeakable thing. It is worth whatever the cost may be to acquire it.

One can be like any of the people mentioned so long as one is willing to pay the freight. One can be truly great... if one has no desire for it to be known to The World.

Something wonderful... awesome... terrifying and glorious... by turns... is coming to The World in these times. It is a rare thing for it to happen, but... it is going to happen, and no one can stop it... try as they might. There are no armies or magical forces that can be arrayed against it. It would be like trying to threaten a hurricane with a fart.

What is coming is inside you at this very moment, watching everything you think and say and do, and it is connected to you like the image at the beginning of the post, via The Subconscious, which is what looks directly at The Superconscious, and then transmits it to The Surface Mind... via The Intuition... though... this is not the only medium of exchange. There are many other worlds besides the one the senses report on.

This rare event makes it possible for even the ordinary person to achieve real contact with The Divine if they are willing to make the effort. A great leap in awareness is possible for anyone who wants it more than everything else, and... everything else is only everything else. This you discover soon after you acquire any part of it.

End Transmission.......

Several people commented to me about the link on Jacob Boehme yesterday. So I include it again for anyone who might not have seen it.

Links await at GAB=


Strider Up said...

How I love your philosophy of take what you can use and discard the rest.
Always explaining it so a standard issue dumbazz like me can understand.
Thank you.
Watched a hilarious video snippet of the man on the street laughing at Zuckerberg and the bunker moles who think that the consequences of burning it all down won't be felt by them.
A good laugh daily is recommended.
The dupes really do believe that the controllers care about them and some utopia will be built for their benefit.
I do feel sorry for the dupes.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

In time like this, obscurity is the greatest blessing. . .though my favourite rising folk rocker of this time may argue on that.

Great post, as always. . .as we approach a total economic collapse, WW III, and an alleged Deagle Report die off from the vaccinations. Well, with 2/3 or whatever of the u.s. population gone in the next couple of years, rent should go down, and we should be dealing with quite a bit less traffic.

Hopefully I'll be one of those no longer here, but it ain't gonna be by vax.


Of topic for this post. I am finally reading The Divine Pymander which you brought up. You warned us about the archaic writin'. I gotta reread some of those passages 2 or 3 times since I don't think like that, but with 100% attention I get it; though many passages are not relevant to all the tay in China. Still, I don't get some of it. It says the Earth is evil, yet it says those who do not breed are cursed? Makes no sense to me, and personally I think breeding if you can't stand crotch droppin's, or don't have the resources to take care of 'em is way worse.

I wonder how many sprog condemn their progenitors for havin' 'em? I'm one of those, of course. Does this thought occur to any of the sprog in Gaza right now? YOU HAD ME IN THIS OPEN AIR PRISON JUST SO I COULD BE BLOWN UP OR SHOT BY THOSE WHO STOLE OUR LAND? SO I COULD STARVE OR DIE OF DEHYDRATION? MAY YOU BE BORN A DALIT CHICK WHO HAS 21 CROTCH DROPPIN'S, ALL CHICKLETS BEFORE YOU'RE 30!

Or are they even capable of such thoughts?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I fergot the NOSTRILS TO THE SKY! Duuuuuuuuh.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Devoid of Introspection. They are All Members of That Vast and Dissonant Boy Band of Dipshits Looking to Get Paid."

0 said...

This line struck me as hilarious.

"What is coming is inside you at this very moment"

double entendre extraordinaire! haha

That which one makes space for to allow residence in self was already in self, but now one is Aware it is in self. It makes a difference.

Karl Schappeller-like.

I needed a laugh, and the all does have a sense of humor about how we phrase things.

Take it easy!



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