Monday, January 15, 2024

"Look to See if Their Knuckles are White... and Their Lips are Tight. Ask Them if They are Hearing Things, in... Their... Heads."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I don't care about The Masons... or what The Usual Talking Heads have to say on both sides of the media. They all lie for money. One side is a total lie and the other side is half-truths. I don't care about Illuminati... Nephilim... Lizard People... or any of the rest of that unhappy horseshit. It's all a distraction.

I don't care about holograms in malls or any of The Fear Porn playing... at the drive-in theaters of The Hive Mind. I don't care about billionaires in a killing frenzy or... puppet-politicians... blowing The Devil at a Rothschild dinner party. I don't care about celebrities who think they are some kind of deity in the minds of people too stupid to think... who like their adulation at a distance... unless it's still young enough to drink the youth from it.

I don't care about any of the threats Klaus Schwab can raise through zombie killers like Tedros and all the rest of the simpering hyenas... who seek to bite the faces off of the people... like they do unwary trekkers... sleeping beneath a tree... under the noon-day sun... in Africa. Then they follow them until the flies and the fever do their work... the same as it is for anyone without situational awareness.

The only thing that MIGHT interest me is who or what intelligences are operating in the back of the minds of the people running these organizations... or peddling the tales they tell over and over, and which are no more real... than the scripted material the programmed talking heads get into... on the bullshit news airwaves each day.

I only care about the inexhaustible beauty of the ineffable and the overflowing well of never-ending inspiration that flows out of the bottomless well of The Inner Teachings; AKA The Intuition.

Everything else is external to that, and by definition... it is the usual shit sandwich... because it demonstrates in appearances and appearances are... a... lie... manipulated by the people using them to influence the minds of the people they intend to kill and enslave, and who stand around... waiting for it to happen.

This is more what the inside of my mind looks like at any given moment.

There's always weather going on in the background but it doesn't change the music. The Music simply reflects it from an impassable distance... because The Music is real, and The Weather is not.

The World is reacting. The forces that The Divine has loosed upon The World are bringing positive surges in Humanity. Poland is in an uproar over The Globalist theft of their government. German and French farmers are rocking the highways...

...and at The White House.

(here's an idea of the crowds)

These forces are both internal and external, and they will only intensify with the passage of time. We are about to see what we have not seen before... hoped for and not seen; cried out for, and... did not come. Well... it's coming now.-

People are beginning to understand that we are all Palestinians in these times. The Moneymongers are running The Show on The Material End OR... so appearances tell us, AND... class! What do we know about appearances? Appearances are a lie. Even though the ones manipulating them think THEY are in charge, they... are... not... in... charge!

The whole rigmarole around the cactus has been to show us what... we... are... made... off. We have been pressed between necessity and the strength of whatever code we live by... to see which of these is the stronger. Do we possess integrity OR... are we for sale to the highest bidder? Too many of us made ourselves weak by dependence on comfort and convenience. Real effort has no longer been required in a world of push-button pop-ups, and... drive it away today, and pay for it tomorrow... conveyances to nowhere.

This is where all the same-sex depravity has come from. It's laziness. Who wants to take care of a family when you can just hook up with someone who shares your vices, and chase them until they get worse and worse, and... start chasing you, and... your genitals fall off.

Sammy (the bull) Gravano... hitman (and turncoat) extraordinaire... says that Trump is legitimate. Trump (of course) jumps right on this and says that he wishes the judges would get a clue about this. Immediately... his critics interpret that to mean he is threatening the judges. No one plays fair because no one has to. Those with the cachet to do it... break the law in every direction, and no one does anything about it... because they own the law...the same way they own the press... and the same way they own the governments.

Well... me hearties... that is all in a state of deep and profound change now, and NO ONE can do anything about this! Several forces have been loosed in The World, and... they are like Pacman gobbling evil and neutralizing it or... making it serve the good. Pacman is a metaphor for what is coming, and it is happening right... this... minute. Now... everything the evildoers do... turns back on them, and causes the opposite effect from what they intended. Look how their false flag scam is going!

Everyone... everywhere... who is working for The Monsters who identify as The Man... needs to go to the next one up in the pecking order... or even further up the line and ask them if they have noticed anything strange lately. Look to see if their knuckles are white and their lips are tight. Ask them if they are hearing things in their heads. Ask them if they are seeing things peripherally that disappear when they turn to the side.

Hear me! You Masters of The Universe... who build the big bunkers... who are surrounded by phalanxes of armed men... who have your own planes and magic cards... that open doors that no one even knows are there. Hear me! You who tremble now... who tremble at what you can't see, and start at voices... that have no certain provenance you can identity. You tell me how you're going to protect yourself from what comes for you from the inside??? Do you have armed men there?

Tell me... You arrogant fools! What are you going to do when the monsters you created come for you in your sleep... in broad daylight... behind locked doors? What are you going to do when this mysterious force appears in the minds of those appointed to protect you? Can you run from what is in your mind? Can you seal it off? What are you going to do??? ARE YOU GOING TO SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE HEAD TO GET RID OF IT??? Uh-huh... Yeah... just what... are... you... going... to... do... about... that?

How are you going to stop the hundreds of thousands... soon to be millions... who rise up in open rebellion against you? Will your Killer Vaccines get them in time? Can you poison their food and air before they tear your palaces down, and find the source of the oxygen in your bunkers and cut it off or replace it with something else?

It's like getting away with crime. No matter how careful you are. You leave a trail. Of course, you can own the people who might come looking for you, BUT... what about the invisible law enforcement that gets activated the moment you act? Can you pay them off? Can you cut a deal with them? THEY ARE INSIDE YOUR HEAD TOO!!!

Of course, you believe in invisible forces. You employ magicians of every kind, and... not just this sort of magician.

You got the best reverse Kabbalists that money can buy. You know you serve the interests of The Dark Lord. At a certain level... (as you move up the ranks) at a certain degree of power... and influence... this is made known to you. Whoops!!!

So... if you believe in a conscious force of darkness... how is it that you miss the obvious and necessary conscious force of light... that even your material science should tell you is needed... for you to have a dark lord, to begin with? Did he say he would protect you from The Light? I know the various arguments that get used to convince you as if your own greed and ambition were not already sufficient to the task.

Since Light is superior to Darkness. Since Light chases Darkness the moment they meet, is it not obvious that Light runs The Show? Why... you know what? It is!!! However, you reason it out... and soon... your reason will be headed South too... it is clear and certain that The Darkness is submissive to The Light because The Light permits The Darkness to act until... it... doesn't.

There are two kingdoms of being. There is the carnal realm and the spiritual realm. Beings of light rule above, and beings of fire rule below. In one place... desire is focused and fused. In the other, it's... all... over... the... place, and varies according to the hunger that rises in search of its objective.

Each realm of existence is ruled by the angel or... the wrathful deity associated with it. Turn The Dial upward and that wrathful deity turns into a beneficent deity. Every demon is shadowed by the corona of the hidden angel... that it conceals... with the permission of the... mind... so... deceived. Your attractions and intentions account for which realm you reside in. ALL REALMS are under the control of The Almighty. You are where you put yourself!

It may seem fine and dandy for a time, BUT everything is on The Meter. Change is inevitable and change is coming... NOW!

Hear me, you fools with your exclusivity and the delusion of high and mighty. You wanna-be royalty of This World. Welcome to as above... so below... with some very interesting variations. Things not only are not what they seem. They are also not as you imagine them. Six degrees of separation works in both directions. You are easily reached at any time, AND when the time comes you will discover just how easy that is.

End Transmissions.......

I read this after I wrote the post. It is more of Jacob Boehme. I say this only because I made references and used terms that were similar. I don't appropriate directly from anyone in what I do, but... I will tell you what I do... do. I read these articles during my lunch.


I eat the information at the same time that I eat the food... consciously digesting it as I Fletcherize what I am eating and hoping the same occurs with these teachings. Then they are a part of me... refashioned according to my nature for the purpose of my understanding. It's a kind of yoga. When you can associate the union that is yoga with everything you do, there will come a time that the consciousness you have unified with lives its life in you.


0 said...

Amen, tout de Suite!


M - said...

One of my favorite Posts of yours, Vis. I love it. Thank you for writing it.

For the last two years I've chosen a WORD instead of a "resolution" to inspire and incite me during those 12 months. For 2022 it was "Magick" and last year was "Fierce". It is appropriate that my Word for 2024 is REBEL - and all its variants, applied everywhere to everything.

Blessed Be.

Anonymous said...

That post had some fun juice sprinkled, amid its usual meat of palpable wisdom and sober conviction.

This gave me a chuckle :

“This is more what the inside of my mind looks like at any given moment. ”

Made all the more mystical by the quadruple 4 in its URL. < Cue Middle Eastern Ney music >

And this also made me laugh (a welcome release from the darker side of its point) because, well, talk about putting a facet in a nutshell :

“Who wants to take care of a family when you can just hook up with someone who shares your vices, and chase them until they get worse and worse, and... start chasing you, and... your genitals fall off.”

I don't want to see grown men and women waggling through the streets in bondage gear, smiling at infants, but thanks to twitter videos of certain parades, I've witnessed the grimness. Some things are good to know about so you can avoid them.

Some folk like to say they don't judge. It may be semantics city but I think judging is reasonable. Judging whether or not you trust Bill Gates to grow your food, or whether you want your child to sit next to the sweaty goblin shaking, cackling to itself on the bus. Judging, firmly, whether you want offspring to alter their appearance of gender by mutilating their body when their favourite film's comprised of cartoon animals.

What I'm more mindful of is condemning someone's soul, even in only my tiny mind (which is where it's likely to come back on me, not them, if done with ignorance.) But locking certain people up for their provable crimes is not condemning their soul; it is, more simply, damage limitation. Keep them out of the village and away from the chickens. One day, this world may be mature enough to form a culture of effective rehabilitation, to make incarceration obsolete.

What happens to our souls as a consequence of their and our choices is for God and the higher harmonics of the cosmos to work out. What a relief to know that divine power has a better handle on things than most of us in human suits.

This year, and its season for outing treason, is amping up the energy from the core of the world. I think there may be pots of tea along the way, to assist my wide-eyed observer mode. And my effort to stay there.

Good wishes to you Visible. Scribe of calm beyond the chaos.

May love, in all its wisdom, prevail...

Ze Eche said...

Had but one friend that was known to fletcherize. They succumbed to proudly sitting upon tailgate after practice and flipped to death according to posture. In my prayers these past few days are these inoculcated souls who may have past on their own supremacy against us mere mortals. I appreciate the noble demeanor of these sites and search for the fortitude of that which is presented. Thank you mister les visible, you are an unrealized strength upon the whole endeavor of humanity.

Anonymous said...

Iran launched ballistic missiles at the US embassy in Iraq last night, so Iran has officially entered the war. Let's hope Yemen, Iran, and Palestinians bash the shit out of the satanic child murdering jews

Anonymous said...

WOW! I don't care either :)

Happy New Year Mister Visible! I tip my hat to you.
Thanks, am xo


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

RE: Celebrity worship. According to The Holey Order of the Septum, Geddy Lee's nose IS a deity.

As for the moneymongers, they wouldn't be so fat if people actually lived within their means. What a concept. Again, I never had a credit card. Last load I had from a bank was a student loan that I paid off kinda early and paid $18.00 interest on 41 years ago, but that actually paid off BIG TIME. I went to a trade school that no longer exists. Never bought a new car, ain't into brand names, and like HELL I'm gonna waste my time or resources on the stupid vanity games people (Usually chicks, though fops are.) play. I never bought on cosmetic in my life, and I wish I could say 'And if ya don't believe me, I'll strangle ya with my 5 inch armpit hairs', but they don't grow that long anymore, so. . . 2 inch armpit hairs just aren't as intimidating. And due to rather Spartan tastes, I was capable of taking on a pet sausage casing without debt for most of my existence, though now we need both of our incomes to survive, though I still pay for most upkeep since what my flat mate gets from Social Security doesn't cover much. I'm making technically poverty level in my old age, but due to low overhead and knowing where to shop, we're living rather well. Instead, most are burying themselves in gratuitous debt and taking on obligations they can't meet.

Families. Aren't those economic black holes these days? And why bother unless you can keep your sprog from gettin' vaxxed, and you can get 'em home schooled, and keep 'em in a clean diet and away from thE feckin' telly which is sure to screw with their mind more than all the illegal drugs put together? Though it seems more people are eschewing the extra work, lower standard of living, less sleep, less discretionary time in this day and age. I'd say they were becoming more pragmatic.

The two levels of being. I see it as two mindsets. Are you living for this world, or the next one? If you're living for this one, YOU'RE A WASTE OF MY TIME.

These lyrics cover my feelings. They mirror the theme of so many poems I wrote. Too bad they're not included in this version of the song:

Beyond The Veil Of Midgard

Beyond the fields of snow
where gods and giants roam
beyond the shores of mortal seas

In ancient stories told
of dwarves and cursed gold
the realm of dreams and mysteries

We have come from far to the north
made our homes where the giants dwell
carved our runes upon the stones
where warriors died and friends have fell

It is no use to cry
even the strongest die
so let your spirit be your guide

Beyond the veil of Midgard
beyond the veil of life
youll see what lies inside the mind

A fire burns inside
so bright when all is lost
our bodies burned in ships shall lie

and words of deeds remain
we leave our mortal pains
our ashes cast into the sky

So let loose the tides of war
waves of blood shall ebb and flow
with every sweep of mighty oar
and every stroke a hammer blow

It is no use to cry
even the strongest die
so live your life not holding back

Beyond the veil of Midgard
beyond the veil of death
as embers slowly fade to black

Damn good post. I'd say, one of the top 5. NOSTRILS TO THE ENDS OF THE

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Voices Trail... Like Moonbeams into Shadows. It Gives The Shrouds of The Hungry Ghosts... an Ambergris Glow."

Anonymous said...

Pierre said, after clicking like button .....
E Michael Jones often quotes I think it is Kant, The Cunning of Reason.
an example would be bombing the crap out of the middle east, flooding the West with refugees/immigrants and then complaining that the Palestinians et al. are protesting like none other and what's more with anti semitism abundant.
OR using AI to think up unintelligent schemes of grandeur then complaining that the AI tells them they are HAL2001 crazy dazy with their stupid plans. like colossus:the forbin project 70's book and movie.
OR just pissing God off thinking you are God, or G_d cause they cant spell properly.



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