Wednesday, January 10, 2024

"Behave Contrary to The Common Good, and You Cause Chain Reactions in Nature that Are Going to Come for Your Ass."

God Poet Transmitting.......

So... soon after The Florida Mall Hologram Show comes this Crown Heights Hasidim Underground Low Rent Dave and Busters.

Jewish tunnels

There's news everywhere about it, but no real news. Authorities discovered the below-ground complex... that looks like an abandoned city lot... if it were located in a basement. There are kid's high chairs and child-sized mattresses with bloodstains on them. When the authorities went to pour concrete into the tunnels, the Chabad House Cowboys started tearing away the plywood forms because they did not want the area turned to concrete.

It turns out that the ones trying to stop the pour were all young men from Israel. Soon... the rumors will fly. The rumors are already flying. Whether this was a concourse to some target zone that Mossad intended to blow up... a place for human sacrifice... a storehouse for weapons and explosives... a survival bunker for when New York City is hit with a poison gas cloud... or a missing children's storage dump, I don't know. We might never know, given who controls the press.

You might want to read this because it tries to tie all sorts of things together.

This woman is pretty good at putting things together, given that no one gets it all right.

An alternate theory is that the Mall Holograms... the Kosher sex dungeon... and a series of similar reveals... are all part of a distraction from other events meant to come to our attention shortly. Let's be honest here. Both of these things are REALLY weird, and... more to come.

Here's the latest on the Florida Holograms and you can tell... if you are paying attention that something is wrong with this guy's story.

His explanation for why there was no video does not hold together, and the way he is using the language... phrases and terms he is using; something is off. Notice he mentions The Matrix, and how the forms kept glitching in and out of focus... just as holograms do? WHY WOULD THEY APPEAR IN A MALL? Polish windsurfers from another dimension? Bullshit! It's a government op.

I mean, they are really getting crazy out there. Now Eddie Murphy is Chinese and Black.

That photo is a visual representation of the official soundtrack for that sort of thinking. When you have to explain how you reverted to beast mode... you need Multicultural Cowboy to explain the finer aspects of the inner workings to you.

I love the mention of Love and Honor for Women. That's their trademark, isn't it? You really notice how they honor their women. Calling them bitches is a sign of respect; who gnu? Okay... that's enough for now. I get a strong feeling that there's going to be a whole lot more tomorrow.

If you want my opinion, I think they were planning a new 9/11-style offensive to take our attention away from Gazacide and various other events. These are early days and I am going to leave off on this until tomorrow when there should... at least... be a whole new set of lies.

The best way to see all of this... is to view The Hive Mind as a single human mind... in a state of violent upheaval. There had been a lid on The Subconscious for some time. And... it confined people's activities to the usual time-wasting ring-arounds that are popular on the sensory bandwidth. As Materialism became more and more intense, appetites became more and more varied, and all the time this was pinging off of The Soup burbling below the perception level of The Surface Mind.

The Soup became even more and more agitated... as vast quantities of drugs and alcohol seeped through the sealant around The Lid. New pressures were added by the planets in space... which had been arranged to propel humanity out of its fat suit fantasies... caused by the buffet table being everywhere in reach, and people having poor impulse control... as a result of being dumbed-down and not very bright to begin with.

It was easy to lead them around by the nose... the taste buds... the eye candy... adult nursery rhymes, and... of course... the genitals... in any direction that pleased The Overlords; not to mention the huge profits garnered by selling them the nose treats... the tasty comestibles... the out-of-reach eye candy... the streaming nursery rhymes, and of course... the sexual aids... as well as every aberrant attraction the hellish psychopaths could think of.

They knew that all it took to destroy The Culture was to fuck up the general sexual perspective. This they have done and now they will reap The Whirlwind.

Where was I? Right... the tunnels... the poisoned subconscious... the lowering of standards... yadda yadda.

So... while a collective of determined Satanists... plotted the downfall of civilization, in order to create a mutant population... more in keeping with their twisted fantasies of world domination, everything... they... did... caused a wave of reactions to be generated... somewhere in The Collective Unconscious. This caused the sort of forms... that are created by these kinds of twisted fantasies... to materialize through the process of precipitation. In this case... creating monsters that are coming to eat The Monsters.

Obviously, something bad was being built in the not-really-Kosher tunnels, just as terrible things are being done every day by government research labs around The World. They are... all-of-them... playing Dr. Frankenstein, and not paying attention to the possible consequences. You see... The Universe... The World... is a living thing, and... when you behave in ways contrary to the common good, you cause chain reactions in Nature that are going to come for your ass.

So... who blew the whistle on The Tunnels? Is all of this simply a distraction... because the heat was increasing in other areas of enterprise? Try to remember that Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening are also living entities... archetypes... presenting in something resembling human form.. who are doing specific work that was appointed to them by The REAL Ruling Hierarchy of The Real Overlords, who all answer to a single... ineffable... overlord.

I know I am beating the same unkillable and deathless horse here... once again... but EVERYTHING... and EVERYBODY answers to the same higher authority, like... it... or... not! I don't care how you explain the thing to yourself, given that it is incomprehensible and indefinable. I don't care if you think it is a beetle-browed and looming God of vengeance... a Vegan Earth Mother... a dancing Joker... or Heaven (please do not) forbid... an indwelling intelligence... that can be contacted by diligent and persistent efforts to do so.

I don't care if it takes you ten million words to describe what you don't understand or you are rendered mute and awe-struck by the profundity of what The Mind cannot grasp, while... all that you can ever hold is slipping from your hands, and... Desire has made a prison for you in these savage lands. I don't care in what manner you have chosen to explain the inexplicable to yourself... it can't be explained, BUT... you can get on the right side of it.

Those grasping rodent-nosed characters in the tunnels have... been... driven... mad... with the insatiable hunger for shiny shit to bait their traps with. They are not content with the wonderful bounty that Nature has provided for all... of... us. No. They want all... of... it... and if they have to dig to the center of The Earth for a darkness strong enough to conceal their actions, this... they... will... do.

Everywhere... people are tunneling somewhere... somewhere they imagine there is something worth finding; something they can keep, and have, and hold, and impress their friends with. Everyone is shaping some kind of form out of life's Play-Doh... hoping to get it right... hoping to attract the attention of someone or... The World itself.... for some brief, and temporary moment.

Lifetime follows lifetime... of monuments rising... to stand for a time, and then be torn down by angry mobs... not bright enough to erect their own monuments. Sometimes all you got left is a wasteland of crazies playing Road Warrior.

Sometimes... portals open, and if you can see them, you can walk right thru. Sometimes... ships come out of the sky. Sometimes... armies appear through a rent in the astral barriers. Sometimes... The Conscious Living Light takes on human form and stands in at the crossroads of existence... like a traffic cop who says, “You go this way. You go that way. You go back. You wait over there.”

I don't know what was going on at the Miami mall except that it was bullshit that is of no importance to me, but desperate times call for desperate measures, AND... these people are getting increasingly more desperate by the hour.

I don't know what's going on in those tunnels except... given who's involved, and the fact that it needs to take place... in a place like that... I think I can safely say it is some kind of evil looking for a place to happen.

The bottom line is that everyone who means ill to the rest of us is going mad. Day by day... they are descending further and further into a whirlpool of personal disintegration. They... are... losing... it! The high rollers at the top of the pyramid, and the jack-rollers on the city streets. They are ALL losing it. They were never in control of the whole works or even the the small stretch of sidewalks they operate on. Now THE CONTROLLER is stepping in, and his advance team is stirring The Soup.

Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmissions.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ye gods, what is this place? Testing ground? Sieve for Source to sort out the mess It made when 'It' exploded itself into a gazillion pieces? And again, why are we so stupid as to come back a gazillion times? Well, what ever. I'm just as guilty as the rest so I condemn myself as well. Gods, I WANT MY AKASHIC LIBRARY CARD SO I CAN KNOW THE ULTIMATE POINT OF THIS GARBAGE!

Still, it's kinda fun for some of us to watch it all crash and burn. NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!

M - said...

"Magick follows emotion. The stronger your feeling, the stronger your Magick." - Prof. Clarissa Dovey (The School for Good and Evil)

Words are powerful. Thoughts can be powerful. I was in tears watching Blake Lively speak. So you can imagine the words and the thoughts that emanated from me thereafter...

0 said...

Another day another dollar. Got an IRS audit. Claims I owe another 19grand. Somedays I'd be happy to Not Wake up. Guess I'll render unto ceasar huh.

Fuck Unaccountable Authority! Fuckem HARD!


Anonymous said...

When you speak of dials and an all-encompassing god, I visualize the Yinyang symbol as a representation of this.

Visible said...


Conversely, some of us don't even make that much. This system cannot sustain much longer. It's top-heavy in all the wrong ways.

0 said...

If it was only me and my kids, this wouldnt be an issue, but since I'm still married to a narcissist manipulator who can't be bothered to do anything she doesn't Want to do, I'm left picking up all the shit she couldn't care less to take care of.

I'm just getting tired of being in this position. Why the fuck should I stay married to someone who only does what they want and only worries about themselves and not me or our kids. Its fucking ridiculous.

I never should have stopped her from getting the Vaccines. Hows that for Irony. I coulda let things happen. This is my reward. Ha.

And people wonder why I don't get involved. :P

Send the invisible friends by to shorten my time willya?

I suppose at least I look forward to dropping form versus being afraid of it or loving being in it so much I don't want to leave it. Fuckitall.

Sorry for the ranting. I'm just fed up.

Visible said...

Since I don't know the details, I can't comment on it, but I do know that no one has to be around anyone unless they are locked up in the same cell. One can go their own way, and children, especially of a certain age, know what's happening. I'd cease all communication since there is no communication except for being jerked around like a puppet on strings. I would step away and that would be that. It can't be worse than it simply going on. It's like putting up with a toothache. It's not going to fix itself.

0 said...

Yeah sorry, I shouldn't have run it down here. I don't have people I hang out with. I prefer to read. Thanks for your insight pal. I can see how people get bent staying to long in situations that should have been cut loose, but its hard to make that choice until its all exhausted, and now I am Certainly Exhausted. I still want whats best for everyone, but I'm no longer willing to facilitate it for those who won't make the effort. I imagine thats why the All never takes up its own form but rides shotgun in every form created instead. Lots easier to understand and manipulate er adjust if ones behind the minds of all things.

Sorry to spill my beans here.

Visible said...

That's what here is for!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"I Don't Recommend Trying to Do It All Yourself, but... Certainly, You Will Find Out Anyway, Cause... Everyone... Does..."

M - said...


Although I don't have children so cannot hope to put myself in your shoes, I will say I inserted myself in a relationship which turned out to be something that had me questioning myself and on the brink of suicide. Fortunately, I realized what he/it was all about and got the feck outta there post-haste, my trusty feline in tow.

The good thing is, I am so grateful for that experience because I will never ever allow that to happen to me again. I have gained a new skill (well, new for me): I see through people.

Anonymous said...

Pierre said.. after clicking Visible like button.
like you said yonks ago about them 'don't believe your own press'
and we are way past 'don't press your luck'

0 said...

Thanks M and Viz. I appreciate the words!




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