Tuesday, January 23, 2024

"These are Healing Waters. These are Informing Waters. These are Protecting Waters. These are The Living Waters."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Sun is The Heart of God... as it shines through the filters of The Material World from its source in The Divine.

The Light... entering through the prism of The Material Realm... creates the seven planets and each of them is a particular variation of The Impersonal Love... personalized... which shines from The Sun... that rules all of the planets... due to its being the source of the modified power... that radiates from each of the planets, and... through the complexity of their interaction creates every situation... of interactive karma... that exists on the bandwidth of the senses.

In other words... EVERYTHING comes from The Sun. Then it precipitates into form; frozen sunlight in material extension... according to its self-identification... that is shaped by the karma that attends it, and which facilitated its arrival here... into the war-torn vale of The Elements who dance in their constant... mutual... antagonisms.

Those who master the interplay... rise above it, and reside in The Quintessence... from which The Elements are formed. The particular... unique arrangement of Elements (in your case) compose (y)our cross. The sifting and sorting on the way... that which makes us free of the stormlands of elemental fury... is accomplished by the conscious love of God... when it is permitted to operate unhindered in and through us.

The Great Work... The Operation of The Sun... involves the transubstantiation of our being back into the conscious sunlight from which it first came down into manifestation, and then... into the deeper... denser light that birthed The Sun. We move from the antagonism of The Elements... back into the quintessence... from which we precipitated.

Some of these things I learned from the teachers of Paul Foster Case. It's been many crossings over the waters of change... on bridges both treacherous and strong since then, and the way back is closed. Never until now have I found the equal of it until recently in my reintroduction to the works of Patanjali and Boehme. Truly inspired writings are rare indeed. You will know when your life is on the verge of a great upswing... when new interpretations of enduring truths... come into your life.

The Truth is The Truth and it stands alone and cannot be defined in words. It speaks for itself through other mediums and its systems of delivery... change... according to one's proximity.

When we have found The Way, and... when we have discovered within ourselves... the necessary levels of Faith... Certitude... and Determination, our lives move through ever finer states of understanding. The voices of those... who reside beyond the howling discord of this world... become more and more clear to The Inner Ear. The voices of The World we are leaving... become more and more distant.

As long as the smoke and confusion of appetite and desire envelop us... we can see no way out of here... besides the hay-wagon of The Grim Reaper. He's not grim at all. Grim is our memory of what we passed through, and... how we passed through it. Some measure of fear always attends uncertainty, and uncertainty always attends those minds that are magnetized by form. Appetite and Desire light up The Arcade. It's always Las Vegas for the hungry and the hopeful.

The rays of The Sun... that proceed from The Sun... are heavenly waters which bathe you in The Light... should you be in any kind of resonance with it. These are healing waters. These are informing waters. These are protecting waters. These are the living waters of life. It's what you get when you get life abundant. You get living waters of life. This is an intentional... doubly informing... redundancy. (grin)

The Sun is The Portal of The Divine that shines upon this world. Anything and everything one might wish to seek or find... an answer for... can be located there, if one knows how to properly listen. Either the chaotic and insistent pull of The World has your attention OR... The Sun does. You can't listen to both of them at the same time.

The demonic and possessed servants of The Dark Side seek to curtail the influence of The Sun with chemtrails. This is because The Awakening is coming directly from The Sun. Every message of change comes to us through The Sun. They imagine they can somehow block it. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!

The Light... when it leaves The Sun... is completely pure. Nothing impure can exist in The Sun because The Sun is a consuming fire, just... like... The... One... who... authored... The Sun. However... as it travels through space... across the many miles of its passage... it encounters impurities. It is like a mountain stream when it first emerges from an underground spring high up. As it passes down into the valley... it becomes increasingly less pure.

It is similar to the teachings that exist after their long and tortured passage through time. Look what has happened to the religions that were meant to be the keepers of the wisdom! That wisdom has passed through the hands of those who shape the historical record to their own advantage. Consider those greatest of mass murderers... who created The Bolshevik Revolution, and then had to fabricate a holocaust to cover for their crimes. Now they exercise the same horrors through Gazacide.

The Avatar... every time he comes... comes to us from The Sun. The Avatar is the true Sun King in human form. He is the vehicle of transmission... for the newer testaments... that he brings every time he visits here at the beginning of every age. That same Ageless Wisdom is transmitted every day by The Sun... for those who have ears to hear, and minds free of interior conflict with exterior conditions... those who are free of interior conflict with interior conditions.

The same clouds that come and go in the sky also come and go in your mind, and that same Sun that shines in the sky shines within you at this very moment. Everything external to you is within you. Not just The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, but The Kingdom of Hell as well, and you must surely pass through the one before you can enter the other. I didn't make the rules. I am just one of the guys who runs across them.

I know it sounds weird to hear that such a vast space that exists outside of you could also be contained within you. It is. It absolutely is. Work out how to travel the distances within you and you will have no problem with The World outside of you.

If you can bring yourself to hear the music... that is composed by the planets... as they move through the spaces between them... you can come to hear that everlasting choir of The Angels of The Sun... who are always singing the timeless assurances and affirmations of The One... who loves us more than we can know. That something made us out of itself... so that we might come to know it, and share in a love divine.

Nothing that the fiends of Hell seek to visit upon us can hinder anyone who sincerely seeks The Heart of God. That is also within you. They have tried this same tired bullshit... time and time again... many times before now. They ALWAYS fail. This is the last gasp of their impotent efforts to get ahead of the rest of us... to a space already occupied by one who awaits them. It will not be old home week, I can assure you, BUT... it will be familiar ground.

Just so you get some sense of Smoking Mirrors here let me ask a question. Maybe someone out there can answer it.

I've got a question that I am not informed enough to answer, but... I am informed enough to ask the question. The reason they inject vaccines is so that they are transported into the bloodstream. Yes? Now they say they are putting it into the food. Would not the digestive acids neutralize the chemistry of these vaccines? Are these not refrigerated in the first place because of rapid degeneration?

Are they blowing smoke up our asses just to ratchet up The Fear? Something doesn't make sense.

I'm not a chemist. The only science I have any background in is Hermetic Science. I treat with The Invisible... from which... of course... comes The Visible. Perhaps someone out there has the savvy in this department to grant insights. I only put up the most obvious considerations. There are others too.

Perhaps they think the threats they proffer are enough to keep us in line. I know for a fact that they lack the ability otherwise. Soon they will hear... the sound of the heavy tread... inside their head. It's coming closer and closer, BUT... where is it coming from? It seems to be coming from all sides. IT'S GETTING LOUDER!!! They can't see it though. It is going to feel like it is right on top of them... like a Xenomorph in the air ducts of the ship.

It will close in on them. The space within them will compress until there is only them, and... it. How can you defend yourself against a terror... a Balrog that you have called up from the depths within you? Doom! Doom! Doom! ♫ Well, here it comes! ♫ Yeah... it's ALWAYS some version of this. That shining light that comes to liberate those of us who await it with expectant hearts... ALSO comes in other forms as well. Other forms that are... suitable... for... the... occasion...

End Transmission.......

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I wanted to post a little testimonial to Mike Judge whom I consider to be one of the great geniuses of these times. He produced Idiocracy and Office Space, Tales From The Tour Bus, and other things. He produced Beavis and Butthead. I am not a big fan of that but he has the keenest of eyes to see into the complexities of human character.

He reminds me in some ways of Evelyn Waugh and Somerset Maugham. He is much less literary, but easily as insightful. He did an animated series called King of The Hill.

It's 14 seasons long (I think) and boy! Does he nail a certain segment of American life? He is definitely ahead of his time. If you like his body of work (at least some of it ((grin)) you will love this. I am watching it for the second time. You need to pay attention to what he is doing there to get it all.


ChrisD said...

Sticking mRNA vaxes in food should result in the human digestive enzymes going to work and denaturing the whole thing. Down at that molecular level there's little chance of the vax machinery surviving. "Vaccinated" animals that then go to slaughter, well I don't see that vax machinery surviving the whole process....it needs LIVING cells in order to function and pass on its instructions via the mRNA messenger/coding systems. Dead cells are no use; and digested protein (i.e the mRNA) aint no use either. Just my thoughts.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm going to ignore everythang about this so called new disease, and a few other things. If a lot of people wanna play the stupid games the gubment is tryin' to get 'em to play, fine. Less traffic, and cheaper rent. Fewer green spaces to ruin by putting buildings on 'em. Less noise and less landfill.

Nostrils to the sky.

0 said...

"The reason they inject vaccines is so that they are transported into the bloodstream. Yes? Now they say they are putting it into the food. Would not the digestive acids neutralize the chemistry of these vaccines? Are these not refrigerated in the first place because of rapid degeneration?"

Nah, the injections are Not supposed to go into a vein or artery, when they Do thats when the acute side effects resulting in death tend to occur. Thats also what then transports the shtuff to all the organs and all throughout ones body. Turbo cancers ensue.

As for the temp, I suspect it has to do with keeping the shtuff in the injection suspended in the colloid fluid that carries it into the injected. I suspect when it warms up it Aggregates in the suspension and falls out of suspension. Ie. when its injected into people at 98.6 degrees F it perhaps clumps up then. Course theres the angle of thermal distribution where the colder an injection is that is injected into a WARM body, the cold will spread faster to come to a thermal balance inside the thermal form its injected into. It might just help the spread of the injection throughout ones form anyways.

As for putting it in food, I imagine the processed foods most eat are hydrochloric acid neutralizers. One has to eat salts to generate stomach acids and everyones on low sodium/no sodium foods. And if its about infecting the obedients bodies, System by System, then after the lungs and breathing, and after circulatory, now they aim at digestion and its tract. The more things they foul up in the obedient the sooner they achieve that CARBON REMOVAL of the individual target. Did you read at all about ozempic causing stomach paralysis as the cause for weightloss? but then they can't get it back working after the weights lost? seems like a one way ticket to exit stage left.

Who knows. Its all a charade till it shows up on the porch. At which time it will be dealt with and buried out back. Molon Labe.


0 said...

Did you ever get a copy of the hardcopy 2003 AMA produced "complete" encyclopedia of medicine? The one they redacted all the virii genotypes from along with the common names we associate with those virus's?

In that version they supplanted the removed detail with a short blurb on the common cold and laid out that the common cold can be induced thru psychological stress. So the media aims to Stress everyone out which in turn makes them sick as more things go to shit and accountability never shows its face.

Its also rather amusing that the WEF clowns now want to be seen as not having ALL the media under their thumb, suddenly, this week. That seems to be more about the "Regaining trust" bullshit. Fuck Takers.


Visible said...

Thank you, Chris. That is what I thought.

Nobody, I didn't mean to imply they were putting it into the veins and arteries. Sometimes I go by so fast I don't always think my presentations out. I meant that they bypass the digestive system and travel through the tissues into the blood or some such.

Anyway... you are right on about the Stress, which happens to be the biggest killer of all because it provokes all the other mortal issues one way or the other.

M - said...

"Would not the digestive acids neutralize the chemistry of these vaccines? Are they blowing smoke up our asses just to ratchet up The Fear?"

- LOL - I thought the same thing! ♫♪ people are stupid ♫♪

I don't buy the latest pivot in the narrative - at the very least, I remain skeptical. Time will tell. Also, I am NOT sad that many of the hoomans that pushed the VAX have died. Shite happens, dontcha know.

I remember when Cosmopolitan (and Vogue for that matter) were all about fashion and beauty. Models graced their covers - not "influencers" (gag). Vogue was of a more sophisticated vein and I used to read it when I was in high school. During the 1990s I really saw a deterioration of the magazine and it got noticeably worse during the shutdown.

Lookie here! Marina Abramovic has her own Wikispooks page: https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Marina_Abramovi%C4%87

Visible said...

Somebody smashed a painting on the head of Marina The Wicked Witch Abromovic yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Looks like MEAT is back on the menu, boys!

AL said...

"Would not the digestive acids neutralize the chemistry of these vaccines?"

Not while enveloped inside a synthetic lipid nanoparticle. Which is the reason they chose such a delivery package to pass unabated through any part of the human body including digestive track. It has been aerosolized as well so I'm guessing the injections offer nothing more than a speedier delivery over air-born methods via chemtrails and the like.
The nanotech can be found in everyone and every animal at this stage. I'm hearing good results on activated carbon and sodium citrate for nanotech removal but it's early on.

For more info on that. https://davidnixon.substack.com/

They did not get the deaths they had hoped for and never will since they do not control the show as you know Les. Thank God for God.

Anonymous said...


"Its all a charade till it shows up on the porch. At which time it will be dealt with and buried out back. "

LO fucking L

thanks for the laugh, the imagery is cracking me up!

, Am

P.S. Les

Btw, I always laugh at people who think they can trick/fool God. Stoopid people, what's wrong with [them]! It's a gong show alright 😆

Thanks again, am xo

Anonymous said...

WOW! Holee wow!
I was listening to Bob Marley singing Jah Live while reading this . "the truth is an offense, but not a sin." Were truer words ever spoken! That song was followed by Natural Mystic, Three Little Birds ( Everything's gonna' be alright), then Satisfy My Soul.

All perfect accompaniments to this, your piece. :)

How many masterpieces can one man produce?
Countless ones ;)

Thank you Les, I know of what you speak.

Jah live, one love,
am xo

Fuck, there's something wrong with me today, or this bloody submission form. Maybe it's because I don't like to submit;)

Riddlestrides said...

COV-LARP-X will be about covering up the suddenly myocarditis as they blame all that on X?
Comrade Elon (FEW) is sporting the small hat and groveling at arbeit mach frei funpark, does he need some shekels?
Sorry for repeating but I agree with your cosmic firewalls put in place so that no one government, shitty little stolen land nation, SPECTRE hive or meangirl boss faculty lounge HR department will ever take over the third stone from the Sun.
Ol' Sol was out yesterday melting off all of that global warming and it was glorious!

Anonymous said...

Serious long term planning here.
Like it ...

Jenny said...

It has been some time since I posted a comment, but rest assured I am listening & learning. I find myself watching siblings & a parent suffer the effects of this insidious thing. The clarity of thought you bring to the table is a welcome relief. I am sure glad that I have a big flock of chickens & love to fish too. Those young roosters are tasty & fish come from clean ( as possible these days ) waters.
We all live our lives according to truth and I do firmly believe that one day the sun will shine unabated & truth shall prevail.
Keep up the great work!
Much love to you and to all.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"I Don't Know what The Extenuating Circumstances are; The Devil MADE Me Do It? Either Way... You Still Got Dead Kids."

Anonymous said...

Ottawa's use of Emergencies Act against convoy protests was unreasonable, violated Charter, [FEDERAL] court rules
Government says it plans to appeal the decision

Catharine Tunney · CBC News · Posted: Jan 23, 2024 12:49 PM EST | Last Updated: January 23

Did someone say Awakening? Say the above only last night. CAn't post a link to this. But that should help you find the article if you're interested?

Ta, am



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