Tuesday, January 2, 2024

"The Time Comes when The Movers and Shakers... Cross The Rubicon... between What is Crazy, and... What is insane."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Few people are powerful enough to direct such a force of evil upon Humanity as Larry Fink, and very little is as despicable... as ruthless capitalists... pressing Communism on everyone else, which is what he is doing with his DEI fascism... the arm-twisting of corporations to bend to his will; a Satanist of the first order. His face has been shaped into a reptile physiognomy by the force of his mindset upon his features.

No one is more evil and depraved than The Usual Suspects.

They are really... really evil.

There are degrees of Evil, just as there are degrees of Good. You are going one way or the other. If you are going in circles... treading water... swallowing your tail in a relentless redundancy of repeated actions... bereft of all spontaneity and higher inspiration... this is eventually Evil. This is the area of Gray Magic that makes Black Magic possible by providing the cannon fodder for the wars against one's own higher nature.

The worst of them are they who say, “If my sons did not want war there would be no war.”

They control The White House. They control The Justice Department. They control Homeland Security. They control The State Department. They control the CDC before COVID and The Killer Vaccines... and during... and presently. They control The Federal Reserve (which isn't Federal.) They are behind the promotion of sexual perversity. They control The Teacher's Union. They are behind the migrant invasion. They are demonically possessed.

They control the appearances of everything... at the moment... because it has all been trending to this moment... when their whole house of cards collapses on their heads. They are The Usual Suspects. They are mere pawns who serve by resisting The Divine... while The Divine directs them to their appointed end. Theirs is a sad and bitter end of great duration.

God says, “By all means... take your time. I have all the time in The World and eternity too. You have nothing but time... to be served in the penitentiaries of your own creation, and I... am The Warden, and Bad Leroy works for me.”

Nothing can affect the good in us, and Evil will destroy itself, so... remain calm and serene. That is an act of faith that inspires Heaven on your behalf. Never let your faith be compromised by faith in the power of those who abuse Humanity. It divides you against yourself. The Divine is ALWAYS infinitely more powerful than anything else that is living on a borrowed power from The Divine... for The Purpose of Demonstration.

These things said,... I give you some predictions for changes and events coming out of The Invisible into The Visible this year. In recent times... at the street level... people have been getting crazier and crazier.

People more deeply invested in Material Culture, and especially those at various levels of control over it... have been able to resist the force of madness until now. Partly, it is due to their controlling it on the lower levels of the culture, and part of it... is that their form of crazy has been (until now) actively supported and protected by The Infernal Realm.

This year that is going to be radically adjusted. Protections and supports are scheduled to be removed, and... the high and mighty... doing their versions of Hammer Time's, ♫ you can't touch this ♫ is due to be unpleasantly surprised. Well-known and highly connected individuals are going to be PUBLICY losing it. They will be subjected to violent episodes... visited upon them... and by them... upon themselves, and... upon each other. Afterward... in various states of confusion... they will say... I don't know what happened.

Long-established companies and corporations are going to fail, and no one will know exactly why. Many highly placed captains of industry will retreat to their bunkers... thinking the reinforced walls of their own seclusion will protect them from what is happening in their heads. It... will... not. Many of them will kill themselves.

Vigilante justice is going to become routine as people, just... can't... take... it... anymore. Steve Inman's Travelogues of The Wireless Hole Punchers and Desperado Dirt-naps will be getting more and more popular.

You are already seeing the inception of all these conditions in the political theater... in the entertainment theater... in the religious theater... and on the international stage. There comes a time when the absurd commentary coming from The Movers and Shakers... finally crosses The Rubicon between what is ridiculous and what is insane.

Some will blame The Killer Vaccines. Some will blame the intensification of EMF, and related technologies. Some will say that Climate Change is behind it. There will be more reasons given for what they don't really understand than you will be able to remember.

When I was in Italy during that period of my extended Kundalini reawakening, I was told that centuries ago, Lady Nature had been chained up by reversed-Kabbalah operatives, and that accounted for the surge of Materialism and Godlessness that became more and more prevalent around The World. She was to be liberated during the stages of apocalypse and awakening, and world conditions... as they had been for hundreds of years... were going to be reversed in a very big way.

What many people do not understand is that Nature is as much an internal affair as it is all of the external phenomena that we perceive through our senses. It is in the nature of certain twisted life forms to seek to dominate Nature in ruthless fashion... and this has happened. The evidence of this is visible everywhere.

What these twisted creatures did not realize... is that in the process of dominating external Nature, they paid no attention to their internal Nature, AND when Lady Nature is unchained... (and we are in that phase of cosmic adjustment right now, and we are moving inexorably... toward ever greater demonstrations of it... from moment to moment.) she is going to be moving everywhere at once. In whirling motion without, and... in dancing confusions... to be rewoven into new harmonies within.

So... all these earthquakes, strange volcanic events, and... other natural occurrences... are examples of Nature finally being given the opportunity to respond to the awful mishandling she has experienced for far too long. Yes... some of these have been acts committed by these twisted creatures with the intention of intimidating Humanity through DARPA and Alien Tech, BUT... all that will result in is to stir her up even more. AND... now we come to The Kicker...

At the same time that Lady Nature begins to express through external nature, she is also going to become increasingly more and more active with Internal Nature, and this is where the insanity... in the minds of the formerly high and mighty... will be coming from, and I don't care how many bunkers they build... how fortified they may be... how well armed and protected they may imagine themselves to be, THERE IS NO WAY that they can protect themselves from what will be happening inside their heads.

Lady Nature is going to track down, every... one... of... them... from The Inside... on the Inside!!!!!!! She will have them coming and going and spinning in place... until they are swallowed up and consumed by the monsters their Chaos Magic has unleashed. Don't play with forces you cannot control!!! No more need be said on the matter, though plenty more is going to get said.

So... when you begin to see all of this happening, you can simply think back to reading this. The understatement... the greatest understatement I have made in a long time is this; THEY ARE OUT OF THEIR DEPTH! They do not know what they are dealing with, BUT... they are going to find out.

These are the broad-strokes-predictions from this particular Voice in The Wilderness. This is The Year of Notorious Fools Acting Out Dangerously. This is the year that the Velociraptors come home to roost; well... roost may be a bit misleading. This is the year when The 2030 Psychopaths learn that The Cosmos has headed them off at The Pass.

This is the year when The WEF... The UN... The Israeli Crime Syndicate Nation... The CDC... The WHO... The Council on this that and the other thing... The Vatican... The Billionaires and all the rest of the nasty cabals of cannibal locusts get... the... memo. This is the year when The Invisible gets visible. You will see the literal demonstration of... as ye sow so shall ye reap.

It might take more than a year for it to go down. Rome did not fall in a year, but... this is the year of the turning of the tide.

End Transmission.......

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X locked my account yesterday. They said they spotted some unusual activity from me. I do not do anything on X so there wasn't anything to spot. I had to go through an authentication process, then I had to go through it again, and... all is well... for the moment. Sooner or later all kinds of things might happen. Perhaps I can continue here for some time yet, and... perhaps I am done. I suspect THEY have little or nothing to say about it.

All power comes from one source. If it is distorted by any one of us that does not then make it the power of the one distorting it.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know what happened to the cat, but did you get a load of the name of the “person” that wrote the article?

“Tony Ho Tran”. To NY, Ho, Tran! Honest to God, i know i could never have a Twit - er X acct that would survive for any length of time.



Anonymous said...

Mother Gaia is taking back her earth/control and to transform it back to the way it should be to be able to sustain the people who are left. We haven't seen anything yet. It's going to be a hard few years of hardship for everyone who lives on this planet. Believe in God, Believe in the Love and Light at this time. Stay strong and positive. Love and Light xx

Anonymous said...

Pierre said, after hitting the like button, twice.
Glad you've heard of Inman, I only cottoned onto him recently. part of my daily perusals now.
Rumble in the (concrete) jungle his channel https://rumble.com/user/steveinman
top post visible. I hope so. or as I said to the evangelist 5 years back when they came a country mile to prosetylyse, 'take me too, but THEY have to go'. and THEY are going the right way about it.

Strider Right said...

Lady Nature gets her fangs back!
She has kept score and knows who is who.
All I want is to see the comeuppance.
Materialism is a big steaming pile of Marxist dung to be avoided at all costs.
The failed extra most bestest flotilla was a big laugher and may there be many more for the cess ridden slimy sodomite sewer pipe empire of evil on the festering swamp hill.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"A Key Factor to Making it Through The Chaotic Moments of Cosmic Change is Who and What You Allow to Influence You."



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