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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Mass Midnight Renditions to Guantanamo that have not Come to Pass.

(We skipped one in the order for the Christmas message so... we are going to jump to Smoking Mirrors and take it from there.)

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A friend came to me very recently and asked if I had heard about all the flights to Guantanamo with all the high level elite who were being locked up because of all the lowjinks they have been up to for such a length of time. This is, I suppose, to make us all throbbingly positive about the tsunami outfitted New Age that is washing out the shoreline of whatever the people that don't know have told us lies ahead... somewhere.

Maybe you are familiar with BenYAHmin Fulford and David Wilcox and Sorcha Faal. They are a kind of triumverate of post Art Bell bobbleheads. I stay wide of Fulford but occasionally he will raise his magenta unicorn's head and tell us tales about the red, or the green or the white Japanese ninjas or mafia, or the rainbow unilateral white hat yakuzas or whatever they are being called at whatever moment he brings any of them up, over and over and over again.

As soon as my friend mentioned this mass roundup and arrest of Podesta and other like affiliates I thought, had to be something from Fulford or the other guys so I went looking and saw this at one point. No doubt this fellow came across one of the maundering utterances of the triumverate. Then I came across this. Then I came across this. Then I came across some real humor here. Then, of course, I found what I knew would be there on Sucha Fool's website. Here is who Sorcha Fall really is and that has been available for years..

Is it strange that all of these people have some mention, however vague or not so vague about this midnight rendition of all the dark side heavyweights? Look no further. Fulford's claim to fame is having once interviewed the most recent high profile resident of the Infernal Kingdom, David Rockefeller.

There wasn't anything accidental about that.

For anyone who wants to be on the cutting edge of utter bullshit, they have an intern program.

Okay... maybe this once, I am off the wall (well, I have certainly been off the wall before but I am talking about in this particular area). Maybe thousands of high end Deep State, illuminati-masonic, child eating psychopaths have been rounded up and shipped to ♫Guantanamera, guajira* (Peasant) guantanamera. Guantanamera, guajira, guantanamera♫ Maybe this has happened and wouldn't that be wonderful? Here is the actual seriously fake news article from Fulford that whoever gave my friend the info, took their wakey wakey from. You will note that this is from over 6 weeks ago.

All you will need to get an impression of Wilcox can be experienced in listening to this lovely Lugburz transmission.

Okay... enough links. I know there are people out there who think I am to be included in this collection of knuckleheads and Nimrods who are always right, according to them but in my defense, I do not claim to be always right. I claim that I don't know and if anything that comes into my heart or my mind is useful to you, take hold of it and use it for your good. Otherwise, cast it to the wayside; maybe someone else will pick it up (grin)?

I know there are people who … and they are in a small minority, from what I can see when I measure their anonymous screech at me, which I experience a few times in an entire season, who think that I am any number of various fails which show up in a truly glaring sense when they look in the mirror, because the whole dynamic is a mirror. It is not unlikely that I am burdened and beset by any number of shortcomings. All I can say is there are not so many as once there was and I strive and struggle through every day to be in a better and more consistent space from which to serve you, whether you like me or not. This is all I can say and it is true as far as I know. I leave that as a possible reservation because I don't know, not really. There are some few things I do know and one of them is that God is real and that we are loved. Do I need to know any more than that?

I know that the closest we can come to grasping the essential nature of the ineffable is... (drum roll!) Love. I know that those of us who care, really do care and that gives me hope and the certitude of friends, despite any sentiments to the contrary. What matters it whether the whole world loves us or not? I know of no one whom that has ever been true of. I will say this, both our enemies and our friends give a clear picture of what we are about. The kind of friends we have and the kind of enemies we have, say a great deal about the quality of our being. I suggest all of you take comfort, or motivation from that. I thank the ineffable every day for what I am and equally for what I am not; that I am not Fulford, or Wilcox, or Faal. I don't know anything about multi-colored ninjas. Here he is (Fulford) declaring over a year ago the same claptrap about mass arrests. Whoops! Another link (sorry).

It's a new year my friends. In many cases, 'meet the new year, same as the old year.' What is really taking place; let me say, how it appears to me is that a cloud of Materialism and individual transmitters and transponders called cellphones, blankets the Earth. I see emerging out of this film of opacity a number of roads, like something imagined out of an M.C. Escher drawing that lead to portals which open into environments of specific parameters, wherein a state of mind and a state of existence prevails. They are incredibly diverse in relation to each other, except where they bear striking similarities to some. They lead to levels of the astral plane, wherein both Heaven and Hell exist in a certain limited fashion, because there are bardos that are hellish and which fall below the astral realm and bardos that are heavenly and exist above and beyond the astral plane and then there is Bridget Bardo and a multiplicity actor who is called Javier Bardem. Would Bardem be the plural of Bardo? Yes, I am getting cute. I apologize. There is also a universal lubricant called Bardol but that is for another time (grin).

I made some resolutions this year and they are specific and few. I promised I would try to treat myself better and that I would seek the ineffable more consistently and intensely. I believe if I can accomplish some degree of both, I will be much improved in this new year. It goes without saying that I will treat others better as a result.

I do not want to go to the usual length with this posting. My computer has been very wonky over recent days and I feel if I can get this posting in before anything happens then I have accomplished more than I expected when I started out. God willing, you will see this shortly. The best of a new and fabulous new year to you one and all, friend or foe and may we look back on this year, at the same time next year and affirm to ourselves and one another, that we really did pass some milestones and achieve some substantial good in a world somehow, against all expectations, changed into a better place than it was at this moment.

Much love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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