Wednesday, December 23, 2020

"I Wish You the Spirit of Christmas in this Transforming Time."

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Christmas. The celebration of the last Avatar's birth. There is a noticeable shift in kind this year. The advent of the coming avatar has merged with the previous cycle. It is a timeless thing, after all; God deciding to manifest in human form. It doesn't happen often, and he's never far away from an open heart even when he's not coming and going.

These days, those seeking the presidency of the United States, are beginning to start campaigning years before the next election. Presidential candidates are not on a par with an avatar. The Avatar begins his preparations and 'projected' details of occurrence centuries and centuries before his arrival. Let us compare a president of the most powerful country (at the moment) in the world and an avatar. Most of the time a president presents himself as a wielder of meaningless gestures. With an avatar, EVERY gesture is meaningful and life-changing. Occasionally, we get a relatively decent person. If you look back over the last few years here, you see what happens to them when mysterious fortune has, momentarily, prevailed over the Leviathans of the Swamp. You may have your own opinion on the matter. I know what has been revealed to me and no more.

There is something that has ALWAYS surprised me. It has surprised me for most of this life. I should preface this with a qualifier. I've NEVER had any trouble believing in God and by now, I can say authoritatively that it is unlikely to ever happen. I lack in so many areas, but this is not one of them, and my whole life, this life, has been about creating situations for God to prove his existence to me, OVER and OVER, and OVER. I've not had any trouble believing in miracles and ascended beings. I find it so hard to understand how people can have any doubt at all about God, BUT... they do, and nothing will crush a life so definitively and decisively as DOUBT.

Even with The Avatar coming, again and again, people... in the larger majority just toss their lot on to a sea of material troubles in an unkind world. The World is NOT kind. The World is a living being whose purpose is to guide you, inexorably, step by painful step to Liberation. This is what ALL Living Forces who serve The Divine do as vocation AND avocation. There is such a joy and delight in this, in selfless service that one loses themselves in it, like a dolphin surfing ocean waves. It is impossible to explain this to anyone who does not already know it, BUT... anyone who engages in it with any consistency soon sees why it is so. I'd like to recommend a film that touches on this. Somehow this film escaped the viper's nest that is Hollywood. It's titled, “Same Kind of Different as Me.” I recommended it a couple of years (or so) ago. Great art is still being made if you know where to look for it.

Yeah... I don't get all this dancing with flaming thorns, not once you know what it's about. People tell themselves and each other that they are going to devote their lives to finding and serving God, just as soon as they can get all their problems solved. That NEVER happens. Life doesn't operate like that. Life is designed to trap you. Even this is a benefic if you can look at it the right way. Yes, it traps you and this causes you to struggle to be free (grin). Why does it take so long, though? I'm glad you asked that. It doesn't take so long if you don't take so long. What sort of pace have you set? Uh-huh, there you go. That, in fact, also answers all sorts of other questions that may have been coming and going in your head.

It's not supposed to happen for most people with any real speed. With all I've read and been told, lives follow lives like leaves falling from a tree. I don't know if it can be determined; when someone's heart experiences a fundamental change. Then, the passion and zeal grow by leaps and bounds and LARGE expanses of Karmic terrain can be traversed in short order. It requires a superhuman effort to switch tracks and get the engine humming. Maybe THE FACT that we aren't doing anything ourselves might help with the perspective. God is the source of all force and action. The separated human mind sets itself AGAINST the Indwelling and shuts it up. UNTIL one cuts all that nonsense loose, one is going to be a clumsy dancer. Once one does shut all that nonsense down, the timeless dance moves through them. Death is put aside. One CAN walk right out of this world and into the next. There are those living this right this moment.

We are told that The Kingdom of God is within. Right! Yeah... Let me get back to you about that. One of the biggest problems is that those who should do, do not walk the talk. People think their deceptions are not seen. Yes, they are. In fact, The Indwelling often points things and people out to us in our minds. Unfortunately, we often do not pay attention AND that hits our Faith and opens the door for Doubt later on.

God IS... Literally, right this minute, occupying a state within you and taking note of EVERYTHING that transpires with you. God has to be approached as a suitor. Your love HAS TO be at a certain level of force and consistency. God is waiting. Who knows what his inscrutable purpose is? The BEST we can do is to incline in his direction. Like Lao Tzu said, “Heaven prefers no man but the wise man prefers Heaven." If you want to understand God, as much as it is possible for a mortal, simply look at The Sun and observe what it is that The Sun does, and... do likewise. That will get the angels' attention.

They say Christmas is the season for giving. Of course, you remember those times when you were caught up in the spirit of it. It was all about The Giving. For those who are giving themselves away, every day is Christmas. Jesus the Christ taught us all one needs to know about that. However, The Avatar comes for SPECIFIC reasons each time he comes. There are always remarkable similarities because The Qualities of God are timeless and ever-present, BUT... the job to be done varies. As we mentioned here recently, he is coming this time as The Rewarder and The Punisher. The very planets heralding his coming indicate the nature of his appearance.

The Wind doesn't blow all day. The rain does stop. Night comes and the day follows. There is ALWAYS chaos and confusion at the turning of the age. In such times one should retreat to the still silent center. Once again; God is ALL POWERFUL. Everything is under control. Accept that and resonate with it, or resist and rebel. Those are the options and... how do you resist an irresistible force?

I wish you The Spirit of Christmas in these times. Put your mind on joyful things and not on the sad distractions being created by those who would enslave you. If they have power then you gave it to them. All power belongs to God, AND... most of the time, in the material sense, it is wielded, knowingly or unknowingly, for The Purpose of Demonstration. People THINK they are in charge, and God is inclined to let them think so, for The Purpose of Demonstration. THEY- are NOT in charge. For some reason, most people think that the people who think they are in charge, are in charge. All things are in flux on the wheels of eternal change. Change is the constant, and... change IS coming again.

I wish you all a VERY MERRY Christmas!!! I wish you the unshakable Faith in The Avatar, because he comes not just to work his miracles on the material conditions in which he arrives. He is also coming to work his miracles on you. ALL that is required of you is to be open to his coming, to be welcoming. Just as our four seasons repeat again and again; at much rarer intervals does this season arrive. We are no longer in The Season of the Witch. Maya is to be suspended, briefly. It is one of those conundrums that mystifies the human mind. The Avatar comes clothed in his own self generated Maya in order to appear. God frees us and God binds us. God does and does not lead us into temptation. Get 'right' with God.

End Transmission.......

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Saturday, December 12, 2020

"The Star of the Avatar is Going to Shine and Shape our World with the Angels of our Better Nature."

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It is such a pleasure to watch a professional at work. I am talking about Mr. Apocalypse. Every time it looks like he might be hitting his stride, he takes it up a notch. Somehow he has dovetailed with The Great Conjunction. It's V for Victory my friends. The two most powerful planets in the Solar System, (excepting The Sun, which all the planets rotate around) Jupiter and Saturn, are about to network for The Greater Good. In the last posting, I talked about the qualities that Jupiter and Saturn express in the human drama, as main instruments in the Cosmic Symphony, which creates and performs, The Music of the Spheres.

There is a malicious torpor that is creeping across the landscape. It has possessed the minds of people at every level of influence and is causing them to work against the greater good. They are mesmerized by The Darkness, and working in all ways contrary to The Angels of our Better Nature. They will not prevail, nor will the CONSCIOUS agents of Darkness, who speak into their minds with perverse urging, with empty promises, and most of all, with intimidation and fear. They will not prevail because The Great Awakening is intensifying by the moment, and riding the crest of the wave, with top hat and coattails, with his walking stick, is Mr. Apocalypse. They will prevail! The Great Awakening, and Mr. Apocalypse WILL PREVAIL.

The Avatar is coming. The joining of those two great planets in the sky are the herald of his approach. Just as the Star of Bethlehem appeared so many years ago to announce the birth of The Prince of Peace, and which star was the combined, reflected light, of Jupiter and Venus. We do not know if this announces the birth of The Avatar. We do know that it announces his coming. It could be that he is to be physically born. It could be that following this planetary conjunction, he is going to grow around the world in the hearts of every one of us who has prepared a place for him, and in this time of virtual tech, appear VIRTUALLY WITHIN US. It could be that BOTH are happening at the same time. ALL I KNOW is that HE WILL COME in some fashion and change this world.

I do not know what other permutations of change God has in store for us, BUT... I do know that 'all things work for the good of those who love The Lord.' God is coming in human form, just as he told us he would when he said:

“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.”

The old age is passing and the new age is here. Of course, that means The Avatar will appear. Hmm... that sounds like a poem; a couplet, sort of. Those who work contrary to The Divine Will create dissonance. Those who work in accord with The Divine Will, create Harmony. "By their works, ye shall know them." People can lie artfully. They can be very convincing. People can plot ugliness within and pretend to possess benign intentions, BUT... the one thing they cannot conceal is their works. We all leave a trail in our passage. It is the evidence of our true intentions. We are seeing captivating and compelling averments of both sides of the equation. We are seeing the workers of light and the workers of darkness on both sides at this turning of the age.

The summing up is coming. Judgment is coming. This is clearly stated in the personalities of the two planets now coming together. They embody reward and punishment. It could not be more clear. Yes, they bring to us many other qualities as well, but for the purpose of illustration, REWARD and PUNISHMENT apply. 'There is no hiding place before the Kingdom Throne.'

We are in one of the most profound periods of human history. The tone is being set for the coming age. Be faith-filled my friends. Be confident and optimistic. The Avatar is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Avatar is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This very moment he is coming down the planes, from the center of the limitless light, and he is cleaning out the long-entrenched nests of evil, where the gospel of darkness has been preached into the human mind, over these long centuries of suffering. He is driving them down before him into material form for JUDGMENT. This IS HAPPENING. It is what The Avatar does every single time he comes to set things right. He comes from the top down and cleanses as he goes.

My friends, let confidence swell your heart! Let the joy of the Presence of God flood your being. Do not despair. Do not let doubt find any way into you. There is that within you which is greater than all the forces of darkness gathered together at once. “Greater is he that is within you than he that is in The World.” Also... “if God is for me, who can be against me?”

Let the Good News suffuse you. It is a timeless and living state~! It is the fruit of the Tree of Ageless Wisdom and Love is the initiator of every other divine quality that we CAN house within us. It is our choice what we allow to express through us. In Times of Material Darkness, it is all too easy to be the victim of peer pressure, and to surrender to the will of corruption that is so pervasive at this time, to 'go along to get along'. Screw that noise! We are Free Beings who voluntarily choose to be in servitude to something greater, speaking for myself at least, I CANNOT consider any alternative to this. I bend the knee to no one but God Almighty, and my life, however flawed it may have been in the process to this point, has been a testimony to that. Nothing that the world threw at me was enough to change my course. ONLY God resides upon the altar of my heart; ONLY God. Let it be so for all of us every one.

I will close a little early in the post today. I have said all that needed to be said. May God RICHLY and PROFOUNDLY bless you, NOW and FOREVER!!!

End Transmission.......

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Monday, December 7, 2020

"At Some Point Soon, The World is Going to Change in Ways Beyond all Expectation."

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Today... we shall dive a little deeper into the complexity of the machinations at work in these times.

First off, here is something to think about. As you probably already know, there is a wheels within wheels, sleight of hand deception going on, with almost as many gears inside the mechanism as there are in the cosmic clock. I KNOW that much of what is playing out is DESIGNED to cast as wide a net as possible, to catch as many of the treacherous souls at work as it is possible to do. Slow and steady wins the race.

Here is something to think about. It is widely acknowledged that the Democrats are thinking VERY SERIOUSLY about packing the Supreme Court; meaning... they intend to increase the number of sitting Supreme Court Justice so that they will have a Liberal Bench. I ask this question; what do you think the present sitting members of The High Court think about such a thing? Uh-huh. That is an interesting question, is it not?

They also intend to make Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico states so that they will have four more Democratic senators. Oh... they intend a great many things. What is coming INCREASINGLY to light is that Chinese Communist Money is flooding the government and public thoroughfares at every level. They were unable to get rid of the president through 'questionable' legal actions so... Coronavirus-COVID was turned into a paranoia, Fear-Driven monster that would close down the country and ruin the economy. This has also permitted the tidal wave of absentee ballots, sent out in the many, many millions to EVERYONE, living and dead, legally a citizen, or not. This also included many people who do not even exist. They also sent out MULTIPLE ballots to every address in specific areas.

They have been caught out, again and again, however, lower court justices have been the recipients of substantial bribes, and in cases where this was not effective, they were threatened, or compromised. The Carrot and the Stick have been at work in a ubiquitous fashion. It has NOT MATTERED how much evidence was presented to the courts of fraud and malfeasance. They were told they had no evidence, even when the evidence was accompanied by HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of sworn affidavits, they were told this is not evidence. When video of election fraud was captured and presented, they have been told that was not what happened. It is like the old joke, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

You must understand that this is one of the most powerful efforts EVER; this ambition to steal the United States of America. It has been in the works for a long time. The Communist Virus is an adaptation of Satanism. It is hosted in the particular lifeforms through which it works, and when that life form passes, it transfers into another host body.

When you wish to take control of the population of a country, there are specific things that you must destroy, or take control of. You must attack and destroy The Family Unit. You must pervert the sexual nature, and you must take control of the education system, keeping in mind that schools and universities are only one area of learning. People also learn, and especially so in these times, through The Media, Social Media, and the entertainment industry. I could go on at great length about the specifics of each of these. I rather leave the inquiry and analysis to the reader. One does not learn by hearing about something, although one CAN BE programmed in this manner. One learns from EXPERIENCE, if at all.

Mind is a powerful entity and it is, can be, strongly motivated and effected by BELIEF, FAITH, CURIOSITY , and a host of other influences, like APPETITE and DESIRE. The state of one's mind is determined by what one desires and has an aversion to. Spiritual illumination occurs when one attains a state of Indifference to both. The World is a gigantic supermarket of temporary wares. When the mind is engaged with it, The Monkey-Mind Aspect comes into play. The mirror in which The Self can be observed becomes distorted and even completely obscured. Nothing of any real value then remains.

The Mind is like a house. In this particular house, there is a basement, a ground floor, and a second story, or even a roof. The roof might be a good image in that it is surrounded by sky. In the basement is The Subconscious aspect of The Mind. On the first floor is The Self Conscious aspect of The Mind. On the top floor is The Superconscious aspect of The Mind. A study of this relationship between the parts of The Mind can yield remarkable fruit. The Tarot is the best system for this that I have ever encountered, but... as with ALL systems, it is only as functional or practical as the person implementing it. A good analogy is Astrology and astrologers. I have met many of them and they are, ubiquitously quirky and eccentric.

I have met some very good astrologers. I have NEVER encountered any two who agree with each other. The entirety of the science DEPENDS on the perspective of the astrologer. The same can be said about The Tarot. Any student or practitioner brings with them assumptions and objectives, and their science is colored by them. One MUST BE free of these to gain any real insight. Almost no one is, and those who are, have little use for either of these systems because they have REALIZED what can be realized from these, or ANY areas of inquiry; there is ONLY ONE THING of LASTING value that anyone can gain from these or ANY science, and that is Knowledge of The Self. All else is transitory and ephemeral. I might say at this juncture that nearly every psychiatrist is mentally ill and it is their particular mental illness that drew them to the profession. Often they are completely unaware of this, but it is so.

I cannot stress emphatically enough, that these are momentous times. You can say, “nothing is off the table” or you could say, “everything is on the table” Is there a difference? It is IMPORTANT to notice that everywhere in the country, at this time, people are exposing themselves, and making it crystal clear as to where their values and beliefs are placed. It is astounding, how polarized the country has become. Highly placed and famous individuals are stepping into the light and transparently LYING. Other noble and courageous souls are telling it as it really is, and are being beaten up, having their houses bombed, and being harried and canceled without respite.

Because of the wide pervasiveness of The Media, we are being given the impression that NOTHING can be done. The outrageous hubris of the offenders is something to marvel at. They REALLY think 'the fix is in'. What is actually happening is that all of those who are defending the criminal behavior of a powerful cabal, are being exposed before the eyes of the world. The oppressive and relentless assault of fabrications, by mass media and Big Tech, are mind-boggling. It is as if their lives were on the line and perhaps they are.

At the same time, there is a much larger segment of humanity that KNOWS it is all false. The crowds that show up at the rallies are riveting evidence, as are the massive groups of protesters across the country. The Awakening is responsible for this.

I cannot shake the feeling that what we are seeing is an elaborate sting and that NOTHING we see is real. Certain main players are acting out in ways that make no sense. There is an impression being given of disturbances in the ranks, but it all smacks of theater. People are doing and saying things that are inexplicable UNLESS... unless it is all part of a long con. I keep thinking that the president and his people saw this coming a long way off, and now they are just biding their time as the denouement approaches. Every day, I see one inconsistency after another in tactics, and day by day, more and more evidence of widespread fraud is revealed; smoking gun after smoking gun, complete with video and voice recording.

The middle class of this country is under enormous pressure, trying to make ends meet under the threat of this shadow virus that has locked down the country. When will it end? How will it end? Whatever the case may be, it is going to be epic.

I feel as if each one of us is being called forth to answer for ourselves. I can feel eyes on us that are not human eyes. I feel this sense of immensity that is almost unbearable at times. It is most prevalent in the evenings. I go out each evening to talk to The Mother, and through the day, many times, I am outside speaking with The Sun. I get nothing but positive responses and a call to viscerally accept what I am continually being told, which is that 'everything is under control'. I believe this. At some point soon, the world is going to change in ways beyond all expectations. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

"People Need to Pour Themselves Out into Compassionate Space. That is When God is Listening.

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Before we get into it today, let's start out with some lighthearted fun. This was probably necessary before they begin to install elevators and garage door openers.

Let us PRESUME that The Apocalypse is REAL. Let us PRESUME The Awakening is REAL. Let us acknowledge that we are now in the opening moments of The Aquarian Age. An age lasts 2,150 years, give or take. Some (like me) say 2,200 years and people who suffer from Anal Retentive Math Syndrome want to round it off to 2,000 years because it doesn't make their brain hurt. A Great Year is comprised of 26,000 years and since that clock goes backward, we can PRESUME that the most recent Great Year started with The Piscean Age. This might account for Jesus THE Christ being The King of Kings. I'm reaching here, but I've learned to TRUST my Intuition.

Let me say that the ticking watch of Cosmic Time is much like a fine contemporary watch, where gears of various sizes turn at different rates of revolution. In the cosmic sense, let us look at the seasons, which breaks up each year into demarcations of '4'. A year is composed of 365 days and because of fractional concerns, they add a day every '4' years. This is determined according to the movement of The Earth in relation to The Sun. I'm not going to refer to The Sun rotating around The Earth. You know, how we say, “The Sun rises and sets?” Occasionally, I will be confronted by A.R Syndrome people who object to my using terms we all use, and which I use because we all understand the matter a certain way. It doesn't make it right, but NOTHING goes wrong in any ACTUAL sense by the mention, since SOME OF US KNOW what the truth is. Oh never mind!

You can go smaller than the seasons and you can go much larger than The Great Year when we bring in factors like the movement of our Solar System in respect of the Milky Way. What all this adds up to is that TIME is an artificial measuring tool that seeks to inscribe itself upon ETERNITY. That is how much time we really have and might account for why so many people think nothing matters and there is no hurry. In a sense, they are right because no matter what, you will always wind up where you are. Does that make sense (grin)? It's kind of like, “How can you be in two places at once when you are nowhere at all?”

I toss all of this out as reference points to our general fabrications of assumption, having to do with all the coming and going; our historical references, which... not surprisingly (to me) don't go back very far. We have whispers of civilizations that were present BEFORE the one we presently find ourselves in. Before them were other civilizations and before that and before that. See... there is ALWAYS a playing field when we are in a 'Day Period'. We have The Day of God and The Night of God. Each of these is a Kalpa in length and The Hindu Tradition says that they are EACH around 16 million years. Everything is going on in the day segment and nothing material is going on in the night segment. It begins to get complex when you see that there are '4' different Kalpas. They call the smallest segment a REGULAR Kalpa (why THEY do that I don't know. It sounds a lot like so many things that make me ask, “Why do they do that?”) Okay... there is the Small Kalpa and that is composed of 1,000 regular Kalpas. Then there is the Medium Kalpa and that is composed of 20 Small Kalpas. Then there is the Great Kalpa which is composed of '4' Medium Kalpas. We are talking about serious time at this point.

Let's include what Buddha had to say on the matter of a Great Kalpa; he used analogies to give you a picture of it:

Imagine a huge empty cube at the beginning of a Kalpa, approximately 16 miles in each side. Once every 100 years, you insert a tiny mustard seed into the cube. According to the Buddha, the huge cube will be filled even before the Kalpa ends.

Imagine a gigantic rocky mountain at the beginning of Kalpa, approximately 16 x 16 x 16 miles. You take a small piece of silk and wipe the mountain once every 100 years. According to the Buddha, the mountain will be completely depleted even before the Kalpa ends.

In one instance, when some monks wanted to know how many kalpas had elapsed so far, Buddha said, “If you count the total number of sand particles at the depths of the Ganges river, from where it begins to where it ends at the sea, even that number will be less than the number of passed kalpas.” Does this give you an idea of what we are dealing with? Keep in mind that The Soul is Immortal.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia, which can be trusted as far as I could throw an Indian elephant;

“In Hinduism (cf. Hindu time cycles), a kalpa is equal to 4.32 billion years, a "day of Brahma" or one thousand mahayugas,[3] measuring the duration of the world. Each kalpa is divided into 14 manvantara periods, each lasting 71 Yuga Cycles (306,720,000 years). Preceding the first and following each manvantara period is a juncture (sandhya) equal to the length of a Satya Yuga (1,728,000) years.[8] A kalpa is followed by a pralaya (dissolution) of equal length, which together constitute a day and night of Brahma. A "month of Brahma" is supposed to contain thirty such days (including nights), or 259.2 billion years. According to the Mahabharata, 12 months of Brahma (=360 days) constitute his year, and 100 such years the life cycle of the universe. Fifty years of Brahma are supposed to have elapsed, and we are now in the Shveta-Varaha Kalpa or the fifty-first. At the end of a kalpa, the world is annihilated.”

That is directly contrary to other information I already included. It doesn't matter anyway because it is all far too immense for anyone to get their head around and you certainly don't have any present points of reference; BUT... BUT... Dr. Visible, or Count Visible (which, given the material being discussed here, is probably more suitable), what about The Eternal Now? Yeah... what about it?

Why did I load up the wheelbarrows of the mind with all this heavy, sedimentary material? Maybe we shouldn't take ourselves so seriously. No doubt someone will think that the link that opened the post is racist. Do you really want to be a pinball for the next million or so years or more? Of course, by comparison, that is not much time at all. I should point out that certain eastern scriptures state that some people live million(s) of lives. That is considerably more, AND that is no time at all either, by comparison.

When I was a teenager, I was reading a book that I think was called, “The History of the World.” Maybe it was “The Story of Mankind.” I'd gotten it out of the library, where I was a constant visitor. Somewhere in the book, the author shares an anecdote about Time. He said, NOT VERBATIM;

“Far out in the ocean is a rock, one hundred miles high, and it is a cube, one hundred miles in all directions. Once every thousand years, a solitary raven lands on it and sharpens its beak. When the rock has been completely worn away, one day of Eternity will have passed.”

I guess I was somewhere between 12 and 14 years old. It had a lasting effect on me.

Later, when I was 18 and had been away from home for about a year, I was living in Washington D.C. I was working at The Library of Congress in the Division for the Blind. I mailed out talking books and braille books everywhere in the country. When I wasn't working, I would be at the library on New York Ave. It was there that I used to listen to Lord Alfred Drake recite The Rubaiyat. I had been working in a gospel mission before I got the job at The Library of Congress. My job there was to sign in alcoholics, drug addicts, and the mentally ill for their 3 days a month stay. Some of them were highly intelligent and had been 'somebody' of note before the drink took them. This one fellow used to recite The Rubaiyat to me and the moment that I listened to the first quatrain, the hair on my head, literally, stood right up. I remember trembling.

So... I found a recording at the library and listened to it until I had memorized the whole thing. It had a profound effect on my mind. It was there also that I read Nietzsche and then Aldous Huxley and many more. I remember looking at the collection of Huxley's books on the shelf and seeing one of the titles, “Antic Hay” and it came into my mind that, he and others wrote those books to provide me with footprints to follow. That had nothing to do with the title of that book. I can't remember if I even read that one. I was so thirsty for knowledge. I inhaled Freud and so many others. Even then I knew that he was crazy. I wanted to learn so badly. From the time I could read, I just read and read and read; anything to escape the constant misery of my life that went on for all the years of it until I was able to get away.

Then... probably a year after I had been haunting the library, I took a hit of Sandoz LSD. It came in these little ampules and you had to break the top to drink it. As the psychedelic came on, it dawned on me that all of the time I had spent in Western thought was NOTHING. All my fears, apprehensions, and insecurities were NOTHING. Realization after realization dawned on me that day and I am certain I lived several lifetimes in those brief hours. I spent that time laughing and laughing, I couldn't stop. In all the time since I haven't really learned anything new. It's always been the same thing, approached from another angle. Love is Supreme and God is REAL. That I learned and so it shall, probably, always remain.

I learned that no one really knows anything at all, and whatever they were telling me was simply their opinion, their point of view. Then I met that Man on the Beach, who was God, and... what did he keep saying, OVER AND OVER? “I don't know.” It's all been scripted for me, and soon, I shall have that moment toward which the entire drama has been directed from the beginning.

What I have learned, AND AM STILL LEARNING is to be kinder to people and to give them someone through whom they can pour their sorrows and frustration, and FEAR. It's taken a long time to learn to be patient and to not interrupt, BECAUSE... the most valuable and lasting thing you can do for anyone is to REALLY listen. When you do this, God is listening in you and attends to the matter. Maybe not right then, BUT... sooner or later. Listening ATTENTIVELY is a truly healing enterprise. People need to pour themselves out into compassionate space, AND... once they do? They begin to see that all these things they imagined were so important, were not important at all.

You don't have to look for God. God is right there. All you have to do is acknowledge it and ACT ACCORDINGLY. As time passes, and you don't interfere, God comes more and more into PRESENCE and there is less and less of you. That's a good thing because You and I are the problems that we suffer from. Once that's gone... no more problems.

End Transmission.......

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Here are some links for today;

les visible at pocketnet