Friday, December 23, 2022

"The World is Glamour + Fascination, Trending Toward Possession, in Patterns of Addiction... to... Form."

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So... this is the last time we will be together before Christmas has been and gone. All of my life... I have enjoyed the spirit of giving... that is shown to us by Lady Nature's artful arrangement of all the necessary things and conditions for life to flourish here... on... this... planet; if only misguided fools did not work counter to unity and harmony for... profit.

The origin of everything you see around you is from The Sun... by Adaptation. Everything is sunlight frozen in form; sunlight... in... material extension.

One of the meanings of The Garden of Eden is to be found in the salutary living conditions we can see there, in The Mind's Eye, once our vision clears. That is the template for everything being in a state of Unity. The stages of human evolution sometimes indicate an attraction and appreciation for the true and actual... finer things of life. Just as often it showcases a brutishness hard to imagine by any right-thinking soul.

Some few years ago, Ukraine had a duly elected president. Then... the AshkeNAZI forces drove the man from office and installed the clown that was celebrated this week at that greatest clown assembly on the planet; The U.S. Congress. He's kind of a little Satan. Big Satan got much more applause. Bibi could do worse things to the clowns in congress than Z-Slinky could; that's his rap-persona.

These days... our feckless leaders bow their heads to the temporal rulers of Hell on Earth. They are either intimidated by the fruit of The Honey Pot they got caught in OR.. driven by the hunger for gain.

The Season of Giving was inspired by the message of Jesus the Christ in the ultimate sacrifice that keeps on giving through the whole of The Age. That age has come to an end, but... as with all Big Clock Items; if something lasts for 2,200 years... you can expect a transition phase of about 200 years in which the radiating archetypes shift their personalities into the teaching moments the new and coming age is designed to present.

Human existence moves on a slow... slow spiral of life... toward the refinement of consciousness. In some cases... it appears to be circling through the carnal rituals on its way down the drain. Still... despite its worst efforts, human existence does evolve. Some... of... us... understand that one's evolution can be hot-housed, in a “success is speedy for the energetic” kind of a way.

This very time we are in... a time of transition... brings a force from The Divine that makes possible a quantum leap in consciousness. Life itself... what we all call life... is a single force expressing itself in consciousness according to that persona.

TO... THE... EXTENT... that a persona can sublimate itself to Higher Authority... one can transition into that higher authority.

If you like it here... fine. So long as you know that ups turn into downs... smiles into frowns... pleasure into pain... gain into loss. You come with nothing but what came with you, and you leave with nothing you can take with you except what you became upon the way... just like the last time... and the time before that... and the time before that... and the time before that.

It is 60 degrees here with partly cloudy skies. A few hundred miles north it will be between -30 and -70 in places running to and from The Great Lakes Region. It's global warming at its finest. I could swear I saw weather manipulations taking place in recent weeks. We know they can do this, and we know they've been getting into whatever they please, with the excuse that it is to counter Global Warming. A whole lot of people do not understand The Science of Cyclicity.

Do you know what constitutes an expert... these days? It is someone who will say whatever the people paying them want them to say. It's like expert witnesses for the defense and the prosecution, who completely disagree on all points with each other because they are being paid to say it. One of the reasons I neither trust... nor depend on Logic... is that you can use it to justify ANYTHING.

Today is the 2nd day after Real Christmas and the 2nd day before Ceremonial Christmas. Since it is The Holiday Season, it's not a single-day affair. It includes two major holidays a week apart. It is... by far... the prevailing tradition among more than 3 quarters of the population; squeaky wheels... in search of currency grease... make it seem otherwise.

A real and dangerous culture war is in progress at this time, and one might well fear for revolution and upheaval, given appearances. However... it is like the toxins in a body... that force their way to the skin's surface and become pustules... and boils... acne and inflammation of all sorts. Once the body is cleansed... these symptoms no longer express. Once the ship has righted itself the passage becomes easier.

All the twisted sexuality, and trans-inhumanist gender benders. All the celebrations of obese and ugly, perverted and criminal, under the umbrella that we are all beautiful.. are doomed to failure because... not even the people promoting it believe it is true. Certain truths are self-evident. We live in an age of profiteering and piracy... in an age of insatiable soul-sucking greed. We live in an age of lies and distortions, on... their... way... to a better world.

It is true that we are all beautiful and this is what the spiritual eye sees. Few eyes... in Times of Material Darkness have been opened under the channeled force of The Serpent.

Kansas City signed a quarterback to a half-a-billion-dollar contract. Then he developed Peyton Manning Disease. The symptoms are... dressing up like a NASCAR driver in a jumpsuit, covered... wall to wall... with trademark advertisements... and a pathological need to appear in as many commercials as possible.

I try to understand why those already filthy rich... and in possession of international fame... should need even more of the same. Why is it that when you already have too much, you have a burning need to stockpile even more? There is a good reason for this. It is because wealth... fame... personal power... position and influence, are not what they are made out to be. They are not blessings, except in the rare instances when the possessor knows they are only stewards and proxies. These are all curses... mostly.

Imagine the rage and despair experienced by those who acquire these things and find out that the fascination rubs away the moment they drive it off the showroom floor, where it then turns into a chronic hassle. Like a car with some mysterious and unfixable problem.

Back to that Spirit of Giving in the Season of Giving, which SHOULD BE every single day of the year. Why is it that when you are swept up in that spirit... as I am sure that all of us have been... at one time or another OR... even on a regular basis... it makes you feel so generous... and giving... sharing your love as you come and go? Why did I notice that people were... generally... across the board... happier in poorer countries than they are in prosperous lands?

In the south of Italy, I would hear laughter interspersed with the machine-gun delivery of the language at all times. You don't understand Italian? Doesn't matter. They go right on as if you did. Then... I would be in Basel, Switzerland... one of the richest cities in Europe, and boy! People were cold and mean, and... mercantile. It's a lot like the Orson Welles speech in The Third Man.

I noticed the same thing in Mexico, by comparison with Kalifornia. I'd much rather be in Mexico. Well... I'm not in Kalifornia anyway. It's just far enough away that I might be on the beach soon after The Big One hits. I've already got the sand.

I've been around good people who were worth a whole lot of money. Usually... they were the rare exceptions. It fascinated me for years to meet people who were completely controlled... imprisoned by their wealth. I've never had any use for that sort of thing. I'm into another kind of money... but... my God! This world is a cesspool of carnal and acquisitive hungers. The more free of it you get... the more clearly you see this.

The World is Glamour and Fascination... trending toward Possession... in predictable patterns of addiction... to... form. You are either burdened by luggage or it's zipitty-do-dah with your hands swinging free. The most important thought I take from Jesus the Christ is FREEDOM... Jesus comes from Joshua which means Liberty. He was the son of Nun... which is Death.

When they say that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bend. It means that everyone shows fealty to the idea of their own FREEDOM.

There is literal meaning. There is occult meaning. There are surface truths and deeper truths. There is one teaching for The Crowd and another for disciples, depending on whether you are an occasional follower (when it suits you) or a full-time devotee. If you are determined to find it (whatever it may be) you must only keep looking. You WILL find what you seek.


End Transmission.......

Mr. Enoch Burke, Mountjoy Prison North Circular Road, Dublin 7, D07 YC97, Ireland

I was just informed earlier that I may or may not be posting anything more until the new year. I was religious (grin) about the consistency of posting. It has been somewhere around a year since this trend came into being. It may go on the same for another year OR something else might happen. Just so you know.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

"BECAUSE... Just as Sure as Misery Loves Company... You are Going to Find Yourself in a Crowd of Kindred Spirits."

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Two days ago... early... I saw chem-trails everywhere across the sky. The next two days brought a sun-blocking haze with chilled air. It has not been like this here before. This is my 6th or 7th year in this location. Everything is different now as The Stormtroopers of The Apocalypse fan out through sea and air... through mountain and valley. Each of these... coiling lunar systems of polarized negativity generate their own weather. ALL... THEY... NEED is something human to vibrate like a sympathetic string; not a difficult find in these times.

Their designs may leave me cold but it is of no matter. I can get around the clouds.

The people pushing The Killer Vaccines... to reduce population and compromise world health... are the same people agitating and financing The 3rd World to migrate across the borders in order to replace those terminated by The Killer Vaccines with a dumber... more obedient... slave class.

The negative fallout from Good Karma; just seemed to be one of the things I wanted to talk about today (grin)... so I thought I'd do a potpourri-paisley-pour out on... to... this... new and improved... tabla rasa... white lambskin carpet of this exact moment for me, but... now – from is in the past for you. Still... it can be a good memory. What I am trying to say is that good things can have bad side-effects so you might not want to eat the whole brownie.

I got some bad news earlier about being extremely rich at some further point in the coming attractions. It's the outcome-result of my not holding on to anything and just giving it away; not worrying about storing it up because I will (do) have a... limitless... supply. It's about the unavoidable positive side of doing good works or... that most valuable of currencies... giving-yourself-away; doing... what... The... Sun... does...

It will be a mercy for me... if God's Angel Lawyers can find a loophole BECAUSE... I don't like being rich. It's like being a coal stoker (grin)... if I can put a negative light on it. There you are in the bowels of the biggest ship ever to sail the endless seas of Space, AND... an endless stream of anthracite (we hope it is anthracite and not bituminous.) keeps pouring into the hopper, so... you have to keep shoveling or you are going to have shit-tons of coal, and you will be overwhelmed by blessings of a high order.

You have no choice but to give it away. You don't want it backing up on you. You don't want to wear that kind of face moving through life BECAUSE... just as sure as Misery loves company... you are going to find yourself in a crowd of kindred spirits.

My point, my friends, is that it is a labor. It may be a joyous labor... but the return can be unbearable at times BECAUSE... such an intensity of love can be unnerving. It can be overwhelming. It can knock you off your feet. It's where 'head-over-heels' comes from. Romantic love is one thing... and it operates on a bandwidth. When you can tune up your love to include every living thing it is a whole other kind of bandwidth.

When there is no time, you are no longer serving time, and that is what makes giving-yourself-away a joyous labor. You can't be lazy, but... why would you want to be? Down in that dark footlocker of The Subconscious are so many unpleasant ways to be; selfish... bitter... angry... dark lusts and evil dreams. One is cautioned not to explore The Pit, once you have managed (with help) to crawl out of it. “Do not go down into The Dark Splendor.”

This is why we pray to God to remove our shortcomings. What a labor that is! Heh heh... the labor is in trying to get rid of them yourself. You are likely not to do a comprehensive job on your own because... though you may know what some of your failings are, you don't know all of them. This is what Heaven does. It shows us what is and is not worth keeping.

Good luck getting out of here without being exposed to countless dark and depraved actualities that some people call home. I usually knew what I was walking through and that I didn't want to be there. Hard as you may try... you don't get free until... someone... cuts... you... loose or you let go.

I was talking about the negative side of Good Karma, BUT... it is only negative when you are attracted to it... otherwise, it is like something you see through a train window... as you are passing through whatever you are passing through. You can't be lazy and that is why a serious number of people can't get with the program. Also... there is The Time of Material Darkness we are presently passing through.

“Success is speedy for the energetic” can be understood from many perspectives.

Think of The Sun. He is blazing away every single moment. He's still blazing while we spin into the night that exists in his absence... under his reflection upon The Moon, which... changes the atmosphere. So... he is shining without respite but even The Sun is only a channel OR a repository through which The Impersonal Light shines through countless other suns.

Shining is part of The Great Work... something occult... or formerly hidden... that is going to be a part of this awakening already... in... progress...

There is work and there is the effortless and eternal engagement of holding still while The Sun shines through you. Everyone is running in all directions away from this. You might say it is a principle of the ever-expanding universe that contains all the systems and worlds that God generated for every single dream that anyone ever had. People know so very little about the extent of God's generosity... his measureless love and grace. We make God out to be a bigger version of ourselves; that... is... not... the... way... to... go.

If you turn around and start running toward it... you have to let go of whatever you ran off with, so it doesn't hold you back.

Once again let us visit that phrase about becoming like a little child. If you try to go... in... there... all grown up and adult... like you know this and that... and that too... you will not get far with these postures. Some of these postures are inflexible and one has no capacity to bend, AND... unless you can bend you cannot enter. Unless you can bend, you cannot enter.

I very much believe in Jesus the Christ... even though there is no historical record. I do not believe in Christianity or any number of misrepresented truths; not to mention the CRITICAL omissions. Christ is either alive or he is dead. What? He's still on the cross? Religions worship a dead God. It worships all the paraphernalia that the priest class put together to take your money. People don't believe anymore. Look back at those cathedrals. Wow! Those people believed. Now we have different cathedrals.

It was another time and another mindset. Controlling the mindset is KEY.

If you are not controlling your mindset, someone or something else is controlling it, just as it is controlling the wider world you are passing through on that train. The Powers that Thought They Were are getting desperate. The jig is up. Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening are taking care of them... and they are getting increasingly police-state-minded... draconian... passing one law after another to insulate themselves from the wrath of The People. They might want to give a little thought to The Wrath of God as well, AND... sometimes The People are The Wrath of God.

There is one place that people cannot protect themselves from. The one enemy that lurks in wait for everyone... is not outside you somewhere. It is inside you. You can be high and mighty... have your own army of bodyguards... buy and sell mere millionaires. You can hold forth at the high tables of temporal power... Lights! Camera! Action!

Yeah... but where did the light come from? Who is operating the camera? Who is controlling and scripting the action? Who are you going to call for The Night Terrors? Who are you going to call about The Melting Face in The Mirror? You might can get in and out of everywhere down here... for a time... until the meter runs out... until the curtain goes down... and the light comes back on. Were you in the audience? Were you on stage? Where were you, AND more importantly, who... are... you?

So... you can have it all in a relative sense, but what... has... you? What did you exchange for the experience you had? Where will you go next?

You see? I have a problem with processing all this Good Karma; kind of the reverse of what I was just talking about with The Other Guys. So... this is why I aspire to The Sun. It is why The Sun is my hero. He knows what to do with all the Good Karma. He is showing me how to manage my affairs without having to turn into Tony Robbins... you become anonymous and live forever. It's having that static persona that makes you mortal. Let The Personality die so that the everlasting individuality can shine through.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End Transmission.......

Mr. Enoch Burke, Mountjoy Prison North Circular Road, Dublin 7, D07 YC97, Ireland

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Thursday, December 15, 2022

"No Matter How You Shape It, Sexual Perversity is The Death Trend of The Culture and Results in Spoilage and Rot."

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I mentioned a few times that I am a student of Trends and Patterns; not in the same way as those who follow the shifting appearances of The World, through Fashion and trendy behavior patterns... modified... in order to appear to be “with it” or “in with the In Crowd.” I watch more from a metaphysical perspective to see what comes out of The Invisible and how The Invisible is understood in the contemporary awareness of what is passing before the eyes of The Hive Mind.

In other words... there are those who are fascinated by The Magician and yet they do not understand how the trick is done, even while they are looking right at him. I don't care how the trick is done. That is not the important feature for me. I want to know WHY the trick is being done, and what it results in. It is what Christ meant (in my mind) when he said, “by their works, ye shall know them.”

People talk about Cause and Effect all the time. Why then... is there such a disconnect in so many people not being able to see a connection... between them... even while they are talking about connections between them. It is similar to, missing the point. They keep doing the same things Out There. Should it have not occurred to them... by now... that they are not only going the wrong way but doing it in a half-assed fashion?

People look right at something and still... can't... see... it. You can point it out. Like the sailboat hidden in the painting, and they... still... can't... see... it. It can make them angry at you, too. We've been over this ground here for some time. Sooner or later, neither you nor they will be here. Where will you be? Does it not seem prudent to make arrangements beforehand? How does one do that? Ah... yeah... about that.

What is it that keeps people from seeing The Inevitable? Why do they behave as if it doesn't matter? The World is under a spell. If you are not under that spell, it is hard to understand why anyone would be. It's Lucy and the Football again and Charlie Brown falls for it every time.

The World is like a perfume display in a department store. You squeeze the balloon atop the atomizer. You unscrew the top, and an atmosphere escapes from the bottle, and you are entranced. It seems to me that the only way to explain what is happening to people is to assume they are possessed. The perfumed genii escape and disappear inside their heads, and... off they go on another magical mystery tour that does not lead anywhere worth going to.

The World is filled with magnetic touchstones that shut down your objective and detached mind. You are in a dream of separation from some object of desire... while you are the object of desire... to begin with. Resident within each one of us is a particle of The Divine Being. However much intensity you put into the things of The World, and however much intensity you brought to the search for The Indwelling... wind up defining where you wind up at.

Some say, “it's the journey, not the destination.” It depends on how you understand that statement. In a way, the journey is the destination because the destination is the result of what you set out to find. Look for power... money... fame... or sex. You will find some form of them, depending on how The Purpose of Demonstration turns out for you. Look for God and you will find God. God's not hiding. If you can't find God, you are looking in the wrong places.

There is this incredible light of internal splendor that banishes The Darkness forever more, and it is resident within us. The means of arriving there are various. Some systems work for some people and don't work for others. One has to be in love with The Process or else one will not arrive at the destination, but... be still wandering around looking for something that works. I've looked into all these methodologies. Of course, I am certain there are some I am unaware of... and for which one needs certain credentials, BUT... the ones I have seen, I've looked into them, taken them for test-drives.

Some of the systems are very complex, and one's room for error is not great. I suspect there are very few who can SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY negotiate them... and they involve magic. They involve powers that show up simply by passing through certain stages. ALL of the legitimate systems include these.

Somehow... I suspect... The Divine prefers those of simpler nature, where Love is the driving force, and Union is the objective. God prefers playmates to people with heavy book-bags and cynical perspectives that are the result of the heavy book-bags and too much knowledge of The World. Knowledge of The World will make you very weary and you can feel old... with time passing... because you know too much. That is why you hear, “I don't know” here so often.

It's very simple. If I know, then... by extension... God does not know. If I don't know, then... by extension, God does know. This means that The Intuition works or does not work depending on one's relationship to knowing.

Materialism has gotten to such a point that now... most people... are either quite crazy or very afraid... or both. Some are just very angry. It is as if ordinary life has gone somewhere and Abnormal is staying in its room. Observe the rise of Satanic Trans-Humanism, and remember... that is what Elon Musk is very much into. He's up to something just like all the rest of them.

No matter how you shape it, sexual perversity is The Death Trend of The Culture and leads to spoilage and rot. The Transgender Trend is going to lead to violent insanity... and epidemic suicide. There will be waves of this sort of thing. When people do not know who they are and lose all sense of self, they have no idea where they are going and begin to individually and collectively walk off The Cliff. They will be like someone 'pulling a train' that runs over them.

Modern culture and the state of technology have made most people incapable of survival for more than a short while or... until they run out of things. You want to see what a thin veneer is the mask of civilization? Wait until they start to run out of things. One SHOULD NEVER STRAY FAR FROM LADY NATURE! When one retreats from her into sexual ambiguity and pathological promiscuity, death and worse are directly ahead.

When conspicuous consumption is a perpetuating pattern, the trend is toward death and worse. When... it… is... celebrated... so that Poppin Fresh and The Michelin Man are role models... when airheads are the new trendsetters... when the depravity of men replacing women... without possessing any of the critical features and virtues that make them one... then those will be the faces that launched a thousand-fold of John Wayne Gacy and Ed Gein upon The World, and WILL SURELY burn the topless towers of Babylon.

It is Grand Guignol on bad acid. It is a living theater of freaks and absurdities, wallowing in their own wastes, and seeking a four-legged future. It's not getting better. It is becoming The Law of The Land, especially in The Crown Colonies.

Everyone should write that man while he is his own hostage to fortune; (Mr. Enoch Burke, Mountjoy Prison North Circular Road, Dublin 7, D07 YC97, Ireland)

What is the mysterious force that is turning The Worldwide into a carnival sideshow? How is this happening? The magician winks and waves his hands and the people stand transfixed. He is turning sunlight into shit and The World applauds him. Surely there is a reason for all this?

Who is it that is behind all of the sexual push to make tiny minorities rule The Mainstream? Some few years ago there were only tiny pockets of alt-sex practitioners. Some few years ago there were no cellphones. Some few years ago, gender dysphoria and tranniphilia were a rare appearance. Is there some collective behind all of these things, including The Killer Vaccines?

They are coming for The Children because it swells their ranks. They are coming for The Children because the despoliation of innocence is the supreme gift that one can lay at the altar of Mammon and Moloch. They are programming the generations because they are then easier to control.

It would be one thing and Game Over were it not for a small detail that The Materialist-Atheist-Satanists-Great Upset People seem either ignorant of or indifferent to, AND that is... God is REAL. God is The Power in all life to be living... and NO ONE... Good or Evil can escape the fact that they are existing on borrowed power that God can turn on and off simply by thinking about it. He's entertaining himself. You may not like this or approve of it, BUT... it is so.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, December 12, 2022

"People are Confused by Religion Because The Priest-Class uses CONTRIVED Doctrine and Dogma to Control Them."

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A Wokester journo went down at The World Cup from The Killer Vaccine and they are trying to paint it as an act of homophobic murder by the nation of Qatar. This is especially off the wall considering how gracious the Qataris have been given their strict Muslim culture. I've been watching this BS show; not the soccer games. I mean The LGBigotry Express. The journo's wife was one of Biden's COVID advisors.

I am not a fan of soccer, though I am sure it is a wonderful sport. I just don't get it. I've tried to watch it hundreds of times and still don't get it, but I understand American football from the perspective of a coordinator. In other words, I know what's going on in that game.

Wherever I have an abiding interest in something, no... matter... what... it... is, I get into it passionately with my whole heart until I know the whole of it, as... much... as... I... am... able... to. I'm not the smartest airwalker in space, but I do alright... these days. (grin)

The Sudden Adult Death Syndrome going round is now impossible to ignore. A lineman at the Carolina Panthers just had a stroke caused by a blood clot. This is mass-murder at an epic scale and we know who is responsible. They really think they are going to keep getting away with it. God has taken their arrogance and pumped it up to zeppelin level for The Purpose of Demonstration. Contrary to there being no appearances of it... yet, it's right around the corner. The wheels grind slow but... they grind exceedingly small.

Pro-Killer-Vaccine entertainer, Rod Stewart just lost two brothers within a small window of time. He was hot and heavy breathing over The Killer Vaccines like the dead journo (links at GAB). Now his 11-year-old son had an event on the soccer pitch and had to be taken to Emergency for myocardial problems.

It's starting to hit at every level, and when it FINALLY dawns on the mental defectives that make up the majority of the human race- dumbed-down by materialism- that The Killer Vaccines are responsible for their missing loved ones, the people responsible for The Killer Vaccines are going to be in really... big... trouble.

A revolution of conscious awakening is going to hit like a wave at a sports stadium and not only is everyone going to see who was duping who... the dupers are also going to be awakened out of the poisonous cloud that has been bewitching them, and Whistleblower Fever is going to rage across the landscape like a prairie-fire, just... you... wait... and... see.

All power... all sustenance... all life and every breath is a gift from God. This is why you must be thankful if you wish for it to continue outside of The Penalty Box. Even if you are grateful because you are aware of the conditions that come from not being grateful... at least it's a start. Over time and experience, you will come to see how great your gratitude should be to match the value of the gifts you are given... many of which you are unaware of.

God is your father... your originator. Whether you see God as Father or Mother is irrelevant. They are both eternal aspects of what lies beyond the dvaita-definers in The Impersonal. You can love The Impersonal too, BUT... most of us have a preference. This only lasts until certain revelations... that you could never properly describe... take place in you. I try to love God in everything all the time, knowing that everything passing before me is a temporary affirmation of God,.. whether it shows God's Presence OR... God's Absence... it is still proof... of... God.

I don't concern myself about The Killer Vaccines... social breakdown and disintegration... bad shit of any particular vintage; these are not concerns of mine. I have ONLY one concern and that is to love God with all my heart... all my soul... all my will... and all my mind. I am not able to do this 24/7; which is how we measure life in The Land of Time Passing, but I will be. That is where This Road leads.

People are much confused by religion because the priest-class uses CONTRIVED doctrine and dogma to control them, and Mystery (Babylon) and Confusion are byproducts of this. They have a vague and cartoon-like perspective on The Father and The Mother. You are living in The Mother. The Mother is everything you see and whatever exists in The Realm of the Senses. She contains The Mind and The Intellect as well. She's pretty comprehensive. You might be hard-pressed to find The Father in all this. She is The Whirling Dynamic. He is The Stillness, whose ceaseless meditation upon the whole is what keeps everything in place.

Yes... hard times are coming. They won't be hard except for convenience-junkies... the utterly dependent on form... the prisoners of Lust and Anger, which has been made more and more powerful by exposure to numerous... possibilities... for... engagement. Life has been turned into a supermarket with people on the shelves, as well as in the aisles... so... shortages of unnecessary things are also round the corner. We are not permitted to sink into comfort as a permanent way station. It... doesn't... work... like... that.

I know I throw out a lot of seemingly dissimilar snapshots... subjective... objective... and neither. The World of Form... The World yet forming... The World that one day will form...

Let's talk about Agartha. This is the place where those surviving the destruction of Atlantis went to sit out the long stretch of time between back then... and everything that has occurred to bring us to this point where Agartha can be a refuge for a new wave of pilgrims.

Legend has it that there are entrances to Agartha in Tibet... Mongolia... South America... The North and South Poles... The Pyrenees. I'm pretty sure there's one in Mexico and... other locations.

Though Sedona probably has something more than just beautiful cliff faces and strange frequencies, it is more the kind of place where rich people go to convince themselves and each other that they are in a sacred place... not... necessarily... generated... by... them.

You might want to read Ossendowski's, “Beasts, Men and Gods”, as well as the Marquis Saint-Yves d'Alveydre's “The Mission of India in Europe.” This is the location where the wisdom of The Initiates is stored. It is a very advanced culture that exists within The Earth. Shambhala might be another name for Agartha. There is a great deal going on that is not apparent in the muddy... scuffling worlds of people... painfully and fruitlessly... contending with one another; “there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamed of in your philosophies.”

You don't wind up in Agartha by accident but you can wind up there on purpose. You have to make the cut. It's like becoming a SEAL or Delta Force. There are requirements for entry. You have to meet the standards. Purity and Humility are extremely important.

There is sanctuary and refuge to be had but reaching it has to start within before the externals will appear. By devotion... and persistence... across a specific reach of time, YOU CAN GET ANYWHERE. You are in the process of doing that at this very moment. You WILL wind up where you have been headed. That is The Good News AND The Bad News.

I'm not trying to drum up Agartha Fever. I won't be getting bumper stickers or ball caps. There are MANY options, BUT... they ALL connect. My intention is that it bears thinking about The World... NOT... BEING... what pedestrian and opportunistic mindsets say it is. There are all manner of worlds, above and below. You have to meet the entry requirements AND... THAT... supposedly... is... why... we... are... here.

In these times... portals are opening within us and external to us. They lead almost anywhere, depending on your intentions and aspirations. Doors will open for brief periods OR... perhaps eyes will open for longer yet. There are MANY kingdoms of being... SET... YOUR... GPS... NOW! There are things you need to be awake for... and aware of... and focused on. Calls are being sent out like homing beacons. You never know who may show up, and if your ears are full of noise you may not hear them. I'm just saying... broaden your horizons, AND... narrow your focus. The time is coming. The time is coming for all of us... individually AND collectively.

God be with you!

AND... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End Transmission.......


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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

"They ADMINISTER Conditions and Events at Their Level of Existence... Whether It Is Brighter or Darker There."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As above - so below; imagine a corporation bigger than any corporation on Earth, with management levels... mid-management... specialists and specialist departments... field workers... day workers... night workers... janitorial staff that has its own specialty departments. I've left a lot out. The important thing is to realize it is large and complex, and every detail is created, operated... and destroyed (or recycled... if you prefer) by the same benevolent dictator, whose love and force of personality inspire an undying love by everyone consciously involved with him. This is The Supernal Hierarchy... The Kingdom of Heaven.

In some ways, it mirrors that bar in Star Wars or that secreted department where The Men in Black would occasionally report to... with characters of every kind imaginable. I didn't like Star Wars but the image works.

Every cell in our body is a living thing. Some parts of our being are very specialized. It is The Solar Plexus that manages all the living beings within us. We are like a large city. The Kingdom of Heaven is much... much larger than this. Our individual being is a great city of individual lifeforms that either work together for the good of The Whole or are antagonistic to it and conspire to create cancers or other assaults on particular systems or the body as a whole... divided against itself.

You get The Divine Image and then you get reflections, and an endless barber's mirror of curving reflections from reflections, so that it becomes increasingly distorted... and disappears from sight, as we now find it here on The Planet of The Walking Dead. Everything is backwards. Everything is upside down. Everything is INTENTIONALLY wrong-directed... and people go along with it. Here is a... big... part... of... the... reason.

Sick homosexuals grooming children

If you ASPIRE toward The Divine, you are changed into a similarity of The Divine... eventually; “success is speedy for the energetic.” If you go in THE... OTHER... DIRECTION... you will reflect the various states and stations of being that appear in you on that road of involution.

Whether it looks that way to you or not... OR NOT... all that is outworn and no longer useful to our spiritual evolution... is being done away with in these times. Yet... you say; look at all this perversity, and it is getting worse! I will then tell you, it is the same as when toxins are driven from within to the surface of the skin, where it becomes a pimple... or a boil... and the toxin is dispersed toward the surface. It continues to push to the surface until there is no more toxin. The same happens in society.

Certain elements are pushed into the public eye from toxins that burble beneath the surface. This is how the poisons get demonstrated and expelled from the collective body of humanity.

Staph infections are popping up all over. They don't seem to know why. Staph infections are opportunistic and have to do with the immune system. The Killer Vaccines have compromised immune systems far and wide... ergo... I have solved the mystery; you're welcome. They will never say this because THEY control The Media and THEY developed the Killer Vaccines. That's not a mystery unless you are stupid.

Useful idiots appear out of the woodwork to harmonize with the prevailing dissonance as counterpoints. During the hijacked election, this virtual unknown, Tim Pool, started to appear at random intervals. There was nothing particularly insightful or gifted about the fellow, so I just bypassed him when he showed up. He is much like so many others who go on and on about this or that materialized aspect... and who occasionally surface like some airborne creature... temporarily... out of the murk of social media.

Evidently, this Pool fellow make an arrangement with someone, AND... very quickly after, he began to appear everywhere. Now he provides the approved... conventional wisdom that THEY allocate him within the bandwidth to which he is assigned. It's called Controlled Opposition. I see it all the time. I have no idea who is and is not compromised so... I don't pay attention to any of them... insofar as to be influenced by them.

Everyone is telling you what they are paid to say or what they hope to be paid to say. Last night in my dreams, I had eighteen billion dollars. I won it in a card game. I could not figure out what to do with it, and... as you can imagine... there was a lot of bad feeling in the area the money originated from. The dream went on and on and would not stop. The money became a pain in the ass.

There are two areas. They are money and power, and they are Siamese twins. If you take Mammon's paycheck, you must say and do what Mammon wants you to. There are other names for this archetype who is ALWAYS around in some permutation, WITHIN... SPECIFIC... PARAMETERS. He cannot operate above a specific frequency. We MUST aspire to reside above that frequency.

If you take money for the things you say, you are an employed mouthpiece. It's a sticky wicket. I get the occasional donations, but in these times there are probably no more than 3 or 4 people who donate to me, and... I... never... ask... them... to. God WILL provide for me OR not. I have to take it on faith that he will. There is no getting around the fact that in the beginning... you must set out not knowing from whence your sustenance may come. You have to take it on faith. If you are going to play The Money Game, you are going to lose. There is no way around this.

Ah... you say; “Well... I am rich and do as I please. I come and go as I like. I am the master of my fate. You are wrong. I have not lost. I have won!” Really... have you now? Where is it that you are bound once you leave this plane? Surely you know? Surely you have made accommodations? I must ask you then; ARE... YOU... FREE? Are you? AND... will you become more free? Without Freedom, nothing else matters very much.

The game is fixed. The game is fixed in every direction that you may venture into. It's fixed high, and it's fixed low. The entities... in that corporation bigger than any corporation on Earth... they handle all those details. Let us meander metaphorically here for a moment OR... allegorically... if you prefer.

There is a dial. I call it The Dial. Let us imagine that we are in an atmosphere of relative darkness and light. As you turn The Dial, it gets brighter or it gets darker; according to the nature and composition of your interests and attractions. In the brighter areas, there are beings with wings and halos. In the darker areas there are beings with wings and horns; metaphorically and allegorically speaking.

They ADMINISTER conditions and events at their level of existence... whether it is brighter or darker there. Actually... there is only one kind of creature, BUT... depending on your level or residence, that creature APPEARS to be one or the other of these examples given. One lifts and one presses down. One liberates and one binds or confines. One reveals and one deceives. One inspires and one suppresses. One leads and one drives. They are both creations of a single... interpenetrating... intelligence of conscious light.

Some are suffering under the driving force of a relentless pressure that is greater than their ability to resist. Eventually... they will be driven... herded... to a better state of being, over... the... long... haul. From that point, on The Dial... they will be led... because they are now able to see more clearly than before and they can now cooperate in their own evolution of consciousness.

In The Land of The Devils, they serve The One without knowing it is so. In The Land of The Angels, they consciously serve The One. A great many people's minds are all fucked up about religion. They are absolutely certain that their way is, THE... ONLY... WAY. You would be much better served to discard religion altogether. Put your bike with the training wheels against some wall somewhere and walk out of this world of confinement... governed by the rules of The Mad. LOVE is the single force you need to arrive anywhere your heart desires. You must make sure that it is where you really want to go OR... you will be disappointed.

When you can love God, exclusively... in every life form you encounter, you... will... be... in... paradise. Be it on my head if it proves otherwise. I know so little that I can hardly be said to know anything at all, BUT... two things I do know are... that God is REAL, and God is Love. Love is THE power he uses to express himself. Love is his primary emanation. If you are feeling something other than this, you need to turn The Dial in the other direction because you... are... going... the... wrong... way.

So long as you are driven by The Carnal Nature, you will continue to experience the destiny of bestial interaction.

Now... I know that there are people who are outraged by what I say. They are so rational or fundamentalist. They got pie-charts and graphs, and they work for someone who tells them what to do. That last applies to me as well. (grin) I say nothing that hasn't been said many times before... by men and women more illuminated than I. Swedenborg interacted with angels on a daily basis. Some of us have done so and do so, we're just not on social media or TV.

It is palpably self-evident that many are possessed and under the sway of infernal influence. Why shouldn't the opposite conditions exist where it is warranted or welcome? OF COURSE IT DOES!

Time WILL tell and we WILL see... sooner or later. You can count on that.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, December 2, 2022

"So Many People in The Upper Registers of Fat City are Up To No Good and... are About To Get Called Out on It."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Remember how in the movies... and in TV shows... a few decades ago? The big Mafia bosses always used to show up in the courtroom with those portable oxygen containers... in wheelchairs... dressed in their pajamas; probably had their own makeup people?

Remember how Amber Heard went and had a baby to work the sympathy angle from yet another direction? Remember how Elizabeth Holmes has been having babies, so as to stay out of prison? These are all scams that are perpetrated on the continuously... dumbed-down public.

Now along comes Samuel make-Bankman- Fried to claim that he didn't intentionally do anything wrong. Gee... Gosh... and Shucks, I shudda been paying more attention. Now... incompetence and stupidity are the new oxygen tanks and wheelchairs, AND... because everything is increasingly virtual so... is... the... wheelchair.

He gave this speech, and... I think it was also a virtual appearance. He gave this speech to a pretty large front-man group of people in charge of a whole lot of automated cash registers, AND? They gave him a resounding applause.

Mr. Apocalypse has turned up the dial in a big way. Look what Kanye got turned into. There is no way anyone, with his level of fame, goes on a show like Alex Jones or any show, for... that... matter... that has any extensive reach, and says what they are saying he said. This is TOO OBVIOUSLY a set-up of some kind BECAUSE... a certain group of people have expert lookouts who can tell when the jig is up, and are responsible for sending word back up the chain... so that they can rev up the smoke machines... and arrange the mirrors; maybe bring in some dancing girls for distraction, so... that... you... know... “it was just business, nothing personal.”

Hmm... am I giving away too much? See... I have some inklings of what is coming up, in the near-field and... around the corner from across the street. It's like a book that is everywhere you look, and invisible hands are turning the pages, and it turns into a movie inside your head. You want beautiful green meadows and widespread trees... by flowing streams of clear water? Dream... it... into... being!

You want Prince Charming before he became a princess or... The Princess before The Dark Knight got his hands on her down at The Hellfire Club? Dream... him... or... her... into... being! You want riches and glory, and power to command? Dream... it... into... being. There is a catch. You do have to live with it when it gets here.

You have to remember that power puts you up against other powers, AND... biological imperatives as they appear with time passing... will wear you away regardless. You have to remember that riches mean you have to protect them, AND a whole lot of people want to take them from you or... envy you or... hate you. If you want glory, well... same thing again... and someone is going to write your history. What will they say? If you want that prince or princess, you have to remember they can easily (and often do) turn into a frog or a wounded and resentful beast.

So, as... it... so... happens, all the strange... stupid... bizarre... and cringe-worthy events that pass before our eyes each day... these are all part of a wind-up. There is a script; sometimes it is written on the fly, and there is a director. You may think it's all random, and the people-who-make-shit-up tell you it's random, which is why THEY have experts to predict everything... and... like the proverbial weatherman, are almost always wrong.

The people who know what is going on are not in the public thoroughfares or doing their form of twerking in other people's faces... like this is all you've been waiting for your whole life. The people who know what is going on are staying out of the way of all the things that are going wrong, and that they don't want any part of. There are all kinds of fame. It's one thing to be walking on a beach and have a movie producer see you, which has happened. It's another thing to be walking through The World and to get God's attention, cause that is what you went looking for.

Certain things about certain people are coming to the wider attention of the world-at-large. It's an element of an apocalypse... when that which has been hidden is revealed to the eyes of The World. This can be a good thing (and sometimes it is), and this can be a bad thing, as it usually is... because so many people in The Upper Registers of Fat City are up to no good and are about to get called out on it.

They're still flush with their successes, post-9/11. It's given them that added hubris one needs to force their way to a truly epic fall. On the big stage, every drama has its day. Kings appear, and kings lose their heads. The rich who once hunted for sport are now hunted for sport. Can you imagine what it takes... to keep your shit together... in a place like LA; what it's like there now?

The degrees of corruption and excess that are the common fare... in The Upper Registers... these days, have drawn the attention of those who keep the balance... and the score. This is a purely mechanical thing, just business, nothing personal. It is exacting and impartial... and could be considered ruthless, but... it's an automatic process. They have called down upon themselves The Hounds of Heaven; metaphorically speaking.

This has resulted in two things. AND these... things... were... already... on... the... schedule... ANYWAY. It has resulted in the appearance of Mr. Apocalypse, and his consort, The Awakening. Mr. Apocalypse is starting to move into the area of gale-force winds. The Awakening has only just begun, but... they are dancing now. I think it is kind of a square dance (because each of them is looking in the mirror and it creates a four-part dynamic) on its way to becoming a tango, (when the mirrors dissolve) and from there it is going to become a Flamenco. You might say they are going to blow right through town.

A lot of experiments have been made in nature with hive... nest... and burrow-dwelling creatures. What is interesting is how history mirrors these experiences; most especially in the case of city dwellers or any large congregation of lifeforms. They ebb and flow. They rage and they are still. They are here, and... then... they... are... gone. Civilizations rise and fall. We come out, and then we disappear. These are constants.

Let the record speak! What records there are. Let's see, we've got that collection of broken pottery, and here somebody wrote on a wall. There's statues and papyrus, pyramids and symbols of similar intent. What do we actually know? We know very little. This is not what we think, but it is so. We can't control many of our primary body functions, and as time passes... in... many... cases... that is literally true, to our dismay. We can't control our aging... diseases come and go as they please unless you've got invisible friends.

What you know is what you are allowed to know. There are guardians of the mysteries right inside your mind. You don't get through the portals unless the door opens to you. Howl and scream in vain, and The World is full of pretenders who will tell you they know these things. They do not. They would never claim to... otherwise. The Wise are VERY MINDFUL of the penalties for running your mouth, and... in certain theaters of operation... you must especially be mindful of writing checks your ass can't cash. I'm not just talking about The Street.

What do you make of this mini-series soap opera about the murders in Moscow, Idaho? I'd say you're looking at a manipulated trend, just up the street from Sandy Hook. Maybe the same people are handling it. The choreography of the separate dimensions of Carnal and Spiritual perspectives are handled by the representatives of those mindsets, which is why you should mind how you go, AND mind where you go. Some things are domesticated and some things are not. Once you take command of yourself, the whole world comes under control.

People are programming themselves all the time. They are ALSO being programmed all the time, if... they... allow... it... to... happen. Cannon-fodder is a real thing. All sorts of accidents can happen on the playground. Pay attention.

If you don't get in anyone's way. They often will not get in your way. If you are paying attention, you can see most things coming, and... if you have invisible friends, they will warn you when need be. Sometimes it is a person's destiny to call attention to certain conditions. One should confirm whether or not this is the case before embarking on that course. Some are meant to do this... and some are meant to do that... everyone is meant to do something.

End Transmission.......

Yes... I know that sometimes I am more than a tad obscure, but that's the best I can do at the time. USUALLY... it gets explained in more detail as blog postings follow.

We'll talk more about these invisible friends at the next Origami.

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