Wednesday, December 7, 2022

"They ADMINISTER Conditions and Events at Their Level of Existence... Whether It Is Brighter or Darker There."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As above - so below; imagine a corporation bigger than any corporation on Earth, with management levels... mid-management... specialists and specialist departments... field workers... day workers... night workers... janitorial staff that has its own specialty departments. I've left a lot out. The important thing is to realize it is large and complex, and every detail is created, operated... and destroyed (or recycled... if you prefer) by the same benevolent dictator, whose love and force of personality inspire an undying love by everyone consciously involved with him. This is The Supernal Hierarchy... The Kingdom of Heaven.

In some ways, it mirrors that bar in Star Wars or that secreted department where The Men in Black would occasionally report to... with characters of every kind imaginable. I didn't like Star Wars but the image works.

Every cell in our body is a living thing. Some parts of our being are very specialized. It is The Solar Plexus that manages all the living beings within us. We are like a large city. The Kingdom of Heaven is much... much larger than this. Our individual being is a great city of individual lifeforms that either work together for the good of The Whole or are antagonistic to it and conspire to create cancers or other assaults on particular systems or the body as a whole... divided against itself.

You get The Divine Image and then you get reflections, and an endless barber's mirror of curving reflections from reflections, so that it becomes increasingly distorted... and disappears from sight, as we now find it here on The Planet of The Walking Dead. Everything is backwards. Everything is upside down. Everything is INTENTIONALLY wrong-directed... and people go along with it. Here is a... big... part... of... the... reason.

Sick homosexuals grooming children

If you ASPIRE toward The Divine, you are changed into a similarity of The Divine... eventually; “success is speedy for the energetic.” If you go in THE... OTHER... DIRECTION... you will reflect the various states and stations of being that appear in you on that road of involution.

Whether it looks that way to you or not... OR NOT... all that is outworn and no longer useful to our spiritual evolution... is being done away with in these times. Yet... you say; look at all this perversity, and it is getting worse! I will then tell you, it is the same as when toxins are driven from within to the surface of the skin, where it becomes a pimple... or a boil... and the toxin is dispersed toward the surface. It continues to push to the surface until there is no more toxin. The same happens in society.

Certain elements are pushed into the public eye from toxins that burble beneath the surface. This is how the poisons get demonstrated and expelled from the collective body of humanity.

Staph infections are popping up all over. They don't seem to know why. Staph infections are opportunistic and have to do with the immune system. The Killer Vaccines have compromised immune systems far and wide... ergo... I have solved the mystery; you're welcome. They will never say this because THEY control The Media and THEY developed the Killer Vaccines. That's not a mystery unless you are stupid.

Useful idiots appear out of the woodwork to harmonize with the prevailing dissonance as counterpoints. During the hijacked election, this virtual unknown, Tim Pool, started to appear at random intervals. There was nothing particularly insightful or gifted about the fellow, so I just bypassed him when he showed up. He is much like so many others who go on and on about this or that materialized aspect... and who occasionally surface like some airborne creature... temporarily... out of the murk of social media.

Evidently, this Pool fellow make an arrangement with someone, AND... very quickly after, he began to appear everywhere. Now he provides the approved... conventional wisdom that THEY allocate him within the bandwidth to which he is assigned. It's called Controlled Opposition. I see it all the time. I have no idea who is and is not compromised so... I don't pay attention to any of them... insofar as to be influenced by them.

Everyone is telling you what they are paid to say or what they hope to be paid to say. Last night in my dreams, I had eighteen billion dollars. I won it in a card game. I could not figure out what to do with it, and... as you can imagine... there was a lot of bad feeling in the area the money originated from. The dream went on and on and would not stop. The money became a pain in the ass.

There are two areas. They are money and power, and they are Siamese twins. If you take Mammon's paycheck, you must say and do what Mammon wants you to. There are other names for this archetype who is ALWAYS around in some permutation, WITHIN... SPECIFIC... PARAMETERS. He cannot operate above a specific frequency. We MUST aspire to reside above that frequency.

If you take money for the things you say, you are an employed mouthpiece. It's a sticky wicket. I get the occasional donations, but in these times there are probably no more than 3 or 4 people who donate to me, and... I... never... ask... them... to. God WILL provide for me OR not. I have to take it on faith that he will. There is no getting around the fact that in the beginning... you must set out not knowing from whence your sustenance may come. You have to take it on faith. If you are going to play The Money Game, you are going to lose. There is no way around this.

Ah... you say; “Well... I am rich and do as I please. I come and go as I like. I am the master of my fate. You are wrong. I have not lost. I have won!” Really... have you now? Where is it that you are bound once you leave this plane? Surely you know? Surely you have made accommodations? I must ask you then; ARE... YOU... FREE? Are you? AND... will you become more free? Without Freedom, nothing else matters very much.

The game is fixed. The game is fixed in every direction that you may venture into. It's fixed high, and it's fixed low. The entities... in that corporation bigger than any corporation on Earth... they handle all those details. Let us meander metaphorically here for a moment OR... allegorically... if you prefer.

There is a dial. I call it The Dial. Let us imagine that we are in an atmosphere of relative darkness and light. As you turn The Dial, it gets brighter or it gets darker; according to the nature and composition of your interests and attractions. In the brighter areas, there are beings with wings and halos. In the darker areas there are beings with wings and horns; metaphorically and allegorically speaking.

They ADMINISTER conditions and events at their level of existence... whether it is brighter or darker there. Actually... there is only one kind of creature, BUT... depending on your level or residence, that creature APPEARS to be one or the other of these examples given. One lifts and one presses down. One liberates and one binds or confines. One reveals and one deceives. One inspires and one suppresses. One leads and one drives. They are both creations of a single... interpenetrating... intelligence of conscious light.

Some are suffering under the driving force of a relentless pressure that is greater than their ability to resist. Eventually... they will be driven... herded... to a better state of being, over... the... long... haul. From that point, on The Dial... they will be led... because they are now able to see more clearly than before and they can now cooperate in their own evolution of consciousness.

In The Land of The Devils, they serve The One without knowing it is so. In The Land of The Angels, they consciously serve The One. A great many people's minds are all fucked up about religion. They are absolutely certain that their way is, THE... ONLY... WAY. You would be much better served to discard religion altogether. Put your bike with the training wheels against some wall somewhere and walk out of this world of confinement... governed by the rules of The Mad. LOVE is the single force you need to arrive anywhere your heart desires. You must make sure that it is where you really want to go OR... you will be disappointed.

When you can love God, exclusively... in every life form you encounter, you... will... be... in... paradise. Be it on my head if it proves otherwise. I know so little that I can hardly be said to know anything at all, BUT... two things I do know are... that God is REAL, and God is Love. Love is THE power he uses to express himself. Love is his primary emanation. If you are feeling something other than this, you need to turn The Dial in the other direction because you... are... going... the... wrong... way.

So long as you are driven by The Carnal Nature, you will continue to experience the destiny of bestial interaction.

Now... I know that there are people who are outraged by what I say. They are so rational or fundamentalist. They got pie-charts and graphs, and they work for someone who tells them what to do. That last applies to me as well. (grin) I say nothing that hasn't been said many times before... by men and women more illuminated than I. Swedenborg interacted with angels on a daily basis. Some of us have done so and do so, we're just not on social media or TV.

It is palpably self-evident that many are possessed and under the sway of infernal influence. Why shouldn't the opposite conditions exist where it is warranted or welcome? OF COURSE IT DOES!

Time WILL tell and we WILL see... sooner or later. You can count on that.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Money? Power? I like TIME! Power isn't. Just ask Caligula and Nero. . . Anything that can be taken away from you is ephemeral.

I hate it here, and want as little to do with here as possible. Can you get any less 'carnal' (Been celibate for close to 20 years, too. Just another mess to clean up.) or materialistic?

Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

The best things in life are free (smile).

Thanks, Visible; your "Dial" seems to be stuck in the
"excellent" position again. Some things don't need


Gandalf Carlin said...

A sibling is all about money and absolutely miserable with health problems as well.
It is a losing game and the stop all the wanting really is the key to it all.
Bizarre dreams lately of airplanes of all ages crashing everywhere, one crashed into the living room of grandparents home where they haven't lived since the 1980's.
We all cheered and the pilot said don't just sit there get me out of this wreckage.
If only there was a cryptic manual to figure out the meanings.
Zero faith in organized religion as that is a sucker's game like the casino.

Anonymous said...

The sexual perversion of children, corruption in the government, the lawlessness, the control by big tech, how is any of this even possible? What has happened to the people? That’s the real question for me. Is the majority so brain dead? It’s mind boggling. What has happened to society ? What has happened to free thinkers? What in Hell is happening that most fiddle while the whole thing burns to the ground? Sometimes I think I am living in a surreal world.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

'. It is The Solar Plexus that manages all the living beings within us.'

I first came across the concept of the solar Plexus as second brain several days ago when a correspondent who is an advanced psychic and Healer emailed -

'Some times at night as i sleep i go to see things of long ago
and speak with historical characters, but last night as i lay on my back
and focussed on extracting as much Chi from my breathing as i could
i felt my plexal chakra expanding and moving.
The gut has more nerve cells than even the brain and is sometimes called the second brain,
it was revolving now at quite a pace just like a whirlpool of energy, i felt it was like being a child who has done too many spins round and felt a bit sick.'

He then went on to describe an experience of the Future.

Very next day, Les, and you were writing about the solar Plexus as the first brain.

Which was a neat synchronicity, that is all :)

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Next Stage of The Great Incest is Upon Us as The Dark Serpents make The Land of Atavistia Tremble in Situ."

Kazz said...

Anonymous (Thursday, December 08, 2022 2:27:00 PM)

You wrote, 'What has happened to society ? What has happened to free thinkers? What in Hell is happening that most fiddle while the whole thing burns to the ground? Sometimes I think I am living in a surreal world.'

I know here in Oz the people voted in two referendums, NOT to take on a third tier of government. This is required under the Australian CONstitution, which isn't worth the paper it is written on, because it gets its authority from the Queen of England (British royalty), who had/has no actual authority outside of the British Isles. It made no difference that the people voted no, because councils were installed anyway.

It is constantly said by those in power that if we don't stop them we are complicit in their crimes, but I really doubt that the big G upstairs sees it that way. Common sense dictates that if the customers in a bank, and tellers, are not found complicit in the crime for being in a bank when it is robbed, than neither is humanity when satan's little helpers run amok. From where I sit these people are being encouraged to pile their sins down to hell, so they can be trapped in the lower plains of existence for many, many incarnations. This is why there is so much suffering in this world, because it abounds with ignorance. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you as My priests. Since you have forgotten the law of your God (cosmic law), I will also forget your children' (Hosea 4:6). This passage deals with (temporal) Israel's sin (breaking 1st covenant by refusing to become One with the Holy Spirit), which was caused through a lack of knowledge of God and the Scriptures.

I hear a lot about how humanity is not standing up, but that is the department of stupid. A few friends of mine attended the protest in Canberra and got sick from being radiated whilst there. Cain loves it when we oppose him because it justifies his use of force. One cannot get to Heaven through force, so there obviously has to be another way.

When you body surf you don't get to decide the wave. One has to adjust one's response in respect to the waves size and the conditions of the surf. You can jump over a small wave, but if you do that to a large wave you get tumbled to the shore, and end up half drowned heaving up sea water. The only two options with a large wave is to swim out and meet it before it breaks, so you can coast over it (my preferred choice), or you can go under it. Sometimes the surf is so radical that it is best not to enter the water. Only very bad swimmers and stupid people try to enter the water in such swim in such bad conditions. Many people get carried away in the Australian surf, and a good number drown.

The wonderful thing about being a child of God is that God teaches one how to go around the big wave to overcome them, and alerts one when it is not safe to enter the water. God also advises his/her children that if you find yourself caught in a rip, not to panic, because rips generally work their self back to the shore. Like any responsible parent, God simply doesn't allow his/her children to go swimming in dangerous surf in the middle of a storm, because God knows you would be carried off to sea and drowned.

Luv Kazz

G-Zeus said...

I think I have discovered hidden meaning in David Bowie's Blackstar.
It is about Quantum Computing. This OR That. We are ALL in the Villa of OR Men. The Day of Execution is a Program. I don't need to say anymore, I know this Gnostic Christian masterpiece stands on it's own.



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