Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cavorting like Deranged Baboons, with a Serious Case of Red Ass.

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May your noses always be cold and wet and may you never be depressed and down ...and if sometimes you are, may you always come around ...really quick.

♫When the rain comes ,you run and hide your head, you might as well be dead, when the rain comes. When the sun shines, you slip into the shade♫ Well, don't let it bring you down ♫it's only castles burning♫ I was watching the calendar these last couple of days because... the last two days are one of those significant, war celebration, false flag instigating, holidays that define the state of Israel. The world didn't blink. Ahmadinejad spoke out at the UN and none of the American envoys walked out. Nitwityahoo is going to speak at the UN today. There's no way he doesn't come across as insane. Everyone in attendance will be looking at him, as if he was a frothing, mad dog. This is Mr. Apocalypse's work. Things are going to get more and more starkly real. You know those line graphs, where you see a line gradually going up or down? Then, it suddenly takes a really steep pitch downward? Yes, let's say downward. That's kind of how it works. The ruckus in Spain is going to become very dramatic and spread like The Bubonic Plague . The bankers are getting called out, by the people. A lot of them might think it's the government that is responsible but the attention is going to come around to the bankers. That's how Mr. Apocalypse wants it. ♫Whatever Mr. Apocalypse wants, Mr. Apocalypse gets♫ and don't call him Lola.

What Nitwityahoo has accomplished, in his time of cavorting, like a deranged baboon, in front of the world, is to convince the world that he is a deranged baboon, with a serious case of red ass.. What the neo-cons have accomplished, in their time of cavorting around like a pack of rabid hyenas, is to prove that they are, in fact, rabid hyenas. As dumb as the world is, given the density of blockheads, pretending they are Legoland inhabitants, Mr. Apocalypse is going to use an industrial stapler and staple their eyelids to their forehead. That should do the trick, we hope, because in many cases you can piss in their ears and make them think it's raining.

Creative sorts, should make wanted posters of all the mucky mucks in The Central Banker Nation and post them everywhere. They should list the crimes and an intricate bio would be helpful. Consonant with that, it might not be a bad idea, for everyone to viscerally acknowledge that all of these clowns are international criminals, who have engaged in serial murder and everything else, from soup to nuts, including the rape of household pets, which had to be treated for STD's in the aftermath. As many of us as possible need to 'visualize' these reptiles as being behind bars, or marooned on some form of Devil's Island. We have to actually see this. This is what Mr. Apocalypse wants and ♫Whatever Mr. Apocalypse want, Mr. Apocalypse gets♫ He doesn't want you calling him Lola though.

My preference for these clowns is that they should be put in a zoo, not a petting zoo, a zoo with bars, razor wire topped chain-link fences, or some permutation thereof. There should be a good sized plaque in front of every cage, with a detailed bio and pictures showing native habitat, such a the bowels of Hell, or any bowels really. We should change Nitwityahoo's name to Cloaca Maximus, like maybe he is one of those Roman emperors, who were into all those depraved things they are so famous for. We should manufacture a line of cookies, called Famous Anus, which shows their pictures on the carton. Things like this are very powerful. We have to use satire and humor and blow things out of proportion and the sad truth is that you can't blow this out of proportion, because anything said, could well fall short of the endless tower of flaming scabrous shit they have erected in their own honor and, possessing no honor to begin with well, it's an honor to be writing this.

We need a poster of Phi Beta Nitwityahoo, similar to Phi Beta Crappa (cue Frank Zappa). It's new and unapproved. It's that unreal thing in the back of your mind. It's the giddy-up in Gitmo. It's a shit sandwich, sliced real thick, just the way you like it, Mr. Visible. It's some kind of turkey pastrami, while you're wanking your salami. It's the bending end, with sharp corners. Kids, don't try this at home. You need supervision. Yeah, you need super vision. You need remote viewing, because the stink would gag a skunk. How come no one ever says anything about what a skunk smells when he lets it go?

I might have mentioned once, a particular morning when I was in Bloomingdale’s in New York City. I'd been up all night, coked to the gills, swimming under water as a solution to the world's ills and I used to go into stores like this and have long, one-sided conversations with the mannikins. It could be pretty funny. In those days there was no Stand on Zanzibar, state sponsored, false terrorism. ♫Golden rose, color of the dream I had, not too long ago♫ ♫Waterfall, nothing can harm you at all. My world is so very small, with my waterfall♫ ♫So here I sit, the retired writer in the sun♫ ♫Made in the USA! Made in the USA!♫ You're dreaming visible. Say a prayer for me getting my passport on 10/1. ♫I got dreams, dreams to dismember♫ ♫Lean on me, when you're not strong. I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on. I'm right down the road, I'll share your load, if you just call me♫

There is nothing like humor to show the absurd as ridiculous,. Anyway, end of digression. So I was in Bloomingdale’s in the morning. I was ripped. I was with a man who was my friend at the time, David Mowry, now an accomplished blues musician. Well, I don't like the blues. I like up music, well crafted. Anyway, David was still cool then, not an old man with curmudgeonly ways, like he is now. I had eaten a big Mexican dinner the night before. I was on the elevator and just before we got to the second floor, I let out a humungous fart. I knew, oh boy, I knew, this one was going to be redolent. This one had flavor enhancers. It was silent, sort of, as the best farts always are and... the door opened and two blue-rinsed dowagers, walked into the elevator, as we stepped off. I turned around to look at them, as the doors were closing and saw the look of abject horror on their face. It was one of those Mastercard moments, priceless. People, shopping can be dangerous. It ought to have a warning label. I have a warning label. It's tattooed on the back of my neck so that whoever is riding me, can have something to read, while they Rodger the situation.

Is this man sane? No children, he is not. He is a seashell beyond the sun's kiss, but he damn well ain't Memorex. I have never gone out to shop simply to shop. I have something I am supposed to get or I don't go. I didn't put the get in Gitmo. Someone needs to make a deck of cards called, “Sick Fucks from Hell”. Someone has to ring the bell. Paul Revere is on the hoof and “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”. France gave us that statue. Noahide gave us the statutes. “Wise as serpents and harmless as doves”. Repent! The end is nearer my god to me. You know, I am as proud of that fart as of anything I have done. “The horror! The horror” cue Joseph Conrad. Or cue Conrad Hilton. It's up to you. Paris Hilton has something tattooed at the base of her spine so that the rider will have something to read. If you like a good read, read “Riverland by Phillip Jose Farmer. Read Zelazny's “Lord of Light” or “Jack of Shadows” ♫Walking in Memphis, walking with my feet ten feet off of Beal. Walking in Memphis, do you really feel the way I feel? Now Muriel plays piano. Every Friday at the Hollywood. And they brought me down to see her. And they asked me if I would. Do a little number. And I sang with all my might. And she said "Tell me are you a Christian child?" And I said "Ma'am I am tonight"♫

It doesn't have to be so hard but we are hard on ourselves. We are hard on ourselves because, dulled by sensation seeking, we are unable to be courageously honest about the vampires in our midst. Of course you know this. If I know it, you know it, so, as I have said so many times here, some amount of satirical guerrilla warfare is necessary. If you can't Johnathan Swift this, you will get swift-boated and... that's the name of that tune. You love me and I love you. That's a fact. Why do you love me? I make you real. Why do I love you? You authenticate me. You're why I get up in the morning. You make me want to be a better person. No more, “Uncle Sam wants you”. Now you should be seeing, “This man wants to kill you”. And non saddhu Nitwitanada, should be the poster child. You know he was deep into 9/11. Where was he on the day? You know that Dov Zackheim, was deep into frog shit, suspended in Jello; kind of like a fly in amber but it ain't amber. It's Madonna, also cavorting like a deranged baboon with a tattoo across her lower back, so I'll have something to read when I'm remote, very remote, viewing. Please note that no mention was made of Michael Fassbinder's dick or my own, during the filming of this Post Toasties. I will definitely never wear a kilt or play “Amazing Grace” on the bagpipes.

See “The Guard” with Brendan Gleeson. As a real homicide detective, I believe I have something to say on the matter, or would that be First Matter? A white stone, malleable. I'll cut you a slice if you ask me nice. No children, no dogs and no school bus windows, were harmed during the filming of this Post, way past, Toasties. This is like Crème brûlée gone bad. This is what happens to a soufflé, when you aren't careful with the oven door ...but who eats that shit anyway? Who eats quiche for that matter, First Matter?

Step lightly my friends and... “come and trip it as you go, on the light fantastic toe”. Go read “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock. Someone post it in the comments. That's your job. He was a banker. God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform and... after all, it is for the porpoise of demonstration.

If you are in the UK, Mr. Visible is coming to see you in a month or so. RSVP my friends. ♫I would walk 500 miles♫

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Songwriter by Les Visible

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Nitrous Zone of the Rapture of the Deep

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Wailing in the wilderness, is it an avocation or an occupation? I think it's part of the Occupy Yourself Movement. If you can't occupy yourself, someone or something else is going to occupy you. There's no exception to this rule, ♫You gotta serve somebody♫. Why do people not get this? Don't ask me because, I don't know. When you can't occupy yourself, terrible things become commonplace. When you can't occupy yourself, frustration, rage and insanity become commonplace. How consistently do we see random outbreaks of violence, on the part of people pushed too far and the outrageous behavior of the authorities, on a day to day basis? Meanwhile, corporate madness is so out of control that sane has truly left the building. Close on the heels of the corporations, are the governments that are owned by the corporations. When these two get together on a collaboration, it's like Shit for Brains, pulling an all nighter, with Turtle on a Fencepost. You can't make this stuff up, or you wish they couldn't but they do.

Eventually, the combination of this congregation of numb nuts, leads to the ultimate clusterfuck. In some ways, I guess it is not a bad thing, because there is a chance that this will backfire, on the world's nastiest collection of nogoodnicks the world has seen, since the world started remembering this sort of thing. Why they are the worst of the worst, is because you can implicate them in a great many of the most terrible atrocities that the world has ever seen. There's no question they did these things. Now, they ironically have their six million all gathered together. Here is the church and here is the steeple, open your hands to see psychopaths among the sheeple. It's dark shit that won't quit and, as we all know, that's not the half of it. They founded Monsanto and the list of crimes from this one company is staggering. I'm not supposed to mention these things. That is probably why the voice is wailing in the wilderness but... as Omar Khayyam said, “wilderness is paradise enow”. Lots of people don't want me to say these things, not the least of which are the people I am saying these things about. Let me help you out, which way did you come in? These things have to be said or we are dead. The possibility that Iranian bombs and missiles might hit Israeli chemical storehouses or Dimona is, “a consummation devoutly to be wished” but “first we kill all the lawyers”. No, I don't want to kill anyone but what do you do? Quarantine is a great idea. I hope that's the outcome but ♫Darkness, darkness be my pillow♫ When you've got a madman at the helm, you're talking, Ship of Fools on a Titanic excursion.

Yes, somebody is looking to make a wrong turn into Damnation Alley, seeking to prove that evil destroys itself. “Well”, you may well ask, “why has it taken so very, very long for this to happen”? Some things only get handled during Denouement day of The Apocalypse. Eventually, the whole world gets the picture, even if these clowns who control the majority of the media, for the obvious reasons, don't want you to hear about it. ♫Set me free, why don't you babe, get out my life, why don't you babe?♫

They have no intention of changing. After all, their Opium War has been a resounding success. Their most odious mouthpieces, are possessed of projectile diarrhoea and engaged in an endless litany of withering contempt, against that nation of seeming dumbasses, who just keep putting up with it, courtesy of a government that is totally co-opted by odious mouthpieces and devious darklings. I'm a trend kind of a guy. I watch social trends, political trends and the trends of Nature. Then I do comparative trends, in relation to all of them, not forgetting religious trends and corporate trends. Specific trends are one thing and comparative trends are something else. This is the kind of thing you see when all these economic pundits, keep getting it all wrong so consistently. They are looking at one part of the picture and they are also owned by the forces that manipulate the things they predict. That's another trend. There are trends inside of trends. Half Past Human does great logistics on this sort of thing. Be comparative people, don't just focus on partial equations. This is like having everything you need in your jacket and forgetting to put your pants on before you go out the door. This is a violation of the Boy Scout motto.

Leave no stone unturned and definitely don't be sticking your hands under any stones, before you turn them over. This is what gets you into too close a contact with Gila Monsters and Moray Eels. Don't be getting into the nitrous zone of the Rapture of the Deep. There you are in the beauty of the coral and all those pretty tropical fish and Mr. Barracuda is waiting motionless, off to the side. Sea Urchins are nestled in the sand. Sharks are cruising with their briefcases in their fins. There's a certain poetry to the irony of sharks. If they stop moving they die. It's some kind of 'no rest for the wicked' kind of a thing. That means “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”.

People think I wholesale the Americans, as an aggregate collection of numbskulls. That's not the case. I'm an American; let's say I used to be. I have no sense of connection to that anymore but I remember all kinds of good people from there and that 'can do' spirit, that boundless optimism and the courage and generosity that I experienced and saw there. I also saw a lot of things that I didn't like and people I had no respect for. The selfishness and greed, among a certain segment of the population, the indifference to the less fortunate and the callous mean-spiritedness, along with the denial and stupidity, religious intolerance and a host of things that one finds in that Republican, Christian fundie rat's nest. So there are mixed reads on the whole dynamic. Large parts of the world are screwed up, because of America and their owners, the Israelis. The Israelis would be in a world of hurt, without their catamite nation. In the process, America is imploding, as well as being looted from the ground up, by the biggest thieves, from the smallest demographic that was put together just for that purpose. It's a criminal banking empire, with the mentality of Murder Incorporated. They're gangsters and worse.

The Talmud is all one needs, to be aware of to see the mindset that predominates among this group. They are the epitome of materialism and the essence of materialism is, 'me first, you later, maybe'. It's the Golden Calf in endless redux, a sort of Rabid Redux, if I can mangle John Updike just a bit. It's hard to find a hyperbole excessive enough to define these guys. These are the people who stood in the hills above Gaza, with their cocktails and binoculars and cheered Operation Cast Lead. These are the people who supported that genocide by a 94% majority. These are the people who slander others with the claims of behavior that they practice. These are the false
flag aficionados, who engineered the 9/11 attacks. This site is down again but it will be back. It will keep coming back. I will keep coming back. Others will keep coming back, cue Chumbawamba.

As has been said here many times, one day follows another, as we wait for the other shoe to drop. We hope it doesn't happen. We seek to do what can be done, to keep it from happening but it has always happened before, by hook or by crook. The Dark Shit Express, the Midnight Train to Hell, keeps running. The mind tries to grasp the depth of that perfidious iniquity in the empty hearts of these monsters. It is nothing human. I've run out of things to say.

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Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Buggerland Heaven, with a Side of Kiddie Porn

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Yesterday was yesterday. Today is today and Tomorrow, which never comes, will turn into Today at some point but one of these days, the same old same old, will no longer be in effect. One of these, soon to be upcoming days, the world is going to stand on its head, of it's own accord, while certain deserving, longtime coming, gone dead train, cardboard cut-outs, will fall on their sword. They will lubricate the Earth with their poisoned blood and the Earth will open up and swallow them into the bottomless pit. They are not worth shit in their present condition and even less than the going rate of their combined elements on the open market. Where they came from no one has said. What were they doing before they arrived? Had they previously been performing as Gadarene Swine?

Seven billion people on the planet these days. People coming in here from anywhere and everywhere. There must be something important on the calendar but it's very hard to see, whatever it may be. It must really be important. Meanwhile, the noise and confusion factor is very high. We wish more people were but they're putting the wrong things in the water supply.

Giant monsters are making the Earth shake, as they march across the landscape. They are corporations with personhood. They may have personhood but there is nothing human about them. The enemies of humanity, are full tilt manifesting, balls to the wall. The deadly tag team of Khazars and corporations are head-stomping the human race. They are killing without conscience. They are twisting and misshaping the perspectives. Then you get to the last line of the story and you see what's really up. It's day in and day out, the media rooting with it's pig snout, into the murk and the shit they constructed out of it.

It's not just the bodies that are being violated, in the kill zones of the world, it's human dignity that's on the chopping block. The biggest driving motives of the entertainment world are to shit-can self respect, to make us look like clowns, to humiliate humanity and drag the spirit down. They turn the mind against the heart and the heart against the mind. It's a never ending clusterfuck in The Kingdom of the Blind. It's a world of walking wounded who doesn't like themselves. The television made them into bimbos. The television made them into whores. The television made violence an art form, with photography by Robert Mapplethorpe.

They've stripped away the dignity. They turned us into clowns and we laugh at each other and they urge us on. That's not so hard to do when your dignity is gone. No discipline in the child, no respect for the old. If you're not part of the Pepsi Generation then you're out in the cold. When the window of beauty closes, when your life shows on your face, all those miles of ugly highway that no science can erase. You were pretty a few years ago. You were handsome yesterday. Now your clown makeup is running and your dignities in the grave. It's a major loss is what it is, though people may not recognize the fact. When your dignity departs you are turned into a beast. Slander travels like a plague. Treachery abounds. Indifference is epidemic, everyone has PTS. The monsters know what they're about. It's a calculated thing. They're sexing up the children for the pedophiles in power. The depravity of the times is Daddy Bush's finest hour. What hungry ghosts must be walking in Kennebunkport? Are there shallow graves in Paraguay? A ghost armada of violated boys, does the Franklin Scandal Shuffle through the White House in the early hours. Did Bush do them in the Lincoln bedroom? Does Barbara like to watch?

What about Obama and Hoo-Rahm Emanuel (Holy flying Batshit Robin! Fully read this article)? Six degrees of separation and you see the blackmail express train, roaring down that ten degree grade, if all you got is plastic fruit, you can't make lemonade and The Feds will shut down your lemonade stand cause Sunkist don't want you on their street. This is where the rubber meets the road and the meat meets the meat. Have another order of that steak tartare, pilgrim.

Yes, it's decadence in and decadence out. In and out, oh yeah, in and out, in and out! Faster and faster as time speeds up. They're going to bomb Dresden and kill the krauts. History is one, long, agonizing, fucking lie. “Hey Joe, you got gum? I do you long time. I do you one, long time, lie. So Rome was Buggerland Heaven and Rome went down in tears and flames and lead in the viaducts too. They were over-extended across the known globe. They were cruel with the bread and the circuses were sick and it's clowns once again, ♫send in the clowns, don't bother they're queer♫ Oops, not politically correct again, no offense intended, minding all the offenses committed against me and my friends but... who are my friends? Who are my friends? Nobody knows who anyone is, ♫nobody knows the trubble I seen♫ The primary deception; things are not what they seem.

If we know what we know, as little as that may be; what do we not know and how deep is the lake? How swift is the river of darkness? How high is the sky? How green is the grass? Should I take out an ad and Photoshop my ass? When your dignities gone, then you have no class. Brutal is easy and behavior is crass. I want the wind at my back and the sun on my face and somewhere a doorway going out of this place.

The corruption is amazing. They must import it, because all of what is domestically made, is still not enough to account for this scene. Go ahead, kneel before it and pass the Vaseline. Is this all we get? Tell me it's not so. I will not accept it. There must be some way that we come out of the Shit World and into the light. I will not give up, all things must come right. I keep thinking, “in the twinkling of an eye”. I keep thinking, “in the given moment”. I keep thinking, “it's always darkest before the dawn”. I keep thinking. I keep trying. I know some of you are trying too. It's keeps my faith up, knowing you are out there, knowing that many a small kindness and unseen act of courage goes on every day. My glass is half full and the world is more than half empty. Even though I can't see you, I can feel you there. I can feel your hand on my shoulder. I can feel the weight of you too and it's never too heavy. I suspect that one's capacity to continue, is enhanced by lifting up another, even though physics argues against that. Sometimes science is less than the sum of it's parts.

♫I got many rivers to cross but I fucking A will, find my way over♫.
It cannot end like this. It cannot be so lame and banal in the end. It cannot end with a whimper. This must be the most powerful and tedious of deceptions, that things are what they appear. For centuries, the wise have reminded us, that all is not what it seems and that appearances are deceiving. We have to remember that. As tough and as ugly as it sometimes seems, we have to remember that. Minds far wiser than my own have said these things. Minds separated by great distance and spaces of time larger than lifetimes, have said these things and they stand as evidence, like all of those pyramids in lost cultures who had no contact with each other. Evidence stands of certain comparative truths, of eerie similarity, where no contact occurred between them.

Evidence stands, of examples of the human spirit, in times of dire necessity, where all hope seemed lost, where cowards and craven creatures, held sway over collective destiny and where dignity had not died, but still remained in the hearts of some who awaited the headsman's ax, or simply waited, in continuing confinement, without knowing what might come next. Bahá'u'lláh knew all about that. Mandela knows all about that. Ezra Pound knew all about that. Richard Lovelace knew what that was about. So many souls have known what that was about and they let their little light shine. Even if their cell was a bushel of it's own, they carried on through. They held their mud. They understood about “a failure to communicate” and getting their mind right. There are some things you can't kill.

There are just some things you cannot kill and one of them is the human spirit against all odds, cue Phil Collins. Cue the wind and the rain. Cue the blessed sunlight and the hope that springs eternal. Cue whatever it takes. Cue the singing heart that will not be silenced. Cue the triumph of the shining mind in darkness. Cue what you need and leave the rest. It is when we are serving others, that we serve our own selves best.

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Color Ball by Les Visible

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Riding a Water Buffalo into Parts Unknown

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May your noses always be cold and wet (ahrooooooooooooo!)

I'm not fan of violence. In my own case, it has happened, on those rare occasions, when all other avenues fail. For some people, violence is the whole point. A lot of articles are coming out, which also are there for one point only; to put the blame for the film on radical Christians, or someone, anyone, who is not the Israelis. The large majority of all violence in the Middle East, is either performed by, instigated by, or the result, or reaction, to something and the author is the Israelis. Their reasons are varied. Probably not usually considered, when making this kind of analysis, is that the Israelis, pure and simple, like acting out violently, against anyone who comes up in the cross-hairs. They like doing that. They get off on it. It makes them hard, probably because deep inside they are not as hard as they think they are. They do it also as a pretext for land theft and geopolitical advantage. They do it for gain, whatever the permutation may be. Israel is one of the control centers of a central banking empire. London and New York, possibly other places, are also this. All over the world, feckless men and women have sold out their integrity to dance on the strings being pulled by this group of people. Sometimes it is effected by blackmail or threats.

Files have gone missing from the Libyan consulate. All over the world, Mr. Apocalypse is walking the talk. Who told the radicals where the ambassador would be? Is this just one more part of the unveiling, or is someone shooting themselves in the foot? Both of these things will continue apace because evil always destroys itself. It is a universal constant. The Apocalypse is also a universal constant. Life is scripted in certain of its manifest parts and unscripted in others. People don't like to look at the Karma end of things because they all have Karma. That's why they are here. There are some who have come to help but they do not have the questions and uncertainties of the rest. Certain awarenesses can only be acquired in certain ways and in certain states. On rare occasions they are conferred for very good reasons, especially in times like this.

The state of the times, exists for the purpose of tarnishing us in our own minds, about ourselves so that we will not, or cannot, take advantage of the singular opportunities, that only come into their potential in times like these, at the conclusion of a 26,000 thousand year cycle.

There is a dreadful fatigue, a weltschmerz, an ennui that is resident in so many places in the world. As a counterpart, there is the fascination with things, women and men as sex 'objects'; an obsession with all of the superficial characteristics of everything. We’re showing our colors on every level. Casual violence and violence, as a convenient and expressed solution to any and all problems is epidemic. It's glorified in our movies, celebrated in what attempts to pass for our music; the thug life soundtrack and makes up the majority of the gamer world, that also translates into the drone murders that are taking place in so many parts of the Muslim world, at the command of the Zionist ownership of the late, great, American state, founded on violence and genocide from the gitgo to Gitmo. The human body is made up of elements at war with itself. The whole thrust of existence, is the harmonization of these elements, within any particular human form. It doesn't manifest in any wider way, except in those times far, far back before recorded history and waiting somewhere up the road, when those times return, as they will because cycles are the order of the day around here and always will be.

I imagine that certain elements of the readership are not always pleased with my calling attention to the killer cadre of a certain demographic. If more people did so, I wouldn't have to. If more people had more sand and were more honest with themselves, I wouldn't have to but... that would mean they would have to overcome that fatigue and their obsessions with transitory things, the misrepresentation of their opposite number and violence as a solution to perceived resistances and obstacles that stand in the way of their self interest and personal gain.

I'd sincerely rather not be here doing this day in and day out. It's an ongoing labor that I have somehow explained to myself as a duty and a conferred occupation. Whether that is true or not hasn't been made entirely clear but it is where I find myself. I would rather be resident in some ashram, or remote location, where all I encounter are the expressions of Nature and where I can celebrate my own, instead of being surrounded by perversions of it and where it is not nearly so bad as where many of you are. One day follows in the footsteps of the next. My novel sits there calling out to me every day, as I bypass it with my routines. My keyboard and guitars call out to me and I pass them by. I walk through a town where I have very little contact with the other inhabitants, except when I purchase food or some item. It's been that way for twelve years.

You turn on the television and you see the focus and the conversations of our peculiar time. These are not my conversations. I don't want to talk about any of these things. I look at the engagements and entertainments going on around me and I don't want to engage in them and I don't find myself entertained. I feel like I am slowly but most certainly walking out of this, no matter what direction I appear to be walking in. I've been told a lot of things but I don't see them. Perhaps the time is not the time for them yet.

We've been having an increase in lost generations. Then again you see all kinds of mobilizations going on in places where change is demanded, insisted on. It's hard to get a handle on a lot of it, unless you are in the middle of it because the media is an endless outpouring of lies. All lies, all the time.

I walk the streets of any town and I see legions of people, text messaging into the ozone or talking on their phones. Otherwise they have these earpods on. It's all about being insulated from the world, unless you don't want to be. It's about self involvement and the philosophy of personal gain. This invariably leads to indifference about the lives of others and a casual attitude to bad things being done to anyone who isn't you. So, a vast number of people become separated from essential Nature, to the point that Nature steps in. This is also a universal constant. It accounts for the wind-tossed fast food wrappers and endless panorama of empty beer cans that reflect a disposable culture of planned obsolescence that is not going to turn out the way they think it is; not hardly. A great many things are not going to conclude or satisfy because there are laws that control these things. There are a great many laws that pass unnoticed and unknown before the view of the general population. Many of the things we see operating about us every day are adaptations of laws of Nature, or perversions of laws of Nature. There is a great deal of that in this day and age and a tremendous press to legitimize all sorts of things and make them become replacements for something that will be forgotten in the replacement. This is all calculated and an expression of a particular force that has a great deal of influence over the human heart and mind in this day because material culture is rampant on a field of ignorance.

Lao Tzu was a librarian during his time among his fellows in the society of his day. One day he couldn't handle being around his fellows anymore, so he got on his water buffalo and went to ride out through the great wall of China toward some unknown destination. We were never given to know what that destination was. As he passed through the gates, he was called aside by another sage who minded the gateway and asked to write down some portion of his teachings for the benefit of others. This is how the Tao Te Ching came into being. It survives to this day. A great many things of this day will not survive very long at all. They possess no lasting substance, except for the substance they are composed of, which may or may not, return to itself in the landfill or wherever it winds up.

In times like these, all you can do is keep on keeping on, or not go on at all. If you're getting your measure of fulfillment and satisfaction from the marketplaces of the world then you've integrated and you will come and go with them. If you are an outcast you will probably come and go with something else.

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Color Ball by Les Visible

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Go Tell it on the Mountain, Israel did 9/11

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Yes, 9/11 is the Litmus test.

If you fail it, you are dumber than a chicken, with a heart to match. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11! ISRAEL DID 9/11!!! (9/11 is tomorrow). That is the result of this sad and twisted affair, brought to you by the people who invented Homeland Insecurity and the TSA? The result is special treatment for The Monsters of the Middle East. They have created a police state in your country, people. The horrible behavior of the domestic police, they are behind it. The wars all over the place and the callous and brutal murders of millions, they are behind them. The avalanche of lies in the media, they are behind them. The disgusting state of the culture and the abysmal soundtrack and odious and profane entertainments, they are behind them. The endless mentions of themselves in nearly every movie that comes around, they are behind that. The pornography empires, the rulership of the alternative sexual machine, the organ harvesting racket, the sex slave trade and God knows what ancillary evils without number, they are behind them, or deep to their eyebrows into them. The genetic modification of food, they are behind it. The corruption of the political realm and the perversion of the judicial system, they are behind it. If you are unaware of this, you fail the intelligence litmus test, you fail as a human being, you fail the test of life. Mr. Apocalypse is on your doorstep and the walking stick will not be tapping.

What is the meaning of the riddle of the present state of the human heart and mind? Surely it appears that there is no real response across the mass of the population but, that is just the lack of reportage on the part of the dual national owned media. A revolution of both action and consciousness is brewing under the radar. It's coming because of push and shove. The time comes when push and shove result in that being pushed and shoved, coming up against an unmovable wall.

We are talking about monsters. We are talking about brutal, psychopathic monsters, beyond actual description. Words fall short of the ability to define them and they have been doing this for a long, long time. The time of their ruinous fall and pending judgment has come. They are dark and dreadful monsters. There is no form of life or anti-life on the planet like them.

Israel did 9/11, with the assistance of corrupt politicians and intelligence operative; Satanists all. In times of material darkness, when the fascination with material culture is at its zenith, those who are servants of the force that rules the deepest unpleasantness of that zone, become preeminent. These are the times when those who serve the dark lord, come out of the foliage and the woodwork and declare themselves. These are also the times, when those who have been predators and parasites upon the human fortunes and spirit come out of the foliage and woodwork and brag about their exclusivity and chosen status, which they conferred upon themselves. They are chosen by no righteous entity but by the dark lord, whose legitimate children they are.

It is unfortunate that such a high percentage of the human race, refuses to look directly at what is right in front of them. It is as if they know what is happening but recognizing it would require them to do and say something about it and do something about it and they don't want to jeopardize the good life that is disappearing in front of their eyes. They want what is being taken from them from the people they are too repressed, too cowardly, too self involved and too blind to call attention to, so it will come to their attention by increasingly stronger messages, moving from a shaking hand upon the shoulder to a two by four. There is no escaping being brought into awareness of the selfish nature of the collective push for acquisition and the pervasive indifference to the lives and welfare of others.

What this kind of a collective, shared awareness, does to the state of the culture is that it destroys it. It informs Nature of the condition and Nature responds to correct it by any means necessary. At first these are gentler promptings. These promptings get ever more dramatic because Nature is being threatened by vile acts on the part of those raping and plundering her for gain and... along with that there are certain elements who threaten her from within, by giving in to the reverse Kundalini drive that operates counter to the transitioning force of the new age of Aquarius, whose trademark is universal brotherhood.

Due to the intense undertow of material nature, humanity is being sucked down into depravity because the giving in to appetite and cheap sensations, magnetizes one into cooperation with this process. Those with deeper interests and possessing of the archetypal qualities that make us human and eventually, more than human, are endowed with a connection to another magnetism. It is always the case that those positioned in this way are few in number and would remain so, were it not for Mr. Apocalypse who is not going to take “No” for an answer. You change willingly, or you will be forced to change regardless. This, by the way, is how it is anyway. When one reaches the point where further change is no longer possible, death comes knocking. If a person were capable of continuous change then death would not have to come knocking and we have all heard the tales of Babaji and the Comte de St. Germaine, Appolonius of Tyana and others.

The truth about many things is obscured from the mortal eye by the very reason for that state. This is why the temporary and the trivial have such a powerful sway over the collective. Those engaged in manipulating information, what books are published, what music we get to listen to, do it for a reason. That reason is profit and control. Fear of death and the attendant mystery, is one of the most powerful forces on Earth and it is directly used to keep us enslaved to an illusion because there is a great deal more to life than what we are given to believe.

You might ask why those oppressing us, are unaware of certain truths about what exist as mysteries for the general population. They are not unaware but this is not the time and place to go into that. The important point, is that we are seemingly trapped in a downward spiral and far too many people do not care and far too many people are unaware. This shows you what is going on and how far and wide the corruption goes. The war upon those seeking global change also continues, as in the case of Paul Wellstone and the recent Israeli assassination attempt on General Dempsey. Israeli death squads permeate the war zones, spurring on the conflicts. Chabah houses around the world are dens of intrigue, plotting terror actions, against the nations in which they are extant, as in Mumbai.

All these things are made possible by the control of the money flow. Amschel Rothschild admitted this and Madame Rothschild was clear about it when she said, “If my sons did not want war, there would be no war”. Why are they engaged in this? They do it for profit and control. They do it for the one who sits at the empty chair at their dinner table. We are all inspired by something. Some of us are inspired by the light and some of us are inspired by the darkness and some of us are inspired by Trivial Pursuit and our appetites. The dumbest and most depraved among us eat. The highest and most sublime among us eat so, it is the quality of our appetites that determines the quality of our life and destiny.

It all comes down to perspective and intention. It is what makes us what we are. Two men, two women, are standing side by side in a park, in a line, somewhere, somehow, for whatever the reason. They can look so similar but, there can be a world of difference between them and a great and impassable distance between the world where they wind up, in the aftermath of all the things they thought and said and did.

Everything in life precipitates downward. It is just like the rain that falls and how does the rain get to where it can fall? The sun sucks it up into the sky. There are realities hidden in plain site everywhere but our eyes are not upon them. Our thoughts move downward into speech and then outward into action. The secret of a successful life, is found in the ability to control the gateway of the mind. It is here where those resident in the darkness of the inner planes, ply their trade, seducing the common mind into all manner of things they would not do otherwise. If you can drive the elements of telepathic invasion from your mind, you can empty your mind and it can be stilled and something else can enter into it. This is also the primary action that makes possible the completion of the alchemical marriage. The Kundalini rises up into the bridal chamber of the Sahasrara and then you are complete. It is our sense of incompleteness that sources all our longings and sufferings.

It's hard work to make it. It takes everything. We don't want to go through the trouble, so we go through all the other trouble. It makes no sense and that is why this world is an insane asylum where the attendants and the doctors are sicker than the patients they attend to; a word to the wise for the wise among us.

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'911 was an Inside Job'

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

Friday, September 7, 2012

Be Smart as Paint

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May your noses always be colder and wetter when you are older, unless dry comes back in style...

...Oh the frost is on the pumpkin and the aft has gone agley, come you back, you British soldiers to the swamps of Mandalay, where the Chinese Checkers gamers, have Clint Eastwood thinking that he is Dr. Seuss and the dawn comes up like thunder on your iPod, cheek to cheek. Was that where I first did see him/her? Smoking of a wacking white cheroot? Was he/she wasting Christian kisses on a heathen idols foot? Fookin idol made of mud, what they called the great god Bud; plucky lot she cared for idols when I kissed her where she stood on the road to “Whatevah”...(plagiarism allowed. He doesn't mind.)

We got atmosphere. We got the kind of atmosphere that John Denver must have been flying through when he forgot to gas up his ultra light. ♫Rocky mountain♫ ...Hi Colorado, you still there? They say that Scorpio is a water sign, unless it's a dollar sign. Are you with me so far? Uh huh, right. Huh? Right. As we decline into the fall of the empire. As the empire falls, the prices go up. They go sky high, so that only the rich can afford, what there is more than enough of for all. It's not enough for the rich to have enough because there is no 'enough' in their vocabulary. I might digress and ask; does size matter. Ladies? Does it cost as much as that life ticket on your health? General world culture appears to be a big Mylar balloon, a Macy's, Thanksgiving's Day float. Poof! It's gone.

Culture has been chopped up on the mirror, into lines, you are standing in lines, with the KY lube in your hands and they are snorting it through the hole in your brain. You can forget about the rain in Spain falling mainly on the plain. And June, Spoon, Moon, too, soon. Alphabet City is in the kitty litter box. Watch your box, cause you are in one. Watch your box cause you are in one and possibly to be sleeping in one in the late great state of; you are not invited. Sure, you can feed at the troughs for the moment but then the moment will change and you cannot possibly keep it together when the scorpion stings. The good news is that the scorpion, like evil, will sting itself to death. Let us hope you have made the right adjustments before you run out of breath.

Here is the thing with systems. They are constrained by the dynamics of their composition. Capitalism always turns into a police state because the greed heads don't know when to stop. This is why I don't eat pork. Nothing says corruption like bacon on the griddle and Smithfield makes it best. What is that thing about selling it but not consuming it? Kind of like the heroin dealer that has no interest in using what he's selling. In my world, if I sell something, it would be something I believe in and something I use. “You're smart as paint, Jim”. I guess I'll Treasure Island my mind and pleasure the rest of me further up my road. The same time zone does not mean the same time frame.

We are the people that might have been. You should have gotten in touch with us then. Because the same old is, strangely (irony alert), still the same old same old and it happens over and over and over again and again and again and again.

This world is a very strange place. You never know what is gonna happen to anyone at any time. It's a great big world with continents and countries, languages, colors of skin and all of the shit we can't seem to get in and then out again. There are people who have made this world strange in an ugly way and they continue to perform these things and keep on today but their system is self destructive and it's too bad you got to be here in these days, but all of you must have come here for some kind of reason; to just live and die for temporary possessions and excitements, to wander bewildered, to turn into stone, or ashes, or dust, or for the hope and promise of making the best part of yourselves to be realized, so that we can find each other among ourselves betwixt the kith and kin of a new world that is coming, up out of the rubble and ashes, of this unfortunate past. Those few who have plundered our lives and our freedoms and turned what could have been different into shimmering heaps of shit are about to get their reward. You don't have to go down with it.

This will be short and brief. All kinds of things come like thieves in the night and not all of them are bad. Stay frosty, stay sharp. Keep a weather and an inner eye. Vigilance has it's purpose. Later.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: Color Ball by Les Visible♫ Back in the World ♫
'Back in the World' is track no. 3 of 12 on Visible's 2007 album 'Color Ball'

Color Ball by Les Visible

Radio show this weekend sometime.

Monday, September 3, 2012

You like my Rolex, Black Widow, Kali Watch, Slim Shady?

There comes a time in everyone's life when the question is asked, “should I shit or go blind”? The chezk's in the mail and the follow up to that goes around a corner and you swallow or spit. My position in the first place, is that I don't go through it unless the juice is worth the squeeze. Okay, off your knees or was I the intended receiver? You won't go snow blind in Montana if you have a Golden Retriever. Hopefully this will set the mood, maybe get your attention; do I have your attention?

People lately, have been coming round these parts, talking about Jews and things like Potiphar's wife and all kinds of interesting things have been in the development of developing and you want to keep developing as you go.

It's the Jews, heh heh. Well... first there are Jews and then there is Israel and they are not the same animal, even though you would think they were. Then there is Zionism and Jews. They also are not always the same thing. Zionism is an indefensible schematic for world domination and it engages a much larger assortment of bad guys, the bulk of which are toadstool head fundie Christian, teletubbie Smurfs with Barney the Dinosaur as the guidon. Jackals and hyenas, attend in the wake of the Lion of Judea . Hip hop is to bebop as Yiddish is to German and that is the international language of commerce. Look it up. Jews are all over the place, which is interesting, since they make up a surprisingly small part of the population. It goes exponentially nova when it comes to influence though.

I hope you will bear with me, as I am indeed going somewhere and this is all on the hypothetical anyway. Let's just suppose that the Jews are exceptional. That doesn't bother me because I happen to be exceptional too. God told me I was ...and when you get it from the horse's mouth, you tend to believe it. At least I do and no, this does not mean that God is a horse. This is Kali Yuga and god will be riding a horse. It is a segment of time. All time frames are not the same. We don't know if there were Jews in Atlantis but that was also in Kali Yuga wasn't it? Maybe not. Do the research, run the charcoal from the burning of the library of Alexandria (the person coughing at the end is from the smoke of the burning) or use the Akashic Library like I do. See, therein lies the problem, or maybe not but it is a good thing to point out. So... it is possible that there were no Jews until Kali Yuga and it is also possible that there were. Humor me, I'm setting the stage for something.

What it is, is that God gives the keys to the highway to some particular group for a particular go round. It's the keys to the candy store and the world and all that's in it. The deal is that it is a “reap what you sow” venture so you get out of it what you put into it and everyone else profits as well. That's how it is supposed to work. Well, it's like that nursery rhyme, “There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead and when she was good, she was very, very good and when she was bad she was horrid”. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to put together the potentials, given we are on the Rolex, Black Widow, Kali Watch. You can be born a Jew if you want to. Can you be a born again Jew? I don't know. Sideways doesn't go Sunday till the doughnut truck goes by.

I am disturbed when people come to me complaining about Jews because I know both sides of the story. I have lifelong Jewish friends and I am not dropping them by the way side. Jews have fucked up my life and Jews have saved my life and I know the difference. They thoroughly macerated my musical and writing career and I have to assume it was on purpose. On the other hand, there were Jewish friends who were very generous with me. Some would leave me their house and their cars sometimes and financed me too, on occasion. Now maybe that was some kind of tag team thing and each side knew what the other was doing but I don't think so. First the kiss and then the whip and then the whip again? I don't think so and I don't know. Time will tell.

The reason I am writing this is because of unusual goings on here where Anonymous wants to beat a Jew Drum. That should probably be a word, like humdrum but with a definitely different meaning. Arguments fly around all over the place about Jews. Myself, being an exceptional being (grin), I don't let it trouble my pretty little head.

What it is, is that the Jews have a certain capacity for anything that is interesting or entertaining. They are creative, clever past half and quick. Let's hope that doesn’t translate into the bedroom; a new kind of rabbit fever?.. They are scholars par excellence. Not only do they know history. They can even fabricate it for their own porpoises of poor little me (that is one strange travelogue) and now they looking to take control of the world, well, no one has ever accomplished that and no one ever will. Thus, the denouement. No! No! First a digression, then the denouement. And then I tap dance down the waterfall.

That tiny country of England is one of the smallest countries in the world, yet it controls a lot of global landscape. They drive on the left side of the road. Nobody else does anywhere else. Another tiny country, in the Middle east, was made possible to come into existence by this other tiny country that uses a language that drives on the other side of the road, or backwards is probably more precise, so maybe you get an idea and maybe you don't cause I have no clue. They are tricky people, these Jews. It is a sticky wicket to beat all sticky wickets (British reference) and getting stickier. One might think there was a Karmic glue-board factor to this. We shall see. Of course, they drive on the other side of the road when they travel and read in the other direction when they have to. Both of them have you at a disadvantage, which is why they are two tiny countries and the rest of you are so fucking big.

So Santa has his elves and? I hope it rings a few bells but that is not the point of this process. There are so many things we can be thankful for, like Jonas Salk and I am not going to bother with 'lists' but there is good and bad in both accounts, cause “when she was good, she was very, very good and when she was bad, she was horrid”.

Now comes the kicker, at global expense, China ain't happy bout that tungsten incident, along with all kinds of other follies. This is because of temporary jollies? Or is it run and scamper time? Push and shove must eventually come to push and shove ( where you can catch a cabaret in Patagonia and watch Kissinger stab kittens with a fork), so what can a body do? That's right, they need a necessary war. It's just like 9/11 (done by the same people) and 'first comes the church and then comes the steeple, you open your hands to show all the people'. I am dreaming, if I think most people remember that from their childhood; those of you who actually had one.. I musta learned it in Sunday school. I'm on the list for The Someday School and da tat de dat ta ...there but for fortune goes you and I...

Now all this Jew do, Voodoo, who do is a bunch of doo doo because Kali Yuga is the theater stage for Mr. Apocalypse and his walking stick; some kind of faux Formica, thinks that it is parquet. The situation is scripted and the director is on the set and so we come to the denouement of the moment, upon the moment of the precipice of happenstance. It's bears remembering that it is not the Jews collective but it is surely the Jews selective, along with their retainers and lackeys and for all we know, they have behind minders as far as I can tell. All Jews do not go to Hell. Ring the bell! Toss a penny into the wishing well. It comes and goes. It comes and goes. Close your eyes and open your nose and inhale the rapture. If you are not already in place, you will not capture the hereafter.

I am preaching to the choir, everybody knows the song. As it has been ♫Row, Row, Row your boat, gently down the stream... merrily and merrily (for awhile) but so longo ...was it ever so. You get the opportunity.

Anyway, the same way it used to be and the same old, same old are not what they used to be and truth will be demonstrative in epiphany. I'm not Mother Shipton. This is the real deal, genuine article, of which I am a particle and shining on her seas. Soon comes the moment of release. The entire thing is tangled and seen from every angle is a wonder to behold, so help me God. In times of looming thunder, if you only think of plunder then be damned to Hell for all your nasty deeds. It's a sign for the angels, who have given you their favor, if you stand and deliver in the hour of our need. Welcome home if you are willing or find another port of call. I have no vengeance in my heart now and no power to apply it if I did. I'm done with that. I am not the punisher. He is coming later.

It is about to happen. It is oh so very close. It is not 'the Jews'. It's all the Slim Shadys. I don't know if am old enough to talk to you, the way you look tonight. Words fail me, world, I am looking down on you tonight and the Moon is full, but you still need a light to find your way. For everyone, whoever and wherever you may be that, is all that counts. You got a light?

End Transmission.......

Visible and The Critical List: Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List♫ Jews From Outer Space ♫
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