Friday, September 7, 2012

Be Smart as Paint

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be colder and wetter when you are older, unless dry comes back in style...

...Oh the frost is on the pumpkin and the aft has gone agley, come you back, you British soldiers to the swamps of Mandalay, where the Chinese Checkers gamers, have Clint Eastwood thinking that he is Dr. Seuss and the dawn comes up like thunder on your iPod, cheek to cheek. Was that where I first did see him/her? Smoking of a wacking white cheroot? Was he/she wasting Christian kisses on a heathen idols foot? Fookin idol made of mud, what they called the great god Bud; plucky lot she cared for idols when I kissed her where she stood on the road to “Whatevah”...(plagiarism allowed. He doesn't mind.)

We got atmosphere. We got the kind of atmosphere that John Denver must have been flying through when he forgot to gas up his ultra light. ♫Rocky mountain♫ ...Hi Colorado, you still there? They say that Scorpio is a water sign, unless it's a dollar sign. Are you with me so far? Uh huh, right. Huh? Right. As we decline into the fall of the empire. As the empire falls, the prices go up. They go sky high, so that only the rich can afford, what there is more than enough of for all. It's not enough for the rich to have enough because there is no 'enough' in their vocabulary. I might digress and ask; does size matter. Ladies? Does it cost as much as that life ticket on your health? General world culture appears to be a big Mylar balloon, a Macy's, Thanksgiving's Day float. Poof! It's gone.

Culture has been chopped up on the mirror, into lines, you are standing in lines, with the KY lube in your hands and they are snorting it through the hole in your brain. You can forget about the rain in Spain falling mainly on the plain. And June, Spoon, Moon, too, soon. Alphabet City is in the kitty litter box. Watch your box, cause you are in one. Watch your box cause you are in one and possibly to be sleeping in one in the late great state of; you are not invited. Sure, you can feed at the troughs for the moment but then the moment will change and you cannot possibly keep it together when the scorpion stings. The good news is that the scorpion, like evil, will sting itself to death. Let us hope you have made the right adjustments before you run out of breath.

Here is the thing with systems. They are constrained by the dynamics of their composition. Capitalism always turns into a police state because the greed heads don't know when to stop. This is why I don't eat pork. Nothing says corruption like bacon on the griddle and Smithfield makes it best. What is that thing about selling it but not consuming it? Kind of like the heroin dealer that has no interest in using what he's selling. In my world, if I sell something, it would be something I believe in and something I use. “You're smart as paint, Jim”. I guess I'll Treasure Island my mind and pleasure the rest of me further up my road. The same time zone does not mean the same time frame.

We are the people that might have been. You should have gotten in touch with us then. Because the same old is, strangely (irony alert), still the same old same old and it happens over and over and over again and again and again and again.

This world is a very strange place. You never know what is gonna happen to anyone at any time. It's a great big world with continents and countries, languages, colors of skin and all of the shit we can't seem to get in and then out again. There are people who have made this world strange in an ugly way and they continue to perform these things and keep on today but their system is self destructive and it's too bad you got to be here in these days, but all of you must have come here for some kind of reason; to just live and die for temporary possessions and excitements, to wander bewildered, to turn into stone, or ashes, or dust, or for the hope and promise of making the best part of yourselves to be realized, so that we can find each other among ourselves betwixt the kith and kin of a new world that is coming, up out of the rubble and ashes, of this unfortunate past. Those few who have plundered our lives and our freedoms and turned what could have been different into shimmering heaps of shit are about to get their reward. You don't have to go down with it.

This will be short and brief. All kinds of things come like thieves in the night and not all of them are bad. Stay frosty, stay sharp. Keep a weather and an inner eye. Vigilance has it's purpose. Later.

End Transmission.......

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Roy said...

my dad used to say "fookin" like that....Respect as ever

Anonymous said...

Powerful. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Read all about it! Read all about it!
'World's Richest Woman Doesn't Eat Pork...(because that would be certified, grade-A- cannibalism)'

I'm sure that 'Kidnap-Remote Bomb-Clusterfuck' news story was the plot of some B-movie comedy a few years back.
Can't think of the name now but I remember watching it.

UselessEater U.K

Zoner said...

I'm reading this while waiting to take another several-thousand dollar trip through the 3 million dollar machine here at the U of M medical establishment. For-profit medicine is just another of the abominations that we are subjected to. Funny, profits would increase with more sick people, so......

The irony of a wealthy heiress saying those jealous of her wealth just need to work harder, while all she did was have the good fortune ro fall from a specifc womb, is rich indeed. Puns fully intened.

Let's get on with it, shall we? Im somewhat curious to see how all this plays out, but would also welcome the asteroid with a blissful embrace.

Thanks for being the commentary on this ride, Visibe. Your insight os always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is the status of now, or maybe it is the now of the words, but I enjoyed this one so much it prompted me to comment.

Cut into lines, eh?
Thank you
Warren WV, US

flying cossack said...

yes, forgiveness/acceptance does terminate strains of evil ... however ... good people take accountability of their transgressions and repay the transgressed ... hence, a world with only good people is harmonius without the act of forgiveness ever occurring

forgiveness is only necessary in a world with evil people ... for now you need non-transgressing parties to remove strains of evil from the world ... if there are enough good people to forgive the bad people, such a world can be harmonius ... but only temporarily ... evil people abuse forgiveness, and their rate of evil will accelerate ... at some point it will exceed saturation, there are more strains of evil introduced than the good people can forgive ... the good people become overwhelmed and stop forgiving ... and evil spreads to everything ... (much like our world isnt it)

forgiveness plays into the hands of evil ... it lets evil grow with impunity ... hence, we shouldnt be teaching forgiveness ... we should be teaching accountability/ownership ... this is the end game evolution

flying cossack said...

this is the way that parables in the bible were intended to be looked at

the right thing to do depends on all the variables and circumstances in the event ... murder is wrong ... however, if someone is shooting up an auditorium, murdering that murderer would be right ... to know what is righteous, you would have to know the circumstances

the parables in the bible do not give you circumstances ... because their goal is not challenging you to figure out the righteous option ... but rather, they tell you a universal law of equity with which to judge yourself ... your analysis will reveal the account to which you hold yourself ... the greater the scope of your accountabilty/ownership, the more evolved your soul is

Anonymous said...


You've been cranking 'em out faster than I can keep up.

In response to your recommendation of Ecclesiastes again (I've been here a while), I got a belly laugh while I read: The more I know people, the more I like dogs.

We really do know the end from the beginning. Dang!


Neko Kinoshita said...

It's all getting so baked; it's tough to stay frosty.

As the veils continue to shred and blow away the propaganda just gets more shrill every day.

I just keep focused on raising a proper kitten, and that helps me retain perspective.

Have to pick up the violin music books for her on the way back to the cul-de-sac. Have to find that violin sheet music for “Bad Apple” that she’s looking for too, but that’s out on the web.
She’s working independently on her art now, since the education system in its infinite wisdom decided to put her in “keyboarding” instead. She has a nice “highlighting” technique in her pencil work, and it just amazes me how fast she progresses.
We are working together to determine her voice range, and she is just beginning to learn proper support and breathing, but with all the other things she’s doing, any progress is plenty.

The “Three Rs” stuff is always amusing, but hardly the challenge that the finer arts offer, except for having to avoid annoying the instructors with too much actual truth that is. (Science and history especially don’tcha’ know!)

Just holding on to the important and watching the Rube inspired machine tear itself to shreds.

Keep howling dog, This cat is still listening to the poetry.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. Actually, I feel sorry for Gina R. I mean, she has stashed all her worth in the wrong bank. She's obviously gone bankrupt with the right bank. I doubt her stash and 4 chins will get her to the places most here wanna go. Really, she lives in true poverty. Love Serena

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis, that robbery was right down the street from my usual gas station. Funny thing is, there's always copters flying in these parts -yet only rarely do whatever it is their after end up on the news. Makes you wonder just how many robberies and car chases actually happen without being reported on. I think they don't televise the chases and stand offs where the criminals (the unauthorized ones that is) win or live to see another day because it might encourage others. Meanwhile, on the other side of the country a guy is facing attempted robbery charges for holding up a sign outside a bank telling the customers that they were being robbed on the inside. Will be interesting to see what happens in the cities when the ZOGtantic hits the Apocalypseberg. I know I'm not fleeing to the hinter lands. I may come to regret that, but, who knows.

Lots of love and much karmic wampum to you and yours.

Abe in East LA

Anonymous said...

Bravo! As I pulled myself up to a weak semblence of standing up this AM,facing another day of nadir,I read this post.LOL.The goddess then threw me a card.kauai going to alaska

preacher said...

A box in a box in a box:

U.S. Used This Torture Box to Interrogate Gadhafi’s Enemies

And so the story goes...

~F~ said...

hello Sir, I have been asked to find out your favorite line of electric guitar? my husband is a guitar junkie and an off the cuff designer and he's curious. A few post's back you mentioned not being able to have one and it seemed to stick with him :o) The last paragraph of todays post was very spot on and stuck with me, very much appreciated it, thank you. prayerfully, you have a very restful weekend. Fran

Anonymous said...

not to belabor the obvious....

Justifiable homicide is not Murder,

SELF DEFENSE is not Murder

purification of the language is a top shelf item ....which essentialy involves deconstructing the previous false assumption [LIE] and enables a true conclusion [Life] opposed to death

the manifestation of the death cult adherents is BUMPER CROP mainly on account of the monopoly of the currency printing press and the mind control LIE MACHINE....

some of the sites on the right side of this page have the picture clarified as Les Visible has often times brought to the attention of the terminally stupified....

some rabid dogs just need to be put out of their misery...the closer they get to the schoolyard the more responsibilty the principal has to see that none of the beloved are mauled


Parzival said...

Simon and Garfunkle sing the sound of silence, as the world goes out not with a bang but a wimper...
Here's a laugh riot:

Forgive it all, it's just illusion...

Anonymous said...

"Of course, I am basically an idiot fumbling around seeking meaning in universe and thus have mostly not a clue as to the 'why' of things, so I cannot answer why our government (USofA) is actively supporting any and all paths to doping up the populace. Nor can I answer why so many of the systems seem to be inter-supporting in a near symbiotic in point D.Rumsfeld rams the 'aspartame' concoction (an ant poison) through the FDA as an 'artificial sweetener' merely one year before the first big increase in reported depressive states in the populace that led directly to nearly half of us now taking drugs merely to stand to live in this great free country. Hmmm...aspartame....neurotoxin? depressant? mind-fucker? introduced with bribes and threats into the food chain, then the same corpo's bring out anti-depressants? Hmmm...sounds suspiciously like that 'problem-reaction-solution' thing that David Icke is found of pointing out...."

-- Clif High, "America Is So Great"

Anonymous said...

"There is no special state or "enlightenment" on offer here. All these words do is point to that which cannot be described and these words will always absolutely fail. The seeking is utterly hopeless. It is hope that keeps the dream of "me" happening; only when hope dies into hopelessness does the obvious wholeness become truly obvious ... for no one. Nobody can get that.
Ultimately the search for "your true nature" is utterly hopeless. Any effort by an illusory "individual" to "transcend himself or herself” is absolutely futile! All teachings of attaining some state or special status are going to ultimately produce nothing of lasting value for the dreamed character."

thom j

Matt McCauley said...

Hmmm Les, that Aussie heiress is pinkish and chubby, clearly arogant and filled with greed. It can only be a coincidence that she looks very like a rosy pig.

Anonymous said...

A thunderclap and lightning as eye was reading this. I think booger king is still open and they have the new bacon sundae! Helicopter Benny is gonna save us next week with some new fiat asswipe and Captain Kenya the messiah©® has the Midas touch so we aren't worried here in the new Bulgaria. Just trying to decide if these reality shows are real.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Ah, John Denver -- miss that voice, miss that talent. For the true story of his death and a recording of his "The Wings That Fly Us Home" see ...

Time may be running out but it doesn't stop me from wishing Vis and Willie Nelson would get together someday for a duet. Something tells me the harmony would be awesome. The world is all Vis says it is and more but I don't think it hurts to dream a bit, now and then.

Anonymous said...

That gina Swinehartt thing is real offensive,,,
She may of been one of Netanyahus anus's or something in a past life somewhere out there,,,,,,
Sorry about the lack of poetry,,,,,,Have been listening to John lash trying to get my head round the stars and other fascinations,,,,also beating myself round the head with x girlfriends again,,,,sorry
Kipling wrote jungle book,,,he's our brother,,,,
John lash is our brother too,,John lash says this is an experiment,so I suppose we only get out what we put in,,,
Sorry to hear about Richards dog Toby,,,
Back later folks,,,,,,

Respects neil

Anonymous said...

Actually, both of my parents think like the swinehart thing ,,that humans should rape the planet and treat people as inferior as long as they are all working it doesn't matter,,,,,,I have been trying to tell them that surely this is not a human trait,,,,they completely disagree,,,,,,
They honestly think Consuming things in a vampiric manner is what life is about,,,,

They haven't asked themselves that question,what am I and what am I doing here,,,,,,

They have been hopelessly infected with that old colonial artificial world view that can't hold on for much longer,,,it's dead and needs to be buried,,,
Along with the bankers the politicians and any of these other antilife parrasites that are of absolutely no use to anything or anyone......

,,,,,,respects neil

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

We had wife of Frankenstein (apologies to the good doctor), I reckon Gina R would make a good match for Frank Herbert's Baron Harkonnen in Dune.
she could use a dose of he Gom Jabar to focus her mind if the sisters would sink so low.

got a comment into the 'local rag' online edition mentioning the residents of 120 Wall St and the bolshies. my comment profile says accepted but comments to that article no longer appear. did someone get sacked for letting it through? one wonders.

more locally spotted the koala for sure the other night and am rehydrating a frog found indoors and very quiet, like The Quiet Earth. paradise lost but still holdin' on, bearly.

we got ♫keep on rockin' in the free (associations) world♫

cheers, tears and oh so nears.

Anonymous said...


I finished reading your "Darkening Splendor..." the other day and loved it. I think it calls for a sequel as some of your characters could walk off the pages and lead a very colorful, continuing life of their own. Are you Alan or Whip or a little of both? I insist that you are wasting your talent here, as the lessons in your work of fiction are perhaps more enduring than your running daily commentary on the nonfictional insanity in which we find ourselves. I will post you a glowing review on Amazon sometime this weekend.

It is that time of year to batten down the hatches for the quickly approaching Rocky Mountain winter. Nasty little critters, bringing spiritual meaning, like a 10" long hantavirus carrying wood rat are attempting to make themselves a permanent home for the winter in our outbuildings, so we had to haul off and dump an entire shed full of disgusting pee, poop, and disease covered firewood only to then discover the same pack rat had migrated to a tool shed, the spiritual lesson shouting to "never accumulate more than you need because you will surely lose yourself in it." In the spirit of preparation and clearing out the old, I submit this hilarious article from zerohedge entitled "Anybody else tired of buying and owning stuff."

which reminded me of my former pack rat self and all the meaningless, useless stuff I have had filling my life through the years, such as the two matching elliptical machines that were consuming needed space and gathering dust, the 38 shirts and sweaters hanging in my closet that hadn't been worn in five years, the 12 winter coats (excluding spring), 44 pair of shoes, more blankets and bath towels than I could use in a lifetime, and various other space consuming, mind-boggling shit that was not only not needed but no longer welcomed or wanted. I am now able to determine in a flash what to wear without having to excavate. I had never found any spiritual meaning in being a pack rat other than it must have afforded me some warped sense of security. In fact, I love open, empty, clean, liberating space.


Anonymous said...

Tyrannical despots
Political disparity
Controlled deviation
The shackles of humanity
Subhuman detours
The battleground Of life
The bindings of eternity
Where liberation strikes
The archonic system
Poisoned to the core
Manufactured lies fall
Where the truth is poured
The Fire of the people
A pathway through a heart
The calling of the earth
The Divine harmonic spark


Anonymous said...

Promiscuous courses
Diversionary circumstance
Deviated admonition
Energetic subservience
Convoluted misdirection
Cascading inner development
Devestating worth
The chaos self evident
A fascist corporate prison
a desolated wasteland
Unnatural contimination
greed strife debasement
The battle to live in tranquility
Where all is one with peace
The earth the heart the soul
Arising from the sleep


Visible said...

F; Well that is a curious inquiry. I suppose the Les Paul or the Epiphone Les Paul. It's a good Variax I've been looking for due to the modeling capacity but really, there is no need of anything. There's no telling how long I will even be around (grin).



~F~ said...

I completely understand, there may be a large amount of folks taking dirt naps soon and I could be one of em....;-) I'm ready for the nap myself, so the big cosmic Creator will be doing me a huge favor. Anyway, he was totally curious and like I said, he's a guitar junkie, but if you get a design, don't think nothing of it, it's his way of showing his appreciation for helping him see the light. (grin) Not to mention, we are both huge fans, especially when Patrick adds his voice over to your stuff. :o) Fran

Visible said...

Wow! what a collection of things. I am having a wonderful day. Some of the most incredible things have been happening and there is no way to even begin to talk about it all.

I see that thought about losing things, letting them go and, oh yeah! That's the ticket. I'm big time engaged in that. Then I hear I'm losing it, heh? I guess that has to be cool.

Guitars Smittars, Glastonbury beckons to me, later on all of that. In some lives, the struggle goes on for ever so long before the result and fortune realize. We be seeing that.

Thank you all for being such splendid people in this troubled world. My friend Jeff sent me Morning Thunder tea and I can't find his email to thank him. Man, am I grateful. There's nothing like gratitude to swell the heart. In these rough and tumble times it is to be expected that frustration and misperception would rear their ugly heads.

Over the last year I've had some episodes, virtual and real time where unfortunate things have taken place. They have been offset and by comaparison, percentage wise, if you use this comments zone as a guide in respect of the real time things, by really nice meetings and greetings. Thank god for that.

In the case of both cases. It is always about what is expected to happen, something bad, an actual carrying out but... in fact, those things did not happen and then, for reason known only to God and possibly to the people involved, a need arises to inflate the tale beyond recognition. The interesting feature of the aftermath is that, on my part, I am certainly sorry for whatever my failings might have been and totally open to going on just like it was or seemed to be before or even better but in all of those cases, the other people are not so inclined. Well, there you have it.

One thing for sure. One must keep in mind how often and for how long I have mentioned "for the purpose of demonstration". Sometimes why I say something or do something. Sometimes when I react in a certain manner. It is not for the that which appears to be the case on the surface. It is to flush things out of concealment so that they will reveal themselves.

Certainly, an argument can be made that this is dirty pool but over the long course I have found this to be necessary because of where thing might end up later if I didn't. I've paid a heavy price in the past for not flushing things out and the good news is that those who are your friends, continue to be your friends and the bad news is that sometimes, some people are not your friends.

Well, I am veery busy with radio show and Petri Dish and yes, Pam, I am aware of what you say about blogs vis a vis the books and I am working on it. For the moment the constant remains but it is changing. I'll probably finish that book in Romania and have it for you by Christmas. Tally ho!

Anonymous said...

one poster has written at least twice that 'you are wasting your time' on these blogs and should focus on your fiction.

she may just be opinionated and verbose -- but something bugs me each time i read it. it is so wrong.

why say that? why embed? why lay down that neural
line when it is so obvious these blogs are incredibly valuable -- how else would she have discovered you?
once i can see -- an enthusiam gushed -- but twice?

liz in l.a.

Visible said...

Hey Liz, she's a good egg. I know what she means and it is also probably founded in herhopes for me to have a greater economic situation, given thatI am as brokeas a lord (drunk as a lord hah hah- no, no not me, the reference point. Having to explain yourself so often and it comes with the territory well, we all have some measure of that. It's all good news though. I can do both. She's trying to encourage me. You're looking out for me and whoever gets anything out of this. It's just a misperception, directly relative to my last comment. Kali Yuga, confusing times, intentions, motives, ah well. I'm going down to the festival and get Liselotte some onion cake.

Anonymous said...

Ole paint, take me whur I ain't.

I'm reminded of the dressing down JR Cash got from the record producer. He had no confidence at all in his own music and 2 were hits, right from the start. We almost didn't have a Johnny Cash. (I have to laugh when I think June Carter wrote "Ring Of Fire". That just doesn't seem possible. I bet she was full of nice surprises.)

Tesla was the same way. His assistants filed most of his patents. He didn't believe in them. I have to wonder what's been lost to such bashfulness.

I don't know why I've been thinking about that. Something slipped past my conscious mind and went to subconscious. Speaking of which, I'm going to do an experiment. I'm going to present that dial-a-dialectic star of satan, incidentally, without bringing direct attention to it. Maybe I'll find it in the encyclopedia and make a big hoopla about an article next to it. I want to see what seeing that symbol, passively, gets them to thinking about and talking about. I bet they will start talking about confusion and up and down being confused 6 ways. That's what that hideous thing looks like to me. I'll be a fair experimentor though.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Humpty Dumpty, Sidewalk Egg.

Barney Holmes said...

That linked article has something that is conspicuous by its absence. But it's not Israel alone that suffers from this problem. Capitalism is driven by it's Elite intellectuals (Popper as exposed by Feyerabend) who wrote OUT the entire Fossil and Spiritual history of mankind (going back millions to billions of years re. Forbidden Archaeology). In Hindu, Vedic perspective this period is self-limiting (as you say) and is in the context of a VASTLY larger universal time-scape. The Star Trek Enterprise scene comes to mind when Archer is shown the Temporal Observatory. It can be scary as hell to someone bought up in reductionist times, but its time for people to stand up for themselves in the Galaxy and Cosmos. Its not just about Earth. Have you noticed their conceit about holding Earth as separate from the Galaxy ? They are always "looking for life". Funny.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami

What do you Do? Coo Coo Kachoo.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic headline embedded in your piece above , Les !

" Israel sperm banks find quality is plumetting "

I wondered why Obama was looking so thin !!,0,601440.story


Cassandra of Troy said...

Astrologer Michael Lutin has something to say about relationships:

For America, I hope this re-evaluation of relationships includes a serious review of its dysfunctional relationship with a certain tiny state on the other side of the world.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Let's not forget nor ever minimize another very special ongoing relationship with the infamous House of Saud.
Arch enemies of Islam and everyone else by any other name.

The Saudis surely have billions (trillions) at their disposal.
Think it's possible, with a blank check, to purchase one or ten or a hundred nukes?

The US at one time stored 28,000
The Soviets 30,000

Now they're both set at approx 10,000 by treaty.

So approx 40,000 nukes have been "disposed of, disarmed, decommissioned."

Oh suuuure. I believe THAT. We all know how efficient, expert, honorable and trustworthy the Kali yuga humans of every stripe are.
Especially the politicos, military and "merchants!"

Think it's possible that not only Saudi Arabia but also nations like Iran, Japan, S. Korea,
Kazakhstan, etc. have nukes up their sleeve?

I do and I also believe the miscreants will use them at the moment of "he who hesitates is lost."

They don't realize they've already lost.

Srila Prabhupada.. We have now come to the age of nuclear weapons for the destruction of material civilization. By the law of nature, the nuclear weapons have been produced for crushing the result of blind-materialism.

The peace move of different powers of the world, by the false gesture of suspending the experiments of dangerous weapons--may be very much pleasing to the comparatively weak nations--but these temporary peace-moves will prove useless by the law of material nature. When the dangerous weapons are produced, they must be utilised for annihilation of blind materialism by the plan of the Daivi Maya. The illusory energy is creating this atmosphere for blind materialism and on the other hand she is arranging for their destruction also.

The problem can be solved when they are taught about their spiritual identity.

By simply advising the King of heaven, Indra, to send a strong wind, so many asuras can be immediately annihilated. So for that purpose, Krsna (God) does not require to come.

He comes for satisfying the devotees.

The devotees are so anxious to see Him. Just like Prahlada Maharaja. Nrsimhadeva appeared not to kill his teeny father. To kill his teeny father... Simply by directing the maya, he could be killed. But He wanted to come before Prahlada Maharaja, that "You are My such nice devotee. You are suffering for Me. Now I have come. You see."



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