Monday, September 3, 2012

You like my Rolex, Black Widow, Kali Watch, Slim Shady?

There comes a time in everyone's life when the question is asked, “should I shit or go blind”? The chezk's in the mail and the follow up to that goes around a corner and you swallow or spit. My position in the first place, is that I don't go through it unless the juice is worth the squeeze. Okay, off your knees or was I the intended receiver? You won't go snow blind in Montana if you have a Golden Retriever. Hopefully this will set the mood, maybe get your attention; do I have your attention?

People lately, have been coming round these parts, talking about Jews and things like Potiphar's wife and all kinds of interesting things have been in the development of developing and you want to keep developing as you go.

It's the Jews, heh heh. Well... first there are Jews and then there is Israel and they are not the same animal, even though you would think they were. Then there is Zionism and Jews. They also are not always the same thing. Zionism is an indefensible schematic for world domination and it engages a much larger assortment of bad guys, the bulk of which are toadstool head fundie Christian, teletubbie Smurfs with Barney the Dinosaur as the guidon. Jackals and hyenas, attend in the wake of the Lion of Judea . Hip hop is to bebop as Yiddish is to German and that is the international language of commerce. Look it up. Jews are all over the place, which is interesting, since they make up a surprisingly small part of the population. It goes exponentially nova when it comes to influence though.

I hope you will bear with me, as I am indeed going somewhere and this is all on the hypothetical anyway. Let's just suppose that the Jews are exceptional. That doesn't bother me because I happen to be exceptional too. God told me I was ...and when you get it from the horse's mouth, you tend to believe it. At least I do and no, this does not mean that God is a horse. This is Kali Yuga and god will be riding a horse. It is a segment of time. All time frames are not the same. We don't know if there were Jews in Atlantis but that was also in Kali Yuga wasn't it? Maybe not. Do the research, run the charcoal from the burning of the library of Alexandria (the person coughing at the end is from the smoke of the burning) or use the Akashic Library like I do. See, therein lies the problem, or maybe not but it is a good thing to point out. So... it is possible that there were no Jews until Kali Yuga and it is also possible that there were. Humor me, I'm setting the stage for something.

What it is, is that God gives the keys to the highway to some particular group for a particular go round. It's the keys to the candy store and the world and all that's in it. The deal is that it is a “reap what you sow” venture so you get out of it what you put into it and everyone else profits as well. That's how it is supposed to work. Well, it's like that nursery rhyme, “There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead and when she was good, she was very, very good and when she was bad she was horrid”. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to put together the potentials, given we are on the Rolex, Black Widow, Kali Watch. You can be born a Jew if you want to. Can you be a born again Jew? I don't know. Sideways doesn't go Sunday till the doughnut truck goes by.

I am disturbed when people come to me complaining about Jews because I know both sides of the story. I have lifelong Jewish friends and I am not dropping them by the way side. Jews have fucked up my life and Jews have saved my life and I know the difference. They thoroughly macerated my musical and writing career and I have to assume it was on purpose. On the other hand, there were Jewish friends who were very generous with me. Some would leave me their house and their cars sometimes and financed me too, on occasion. Now maybe that was some kind of tag team thing and each side knew what the other was doing but I don't think so. First the kiss and then the whip and then the whip again? I don't think so and I don't know. Time will tell.

The reason I am writing this is because of unusual goings on here where Anonymous wants to beat a Jew Drum. That should probably be a word, like humdrum but with a definitely different meaning. Arguments fly around all over the place about Jews. Myself, being an exceptional being (grin), I don't let it trouble my pretty little head.

What it is, is that the Jews have a certain capacity for anything that is interesting or entertaining. They are creative, clever past half and quick. Let's hope that doesn’t translate into the bedroom; a new kind of rabbit fever?.. They are scholars par excellence. Not only do they know history. They can even fabricate it for their own porpoises of poor little me (that is one strange travelogue) and now they looking to take control of the world, well, no one has ever accomplished that and no one ever will. Thus, the denouement. No! No! First a digression, then the denouement. And then I tap dance down the waterfall.

That tiny country of England is one of the smallest countries in the world, yet it controls a lot of global landscape. They drive on the left side of the road. Nobody else does anywhere else. Another tiny country, in the Middle east, was made possible to come into existence by this other tiny country that uses a language that drives on the other side of the road, or backwards is probably more precise, so maybe you get an idea and maybe you don't cause I have no clue. They are tricky people, these Jews. It is a sticky wicket to beat all sticky wickets (British reference) and getting stickier. One might think there was a Karmic glue-board factor to this. We shall see. Of course, they drive on the other side of the road when they travel and read in the other direction when they have to. Both of them have you at a disadvantage, which is why they are two tiny countries and the rest of you are so fucking big.

So Santa has his elves and? I hope it rings a few bells but that is not the point of this process. There are so many things we can be thankful for, like Jonas Salk and I am not going to bother with 'lists' but there is good and bad in both accounts, cause “when she was good, she was very, very good and when she was bad, she was horrid”.

Now comes the kicker, at global expense, China ain't happy bout that tungsten incident, along with all kinds of other follies. This is because of temporary jollies? Or is it run and scamper time? Push and shove must eventually come to push and shove ( where you can catch a cabaret in Patagonia and watch Kissinger stab kittens with a fork), so what can a body do? That's right, they need a necessary war. It's just like 9/11 (done by the same people) and 'first comes the church and then comes the steeple, you open your hands to show all the people'. I am dreaming, if I think most people remember that from their childhood; those of you who actually had one.. I musta learned it in Sunday school. I'm on the list for The Someday School and da tat de dat ta ...there but for fortune goes you and I...

Now all this Jew do, Voodoo, who do is a bunch of doo doo because Kali Yuga is the theater stage for Mr. Apocalypse and his walking stick; some kind of faux Formica, thinks that it is parquet. The situation is scripted and the director is on the set and so we come to the denouement of the moment, upon the moment of the precipice of happenstance. It's bears remembering that it is not the Jews collective but it is surely the Jews selective, along with their retainers and lackeys and for all we know, they have behind minders as far as I can tell. All Jews do not go to Hell. Ring the bell! Toss a penny into the wishing well. It comes and goes. It comes and goes. Close your eyes and open your nose and inhale the rapture. If you are not already in place, you will not capture the hereafter.

I am preaching to the choir, everybody knows the song. As it has been ♫Row, Row, Row your boat, gently down the stream... merrily and merrily (for awhile) but so longo ...was it ever so. You get the opportunity.

Anyway, the same way it used to be and the same old, same old are not what they used to be and truth will be demonstrative in epiphany. I'm not Mother Shipton. This is the real deal, genuine article, of which I am a particle and shining on her seas. Soon comes the moment of release. The entire thing is tangled and seen from every angle is a wonder to behold, so help me God. In times of looming thunder, if you only think of plunder then be damned to Hell for all your nasty deeds. It's a sign for the angels, who have given you their favor, if you stand and deliver in the hour of our need. Welcome home if you are willing or find another port of call. I have no vengeance in my heart now and no power to apply it if I did. I'm done with that. I am not the punisher. He is coming later.

It is about to happen. It is oh so very close. It is not 'the Jews'. It's all the Slim Shadys. I don't know if am old enough to talk to you, the way you look tonight. Words fail me, world, I am looking down on you tonight and the Moon is full, but you still need a light to find your way. For everyone, whoever and wherever you may be that, is all that counts. You got a light?

End Transmission.......

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Mouser said...

Thank you Visible.

As your post is named, it's all just smoke and mirrors now. The jews, the zionists, the israelis, the neocons, the illuminati, Rothschild, the khazars, the ahkenazim - who knows where the buck stops?

We are on a bus going through a life ending or changing wreck. Who's driving? Who owns the vehicle? Who really knows. But we have hit the curb and not all the wheels of the bus are still on the road. As we are past the point of no-return this bus is definitely going to flip over.

Hang on.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Must be close. The alphabet soups wanted all their ammo by August 31. Are they worried about that cool looking, artsy illuminasti countdown clock that ends September 9, before 2:00PM, Hell knows what time zone?

Oh well. I'm just passing through, and as far as I'm concerned; I'm now just a sight seer. Passing through the slums before I get back to the Paradise of the Etheric Realms, as soon as my contract with myself is up.

Anonymous said...

Talmudic Judaism is a cult.

A Luciferian, Anti-Life - DEATH cult, run by the moneychangers, professional Liars and Mass Murderers....for profit, you've admitted that like in who did 9/11 and like Edgar J. Steele you pretty much surmised that ALL so-called "Jews" were not in the "loop"....but Lucky Larry was...and is.

The so-called Ashkenazim "Jews" which comprise 90% of so-called "Jewry" are not and will never be Israelites, nor Semitic...

Gordon, however like Jim will not dwell on the fact that deprogramming the NARRATIVE victims ala Ben Freedman, and Koestler would fundamentally change the dynamics of the whole shooting match...



isn't that really the purpose for the demonstration...?

My saucer pod doesn't travel anywheah that yours doesn't
and versa vici

I've only been singing this song for the last 2000 years

second verse same as the first

No One on Earth has to be a "Jewish"... in a mind control cult is optional, like swimming in a turd filled swimming pool....

but then that presupposes that "others" dislike turds

clearly we're not all equal, and we're not all the same so maybe like Gordo suggests we could stop lying to ourselves...for a start, maybe clean up the language a little bit as we go

oddly enough a Jehovah witness woman told me yesterday that Jesus was a "Jew"....& had no knowledge of the Talmud nor of the Khazars

printing the currency, owning the media, and operating a kosher brothel implies some agenda items are for purposes of demostration..

KNOWING TRUTH is liberating

Sim said...

Look ma!

No Word Verification!

Sim said...

Message for Terry @ mail address...

I'm struggling to get a reply out to you - are bouncing my mails.

Can you please write me from an alternative (preferably non- mail address and I'll respond to you there...

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Snordelshans does you proud on this one Visible!

Rated 5 stars out of a possible five stars*****.

You hit EVERY SINGLE base in this one!

Superbly written and narrated.


Lee said...

Hello Mr. Les Visible.

First I want to clarify a few things.

God is no respecter of persons, which invalidates the notion of the God's Chosen, mentality and myth.

I am in agreement with you that not all Jews are the stark and evil doers of this world. After doing some deep reflection, I remember some very nice Jewish people who were very kind to me in my life. One is a young Jewish woman that stole my heart to this day, however she rejected me.

That's the way love grows and goes.

I really hope and pray that love and kindness still abounds in this world and will continue forever.

Finally, did you spot it, the cryptic LES in ELviS?

bholanath said...

Wow Vis, so is that skill you're demonstrating what they call Remote Jewing?
Never cease to amaze.

Anonymous said...

"... The Marxian Reformation has shown the Big Daddy in the clouds to be as dispensable as the Protestant Reformation proved the Pope to be. When the Marxian cult is called 'the social gospel' or 'liberation theology,' it makes a claim, not entirely unjustified, that it revives the subversive doctrines of the Jewish revolutionary agitator commemorated in the 'New Testament,' but when the same superstition is called 'Communism,' it explicitly dispenses with Jesus and his papa, and excites equal or even greater fanaticism and righteousness in its votaries. Paul Knutson's article, 'Aryan Asses,' includes a vivid description of the Bolsheviks in Russia when, having captured the country, they used iron crow bars to split open the skulls of Russians who wickedly did not love God's Race or evinced an odiously high level of intelligence and culture. Many or most of the happy wielders of crow bars were Jews, who were merely expressing the characteristic idealism of their race, but in all probability some of the social reformers were Russians inspired by their faith in Marx and his gospel. And we may be sure that they felt every bit as much righteousness as did the Christians who, in Fifth-Century Alexandria, at the behest of the pious St. Cyril, seized the too beautiful and intelligent Hypatia and held her down while they used oyster shells to scrape the flesh from her bones."

-- Prof. Revilo P. Oliver, "By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them", Liberty Bell, August 1985

nateivm said...

Ireland drives on the left hand side of the road lol

Anonymous said...

Les, do you discuss the crimes with your Jewish friends? If so, what reaction do you get?

I continue to see only denial and the usual fallback on "anti-Semitism" when the subject is touched upon.

Anonymous said...

I love mother shipton,,,,
She gets huge respects and love from me,,,,
This fake Jewish zionist corporate everything banking cartel doesn't though,,,,,,,
Mother shipton held more power in her little toe than the entire aristocratic fake royalty of her time and this time aswell,,,,,,

Respects ,,,,,neil

Anonymous said...

You want to believe they're not the same. You're wanting to give them the benefit of the doubt. You're compassionate.

But the time for this is over. We've gone the same road over and over, these last millenia, but the jews remain the same : disloyal, thieves, carpetbaggers, parasites!

where are the American jews that have spoken out against the goings on in the Middle East? Or have spoken out against an Iran war?

A mere handful, eh?

A couple of days ago, I was hearing a Brooklyn woman, born and raised in the U.S., id hereself with the israelis, saying" The Arabs attacked us!"

"Us"? Who is "Us?"

Obviously, here loyalty lies with israel! NOT the U.S.

Then there's the matter of the "sayanim." Sly, sneaky, traitors to the U.S.!


Yeah, jews, and israelis and zionists are one and the same.

Anonymous said...

"And you think we have economic troubles…getting enough taxes and so on to keep going? Yee gads man! Don’t you see it? Depression #1 was caused by disruptive technology (internal combustion engines, end of draft animals, and radio). You still don’t have a clue why the Second Depression is going to continue and be huge – even by the last century’s standards!

"But there it is... declining jobs. Robotics, computers, networks, 3D printing, text to speech, speech to text, 3D everything…you’re becoming obsolete, you old biped, you!

"Soon there will be nothing left but each of us opening up a nail-polishing stand to shine each other’s nails…and that is the definition of a 'shopkeeper economy' and guess how they end? (Hint: badly.)"

-- George Ure, Urban Survival

David V said...

Nutty Yahoo is starting to screech like a broom-riding crone, since it looks like Obummer won't give him his war until after the election. Someone in that madhouse over there is now saying that, because Iran enjoys such widespread approval, this is even more justification for attacking them. How much crazier can it get before the Amerikan mushrooms snap out of it? Apparently, the possibilities are infinite.

Falseflag Sept.9,2012? said...

So what about this for a false flag. At the Miami Dolphins home opener on Sunday September 9, 2012, a semi-disengaged suitcase bomb lyingly said to be planted by Iranian secret services.

The suitcase bomb is semi-neutralised but the stadium is evacuated of 45,000 fans in a panic. The falsely stipulated suitcase nuke ripps off a quarter of the Miami stadium after the bomb squad retreats. Deaths reported 100 personal who were required to stay and guard the stadium despite the bomb threat.

Result: USrael/NATO declares war on Iran and attacks it three days later from it's multiple bases encircling said enemy.

What Russia and China will do is dependent on whether or not those two countries are actually also under Rothschild control. If they are, they will do nothing.

All brought to you by CNN, BBC and the same gang who brought you the playbyplay on 9/11.

And if this happens remember Arminejad had nothing more to do with it than Bin Laden did with 9/11.

I hope this is just a conspiracy theorist's paranoia.

shit comment said...

cow patties
road apples
body waste
meadow muffin
night soil
buffalo chips
number two
bowel movement
beer fudge
bowel matrix:reloaded

Visible said...

Everyman, I was stunned to see that there on WRH yesterday. I saw the title and thought, that looks like one of mine. There are so many of these things I actually don't know sometimes. Patrick really hit the notes. He gets surely as much credit as me. I could never bring the power and profundity to them that he does and I'm not the author anyway. I'm just one of God's flutes, I hope. In any case, it isn't me.

I see the words appear in my heart and mind and I just take dictation. I have invisible friends.

Anonymous said...

From a photo contest entry:


It is to be understood that in accordance with the legally binding agreement, (to be known henceforth as the 'contract'), between 'King K'awiil', representing the race of homo-sapiens (henceforth, 'humans'), known as the 'Maya', currently occupying, and representing the planet, BBL 4452990/MV/5299527/V/V/Y - Zone: 8926436 Sector: 278298524 Quadrant Z458 T6732. Commonly known amongst it's inhabitants, (and henceforth), as 'Earth". And, between the 'Galactic Ordering Division', known henceforth, (and throughout the universe) as, 'GOD'.

'GOD', in accordance with the 'contract', has seen fit to FULLY implement protocol: MMXII. Codename: Extinction.

In accordance with the pre-arranged date made with 'King K'awiil' on "Earth', dated: Tuesday 11th August 3114 BC (Before Collapse), and an emissary of "GOD': Q'uq'umatz. "GOD", will be forthwith sending an advanced 'Extermination and Demolition' task force, to fully eradicate the indigenous 'human' population and demolish all infrastructures of the said planet, "Earth'. The arrival date of the task forces' ships and vehicles will be, (between) 8.30AM and 5.30PM, (GMT/Earth time), on Friday 21st December, 2012. Work will begin simultaneously at multiple 'sights' around the planet.

Following the successful and swift eradication of the 'human' species, a 'clean and restore' team will arrive to prep the planet for it's NEW, (and infinitely more advanced), species of 'dominant' inhabitants.

The MMXII/Extinction protocol will be as follows:

1. Complete and total eradication of ALL humans.

2. Demolition of buildings, structures and landmass reorganisation.

3. 'Mop up', will began with air to surface hunter killer drones to eviscerate any surviving 'humans', or destroy any (foolhardy) pockets of (futile) resistance.

4. 'Clean and Restore' units will begin their work when all humanity has ceased. With all debris removed the Terrain Division, will start to reform, change and create new landmasses.

5. Finally the Genetics Department will begin 're-seeding' the planet with NEW intelligent life forms.

A full downloadable, organic holographic image is available for psychic implant/reading, of the original 'contract'. We draw your attention specifically to, Section 20, Subsection 1, paragraph 2. Outlining the basic reasons why this action is to proceed on schedule.

Any appeals against this action MUST be submitted in triplicate, by hand and in person to our legal offices situated in our command facility, 'Hevvahn', by close of business on: Thursday 20th December, 2012.

We thank you for your attention and understanding. And...Happy Christmas.


The photo is great as well.

Farmer Butch

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Off topic, but your interview with Michael Rivero was awesome!

Now if only the world would listen to you guys, and take your suggestions. I do my best with the non-compliance, and have before I heard of either of you.

WarmZephyr said...

Visible and friends both visible and invisible - thank you for providing a friendly encampment on the bogs... ;)

A Scroll down to Restless Raven's chilling post 'Sept. 3rd' below the "Dramatic increase..." article.

neal said...

I do not know, they are not what you think, they have a certain map, and skip around as it suits them, what a wardrobe, clothed in reversals.

I do not know if those intentions are even compatible with preserving the love, but somehow that is permitted.

In a sense, they are really the bad guys, they are built to fail, and just doing what they are told. That is a hell of a thing, created to run the show, and destined to demonstrate the futility of self delusion, which is not what free will was meant to bring to the table.

That is not compassion, just loss, that is OK, She tells me we can always make more, that is hope, just not where and when you think.

Maybe It is OK, I do not know how urgency and choices get clear through all of this, but battle serves the author, just ask James, he is some kind of brother.

Anonymous said...

‎"Communism is Judaism. The Jewish Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was in 1917." ~ H.H. BEAMISH, N.Y. speech, 1937

"Judaism and Communism are one and the same." ~ HILARY COTTER, author of Cardinal Minszenty, The Truth About His Real "Crime,
" page 6

“The Jew is an inborn communist”! Otto Weininger, a Jew, Sex & Character, pp 311 !

“Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”).

“Some call it Marxism (Communism), I call it Judaism.” – Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise - The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. (Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but Communism) !!!

“Bolshevism and Communism, were Jewish proposed, Jewish financed, Jewish led and Jewish operated. The most muderous regime this planet has ever known, was Jewish through & through.” ~ ("The Secret Force" by Maurice Pinay) !!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent interview with Rivero!

Anonymous said...

Jonas Salk, whom you erroniously call a 'good jew' used live wild monkey virus to make his vaccine, causing MUCH suffering.

But I guess that really WOULD make him a 'good jew', wouldn't it?

Fake Semites & False Flags = Real Scum & True Deception

P.S. Maybe YOU don't want to put all jews into one barrel, but they sure seem to. (clannish, tribalist)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Visible. In honor of the Blue Moon that materialized recently, I made you a cool desktop background, comprised of three different photos. One is a shot of some incredible clouds at night, with a landscape below. The second one is a photo of the star Sirius. And an actual shot of the recent Blue Moon is the latter photo. I'd like to send it to you as an attachment. Is that okay?

Anonymous said...

more than a dozen countries drive on the left.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Overheard from a goat talking to a cow and a sheep as they all stood looking out from the wrong side of the electric barbed wire fence; "they all look the same to me."

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Oh yes, Lee from 7:41 - that was a real nice comment you made.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps Kali should check his Rolex, as for me I know what time it is. Those that don't perhaps need to swim another lap in this cesspool.

JJ Fumbduck

Ray B. said...


Good column.

I remember the 'steeple' pantomime, also. (Old geezer?)

For some reason, it also brought up another old memory. I was a pre-teen, so it was probably a dozen or so years after WWII. I saw an object in an on-base Army chapel when we lived in quarters. It was a vertical, three-sided 'spinner' nestled in a sunken alcove. Each of the sides had a (now forgotten) symbol of a religion - Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish. By spinning it for each service as needed, you had a multi-faith chapel. Even as a youngster, I felt that was appropriate.

(This was in the early years after WWII, so I suspect that differences in doctrine were submerged into the fact that you could 'meet your maker' at any deployment.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Rob in WI said...

I understand and empathize in your dilemma constructing this post. Like you, I have friends who identify as jewish, and will continue to consider them friends, unless they change in some unimaginable way. What is a problem, in a simple demonstration, is to type in "christian", and then "jewish". jewish, is considered a misspelling without a capital "J", while christian is fine. This is just a small example of the "jewish superiority" construct. John Kaminski paints them all with a broad brush, and the only reason I read his material is that he claims to have known Eustace Mullins personally. I first read Eustace, and Ezra Pound, Orwell,etc., in the late '50's, at the urging of my grandpa.
It's tough. I don't care for supremacists of any ilk.
When a group is successfully subverting the construct I'm involved in, via the plan outlined in the protocols, it becomes downright depressing.
O'well, enough rant for tonight. Be well, all, Rob

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

still, if so many of the worlds problems just happened to involve people with big noses, then I would be actively seeking denial not to see this as part of my pattern recognition.
it is part of the problem definition phase. that said (and much unsaid), I am also aware of the effect of any thought on the thinker and the need not to go sick and lazy with it.

"first comes the church and then comes the steeple," yes I do recall, and some sort of hand folding game that played with it, solo or patty cake partner style. pop goes the weasels? I wish.

wv: nothing, best left unsaid.

(here in HM's Colony of Oz we drive on the left side when sober).

Anonymous said...

lets consider a hypothetical situation ... there was a jew named Gilad and his brother was a murderer ... every day at dinner, Gilad would tell his brother, "Brother, you must stop murdering, it is evil!" ... yet every next day, his brother would murder again ... would you consider this Gilad to be a good person?

- flying cossack

Visible said...

Send me that attachment.

You're not going to talk me in to wholesale hate people, or even specific hate. "Vengeance is mine sayth the Lord". Few of us know who we were before we got here. There is a reason for that, along with all of the difference in languages.

I would wager all of those other countries were English colonies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis...I sent you that attachment after seeing you give my request to do so the thumbs-up. Let me know if you don't get it, and I will resend it. The title of the email I sent with the attachment is "Hi Vis: Here's the desktop background I asked if I could send". It's pretty cool, and contains a shot of the Blue Moon that hit us a few days back. Of course, other people might think it sucks but I guess we'll find out. Heh.

Tyler Vincent said...

Here is a seriously in depth, objective and honest look at the truth about the tribe, entitled


In case your eyes glazed over after reading the title, here is a small snippet from the article, quote

"Forget about putting a Jew to that test – consider yourself fortunate if you even find a Gentile who does little more than just ‘talk the talk.’AND if you are so fortunate to befriend such a person – be he Jew or Gentile – treat him well and defend him – as he will be persecuted for his goodness by both the Jews and those that the Jews have already ‘assimilated’ as their shabus goy or useful idiots. That fact has been in the NT for millennia – but it took me most of my life to completely comprehend and finally accept.

Continue Reading

This was written by Joe Cortina, a man who saved the life of a Gazan child from being shot by an IOF soldier. He discusses his experience with the Jewish people in this broadcast here: What Israel and the Jews Are, REALLY: Former US Special Forces officer Joe Cortina

Tyler Vincent said...

Visible, Israel is a Jewish state... but that's not my opinion, Zionism is a diaspora issue. You cannot deny the fact that the overwhelming number of people in the Jewish state supported cast-lead, some 96% of people... the same numbers are probably reflected by world Jewry. When was the last time their media said anything favorable about Palestine? Truth is that the number of Jews who actively speak out against Israel is really pathetic, certainly not of a magnitude that could make any real difference. I've been told that some number of the self chosen in NYC could care less if Israel was wiped off the map, they don't all get along with one another. Israel is just the icing on the cake when it comes to Jewish control. The tribe more often than not buys up all competition and claims it their own, and because they own the printing presses and media, those gentiles who actually are truly clever and creative generally live under the radar and their great works never make it to the light of day, or never gets the financing it deserves, like Jacque Fresco for example. I'm not asking anybody to wholesale an entire group.

Here is what an Ex-Israeli Jew has to say:

"Let’s face it, Zionism, Israeli politics and Jewish Lobbying are not particularly ‘phallo-centric’ or ‘patriarchal’. They also have little to do with ‘Whiteness’. Zionism, and Israel are actually primarily ‘Judeo-centric’ to the bone. They are racially driven and fuelled by a particular supremacist culture that is inspired by some aspects of Talmudic Goy hating and some sporadic (and false) Old Testament (false) interpretations. But this is exactly the verdict the postcolonial scholar attempts to prevent us from reaching. It is especially embarrassing because Israelis and Zionists openly draw their inspiration and expansionist enthusiasm from Jewish culture and texts, which they interpret in a very particular self-serving manner.

In spite of the fact that this discourse, in its current form, is pretty much, irrelevant to our understanding of Zionism and Israel, this postcolonial discourse is still, very popular amongst some anti Zionists and in particular, Jewish anti Zionists. The reason is pretty simple; it is effective in diverting attention from the real issues; it disguises the magnitude of Jewish power, Jewish politics, the inherent ‘Jewish’ nature of the ‘Jewish State’ and Jewish intellectual hegemony within the west and the Left in particular. Within the realm of the postcolonial discourse we are not even allowed to mention the ‘J word’, let alone criticise Jewish lobbying or Jewish power structures.

In fact, the postcolonial discourse, allows its acolytes to talk endlessly and passionately about Israel and Zionism without saying anything meaningful. The postcolonial discourse, in its current form, allows its anti Zionist enthusiasts to spin endlessly. They can refer to Israel and Zionism without actually disturbing, hurting or even touching Israelis, Zionists and Jewish political structures. The postcolonial theorist is basically engaged in an attack on an imaginary phantasmic construction that has zero relevance to Zionist ideology or Israeli politics whatsoever. It is basically an advanced form of an intellectual onanism." Source

Gilad Atzmon

Are all Jews

Anonymous said...

Les, did they make you an offer you can't refuse? Another one bites the dust...Karen T

Peter Wakefield Sault said...

Surely you are not afraid to mention the Freemasons, Les?!?! They're the guys, such as the Rothschilds, who run Zionism's Politburo. They encourage Jews to think of themselves as intellectually superior to the likes of you and me because that makes the Jews, who are actually dumb enough to believe it, easily manipulated.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. Wow, I’d forgotten that little steeple-church-people game!
Reflecting, I’ve known some nice Christians and not so nice Christians, some nice, jews and not so nice jews, some nice Indians and not so nice Indians …. Whatever “man-made” division you wanna name. I’m left supposing that this is all for demonstration purposes. Cuz, I sorta, kinda suspect, (but don’t know) that those particular labels aren’t gonna be used for “separating the wheat from the chaff”. Fortunately, for all concerned, noOne appointed me to do any judging outside of my ownself – and even that’s rather shakey. However, I have confidence that someOne will be handling all that. Best I can sort out is that I’m here to learn and figure out what path I wanna be on to get to where I need to go. That said, I’ve been on some paths and had to backtrack……turned out, I misread the signposts. And, speaking of games … anyone else ever felt like they were playing a gargantuan game of “Clue” sometimes? Love, Serena

Visible said...

Peter, why don't you and the rest of the uninformed racist jerks around her go and fuck yourselves.

preacher said...

Tungsten Filled 1 kilo Gold Bar Discovered in UK

The article is from march and there is an accompanying picture of the bar cut in half.

Anonymous said...

people are people. there are jews who are supportive of war and jews who are not. there are jews that are rich and jews that are poor. there are jews that are honest and jews that are dishonest. no one can help what label of peoplehood we are born into. to me, all of this jew bashing speaks to the haarp/energy grid/matrix shift. excuses to lable certain people and "off with their heads". ALL PEOPLE ARE parasites. we feed off of our beautiful mother earth. every last one of us. so the grid is making us batty and we need excuses of who to off first. like i said, people are people. some jews are rich, some poor. some theives, some saints. some supporters of war, rape, etc. some lovers of humanity. labeling people in groups and putting them all down is a sign of very dark times.

Skepticfrog said...

Vis, I know I'm doing stupid nitpicking (asking forgiveness), but I just can't let go - since you wagered...
The Japanese drive on the other side too, yet they were not a colony.
However, the Japanese copy/emulate everything which they find superior to their own. (It's really a good trait). Since GB was the top dog in the world up to WWII, they were the obvious ones to emulate. Now the Japanese are stuck with it.

The wholesale blanketing with derision of the "ritually mutilated-at-birth", is really due to a well documented human trait of quick generalizing. It was/is a survival mechanism; note that if you find yourself in close proximity of a tiger, you will not check if it's dead, asleep, has teeth, and how big are they. You generalize and assume that it can be lethal and just bolt.

Same thing applies in human contact. Only a few bad apples of any kind of people will make you form a preconception - it's almost automatic and often involuntary; like the behavioral anthropologists say: it's a survival trait. According to them, our ability or penchant to see/discern patterns, takes as little as three experiences/examples.
Since this particular minority has a hugely disproportionate number of sociopaths and psychopaths with a messianic complex ("we are the chosen"); an apparently genetic penchant for avarice and acquisition and also an inexplicably pathological level of collaboration and cohesion (hence the "tribe" "hive"), people throughout the centuries formed generalized (negative) opinion of this particular people as a whole. There are good, decent individuals among them in good numbers. However, they are muzzled quick by the controlling majority, should they speak up (remember the real meaning of "schmuck").

Unfortunately, (my) personal experience has been almost uniformly negative, even a very close friend (of decades) turned nasty and unethical a number of years ago without any provocation. He started to go bad in big way by stealing a brand new Mustang by "buying" it in the US(CA)(no down, on credit), shipping it to Europe, him never returning to the US. Run the car for 3 or 4 years on US plates, and multiple international driver's licenses. (You could get it back then from AAA with a photo and nominal fee, in any quantity; he had like 4 or 5). I don't know what happened to the Mustang after, I heard he sold it for parts/scrap in Europe. At the time he thought (and boasted) it was really clever. He got married to a well-to-do Austrian and continuously cheated on her, as he had no fixed job, but she got him a new Mercedes coupe (after the Mustang). In addition to girlfriends (he is/was smart, personable and good looking) did hookers too, boasting of doing with three girls at the same time (on his wife's money). Also, at about the same time he viciously turned on to mutual friends, who actually helped him even at times when he needed shelter and food. OK, he didn't screw me, but still; the lack of ethics, gratitude, betrayal was too much; that's when I ditched him.
Both my parents (divorced) had identical stories with long time very close friends (no, CLOSEST at the time for both), who turned on them for no discernible reason. They were both emotionally traumatized by the events, and subsequently both became decidedly antisemitic. Both experienced these betrayals in their late 50s. (To the Hebs: both are now deceased)

I can think only of one (one!) in my life who has shown unbroken decency and integrity. Ironically, he tries and does conceal his ethnicity. You've gotta wonder why...

Skepticfrog said...

Anon @ 4:03
It's possible.
Here is what happened to
By the second half of last year the megaphone/sayanim crowd was unable to control it - it was a treasure trove of suppressed but real and verifiable information; pics, movies, documents, references. I personally exposed a megaphone/sayanim/troll op to the readers, where "one poster" posted 260 messages in various threads of the Forum with pictures, quotes, etc in a 36 hour period, continuous, day and night. On that Forum you could go back all the way on all threads, all members, all with time/date stamp. Other "posters" were exposed as (likely paid) trolls also.
Funny thing was, that within about an hour of my exposure, all of those 260 postings of that "single entity" disappeared from the logs, but not from the threads. So I exposed those, and gave advice to look at the posting times. During the next two hours the posts themselves disappeared - making me look like a lunatic.
Anyway, in December the old Forum went down and a brand new format appeared with new mods (no more logs/tracking was possible either). There was a very heavy editing and deletion of posts. Some tracked the new server to Langley VA. ( - in VA - WTF?) The ads changed, and some pointed out that the new advertisers are all Tribe owned companies.
However, the Forum exploded again during the spring in "undesirable" ways and directions (by you know who).

On May 1st this year the Forum ceased. Taken down. Gone, kaput.

The most plausible scenario: was bought by the "who-could-be-that", probably in November or December. They tried to reformat it into a more acceptable (to them) venue. It didn't work. So they killed it. This will be the way of all alternate forums (and blogs) as they stole trillions on Wall Street; they have the dough to make an irresistible offer to anyone and then just kill it.

Visible said...

Peter and others, as to my earlier comment. Please accept my apology if you can. I was having a bad day and I just get tired every now and then of some of the shit I catch trying to be a decent human being.

As to the Masons, I have given my thoughts on them so many times that it just pisses me off when people don't remember what it is I said and took so much time to say.

As for Jews, I clearly said Israel is not all Jews and they are certainly not the Nutera Carta. I also said not all Jews are Zionist or Israelis. Some are black Ethiopians. C'mon people. You don't know any better than I do what is true and not true and to blanket accuse every single person of any race or type is in error.

Reincarnation makes all of us Jews at some point. If you can't have compassion or at least admit the limitations of your knowledge I don't want any part of what you claim to be or where I know such thinking leads. I know more than half a dozen decent Jews that I have met and known for decades who are honest and generous people. I go by EXPERIENCE. This is Kali Yuga and it is expected that those with the highest association with material nature would show their worst qualities but they have not always been so, nor will always be so. "Even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment. Be not deceived".

Maybe I am wrong but I would rather err on the side of compassion and forgiveness than I would to be hard ass about what I am not certain of, so, if you can find it in your heart to understand this about me and forgive my outbreak I would really appreciate it.



preacher said...

Stange: I tried to watch the vid from Patrick Willis, linked above by @Everyman, and got this message:

" This video is private.
If the owner of this video has granted you access, please log in."

But YT doesn't let me log in anymore.
Luckily someone else copied it.

The Terrible Spectre of the Dreadful Few

Great work!

preacher said...

O.k., finally managed to log in on YT and got this message:

"This video is private.
Sorry about that."


Peter Wakefield Sault said...


Apology accepted, Les. I always make allowances for genius :-) By the way, it is not me who is the racist, as my many black and brown friends will attest. If you are NOT opposed to Judaism that can mean only that you approve of the obscene child sex crime of genital mutilation, because even if you take away the Zionism you are still left with that, sadistic 'kosher' slaughter, an overweening superiority complex and the Mishpucka.

Anonymous said...

i dont think this issue should be looked upon as hate or anti-semitism or some other meaningless mind control adjective ... its about accountability ... from organizers to murderers to murderers' brothers to newspaper writers to sheeple to truthers (jews are the top of this hierarchy - freemasons, illuminati, vatican, communism, democracy, republican, jesuits - all masks to hide the jews) ... we are all somewhere in this hierarchy of accountability ... thats why weve chosen to be alive right now ... we each have something to work off to show to the rest of god that we are worth human consciousness

aye, fight and you may die ... run and youll live ... atleast for a while ... and living as a cockroach many lives from now ... would you be willing ... to trade ... all your lives from this life to that ... for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell satan: you can take my life, but you will never take my soul

- flying cossack

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

Maurice Chagrin on the Grassy Knoll in NYC.

Visible said...

Jesus Christ Peter, talk about misquoting me, taking me out of context and presumptuousness. Do you just like not see what is right in front of you. Did I say one fucking thing about any of that. You make weep. Believe what you like then. Even if I never said the words you put in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

@Skepticfrog, thanks for the in-depth on I remember it in its earlier days. A few other forums have gone and are going the same route. The megaphone/sayanim as you so fittingly call them are so obvious its difficult to tell if it's a blatant clarion call or if they're simply stupid...Karen T

Peter Wakefield Sault said...

And another thing, Les - my condemnations of Judaic practices doesn't mean I'm rooting and tooting for any other religion or moral code or any of the laws of this or that gang of sanctimonious hypocrites (but especially those that men pretend to be ordained by their imaginary supernatural personal buddy in the sky - see above). I'm not selective - with your as always instantaneously recognizable style (your genius betrays you) you were discussing Jews and Zionists. If you want to discuss some other gang of ratbags I promise you I'll weigh in with something suitably caustic towards them too. Maybe you do but I always link through from WRH where Mike, bless his little cotton socks, never seems to talk about much else. And who could blame him? After all, the Innuit are not the ones turning the world to shit before our very eyes.

Visible said...

I'm not going to try to reach you further. When someone insists on continuing to add things I didn't say and to ignore the heart of my words and intentions it is beyond my capacity and scope to force the issue. Go with God. We shall all live and fall according to our words and actions; me not less than anyone else. I've said my piece. I will say not more.

Peter Wakefield Sault said...

Les, I apologize for upsetting you so. It was never my intention to do that to you ar to anyone. You're too cool (mostly :-)

How else am I supposed to inform people of the Jewish faith that what they do is morally unacceptable to me? I'm never one to stfu. You should know what that's like :-)

Peter Wakefield Sault said...

I wasn't trying to put words in your mouth, Les, and I apologize for giving that impression. I was extrapolating a logical implication from your statement that not all Jews are Zionists and that, therefore, again by implication, since Zionists are *bad* all non-Zionists and especially anti-Zionists (e.g. Neturei Karta) must be *good*.

So I'll shut up too (for now :-) before we incur any other misunderstandings.

Anonymous said...

Shalom, Vis. Here is a little, you might say, explanation that may give an insight.Try a web site called It deals with RESHAIM and EREV RAV. fred

mike m said...

Once heard a long time ago:

Make sure you screw that guy before he has a chance to screw you.

Paranoid thoughts from a diseased mind.

Now more then ever showing its ugly face in increasing vulgarity.

Visible said...

Peter, thank you for being so understanding. That clarifies a great deal and I missed what you were actually trying to say. In the process of fielding so many comments and moving so quickly I lose track of the central theme sometimes. I can see some people are trying to wind me up and there are operatives who come around here and say things, hoping to stir up bad feeling and convey an impression about this place which is not true.

I don't want my sites to be a rats nest of hate and vituperation so as to add ammunition and fuel to the fire by people with dark agendas. Quite often the people doing these things are representatives of the very people launching attacks on themselves for their own purposes.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Quo Vadis Echoing in the Darkness.

Peter Wakefield Sault said...

I think what we're looking at, Internet-wise, is an accelerated version of the never-ending farce of "computer programming standards", which were and always will be obsolete the moment they are codified (always in non-standard English). The moment you think you know where the Internet is at, it's already moved on from there.

*Our* intelligence is open. What do I care if some NWO alphabetti agency clowns tap my phone to find out what the rest of the world already knows because I wrote it right here?

We've (meaning all of us) won the 9/11 info war, by the way. It's just taking a while for the full effects of that to filter through into international politics although it is increasingly visible (e.g. Iran NAM conference, by tacit implication). Not that we can ever let our guards down, of course. The bankers are going for the Final Squeeze. Money vs Truth. They can't win, for if they take away all the Money then the Truth is all that will remain, which will promptly get them all lynched "good and proper" in the ensuing riots. And that's the truth, which should not be taken to imply any approval of rioting or lynching on my part. 450 million hollow-point bullets may seem a lot - enough to kill everyone in the USA some say - but all the bullets in the world can be fired only so fast so they're never going to stop the angry mob that they will have created.

Every dog has his day, they say, and Edward Bernays has had his. It's all over for the brainwashers.

Tyler Vincent said...

I'll assume your initial response was not directed at me Visible so I see no need to accept any apology, but if it was directed at me then apology accepted. Why would I hold a grudge? We're merely trying to discuss facts here.

Actually "race" isn't an issue here. There is no Jewish "race". No more than there is an American race or a Catholic race, or a hippy race. Judaism is a religion and a culture. And what we see here is the result of delusions of superiority. The fact that the chosen ones consider themselves to be superior to others automatically leads to this sort of blue-meany behavior. This is not about hate except for those who hate the truth, and they whole-sale themselves when it comes to their collective silence and apathy over what we see taking place in Palestine, not to mention all of their major wars. Some people rather use the word Jew than Zionist. The more I learn the less blame anyone who wishes to take a closer look at Zionism as an extension of Jewish thinking, which is what it is what it is. They have historically brought the hammer upon themselves for the way they treated everyone around them. These are facts, it doesn't mean I advocate killing the self chosen.

Visible, you claimed that quote

"Well... first there are Jews and then there is Israel and they are not the same animal, even though you would think they were."

'Israel' is a Jewish state, hence the name 'Israel.' Zionism is a diaspora issue, it's not even discussed in Israel. I'll assume you already know that I don't know, but I know someone who used to... this is what Jews living in Israel today call the Jewish State, along with the vast majority of Jews around the globe. That is the opinion of the "Jewish homeland". If you take the time to read Atzmon's article which I quoted above there, he states quote "Zionism, and Israel are actually primarily ‘Judeo-centric’ to the bone." What is true today might not be operative 10 years from now. Visible, you have from time to time come across as though you were wholesaling the masses, the entirety of America. As I see it, the self chosen whom have far less compassion than you or any of the aforementioned do, needn't be treated any different. I realize what happened to Jesus, Hitler, Kennedy, Gaddafi, Assad, Ahmadinejad, Palestinians and the endless list of others. My compassion remains with the dead and oppressed and I as a mortal being do not have the authority to determine whether an individual or group of people deserves what is happening to them because of "karma" from "past lives."

I hope this made some kind of sense, and I wish you and everyone here much love, peace and unity.


Visible said...

However I might have come across would only be in the mind of the person reaching that perspective. So far as I know I have never wholesaled the American people. I get the distinct impression that I am not understood by some people and that is perfectly fine.

Some large number of people have been communicating with me to say that I owe no one an apology. I usually feel like I should apologize for even being alive but in any case, my mind is on my objective and not any of this shit. I will confess to a deep disappointment in the people who can't seem to grasp what I am talking about, though they come here every day and who project things about me that I never said; who seek to fashion my words for their own agendas with things I never said. Who inflate things beyond recognition for whatever their reasons are. These things disappoint me. There are a few things I don't enjoy, like slander, treachery, betrayal, those kinds of things. I've seen my share of that and often it is motivated by a desire for gain or accomplished out of cowardice because.... I could write a book about it but I can't even finish the book I am finishing.

I feel the state of the world. I walk through it. The world around me seeks to distort my nature. I am aware of the army of appetites. I am aware of the hungers; dreams, ambitions, desires. I personally have a great deal to do with America from a former time. I do not know this America. It is not what I would have wanted.

It's Kali Yuga and shit gets sorted out for karma and demonstration. I'm going to Shambala, one way or another.

Bankers have interest sheets that tell a tale. In the metaphysical there is only a difference of values and qualities. As above, so below. I've paid my dues and I'm going home.

est said...

silence in the face of injustice
is akin to complicity

if you perceive the truth
yet fail to speak out

you are as them and
deserve their fate

if you fail to act in
the face of evil

you will be dancing
with them and

when the music stops
there's no empty chair

Skepticfrog said...

To Karen T/Anon @ 9/4 8:51pm & @4:03:

You are onto something here Karen, the 4:03 comment.

This appeared today (9/5) in the COMMENTS(!) section of "Reflections in a Petri Dish", "Maurice Chagrin on the Grassy Knoll in NYC" ostensibly authored by Visible:
I'll point out that we have the capacity to pinpoint the location and identity of everyone who comments here and comments like yours are the sort of thing that can find themselves routed onward to those who take an interest in those kinds of statements. I'm not a snitch and I avoid that kind of thing at all costs but I cannot speak for everyone who works around here; word to the wise"
EVERYONE who works around here? Hmmm.
And another:
"No, this is not a one man operation. I have help keeping the place up"...
For some inexplicable reason I did not think it was a team op until now. It's getting curioser and curioser...
Do you see the heavy handed threats? (After-all those who'd "take an interest" destroy lives for fun, vengeance and amusement).
Red flags galore.

Do you see what I see? I now think your instinct in your first comment at 4:03 was on the money.
Since we are at anomalies, did you notice that that the writing style has perceptibly changed? Read Vis's writings from a year ago and now. You'll see what I mean.

Curious if this will appear. If not, my confirmation is done and solid.

Tyler Vincent said...

Oh I certainly hear you, does it surprise you? I think all of us feel the same way Visible... people are constantly attacking one another for personal gain... acting out with knee jerk inflammatory emotional reactions, twisting words, betrayal... blah blah. It's epidemic.

Here's to you vis, Israeli/Jewish People: Sheep being Lead to the Slaughter (With Ken O'Keefe)

Visible said...

Skeptifrog; You're a fucking idiot and a shit stirrer. There is one other person who works with me as a web master and there is software that back checks origins. The guy was threatening me with a hunting knife. I just wanted to let him know that it isn't that difficult to find out who it is that makes threats. That's all there was to to it but... you have now outed yourself (see what I mean?). That was the point of what I said earlier about doing or saying certain things to case people to reveal themselves.

Try as much as you like. You will find no connections to me from anyone but God and decent people. Many people have come and visited me. Many people are aware of my life. There's no there there except where you are. You are howling into a void.

Sim said...

12:21:00 AM
Your "confirmation" might be solid Frogger, which is more than can be said for the rancid diarrhea you're spouting.

Visible is an artist and I'm blessed to be his make-up guy. Perhaps I do some of the lighting too. And I check the guestbook from time to time, see who visits and I do pay particular attention to anyone issuing death threats. That is it.

I don't consider you threatening Froggy, (so you're safe)- you're naught but a simple minded troll.

But do feel free to take any one of those "red flags" you see, and jam it up your ass, sideways.

John Rambo said...

The flock is going to be offered as a sacrifice to the GLORIOUS RETURN of Lucifer, the LIGHT BRINGER!

Skepticfrog said...

Your last two sentences define the reason why the primitive peasant Americans are looked down upon and despised in Europe (and elsewhere)- where I'm from, and will be returning to. (Couldn't be soon enough).

You have no class, no finesse, nor much intelligence. As we'd say in my native country: "Were you raised in a barn?"
I have a highly educated (teacher's diploma - Masters in languages; flute and piano player - graduate of the Academy of Music; opera singer - current studies) friend in one of Europe's capitals, who works part time during summers as a tour guide (her own business) to make extra bucks (for buying antiques), and it's fun (mostly). She is fluent in several languages - English included. She is pretty as a button too, with a killer figure, and is only 30 - by the way.
However, by the end of last summer she refused to take Americans. As she explained to me last fall: "I couldn't stand them any more. They are dumb, crass, loud, uninformed, uneducated boastful ogres, without manners, who swear often and lie a lot. The women talk down to me and often rude, and the men think I'm some kind of hooker and coming on to me wanting "you know what". I'm just sick of them and done with them - for good. Besides, they have atrocious table manners, they eat like pigs, not knowing how to use a knife and fork.
By August I just could no longer take any North American groups, families or individuals - Canadians included; I passed them on to other guides.
However, the rest of the world's English speaking people are OK; they are polite, have manners and decorum."

You certainly fit the profile - or significant parts of it...

Oh yeah, she did ask me: I know you. So how on earth can you stand to live among them?

Imagine: These "ogres" are the well-to-do American tourists/visitors who can pay for an individual, personal tour guide. (OK, they were/are frequently Jews - as she noted in passing. How she'd know? Well they'd want to see the biggest and oldest synagogue). What would she say about you if she'd know the AVERAGE Americans, who never go to Europe, or if they do, they do some kind of cheap package tour?

Sim said...

Ok Froggy, I'll dignify your comment with a reply.... just to let you know that I'm European (half-Brit half Irish) not American, and I can exercise both good taste and good manners with the best of the best. That's my default.

Sometimes however, I'll choose not to... such as when I encounter a dimwit troll such as yourself.

Now how about you and your falter-egos Rambo and Karen T all take a hike and the three (?) of you all go waste someone else's time?

anonygirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

Gypsy, backtrack your timeline to point of origin. Meanwhile, like Richard Correy I will go out back and put a bullet in my head.

anonygirl said...

This place is becoming kinda dangerous to post innocent comments, anonymously or otherwise.

Guess that's why I rarely do it myself! ("Leave your Comment" should come with an additional warning: Duck and Run for Cover once posted.)

No harm no foul: not hardly...

The offending comment in question was removed by me AFTER first sending you an email requesting that you not post it. I had the thought, and rightly it would seem, that my comment might only serve to irritate you.

Which it obviously did.

My apologies Vis, but that said, dang, you're getting thinner and thinner skinned of late.

I'm reading more and more fly off the handle replies and helter skelter attacks in recent comments.

As for "Stellaaaa? I'm not wondering where she disappeared to, as some here are.

That said: Good night and may god bless, as Red Skelton used to say. I was once quite fond of that old gentleman too, but what did I know? I was just a dumb kid.

Carry on Vis.

Peace out.

Visible said...

Gypsy, or Stella, as the case may be; first comment I've ever seen from you and my comment wasn't mean at all. Did you consider what I meant when I said it? I don't think so. You want to take your ball and go home fine but you should consider which countries were crown colonies to start with and which countries have a certain condition for which reason.

Stella said some rotten things to me and she was well aware of her intent and purpose at the time too. I'm not running Romper Room here.

Stella Blue said...

You are really losing it. Gypsy is right.



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