Saturday, February 29, 2020

"The Bridge of No Deposit No Return, by way of the Bending End, with a Left Handed Skyhook."

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I know that many of you enjoyed yesterday's Visible Origami so... I will continue in that theme for one more post. Here is an angel happening!-

"Angels may appear to anyone, regardless of religious backgrounds or beliefs. Case in point… in 1985 a Russian space scientist defected and then told what had happened to 6 cosmonauts aboard the Soyuz 7 space station. After orbiting the Earth for 155 days, a band of Angels had miraculously appeared outside their spacecraft. Leonid Kizim, Vladimir Solovov and Oleg Atkov were working on routine medical experiments when suddenly they were nearly blinded by a brilliant orange light from outside the orbiting laboratory. It took a few seconds for their eyes to adjust to the astonishing radiance, but then, according to the secret report, they saw “seven giant figures in the form of humans, but with wings and mist-like halos as in the classic depiction of Angels. They appeared to be hundreds of feet tall with a wingspan as great as a jetliner.”

Angels are remarkable beings and belong to different ranks in the celestial order. Here is a brief and cogent article on angels and their placements. In The West we call them 'angels' and in The East they are called 'devas'. As many of you know, I am no fan of the rank and file, supercilious airhead brigade of New Age Hucksters. This DOES NOT MEAN there are not good people there and informed people, who labor at their tasks for the benefit of humanity. There are but... there are also far too many freakish refugees from truth, with names like Alabama Boomslang Earth Mother, Rainbow Hallelujah Morning Glory and Princess Wackado Sunrise.

One has only to enter into an occult spiritual bookstore, as I did recently in Sedona, to see how far out far out has actually gotten these days. Let me assure you, it has gotten FAR OUT and traversed the Bridge of No Deposit No Return, by way of the Bending End, with a Left Handed Skyhook, instead of a compass. On my recent visit I saw dozens... DOZENS AND DOZENS of different Tarot Decks. Some of them really take Niche Dweller to a whole new level. They even have them for The Gays and Transgenders and practically every New Age icon has their own deck, from the recently departed Dr. Dyer to the venerable yogic master, Rama Llama Yakshit. I ran into Dr. Dyer once on Maui;... moving right along.

I've had years of exposure to Reiki Masters; who went to two weekend seminars, climaxing in a 4 day intensive, after which they got a 'Reiki Master' certificate, as well as channelers, psychics and Tantra 'experts'. So far, this site is still my favorite for a clear and inarguable example of what it is that sets me off, as well as my teeth on edge and this page gives Pictures and Profiles of the delightful EXPERTS you 'would have' encountered on this ♫ won't you let me take you on a ♫ sea cruise. I am ESPECIALLY ENAMOURED of the redoubtable Susan Shumsky (3rd or 4th time mentioned here).

Susan Shumsky

Her credentials, accomplishments and general, 'way cooler and smarter than even God' persona, touches me in ways and places I would have preferred never to have taken place. She is assuredly more risible than possessing of gravitas and what do you know? She's genetically empowered to do this.

You see what happens? As soon as I think of the New Age it sets me off and I really shouldn't lump everyone together in the same self serving, snatching and grabbing, take no prisoners, pigpen of wild eyed, flaming appetite and all consuming greed.

The thing is... I KNOW what it takes to master even rudimentary skills. As a result, these people come off looking like carny barkers to me; snake oil saleswhatevers; WHO PROFITEER off of people's hopes and dreams, miseries and fears. Somehow they have convinced themselves that it is alright to do this and the next thing you know they are booking family centric, get to know you, sleepover sea cruises, with Drag Queen Story hour characters, like it was some kind of Disney tour.

Yes... there are good and decent, sincere people who are associated with The New Age, however... even well meaning people can be misled and then... misleading and you have the blind following the blind. How do you know who is righteous and who is not? Some grifters are slick as slick can be. They will clean and press your suit, while you are still in it. Rather than go on and on here about the truth concerning angels, how to reach angels and all the how's, why's and wherefores, simply look at these pages after pages, after pages of WTF. Getting lost is not a problem at all. Getting found is the problem.

I'm going to give out a few directions here, as always, free of charge (don't trust anything that isn't) just in case there are readers out there who might want to make contact with The Devic Realm. Although there are protocols for making contact, I suggest another approach, a way 'other than' trying to make contact and that is to behave as the sort of person who will naturally attract angels. Angels, animals, you and I, can all be had by putting out the right bait and LOVE is the ultimate bait.

Angels are watching us all the time. For many of them, that is THEIR JOB. Whenever an angel sees a human being employing any of the blessed virtues in their daily activities, THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO THEM. Those so engaged, after awhile, give off a perfume, as well as a radiance. IN THESE TIMES, angels are drawing nearer than they have in ever so long. These times are times of dramatic transiting and change. Destinies are being routed and sorted on a cosmic level. A soul COULD GET VERY FORTUNATE in these times. This is one of the reasons that the distractions are so great and why YOU NEED to free yourself from them.

It is a perfectly natural thing for children to have Invisible Friends. Puberty is a rite of passage that, in most cases, removes this ability. This is why the acquisition of Regenerated Innocence, as opposed to Senility, IS A BIG DEAL ...but most people move right on by. For some reason, there is a cognitive dissonance that affects one's awareness of The Invisible Plane. There are some good reasons for this, because the Invisible Plane is not an across the board, friendly place. You can get into all kinds of trouble there and it is imperative to have a guide. I was taken there once to disabuse me of my delusion that it is all an enchanted wonderland, brushed with fairy dust; it's not. Angels are the primary resource for such guides, along with the 'spiritually illumined'.

At that search engine link a few paragraphs ago, there are many videos of rapacious materialists looking to make a few bucks (or MUCH MORE) off of the gullible and unwary. Not enough of us break into laughter when watching these clowns; we should. There should be orange cones around these people with a sign that says, “DANGER... disappointment ahead.”

Angels are not only radiant creatures with wings. They go about among us as human beings. Sometimes they are sitting on the sidewalk, with a cap in front of them, with a few coins and bills in it. I'm being serious here. Sometimes they are sitting on a barstool next to you, or on a plane or train. Sometimes they are on a beach. IF you behave as one deserving of their company, YOU WILL GET THEIR COMPANY but it might take awhile. You need to be determined. We often mention, FAITH, CERTITUDE AND DETERMINATION here. These are priceless attributes that are ESSENTIAL qualities that you simply MUST HAVE.

I am writing about this today, because more than one of you will have the opportunity for such an encounter, if you do make the effort to behave as has been already stated. This is what I have been told, in any case. As I have said, probably more than I should have, (but always for good reason) there are people who are not fond of me, or the things that I say. It is not just human beings who are disturbed by what gets said here. There are other entities that have a big investment in any or all of us, falling short of our potential, MOST ESPECIALLY in these times. These entities are on the Invisible Plane, just as the angels are. They are also- can be- right inside our heads and are responsible for feelings of doubt, unfounded suspicion, envy and jealousy, fear, anger and all manner of bad attractions. Our minds are like airports, thoughts- like planes- are landing and taking off all the time. You really do need to have a competent air traffic controller.

One of the most critical tasks that angels perform is TO WARN US, when we have stepped off course, or about people we need to be warned about. It is hard for me to imagine a friend more valuable than an angel. God alone would qualify in that respect. Angels draw near to you when YOU RESONATE HARMONICALLY with them. Everything in life is vibration at different frequencies. It is very important to pay attention to our sympathetic strings.

I KNOW that what I am talking about is NOT EASY. This is why so many people give up after only a brief effort at all kinds of things. “It's too hard!” (whine whine). Of course it's hard, IN THE BEGINNING. Why is it so hard for people to change their diet? This is because of the predisposition of your taste buds. It take TEN DAYS for your taste buds to change. In these times, few people will stick to this for ten days. On top of that, while you are trying to change, the memory patterns of your old tastes intensify. It is the same thing with trying to change your life, or break any habit. You HAVE TO BE COMMITTED. However, IF YOU KNOW what the result will be... ah... then you have a strong ally. Here again, is where FAITH, CERTITUDE and DETERMINATION can be VERY helpful.

You HAVE TO become the sort of person that angels want to hang out with. All the other suggestions of how to get their attention are useless, if you are not the sort of person they want to be around. They most definitely will not stay around, unless you are that person, or BECOMING THAT PERSON. Angels are here to help us with our struggles and... as you proceed, the relationship can dramatically intensify if you are determined. ♫ It's getting better all the time ♫

It's all there for you my friends. Wonders, far beyond what can be presently imagined, await you. There are splendorous places to aspire to and you get there by BEHAVING IN A CERTAIN CONSISTENT FASHION. That really is all it takes. If you fall away, after a short effort in the right direction; whose fault is that? Success is guaranteed if you persist and there are angels near by who will whisper encouragements in your ear, all along the way. I have personal evidence of this and I am no more deserving than you are, as far as potential and possibilities go. Have at it with a will!!!

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(you're proof that God loves me!)

♫ Pocketnet, Pocketnet where do you roam? Pocketnet, Pocketnet, far, far from home; a young cowboy named Pocketnet grew restless on the farm... Yo! Don't take your guns to Pocketnet son, leave your guns at home boy, don't take your guns to Pocketnet

(The whole Coronavirus thing has now come together in my head and I get why Bill Gates is involved with the vaccine and... well... there are so many angles here and it's not my field anyway so... this article from Fox News should provoke your Objective Capacity, enough to fill in a whole lot of blanks. I could literally hear and feel the dominoes tumbling as I read it.)

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

"It Came from Beneath the Valley of Impotent Distractions and Woke up Naked on Stage."

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Coronvirus to the left of us. Coronavirus to the right of us. Into The Valley of Impotent Distractions marched the Coronavirus. Bernie to the left of us. Bloomberg to the right of us and Buttsrmegig to the rear; into the minds of the left behinds, marched a godawful mess. I watched last night's train wreck of a debate in a kind of embarrassed wonder. The moderators reminded me of inner city student teachers, who had lost all control over the rampaging sugar junkies in the classroom.

The raw, naked greed for power was VISIBLY on display (especially Lizzie Warren). Bernie 'Nosferatu' Sanders made his pincer crab shadow puppets, on the grafittied walls, inside the empty lots of what once passed for minds. I could see all the freebies, dancing like sugar plums, on the video game screens of the minds of the left behinds. Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie! Maybe they should cancel all student debt, given that no one appears to have learned anything anyway.

Here's what I learned about the candidates and their chances. No one is talking about it but Pete is toast because neither Blacks nor Latinos want a Gay-boy president, nor the Evangelicals either. They talk about Pete's lack of connection to the blacks but THEY DON'T SAY why that is. It's because he presents as the white bread catamite of Captain Pissgums, aboard the Hispaniola; “Bwak! Pieces of ass! Pieces of ass! Bwak! Aye Pete, yur smart as paint chips, ye ar! Bwak!!!” The Checkered Demon is watching you!

Elizabeth Warren is a lying cur dog and a meaner bitch on wheels I don't think I've seen that often, especially since life has trained me to be out the back door should one EVER come over the rise. Even after being caught out lying about being fired for being pregnant, she told that lie again. Then she said again that Bloomersberg said, “Kill it!” I'll wager he didn't.

Biden... Dear God... His mouth is moving but he's not even in the room. He came out with some doozies, like 150 million people died from guns at some time, somewhere. The less said about Joe the better. He could win but he will lose regardless.

Tom Steyer is about as cold blooded and mean spirited as they come. I got this from watching him. He's a deceptive piece of work. There are bodies in the bush over the roads he's traveled.

Klobuchar could not stop telling everyone how she is the only one to do whatever it was that everyone forgot as soon as she said it. This snake eyed, crypto tribester's day is done. That's 6. Hah... I left someone out and can't remember who it is. I'll bet that means something. Right, Bloomberg... this deer in the headlights should have not been in the debates. He could well have won the nomination on ads alone. He might STILL WIN. The reason he could win is that his competition is abysmal. NONE OF THE ABOVE is the best candidate the Democrats can hope to field. This leave me with an ominous feeling...

The smart guys in the room, none of whom were on the debate stage last night, know that none of these fools has a chance. This leaves them with only a few options; field the Obama Tranny? Offal Winfrey? The Undertaker? (Clinton, in case you didn't get that right off). If they can't come up with anyone beside who they got, then they need a false flag, or some kind of killshot for the Trump Express. It is a pressing thing! Trump winning puts the Supreme Court on the right track for decades and also puts an end to The Perversity Train of Lunatic Sex Freaks.

Sander's connection to Antifa (those who attacked all the Bloomberg offices) is going to surface loud and clear in coming months and the country will have none of that. Trump winning puts an end to the Soros effort to destroy America with runaway immigration AND OTHER THINGS. LIFE and DEATH are on the table. This is the most critical election in American history. The road goes straight on or it goes off road, depending on who is in the White House when the smoke clears. It's for ALL THE MARBLES, my friends. This is the big one. The quality of our lives hangs in the balance. Somehow I feel that I, personally, will be fine, even if... against all odds at present, I have to relocate. I don't know what God has in store. He doesn't tell me much about that end of things and I don't ask all that much either. Wherever I am, it's all happening on the inside anyway.

Yesterday I spoke a bit about Karma. Let me simplify it even more. It's ALL action and reaction and you are only here for one of two reasons... because all the reactions haven't been resolved yet OR TO HELP. “AS YE SOW SO SHALL YE REAP”. There is no more to it. NADA! Of course there is The Law of Polarities but that doesn't change anything... “AS YE SOW, SO SHALL YE REAP.” and EVERYTHING... everything you see and hear AND EXPERIENCE, is an outworking of this principle. EVERYTHING! Change your course over to Righteous Road and all the forces of good will fly to your side. Otherwise... it's the other guys. Right this minute you can say, “Okay! That's it.” IF you are determined and you got FAITH on the one side and CERTITUDE on the other, you are home free, long before you get home.

The world is a trembling magnetic forest of shadows and lies. As the residents repeat the common lies, a hum can be heard, which is the amalgam of the taradiddles and ambiguities. Then when Truth is spoken, it disturbs the pattern and impacts upon the wildlife. The animal mind ALWAYS reacts to what it does not understand. This is what sets dogs barking. If you are going to tell the truth, you are going to have to be okay with barking dogs, because they will harry your passage until you pass through town. You are as much defined by the affections you arouse as you are by the enmity. Be grateful for it. It means you are going the right way.

Ambition, Greed, Lust and sundry, cause us to behave badly and become indifferent to the manner in which we appear and the consequences that result. This was made very clear on the debate stage last night. They cared nothing for how they came across. The objective was everything. People will say or do anything to get what they want and it was truly said, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” This applies across the board in so many ways. It is horrifying... the ways in which we shame ourselves and we do not see ourselves as others see us. There are some truths we refuse to accept. We refuse to accept that near everyone will abandon us, given the right circumstances. Weinstein's wife was out the door before her makeup was dry. The world is FICKLE AND HEARTLESS and you have ONLY ONE FRIEND, but that friend is an everlasting potentiality in everyone you meet. Speak always ONLY to that friend, no matter who you think you are communicating with.

Life is a mystery dance. It looks one way but is another way in reality. Most people go through their whole life and never catch a whiff of it. People convince themselves of their expertise in this that and the other thing, then they behave as if they had never even heard the things they were saying the day before, the moment someone gets in their way, or causes them ANY distress of any kind. One moment there is a smiling mask and the next moment... the beast emerges from beneath the surface. ALWAYS remind yourself that you are, 'only passing through'. Do not become attached to anything and if, for the sake of decorum and an atmosphere of peace, you must appear to be, don't actually be. Life WILL REMOVE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE, sooner or later. Be ahead of the game. Inversely, attach yourself to the ineffable as the single, everlasting love of your life and YOU CAN'T GO WRONG.

Players dance and prance their way across the stage. The spotlight hits them and they are certain it will remain there forever. It will not. Elvis has left the building. Who knows what he's doing now. Michael Jackson moon-walked right out of sight and that was the end of it. When God Loves you, he's going to rip you to shreds (count on it) and then put you back together a piece at a time. If he doesn't do this then you are REALLY IN A WORLD OF HURT. Nothing is worse than for God to be indifferent to you. It may seem like Hell itself when God love you but it is worth all that it costs and so much more than that. Be exceedingly grateful at the presence of inexplicable misfortunes. I DO KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT HERE. It won't go on forever.

It stuns me daily that people seem indifferent to the presence of God. I DON'T GET IT. The cornucopia of wonderland forever and ever, is there before you, disguised as something else. It's ALL A MASQUERADE and the only way to see what is really happening is to look into your heart. There is a door in your heart and you must appeal to Heaven for it to be opened. Behind that door is a vast and immeasurable reservoir of Love. Few there are that find it BUT ANYONE COULD FIND IT, who does not cease in the pursuit. IT IS GUARANTEED! It is the whole point of any of us being here in the first place and look around you. See if you can spot a single person with their eyes on the prize. It is a whole other kind of thousand yard stare and you have to have that special PTSD that comes with having truly suffered, in order to see in that way.

Those poor fools on that stage last night. That glazed look in their eyes, as they parroted their memorized lies that have nothing to do with anything they will ever do. They just HAVE TO GET THERE and then it will be alright. It's like the people who rationalize every sort of abuse they engage in, (because the end justifies the means) with the statement that they will make up for all of it, just as soon as they get where they want to go. They won't. They NEVER do and then they will, guaranteed, meet all of the people they stepped on, on their way up, on their way back down.

Over and over and over, people repeatedly do the same stupid, self destructive things, in the false hope that all that bad behavior is going to result in some kind of lasting success. Even if they do succeed they wind up with the taste of ashes in their mouths and live to bitterly regret it; PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION.

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Pocketnet to the right of us. Pocketnet to the left of us. Into the bushwhacking, take no prisoners, delicatessen of dismembered alsorans, on the unnamed road of light, marched Joe Bob and the Bataan Boy Band to the Slingblade Orchestra, playing ♫ Inagaddathafaddah ♫ and you can catch them live right now!

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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Mad as a Hatter they Hurry up to Wait.

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I'm a nobody. No reason anyone has to listen to me. I'm not one of those experts, self proclaimed or actual. I'm just some guy whose had a certain measure of experiences and that has set the directives on my behavior... like blessing my food and respecting Lady Nature. My gratitude is through the roof and past the sky, because I am in possession of the 3 difficult to obtain items in this world; a human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great souled ones. I am rich beyond measurement due to this.

Much about my life has been kept hidden from me. I think that may well be the major feature of my existence but... I must have been a good guy at some point to have gotten all 3 of these. I know that most people will look at it and say, “I don't see what the big deal is. You were born human, so what? You hunger for salvation? Okay and you have the company of 'great souled ones'. What does that even mean? Sometimes when you don't know the value of something, it is one of the primary reasons you don't have it.

I count my blessings in a very immaterial way. Some of the things I treasure might seem to have little meaning for others. I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate that I am motivated to bless my food and that I remember to do so. I consider myself blessed that my main preoccupation is the remembrance and celebration of God. It is OUTSTANDING to me that I feel this way. Was it a gift from some invisible source? Did I earn it? I don't know. My heart overflows at the thought that my experience of divinity is not intellectual. It is visceral. I could jump out of my seat right now and go running down the street, jumping for joy at the knowledge of this. I do perform this internally, often.

Some people take pride in their job, their family, their place in the world or all sorts of things they came here for, each of their visitations, turns out to be a movie they acted in and then the movie ended and was forgotten. They star in movie after movie, that ends and then gets forgotten. Along the way they pick up whatever karma got generated, when they swerved to the left and then swerved to the right; or is it swiped left or right now? I don't know how many movies I acted in until I woke up in this particular movie and realized that I had been dreaming. Then, of course, I tried to fit back in but was unable to; no matter what I did I could not forget having woken up. Drugs and alcohol helped for awhile but it was never enough, no matter how much there was and because of having woken up, my karma had become spontaneous and immediate instead of 'deferred' as is usually the case.

I was compelled to experience, 'instant karma's gonna get you'. That's not a whole lot of fun. Still, it had its limits, finally coming to an end and the soundtrack never stopped playing. The soundtrack was the voices of sirens, calling me to distant lands, lands of different substance than terra firma. They were the diametrical opposite of the sirens that Ulysses left his ears open for. It turned out they were actually angels, singing from the blessed shores beyond Elysium and once heard... one cannot forget, not ever.

So it is that I and others of my kind, must wander the disintegrating landscape, of times temporary creations. You hear broadcasts, sometimes close up and sometimes far away, that sound so much like the voices in the newsreels that used to appear, with the coming attractions in the movies theaters, decades ago. The speech is never distinguishable. Occasionally a brief phrase or word surfaces and then fades, much like the voices on the wind that all of us hear on occasion but never remember for long.

I have yet to be sure if I am waiting for something to end or something to begin. It just passes in an endless parade. Marchers fall by the wayside and new marchers appear for a time. They are going somewhere but I have no idea of where that is. The whole of life seems to be composed of people on their way to wait somewhere. I recall all the times a sales person or anyone I might have been waiting on, arrives to tell me they are sorry I had to wait, or how busy it is on that particular day and I tell them it doesn't matter, because no matter where I might be, I would still be waiting. I think about that often, when some impatient driver pulls around us on their way somewhere, or someone brushes past me on the street or in a store. I can clearly see that people are 'driven'. I find myself saying, “Go ahead, hurry up and wait.” People race home or away from home and wind up waiting wherever it is that they are. Often they are in pursuit of distractions to make them unaware that they are waiting.

On occasion, I would find myself in a park, where a concert might be taking place. It's years ago now and I would be by myself, sitting on some grass incline and looking down at the people passing in different directions. I would be on acid and I could see, LITERALLY, the hunger or appetite that was pulling them forward. It was a real experience. I felt like I was looking into a world of hunger and I could see the fire burning and be reminded that a fire never gets enough. You can feed a fire forever but it isn't going to simply go out on its own, unless it rains really hard, or you throw too much on it, in the beginning. Fire just keeps burning. It never gets enough. This is how it is with people. Usually one hunger comes to predominate and it will eventually consume the person from the inside out and they will exit for a short period and come right back for it again. This happens over and over and over with some people. I have one hunger that has come to predominate.

Unless you get a handle on yourself, someone, or something else will be in charge. There are all sorts of entities, whose whole purpose of being is to exercise a single appetite. In far more cases than most people realize, it is not they themselves who are feeding. Something else is feeding through them. These creatures can be RELENTLESS. They never get enough either and we've all seen examples of this, in Walmart and other places. One of my chief forms of amusement, when I am out in the world, is to study the contents of other people's shopping carts. People fascinate me. I don't spend my time laughing at them. This would upset my invisible friends and prove costly for me. I pray for them on occasion, but I also console myself with the certainty that EVERYONE will make it out of here sometime. It may be a VERY LONG TIME before it happens but it will happen.

There are various tricks of the mind that almost no one advantages themselves of because they are unaware of their existence. Take Concentration for instance. It can be like a floor lamp, or a flashlight, or a laser and one can accelerate or time lapse one's focus, on anything and see far in advance of where another may be going. People are an actual book that can be read, much like the Living Book of Nature, which holds mysteries and wonders past imagining but it doesn't interest most people. People who are serious scientists, are able to read amazing things through the lens of their profession. The same applies to those who know how to make use of the variables of psychology and associate it with metaphysics in order to look into others, instead of simply 'at them'. Some people have elevated this talent to a remarkable degree, both in terms of Evil as well as Good. Some can see their ailments, physical and otherwise, both present and yet to come and even do something about them. This goes on all the time but doesn't get talked about because the people so engaged are of a quiet sort. Angels are at work in these areas all the time.

Of course, it is always better to look into yourself but it can also be said that when you are looking into others, you are looking into yourself.

I talk about Insanity a lot, because it is becoming more and more pronounced in the world around us. Entire generations have lost their minds and are now doing things, only because others are doing them. There are people seeking to radically alter themselves physically, for no other reason than Inclusion. Right along with this, people are getting angrier and angrier because of an internal pressure, which they cannot identify and meanwhile, a part of them knows that all of the efforts they are making and which seem so important are actually meaningless. Part of them knows this and they know there is no satisfaction in so many of the things they do and they keep asking themselves, “Is this all there is?”

This is why Distractions are at such a premium and why drug and alcohol abuse is so epidemic. ANYTHING... anything to take their mind off of the pressing questions within AND THE WORLD? The world is getting crazier and more unpredictable by the day. At the core of the heartland, are groups of people who are holding to their traditions and hoping for positive change AND AN AWAKENING is taking place and no one knows what the outcome of that will be, as one group gets more and more Mad Hatter and another group, gets more clear eyed and determined in the face of them.

There is one thing you should NEVER DO and that is, LIE TO YOURSELF. This happens with far greater frequency than may commonly be known. The more distance you put between yourself and Reality, the more combustive is going to be the result, when you run into it and YOU WILL RUN INTO IT. It is an inevitable law of life.

People are in a frenzy that they won't get what they want, never realizing that EVERYTHING would be delivered right into their hands, if they only stopped and waited. The magic of cosmic precipitation is taking place all of the time and whatever the heart's desire may be, it is already pinging upon the mechanism that brings it into being. We are perpetually robbing ourselves of our birthright. In our defiance of the ineffable, we shutter the cornucopia. It takes force to hold a balloon under water. It will pop to the surface on its own if you take your hand off of it.

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Many years ago in a land faraway, lived a magical princess and she dreamed that a handsome prince might come and find her, so she left home and she wound up at Pocketnet (no word on the 'happily ever after' yet)

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Monday, February 17, 2020

"God is Beyond Good and Evil and Weaves them Both into the Endlessly Unfurling Grand Tapestry of Life."

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A person could write more books than any sane person could imagine to be possible, like Flaubert, for instance. One could write the most convoluted and intricate works on philosophy, like Emanuel Kant. You could write exhaustive and pointless fiction like James Joyce and wind up being celebrated by poseur, pseudo-intellectuals, for... possibly... hundreds of years but... like the other two... you've been dead a long time now. No telling who you are at present. Did any of it help anyone... at all? Did it? Certainly it accounted, in the tale of Joyce, for the years of pain experienced by his secretary, Samuel Beckett, who insisted on wearing the same size shoes as his hero, even though they were of a smaller size. He should have written, “Waiting for the Podiatrist”, or better yet, “Waiting for the Psychiatrist”, instead of “Waiting for Godot”

Then there are the world reavers, the Khans and Tamerlanes, Attilas and all the rest. There have been high and mightys and low and dull and sometimes drunk and disorderlies. There has been a considerably larger amount of the latter than of the former. The amount of pimps, punters and performers that have come and gone here is staggering. Most of them are repeat business, over and over and over. Most of them haven't learned much and they aren't looking to either. The facts are that people come here for different reasons and if they get a taste for something, they tend to go to the well again and again.

I have read where illumined souls have said that hardly one in a million is motivated to the true search. It could be what the writer(s) meant was that scarcely one in a million perseveres to the goal. When I saw that number I was stunned. I thought; 'surely there are more?' As the Steven Crane poem states about the road to truth, being composed of sharp knives, disguised as blades of grass, “Doubtless there is an easier way.” There is no easier way.

All these people who have come and gone. Where are they now? Who were they then? They are forgotten. The people who remembered them are forgotten. They lived lives of trembling pleasure and heart-stopping pain... all forgotten. Their parents are forgotten. Their children are forgotten. They are forgotten. Of all the forgotten lives they lived, which of these was real? In which life were they authentically expressed? Rolodexing personalities, striving in contention, with millions of others of their kind, all forgotten. The kaleidoscope turns and the colors and shapes blend and go and come back again. What is the mystery of the colors, when only the screen upon which they were projected is real? Are we really colorless, odorless, invisible in our essence? What are we? I dreamed I was a man dreaming I was a dolphin that dreamed I was a man.

Entire civilizations have come and gone, all forgotten. Surely they are recorded in the Akashic Records but... who can read them? These cultures... some of them were advanced beyond anything we know today but which... perhaps we shall know tomorrow, if we survive. These civilizations had their Mozarts and Rembrandts. They had their Buddhas and Christs. Where are they now? Who remembers them? Forgotten. All forgotten. The entirety of existence can be described thusly; an incomprehensible, indefinable and immeasurable being desired to know itself, so... it expressed outward into space an environment of interplaying opposites and then shattered its essential being into countless mirroring parts, in order to generate a quest, a pursuit through Time, Space and Causation.

It manifested a game of Hide and Seek so that it might discover itself. It is the spirit in search of experience. It generated the atmosphere of a dream and created Desire as the Agent of its Will. It created an endless series of objects and states, in a dance of electromagnetics and concealed itself within the separated minds of the particles it generated to search for itself. The ultimate joy and the reason for the construction entire, was to be found in the experience of Self Realization; the universe when it knows itself as God.

The solitary seeker exists in a wasteland of unexamined lives and must, as was once urged by a great teacher, 'be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove.' The sincere seeker is the Ugly Duckling. The sincere seeker must 'walk in all ways contrary to the world', without calling undue attention to itself. The self that is being sought is the self that is found in that place where one's heart and treasure is. The Ugly Duckling is always in danger of being pecked to death. The duckling is not a duck, it is the Paramahansa.

Life has only one objective and that is FREEDOM and FREEDOM is found in Self Realization and no other place. (Self Realization is a ticking time bomb BUT... you can turn the clock ahead.) Everything else is forgotten. The pain of separation and the hunger of longing both end, when one finds what is missing and that which is missing, is what propels them in the pursuit of it. God's not dead, he's merely hiding. You can see him in the morning when The Sun is Rising.

All that meaningless pain, torment and struggle for a handful of sand, running through the fingers. The epic sorrow that is contained in this... ah... it is past expressing. This is the nature and origin of True Art and the reason why the agents of the enemy have been at such an effort to suppress and hinder true artistic expression in these times. Man created a bogeyman mask, composed of impure and toxic desire, which overlays the face of the angel. Angels are the manifest expression of God's will, personalized to the tasks he completes through them. Devils are the face of our Fears and Hungers. They are our appetites personified. Indeed, you will find this to be so in their job description.

Angels are God in Action. Angels become devils in the mind of the profane. Angel or Devil, they both (intentionally and unintentionally) urge us to FREEDOM and God feeds them both. It is God's ceaseless meditation upon existence, which holds the universe entire in place, for the Purpose of Demonstration. Were he to stop for an instant, it would all disappear. That is how close God is to every one of us. It is God that holds us in place and God that is THE ACTUAL LIFE IN US. Celebrate the Presence. That is all you have to do. Everything else will take care of itself. What is it that hinders us in this?

Angels and Devils both, serve God. God is beyond Good and Evil and weaves them both into the endlessly unfurling Grand Tapestry of Life.

In times of Apocalypse, the dream fabric frays. The light begins to seep through the openings. This infuriates the agents of darkness, who run about sticking their fingers into The Dyke of Darkness but they soon run out of fingers. Oh how they scurry and scramble now. THE LIGHT IS COMING!!! THE LIGHT IS COMING!!! It is this light that is the force which exposes what has been hidden. It is the light that reveals! It is the light that uncovers! It is the light that awakens! It is a conscious light. It is an awareness and we ALL HAVE ACCESS TO IT!!!

A Golden Age is coming. Once the wreckage is cleared away and the collective mind set right, or recycled, it will appear in the Event Horizon. There has NEVER been a time so critical for one to work upon themselves. It is a simple matter actually. You don't do anything at all but surrender and become contrite. You become like the dirty child who fell into the mud and scraped his knee. You cry out for The Mother and she will come and clean you up and heal your wounds. It was your idea to go out into the world and dance in the mosh pits of depravity, It was your idea to force your will upon the world, along with the billions of others, to no enduring reward other than experience. It was all your idea. What was your mother to do? She loves you so much she had to let you go. And, like everyone else, you made a mess of it but all is not lost. She will take you back into her arms with nary a thought of your behavior. It is you who must forgive yourself. God has already forgiven you. Jesus Christ went out of his way to make the greatest statement ever made.

The love of God is a consuming fire. Let it consume you! Let the Telesma... the Quintessence, the Spiritual Fire, awaken in you and purify you completely. Of course this is not the labor of an afternoon but The Lord sees the Prodigal Son coming from far off. Can you feel the joy of The Father at your return? Breathe in the pranic component of cleansing and let it radiate throughout your being. Court the Telesma. Court the Quintessence. Court the Spiritual Fire. Be the eager suitor, consumed with the single divine passion for union with the one and your sincerity will act like such a powerful magnet that no angel, nor deity can resist the attraction. God is a slave to Love.

End Transmission.......

Today's Rendering is, “In Search of Rest”

“What's he got in his Pocketzies? Golum golum (sound made in throat). That thief Baggins!!!” And then there was Pocketnet.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

"Actually Accessing the Truth, is the Hitch in the Giddyup to the Staircase of Interior Stars."

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The clock is ticking. This time, you know that Schiff and Shingles, the Tweedledum and Tweedledee of Short Bus Assassins, law firm that handles all things Stool Sculpture Deity centric, will be coming to the podium with real charges, with real, credible and fact based Fruit of the Poisoned Tree evidence. He's got his people in R&D working on it and as soon as they have manufactured the details, you... the Pole Axed Steer Generation, of the America People, will be hearing about it.

I don't usually catch much grief around these parts. It used to be a bit more rowdy. We seldom get those gunslingers with Parkinson's that used to come and go. Now we got a more creative breed, that slithers in with false bonhomie, shading the syntax right on the edge of confusion, as to whether they be fucking with you or not. It puts you in a right uneasy place. You know you'll feel bad if you find out they truly were sincerely inquiring about something. At the same time............................. well... let's just say we get a sense that someone's trying to put salt peter in the Playdo. I always figure if a person were legitimate they would find a way to let you know.

I'm still waiting on that ten million dollars I was promised. I can't make the big move until it comes in. Meanwhile... Meanwhile? We're going to fluff up our sombrero into a prairie pillow and lay back and count the stars out here in the high, wide and lonesome. In any case, all of this rummaging about here, is to state that the greatest of negative reactions I have been experiencing of late, are all due to my 'perceived' support of President Trump. My support, if it is even a real thing, has to do with Self Defense. Everyone else that is competing to replace him are EITHER destructively incompetent, utterly sold out, or Satanically driven. I take a man or woman's value as being expressed in the words of Jesus Christ; “BY THEIR WORKS YE SHALL KNOW THEM!!!” I care not a wit about his buffoonery, seeming lack of class and strange behaviors in a personal manner. I am ONLY concerned about his works. This feature, separated from all else, makes him the greatest president in living memory. The only unfortunate aspect of his presidency is his coddling up to Israel. I do not understand this and I do not support it but OTHER THAN THAT? It is what it is.

We are getting to our point. If we are not definitively getting to that point exactly, we are getting to where we can see the point up ahead; keeping in mind that distances can be deceptive in the western lands. Those mountains, over cross the way, are not as close as the objects appearing in your side view mirror. They're fifty miles away. This you will discover if you set out for them, as Mr. Visible once did, sort of, with a different topography, that wound endlessly through haunted Indian canyons, first traversing miles of date and orange groves in the run up. It was early afternoon when he set out with a companion, who did not make it as far as the canyons, and it was near dawn of the next day when Visible finally saw the headlights in the far off. His heart leapt in that triumph of will; he not realizing the highway was still ten miles away. He walked around 65 miles in that stretch, without food or water. Good thing is was winter time in The Coachella Valley. Visible quickly got a ride once he arrived at the interstate (was it an interstate?). He was picked up by a fellow who smelled like an ape (true story) and who said he was an Anthropology professor at some colitch up the road. It was such a remarkable dovetailing counterpoint that the memory is deeply etched.

So... we were getting to the point, until Visible sidetracked off into the Land of Timeless Digressions. Regardless... the angel who guards and mentors Visible, does not allow him to abandon the route entirely. So here it is, for what it's worth. We have had more cultures, nations and historical periods that have vanished from history than any human mind can conceive of. Most recently, there was Atlantis and Lemuria. Lemuria, also known as Mu, preceded Atlantis. As for times and dates, good luck. I do have a theory however and I believe it applies to many another civilization that came before them. Technology is a wonderful thing. It contains the healing mechanisms in humanities war against pain and discomfort. Civilization IS humanities reaction to pain and the pursuit of comfort. It can also be likened to a runaway horse. Unless human morality can be kept abreast of the rise of technology, this runaway horse will destroy the carriage it pulls behind it and this is what has happened many, many times before.

Lemuria came and went. Atlantis came and went. Now we have come and are on the precipice of our own departure, unless divine intervention intrudes and I expect that it will. It will intrude in a variety of ways, depending upon the bent and inclinations of whatever and whomever it is intruding upon. Let me say ONLY THIS CONCERNING it, as an advisory and an operating guide; YOU HAD BEST GET RIGHT WITH IT. That is ALL YOU NEED DO.

If one looks upon the present state of civilization it can be easily seen that the force of Materialism has left the higher impulses of Love, Compassion, Decency, Self Control, Caring and Sharing and a multitude of others in a state of tragicomic disarray. We are fraying at the scenes. We are falling apart. We are cannibalizing ourselves. We are descending into chaos and we are getting plenty of help.

There are certain forces that are actively lobbying for and financing world wide destruction. The mystery is... what's in it for them? Will they not be destroying themselves? I do not doubt they have an angle but... it won't help them. The final judgment on all things in manifest life, ARE DECIDED by The Invisible Hierarchy; the Leadership Council of the Rishis... or, call them what you will. They are the multiple expressions of The Single Will of the Creator, as it asserts itself through the various personalities of its archetypes. Think of an incomprehensible force of being, manifest as light, so bright it appears as darkness, which passes through a spectrum and then is individualized in specific persona for specific tasks.

Here is what Edgar Cayce had to say about the level of existence that was present in Atlantis;

“the Atlanteans were well-versed in technology that harnessed the power of the quantum world. This included the use of crystals and sound waves for healing. Elevators and connecting tunnels operated with compressed air and steam. And they used quartz crystal science to mine gold, copper, and silver from the earth. Atlanteans were adept at the use of silicon chips at levels unrivaled in the modern world. The Crystal Skull, for example, was cut with such infinite precision that “no known modern tool could have replicated the job.” They were familiar with the amplification power of crystals in laser technology and memory chips. Also, they made extensive use of mass mental telepathy, psychokinesis, and astral projection into fourth-dimensional consciousness.”

He also said,

“two rival parties fought for control of the Atlanteans in its final days. The Children of the Law of One wanted to return to spiritual stewardship of the land-based on natural laws. The other group, the Sons of Belial, wanted to exploit natural resources for material gain.

The chief focus of their conflict was a third class of dull, half-awake sub-humans that the Sons of Belial used for slave labor. The Children of the Law of One wanted to enlighten these sub-beings by raising their consciousness. However, the Sons of Belial wanted to keep them in ignorance and exploit them for their own gain.”


And so it goes... Cayce went on to say that many former residents of Atlantis have been reincarnating in America. He said; “Their purpose was to usher in a new era of enlightened human consciousness.”

I had a dream-trance experience many years ago where I was in a space below the pyramids. I was taken through corridors. I could clearly see Egyptian hieroglyphics on the walls. There was a golden indirect lighting, whose source I could not discern. At a certain point, I found myself in a place beneath The Sphinx, where a ceremony took place but I have no recollection of what transpired. I suspect, like all the other important details in my life that have been concealed from me, there is a reason for this.

I am convinced that previous to the destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis, a number of souls migrated to safer regions and they could well have become the indigenous peoples who remain today but who degenerated into survival lifestyles with no remembrance of their origins.

People get all wound up about subjects like the Annunaki, people living beneath the surface of the Earth, reptiles who walk among us, Extraterrestrials and Dimensional beings from higher frequencies. I have no doubt about any of these as I have had multiple contacts with ET's and on occasion there were other witnesses. One of them is the brother of Fox Newscaster, Brit Hume. I have also encountered extra-dimensional beings as well. Concerning the Annunaki I know nothing and the same for inner Earth dwellers. My ONLY concern is the Inner Visible Dweller.

There are the Zecharia Sitchins and many another researcher and author of books on ancient beings. I've learned nothing from any of them. I am not saying they are wrong. They could well be right but... what difference does it make? I am ONLY concerned with what changes life for the better, I care not about what happened in The Urantia Book, or Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson, or the ancient fantasies of The Scientologists. This sort of questionable, useless and pointless minutiae of What Difference does it Make, makes no difference to me. Half a dozen Nibirus, twenty five Annunaki and The Emperor of Swiss Cheese may make for entertaining seminars and provide for speculators to get rich and temporarily important in various backwater subcultures, with all the importance and glamour of a gathering of Furries or a Star Trek Convention, but is don't mean squat to me.

I mean no criticism of Sitchin, or certain conspiracy-vested, seminar givers, who provide 8 hours of charts and graphs (each day)... the avalanche of DVD's and Tsunami of everything under the sun. Perhaps it all works in its own fashion for the awakening of humanity but I will say there is too much, far too much STUFF. I don't know and I can't say but I suspect. I HIGHLY SUSPECT that all that is truly transformative and life changing IS WITHIN YOU. You contain the entirety of it all within you. Accessing it is the hitch in the giddyup to the Staircase of Interior Stars.

End Transmission.......

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First there was a Pocketnet, then there was no Pocketnet, then there was... or then again, not.

Friday, February 7, 2020

"The Long Hard Roll of the Fixed Dice in the Neverland Casino where They Think They Win."

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Materialism gives birth to Insanity... Nancy rips up the presidents speech, while the tortured offspring of Helicopter Parents shit, Liberally, ♫ on the streets where she lives ♫. People with no grip on their own awareness and no deeper sense of self, are having their minds hijacked, right and left. This is happening in individual fashion, as evidenced by those screaming at beings that only they can see and in collective fashion, as evidenced by Antifa and other loosely formed aggregates of the mentally deranged.

Examples of both kinds of 'possession' are to be seen in their greatest presence, in the larger cities on the West and East Coasts. It should be glaringly apparent that it is in both of those locations where Liberalism and Wack-Think are at their greatest density. The numbers don't lie.

What happened at the president's State of the Union speech, is a clear indicator of what is to manifest on the urban streets of this country, this year. There is a divide in positions between those who are clamoring for the abolition of ALL RESTRAINT and those who think that a resident sense of self discipline is a major key to Quality of Life. It is only a matter of time. It is a ticking time bomb. It is inevitable, unless God intrudes, that the streets of the densely populated coasts are going to be in flames soon.

I don't want to be a Panicmeister. I sincerely believe in a coming Golden Age but I ALSO BELIEVE that INDIVIDUAL and COLLECTIVE KARMA, will manifest along the way, as Mr. Apocalypse waves his walking stick/baton, over the great stage of existence (and the soundtrack orchestra), upon which THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION is taking place. One person is standing on a sidewalk. He has paused and has lifted his eyes to The Sun, closing them against the painful brightness, he basks in the flow of the golden rays upon his form. Three feet away from him, someone on a compelling mission, who did not stop, his eyes fixed upon the screen of his cellphone, is suddenly promoted into the presence of his creator by a city bus. It happens.

I'm not saying we should all stop for a moment to feel the splendor and beauty of the life giving sun, or that it will keep you from getting hit by a bus, or that not stopping will lead to you getting modulated to a different frequency by a city bus. I am saying that all those things you think are so important now could well not even be on your mindscreen a few months from now. I'm saying that ignoring the life giving rays of The Sun and turning your eyes to the pedestrian Earth, is a kind of putting the cart before the horse, which... before I am taken to task by the Minutiae Police, is ALSO A SACRED VESSEL to my mind. Our attentions, however, are not always sacred.

It has become very clear to me in recent times that there can be no peace between The Rational and The Deranged and it is the job of The Rational to not allow The Deranged to come into power. Generally, the spectrum of rational, embraces a larger mass than the spectrum of deranged. Unfortunately... there are brief periods when derangement gains enough power to make a difference in the world- and NEVER a good one. For instance there is The Bolshevik Revolution. There was the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and The French Revolution. With the last... there were definite, legitimate reasons to overthrow the decadent upper classes in France but it all, very soon, got way out of hand.

We are in similar straits in these times and unless you have a private planet you can flee to, it might be an intelligent position to stand and act on behalf of Rational and Sane and Moral, if only by example in your own behavior. Only the clueless or deranged are unaware of how many clueless and deranged people are loose in these times and let's give dishonorable mention to THE ANGRY... there are hordes of angry people, presently murking about, who are enraged, incensed and increasingly more and more violent for ONE REASON. The world does not see them, relate to them or treat them... LIKE THEIR HELICOPTER PARENTS DID. Here is a classic example of what I am talking about.

Keep in mind that this is only one sector of Crazyland. This is only one neighborhood in Crazyland.

The biggest supporters of Toxic Revolutions, are the first to be dispensed with when the revolution comes. Women complaining about a Rape Culture in Europe, (and here) are among the most prominent engines for attracting a real rape culture into their countries, through migrations from countries where Rape Culture is, most definitely, 'a thing'.

There are two main sources for the amplification of Crazy in these times. One of the causes is Bad Parenting and the other is a hijacked education system, that teaches self loathing and promotes social causes that are popular ONLY among very small percentages of people. Social Justice causes are of Communist Origin. Enforced Robotic Behavior, through social programming, are direct feeds into the template for totalitarian government. Materialism can also be blamed because it makes people more and more susceptible to crackpot ideologies. ALL OF THESE CAUSES, are being promoted by a particular group of people, who are performing Satanists and who believe by bringing about CHAOS and DISORDER that they can then take control of a country and its inhabitants. If you don't know this then you are on the endangered list.

For instance, there is some kind of bill in the house right now that wants to protect criminal illegals from deportation. This sounds like a bad joke, right? It's not. Of course there are more details; when are there not?

Something very dark and very powerful is moving through the underbrush of the Democratic Party. It has been tacitly identified as the radical wing of The Left but... think about it for a moment. How many Representatives could that actually be... a couple of dozen? Somehow... beyond my pay grade at the moment... a small cluster of disaffected newbies is wielding power far beyond any rhyme or reason. The evidence is that the Big Dogs are scared of them. Who has the power to make Nancy Pelosi and the rest of The Possessed become fearful and obedient? Either The Prince of Darkness himself (whom they already serve), or one of his ranking underlings.

There has been an agenda in operation since before the turn of the last century. They had been lying in wait for some time before that. The world had to be rendered into a state of malaise and self indulgence first. Convenience had to have been introduced. There needed to be a whirling blitz of new and newer technologies in their incipience. Given that... the Earth became fertile ground for the formative plane getting the blueprints (from the plane above) for Evil.

Albert Pike had written about these things prior to, as had others but the active portion... the manifesting portion, came into being at the same time as all those secret societies from The Theosophical Society to The Golden Dawn and The OTO (Let's not forget the Protocols of Zion). It was in the neighborhood of this time frame where The Mason leadership got corrupted. Previously Adam Weishaupt was busy... yadda yadda. This sort of thing always comes around when technology begins to outstrip the parameters of our collective moral compass.

'They' have put a lot of time and effort into this. It is the living wet dream of the Infernal Realm. They get all kinds of tumescent about the idea of a Lower Astral warehouse filled with damned souls. We are in the very midst of it as you read these words. You can be sure the pressure is going to intensify, in direct parallel with the Force of Awakening. Certain minions of The Dark Side, in human aspect, probably thought the day would never come, while they were still present on this plane... and could be called into formation to do the will of their Dark Lord. Be still my bleating heart? (I'm being ironic, with a gasoline chaser).

So... here we are my friends. Certain elements are seeking... INTENSELY SEEKING, to do more damage in a short time than we have seen in a long time. On the side of the angels and what few heroes remain, there is a gritting of the teeth and a narrowing of the focus and a hope that others will join the ranks. This is dependent on their reaction to The Force of Awakening. Anything is possible... where there is life there is hope... Dream big if you can't wake up and... and? Carpe Agape. Carpe Aeternum.

End Transmission.......

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Pocketnet... it went thataway.

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Saturday, February 1, 2020

"Let the Divine Postal Service of Pending Events, Stamp your Existence with 'Special Handling'."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Tomorrow is a unique, albeit brief, necklace of moments from the numerological sector. It won't happen again until 3/3/30. Perhaps it is a kind of mathematical palindrome? (cue Todd Solondz). Now we know the people who cut the paychecks for 'the boys in the back room' (I'll have what the boys in the back are having.) are REALLY into numbers. For instance, let us consider the False Flag Attacks of 3/11, 9/11 and there are others. I know this because I've seen it hashed out and made reference to ad nauseum. The Secret Lodge members are REALLY into numbers. This means; THEY ALREADY HAVE A VIOLENT ACT IN MIND BUT THEY WANT TO COMMIT IT ON A SPECIFIC DATE.

No nation is as number obsessed as is the state of Israel. They like to commit their aggressions against their neighbors on their religious holy days. I've heard the argument that they are REALLY into numbers because money is all about numbers BUT... I think it is more than that. HOWEVER... let's stay with the attacks on religious holidays for the moment. They do this because these attacks are actually BLOOD SACRIFICES to particular INVISIBLE ENTITIES.

The material world, relies on the invisible world for its existence. The residents of the invisible world 'can' differ greatly in appearance from the residents of the manifest realm. On this plane we sometimes look like what we are. This is where the science of Phrenology comes from. On the invisible plane, the residents can often look exactly like what they are. There... form can be function. Now some bright wag is probably thinking right now... “okay, visible... if they are invisible, how can you see them?” They are invisible to the PHYSICAL SENSES. Other senses are activated when you are resident there. I might also mention that there are those of us present here, right now, for whom those senses are ALREADY ACTIVATED. Often this activation is involuntary and the mental institutions house these poor unfortunates. Others have this and other powers, as a result of austerities practiced, as a result of spiritual advancement, as a result of grace or association with great souled individuals, or for reasons that may remain mysterious.

There have been many accounts from soldiers on the battlefield, during horrific battles, who have seen ghouls and other, dramatically greater entities, moving among the corpses on the field of engagement. There are infernal beings who feed on battlefields and there are certain occult practitioners of The Black Arts who orchestrate conflicts, as a results of 'arrangements', or 'deals' made with MONSTERS who feed on the vital fluids of FEAR, SUFFERING, PAIN AND ANGUISH, LOSS and... even tears... are a form of sustenance for them.

When a country, or a cabal of bankers, or any invested and interested partners, sacrifice the lives of thousands, tens of thousands, millions... to a particular demonic entity, they generate a kind of 'negative' spiritual currency. It is MONEY IN THE BANK, to be spent on any number of causes and concerns, for the purpose of some form of self interest. THERE IS A GREAT DEAL OF MALEFICENT GOINGS ON TAKING PLACE THAT ARE NOT GENERALLY KNOWN BY THE PUBLIC MIND.

By now... any of us who like to call ourselves, INFORMED, should know that we only see a small part of the motives and machinations of the power brokers of these times. What does it say in The Bible? “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Yes... it says, 'HIGH PLACES'. There are entities who have been ensconced (look up synonyms for ensconced) in locations on the Astral Plane FOR CENTURIES. CENTURIES!!! They have been doing their 'business as usual' for a very long time. They are operating under dispensations, granted to them for the length of the age, in some cases. God sets the parameters between the light and the darkness. If you don't know that GOD is the author of these things, after a fashion, your knowledge is not only incomplete but even injurious to you. What you don't know CAN hurt you.

These entities are ONE OF THE PRIMARY REASONS for the coming of The Avatar at specific intervals in human history. Given enough time of passage, humanity can go well off the road and into the wastes. The Avatar comes around to set the cartography straight;

“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.”

Yes... God deals with the good and the evil and weaves the course of them both in a particular fashion, FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION.

In the interest of a 'head's up', as an instrument of caution and comfort (where it may apply), let me include- once again- this statement;

“These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great souled ones.”

When I first read that, within the last year, it set my whole being atremble. It DESERVES A CAREFUL AND PROLONGED SCRUTINY.

When The Avatar comes, he does not ONLY adjust material conditions, he comes with a broom and... I should also add, LEGIONS OF ANGELS and SWEEPS ALL OF THE REGIONS OF EXISTENCE CLEAN OF EVIL INFLUENCE. All of the entities 'ensconced' for such a period of time, are swept from their seats and stripped of all power and influence. IT IS NOT ENOUGH to clear out all of the ways and byways on THIS PLANE, because those who operate from the invisible, simply find new human agents to carry out their plans. These vulnerable souls are like cars and they are 'jacked' by these entities who operate a stolen soul ring.

Once again, let me state... BECAUSE IT IS OF SERIOUS IMPORTANCE... that Mr. Apocalypse is going to amplify THE FORCE OF AWAKENING by a factor of at least 10 (speaking of numbers) soon. It COULD WELL BE that some material events will precede, or be associated, with this increase in THE FORCE OF AWAKENING. Do I have to say that those of you who are presently, consciously, struggling to awakening ARE FORTUNATE INDEED! Yes... these are trying times. I labor daily under the impact of pernicious harassments, AS DO WE All. I often feel like I am jogging in LA, where it is said, “just living there is equal to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.” IT WILL NOT ALWAYS BE SO! We are all being tried in the fires of circumstance. This is to see if we are sincere, resilient and determined.

God may well be at the furthest reach of the universe. God may well be within every particle of existence, animate and inanimate, from the grossest physical manifestation to the finest expression of substance that there is but what our minds should be focused on, in this regard, is that GOD IS WITHIN! God may well be apart but God is, MOST CERTAINLY within, FOR ALL PRACTICAL PURPOSES AND GOD CAN BE CONTACTED AT ALL TIMES! Just because you don't get some instant response does not mean God did not hear you and is not acting upon your prayer, request or inquiry. God answers ALL sincere and righteous prayer. You, sometimes, get your answers by diver's means and I can attest to that from personal experience. God is significantly more aware of you than you are of God. TO THE DEGREE THAT YOU RELY ON THE INEFFABLE, TO THAT DEGREE YOU WILL BE ATTENDED TO. God has all those angels for a reason!!! And I might add that you get attended to regardless. It is critically important as to WHOM YOU PUT YOUR FAITH IN.

So... does it matter that tomorrow is 2-2-20? Every moment of every day matters. Will something remarkable happen tomorrow? Something remarkable happens every single day. We just don't usually see it but I ASSURE YOU THAT SOMEONE SEES. Every day, angels spiral around the sun with trumpets, resonating pure joy outward, in the eternal celebration of the Coming of the King... rising forever and ever as the world turns beneath it. This can and is seen by those whose eyes are tuned to the necessary bandwidth. There are glorious celebrations in the heavens AT ALL TIMES! The general, separated, human consciousness, is turned downward to the murky and inconsequential happenings of pedestrian existence ...and THEY DO NOT SEE THE CELEBRATION. There is a victory dance taking place on the upper planes AT ALL TIMES but sadly... most of us do not see it.

There is no Armageddon of which we need to be concerned. There is no world ending catastrophe that includes us all. There are ONLY those catastrophes that certain groups of people signed up for. Simultaneously, with whatever destructive and fear laden events might come and go, there are other events of jubilation and triumphant rejoicing going on ALL THE TIME! What will tomorrow bring? What did you do in preparation for it today?

There is NOTHING to worry about. There NEVER HAS BEEN anything to worry about. Everything we worry about is something we have assumed personal responsibility for. If you feel it is your job to handle something, the divine will step back and let you do so AND THEN... you can worry about it. Conversely, you can leave the whole thing in God's hands and the Divine Postal Service of Pending Events, will stamp your existence with 'Special Handling' and will ferry it by the most expeditious route to a divine address.

End Transmission.......

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