Wednesday, February 26, 2020

"It Came from Beneath the Valley of Impotent Distractions and Woke up Naked on Stage."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Coronvirus to the left of us. Coronavirus to the right of us. Into The Valley of Impotent Distractions marched the Coronavirus. Bernie to the left of us. Bloomberg to the right of us and Buttsrmegig to the rear; into the minds of the left behinds, marched a godawful mess. I watched last night's train wreck of a debate in a kind of embarrassed wonder. The moderators reminded me of inner city student teachers, who had lost all control over the rampaging sugar junkies in the classroom.

The raw, naked greed for power was VISIBLY on display (especially Lizzie Warren). Bernie 'Nosferatu' Sanders made his pincer crab shadow puppets, on the grafittied walls, inside the empty lots of what once passed for minds. I could see all the freebies, dancing like sugar plums, on the video game screens of the minds of the left behinds. Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie! Maybe they should cancel all student debt, given that no one appears to have learned anything anyway.

Here's what I learned about the candidates and their chances. No one is talking about it but Pete is toast because neither Blacks nor Latinos want a Gay-boy president, nor the Evangelicals either. They talk about Pete's lack of connection to the blacks but THEY DON'T SAY why that is. It's because he presents as the white bread catamite of Captain Pissgums, aboard the Hispaniola; “Bwak! Pieces of ass! Pieces of ass! Bwak! Aye Pete, yur smart as paint chips, ye ar! Bwak!!!” The Checkered Demon is watching you!

Elizabeth Warren is a lying cur dog and a meaner bitch on wheels I don't think I've seen that often, especially since life has trained me to be out the back door should one EVER come over the rise. Even after being caught out lying about being fired for being pregnant, she told that lie again. Then she said again that Bloomersberg said, “Kill it!” I'll wager he didn't.

Biden... Dear God... His mouth is moving but he's not even in the room. He came out with some doozies, like 150 million people died from guns at some time, somewhere. The less said about Joe the better. He could win but he will lose regardless.

Tom Steyer is about as cold blooded and mean spirited as they come. I got this from watching him. He's a deceptive piece of work. There are bodies in the bush over the roads he's traveled.

Klobuchar could not stop telling everyone how she is the only one to do whatever it was that everyone forgot as soon as she said it. This snake eyed, crypto tribester's day is done. That's 6. Hah... I left someone out and can't remember who it is. I'll bet that means something. Right, Bloomberg... this deer in the headlights should have not been in the debates. He could well have won the nomination on ads alone. He might STILL WIN. The reason he could win is that his competition is abysmal. NONE OF THE ABOVE is the best candidate the Democrats can hope to field. This leave me with an ominous feeling...

The smart guys in the room, none of whom were on the debate stage last night, know that none of these fools has a chance. This leaves them with only a few options; field the Obama Tranny? Offal Winfrey? The Undertaker? (Clinton, in case you didn't get that right off). If they can't come up with anyone beside who they got, then they need a false flag, or some kind of killshot for the Trump Express. It is a pressing thing! Trump winning puts the Supreme Court on the right track for decades and also puts an end to The Perversity Train of Lunatic Sex Freaks.

Sander's connection to Antifa (those who attacked all the Bloomberg offices) is going to surface loud and clear in coming months and the country will have none of that. Trump winning puts an end to the Soros effort to destroy America with runaway immigration AND OTHER THINGS. LIFE and DEATH are on the table. This is the most critical election in American history. The road goes straight on or it goes off road, depending on who is in the White House when the smoke clears. It's for ALL THE MARBLES, my friends. This is the big one. The quality of our lives hangs in the balance. Somehow I feel that I, personally, will be fine, even if... against all odds at present, I have to relocate. I don't know what God has in store. He doesn't tell me much about that end of things and I don't ask all that much either. Wherever I am, it's all happening on the inside anyway.

Yesterday I spoke a bit about Karma. Let me simplify it even more. It's ALL action and reaction and you are only here for one of two reasons... because all the reactions haven't been resolved yet OR TO HELP. “AS YE SOW SO SHALL YE REAP”. There is no more to it. NADA! Of course there is The Law of Polarities but that doesn't change anything... “AS YE SOW, SO SHALL YE REAP.” and EVERYTHING... everything you see and hear AND EXPERIENCE, is an outworking of this principle. EVERYTHING! Change your course over to Righteous Road and all the forces of good will fly to your side. Otherwise... it's the other guys. Right this minute you can say, “Okay! That's it.” IF you are determined and you got FAITH on the one side and CERTITUDE on the other, you are home free, long before you get home.

The world is a trembling magnetic forest of shadows and lies. As the residents repeat the common lies, a hum can be heard, which is the amalgam of the taradiddles and ambiguities. Then when Truth is spoken, it disturbs the pattern and impacts upon the wildlife. The animal mind ALWAYS reacts to what it does not understand. This is what sets dogs barking. If you are going to tell the truth, you are going to have to be okay with barking dogs, because they will harry your passage until you pass through town. You are as much defined by the affections you arouse as you are by the enmity. Be grateful for it. It means you are going the right way.

Ambition, Greed, Lust and sundry, cause us to behave badly and become indifferent to the manner in which we appear and the consequences that result. This was made very clear on the debate stage last night. They cared nothing for how they came across. The objective was everything. People will say or do anything to get what they want and it was truly said, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” This applies across the board in so many ways. It is horrifying... the ways in which we shame ourselves and we do not see ourselves as others see us. There are some truths we refuse to accept. We refuse to accept that near everyone will abandon us, given the right circumstances. Weinstein's wife was out the door before her makeup was dry. The world is FICKLE AND HEARTLESS and you have ONLY ONE FRIEND, but that friend is an everlasting potentiality in everyone you meet. Speak always ONLY to that friend, no matter who you think you are communicating with.

Life is a mystery dance. It looks one way but is another way in reality. Most people go through their whole life and never catch a whiff of it. People convince themselves of their expertise in this that and the other thing, then they behave as if they had never even heard the things they were saying the day before, the moment someone gets in their way, or causes them ANY distress of any kind. One moment there is a smiling mask and the next moment... the beast emerges from beneath the surface. ALWAYS remind yourself that you are, 'only passing through'. Do not become attached to anything and if, for the sake of decorum and an atmosphere of peace, you must appear to be, don't actually be. Life WILL REMOVE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE, sooner or later. Be ahead of the game. Inversely, attach yourself to the ineffable as the single, everlasting love of your life and YOU CAN'T GO WRONG.

Players dance and prance their way across the stage. The spotlight hits them and they are certain it will remain there forever. It will not. Elvis has left the building. Who knows what he's doing now. Michael Jackson moon-walked right out of sight and that was the end of it. When God Loves you, he's going to rip you to shreds (count on it) and then put you back together a piece at a time. If he doesn't do this then you are REALLY IN A WORLD OF HURT. Nothing is worse than for God to be indifferent to you. It may seem like Hell itself when God love you but it is worth all that it costs and so much more than that. Be exceedingly grateful at the presence of inexplicable misfortunes. I DO KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT HERE. It won't go on forever.

It stuns me daily that people seem indifferent to the presence of God. I DON'T GET IT. The cornucopia of wonderland forever and ever, is there before you, disguised as something else. It's ALL A MASQUERADE and the only way to see what is really happening is to look into your heart. There is a door in your heart and you must appeal to Heaven for it to be opened. Behind that door is a vast and immeasurable reservoir of Love. Few there are that find it BUT ANYONE COULD FIND IT, who does not cease in the pursuit. IT IS GUARANTEED! It is the whole point of any of us being here in the first place and look around you. See if you can spot a single person with their eyes on the prize. It is a whole other kind of thousand yard stare and you have to have that special PTSD that comes with having truly suffered, in order to see in that way.

Those poor fools on that stage last night. That glazed look in their eyes, as they parroted their memorized lies that have nothing to do with anything they will ever do. They just HAVE TO GET THERE and then it will be alright. It's like the people who rationalize every sort of abuse they engage in, (because the end justifies the means) with the statement that they will make up for all of it, just as soon as they get where they want to go. They won't. They NEVER do and then they will, guaranteed, meet all of the people they stepped on, on their way up, on their way back down.

Over and over and over, people repeatedly do the same stupid, self destructive things, in the false hope that all that bad behavior is going to result in some kind of lasting success. Even if they do succeed they wind up with the taste of ashes in their mouths and live to bitterly regret it; PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION.

End Transmission.......

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Pocketnet to the right of us. Pocketnet to the left of us. Into the bushwhacking, take no prisoners, delicatessen of dismembered alsorans, on the unnamed road of light, marched Joe Bob and the Bataan Boy Band to the Slingblade Orchestra, playing ♫ Inagaddathafaddah ♫ and you can catch them live right now!

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Anonymous said...

Such an art to make abysmal and boring behavior funny. It eases the painful truth, at least to those who know what truth is AND have a sense of humor. Thank you and God Bless.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

The knowing that you have passed through enough fires to become fireproof must be a joy!

The world is FICKLE AND HEARTLESS and you have ONLY ONE FRIEND, but that friend is an everlasting potentiality in everyone you meet. Speak always ONLY to that friend, no matter who you think you are communicating with.

No doubt, the deep original meaning of "Namaste".

You learn the hard way that human personas are not to be trusted, only the One shared Christ mind within them, whether they know it or not, assuming they are not body-jacking darklings.

ALWAYS remind yourself that you are, 'only passing through'. Do not become attached to anything and if, for the sake of decorum and an atmosphere of peace, you must appear to be, don't actually be.

This is an art form in itself! To be present but not trigger the panic which ensues when people sense more than they usually bargain for!

These days, when programmed minds react allergically to ANYONE who values freedom, much more to those who actually ARE free in their spirit, even if your behaviour is impeccable, the dark, "hoarse whisperers" inform their unruled subconsciouses that here is someone to attack should you be around them long enough, unless they wake up a bit instead.

It's ALL A MASQUERADE and the only way to see what is really happening is to look into your heart. There is a door in your heart and you must appeal to Heaven for it to be opened.

Finally discorvering for ourselves that the appeal must not relate to the little self's identity "needs", but strictly to be of service to the One Will, the greater good of all, seeing the work to be done from a higher perspective.

Thank you again for creating such an expansive space around you, extending to the Intermind in a death defying, space irrelevant radiance!

Onespeed, all the way to heaven on earth!

Hereticdrummer said...

One of your very best Vis, so sublime yet visceral. Keep punching buddy.

Anonymous said...

Serious question Vis,

Is the degree to which one is shredded by God's love proportional to the degree to which one clings to and has invested in, the small self's identity/ego? Or is that love directed towards the fear of letting go of that ephemeral disguise?


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"The Truth Echoes through Eternity but there are None so Deaf as Those who Will Not Hear."



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