Saturday, February 22, 2020

Mad as a Hatter they Hurry up to Wait.

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I'm a nobody. No reason anyone has to listen to me. I'm not one of those experts, self proclaimed or actual. I'm just some guy whose had a certain measure of experiences and that has set the directives on my behavior... like blessing my food and respecting Lady Nature. My gratitude is through the roof and past the sky, because I am in possession of the 3 difficult to obtain items in this world; a human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great souled ones. I am rich beyond measurement due to this.

Much about my life has been kept hidden from me. I think that may well be the major feature of my existence but... I must have been a good guy at some point to have gotten all 3 of these. I know that most people will look at it and say, “I don't see what the big deal is. You were born human, so what? You hunger for salvation? Okay and you have the company of 'great souled ones'. What does that even mean? Sometimes when you don't know the value of something, it is one of the primary reasons you don't have it.

I count my blessings in a very immaterial way. Some of the things I treasure might seem to have little meaning for others. I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate that I am motivated to bless my food and that I remember to do so. I consider myself blessed that my main preoccupation is the remembrance and celebration of God. It is OUTSTANDING to me that I feel this way. Was it a gift from some invisible source? Did I earn it? I don't know. My heart overflows at the thought that my experience of divinity is not intellectual. It is visceral. I could jump out of my seat right now and go running down the street, jumping for joy at the knowledge of this. I do perform this internally, often.

Some people take pride in their job, their family, their place in the world or all sorts of things they came here for, each of their visitations, turns out to be a movie they acted in and then the movie ended and was forgotten. They star in movie after movie, that ends and then gets forgotten. Along the way they pick up whatever karma got generated, when they swerved to the left and then swerved to the right; or is it swiped left or right now? I don't know how many movies I acted in until I woke up in this particular movie and realized that I had been dreaming. Then, of course, I tried to fit back in but was unable to; no matter what I did I could not forget having woken up. Drugs and alcohol helped for awhile but it was never enough, no matter how much there was and because of having woken up, my karma had become spontaneous and immediate instead of 'deferred' as is usually the case.

I was compelled to experience, 'instant karma's gonna get you'. That's not a whole lot of fun. Still, it had its limits, finally coming to an end and the soundtrack never stopped playing. The soundtrack was the voices of sirens, calling me to distant lands, lands of different substance than terra firma. They were the diametrical opposite of the sirens that Ulysses left his ears open for. It turned out they were actually angels, singing from the blessed shores beyond Elysium and once heard... one cannot forget, not ever.

So it is that I and others of my kind, must wander the disintegrating landscape, of times temporary creations. You hear broadcasts, sometimes close up and sometimes far away, that sound so much like the voices in the newsreels that used to appear, with the coming attractions in the movies theaters, decades ago. The speech is never distinguishable. Occasionally a brief phrase or word surfaces and then fades, much like the voices on the wind that all of us hear on occasion but never remember for long.

I have yet to be sure if I am waiting for something to end or something to begin. It just passes in an endless parade. Marchers fall by the wayside and new marchers appear for a time. They are going somewhere but I have no idea of where that is. The whole of life seems to be composed of people on their way to wait somewhere. I recall all the times a sales person or anyone I might have been waiting on, arrives to tell me they are sorry I had to wait, or how busy it is on that particular day and I tell them it doesn't matter, because no matter where I might be, I would still be waiting. I think about that often, when some impatient driver pulls around us on their way somewhere, or someone brushes past me on the street or in a store. I can clearly see that people are 'driven'. I find myself saying, “Go ahead, hurry up and wait.” People race home or away from home and wind up waiting wherever it is that they are. Often they are in pursuit of distractions to make them unaware that they are waiting.

On occasion, I would find myself in a park, where a concert might be taking place. It's years ago now and I would be by myself, sitting on some grass incline and looking down at the people passing in different directions. I would be on acid and I could see, LITERALLY, the hunger or appetite that was pulling them forward. It was a real experience. I felt like I was looking into a world of hunger and I could see the fire burning and be reminded that a fire never gets enough. You can feed a fire forever but it isn't going to simply go out on its own, unless it rains really hard, or you throw too much on it, in the beginning. Fire just keeps burning. It never gets enough. This is how it is with people. Usually one hunger comes to predominate and it will eventually consume the person from the inside out and they will exit for a short period and come right back for it again. This happens over and over and over with some people. I have one hunger that has come to predominate.

Unless you get a handle on yourself, someone, or something else will be in charge. There are all sorts of entities, whose whole purpose of being is to exercise a single appetite. In far more cases than most people realize, it is not they themselves who are feeding. Something else is feeding through them. These creatures can be RELENTLESS. They never get enough either and we've all seen examples of this, in Walmart and other places. One of my chief forms of amusement, when I am out in the world, is to study the contents of other people's shopping carts. People fascinate me. I don't spend my time laughing at them. This would upset my invisible friends and prove costly for me. I pray for them on occasion, but I also console myself with the certainty that EVERYONE will make it out of here sometime. It may be a VERY LONG TIME before it happens but it will happen.

There are various tricks of the mind that almost no one advantages themselves of because they are unaware of their existence. Take Concentration for instance. It can be like a floor lamp, or a flashlight, or a laser and one can accelerate or time lapse one's focus, on anything and see far in advance of where another may be going. People are an actual book that can be read, much like the Living Book of Nature, which holds mysteries and wonders past imagining but it doesn't interest most people. People who are serious scientists, are able to read amazing things through the lens of their profession. The same applies to those who know how to make use of the variables of psychology and associate it with metaphysics in order to look into others, instead of simply 'at them'. Some people have elevated this talent to a remarkable degree, both in terms of Evil as well as Good. Some can see their ailments, physical and otherwise, both present and yet to come and even do something about them. This goes on all the time but doesn't get talked about because the people so engaged are of a quiet sort. Angels are at work in these areas all the time.

Of course, it is always better to look into yourself but it can also be said that when you are looking into others, you are looking into yourself.

I talk about Insanity a lot, because it is becoming more and more pronounced in the world around us. Entire generations have lost their minds and are now doing things, only because others are doing them. There are people seeking to radically alter themselves physically, for no other reason than Inclusion. Right along with this, people are getting angrier and angrier because of an internal pressure, which they cannot identify and meanwhile, a part of them knows that all of the efforts they are making and which seem so important are actually meaningless. Part of them knows this and they know there is no satisfaction in so many of the things they do and they keep asking themselves, “Is this all there is?”

This is why Distractions are at such a premium and why drug and alcohol abuse is so epidemic. ANYTHING... anything to take their mind off of the pressing questions within AND THE WORLD? The world is getting crazier and more unpredictable by the day. At the core of the heartland, are groups of people who are holding to their traditions and hoping for positive change AND AN AWAKENING is taking place and no one knows what the outcome of that will be, as one group gets more and more Mad Hatter and another group, gets more clear eyed and determined in the face of them.

There is one thing you should NEVER DO and that is, LIE TO YOURSELF. This happens with far greater frequency than may commonly be known. The more distance you put between yourself and Reality, the more combustive is going to be the result, when you run into it and YOU WILL RUN INTO IT. It is an inevitable law of life.

People are in a frenzy that they won't get what they want, never realizing that EVERYTHING would be delivered right into their hands, if they only stopped and waited. The magic of cosmic precipitation is taking place all of the time and whatever the heart's desire may be, it is already pinging upon the mechanism that brings it into being. We are perpetually robbing ourselves of our birthright. In our defiance of the ineffable, we shutter the cornucopia. It takes force to hold a balloon under water. It will pop to the surface on its own if you take your hand off of it.

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Many years ago in a land faraway, lived a magical princess and she dreamed that a handsome prince might come and find her, so she left home and she wound up at Pocketnet (no word on the 'happily ever after' yet)

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Visible said...

Robert from Scotland, someone wants your email.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the redolent column. Appreciated.

Salvation is an interesting term. In modern culture, it is kind of nebulous; producing longing and suggesting escape. It is also interesting as a demonstration of absence...

In the old days, there were Illumined people walking the Earth. (To be clear, I mean spiritually-advanced, not the illuminati.) One could tell they were different; that they had latched-on or grown-into a different state-of-being. The desire for Salvation used to arise through experiencing or intuiting what was possible, as made evident by those walking examples. It did not come-about through reading heavily-censored religious books or listening-to non-illumined religious authorities; it arose through contact with the Illumined...

These days, few of these types walk in public. (You can find them, with enough searching.) So, 'bridges' must be built - especially in westernized cultures:

Some become conscious 'channels', although one must become discerning as to who/what they are channeling. (Did you know that everyone - especially those not spiritually-trained - is a channel? Unconscious 'channeling' is called telepathic interference...)

'Linking' through profound books can also inspire the desire for Salvation. Did you know that an original book is a direct link to that author? ('Derivative' books on someone do not have this link.) Read something by an original author, and meditate/contemplate on it. You might be surprised. This is also why original books by spiritual masters are hidden-away on back aisles, and not displayed on front shelves...

And, there are also past-life 'connections'. If you once knew this-or-that Holy man/woman/entity, chances are that there is a cord or pipeline still open to them. Guess why past-lives are deprecated and dismissed as fantasy in the west?

To sum up, sincerely-desire Salvation and you are almost guaranteed to have conversations with great-souled ones...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.
P.S. The best contact is with your own Higher Self. However, there may be lots of intermediate 'steps' before that happens. Take what is presented to you along the way, using caution, testing, and discernment...

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"By Whatever Name it May be; Christ, Kalki, Mahdi or Maitreya. The Avatar is Coming."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I personally think Instant Karma is great. Often I know I'm gonna get whacked, and I know exactly why. Then I must remember to not do what I did to get whacked again, though on occasion with my temper; that is a royal biotch that takes my willpower to the extreme.

But then I remember the cost.

A very relevant post, here.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I forgot something. Regarding blessings, it too is blessing to not have anything vested in this cesspit, and the knowledge you (we) have. We also have something that is a very valuable commodity (Well, for me not on weekends and holidays; but the rest of the week is mostly MINE!) that is known as TIME, though despite being an illusion; it is relevant here.

Now off to my upteenth cup o' Earl Grey tay with semi-clotted cream.



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