Saturday, February 29, 2020

"The Bridge of No Deposit No Return, by way of the Bending End, with a Left Handed Skyhook."

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I know that many of you enjoyed yesterday's Visible Origami so... I will continue in that theme for one more post. Here is an angel happening!-

"Angels may appear to anyone, regardless of religious backgrounds or beliefs. Case in point… in 1985 a Russian space scientist defected and then told what had happened to 6 cosmonauts aboard the Soyuz 7 space station. After orbiting the Earth for 155 days, a band of Angels had miraculously appeared outside their spacecraft. Leonid Kizim, Vladimir Solovov and Oleg Atkov were working on routine medical experiments when suddenly they were nearly blinded by a brilliant orange light from outside the orbiting laboratory. It took a few seconds for their eyes to adjust to the astonishing radiance, but then, according to the secret report, they saw “seven giant figures in the form of humans, but with wings and mist-like halos as in the classic depiction of Angels. They appeared to be hundreds of feet tall with a wingspan as great as a jetliner.”

Angels are remarkable beings and belong to different ranks in the celestial order. Here is a brief and cogent article on angels and their placements. In The West we call them 'angels' and in The East they are called 'devas'. As many of you know, I am no fan of the rank and file, supercilious airhead brigade of New Age Hucksters. This DOES NOT MEAN there are not good people there and informed people, who labor at their tasks for the benefit of humanity. There are but... there are also far too many freakish refugees from truth, with names like Alabama Boomslang Earth Mother, Rainbow Hallelujah Morning Glory and Princess Wackado Sunrise.

One has only to enter into an occult spiritual bookstore, as I did recently in Sedona, to see how far out far out has actually gotten these days. Let me assure you, it has gotten FAR OUT and traversed the Bridge of No Deposit No Return, by way of the Bending End, with a Left Handed Skyhook, instead of a compass. On my recent visit I saw dozens... DOZENS AND DOZENS of different Tarot Decks. Some of them really take Niche Dweller to a whole new level. They even have them for The Gays and Transgenders and practically every New Age icon has their own deck, from the recently departed Dr. Dyer to the venerable yogic master, Rama Llama Yakshit. I ran into Dr. Dyer once on Maui;... moving right along.

I've had years of exposure to Reiki Masters; who went to two weekend seminars, climaxing in a 4 day intensive, after which they got a 'Reiki Master' certificate, as well as channelers, psychics and Tantra 'experts'. So far, this site is still my favorite for a clear and inarguable example of what it is that sets me off, as well as my teeth on edge and this page gives Pictures and Profiles of the delightful EXPERTS you 'would have' encountered on this ♫ won't you let me take you on a ♫ sea cruise. I am ESPECIALLY ENAMOURED of the redoubtable Susan Shumsky (3rd or 4th time mentioned here).

Susan Shumsky

Her credentials, accomplishments and general, 'way cooler and smarter than even God' persona, touches me in ways and places I would have preferred never to have taken place. She is assuredly more risible than possessing of gravitas and what do you know? She's genetically empowered to do this.

You see what happens? As soon as I think of the New Age it sets me off and I really shouldn't lump everyone together in the same self serving, snatching and grabbing, take no prisoners, pigpen of wild eyed, flaming appetite and all consuming greed.

The thing is... I KNOW what it takes to master even rudimentary skills. As a result, these people come off looking like carny barkers to me; snake oil saleswhatevers; WHO PROFITEER off of people's hopes and dreams, miseries and fears. Somehow they have convinced themselves that it is alright to do this and the next thing you know they are booking family centric, get to know you, sleepover sea cruises, with Drag Queen Story hour characters, like it was some kind of Disney tour.

Yes... there are good and decent, sincere people who are associated with The New Age, however... even well meaning people can be misled and then... misleading and you have the blind following the blind. How do you know who is righteous and who is not? Some grifters are slick as slick can be. They will clean and press your suit, while you are still in it. Rather than go on and on here about the truth concerning angels, how to reach angels and all the how's, why's and wherefores, simply look at these pages after pages, after pages of WTF. Getting lost is not a problem at all. Getting found is the problem.

I'm going to give out a few directions here, as always, free of charge (don't trust anything that isn't) just in case there are readers out there who might want to make contact with The Devic Realm. Although there are protocols for making contact, I suggest another approach, a way 'other than' trying to make contact and that is to behave as the sort of person who will naturally attract angels. Angels, animals, you and I, can all be had by putting out the right bait and LOVE is the ultimate bait.

Angels are watching us all the time. For many of them, that is THEIR JOB. Whenever an angel sees a human being employing any of the blessed virtues in their daily activities, THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO THEM. Those so engaged, after awhile, give off a perfume, as well as a radiance. IN THESE TIMES, angels are drawing nearer than they have in ever so long. These times are times of dramatic transiting and change. Destinies are being routed and sorted on a cosmic level. A soul COULD GET VERY FORTUNATE in these times. This is one of the reasons that the distractions are so great and why YOU NEED to free yourself from them.

It is a perfectly natural thing for children to have Invisible Friends. Puberty is a rite of passage that, in most cases, removes this ability. This is why the acquisition of Regenerated Innocence, as opposed to Senility, IS A BIG DEAL ...but most people move right on by. For some reason, there is a cognitive dissonance that affects one's awareness of The Invisible Plane. There are some good reasons for this, because the Invisible Plane is not an across the board, friendly place. You can get into all kinds of trouble there and it is imperative to have a guide. I was taken there once to disabuse me of my delusion that it is all an enchanted wonderland, brushed with fairy dust; it's not. Angels are the primary resource for such guides, along with the 'spiritually illumined'.

At that search engine link a few paragraphs ago, there are many videos of rapacious materialists looking to make a few bucks (or MUCH MORE) off of the gullible and unwary. Not enough of us break into laughter when watching these clowns; we should. There should be orange cones around these people with a sign that says, “DANGER... disappointment ahead.”

Angels are not only radiant creatures with wings. They go about among us as human beings. Sometimes they are sitting on the sidewalk, with a cap in front of them, with a few coins and bills in it. I'm being serious here. Sometimes they are sitting on a barstool next to you, or on a plane or train. Sometimes they are on a beach. IF you behave as one deserving of their company, YOU WILL GET THEIR COMPANY but it might take awhile. You need to be determined. We often mention, FAITH, CERTITUDE AND DETERMINATION here. These are priceless attributes that are ESSENTIAL qualities that you simply MUST HAVE.

I am writing about this today, because more than one of you will have the opportunity for such an encounter, if you do make the effort to behave as has been already stated. This is what I have been told, in any case. As I have said, probably more than I should have, (but always for good reason) there are people who are not fond of me, or the things that I say. It is not just human beings who are disturbed by what gets said here. There are other entities that have a big investment in any or all of us, falling short of our potential, MOST ESPECIALLY in these times. These entities are on the Invisible Plane, just as the angels are. They are also- can be- right inside our heads and are responsible for feelings of doubt, unfounded suspicion, envy and jealousy, fear, anger and all manner of bad attractions. Our minds are like airports, thoughts- like planes- are landing and taking off all the time. You really do need to have a competent air traffic controller.

One of the most critical tasks that angels perform is TO WARN US, when we have stepped off course, or about people we need to be warned about. It is hard for me to imagine a friend more valuable than an angel. God alone would qualify in that respect. Angels draw near to you when YOU RESONATE HARMONICALLY with them. Everything in life is vibration at different frequencies. It is very important to pay attention to our sympathetic strings.

I KNOW that what I am talking about is NOT EASY. This is why so many people give up after only a brief effort at all kinds of things. “It's too hard!” (whine whine). Of course it's hard, IN THE BEGINNING. Why is it so hard for people to change their diet? This is because of the predisposition of your taste buds. It take TEN DAYS for your taste buds to change. In these times, few people will stick to this for ten days. On top of that, while you are trying to change, the memory patterns of your old tastes intensify. It is the same thing with trying to change your life, or break any habit. You HAVE TO BE COMMITTED. However, IF YOU KNOW what the result will be... ah... then you have a strong ally. Here again, is where FAITH, CERTITUDE and DETERMINATION can be VERY helpful.

You HAVE TO become the sort of person that angels want to hang out with. All the other suggestions of how to get their attention are useless, if you are not the sort of person they want to be around. They most definitely will not stay around, unless you are that person, or BECOMING THAT PERSON. Angels are here to help us with our struggles and... as you proceed, the relationship can dramatically intensify if you are determined. ♫ It's getting better all the time ♫

It's all there for you my friends. Wonders, far beyond what can be presently imagined, await you. There are splendorous places to aspire to and you get there by BEHAVING IN A CERTAIN CONSISTENT FASHION. That really is all it takes. If you fall away, after a short effort in the right direction; whose fault is that? Success is guaranteed if you persist and there are angels near by who will whisper encouragements in your ear, all along the way. I have personal evidence of this and I am no more deserving than you are, as far as potential and possibilities go. Have at it with a will!!!

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(The whole Coronavirus thing has now come together in my head and I get why Bill Gates is involved with the vaccine and... well... there are so many angles here and it's not my field anyway so... this article from Fox News should provoke your Objective Capacity, enough to fill in a whole lot of blanks. I could literally hear and feel the dominoes tumbling as I read it.)

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Visible said...

I just made an addition to the beginning of the post about a real angel happening that occurred to cosmonauts.

Anonymous said...

Years ago my partner in a restaurant hired a young lady who would not have passed my approval had I been present at the time. She was complete with dreadlocks, a tattoo or two, and probably facial piercings; it doesn't really matter now. I got to know her bit by bit and eventually she got under my skin enough that I didn't cringe when I saw her. One day I offered to give her a ride home from work and she asked me if I knew anything about the Mayan Phrophecy. Say what?? This was around the year 2000. I dropped her off and raced home to the computer. That one question from a kid, whom I barely had the time of day for, led me on a life changing journey. I guess you could say I was 'red pilled' from that moment. She was the catalyst that got me eventually, somehow, to Smoking Mirrors. She soon thereafter gave her notice and told me that she was off to another city and would panhandle her way there. I was in tears saying goodbye.

Angels are in our midst all the time waiting to see if our vibration is high enough to hear their messages from the heart of God. I suppose that's why I'm still at Les Visible blogs all these years later. When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears. And in your case, Visible, you are the only teacher (alive) who has held my attention to this day. Truth resonates with the vibrations of angels.

A million thank you's!...and the requisite 5 stars (grin)

Le Rocher said...

Hey Les and crew,
I guess you know now why we say "never judge a book by it's cover"
Hey Les, did you see the other articles posted over to the Truthseeker? More succinctly, the comments of one particular and the link references therein.
I do think sometimes your naivete is most admirable. I tried to give you a hint sometime ago of the workings of the other side of life, and it ain't no 'Life of Brian'. Want to see a little of what 's really what? die a couple times and see for yourself.
The mention of the cosmonauts, is old news to the Roswell matrix, What humans keep doing is confusing the cosmos with the creator thereof - This planet is not what we wish to believe it is, the inhabitants are not the creatures we are led to believe we are - nothing is at it seams and nothing will ever be revealed. The 'Adjustment Bureau' controllers allow one to believe what they wish to see as self-determinations will. So, it all continues to cycle incarnations infinitum.
I have a secret for you Les - the ones circling around you are as real as you wish them to be - And there is another old saying - "Be careful what you wish for"
Until humans respond to the physics of electromagnetic frequency manipulations, those just outside our perceptions will continue to be favored as divine -
And Again the old saying - "As Above so Below" - "Powers and Principalities" - Don't cha know?
But the greatest provocations to be a decent human, is factually based in the understanding - if evil is with those born from a despicable lineage of ET's Hell-bent on the destruction of all living organisms - then at a point in time about 2000 years ago a guy must have been sent here to devise a plan to counter act the agenda with a blood line of good intent. An A+ to counter the B- (Go figure) Usually the simplest answer is the right one -
If it's invisible friends you feel - it's those of us unseen and reading your words, always anticipating the next post.

Be Well Young Man - and to all well wishes.

Aasn9 said...

The Devic Realm is everywhere at all times but only Visible with open eyes capable of reflecting the beauty and majesty of divine creation.

Anonymous said...

Le Rocher, hints abound.
Ancient American Indian petroglyph Depicting the Flute-playing Kokopelli with the
Disk/Cross Emblem of Vishnu

Vedic Americas

Sukh said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish:

Fear and Anger and the Law of Polarity. Change your Mind and Change your Life

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

No, the Otherside ain't a 100% bed of noses. After all, we all function at different state of STS/STO (Service to others/self), and the Otherside is many layers of degrees.

Now where do those end up who are rarely talked about? Those who are just so fed up with everything they just refuse to play anymore. Those who mostly just wait for their contracts to be up, and isolate themselves as much as possible from the goings on; though they do have their fun watching everything crash and burn from their 'cave', glued in front of their compooter at every discretionary moment?

Me thinks the last angel I met was an old black dude who gave me words of encouragement as I walked home at 2:00 AM about 3 kilometres from my flat due to car dying on me. (Car drove my mechanic crazy for a while. Alternator, distributer, battery all within a month. It conked out on him whilst he used it to buy parts. My mechanic. Another 'angel'.)

Visible said...

We have decided that you are due for a change in fortunes; no argument is permitted. Prepare yourself. I realize all these events and car and the like are merely demonstrations but now we shall seek to employ new demonstrations.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Thank you for words of encouragement. (And what comes around, goes around. After all, I'm a reactive little bastard who does a 'mirror job' on my circumstances; both bad and good.) Am expecting a major change this year. Have been, for a while.

Well, less than 10 months to go.

Ray B. said...

Some thoughts brought-up by this column:

Much "New Age" stuff has been co-opted or exploited; that is truth. However, some go back to good roots. Concerning Reiki, there was an ‘intervention’ from the Other Side for a good soul named Dr. Usui. After praying for a way to help people, he had his satori or original Reiki initiation at Mt. Kurama, Japan. This was no different than "Angels" taking notice of a sincere individual. Like many movements, it has been turned towards money-making by later devotees. Unfortunate...

I took my 2nd Degree in Reiki around three decades back. Yep, I got charged for it. Unlike many, I meditated on the symbols to determine from where they came. One even originated from an entire ‘city’ on a higher plane. The symbol was an access point. Impressive. (And no, I did not use Reiki to make money.)

By now, any Reiki-ness has been incorporated into my general ‘connections’. I consider this ‘proficiency’ as a good stepping-stone to where I am now. Baby. Bathwater...


Vis: “It is a perfectly natural thing for children to have Invisible Friends. Puberty is a rite of passage that, in most cases, removes this ability. This is why the acquisition of Regenerated Innocence, as opposed to Senility, IS A BIG DEAL...”

Back in 2002, Joseph Chilton Pearce in The Biology of Transcendence identified the prefrontal lobes as crucial. It broad terms, the prefrontal lobes are packed with (what are called) ‘excess’ neuron connections. After puberty and into early teenager-hood, this ‘excess’ is whittled down by a third to a half. Conventional thinking explains this as a way which Nature prunes down unneeded connections.

Pearce turns this ‘excess’-talk around. He posits that the die-off occurs because because these ‘circuits’ are not capable of being activated in our dumbed-down society. And by dumbed-down, he is not only speaking of the cellphone culture. He is speaking of what might be called higher human capabilities.

What if - around the time puberty began - there were human-taught (or even Angel-taught) classes in ESP-ish capabilities, advanced meditative states, etc.? Would the die-off of neuronal connections still occur? What if the die-off only occurred because of lack of usage of THOSE capabilities? In effect, is the die-off the result of OUR own lack of ‘higher’ teachers? Pearce makes a good case that this may be so...

And what might this imply for the existence of former advanced-cultures, to have this capability ‘in-built’ into our very biology?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Thanks Ray;

Let me clarify something so that it might perpetuate and reverberate through the aethers for all time (grin). I've NOTHING against Reiki. Most all of the systems and techniques, presently being abused by the uninformed and uninspired, are LEGITIMATE in essence. However, every method employed is ALWAYS defined, in efficacy, by the awareness of the practitioner. I have seen the train wreck that is modern day bodywork and the ancillary more esoteric formulas.

I have personally been studying and practicing in this field for decades and my visitors can attest to the value (or lack thereof) of my work. I can hardly wholesale criticize an area of endeavor without calling attention to myself.

Unfortunately for me, I work in a particular field of internet dialogue called 'blogging' (grin). Given the voluminous output that I am responsible for, NO DOUBT I make errors as I go. I do try to correct and acknowledge these when they occur but it is what it is.

Sorry if I gave the impression that I am dismissive of 'core' Reiki or any other methodology. I'm not BUT... I get fired up by profiteers, hucksters, mountebanks, charlatans, sophists and sundry. I'm working in that.

Ray B. said...

Thanks for the 'clarifying' reply, Vis. Appreciated. I guess I am sensitive around the original, well-meaning 'founders' of various (true) helping-professions being tarred-and-feathered for the (mis)actions of 'acolytes' several generations down the chain. (And that does not even include the intentional corruption of said professions by the baddies.)

And yes, I took note of various 'practitioners' after they had bought their Reiki Degrees. Those that were already advanced (in consciousness) put the method to good use. Those that were beginners often did it by rote, so were much less effective. Those that were just looking to make money down-the-road or needed a high 'perch' also stood out. Sigh...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

GB Spirit said...

The Angels are out there and they play their roles in human life, no matter what religion a particular person follows. And in the space, many incidents happened that proved the presence of angels, like the one you've mentioned. The keep doing their job according to their ranks
, they have nothing to do with our beliefs.



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