Wednesday, March 4, 2020

"The Avatar, the Incandescence and an Incomprehensible Love is Soon to Flood the Universe Entire."

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As many of you know, I do not only post here at the blogs but also at Facebook, Truthseeker and Pocketnet and I am occasionally linked by other sites. I get comments at all of these locations. For the most part, people are supportive, kind... even grateful, more often than I probably deserve but... overall, when I compare the feedback that comes here to what I see in general, at all of the other sites, I thank God that I am spared the majority of what I see elsewhere. People are REALLY ANGRY these days. They are frustrated, fearful, depressed, weary of life but most consistently, THEY ARE ANGRY!

Some of them are intentionally bent on bringing everyone around them down and if you are someone who is unsteady on their feet, spiritually, it can be enough to ruin your day, should you run into it. Almost always they are anonymous BUT... when they come in to the Wordpress comment section of Truthseeker, they are (oddly enough) attended by email addresses. Here is an example of a type of comment that shows up, now and again at this location. This comment is, like nearly all of them, anonymous, even when there is a nominal title of some sort. It's authored by one, Mr. S at clearlight0 address. Strangely, that 0 seems eerily similar to a recent arrival at the blogs, who is fond of hammer and tonging me about my departures, according to him, from carved in stone, holy writ. Here follows a comment;

“NOW…is never good enough and “divine fabrications” is indeed subject to interpretation. Consider that the collective impetus of one the most recited prayers in history is bearing fruit…NOW; “let thy will be done…on earth, as it is in heaven.”

Should that be true, I trust you understand my lack of optimism or faith in your speculative fabrications of incandescent choirs to singing hymns of praise to the “avatar.” Somewhere right now a starving child bellows a prayer that requires no translation, yet that bitch you refer to as “lady nature” fails to deliver the child something as humble as rice, so shove your “incandescence” where the sun don’t shine. Prayers fail the child, the “law of attraction” fails the child, and your fantasies of avatars fail the child. NOW…is never good enough, correct? Therefore your speculative “when”, birthed out of discontent with the “NOW” performs a self-abortion.

Consider that your speculative fantasies of a better, shinier, and brighter future are in contradiction with the divine plan. A plan that may include untold centuries of collective suffering.”

There is a symmetry to the blinded incoherence of this comment. It is also remarkably uninformed about the ineffable. Of course... all of us are, because the ineffable is incomprehensible... but this fellow has the temerity to PRESUME TO KNOW what the will of God is and according to him, it involves “untold centuries of collective suffering”. He was apparently not happy with this version so he went to the trouble of rephrasing it;

“NOW…is simply not good enough. Perhaps the collective impetus of one the most recited prayers is bearing fruit consistently down to the last hot and tittle; “let thy will be done…on earth as it is in heaven.” Is the notion of “heaven” insane, or has “heaven” itself perhaps gone insane as well? Primate minds wanna know! Perhaps your beseeching that the faithful be rendered “incandescent” contradicts the “master plan”. Similar to the screams of a starving child (a “prayer” that requires no translation) who merely yearns for this bitch called “lady nature” to render him some food, let alone “incandescence”, is also in contradiction of the master plan. “Let thy will be done...”

No Mr Visible, there will no incandescent choirs nor the visitation of an avatar.”

Then... there is the venerable, Sir Duke who comes in wearing chain mail and swinging his medieval mace around the room. At the end of the chain, is a heated metal Bible, studded with with nail heads (for tearing I suppose). His consistent message to me is that I am damned and going to Hell. Well now... I've been to Hell, more than once. I have also been to Heaven and this much I know, even if I know little else; there is a place in the heart where one can sense what their relationship with the creator is. There is also an interior voice that some of us have 'earned', or been granted through GRACE and which tells us in unflinching honesty, what our standing is with the celestial hierarchy. I have been told that I am in good standing. I have been told, many times, that I am doing well... after many a previous occasion of not doing well.

Duke is a fundamentalist Christian and that is a type and they are routinely, INFLEXIBLE AND UNFORGIVING. I was receiving regular down-votes by fundies at Pocketnet, until I started blocking them and apparently I got the right one through the process of elimination (grin). It doesn't bother me much at all that people show their displeasure with me in this fashion. The positive votes greatly outnumber the negative and that is all that counts. Even though I get, regularly, more positive votes than any other member, I am marginalized by the Pocketnet hierarchy and I don't mind one bit. OFTEN, it is just such reactions (or lack of) that are all the evidence one needs of being in good standing with the celestial realm.

The path that I am on does not involve a religion. I could say that I am a Christian because I do follow Christ but it is following 'after that' where I depart from all organized religions, which, in my estimation, are nearly all simply another cash register for Satan and Sons LLC. This has caused me to found my own church, which is The First Church of the Presence of God and the entire gospel and teaching of that church is to be found in the title; one 'practices the presence of God'. You simply go about your life 'practicing the presence of God'. What happens when we practice anything? We GET BETTER AT IT~! (Apologies for the lack of video discourses of late. I WILL get round to it eventually)

Increasingly, of late, I am getting communications from people who are having a rough go of it. They are struggling and some are unsure if they can continue, so great is the pressure upon them, within their own minds. My heart goes out to them. I struggled for years... decades... at times it seemed it would never end. These were not pedestrian struggles. Often they were of the life and death variety. I called out to God for years and... the pain and the ordeals continued. Something there was, in me, that would not, could not give up, even in the darkest hours, as when I was facing a life sentence in prison with no funds, nor powerful friends with significant connections, in a place with the heaviest conviction rate in the nation. I had as my defender and friend, God. He did, as he has done so many, many times, moved Heaven and Earth on my behalf. How could I... now... at this point, not trust him completely? I have enduring and living evidence of God's love and support. We ALL DO but it is the recognition therein that so many of us are lacking.

I now realize that all of the suffering that I endured has been a colossal spiritual benefit to me. It has breathed REAL AND LASTING CONVICTION into me. It has pummeled Wisdom and Understanding into my being, almost as if I were raw glowing metal on an anvil, being shaped by the blacksmith's hammer. Far too often we just do not know what the real source of our blessings is. When God loves us, he is certain to try us in fire. It is a far more grievous affair when he has turned his face from us and left us to our own devices. I shudder at the thought. The absence of God from my life would mean the loss of all value in living. The presence of God, makes of no importance the lack of all else. I speak truly and from the heart here and I KNOW that if you call out to God with sincerity and genuine belief, he WILL HEAR YOU and his angels WILL MINISTER TO YOUR NEEDS.

I cannot let anonymous drive-by's of imprecations and slander affect me and they do not. Of course, there is ALWAYS the possibility that I am deluded and misinformed; that I am imagining all of what I say to others. I hear from my detractors that I am misleading my readers and taking them to some desolate place for which I will be responsible. Yet... the praise of God continuously flows forth in everything I do. I literally don't do anything that does not contain some mention of God or have God as the objective. I don't tell people to do anything, so I can't be leading them. There is no call for funds and I, literally have next to nothing, yet I prosper by mysterious means. I don't threaten people with Hell. I don't cajole them. I merely speak from experience and inspiration, according to what I hear internally. I don't think about what I write, or calculate its effect. It pretty much writes itself. I don't claim any personal station at all. I am at a loss to see what it is that I am actually doing which harms the readers. The reader knows that I have said again and again, “Take what is useful and leave the rest.” and all sorts of similar statements have found their way here over the course of time.

It seems to me that the majority of those in opposition to my work, are driven by imagined offenses against their own personal dogmas and doctrines, or by envy and resentment, based on their own lack of capacity. Whatever gifts I may possess were either earned by me or gifted me by God and if it is the latter, then I have a commission to perform and if I do not perform... these gifts can be taken from me; all of my books and writings are free to everyone, at least in digital form, if they are financially stressed, all of my songs are free for the listening at; not just the usual 30 seconds of intro teasers but the whole songs. I cannot see what more I can do to behave in any more generous a fashion. People who visit me eat well and sleep well and lack for nothing and are NEVER asked for recompense. They are, in my mind, guests of the almighty and deserving of the same treatment. I am constantly in a state of wonder as The Lord, provides the fishes and the loaves, whenever there is a need.

I have scoured the landscape of my interior being, relentlessly... in search of shortcomings in my demeanor and behavior so NO! I WILL NOT ENTERTAIN these spurious claims of harmful doings on my part. I do THE VERY BEST THAT I AM ABLE, at every given moment and pray, as ever, that The Lord deliver me and forgive me if I stray outside the parameters of what is correct. I was not always so careful and observant as I now am but... we learn as we go, or we do not. I prefer... whatever the cost may be... to learn.

In any case, The Avatar WILL COME. There will be incandescence. There will be Joy and Wonders and Salvation as well, for everyone who puts themselves in the way of it. I WILL NOT countenance despair, nor the vituperative wailings of those gone missing from a lack of Humility and Grace. I know... I know... many times I hear from friends and readers, “Visible, you don't have to say these things. Ignore these cretins and abusers.” HOWEVER... now and again it bears stating and perhaps... perhaps there has been some measure of other 'useful things' in this posting, that came by way of all this. Perhaps... this time... it was right to speak as I did. Whatever the case may be (grin), there it is anyway.

Thank you, my good friends, from the far reaches of everywhere, for your continued Faith and support. It is much appreciated. Big changes, as well as The Avatar ARE COMING!!!

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

(not sure if this has ever been posted before)

As I was going to Pocketnet, I met a man with seven pockets, Each pocket had seven dreams, Each dream had seven meanings, Each meaning had seven clues: Clues, meanings, dreams, and pockets,

How many were there going to Pocketnet?

les visible at pocketnet


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

RumorMail -- Tuesday, 3-Mar-2020 21:48:46

@ the kinda popular


@ the obscure



And of course I personally put everything on your blogs on my obnoxious but informative shadow banned blog.

Who knows who else tries to make you as viral as they can. They ain't tellin'.

This post speaks to me more than you can imagine. An ultimate euphoriant that brings tears to mine eyen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr viz...
Take heart; your high frequency {or as I prefer - freak-when-see } message drives the demons insane er...more insane, hence the attacks.
Take it as confirmation of truth and nature of the source of your message to others that seek That same content.. Both meanings apply!!!!!!!!

what you profess-
content 2 |ˈkänˌtent| |ˈkɑntɛnt| |ˈkɒntɛnt|
1 (usu. contents) the things that are held or included in something.
:{haha] thus the result is content

What you posses-
content 1 |kənˈtent|
in a state of peaceful happiness .

Both beings attacked ...hahaha .... F~kers ;]

thank you again

p.s. I am not a robot,, Hmm i dont think I am a robot-
seems like a loop somewhere.

Le Rocher said...

Hey Les -

You just can't please all the people all the time -
"A friend to all is a friend to none" - Aristotle.

We have so much in common, life's journey's mirror symbolism - Shit was so bad for so long it just never ended - Faith found me - It was the guide through all the tribulation of endeavors. Perhaps the story of Job is pertinent here.

It seems that when one finds themselves at the lowest point, the very last straw, "It just can't get any worse" - there HE is, Like the footprints in the sand parable

So, we come to this site and read words of encouragement, we comment and hope someone reads our thoughts and it may be of some small benefit to their particular plight.
There is an article at Gov. slaves today about a little girl kidnapped away from her loving parents by the local CPS because the Father was using Medical Marijuana for His post war seizures. The Little girl was placed with monsters that were approved by this individual CPS person. Within just a few months these monsters had beaten this little girl to death. The story reveals much more in regards to the modern thought process of monsters, but the moral is - how could GOD do this to a little girl? Think about all the suffering throughout the ages, People being fed to the lions, burned at the stake, continuous wars, Et Cetera, it just never ends - And then here we hear of a fellow reader with such tragedy befalling them - This is where we say, "There is no one single silver bullet response" We just can't know what HE is doing and for why - There are libraries full of text that try to explain what HE is doing - but it all means squat when one is hurting - So, please accept this as "We know what your going through" and it ain't pretty. It totally sucks with the variable of WTF.

I can't begin to know why after all that has befallen our lives, that one day the path narrows, all the pieces seem to fall into place and thankfulness is rewarded with the simplest of answers. Perhaps the rewards are reflective of the suffering, as with Job maybe it is just our time.

We remain thankful for the little things we may gain, all those little things outside the world that is, trying to understand that this world is of no consequence is a most difficult task when one needs to make the rent. And to my fellow visitor here, I can only suggest to keep reading these words from this man's Heart. Remember Jesus never once took credit for anything He ever said, He only spoke from the Heart and gave all homage to HIS Father. Our Father.

Les does the best He can with what he has to work with, being a human just like the rest of us, so, we continue to visit this site and touch each other through an unseen Les Visible wall of confusing works within an indescribably evil world. We just have to remain in strength with each other and try to help one another through an age cycling through the reverberations of universal consciousnesses.

All we can really do is wonder at the works unseen. I can only trust that through Faith in some way, someday at some time, we all may find an answer to our own questions.

Never give up - never believe your alone - you're never alone here - and now go out there and give 'em one for the Gipper.

Asil said...

God bless - sustenance for my weary soul. love to you!

Visible said...

Thank you my friends.

0 whatever your problem is, it isn't something I want to hear about. I don't have time to trudge along the labyrinthine convolutions of your need to transform me, according to your template of whatever the Hell it is you want to render me into. I'm just too busy to deal with you. You are a complex arrangement of tics, reactions and unintelligible rumblings that for whatever the reason is, do not appeal to me and are too time consuming. I am working on myself under the tutelage of another and do not require your ministrations. Surely you can find some other project that needs work out there besides myself. you will have to admit it is damned curious that 0 being in two places like that all of a sudden. I'll take your word that it's not you, that's beside the point, the you that is you is bothersome enough. I am quite certain you know far less about me than you think you do. I know this for certain. So please, either be contributive in a positive way or go away.

I'm not going to let this location be turned into a place of conflicts and bad feeling. It's not going to happen. This is not the first time. There are people coming here now and again with similar intent to cause dissention. I don't want dissention. There are places that WELCOME this. I'm not into hairsplitting doctrines. I'm not a Christian so there is no need for me to conform to your personal Biblical perspective. Find something constructive and rewarding to do. So far, whatever this is that you are up to IS NOT IT.

Hopefully I am clear enough here. I didn't post your comment because I don't want to publicize this whining assault on what I do and how I do it. It's none of your business what I do and how I do it. It is ONLY for those who appreciate it. None else should apply. I really don't have the time for it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Thank you for your persistence once again....
Something Huge is imminent, at least in some Hearts...
Cheerful Love , Grizzlybear Hug

Anonymous said...

Whenever I run into a particularly noxious fundamental type, I tell them that the Bible says that Jesus was down with wine and hookers, so I'm on board with Jesus.


robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Thank you our brother for your testimony of the inner life on the Path!

Your diligence in rooting out ALL self-deception is key and laudable.

This one was reminded that ALL our "troubles" by which we slowly learn to see the truth before our lying eyes, stem from the ULTIMATE self-deception:

That our self-focused mind and intellect IS our true self!

What a cosmic joke, to be the very image of the One yet scramble that image with a myopic inversion of our attention, into the abyss of subjectivity, instead of seeing with new eyes the WHOLE ENCHILADA.

Of course, our little minds cannot do that without training and guidance from our guardian angels, if we entertain them AWARE.

But should we persist fearlessly, actually trusting in the One all the way home, we see the beauty and meaning which restores our souls!

What is subjectivity compared to just “looking inward”?

In the perceptual or conceptual balance between looking out into the projected world we see, generated within the Mind of the One and looking inward as deeply as we are able, there is a limbo zone.

When we withdraw our attention from the external play of the senses, do we put it into a mere inner dream world WE created? That is the land of subjectivity.

However, if we are diligent in our meditation to reject all phantom images our intellect recalls from stored experience, what finally remains is pure light, undifferentiated, no faces, no incubi or succubi.

With that light in mind, literally, we can then descend or ascend to levels of consciousness which are mostly unknown to modern human beings.

Simple but not easy.
Basic but not limited.
Fundamental but not lacking in harmonics.

May the One bless all here now with the Presence of the Spirit which makes us all children, happy to be participating in the Passion Play of the ages!

Sukh said...

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